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Joint | February 15, 2016 | Committee Room | Redistricting Committee, Part One

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We'd like to bring to order the public hearing today on redistricting. We've gotta a few items that we'll take care of prior to hearing of the public on this issue. And then I've got a statement that I'll represent in a moment but let's take care of a few house [UNKNOWN] today we have in Roly sergeant at arms and we have them located through all the sites . One of them here we have at the senate is Howl/g Roch/g, Jim Blakeburn, Steve Mckig/g and Jim Hamilton from the senate side thank you for helping us make this a success and then we have on the house side Marvin Lee and Reggie silks/g. Thank you folks we appreciate all of your help making this, and there are sergeant at arms at each of the locations that the moderator maybe able to recognize as we proceed. Proceed forward. Let's begin and let's just say ladies and gentleman I'd like to welcome everybody to the public hearing on redistricting, I am Senator Bob Rucho Chairman of the joint select committee on congregational redistricting and here with me today is house Chairman Representative David Louis on my left today's hearing is an effort on part of the joint select committee on congregational redistricting to hear public comments on North Carolina Congressional districts in light of the ruling in the Harris versus McCrory made by the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina. Along with our sights here in Roly, we are also video conferencing with the sights in Halifax Community College, Central Piedmont Community College Fayetteville Technical community college, iii UNC Asheville and I will say to you Guilford Tech Community College is closed today and therefore we are not able to have a hearing there oday. If any of the public would like to submit their comments I will as we proceed forward identify how to do so on the NCLEG website. And if members of the public who cannot attend and any of the sites are welcome to have the opportunity to submit their comments online at wwwncl.ncleg.net/redistricting Through our written comments submission form which is online, and members of the committee will have an opportunity to review that and review your comments in addition to the public comments today. [BLANK_AUDIO] And I'd like to take a moment to have each of the moderators to each of the side and I'll identify them in rotation. The senators and representatives that are present at the site today, and they'll be the people that we will recognize will be the members of the committee and today of course my Myself, Senator Bob Rucho, Representative David Lewis, Representative Rodney Moore, Representative Jackson, Senator Chad Barefoot, I see Senator Clark, Senator Ford, Senator Blue. I'm trying to make sure I don't miss anybody. Senator Erica Smith-Ingram, Senator James Smith, Senator Floyd McKissick, Senator Paul Lowe and I think I have Representative Jordan, thank you and Representative Bale And represented opinions, excuse me. Okay that is our group hearing rally and I will rotate to the next stop and that will be at Central Piedmont Community College representative Bill Brownlee would you identify the senators and representatives there? Can you hear me? [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Brownlee [BLANK_AUDIO] [UNKNOWN],>> Wales, Todd and Jackson and also Representative Riley, and

[BLANK_AUDIO] oh, I'm sorry. And representative Bradford. Curtis represents Lincoln and [INAUDIBLE] Harrington is guest and Wells is [INAUDIBLE] Jackson representing Bradford, and myself representing [INAUDIBLE] and representing Prailey/g is also from our [INAUDIBLE]. That's all we have sir. >> Thank you sir and be prepared to move forward on your first speaker in a few moments. >> Representative iii I apologize for my oversight. >> Alright we need to move on to iii Technical Community College. Senator Jackson are you there Yes sir good morning senator Rucho/g. I have with myself here representative John Fucker representative Cumberland County and that's all our members that we have here. >> Very fine and now I need you to be prepared to identity the first person on the online registration list to will be coming to. Coming to that person in a few moments. >> Yes Sir >> Thank you. Calling Cape Fear Community College. I have got representative Ted Davis as the moderator. Representative Davis can you hear me. >> Senator Harry from Oslo County iii Michael Lee iii. We also have representative Mike Ailla from [INAUDIBLE] County and Susie Hamilton from [INAUDIBLE] County. >> Alright Senator Davis would you Identify your first person on the list for online and we will be coming through in a few moments. Thank you communicating with UNC Asheville Representative Chuck McGrady. >> With me is senator [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] Representative Mike Hager and Representative Michelle. >> Fresal/g. >> Michelle Okay thank you and that volume is actually getting better there thank you very much. And then I have. >> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. >> I'm sorry. >> Senator Rucho is [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] that UNC Asheville just wanted to let you know we have also opened an overflow room, cuz we can see exceeded capacity in the original room so we have a separate room at UNC Asheville for where the people can hear the hearing. >> Tb k you Senator Heist and I need you all to be prepared to line the speakers up so we ca have a nice smooth transit on through and give everybody a chance to speak. Okay thank you. >> We're ready. >> And then I'm calling now Halifax Community College and I've got a Representative Skim Stam, Representative Stam do you have your members there? >> Yes this is representative Stam, Senator Sanderson is here with me and we do have several speakers. Here and ready to seat. >> Okay excellent and we will be with you in a moment, and members of the committee and public I'll just remind you because of the inclimate weather and policy was if the facility is not open then the hearing and the location and in this case Giulford technical community college is closed and therefore that hearing in Giulford has been cancelled. All right well we've introduced everyone excuse me. [BLANK_AUDIO] yes and because of the inclimate weather across in all of the locations we have extended the sign up from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock to allow people that may be coming in late due to the in climate weather, to have an opportunity to sign up and be recognized appropriately. Okay now I would like to thank all of you first of all for taking the time to attend and participate in this public hearing at sites across the state including here in Roly. We may be aware the general assembly is actively seeking a stay By this US supreme court of the lower court ruling in order to avoid the chaos and costliness associated associated with an 11th hour delay of the election that is already underway. We continue to believe that the maps that have been upheld by the. North Carolina supreme court invalidated by five of six others that have been reviewed are fair legal and constitutional. We will exercise all avenues of appeal to see that they remain in place. However because of the compressed timeline imposed upon us. By the court. And in light of our ongoing appeal and request for a state. We think it is a prudent course to open a republic comment process

in event the maps need to be redrawn. In the past and if you were here during the. First we are dishing cycle. We had many many public hearings in a lot of teleconferencing like this and this is why we decided to come forward with the same way so that and they were an essential part of the committee activity and what we are trying to do is gather the knowledge of the citizens in the abuse on redisticting and. today specifically on congressional maps. Our public hearing today is again an opportunity for us the members of these select committee to hear from you and hear your opinions. Now whether you signed up online in advance or came today to put your name on the list. You will have an opportunity to speak. speak for five minutes on whatever idea you may have about congressional redistricting, however you choose to spend your five minutes and we're here today to hear from you about redistricting, we are not here to answer any questions but to listen and learn learn from your comments and ideas, as to the rules that will follow inn this state and across the state, I will introduce each speaker especially in time in lowly and then the moderator from the different site as we rotate through will introduce that speaker And I would direct you to this if there is any problems in the sites, you can go ahead and talk to the staff person there and they will relay it back to us, Representative Lewis and myself to help you with any problem. Now, in the five minutes, we have a staff a person there I believe sergeant in arm in every location, and who is our sergeant in arm here with the yellow and red cards, okay there it is, and what we'll be doing at that point, when the speaker begins you've five minutes, the sergeant in arms will show you a yellow card when you have one remaining and you see a yellow card there and then at the end of five minutes where your time is expired you'll have a red card and then you'll be expected to conclude your comments, now also in addition to the public comments we would welcome any any written comments you may have in addition to what you present today, you can neither have the written comment, or hand the written comment to a staff member, or you can, as I mentioned earlier get onto the website which is NCLEG.net\redistricting and use the written comments submission form if you have thoughts you wanted to share with this committee, at this time I would like to ask for the first speaker to come forward and we'll do the first one in Roly And the first speaker today will be Chris Mansfield, now when Chris Mansfield comes up to the microphone in the back of the room I need you to identify yourself and basically where you reside and then And then we will begin the process, is Chris Mansfield here? [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, we will come back, we'll see if Jean Pinski is here, Ms. Pinski? If you'll identify yourself Yourself and then you have five minutes >> Good morning Chairman Rucho, Chairman Lewis, members of the committee, my name is Jane Pinsky. I am the executive director of the North Carolina Coalition of Lobbying and Government Reform. The coalition is approximately 10 years old And represents a wide array of partisan and ideological views in the state of North Carolina. The groups that make up the coalition range from the John Locke foundation to AARP to the AAFLCIO to the league of women voters. We are a huge here today to simply say that the problem is not with the district as they're drawn but rather with the process that has required you to draw this districts, we know that drawing districts is not an easy task and that we've an unfortunate and long history In North Carolina partisan Jerry Mandarin we would encourage you as you move forward to look at number of non-partisan processes and that some of the legislation that has indeed been proposed

by members of this body. Thank you very much. >> Thank you very much. All right I'm going to central Piedmont Community College Representative Browly for the first speaker there, representative Browly. >> Thank you Senator, the first speaker is Robin Hay. >> Okay, would you repeat that again please representative Browly a little louder. Which way should you look that's a good question. Which way should he look? Look towards that camera. >> Are we ready? >> Yes. >> Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for holding this hearing representative Browly. Democratic republicans worked very very hard to draw a map. Regardless I come from North Carolina, I reside in the eighth district, I'm also a recovering US congressman. I have been affected by iii and I have some knowledge of the process. What I would like to emphasize this morning. There are very clear rules for drawing districts, it's based on assesses which incurs every ten years. The most people that we can have involved in the election process is what I think is the most important goal of being involved. A number of very active in politics grassroots level what it takes for the system to work. Everybody [INAUDIBLE] knows that every [INAUDIBLE] faster, consequently you have ten years that [LAUGH] you have ten years to organize your counties, and your districts, and to make sure that you elect the person that you think is most qualified, iii the Democrats for 25 years Some 25 years the rules have adjusted. [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. Constitutional by the federal government in the justice department. Signed off, off the map. We want the most people to vote who can. It's still out [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] at this point to overturn what the Republicans and the Democrats. The Democrats have put together in the general assembly chaos will results. Some were situations if I remember correct occurred in 1998. The primary in may and then another congressional primary in September 799,000 folks voted in the regular primary. 166,000 voted in the later primary. [INAUDIBLE] disenfranchise voters and completely excuse the process then let this three judge panel do what they are trying to do. Systems here the Brooklyn are known. I recommend that the judges. Stay with the course system and let the legislature continue with this process and at the end of the day the more people participate the quality of our government will improve and I recommend that we leave maps as they are now thank you Mr Chairman. >> Thank you Mr Hess. >> Thank you Representative Blawley we're going to move on to Dansville technical community college and reminding all of our moderators that we're working off the online registration list first, and so Senator Brian Jackson are you there? >> We have Mr John Harry was one of our first to sign up online Mr Harry. >> Yes good morning Chairman I am John Harry from [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] county I would like to talk about historical privilege. Today United states celebrates all presidents day and I among other states peacefully celebrate This past January 18th, we celebrated Martin Luther King Junior and in December 25th the symbolic birth of Jesus Christ this humble men of vision. Today we are gathered here to get testimony on political philosophy of the judiciary intervention State of North Carolina and the US constitution did violate the principle of one person and one vote. Principles established by iii Raspberry versus Sanders 1964 the cornerstone of the voting act of 1965,

prior to the voting act of 1965. A man of vision stated in the process of gaining a rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful doings, let us not seek to certify our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hate. Martin Luther King Junior 1963. Another man of vision stated before a judge or you will be judged Jesus Christ 2016 100 years ago. Historically since the mid 1930s many people believe it is the government responsibility to reach out for the issues and solution to all concerning of course our [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] the country. philosophy is cornered to the philosophy or by constitution as he showed hand today he'll show that the selected federal judge has stabbed the citizens of North Carolina in the back whether is contrary non political districting or redistricting a one first district and and 12 years straight, lack of respect for the voters of North Carolina, from 2010, 2012, and 2014, voice to approval for change, from past political joy meandering of those in control of our government since reconstruction several laws, Federal constitution do not provide a section for voting, it was a function of the state. This changed for the succeeding states between 1865 and 1870 one of the military infrastructure of 1857 forced the reentering of federal states to a Universal male suffrage which is the cornerstone of our 14th amendment of 1868. Excuse me, in 1870, the 15th amendment which provides the right to vote shall not be denied or abridged on the basis of race, color or previous condition of servitude Servitude, superseded state law. 1871, the enforcement act law which violated the principles, excuse me, provided for federal election oversight. The US Supreme Court ruling since [INAUDIBLE] state laws which violated the principle of the 15th Amendment. Congress, federal Congress, excuse me 1957, 1960, 1964, passed legislature which contains voting related provisions. In 1960 and 1962 the US Supreme Court ruled on gerrymandering And grossly Malproportioned/g state legislative districts.The voting Act of 1965 section 2, 4 and 5 of the act are of relevance here today. Wayne county North Carolina, in January 23rd 1967 dove out a declaratory judgement as wake and the state of North Carolina Under section five was not to cover George iii but it partially covers George Dikson just like it is today. In June 25th 2013 United States supreme court ruled iii versus Hogan 133 supreme court 2612 ruled section 4B on constitution this is a free court room for requital schedule, section five briefly was designed to ensure that voting changes and prominent jurisdiction could not be implemented until a favorable determination had been attained, and four had established a formula for determining course setting the precedence, the philosophy of law is of importance, which I[INAUDIBLE] the Democratic Party who are the voters of North Carolina, Africans, Latinos, Caucasians and others were moved from [INAUDIBLE] control of the North Carolina State government which I may say practice various district modifications although Since reconstruction, they have current republic and pro government legal presidence on the current state and federal law to establish [INAUDIBLE] district. Encouraging I just wanna talk about borders defranchize and as current descendants is not overturn as thousands of borders have already voted by absentee ballot and Joseph in particular, under the tree, serving abroad and their elderly, the high cost of redistricting will not effect only the first and second district that regenerate the requirement at all present district under the reconstruction, thank you. >> thank you senator Jackson, and to give everybody an opportunity to speak we must stay within the five minute limit please, all right, going to Cape Fair Community College representative Davis, you're first person on the online registration List please.

