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House | February 18, 2016 | Chamber | House Redistricting, Part One

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] [SOUND] [BLANK] [SOUND] May I have your attention please. Visitors, please retire from the chamber as the house prepares for its session thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] The house will come to order, members will take their Their seats. Visitors will retire from the chamber. [BLANK] The Sergeant-at-Arms will close the doors. [SOUND] I would ask members to please take your seats. Today's prayer will be offered by Representative Shepard, will all astound members and all guests in the gallery to please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative Shepard. >> Good morning. Let us pray. Our Gracious Heavenly Father we just thank you for the blessings you have bestowed on each and everyone of us today the opportunity to come here and to serve our state, our communities and the people of this state. We pray Lord for your wisdom, your guidance and all that's said and done today, we also pray Lord that you'll be with us in our decisions, that everything that's said and done will bring honor and glory to you, in Christ's name we pray. Amen. >> Amen. >> I pledge allegiance To the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [Noise] >> The rated corporal will read the proclamation from the governor Whereas on February 5th, 2016, a three judge panel from United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina or the Jury assemblies to try our new congressional districts by February 19th, 2016. And where as State defenders will exercise all avenues of appeal in the extent to further comply with the court's order and whereas a three judge panel of the United States District courts called for the main district, the court recognized this well established precedent, that the state should have the first opportunity to create a constitutional redistricting plan, and whereas legislation- >> Mr. Speaker? [INAUDIBLE] >> Mr. Speaker I'm having difficulty hearing the clerk [INAUDIBLE] [SOUND] Members, please take your seats, if members need to have conversations, please step outside the chamber, it will be a few minutes before your votes are taken, but the clerk is reading the proclamation from the gathering. The chair has finally given leeway, I know most of us haven't seen each other in a few months, but I would ask you give that respect to your fellow members to be able to hear the clerk will continue. >> Well [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] took step to prepare for possible extra sessions by appointing a joint select committee on congregational redistricting the committee on work [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] February 12 2016 and whereas the committee held a series of public hearing across in Raleigh [INAUDIBLE] on Monday February 15, 2016, and whereas the committee met in Riley to discuss private fee bank and to review he court's order on Tuesday February 6, 2016 and Wednesday February 7, 2016, and whereas legislative leadership requested An extra session for the purpose of expeditiously approving new congressional districts so as to comply with the court's order to minimize the delay of primary election currently under way. Now, therefore, I, Pat McCrory, Governor of the state of North Carolina, pursuant to the authority vested in me as governor are Article 3, Section 57 Of the constitution of North Carolina due to this extraordinary occasion. And by with the advice of the Council of State do hereby proclaim that the General Assembly shall convene for an extra session on Thursday February 18th 2016 at 10 AM, and shall continue to revise by law the rules of each house until both houses shall have We'll have a jury taking side in the dock,

for the purpose of pushing congressional districts it's required by a three-judge panel to consider any other legislation necessary to hold 2006 congressional elections. In witness whereof, I here unto signed my name and affixed the great seal of the state of North Carolina at the capital of the city of Riley This 17th day of February 2016 Pat McCrory Governor. The appointment of Gregory F Murphy 2015/2016 by the governor of state North Carolina a proclamation was as Arnold Brain Brown elected Representative for North Carolina Life House district 2015/2016 General assembly has resigned and whereas the provisions of the general statute 163 -11 require that the vacancy created by the resignation of the Honorable Brain Brown be refilled by appointment of the person with recommended by the Executive Committee of the big county Republican Party and whereas Executive committee committee of the [INAUDIBLE] has notified me as of his recommendation of Gregory F. Murphy of [INAUDIBLE] County North Carolina to fill the unexpired term. I do by this presence appoint Gregory F. Murphy as member of the North Carolina House of Representatives 2015/2016 general assembly. You'll notice however here I have the two signs Name and a fixed seal of the state of North Carolina here at the Capitol says that ruling/g this 19th day of October in the year of our Lord, 2015 and of the independence of the United States of America of 239. I record Governor Elaine Marshall, Secretary of State. The primary of 2015/2016 by the governor of the State of North Carolina, a proclamation where as the honorable [INAUDIBLE] elected representative to the house district 91, 2015/2016 Brian Holloway, however he resigned and whereas the provision of general statute 163-11 requires that the vacancy created by the vacancy of Brian Holloway Holloway be filled by the person recommended by the ninth First House District Executive Committee of the Republican Party. And whereas the ninth First House Executive Committee of the Republican Party has notified me of this recommendation of Carl Hall of Stokes County, North Caroline to fill the unexpired term. I do hereby this presence appoint Carl Howell as a member of the North Carolina State House of Representatives, 2015 to 2016 General Assembly. In witness whereof, I have here unto signed the name and affixed the great seal of North Carolina at the capital of the city of Marina/g on the 23rd of November in the year of our Lord 2015 and independence of United States of America in 239, [INAUDIBLE] Governor Elaine Marshall Secretary of State. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE] Members, I just wanna direct your attention. We have a court reporter today observing the proceedings because [UNKNOWN]. That's one additional reason to try to hold the talking down. She has a little difficulty cuz as she's hearing what's being said she's speaking into that thing, it looks like a breathing thing, right there So that it's recorded. So if you could try to keep the noise down so that she could hear us well. >> The principle clerk has informed me that Representative Murphy, subscribed to the oath of office on November 5th 2015. Although he's not here today and has advised us that he was unable to be here, Representative Murphy will occupy seat 111. Representative Hall was subscribed the oath of office on November 24th 2015. Representative Hall occupied seat 112. If you would please join me in welcoming Representative Hall to the House of Representatives. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] In order to establish a quorum the chair directs that an electronic all of the roll of the members of the house is to be done 15 seconds will be allowed for members to answer the call. The clerk will open the vote. >> Members you need to press that green button on your desk. [BLANK] Or red if you feel so inclined. Those are These are the only color choices available on your voting system.

The clerk will block the machine and record the vote. The chair declares the quorum present even including the gentleman from Ash. >> [LAUGH] >> Members we're today The daily session is of course a special session that a lot of us dint necessarily expect few weeks ago but we're here and we be doing our duty. Today's schedule we're working together that we consider the adopting new rules today for the purpose of this special session which has been done many times over in special session they are a little different than the normal rules they recognize that we are dealing with the subject matter in this case is the legislative redistricting, and so you'll notice some differences here. So other bills are not eligible. Sorry Representative Stam you can't file some of your other bills I know you want to do today.This That's all we'll be dealing with this. I would expect that we would be here today and tomorrow there will be assured caucuses that the minority and the majority leader will call under the Redistricting Committee chaired by Representive Louis who'll be meeting to take care of the two different bills and would keep everybody upraised at what we're Do it as the day goes on. Representative Louis, the gentleman is recognized to send forth consideration, a resolution, the clerk will read. Actually the gentleman is allowed to send forth the resolution. Mr. Speaker I have placed with the clerk a resolution for consideration by the body Chair directions principle clerk has signed a number to the resolution. [BLANK_AUDIO] >>House will be at ease momentarily. [BLANK_AUDIO] House resolution one, the house resolution adopting the permanent rules for the 2016 extra session of North Carolina House of Representatives. >> House Resolution as the clerk has read, Representative Louis has recognized. The chair orders that the Resolution one be countered with proper read [BLANK_AUDIO] House reservations primary rules of the 2016 [INAUDIBLE]. >> The general verdict is recognized to debate sections that I think the members will consider important in casting their vote in support of this resolution. First of all, we'll point out a small change in direct of rules which appears on the first page starting on line 29 continuing to lines 31 this establishes the committee on the district team it also makes clear that rules applying to other committees in the special section pursue it to the current of the session by the governor will be inoperative that means that the only committees that will be authorized to meet here in the session Would be the committee on rules counting the operations of the house, the committee on ethics and the committee on redistricting. On page two, starting in line three, you will see that the only bills that are eligible to be considered in this session pursuant to the call of the governor are bills adopting new redistricting plans for the house of representatives of the United States Congress and bills providing for the scheduling and implementation of the congressional primary election in 2016. Those are the only bills that will be considered during this session. Lines 12-14 make clear Clear that a resolution or bill may be placed on the calendar without first being referred by the Speaker to a committee and it may be referred on the same legislative day that it is introduced or upon its receipt from the Senate. Page two lines 19-21 Make clear that the Speaker will give notice at each reading if the bill has been heard on its second or third reading. Page two lines 23 and 24 make clear that a bill may be read more than once on the same day Page two line 25-32 is probably the mos relevant and operative part of this that members should take notice of. This rule says that no amendment may be offered on the floor of the house unless that amendment was proposed in committee. It also says any member of the house may propose an amendment in In committee whether or not that member Any amendment must replace the entire text of the bill that is being amended and be accompanied