>> Yes sir senator [INAUDIBLE] our first speaker will be Ms Helen Penela. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Good morning my name is Helen Penela and I am the chairman of the North Carolina's seventh congressional Republican party. First I want to extend our sympathies to the family of Justice Julian and his untimely passing, he is in our thoughts and in our prayers. I wanna thank the General Assembly for their outreach to the community on this critical decision by the three judge panels Of the Federal Court. That means 1st and 12th Congressional districts are unconstitutional. I would like to know while the panel finding on the 1st district was unanimous, there was a 2 to 1 vote that the 12th was unconstitutional. The requirement to draw the 1st and the 12th by February 19th Just four days from today is an impossible task. One has to wonder why the court has such an unreasonable deadline given the complexity of the task to draw the 13 districts in 2001 in order to meet federal requirements and the amount of time that was provided for review in the state Also the amount of time that is necessary for the required federal review and preapproval by the US Department of Justice. I should note that this pre approval was granted in 2011 when the department was headed by Attorney General Eric Holder. So here we are with the congressional district mass Have been in the past by the political party with the majority of members in the NC house and senate in those years following the census. This republican majority was elective in 2010 in district established by the democrats after the 2000 census The 2011 district map within precleared by a democrat control and then he said of to liberal US department of justice yet in spite of this various individuals and organizations have wasted all out campaign of legal challenges that abuse and confuse the voters regardless of their political affiliations. What concerns me is after redrawing of the 1st and the 12th could have a ripple effect throughout the state potentially changing boundaries of all 13 congressional districts, [INAUDIBLE] boundaries of 5 other congressional districts, those districts include Have boundaries with 5 other districts, again one has to wonder if the case is really about drawing all 13 districts not just the 1st and the 12th. So the impact obviously help for a greater ramifications than 2 congressional districts. The federal ruling Has created chaos in our primary elections, voting has already begun with thousands of voters requesting and receiving absentee ballots many have already submitted their votes. Delaying the congressional primaries will cause unprecedented voter confusion, will actually disenfranchise further across the state Probably in greater numbers than those voters who were reported to be disfranchised in this poor case. And this separate congregational primaries election is required to be held in the summer. History has shown that dramatically fewer voters turn out for second primaries again depriving voters of Of an orderly and timely primary process. I believe the congregational districts are fair and legal I'm opposed to redrawing them. However if the court prevails in this case I believe redrawing of congregational districts should be done in a timely manner by the general assembly not under an artificially short two week period. This is where the court steps in to draw the district. The President has made the preference to the Republicans clearly known and is the current 10/3 party split congressional delegation is the fair result of voters decision to elect a republican. Any new man The precepts and county polls as much as possible and due to the declining influence of our word community the smaller counties should not be split. Thank you again for this public hearing and the opportunity to speak. [BLANK_AUDIO] thank you in Cape Verde, and moving on to UNC Nashville, representative Magrady, your first person on the online list, our first speaker is Bob Allen, and for the speakers that are here and in front of the room we've got member of the sergeant Armed staff and he will have cards that will indicate when you get to your time limit and

one minute before that time limit. Mr. Pamano, all you need to do is press the button. [BLANK_AUDIO] My name is Bob Pamano, I live in Carla, North Carolina. I'm a retired military person and I'm a here for my very first time at a public hearing to speak out and I think I'm speaking on behalf of thousands of other people across this state just like myself. We voted in 2010, 2012 to change the legislative body body over to control of the republicans and I think that they did a very good job on drawing the redistricting, the redistricting was approved by the justice department which I know was consoled at that time by Eric Holder who was [INAUDIBLE] Article 1, section 4 of our US constitution, you have the right for the legislature to draw district lines in national elections. I think our current lines are fair and equitable, I think that we should leave them like they are speaking as a retired military person, I wonder how many thousands of pilots have already been billed and voted and you are gonna throw those people away and they are the ones that are protecting the rights of the people sitting in this room giving them the right to vote for they choose so I think our section, our congressional boundaries should remain the same, thank you. >> Okay, thank you very much, moving on to Halovaks/g Community College, representative Stem you're the first person on the online registration list. >> Yes, if we would call up or fill [UNKNOWN] ruled spaces, in one deck Roney Reeves, you would state your name for the record and sign right here. [BLANK] Good morning. My name is [UNKNOWN] and i'm a resident here at county congressional district number 1 [INAUDIBLE]. First of all I have a concern about the short notice of this hearing getting perfect input, I'm concerned that this representation is not in fulfilled for our area of east and north Carolina because of the weather, convectional district has been withdrawn and it's been withdrawn Drawn to racial lines. [BLANK_AUDIO] Its a form of Jerry Meandering. If you look at the map, it's drawn at the shapes which groups the In one district and making so that overrates Caucasian and it tells the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] to elect the legislatures, and this redrawing has done just that. It's always a good time to do what is right and concern about the Elections that's going forth now the early voting absentee ballots, sometimes we do have to step back and the importance of even though people have already started Are we voting through absentee ballots? It would behoove us to do what is right and if necessary start this election process over again. Thank you, thank you for your time. >> Rucho announced that since the beginning we've been joined by Senator Don Davis who came all the way from Snow Hill and passed nine accidents on the way. Can we have another one from here or do we go? >> No we are going to rotate back through the cycle okay. Thank you we will be back. We will be back with you back in Rayleigh and again I will say I see Senator [BLANK] Senator Woodword is here,

Representative Michelle, and Representative Harrison saw a few moment a go. Just to let you know that we did have a more members attend. Okay our next person is Linda Harper. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Okay Linda Harper is not in this room? Brian Irving is the next speaker, is Brian Irving here. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, Dennis Barns not here, Brian FitSimons/g If you'll go up to the microphone and Identify yourself please. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you Mr chairman my name is Brian FitSimons/g I'm the chair of the [UNKNOWN] democratic party. I'm a constituent of Senator Foot and representative Jackson and my congressman is representative Holding in district 13. I was interested to hear Senator you bring up the idea of costliness this is what you did, this is what happened, this is The chaos and costliness the responsibility for that falls directly on this body so the chaos and costliness that is going on right now is of your own doing.You tried to fix a problem that did not exist senator congressional district one and 12 had elected African American candidates without the redistricting process of putting pronominal African American voter roles into each of those districts. This plan is nothing more than segregate African American voters into district one and 12. North Carolina has a long history Of political gerrymandering. It was wrong when the democrats did it, it's wrong when the republicans do it. It doesn't make any better or any less bad because one party is in power.One of our prior speakers spoke about the seven congressional districts having five county or five congressional districts border it In of itself is an example of why this gerrymandering process is wrong as it is. I urge you to look at this with the right set of glasses to look at it and do the right thing, the right thing being drawn this districts the way that they should have been drawn in the first place thank you. >> Thank you very much, moving, again reminding folks that because of the inclement weather you'll partake Community College has cancelled the hearing today but those individuals that might want to can still use the NCLEG website to put their comments forward and members of the committee I'll say to you that we're getting a number of comments online they'll be sent to you so that you can have them well in advance so that you have a chance to review the written comments in addition to what you're hearing today. We're are going to go to representative Broadly at Central Piedmont Community College Represented broadly the next person on your online registration list. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Broadly. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Broadly at Central Piedmont Community College. >> Yeah Sorry we have Jean Millsamps can you all hear us? >> Yes now we can. >> Okay, good deal, thank you. >> Thank you for this opportunity, I am Jim Millsamp [INAUDIBLE] county, I rise to support the direction the district plans to bring fair representation to North Carolina With regard to the election timeline it is unfortunate that some courts that are upheld in current [INAUDIBLE] but it is time to make real the fact that some [INAUDIBLE] ballots have been requested and submitted does not out weigh the damage done by holding a third election on a Unconstitutional map. Ensuring our elections are constitutional should be the primary goal, sadly it is one worth dealing with, dealing with the [INAUDIBLE]

of the administrative problems, the Republican majority has not abruptly and unnecessarily moved up the elections primarily election a few months ago, the candidates following would not even be closed up. With regard to openness and transparency, this redistricting plan that's currently going on today [INAUDIBLE] and our voters need to have faith in the process And in their government these public hearings are extremely important they were announced after 5 pm this past Friday and scheduled for 10 am following Monday morning. This procedure may not be a good thing to [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] we will make the best of it. Any consultant involved in the drawing of these maps should be made available in committee meetings so that the public may have a full understanding of his or her role in the intent of creating these maps. The map drawing process should be a public record. As a result any plan should be drawn at the general assembly on state equipment and computers so the public may view the background behind that plan. Republican leadership should disclose every cent of taxpayer money that has been spent on consultants to draw and outside attorneys for their advice on the updated plans, I urge the general assembly to unpack the improperly packed 1st and 12th district and restore fair representation to the citizens of the adjacent districts, thank you. [APPLAUSE] >> I have already said there will be no shout outs then [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] >> Thank you. >> There will be no demonstration this is not a sporting event. >> Moving on to the next speaker. We are going to so that we can make sure we give everybody an opportunity will be at [INAUDIBLE] tech, I've got Senator Jackson you're the next person on your online registration list. >> Thank you Senator Richard, we have our jury [INAUDIBLE] is our second person to sign up online, Jerry? >> Mr. chairman Good Morning, My name is Jeep Rhonal/g 560 Deer path drive, [INAUDIBLE] North Carolina, 2A311. I'm student of Cumberland County and I have also served as a Cumberland County election prescient. I'm in the fourth congressional [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you for hosting this public common period It permits it to the joint select the uncongressional redistricting. I recommend that the entire March 15th North Carolina primary proceed as scheduled to prevent the potential disenfranchisement of one segment of a community that is often overlooked. Our [INAUDIBLE] And our civilian over sees absentee voters who are defending this nation. In July 1968 I was inducted into our army in Los Angeles California. I maintained a California residency and cast absentee ballots until retiring form the army at Fort Bragg in 1988. Military absentee Voting was a real challenge in those days, today the process of requesting and receiving absentee ballots is easier but the constant moves on those overseas make it hard for the members of the day's mobile force to successfully complete the voting process. I'm passionate about wanting every member of our military service to have a voice in selection of their civilian leaders, the spreadsheet that I provided to the sergeant-at-arms is my analysis of the November 2012 North Carolina and Chamberlin county military absentee bag returns, less than 80% absentee bags were returned I have mailed hundreds of packets to our members in arms encourage them to vote and apply for absentee ballots. I have also provided an example of a packet to [INAUDIBLE] soldier in 2014. It includes a [INAUDIBLE] county County early voting schedule, absentee ballot request application, a pocket United States constitution [INAUDIBLE] I sent out similar packets less the early voting schedule and absentee ballot request to about 400 Cumberland County military and civilian overseas who would request an absentee ballot. About 20% of the packets were returned as undeliverable. I developed an additional study related to the associated press October 26th 2012 report of the crash of a transport aircraft in Afghanistan reported to be carrying ballots.

I Wanted to answer the question, what [INAUDIBLE] North Carolina military absentee ballots box on that aircraft. By assessment was that none of the ballots were destroyed in the accident. I'm sharing this information with you to show some of the impediments that our military are surveying overseas were already [INAUDIBLE] preventing them from success Successful at voting. It [INAUDIBLE] in the election already underway or have potential to disenfranchise the military [INAUDIBLE] who are defending this nation overseas so that we have free and open elections. North Carolina State [INAUDIBLE] elections federal absentee voter file reported That 1660 of the 15811 North Carolina voters requesting absentee ballots are military and [INAUDIBLE] oversea voters. Cumberland County is represented with 100 more state Supreme court Permit the election to proceed to [INAUDIBLE] The disenfranchisement of our military surveying overseas voters, thank you. >> Thank you very much, moving on to [UNKNOWN] Community College representative Davis your next person on your list. >> Thank you sir Rich the next person on the list to speak with Bob Williams, while he is coming forward I'd like to say that Senator Louis Pate drove all the way down from Wake County to be with us and is here now. >> Thank you. >> Good morning and thank you for allowing the public the opportunity to speak about the plans to withdraw the congressional districts based on the ruling of the United States District Courts in the Middle District of North Carolina congressional districts 1 and 12 unconstitutional, I'm Bob Williams. I'm a member of the [INAUDIBLE] board of education. I'm also a member at large to vote for third congressional district, and the NCOP executive committees, I'm speaking here today on behalf of my Republican affiliations, and my non-partisan affiliation with the board of education but I would like to say this, redistricting no matter what has happened creates chaos. We recently went through went through a redistricting process in untold county schools districts but after the redistricting we had very, very few if any comments or concerns after it happened, with less than a month to go before primary elections and congressional racers are being thrown into a turmoil, candidates and voters are faced in in the likely hood that they might have wasted much of their time and money preparing for the primary elections, today they centered their band blue and represents 14 senate districts, in 1991 he was elected as the first black speaker of the house, both the senate and house begins plans in 1991 to withdraw the state from congressional districts, if you go back and you look at what congressional district were up until about 10991 you'll see that they were entirely steady, they were compact, and it was very, very little turmoil within that process, why was that the majority of the people were voting there in that tab were democrats, very few republican input and that's where the problem started, in 1991 the democrats were the majority parties in both chambers of legislature and they were responsible for drawing both the first and the twelve districts under the section five of the voting rights act the pre clearance as we've already heard from previous testimony, the two gastrics were drawn in certain matters that include d larger numbers of voting age population who were black and they also had to be democrats, withdrawn in the two jurisdicts result in that they are listed almost 10 years, republican members and legislatures and other filed law suites against them, for 25 years we've been fighting this problem and today it has become an issue because it's source had ruled against what happened in 2011, the republican republicans gained the majority in the legislature and the district were withdrawn after the 2010 federal sense, a law suite was brought against a legislature that contains district 1 and 12, read on in 2011, withdrawn in race was the primary motivation and not political party demographics I would invite you to go back and take a look, there' much you can do, go and do a search online for North Carolina legislature and redistricting, you'll find under Wikipedia, different maps that are in there that goes all the way back to 1973, to 2011

you can see the different changes in the maps. You can see that the changes in the map were clearly motivated by the change of parties. Republican influence within there and the democrats enhanced measures to Prohibit the Republicans from gaining control over those areas where mapping and registering costs are like. Were it not the [INAUDIBLE] congressional districts almost five years after republican majority voted in 2011, when they used almost the Identical methodology in 1991. I'm not a fan to [INAUDIBLE] districts for any reason, but it's been a practice for political parties to redraw districts in favor of whoever is the majority party. They should not play any part in the political considerations for redrawing all our districts. The color of our skin should not predetermine to what Political party we belong to but for whom we vote,. The only race we should considering is the human race. If the ability to think and reason allows us to make educated decisions , regarding the issues in candidates who best represents our beliefs and interests. Have a good day and thank you for the opportunity to speak. >> Thank you very much, moving Moving on to UNC Asheville Mcgrady, your next speaker. >> Our next speaker is Thomas Keith Thomson. >> My name is Thomas Keith Thomson I live in woodson, I am a small business owner, a father of two. I spent 10 years in the board of elections Precinct courting judge and my son is a North Carolina voter and current US coast guard active duty member . The North Carolina general assembly is constituted to represent the people. The elections have consequences and so do US district court ruling. You need To comply with this decision encrypt pretending that it does not exist. The lines of district should allow and encourage representation, they should not be a shopping expedition for political officials to control the people. Even in the West at the edge of districts you have created chaos in the 2012 election there were 25 separate ballots that Malcolm Barrows cross referenced the assembly precinct including one precinct by congressional in North Carolina house in senate districts 600 precincts statewise has the same problem a descent respect for the opinions of mankind they man more compact districts that honor communities of interest in compact geographic boundaries not exploit geographical information systems and demographic software that create ban to stands that aim to The disenfranchise voters. Stop pretending this rule doesn't apply to you and redraw the districts in a fair and reasonable manner. The eyes of the world are upon you it is always the right time to do the right thing. Thank you very much. >> All right thank you moving Moving on to Halifax community college representative stem your next speaker. [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Stan And Halifax Community College. >> Thank you Mr Chairman my name is Gary Grant and I come from the historic community [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] farm it's a resettlement community I'm the DL area of the 1930s and 40s. I'm here in Halifax county I am a registered and participating democrat and I peak not just for me but for many others citizens who are not able to make it here today, because of the fact that one we did not have ample notification, two how dare you endanger our lives on the The Icy roads out here and then make light of it because senator [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]have seen a number of accidents and I have seen a number of accidents on my way. If you were truly concerned about this you would have delayed this hearings until our roads have thawed, so that we would be able to have more People present to address you. You've known for more than a week that you're gonna have to do something and yet we find out on Sunday that there is a meeting here on Monday. You have produced no maps for alternatives that we would have the opportunity to see, so how do we know that you Come back with something just as crazy as what you have done already.

How can citizens make intelligent comments on something that we have not seen? How do we know that you won't produce the same kind of crazy maps again? I have been trying to figure out what rural East and North North Carolina as in common with the urban areas of Durham, other than the fact that we are majority black. And as we signed in today we were asked what was our race and I'm wondering if that will have some impact on how our comments or view that this hearing Was predominately spoken to by black people here in the first congregational district. What you are doing is not legislative leadership among other things that you have been doing for many of the years that you have been. [NOISE] I consider the Hearing as a joke, and they make no sense and that we will still be in the dark when the hearings are over. The voters here will not know anything, any more than what they have already seen, many citizens spoke against this district when it was drawn In the first place, we travelled all across the Eastern North Carolina to make comments about the fact that the district was not fair and that you were cramming black people into one spot. [BLANK_AUDIO] Elections going forth should not Go forth and you need to stop it and do what is right and I hear about all the absentee ballots, that have been sent out and have been sent in, and which means that you have the names and addresses of those who have already voted by absentee ballots, send them out to them again, they should not have to request them, just send them out to them again, and let them Vote once you have cleared out this matter. And start bringing our justice department for accepting something that they probably didn't really look at to start with, you all are the ones who sit, who drew this map and who made the first congressional district look like Actually clown shoes. You act as if their is non of us have nothing better to do today that we have to sit here and wait for the comments from people in other places and they have to sit and wait for us to make our comments when we all want to be able to just make all these comments in our certain. Districts and then be able to go home or go back to our work or whatever it is we need to get done today. And we also here in this county need to get home before the rain that is falling out their freezes on the road again. Holding hearings in this manner is ridiculous it's wrong. Redo the district lines and do the right thing. I guess that's all I had to say it's a mess you made it clean it up. Thank you. >> Thank you very much moving back to Rowley, our next speaker would be. Reverend Dr. Earl Johnson. Dr. Johnson are you here? Okay. >> That you for an opportunity this morning. Further judges have ruled two of North Carolina's 13 of congressional districts are. Racial jury [UNKNOWN]. I believe they are talking about district 1 and 12. Unlawfully packing African Americans within their boundaries and white in the surrounding areas all for political gain. This is drafted by the republican lead North Carolina general assembly in 2011. These maps aggressively segregate voters in undermine the development of multi racial coalitions. They also these maps are the most cynical. cool kind of politics. They meticulously divide the state into radial lines diving communities that have a proven record of working together towards common goals. The voting rights Act was established to protect minority voters. These maps not only undermined that intent, they effectively marginalized minority voters. When registering processes are controlled by legislators, then political concerns will play a role. This plan however is more than just and politics.

This plan segregates African-American voters rather than building African-Americans into the fabric of North Carolina When you segregate the electorate by race, you change the politics of a state for the worse. District one and District 12 had both historically elected African Americans by considerable margins there was no legal justification for increasing the African-American percentage in those districts by 50%, and it is clear that tucking black voters into these districts was the primary goal of the plan meaning that race was the most important factor in the creation. These districts move us back to a day of segregation that most of us thought we had already moved away from. In fact some claimed that we were living in a post-racial generation, it makes the net result of this redistricting plan is that it does not improve African-American elections, plus that says all because they are already winning, what it does It minimizes the influence of African-Americans in surrounding districts. The [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] in the first and twelfth congressional districts are certain of a bigger problem. And that is simply that we are aboroken redistricting process ideally districts are supposed to be a compact contagious with as few counties and precincts split as possible and keeping communities of interests Whole what plagues us is partisan gerrymandering and as a member on the board of Common Cause we push for this. Ultimately districts are drawn to the advantage of a party. Party that is in power, and all too often the impact on me as an African American is that we have districts that either allow one party to take my vote for grated or another party to write My vote off and I can tell you I would rather have a party to take my vote for granted than have one to take it off or together, and that's wrong we need districts that don't marginalize anyone's vote regardless of their race and As former supreme court justice [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] O'Connor once noted racial gerrymandering bears in uncomfortable resemblance to political apartheid and that is what we are experiencing today. Thank you on behalf of common cause and on behalf of ECJ ministries. >> Thank you very much moving on to. Piedmont Representative Brawley next speaker. >> Can you hear me speak senator? >> Yes sir. >> Okay Mr Clarence [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] is recognized for five minutes. Sir you have the floor. If yo come up between the microphones and the camera is a [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] thank you sir. >> Okay Good morning my name is Clarence [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] I'm the present president Afro American Caucus and [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] county and it's seems that most of my talking points have already been But I do want to just throughout present a few ideas first being I think we will all agree that voters should be able to choose Their elected officials but here at North Carolina it seems that the legislatures have divided because of this redistricting they've divided our state in order to choose the voters rather than it being the other way around. Like I have heard earlier they have meticulously divided our state along racial lines and it divides our communities as well and

the voter rights act was established to protect minority voters and of course as I stand here I'm sure you have no problem understanding where my focus is being African American. With redistricting process controlled by the legislature, there is obviously a tendency for political concerns to be addressed or to be observed. This plan sort of segregates the African American voters throughout the rebuilding, the African American into the fabric of the the country itself and North Carolina in particular. So when you segregate the election by race which should not be, when you change the politics of the state for the worse. These districts move us back to a day of segregation that most of us thought that we've moved away from, and we all understand that the party that's representing the majority is the one that is responsible for doing the redistricting, but someone made a comment earlier that when the Democrats Were in office and they drew the districts back in the 1991 but from that point on up to very recently we never really had a problem when especially to this magnitude cuz after the 2010 election And the 2011 redistricting there has been a grounds well of concern and while I don't attribute any kind of moral interpretation into how the legislature did redistribute, when you look at the results there's a course for concern so from an African American perspective, we use the lost because we've been packed as they say, has been packed into these districts more than into it, it doesn't allow the African American community that are in the surrounding areas to be able to represent the Thank you very much >> Thank you very much, moving on to fayetteville tech, Senator Jackson, sorry, [BLANK] Senator Jackson >> [BLANK] [BLANK_AUDIO]. My name is Harold Middleton I'm from North county, I would like to express my opinions for the support for the current redistricting of maths that was conducted in and approved in 2011, I feel tat this time that the maths were approved by the general assembly to due process and that the further approved by the department of Justice and have to take it against the fact that they did it at that time, we've gone through the 2012 and 2014 election there ha been no concern as far as voice through law suites are any attempt to check, now first time that the GOP has had an opportunity to feed districts in the state of North Carolina since the 90's and the democrats are now in attempt to do this, future in to process in an effort to sway the outcome of the elections by causing a delay into our process of having our primaries and also possibly in attempt to change the outcome of the election in favor of the democrats