by map showing all the congregational districts in the state. I will pause for just a moment. To say, what this means is, members that wish to offer amendments are certainly encouraged and empowered to do so, but it would need to be an amendment that includes all 13 districts and it will first have to be offered in the redistricting committee before it could be offered on the floor of the house. Further lines 31 and 32 clarify that this subsection applies only to amendments on a bill adopting new redistricting plans for the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States. Therefore amendments to bills that set the primary dates and what not would operate under our regular rules. Mr. Speaker this concludes my presentation, I would urge members to adopt these rules and I'll be happy to guild to any inquiries. >> What purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Hall arise? >> Question of the resolution sponsor. >> Does the gentleman from Harnett yield to the gentleman from Durham? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Thank you Mr Speaker and representative Lewis, I just wanna clarify that what we're saying here, line 25 on page two, is that, unless you have your amendment ready in committee during the time that the committee is hearing this bill You can't take information from that committee, whatever you learn and go to staff and get it put it into a bill covering those 13 districts and then submitted on the floor you'd have to know in the committee before hand you can't take what you learn in a committee and put it into a bill amendment to be put on floor, is that correct? You are reading that correct? >> Yes sir. >> I'll follow up. >> Has the gentleman from [UNKNOWN] yield to an additional question - >> I yield >> From the gentleman. >> He yields >> Is there gonna be some special staff support at the committee meetings today so that people can in fact do that? Have special arrangements been made so that they can do that On the spot. >> Thank you for that question representative Paul. To be clear we have provided for I think additional special staff support the central staff is certainly aware of the urgency of the CS and is prepared to or Are prepared to respond to inquiries as timely as they can. I would also point out that the Senate Committee and the Senate will take up this bill before it comes to The House which means we probably have five or six or seven, hopefully not seven. But five or six hours That were passed before the House committee on redistricting would meet so there is some time today to work on those in their course there would be time to work on during the committee as well. If I could speak to just to the members as to the rationale behind this, it is simply a very Labor intensive undertaking for the staff to be able to print the maps, the stat packs and things that members have to have in order to be able to present this. And so what we're trying to do is make sure that there are as few mistakes as possible In that, so we felt if the amendment was heard in a committee whether or not it was passed at least it would be complete and then could considered on the floor if that's what members chose to do. >> Further discussion, further debate. What purpose does the general Gentleman from Durham Representative Volarise/g. >> Just a comment on the resolution Mr. Speaker- >> The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker and I really wanna make sure that we take note of the fact that keeping in mind the effort is being made here that we're saying as I Indicated that it's after we leave that committee meeting, whatever review we're doing or whatever else happens, we cannot improve this plan when we come to the floor, and we do know that we have people across North Carolina, this is potentially gonna affect several elections that would be interested or have expertise or Will be affected by this so I am just concerned about the fact that we're gonna cut off in some way our ability to take what we learn in the committee, review itbetween then in session and then be able to do that so I just wanna make a note of that for the record. Thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Holley Representative Louis Rams To debate the resolution a second time. >> Gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution a second time. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker and members. I only wanted to state for the record that these rules at large are the exact same rules that we've used since 1998. That's why we went to draft the rules and members are certainly

free to back and look whenever there's been a special session on redistricting. This has been The rules. >> Further discussion, further debate? If not, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Johnson of Guilford, does the gentleman wish to record on this vote? The Clerk will walk the machine and record the vote. 91 having voted in the affirmative and 17 in the negative. House resolution one is adopted Adopted and ordered printed. The committee on rules count on operations of the house, ethics and redistricting have been activated to meet under the rules. For so the house resolution warn the members of the rules committee and the ethics committee are the same as those appointed for the 2015 session. The chair makes the following appointment following Committee appointments. The clerk will read. >> Representative Murphy appointed appropriations, appropriations have human services, health, education, universities, transportation, university governors nominating. Representative Lary Hall appointed appropriations, appropriations Education, appropriations, information technology, commerce and job development, Vice Chair, insurance, public utilities. Representative Jordan appointed as Chair on Education in Universities. >> The court will suspend Representative Jordan. Will the gentlemen please approach the dais? [BLANK_AUDIO] Congratulations Mr. Chairman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> The court will continue. Representative Fraley upholds his chair on education in universities. >> Representative Fraley Approach the dais please. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> [APPLAUSE] >> The Court will continue. >> Representative [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] Patient community, colleges, Representative Dobson appointed to aging, Representative Lamby/g appointed to the patrons and retirement, Representative Goodman appointed as chair on ethics. >> Representative Goodman, if the gentleman would approach the dias please. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Yes, Goodman of Lokingham/g I think there was only one There's only one good one I know of. [BLANK_AUDIO] [APPLAUSE] >> Court will continue. >> The following members have been reported to stand the committee on congressional redistricting. Representative Louis Chair. Representative Lewis, special gavel. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Someone put a sticker on there that says the witter/g maker, I don't know who did that but that's the court will continue. >> Representative Jones, Vice-Chair, Representative Brawley, Representative Cotham, Representative Davis, Representative Farmer-Butterfield, Representative Hager, Representative Hanes, Representative Hardister, Representrative Hurley, Representative Jackson, Representative L. Johnson, Representative Jordan, Representative McGrady, Representative Michaux, Representative There are more, Representative Stan, Representative Stevens, Representative Dickson, Adviser and member. [BLANK] >> Noted/g The chair directs that the message be sent to the Senate informing that honorable body that the 2015 House of Representatives is organized and is ready to proceed with public business for the 16 extra sessions and further inform that body of the sitting of representatives Murphy and Hall. Messages from the Senate, the clerk will read. >> Mr.Speaker, it is evident that the message we sent to the your Honor with the information that this Senate convened pursuing to the proclamation issue by the government February 17th, 2016 is now recognized and read for you to see where the problem public business of the state's extra session, respectfully Sarah Lane, principle clerk. >> [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] Please just a moment. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO]

[BLANK_AUDIO] House to come back to order. The chair's going to recognize the gentlemen from Hornet, representative Luis to speak to a point of personal privilege. The House will come to order, this has to do with the schedule for today, members you may wanna hear this. I'm gonna recognize representative Luis to go through an approximate timeline. Just so you'll know right now, we're still on staff to get the bill to us concerning the primary Filing that we've got issues where the Senate and the House both share the same staff so we're trying to work together on that so that will be one of the things that gets filed during the recess we're about to take but I do wanna let Representative Luis, speak to a point of personal privilege to kind of weigh out the schedule for the day. The gentleman has the floor. >> Thank you Mr.Speaker. Mr. Speaker, members it, is contemplated that the house committee on redistricting will meet at o'clock today to consider the bill which will re-establish a [INAUDIBLE] period and election period and election date for the US house of representatives. It is further considered that. The House would return to session at 2:30 to consider and adopt and pass that bill also to receive at that time the bill from the Senate establishing the 2016 contingent congressional redistricting plan. The speaker, it's. Considered that the speaker would then refer that to the House committee on redistricting again to be reviewed and that bill will then be reported back out to the House. The only other piece of business that we would probably do when we return at 2:30 would be to adopt the adjournment resolution that we would send over to the senate as well. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative Mitchel rise? >> To ask Representative Louis a question, does the gentleman from Harnet/g yield to the gentleman from Durham? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Representative Louis, yesterday in the special committee meeting, certain information was requested from. Members of that committee. Is that information going to be available to us today? >> Thank you for that question representative. I am aware that the information was requested, Co-chairman Rucho and I directed staff to give that. Very high priority, the information I believe was requested by M+Senator McKissick from adorum/g. I do not know if he's been provided to him or not. I will commit to you that, I will sit down and send an email to staff to remind me of they've not done that to make sure as he's getting the attention that it needs. Members before we open up to notices and announcements from Chair wants to make an announcement or point a personal privilege. As many we know are caught send out an email yesterday I tried to just keep it from going out I've tried to talk her out of it and I don't think I'm gonna succeed. After years of faithful service Ms Wiks has announced that she's going to be retiring effective May 1st, I can tell you that I consider her a friend, she tries to keep me between the lines up here as well as she can and it's like she's not only a friend to me personally she's a friend of everyone in this house and to this institution. I would tell you that allow the things you see that happen here, they don't just happen magically, they don't just occur, the only way that we're able to do the people's business is by having really good stuff who make sure that we get that done and Ms Wiks has been a leader through changes of political power and everything else it has been very fair and very. Knowledgeable knows these rules, love this institution, loves this state. It would be our loss when she retires, but I know she has great ideas and plans and things she's gonna do. But I would ask my colleagues to please join me in thanking Miss Tweak/g for her service. >>[APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Let brothers understand that.