democrat party, the late submission here for this lawsuit and for the being joined by the department of justice threw more chaos into the process. The state has spent a lot of money and a lot of time to get this early balloting done And now we have people that are in the military that are out of state right now serving their country. [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] not go through this process and it would possible their outcome in doubt. They will be expected or not. I think now that the district the department of justice and again to this law suit is a further indication and attempt for other democratic party to further skew the outcome of any election attempts. There's no question that North Carolina is a state that is gonna be a at the crust of the next presidential election. This is the first time in history since the end of the civil war that North Carolina has voted for republicans and has done so by the people. They've been attempts to say that we are trying to become a segregationist society which is not true. [INAUDIBLE] to allow everyone the opportunity to vote and they had to choose who they'd select and I believe now that the current redistricting is accomplished through the due process, as prescribed by law to the general assembly and further because of the voting rights act of 1965, was approved by the department of justice Any attempts now to change that will be to against the will of the people. [INAUDIBLE] And will throw everything into a chaotic situation and would be unfair and costly to the people of Carolina. Thank you for this opportunity to speak. [NOISE] >> Thank you very much. Moving on to Catifea Community College, I've got representative Davis. >> Mr Chairman, our next speaker will be Susan Bullock, who is recognized to speak for up to five minutes. Thank you Senator Rousseau, committee members, ladies and gentlemen and representatives from Coastal County. I live at 1 OAK 210 Bridge Road in Wilmington. I am in the Jones District Congressionally I've had the opportunity to be in both Rouzer's district and in Jones' district. >> [COUGH] >> I've moved my residence one place or the other, and that is a symptom of the problem. I act as a campaign consultants and have worked in probably 55 to 60 of our counties. I work out of this state most of the time because I don't wish to follow my nest because every election has at least half of the folks in opposition if you are a winner that's wonderful, if you're not then you live with your neighbors who may have [UNKNOWN]. I'm here to tell you that I have been in those rooms smoked filled in the past maybe vapor filled now. >> [LAUGH] >> Where the decision Are made about which block goes in which district the fact is that that occurred yes, late in the 80s and both parties are equally guilty of the matching of voters to particular district. The fact is that it changed dramatically with the input and the technology changes of the 80s and 90s. I own programs that were designed and rooted in, programs that came out of [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] waters original Organization that actually uses the census data to register each of your addresses, you're voting registration, your ethnicity, and a whole lot of other data now as metadata. I can use that program along with either republican or democratic committee

For redistricting to design any district I want obviously the snaky district that I live in was designed for a purpose that was beyond asking for a compact district of white issues. The court is going to decide this election. The court will beyond our hearing of saying to the Supreme Court give us a say or not. They're already making their decision. What I'm asking all of you to do, in my legislature, yes my accent is clearly Mid-Western Northern but I've been here since 75, you're in my legislature and I want you to take the issue up, in the next session to design and go with the 22 other states states who are already passed legislation to make districting a commission of non partisan nature, based on the expertise, based on the capabilities, that our new technology now has, the problem we have has been exacerbated since 1980s I don't wanna go back and sit in those rooms, where we decide individual district by who lives in that block, thank you. >> Thank you very much, moving on to UNC Asheville representative McGredy, next speaker? Our next speaker is Tom Byers. >> Thank you, I am Tom Byers a resident of Asheville. We North Carolinians are finding ourselves in a tight spot at the moment with the federal court having told us that two of our congressional districts do not pass There's a natural uncertainty about whether, when and how our primary elections can go forward but finding ourselves in this tight spot might also give us an opportunity. A chance to step back and take a big picture look at an issue that very much deserves a big picture look. The redistricting process itself it deserves a big picture look because redistricting is very basic to the sound functioning democracy. I want to urge the general assembly to make our redistricting process better by making as nonpartisan as we can reasonably can. To do that we need to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission along the lines of ones that are already functioning successfully in some of our sister states. In order to assure that the process is ultimately accountable to the people through our elected representatives. The general assembly could retain a Veto power over the commissions work. Here are a few reasons why we should change the way we've been doing redistricting in North Carolina. A partisan process where whichever party happens to be in control after the decennial sentence uses its leverage to draw lines To its advantage undermines the democratic process. When the party in power manipulates boundaries to give itself an edge, the end result is elected officials who don't necessarily represent the true preference of the majority. That is not good. Second, districts drawn to assure that one party has the advantage contribute to governmental gridlock. The essence of law making is compromised. No two of us citizens have the same opinion on every issue, so it's always necessary for there Give and take when it comes to legislating. But when too many office holders represent districts drawn to be safe, the incentive for compromise is greatly reduced. And nowadays the said district effect is compounded by an incumbent's reasonable concern that he or she may face a primary challenger. It seems fair to assume that we can all agree that at present, gridlock at the congressional level is a serious problem. It's not an easy problem to resolve but reducing numbers of state districts will surely have some favorable impact by increasing the incentive to compromise. Third, when district lines are not drawn according to any sort of geographic logic whatsoever, citizens naturally have a hard time keeping track of what district they're in and who represents them. Does anyone think that's a good thing,

a quick personal example of just how bad things are. A year or so ago I was attempting to communicate with my congressmen via a website. I pretty very certain I knew who my congressman was following our latest redistricting, but when I logged on through the website, the official US capital website to which I was linked, only I was in someone else's district. Long story short, after thorough research, which I had to initiate, it was firmly established that the US capital's website was wrong. If they can't even keep it straight with all their hardware and software, what chance do the average person have? Fourth and finally the spectacle of partisan gerrymandering brings cynicism in citizens. When people see their legislators treating governing as a sort of game for every ten years the winners rig the rules so have a better chance of being winners the next time around. This does not build confidence or trust in the whole business. In contrast if a new, non-partisan redistricting process were put into place for North Carolina, that step it's signal to all citizens that we care about fairness fairness that we chair to make democracy function as democracy. I respectfully urge you legislatures to consider what a significant contribution will be made to government of, by and for the people of North Carolina if you will take a step in the direction of redistricting reform, thank you. >> Thank you very much, moving on to Halifax Community College, Representative Stam. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Our next speaker is Reverend C.E. McCollum, Reverend McCollum [BLANK_AUDIO]. I wanna say good morning to all who have assembled in this hearing, I'm reverend McCollum president of [INAUDIBLE] Christian leadership conference, when I look at racial gerrymandering I will never have thought that in the 21st century we'll be facing some 20th century issues. I thought that we can get beyond racism and the design of how we stay intact our racial groupings through the advantage of others. It is often a guiding hand of the federal court to rule on the person of constitutionality of the different states. Federal judge have no [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] in this fight, they are appointed for life and they are not supposed to be affected by To leave oppression, to rule one over another. The oath of our constitution gave them this appointment for life. The Voting Right Act was established to protect minority voter. These maps not undermine the [UNKNOWN] They effectively marginalize minority voters. This act from the Republicans stem from the Supreme Court ruling, in the five to four vote that/g found key sections of section four and five of the voting rights act was unconstitutional. Two hours after the ruling of the court the attorney general of the state of Texas authorized the voters add law that the justice department has [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] as a civil rights violation. According to the billing senator justice of New York University School of Law, 22 states passed new voting restrictions in time for the 2014 new term election and here we are in 2016 facing the same problem. States [UNKNOWN] majority in the state house, up close and folding location, chipping away at early voting, rejoin district lands and dilute the voting power in the communities of color. They took the case of Alabama to destroy those four and five sections of the vote along to saying that cities, counties and states with a documented history of discrimination had to preclude any changes in their voting law either by the United State department of Justice or the Federal Judge in Washington DC. The goal was to prevent these from discriminating again, what the supreme court did not emphasize

was that any of this jurisdictions be exempted from the requirement of unproven they no longer practice racial discrimination and for us this is nothing new.The people who are trying to hijack our democracy of the same descendants of those who tried to exercise our right to vote by any means necessary thank you. >> Thank you very much. Returning to Browly. We have JC Wright. [BLANK_AUDIO] Please identify yourself as you begin your presentation. >> Hallo my name is Jaysy/g Wright, first of all I would like to say thank you very much to Senator Rucho Representative Louis and distinguished members of the North Carolina legislature. Thank you for allowing us to comment on such an important part of our democratic process. A little bit about myself I'm a lifelong North Carolina resident, born and raised in Asheville attended UNC Asheville see that they are participating in this process as well. Literally about three years ago I have always been very interested in politics and I will say that I was a little disappointed when I did my research and found out that North Carolina ties with Maryland as the most gerrymandered state in the United States of America. Looking at a report that was done by the Washington post dated March 15th 2014, you can see that three of the North Carolina districts were highlighted there including the two in question and 12th of North Carolina. Jerry Mandarin Obviously is one of the things that comes along with winning elections. As William L. Macy once said, to the victor belongs the spoils. And the problem with that is that we are a country of the people, by the people, for the people and When you get so involved in playing the political game, the Republican vs. Democrat, the only people that lose are your voters and your citizens. And then we're not happy and you guys keep bickering about who's gonna get this block and that block. I look around and I Se a fair amount of people. But I see a lot of people that are not being represented fairly and I think that there is a movement in this country to start recognizing equality and to start making sure that everybody that is entitled to have a voice has a voice and not a deluded voice Not one that is taken away from them. There's a lot of different alternatives to how redistricting can be done and in this day and age with the advent of technology and computers it has become far too easy to disenfranchise particular blocs of voters. Taking away The political aspect of it cuz I'm sorry it's a little like the fox guarding the hen house. Having non partisan redistricting, would benefit the citizens in my opinion. Their is lot of different methods that can be done, short to split line method. [UNKNOWN] optimization methods that can be done, I understand that the Republicans in the room, you guys didn't have full control of North Carolina for over 100 years, and I know it would be hard to give that up. But I I really hope that you will do what is right for the citizens of these state and will consider especially considering that our unaffiliated block which is third right now and it's growing very rapidly and is going to put the Republicans into third place soon. That you will do something that would benefit us going Into the next century by making it non partisan making it where we don't have to have the same fight where federal courts are not having us look foolish in front of the rest of the country because we are being racist. Shame on us. Thank you very much for your time. >> Thank you. Moving, just To reminding everybody that we did that due to the fact that Guilford Tech was closed today that meeting there was cancelled. Moving on, Central Piedmont representative Brawley is the next speaker. >> Thank you senator Harry Taylor [NOISE] [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] Right about there,

with two microphones on either sides and the camera is back there. >> Okay. My first comment before I start is by looking at the videos it appears most of the rooms at this hearing around the state are packed as this one is Which would indicate that probably 6 to 700 people who attended and hope to speak today and if this hearing goes on until midnight they probably all won't get a chance to speak which means that [INAUDIBLE] people aren't gonna get the chance to talk to this hearing before the General Assembly. This hearing is about The focus on remapping that came up last week. I'm gonna talk about [INAUDIBLE] which has already been discussed and [UNKNOWN] is a process of systems and tools that affect now for 204 years, started 1812, In 1812, [INAUDIBLE] And here 24 years later it's still with us, it's unethical, it's immoral, it's dishonest and it's entirely illegal, but it is immoral and unethical and dishonest and it robs people their rights to participate in full of our democracy The promise of democracy is that every single one of us should every single day have a chance to participate in the future of our country. And by rigging votes which is what [UNKNOWN] does, by rigging votes it's taking out the opportunity to wait from the vast parts of the population of this country. This said is not enough you the General Assembly pass the most restrictive voting rights act in the state with the help of the American legislative [UNKNOWN] Council with the help of the [INAUDIBLE]is to take over the entire country, the entire The entire United States right now you're being very successful doing that. Now if I look at legislators in this room everybody has pen on their lapel maybe two pens. One with the American flag, one with the North Carolina flag or a seal of it painted North Carolina. I presume that you wear those to present your patriotism. What is patriotic about rigging elections so that you can hold power? What is it about that? What does that say about your patriotism. That the only way you think that you can run a state that you can Lead the state, is by cheating people and as their right to vote[BLANK_AUDIO] Your all is become part of the [INAUDIBLE] forever. It's a honorable thing to do and this city in North Carolina is to create an independent System, whether it is by legislation or by constitutional amendment. We need to have that and we're gonna get that one way or another and I urge you the legislator to pass that to start talking about it again and my knowledge, my initial knowledge was if that's the bill towards that end, came off I think in the 2007, 2008, 2009 general assembly when Tom [INAUDIBLE] afterwards said after the Republicans switched over the general assembly [INAUDIBLE] Did he put it back to on the agenda to be heard in 2011-2012 sessions and so we asked him why he said it was good for legislation then, it's good legislation now and I think was passed in the house send over to the Senate and the Senate [INAUDIBLE] act. That's gotta stop you wanna be called honorable? You wanna walk around with North Carolina flags and American flags in your [INAUDIBLE] and call yourself patriots? then give everybody a chance regardless of the [INAUDIBLE] what you do with your level of education is give them the opportunity to participate in [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] that's what democracy is. >> Thank you. >> Thank you Mr Toimer/g. >> Moving on to [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] tech Senator Jackson next speaker. [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Jackson. [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Jackson. >> [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Rucho. >> Yes Yes sir next speaker please. >> Okay were good to go with Mr [UNKNOWN]. >> Okay thank you.

>> I'm [UNKNOWN] President of [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] I came here to speak and read a letter that was written by [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] North Carolina however[COUGH]that letter has already been read and I concur whatever [COUGH]was said in that letter.I would also like to concur on what the gentleman from Halifax who live in the district affected by this This redistricting everything he said I believe in. I don't want to take up much time because the fact I know there are others. One thing that has been said that really [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. North Carolina has one of the most restrictive voting rights. Las in this nation and that means the end the three judges who came out and said this that the redistricting [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] has made it clear that you must redraw those districts lines. There is no ifs abut it. Now to One thing about the military that's oversea. [INAUDIBLE] The Germans already stated it's very easy for every one of those ballots/g that have been sent in to be mailed back to them once the district lines have been drawn and the. Right come out and everybody know that before those ballots can be mailed right back to the military, there are easy but not a big issue. Allow me to comment, as I said before I just want to Things have been said so awful/g that it's against this [INAUDIBLE] >> Thank you very much. Moving to Cape Fear Community college representative Davis. Next speaker please. >> Mr. Chairman our next speaker will be Ruth Howard Chambers who's recognized to speak up to five minutes. [BLANK_AUDIO] Good morning? I want to concur with much of what has been said, in particular the brother to [UNKNOWN] Town, where my ancestors are from Warren County and uphill Middleton. I'd love to add the map and I read in the newspaper about this redistricting and that's when I began to pay attention to it. NSC said it looks like a crown shoe. It makes [INAUDIBLE], it raised questions in my mind. had I also went online and looked at some [INAUDIBLE] as the person he has showed you in his notebook of old districts and new districts and I could see just by my eye something has occurred. I also want to identify with the man who spoke from Ashfield and the lady who has left who came from the Midwest and spoke about how voting is organised and who you are and what you are is available to the democrats and to the republicans. I also want to say that when I went online to sign in, it said, organisation and I put citizen, but I also put the said community that I belong to and I also put the political organisation that I work with. But the most important The most important thing is that, I am a citizen, as you are. And I noticed here while I signed in behind the person who I came here with, who will also speak, that race was on this form and just as he had drawn a line I drew a line that race is not an issue in this. I am a citizen. And I hold here right now the tombstone, a picture of my great grandfather who lies in the cemetery up in Warren County and he was born in 1843 before slavery was ended and I grew up in Washington DC but my father went there to get a better job and that is where I went to school during segregation and had a good school but they sent us home to North Carolina every summer to be with our grandparents. So we worked in tobacco and I always wanted to live here.

This was a place I always wanted to be when it was time to go home at labor day I'm gonna use my whole five minutes it looks like it. [LAUGH] >> When it was time to go I didn't want to go home I wanted to stay here. I never came to live here until eight years ago after living New York for 40 years. And I toured in the public schools in New York city and the kids laughed at me and said I had a southern accent because I held on to wherever piece I could but when I got to here my next door neighbor who is my good friend now I depend on them, but I knew when I went in his house, his politics because I saw a picture of him with the first [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] who was president. But it didn't matter and it doesn't matter he called me a Yankee and I'm not a Yankee and I think we need to stop with it. We need to stop with the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] and we need to stop with the partisan politics Democrats and Republicans. This I live in Wellington and Wellington is a small county and it was divided by this redistricting lines. We need to stop and my time is up - >> One minute. >> And I want to say I felt ashamed of North Carolina when that man got on and started before [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] the body was [INAUDIBLE] talking politics and attaching this to the passing of this man, and did not even allow time for the family to mourn. It's a shame. Some of this stuff in North Carolina makes me say, I am here but I am not going nowhere. >> [LAUGH] >> But it's home. >> Thank you very much,, moving on to Nashville representative McGredy/g next speaker. >> We've been joined by representative Brian Turner, from this area and our next speaker is Annie Baxtner/g. >> My name is Annie Baxtner, I'm a proud citizen of western North Carolina, I'm also the political action chair of the Ashville bunkum and AACP. We need fair elections, we need fair districts.Members of the political action committee are calling on you to follow the order and redraw the unconstitutional cynical partisan maps fairly and immediately. >> Thank you alright moving to Halifax Community College representatives Sam your next speaker and thank you go ahead. >> Yes our next speaker is Clinton Williams is our last speaker and while he is coming up I like to thank the President and staff Dr. Herman Griffin of Halifax Community College one of the great community colleges for their corporation in putting this together. [BLANK_AUDIO] Good morning, first of all I want to, my name is Clinton Williams and I am on the North ending County Board of Education. I reside in Garysburg, North Carolina. First of all I want to thank you all for the tough job that you do and moving forward I would remind you that heavy is the head that wears the crown. I'm wondering if there are experts out there that have the capacity to maximize research protocols that will provide the data that legislators to appropriately withdraw the district line that might allow for the tedious task to be completed by the February 19th deadline. [INAUDIBLE] rights and access to that which is constitutional has no time boundaries attached to it. the problem with regards to the creation of districts in the first place hinges on a historical and overt compounding of activity that will sure deny citizens access to equal and fair representation. Furthermore it impedes freedom to participate Participate equally in a democratic process. Voting is a constitutional right that if it does not it should provide opportunity for each individual voter to have a causal effect, impact, on issues that affect them throughout [INAUDIBLE] to the election of government which best support and represent their interests, and to listen to some of the comments

that have been made this morning I'm bothered by the kind of thinking that one would use to support an idea that suggests because we are all [INAUDIBLE] on a bad road to destruction that we should stay on course, to take a [INAUDIBLE] when we know better [BLANK_AUDIO] It falls into consideration as unethical and ethnic. I have A thought that if we were on an airplane and the plane I already taking off in this college realized that there was only enough [INAUDIBLE] for all reasons to possibly slightly possibly ensure a successful flight should the pilot continue that pilot turn around and make sure that that the plane probably serviced so that the safety of the passengers would be the top priority. [BLANK_AUDIO] This issue of redistricting currently pockets African Americans and creates racial despair. Since they are recognized by justice to the point that they moratorium has been placed on this iii approaching election [BLANK_AUDIO] So that it is taken seriously something being done about this. This neatly bore down to ethics and asks questions about lawmaker's enthusiasm with regards to human rights and assuring [INAUDIBLE] to all members of our society regardless of color or political orientation. Blacks and people of color represents a group of individuals that have historically not been given fair Opportunity and access of the same type [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] That someone mentioned the emulsification proclamation this morning. And if you go back to 1863 through 1865 it should be incumbent upon all legislatures to acknowledge that while much of this may not have to do with racism and socialism [BLANK_AUDIO] it does have to do with fairness, the right time to do the right thing is always right and quite frankly it is negligence that some of our But our law makers think that it is okay to move forward in this situation that cause individual of constitutional rights in that interest of time. Thank you for your time this morning and listening to me and I would say that the law makers take time and look at this issue and do what is right for All people, thank you.>> Thank you very much. Moving back to Raleigh. I have Steve Raul. Is Mr. Raul here? Okay. I have Dallas Woodhouse. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you Representative Rachel and thank you committee, I am Dallas Woodhouse from North Carolina, and I am executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party and today we'll state out the position of our party. Number one I wanna say that we continue to believe these districts were drawn fair and legal, in accordance with with both the existing state and federal statutes, as well as the state and federal constitution, but of course the courts have not made this easier since you originally drawn this lines. They have changed the rules and the precedents, not daring the game but after it's been completed and the score has been submitted. That has made the task of this committee and the future redistricting efforts extremely difficult until we return to the days of bright line rules, especially with aspects of the Voting Rights Act, this is going to continue to be a difficult process at all. I'm not one likely to quote Bill Clinton, but in this case I will say that I do feel your pain on the committee but again we believe that these districts are fair and legal but this committee has to prepare for the possibility of new districts being drawn. Here's our position on what we we believe should be taken into consideration, in the drawing of new districts. Partisan considerations, partisan considerations are the precedents

of multiple court findings, they have been in place for many many years across every state and In courts hold that partisan are voting behavior can be taken into account. We believe that a 103 map at least a possibility of one is the appropriate outcome after Republican won elections and continued to do so. I realize that doesn't make everybody happy but this process will not make everybody happy. Should we continue to draw the districts we think that we should loom to try to keep precincts and counties whole the largest degree possible. And especially in out rural counties of course have declining influence across the state it is extremely important to try to keep those Rural and small counties completely whole the Graham county the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] we shouldn't be dividing them up. And finally let this spance/g of this issue of the appropriate amount of racial consideration. Let us draw districts without any Consideration of race whatsoever. Lets make completely colorblind district drawing that is the position of the Republican party. I would love to know the position of democratic party are they for drawing completely colorblind districts that take no racial Considerations into account whatsoever that is our position as justice Robert said in a famous education hearing court decision. The way to start judging people on race is to start judging people on race and we are for that 100% 100% I thank you for your time and your effort on what has been made a very, very difficult process and on behalf of the North Carolina Republican party we wish you the best of luck thank you. >> Senator Piedmont community College Representative Browley. >> Thank you senator Mr Scott Thank you. >> Thanks everyone fir showing up today. I served in US navy for eight years. after my service I returned home to the great state of North Carolina. North Carolina is my home. I live in Charlotte I have a successful 20 year [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] I have a family I have three children and I'm the geek who you call when you can't figure out what's going on with your computer. >> [LAUGH] >> I'm very concerned as a former navy veteran that my service was in vein because my vote is not fairly represented as well as 34000 African Americans who were moved Out of District 8 into District 12. District 8 in my opinion was fairly represented, it was fairly moderate. Congressman representative Hayes is currently the chair of that district, and was formerly chaired by Larry Kissel, and who was formerly chaired by [INAUDIBLE] I've even voted for you to Representative Hayes. As a former veteran, I'm concerned that 34,000 African-Americans, as well as myself, are not being represented. They were forced out of District 8 into District 12 for the wrong reasons. It is your duty as our elected officials to represent the people. The courts have found the current districts unconstitutional, you must fix this. In my opinion as a former veteran the districts should be re-drawn to fairly represent the people of North Carolina. No excuses No delay. The people deserve it, fair electoral process. Your votes matter, every votes matter. Again, as a former veteran, I took the oath to protect this great nation, to serve. I urge you who are serving now in [UNKNOWN] to fix this. It is your constitutional duty to All North Carolina's map. All North Carolina's voters' mapping. All elections should be fair. Going forward, we can fix this, we have the time to fix this. As a former veteran, I hope and expect you to form an independent commission That way we can establish fair district, that way everybody's vote counts. Right now without further delay the district should be redrawn, the people deserve a fair electoral process. The current upcoming primaries should be delayed but we are trying to fix this Raleigh that's why we voted for you that's why you are there. Earlier they said that we should have the colorblind districts, we hear the good representation of what the colorblind districts