The Chair would recognize you to file her bill to outlaw her retirement. I will make a deviation from the rules for that purpose if the gentleman would like to proceed. >> Would you recognize me for a very short personal privilege. >> The gentlemen form wake Representative Stam is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> A few of you may remember that in 2003 wee had a little disagreement in the house here and Miss Weeks/g presided for about a week, if I recall. And at the conclusion to that did not turn out well. Her presiding was great, I made the suggestion our [UNKNOWN] that we elect her as the speaker and Mr. Speaker [LAUGH] I don't want to make that much. >> [LAUGH] >> The gentlemen mention that he thought was out of order but probably would get a lot of vote. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hager rise? >> For announcement for that time. >> he gentleman has the floor for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr speaker. The Republicans will caucus immediately after the speaker recesses this body in room 544. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Canberra Representative Pitman rise? >> For personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank yo Mr speaker when I was at South East seminary here wake forest nearby couple of things they taught us Is aspiring young pastors One thing was that any church looking for pastors try to find somebody that is 29 years old with 35 years experience and the other thing was to be very aware of who the previous pastor was cuz you may have a hard act to follow. So I don't know how much experience our next clerk will have but they're gonna have a hard act t follow, and we do appreciate Miss Whis/g very much. I know she was greatly helpful to me when I first came up here and didn't know what in the world was going on, and she has been helpful ever since. I do know a little bit more about what's going on. But I very much appreciate her help her kindness and you know I don't have any idea what party she be;longs to. Cuz she's never let that show that I can tell and I do appreciate very much the hard work and the love that we all have received from her thank you. >> For what purpose does the gentleman From Gaston Representative Torbett rise. >> Thank you Mr speaker to address one of your earlier concerns when we received the notification this week yesterday after recovering from a sheer stat of shock in absolutely bipartisan effort. Representative Grey Martin and myself contacted. Bill drafting department and there is a bill being drafted now to disallow her retirement. But since we will not be back hopefully until after she has retired we will effectively change that language to a recall language. And I hope everyone will have the opportunity to sign on it and will do so. Thank you Mr speaker. well our purpose says, the gentleman from Durban Representative Mitchel Ras. >> Appoint a personal privilege. >> The gentleman has the floor to speak to appoint a personal privilege. >> Mr. Speaker and members of the house, I've been here for a few years, and one of the things that has been loyal about this has been working with Denise, Denise has been a good friend and I had the privilege of actually nominating Denise, seconding her nomination, over the years to be the clerk of this house. Denise has reached a point in her life, actually what she's done, she is probably considered one of the most pro-efficient clerks anybody's house in the country. the accolades heaped upon by her fellow clerks across the country with her election to various committees and to her leadership roles, in that organization points to the fact she has been a shining star as a clerk, there is no question about the fact Mr. Speaker, and we're gonna miss Denise because of her even-handedness, even when I get to her and we have a disagreement, we smile at each other and disagree, I called her what I shouldn't called her, she called me what she shouldn't call me, smiling all a while, but it's going to be very difficult Denise replace you, and I think you're aware of that because what you've done to this institution has called all of us to be infused with A great degree of wealth for this institution and it's been through your efforts that that has been done. I don't think there's anybody in the State of North Carolina who deserves any more accolades than you because of the way you have comported yourself and the way you have run this body and I think Everybody is aware of that and we're gonna miss you Denise there's