will look like. This shows an independently drawn district in North Carolina and people deserve You have a right to vote. They deserve fair elections they want money out of politics, they want a representative to represent the people and not somebody who is gonna cover their campaign finances to get them elected. Thank you very much everybody. >> Mr. [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] Thank you for your service. Representative Browley would you ask the gentleman to be sure to give that map to the one of the staff people so that it can be included as part of the record. Okay. Okay moving on to Fairviel/g. Senator Brintex. >> Senator iii we have Ms queen [INAUDIBLE] >> I think much of what I was going to say. Has already been said but what i do want to say is that two years ago I celebrated 50 years in the civil rights and voter rights movement And I'm just a pause and astound that in 2016 I am still addressing the same issues that I fought. for, and went to jail for over 50 years ago, and that we can do better, this is a several peep at pointing out is a clear case of what is historically being called Jerry and Mandy, clearly with drawn lines to put a certain group into a disadvantaged voting pattern, and we need to do better and we seek to make here the people we elect to office, but we is just unfair for all citizens, thank you. >> Thank you very much, moving to Cape Verde community college Representative Davis. >> The Jim Kisner who is recognized to speak for up to five minutes. >> Good morning everybody my name is Jim Chrisner I'm a US but you don't need to thank me for my service, I did it willingly, I'm a resident of Wilmington in North Carolina registered voter here, so considering the evidence presented in the recent congressional redistrict in law suite, judge Roger Gregory quote the strong evidence that race was the only non renegotiable criteria in withdrawing the most values, what I'm just saying and concludes, traditional redistrict and principles were subordinated to race, in other words race plays a major role in how these lines were drawn, from my perspective, and I think from the perspective of anyone that loves this democracy is absolutely unacceptable, free and fair elections are the bed rock of American democracy, cynical efforts to undermine the voting process can manipulate voting outcome, and should be seen for what they are, violations of the fundamental principles of our nation and our state. Instead of feeling shame and apologizing for their action, senator Bob Rucho and representative Dave Louis two Republican politicians who lived their streaking effort responded by saying we are surprised and disappointed by the triumph 11th hour decision that rose an election already underway into turmoil. Surprised and disappointed Turmoil, let's be clear, if turmoil results from this effort, it is a result of actions their actions. [BLANK_AUDIO] It was their manipulation of the conventional boundaries that brought this issue Issue the federal court. So what's to be done now. Even without being forced by the court, the morally right thing to do would be to leave races and cynical political manipulation

outside the door and redraw congressional boundaries for the unfair and equitable to all All individuals and groups in the state. That should happen immediately, one person one vote it's that simple [SOUND] as one of the earlier speakers said it's a map, you made it, clean it up. Beyond that I fully endorse the proposal and the proposal that's been mentioned by a number of speakers this morning that North Carolina adapt an independent non partisan redistricting process one that gives every voter and all groups an equal voice in the state in national elections. To protect our democracy and prevent Future turmoil, let's adapt an independent non-partisan redistricting process. let's do that sooner rather than later. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to speak. Thank you very much. >> Thank you, moving on to UNC Asheville representative McGrady. Our next speaker is Jim McGlynn. >> Thank you. [COUGH] The voting district lines in North Carolina give an unfair advantage to republican candidates in In state elections [COUGH] In 2011 the voting districts were revised to pack democratic voters and African American voters into 3 of the state's 13 congressional districts [COUGH] and then the other 10 districts We are drawn in such a way that they were Republican dominated. [COUGH] Excuse me one example of how they were able to offset democrat votes is in the 11th district which I vote. It has been represented by Republican Patrick Mark Henry since 2005 so it has been a pretty solid republican stronghold that stretches all the way from Henderson Bill to Bethany city near Sherlett. In 2011 this district was re-drawn to take the more liberal voters in Asheville, out of the 10 districts and put them in this heavily republican 11th district. This ensured that both the 10th and the 11th district were predominantly republican. My 11th district that they designed and has the shape of a big tennis shoe. And it has a mushroom growing out of the toe of that tennis shoe and this mushroom encompasses Asheville. Any democrat that runs against the republican candidates in these districts as an artificially designed republican party majority to overcome. This is a problem, this type of gerrymandering is a direct attack on democracy which depends on fair elections. It violates the voting rights act of 1965 that makes it illegal to weaken the voting power of racial or ethnic groups. It discourages candidates in the minority party from running. It discourages voters from voting because they don't think their vote will make any difference The obvious solution to this problem is to take the job of this voting districts away from partisan legislators and have them drawn by an independent agent on the basis of population density and natural population In groups with no weights given to political party affiliations. If this were to happen they would restore or face entire elections which is so important in a democracy. >> Thank you, moving on to Representative Stan [BLANK >> We have another additional speaker at Hollapark but we are watching the proceedings with great interest. >> If you find that you have a speaker Then just let me know and we'll fit you back in to the rotation, thank you. All right moving on Fatu wally and next person on the list, I believe

it's Hellen Tenney, T-E-N-N-E-Y is Hellen Tenney here? Well, okay next person is Terry Smith, no Terry Schmidt then we have Joyce Cotton Joyce Cotton. P. J Jentry, P.J Jentry, James Womak, Mr. Womak come forward and identify yourself please [BLANK] Senator Rucho, represented Louis members of the legislature thank you so much for letting me speak today my name is James Walmark I'm from Lead County, I am politically active in state local politics. I believe the congressional districts are drawn representing a fair and legal representation And apportionment of the voters in North Carolina, and I believe that they are absolutely consistent with the voting rights of 1965 and all the subsequent amendments and changes up to 2006. I do not believe these districts should be re-drawn simply Because of a law or federal court ruling that believes that two of the districts are racially gerrymandering instead I'm hopeful that the US supreme court will weigh in except this case and evaluate the districts in a prompt fashion and that they will validate the districts as fulfilling the spirit and the intend of the VRA Yet for whatever reason these districts must be re-drawn then I recommend several important safe guards and principles be applied. Number 1, I say keep the counties, especially the smaller counties whole as much as possible, in all cases keep the precincts as whole as the smallest non divisible political boundary. To the extend possible, this is number two, to the extend possible please keep the counties aligned with their current congressional districts, in other words do not completely re-draw all congressional districts in the state forgetting the previous alignments, these relationships have been developing for decades, and particularly the representatives who are there now, should not be forced to have to go back and restrategize how they go about campaigning in those districts. If possible completely remove the race demographic in the spreadsheets and databases Is being used to initially redraw these districts. [BLANK_AUDIO] When the lines have been redrawn then simply apply the race demographic to test for race and the degree of racial distribution. Even the 1st and the 12th districts, even if or unsure the 1st and 12th districts are racially unpacked and even if democratic affiliations stays the same or goes up. Again I think the 1st and the 12th were the focus of the problem and if you unpack them to some degree for race that doesn't mean that the demographic for a party would necessarily change. I think that just simply takes race out of equation and then redo it based on party you'll all end up with similar results, and I think that would meet the constitutional test. I would also suggest that you take this opportunity for two other things since we may be forced to go back and revisit the districts. Include the affiliated political party in all data sets And make sure to optimize all districts to sustain, at least an R plus 6 voting pattern, or better, in at least 10 of the 13 districts. Again, maintain an R plus 6 or better, right now I think it's an R plus 11 or better, but at least if you're forced to unpack them and you don't have any other choice, at least maintain an R plus 6 so that you're not penalized politically for the racial impacting that it's done. And if possible use this opportunity to completely redraw the 4th district as well and make it a democrat stronghold, something less than a D plus 3 so it can be a competitive race. Right now it's an uncompetitive race and it's not even a target For the voting rights act is the consequence of redrawing those boundaries for other purposes so again make the 4th district something that is less than a D plus 3 right now I think it's a D plus 20 or there abouts. Finally let's use this opportunity to start the conversation about bailing out the voting rights act. Altogether I strongly believe we should stop using race for any political purpose. Thank you, the VRA required we use race as a demographic to test the amount of racial delusion in the drawing of boundaries. Thus race was used initially by Democrats to gerrymander the 1st

and the 12 districts which always looked strange. The way they are today I think it's high time we bail on the VRA. It seems we meet the legal obligation so the legal requirements to bail out. Thank you very much for my time. >> Thank you moving on to Central Piedmont Representative Brawley next speaker. >> Thank you senator Brian Casher. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you for the opportunity as a voter and tax paying citizen of North Carolina to provide interesting correcting the unconstitutional the North Carolina approach to defining voting districts the very root of our democratic republic. There are valuable solutions available that can result in fair unbiased Election district that generally serves to keeping natural communities together however those of you in power must decide to adopt a system and not succumb to the temptation of using your sworn oath to defend our constitution. Adopting another system that inherently Those on city power would be an open act of defiance against the federal court our constitution and act against democracy witnessed by the world. The 1st and 12th district of North Carolina are among the top most gerrymandering district in the United States while North Carolina itself is one of the most gerrymandered State. I used to tell gerrymandering to represent the active politicians intentionally in the most leading voting districts that's worth viable challenges. The act of act of gerrymandering, is done for example by splitting communities having partisan and by politicians sticking to their voters well being. Intentionally diluting the vote of potential opponents. This is not democracy in action this is democracy being stolen. The United States voters have the right to democratically elect their representative however North Carolina voters did not need to travel to Russia, China, North Korea or Iran to find the full blown Attack on the American way of constitutional government. The North Carolina, the people they've been systematically denied the true power of democratic vote on their own general assembly gerrymandering and I'm not gonna point a finger to either party, I love you all I really do. As a citizen of North Carolina I can testify with no uncertainty that the General assembly provided lots of information whatsoever to comment on and experience. All I can testify is that the general assembly functions that invested in North Carolina become a spectacle of anti-democratic practices to the world and after spending countless dollars, tax dollars to defend the general assembly Unconstitutional desires and practices. The general assembly had a week to share the redrawn voting map developed by [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] behind closed doors and without public input but instead it moved forward with no transparency or disclosure to the public. In the absence of data, mapping or direction from the general assembly to comment on I offer the following solutions to the current unconstitutional gerrymandered approach to congregational districting. Ultimately, optimally compact equal population congregational senate and health district have been generated by unbiased algorithm based on census plot the smallest geographic unit of the census bureau. The existing map Below, and the data they were deriving from, [INAUDIBLE] maps and the written version, are available at bdistricting.com/2010/NC. That's B-D-I-S-T-R-I-C-T-I-N-G.com/2010/NC You can see both the gerrymandered districts and the homogeneous districts. It is your duty as public servants, sworn under oath to the people of North Carolina, to resolve this matter consistent with the constitution and the authorities thereof, which do by the way include the courts. The problem of the mapping to result of the General Assembly's own gerrymandering ways. When a citizen is found to have stolen a loaf of bread, the remedy for this is not at the convenience of the perpetrator. We all create this congressional, constitutional mess and we should stop trying to patch the bucket at the expense of the voters. In conclusion, for those who are Believers, Paul tells us in 13:1, let everyone be subject to the governing authorities for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. It's not limited to just the General Assembly. Other than simple, biblical doctrine you are compelled To comply with the Federal Court and remedy the unconstitutional voting district the general assembly in itself has created. You've been caught with a hot potato, you might not have started this but you've got the hot potato. Please stop blaming and passing the buck, you've been caught.

Thank you all very much for what you do. Love you all and I hope we come through this as a stronger state. God bless America. >> Mr Casher, would you like to submit that for the record - >> Thank you. Members of the committee and the satellite sites, Representative Louis is the chairman of the house and he will take over At the podium for the time being, thank you. [SOUND] >> We return to Rawley the next speaker that Richard, the chair apologises will go to Federal Technical Community College. Chair recognizes Senator Brent Jackson To introduce the next presenter. >> Thank you Mr Chairman Luis. We have a Mr Richard Betton. >> I've to pass. >> He has passed sir. If it pleases the Chairman, I'd like to move on to the next person. >> Please do. >> We have Ms Gloria I can't pronounce the last name but Ms iii and I apologize. iii Please go and inspect her name again please for the record. >> My name is iii and I am a voting resident of Cumberland County and this morning I sit and I've listened to voters express concern about the court's decision of the 1st and 12th district and how they have and will continue to disenfranchise the voters if they [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] One of the three federal judges who issued the ruling, US district judge Matt Osborn wrote, elections should be decided through a contest of issues not skillful mapping. Voters to choose officials instead here in North Carolina instead republican legislatures are dividing our state in order to choose there voters.[UKNOWN]this maps are the most cynical kind of politics it [INAUDIBLE]divide Divide the state along racial lines, dividing communities that have a proven record working together towards common goals. [BLANK_AUDIO] The voting Rights Act was established to protect minority voters. [INAUDIBLE] not only undermine the intent, they effectively Marginalized minority voters.When redistricting process are controlled by legislators, then political concerns will play a role and these plans however the plan however is more than just partisan politics the plan segregate African Americans Rather than building African Americans into the fabric of North Carolina, for you segregate the electric by race and change that when you segregate the electric by race should change, the politics of the state for the worse, this one at district 12 has both Historically elected African-Americans by a comfortable margin. There was a legal justification for increasing the African-American percentage, [INAUDIBLE] of 50%. And it is still that packing Black voters into these districts was a Primary goal of the plans meaning that race was the most important factor in this creation. These districts move us back to a day of segregation that we had moved away from and As one of the other ladies pointed out earlier, we're right back fighting for our rights to vote, were fought many years ago that blood was shed. And I'm a young voter, I don't remember any time of slavery But I remember segregation, I grew up in segregation so having said that the district now we find ourselves moving back to the [INAUDIBLE] segregation, that every [INAUDIBLE] of this redistricting plan is that it doesn't improve African American elections [INAUDIBLE] because they were always winning, what it does it minimizes the influence of African Americans in surrounding districts and the supreme court ruling regarding re-districting in Alabama the court found Alabama plans were illegal because the [INAUDIBLE] And you've raised as a primary consideration rather than looking

at the percentage of [INAUDIBLE] to elect the minority candidate or [INAUDIBLE] North Carolina plans have got exact same flow of thinking and in fact that some absentees that had been requested and submitted not overweighted that the [INAUDIBLE] is done by holding a third election on an unconstitutional map ensuring our elections are constitutional should be our primary goal, certainly it is [INAUDIBLE] And as I'm closing I'd like to say that That the rule in the districts will be redrawn immediately. That's why we're calling on our law makers to stop making excuses, follow the order and redraw the map. I do urge the city to draw the map. Thank you for allowing me to speak. >> Thank you A move to Cape Fear Community College and representative Cate Davis represent your next speaker. >>Mr.chairman our next speaker will be Eric Egerton. >>. Partners and representatives thank you for the opportunity to speak. I'm Eric Egerton, I'm a resident Of [UKNOWN]County and I'm in the seventh congressional district. This three judge federal court has ruled that redistricting done a few years ago is unconstitutional for two districts and has ordered those two districts one and 12 to be re-drawn. The court boundaries are fair in accordance with the law law, case law approved by the North Carolina supreme court and yes to 500 chapters. Request for redraw within two weeks is unrealistic as the primary election is travelling underway and thousands have already existed requesting to action sit ballots, now this redistricting will affect more districts and every primary will be required and that is gonna cost the state an additional eight to ten million dollars. For us it's gonna cost more for each county to mobilize where election boards, this is gonna be very, very expensive but there more to it than just the maps. When you look back at 1998 in primary election we found almost 500,000 ballots You may have second primary on September 15th and 161,000 people showed up. That's 80% reduction and what happens is people are waiting for an election all of a sudden they have to go back and do it again and that's really a disenfranchising, I think redistricting is required the presicts in small counties should be get whole as breaking this things up have detrimental effects in those counties. Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak Thank you, this time we move to UNC Nashville and representative Charles Mcgrady. represent your next group. >> Mr. Charles Edwards Then I move on to Janet Boho Jones. [INAUDIBLE] >> Mr. Edwards go right ahead >> Okay thank you. Thank you for the opportunity, I'm Charles Edwards [INAUDIBLE] county. I want start and just offer today a little story. I ferry voters from Last general election just shut in to have difficulty going to the polls otherwise. One of the people that I picked up was an 82 year old African-American lady . Before we took off for the polls, I had an opportunity to chat with her a bit. Something that came up during our discussion was her brother's service in World War II. And she showed me the pictures of these two brothers. And of course being in the army in World War II, they served in segregated units. They and this lady endured decades of segregation after World War II. But she was determined to go and vote. Her legs were bandaged and she had trouble walking. But as I say, she insisted on going. She could have floated at the curb when we arrived we puled up and

I told her that there are provisions that she could vote at the curb and not injure the pain and difficulty of going inside to go but she [INAUDIBLE] so I am another gentleman holding her by her arm help to walk into the voting location. Now I just want to say that if this is a revelation of me, this affected me deeply and I all I can think of that these are the people, her brother is now dead. And the elderly lady who the North Carolina legislature has been doing its best to disenfranchise. This conclusion is only strengthened by seeing the enactment of voter ID laws that are based on cynical and focused claims of voter fraud, claims that everybody involved know our lives. I suggest that this debate about the district is not just a political issue, but it's a moral and ethical issue. I think that the North Carolina legislature should be ashamed, deeply ashamed for this acts and I urge that the legislature not [INAUDIBLE] and perch the shame and re-draw the map in accordance with the court's decision. Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak. >> Thank you this time we are going Going to return to the rally site, Dennis Dickson, Dennis Dickson here, Sydney Dunston, Sydney Dunston here, Jade Lancey, Mr Lancey you have five minutes sir. [BLANK_AUDIO] Thank you Representative. A little less and Senator Richard I wanted to start first off by congratulating both committee on fabulously hard work and making this whole thing happen. This redistributing, drawing these lines originally is hard work. Congratulations to that. Congratulations for organizing organizing this short notice hearings too that were forced upon to you by the courts and congratulations to your IT staff that somehow pulled this together across the state involving this community colleges. Now we're non partisan of the organization but we have a deep passion for the constitution and I think That is what is at stake here today. First off, the urgency of these hearings smells a lot like a cynical joke never mind that tens of thousands of ballots have already been made out across the states. Never mind that the Board of Elections have already received a little over 7,000 of them back and never mind that this election is already underway, no this three activists judges they want chaos in North Carolina's elections, now contrary to the earlier [INAUDIBLE] we've heard this is not your fault gentlemen, and ladies in the committee. This is not your fault, this is the fault of the sore losers, I'm sorry, cuz more than 100 years there was no problem of more than 100 years of Democrat [UNKNOWN] no problem with that, no problem with creating the first in 12 districts, the [UNKNOWN] district I think that was created in 1990s back when the democrats had control of the legislature and no problem again in 2000 when the democrats maintained their single party rule in this state for more than 100 years it was no problem, the only time it became a problem was despite all that rigging, that the Republicans somehow managed to win in 2010 now it's a problem oho big problem now we see activist groups like represented here today and with their scripted speeches all across the state we see them selling democracy and see their usual talking points and redistricting commissions, well I have bad news for you. We do not gods living among us so don't drink that Cool-Aid. So what i mean is just as there are no unicorns there are no truly non-partisan people in our society. And so our founding fathers understood that is called the sinful nature of man. Man they understood that and so what they did was create a system whereby citizens could watch their government keep an eye on them and when one side got out of hand the other side could watch them and make them fix it. That's called citizen accountability, they design the system that way and to the extent that we can hold on to that constitutional framework we are going to have a free country, we are going to

have citizen accountability, it's when we deviate from that constitutional framework that we start loosing the rights of citizens to be heard and the rights of citizens to have any influence at all in your government so this smells a lot like this whole steam Stink we're hearing today smells a lot like judicial disfranchisement intended to bully North Carolina into either postponing the elections or into creating some sort of un-electable, unaccountable so called none partisan redistricting commission please do not buckle to this judicial Racial tierany I ask you to charge ahead with the March primaries the truth will win out and your position will be vindicated thank you. >> Thank you we're gonna return to Fairview Technical Community College and senator Brent Jackson would you introduce the next speaker. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Talk to them Bill. >> I know they say it's left left [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. >> Senator Jackson at Fairview Technical Community college are you there sir? [BLANK_AUDIO] Members we're go instead to Central Piedmont community College, Representative Brawley. Are you there sir? [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] The chair is called. [BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Jackson can you hear me? [BLANK_AUDIO] Members the Chair is going ask - >> We can't hear you on this end and I have 24 people remaining to speak. >> [LAUGH] So the chair is going to ask. It appears to the chair we can't appear the Central Piedmont side. >> Representative Brawley so you can't hear the chair? >> Got you now. >> All right the chair is going to direct the clerk to contact Senetor Jackson at the Fairview side and ask the gentleman who's presenting to suspend and we are going to go instead to the Central Piedmont community college and we are gonna ask Representative Brawley to introduce the next presenter. >> Number 20 Brian Mcmullen. Sir you're recognized for the five minutes. Thank you, my name is Brian Mcmullen I'm a student at UNC Charlotte which puts me square in the [BLANK_AUDIO] our school is out today so I decided to come down here and participate in democracy. So I think the main The main point I wanted to make and the last speaker eluded this, this really isn't in my view a Republican or a Democrat issue. A lot of my friends and a lot millennials I think in general don't really identify with parties so much any more. Independent ever expanding and I believe voters are an ever expanding demographic but I think what a lot of people I talk to worry about is the district in this State aren't really competitive. For people who are interested in politics we don't necessarily want districts drawn one way or the other, we want them drawn competitively so we actually You can have some interesting races. I think the last one that was made at this fair, democrats were guilty of this just as republicans were, but that doesn't really make it right one way or the other. We have 13 congressional districts in this state and only three of them are Democrats, or held by democrat. So there is 10 held by republican, 3 by democrats. That just doesn't really add up when you consider we're about a 50-50 split. Liberal conservative, we went for Obama in 2008, we went for Mitt Romney in 2012. It's a pretty even split so we think the congressional districts wold match that, but I think well I get to meet with a lot of speakers I do think, some that is independent and that is by by party-son

would help us break a lot of this grid lock and your system competitive election would [INAUDIBLE] changes in the politics So that's what I want. [SOUND] Thank you sir >> Thank you, we're going to move now to UNC Ashville Representative Chuck McGrady Representative McGrady do you have a presenter? >> Our next speaker is Janet Boho Jones >> After a 140 years Republicans achieved to start victories in North Carolina. Since 2010 Label activist and North Carolina democratic [INAUDIBLE] have attempted to achieve through the courts what they could not at the ballot box. North Carolina democrats are distant franchise in the Military and elderly in the poor who have already cast their ballots. [BLANK_AUDIO] The endless train of court litigation challenging [UNKNOWN] District has these tax payers and I like a former speaker, would like to know how much that cost in the taxpayers to continue all the way up to the Supreme Court [INAUDIBLE] they always since 2010 attempt to thwart the results of dully constituted elections in which voters rejected Democrat's policies and [INAUDIBLE] this is the way they're taking it out on us [INAUDIBLE] that last statement came from the American chairman of the state republic in Florida. So not every African American is going to [INAUDIBLE] protect my right to vote and that of the elderly lady who had to be escorted in to vote if somebody else had gotten there first and that happens a lot, and voted in her name she would not have been able to vote, she [INAUDIBLE] that we are who we say we are and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that however there's voter [INAUDIBLE] Judges who have worked inside the polls and had a male come in saying he's the CO of the opposite way and she could absolutely do nothing about it, you have to let him go that goes soon all the plans all the possible stand. A court has to report it to the board of up until 2010 they were run by Democrats and did not report it so North Carolina so [INAUDIBLE] proving any racial bias whatsoever I've heard nothing about voter changes in those districts that have result so maybe there's no reason not to leave it the way it is and to disenfranchise the military and the poor and people who have Absentee ballot and sent them out, [INAUDIBLE] them to be voted on is unconscionable, it is absolutely absurd you've had years to bring this up in the court and for the court now to have a strange [INAUDIBLE] in the middle of an election is absolutely outrageous Thank you for letting me speak. >> Thank you ladies and gentlemen the chair is gonna go to Halifax community college and Representative Stam can you verify that there are no further speakers which to speak at this time or Senator Sanderson whichever member is presiding. [BLANK_AUDIO] members the chair has received from the site that there has been no participants in the past hour the chairs are going to declare that the halifax Community college site and the public hearing there is closed. We'll now proceed on with the general public remarks we'll go back to the Rayleigh side members the honorable GK Butterfield had signed up and requested to speak he is a member of the congress. He has notified the chair that he is not here would like for Senator