no question about it and I just wish you well but I sure wish you'd stay around till I left >> [LAUGH] >> Does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Floyd Rusk. For two one speaker upon a special privilege then see of the rule chair will yield to a question. >> The gentleman is recognized to a point of personal privilege. >> Mr speaker I have already spoken in this concerning my concern about her departure and I don't want to go into detail Yeah what I shared with her but I'm somewhat disappointed I only been here eight years and I didn't know I caused chaos for her, but I have enjoyed my working relationship with her. A second Mr speaker. >> The gentleman has the floor. >> Is to see if the rule chair would yield for a question. >> Will the gentleman The gentleman from Hornett yield to the from Cumberland? >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Mr Chair could you just go over that calendar one more time. At one o'clock you indicated that the redistricting committee will meet at 2:30. We will come back and convene receive from the senate could you just go over that and then if there's a third thing. >> Yes sir representative thank you for the question is it anticipated that the committee on redistricting for the house will meet at 1 o'clock and the purpose of that meting will be to consider a bill that establishes an election timeline for those seeking office, for those seeking In the election to the US house of representatives. That will be the only bill considered at that time. Provided that goes as anticipated we will report that bill out to the full house which will return into session at 2:30 to debate and hopefully pass that bill and then In the house would also receive the bill from the senate that actually has maps on it. The house will then go back into recess, the committee on recess would reconvene to debate the report from the senate on the maps and when that debate is completed the committee On redistricting would issue a report to the full house for it's consideration. I am not prepared at this time cuz the speaker and I have not really had time to fully comprehend how long the debate on the house committee on redistricting may go. I do not know if the house will take Will take up the redistricting maps tonight or is it will be tomorrow that maybe a question better directed to the speaker. >>Representative Floyd the anticipating that question I'll go ahead and address that directly. Today the intense is going to be and I believe the rules chairman is going to Announce the redistricting committee will be meeting at 1 o'clock today. And so when we go to recess in a few minutes we're gonna go to recess till 2:30. If that redistricting committee is still meeting time 2:30 rolls around 2:15 we'll simply delay the stat of session till we get back from that. So we're not going to be compressed but we didn't wanna set Whether you wanna say three or four something late and then wind up having a couple of hours of just dead time in between. So whatever time is needed for redistricting committee to do it's work it will be afforded. As far as session this evening and what's gonna happen Representative Jones during the recess will be filling the bill that deals with the primary dates and filling and so forth That will be heard this afternoon in redistricting committee hearing. Again if we have to delay things we're gonna recess subject to all sorts of contingencies so that we can do that and not get off schedule. As far as how late we're here I don't know how late that will be we'll have to see how long things take during the day because we also have to receive the The maps from the senate the chair would intend if we can to try to vote on those today, but we'll just have to be mindful of the clock and where we are. >> Another follow up question Mr speaker. >> The gentleman is recognized. >> Are the rules chair. >> Does the gentleman yield. >> I yield. >> He yields. >> Mr chair could you give us the Rule [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] cuz I don't wanna go to the wrong one. >> Yes sir Mr speaker may I be recognized for an announcement? >> The gentleman is recognized for an announcement. >> Thank you Mr speaker the house committee on redistricting will meet at 1 o'clock pm today in room [BLANK_AUDIO] In room 643 but I would encourage members and also those listed in the public if for some reason the senate is still occupying that room we would have to change the room to room 544. But we anticipate the senate would be completed With the room by 1 o'clock.

>> For what purpose does the lady from Bucombe Representative Fisher rise? >> For a moment of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. >> the lady is recognized to speak on a moment of personal privilege. >> I just wanted to continue a little bit the recognition of Our clerk, I think that as many have already said, we'll find it very difficult to replace Denise. I know that when I first got here, about six terms ago, you could not have found anyone more In terms of orienting one to this place, and I know that she immediately recognized that I was from Ashful, just by my clothes [LAUGH] and she said, I know the boutique you'd like And so we took a little field trip one afternoon after session and she let me know the boutique that she thought that I'd like and of course that's kinda stuck with me. There was another occasion where a number of her colleagues throughout the country decided they'd In Nashville and we made some arrangements for them to go to different places and make sure that they were well accommodated and I know that I met them at one point at dinner and you cannot believe, and this is always stuck with me, the respect that She receives from her colleagues from across the United States and I think that that is such a testament to the fortune, the good fortune that we have had here in this General Assembly to have had her expertise with us for the length of time we have had I will miss my July birthday buddy, and I do hope, I know I will see you in May or just a little bit before you go, but I do hope you will keep us posted on your whereabouts and that you enjoy your time away, thank you What purpose does the gentleman from Ansleigh representative Shepherd rise >> Thank you Mr. Speaker for a moment of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege >> I won't reiterate all that's been said about Denise but I also wanna thank her for the kindness that she showed me when I first came here also but I wanna share something I believe most of you may not know, some of you may because she and I Made a debut on YouTube one time. She's probably the best clerk in the country but she's also probably the only clerk in the country that could clog as well as she can clerk, so if you didn't see that you need to look that up on YouTube. Thank you Denise. >> For what purpose does the gentleman from Cordwell Representative Robinson rise? Speak on a point of personal privilege >> The gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you Mr.Speaker. It's not often that I rise on the floor of this house but I feel compelled to. Mickey I think you're probably the only one that started may be before I did, my first term Was 1981 and I remember Denise, I think you were here the end of Grace Collin was clerk and believe me, back then not only was I a true freshman, but I really didn't know anything, and I remember I used to sign on bills and I'd say oh my Gosh, I don't wanna sign on that and you go ask Denise to to get your name removed then there were other bills I wish I had signed on that she'd work with me on. Excuse the absences, I mean you name them, Denise has helped me with them, and you're going to be truly missed, when I think about the members that have passed through this assembly, the speaker, rules chairman, you have well truly lived your imprint on this body, thank you so very much and God bless you in the future. for what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Martin rise? >> to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> The gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. >> Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. Members, it may be my third term here, I'll start learning my way around, but I still would approach Speaker Hagne/g up on the podium some trepidation, he has a way of scaling at you with his glasses hanging down his nose like he wanted to scare you off, and I think he and Denise had a sort of good cop-bad cop routine because the Speaker Hagne/g was scaling at me, and Denise would be smiling, and she'd try to help me do what I had to do and leave it to Speaker Hagne/g to glare at me until I went away but then sometimes I'd walk up there and I'd know I was in big trouble if Speaker Hagne/g

was smiling at me, and then I'd see Denise glaring at me, and I knew for sure what I wanted to do was not gonna get done. As the gentleman from Gaston/g Representative Tobit said, he and I are conspiring to file a bill on the short session that will make it illegal Needs to retire and essentially keep her at her desk until we pull her corpse away from it many decades in the future. Now we have some concerns from some lawyers that requiring someone to spend time in a room with a hundred and twenty obnoxious people constitutes cruel and unusual punishment under The United States Face constitution however I have consulted with that eminent lawyer representative David Louis and he assures that that would be both fair and legal. >> For what purpose does the gentlemen from Craven Representative Specioli/g rise? >> A moment of personal privilege. >> The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of general personal privilege. I think all of us have something, somewhere along the line that we can say in thanks to Denise. I'm just gonna say thank you and I honestly think that her biggest accomplishment is that she allowed a series of speakers to actually believe that they were in charge. For what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett representative Louis raise. >> For a motion Mr. speaker. >> Are their any further notices and announcement before I recognize the recess mention. The gentleman is now recognized for the mention. >> Thank you Mr. Speaker, subject to the filling of bills. and referral of bills and resolutions to committee, I move the house to now adjourn, to convenient at 2:30 pm, pardon me Mr. Speaker. >> Would the gentleman modify his motion to recess and also make it subject to proceed the messages from the senate proceed of committee reports and introduction to bills and resolutions? >> Yes sir, Mr. Speaker and to be clear it was my intent to move to recess and not to adjourn, my apologies. >> The gentleman's has restated his motion to recess the chair subsidized as the motion to recess, subject to the conditions, subject to the following of bills, to recede of messages from the senate, to the recede of committee reports, to the referral of bills and resolutions and to the introduction of bills and resolutions, those in favor of the motion of recess will say I, those who oppose no, the I's have it. The house stands in recess subject to the aforementioned conditions until 2:30 pm. [BLANK_AUDIO]