Floyd Mckissick of Durham to read the remarks on his behalf after chairs have Confer and I'm going to grant that request so Senator Mckissick you have the floor to read the remark from Representative Butterfield. >> Thank you Mr Chairman this is a formal statement from him dated February 15th 2016. Says I'm congressman GK Butterfield for the past 11 years I have been a Democrat Democratic representative for the first congregational district which is the district that the federal district court unanimously determine is unconstitutional because it was drawn using race as the predominant factor. It is disappointing that you have elected to proceed with this hearing this morning despite warnings from the law enforcement that motorists refrain from travelling the streets and highways because of snow and ice your numerous report accidents in rallies and I simply cannot attend. I'm also disappointed that you have convened the public hearing today before releasing draft maps for the public to see this is not a good way to start this process the court announces its decision on February 5th ten days ago and you could have prepared some proposed maps for the public to see, you have state of the art technology maps can be prepared on demand without having draft maps there is really nothing for the public to respond to or have input I ask that you engage in this process in good faith they were ruFaith, in drawing Rucho-Lewis congress 3 in 2011, not only did you decide to use race as the predominant factor in drawing districts one and twelve but you knowingly and incorrectly interpreted the law by insisting that each of this district contain African-American population for seeding 50% it is my opinion that you were fully aware that you were incorrectly applying the law in a disingenuous way you used a flawed interpretation of voting rights act for your own partisan political advantage as a result of your iii in drawing this maps you have devised a system that guarantees the election of 10 Republican congressmen out of 13 North Carolina's voter registration between Democrats, Republicans is 4.6 million voters, Democrats are two million of the 4.6 million voters are 43% yet Democrats only get the opportunity to elect democratic congressmen in three districts Percent out of 13 districts a fair plan should result in Democrats having the ability to elect at least five or six of the 13 congressmen your strategy worked it worked in Virginia, in Alabama and elsewhere United States supreme court has made it clear in identical cases that race cannot be the predominant factor in drawing districts, legislatures are required to protect minority communities from racially polarized voting practices by not submerging them into districts where they have no opportunity to elect a representative of their choice. In some districts it may require 47% to protect the African African American community from voter discrimination. In other districts, it may require less than 47% because of coalition politics, where white voters are likely to form coalitions with the African American community. All that said the General Assembly must now get ready to comply with the mandate of the a Unanimous District Court and I urge Urge you to act with expediency. The court's decision will not be overturned by the United States Supreme Court. Citizens must not be required to vote in a district that has been determined to be unconstitutional.The 1st district is unconstitutional,you drew it that way. You're response of correcting your actions is imperative. That congregational district elections be delayed until May 24th 2016. The date of the second primary, by fixing the new date on the second primary date it will not result in excessive cause for this delayed election. The fact that a few absentee ballots had been cast follows in comparison to the damage To our democracy by requiring voters to cast ballots in unconstitutional districts. Another option would be to delay all primary elections till May 24th to allow every race, state and federal to be decided on the same date. Now what is the remedy? The remedy is for the general assembly to draw a congregational map that protects African In American communities from voter delusion a map where each district is approximately the same, identical size and population. A map that recognizes the interests of the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party. A map that does not unnecessarily divide counties or voting districts in counties that are in the map that attempts to connect the communities with interest. I urge you to on with the business of complying with the decision of the Federal District Court. Do not waste additional time and resources in delaying the inevitable, the inevitable [UNKNOWN]

>> Moving on to the Central Piedmont Community College representative Brolly. Are you there sir with your next speaker? >> Yes. Thank you Mr Chairman Jacob Ribbit/g. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Recognized for five minutes Sir. >> [COUGH] >> I'd like to thank everyone here for allowing me to speak next, I'll be brief. My name is Jacob Ribbit and yes, that does sound like a frog and I live here in Charlotte. I'm a healthcare worker, a millennial, and a newly, politically engaged citizen. I'm not proud to be admitting that last part but Years gave me very little hope for my getting here today to hear about redistricting, but what we really need to remember is this is about democracy. We're telling them our values North Carolina voters for their in return, how active they often [INAUDIBLE] What this is not about are the candidates the Republican party, the Democratic party or protecting the incumbent. America citizens we wanna know that our votes count that's what democracy is all about. Giving everyone a meaningful voice in a system that governs them. Yes, boulders are disenfranchised because district maps are drawn to reduce political competition whether its for Democrats or Republicans. If I'm a Republican voter in a district that is specifically mapped to contain democrats, then my vote now holds far less value. And we Wonder why so many citizens are not participating in the process. Let's be clear, North Carolina districts are some of the most gerrymandered in the nation. And for that reason they do not represent a true example of democracy. As long as these maps are drawn by parties some level of gerrymandering will find it's way into the process. Even if [INAUDIBLE] partisan committee were used, gerrymandering will prevail because just as we've heard today, much of the concern stays focussed on the party not the voters. Currently party [INAUDIBLE] not democracy. We must change this our votes must be be earned. I challenge our elected representatives to pull closer technology that will balance to automate redistricting in a truly impartial manner. Sophisticated and comprehensive algorithmic approaches exist across this country and North Carolina can shine A progressive beacon by using these methods to redraw our maps. by taking people with their own agendas out of this redistricting process, we can put power back in the hands of voters. Thank you. Thank you sir. >> Thank you. This time we're gonna move to Fayetteville Technical Community College, we're experiencing some technical difficulties a while ago, Senator Senator Jackson can you hear me? And I hope I can hear you. >> Yes Sir Jeremy Lewis I can hear you.You hear me? >> I can sir, Would you ask the gentleman whose remarks we missed before to please deliver those remarks again? >> Absolutely. That was Mr. Tim. Tim. >> Thank you [INAUDIBLE] Well first of all pardon me if I repeat myself. I don't know how much of what I said you heard the first [INAUDIBLE] I am a businessman from O'ahu/g County, I'm a father I'm a veteran and I'm also a candidate for second [INAUDIBLE] in the second district. I came here today to really just offer some recommendations. But as I said earlier as the process played out, I saw an agenda unfolding that I thought it was just too obviously politically driven. Agenda driven that I had to point it out. When they've lost at the ballot box and they've lost in other means, they eventually result To crisis and creating a crisis. Agitating a crowd in this case using race, I would like to also go back and say that fully that the districts are constitutional and just as the supreme court of North Carolina affirmed and the justice department affirmed and I also believe that there's no other justice department in history that is as racially sensitive, as sensitive to racial issues as the Obama administration justice department and that in itself is a validation of the congressional districts.

The obvious agenda at hand here is to remove the right or the authority to redistrict as is always been the case from the legislature and put it in the hands of an independent committee and it's only an agenda now because after so many years of the legislature banning Being in the hands of the democratic party and they're using it their advantage now all of sudden they're up in arms. And of course as the process played out we see it end where it is. In this crisis and chaos that created For this specific reason, my remarks are also to that point and are that if we're forced into the worst of all situations and have to redraw the maps and my recommendation is to limit the amount of chaos that's Created on March 15th affecting as few districts as possible and in this case if there are two districts that have been detected to be unconstitutional it could only affect, it should affect two other districts joining it at a minimum and then my following recommendation If that is the worst case and we are stuck with that is to allow the other districts elections to move forward as scheduled on March 15th, and that's it and thank you for the opportunity to speak >> Thank you, this time we'll go to Cape Fear community college and Representative Ted Davis, Representative Davis Will you introduce your next presenter. >> Thank you Mr Chairman our next speaker will be Mr Frank [UNKNOWN] [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> My name is Frank Geno/g and I'm a resident of Hampstead North Carolina and I wanna thank everyone for the opportunity to speak on this very volatile issue and people are very passionate on both sides people are becoming infrared on both sides, and it's obvious to me that this the conversation that is not going to end today. This is a conversation that's gonna continue in North Carolina for sometime to come. We've had a lot of people who have talked about very deep self views some from both sides. And it's obvious that this conversation is going to continue.I applaud everyone for making this forum available to meet, it's obviously an example of democracy in action. However what is not a great example of democracy in action is the result of the redistricting that has been done that is obviously forced a lot of people to become disenfranchised with their In the state particularly the ones that have been cited by the federal court in district one and district 12. To me those are egregious examples of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering has been explained in detail and I won't go into any more but right now we know We know how it's done and why it's done. I talked to one of the previous speakers and she said to me, this is nothing more than a case of retribution that is being enacted upon this day are the people in power who are power for so many years and they were pummeled by the stick of judge gerrymandering by the democrat party and now they've got the stick and it's time for them to exact their revenge. And guess what? We all know that's the case. We all know what's going on and we all know why it's going on. Gerrymandering is a great American tradition, it's been going on as people have said for hundreds of years, so why should it stop now? We got beat up We have the stars to prove it if you are a Republican and if you are a Democrat we don't want any more of it. There are people waiting for president today who are calling for a revolution. We are seeing a kind of politics going on in 2016 it's unlike anything most of us have ever seen in their lives and most of us who have been around for a while. Well maybe the time has come for revolution in the way we redistrict our states. There have been many calls for independent Voter commissions it's

happening in a few states right now. It's ultimately going to happen. It's going to happen because it's the only fair way for this issue to be resolved. We have partisanship rapid in America. And it's only getting worse regardless of which side of the island you are on hopefully we have a moderate cor of Americans who want to have their voices heard who are not extremely left who are not extremely right who are willing to bring people into the Become a dirty word in America these days that word is compromise we can compromise in this country we are capable of it, but we have to be willing to slip the old ways go away and start with new ways. You know James Madison said in the federals papers, if men were angels government would not be necessary. We are not angels, we got the institutions to prove it, but we can rise above the partisanship we cannot admit when we've made some mistakes, we can say, you know what? Let's leave those old politics behind us and let's start something new. And independent voters commissions are the way to do it. It just takes the willpower to do it and I believe this state has [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] thank you. >> This time we move to UNC Asheville where Representative McGrady who's your next presenter? Our next speaker is Frank Frank Brel/g. [BLANK_AUDIO] he doesn't appear to be here the next speaker is Aden Carson. [BLANK] The next speaker then is Doug Campbell. [BLANK_AUDIO] Good afternoon, I'm Doug Campbell, resident of [UNKNOWN] county, honorable senators and representatives Just, thank him for the opportunity to address you on the important issues of North Carolina voting district. In 1964, the U.S Supreme Court ruled, in Reynolds versus Simms that "an individual's right to vote for state legislatures is unconstitutionally impaired when it's way is in a substantial fashion deluded when compared with votes of citizens living in other parts of the state, end quote. This ruling underscored the American principles of equal representation and one person one vote. Any reasonable person looking at a map of 2011 North Carolina congressional districts would quickly conclude that those principles were surely overlooked in it's creation. Redrawing the 1st and 12th districts would be an important first step In improving the representation in our state, however we have long way to go before achieving one person one vote. In the 2012 election, according to the North Carolina State Board of Election figures only 49% less than majority of the votes cast in the US house races were for the Republican candidates, yeah, 69% of the representatives were Republican, someone would call that expertly crafted transformation of minority voters into a party of power, others would call it a subversion of the will of the people, but whether it favors Republicans or Democrats it is the result of morally bankrupt districting process that has being going on for far too long. I urge you to make total Redistricting of our state independent, non partisan commission, a top priority in the next session. Every North Carolinian deserves his or her vote to count equally. When less tan half of our voters send over two thirds of our representatives in congress that is not equal representation that is not one person, one role, and that is not democracy, thank you. >> Thank you moving on now we're gonna turn to the [INAUDIBLE] county site Dinys Grants [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome [INAUDIBLE] you have the

floor for up to five minutes. >> My name is Teness Rent, I am a soccer mum, I am a PTA volunteer and I am not a political operative but I do participate in politics as a volunteer on the county level and as a Representative of my county to the district committee for the GOP. Like I said, I'm not a political operative I am the person that carries the signs and hands out the posters, and makes phone calls. I've come today to support the districts as they're currently drawn. I think the effort to force redistricting at the middle of election is irresponsible. So many people have already said that our voters are becoming disenfranchised. It's hard to get people out to the polls, and I work hard to get them there. And if we Have to delay this election it just makes that job harder. And we want everyone to be able to vote. Republicans have argued that they've followed the law in creating these districts, the US Justice Department whose leadership was approved by our democrat president, Barack Obama, found that the maps did not hurt the ability of minorities to select their candidates of choice in the districts being challenged and they were precleared under this procedure. Democrat voters and other challenged the 2011 boundaries arguing that the 30 legislative and congressional districts were designed to weaken the overall influence of black voters in North Carolina. I disagree. Redistricting is not new, gerrymandering is not new, we are not here to debate whether gerrymandering is right or wrong. I think we can all agree that the process has flaws. We are here to determine the impact of changing these districts in this election right now. It is important to know that Attorney General Cooper, a rightly Democrat nominee for governor won all 13 of these congressional districts not one of the ten Republican health Congressional district have a majority of registered Republican voters to win, the GOP candidate must create a coalition of Republicans and Democrats and unaffiliated voters to win, it's all about messaging. The courts Have aloud political parties to draw districts for political advantage and prohibit racial gerrymandering. Is this fair? Maybe not, but it is the law and it has been utilized by both parties, you cannot change the rules in the middle of an election. So the question is were these districts drawn to suppress the African American vote? What was the motivation? Do we need proof That the legislature was politically motivated and not racially motivated when drawing these lines? How do we know? I just wanna throw out there that our elected chairman of our North Carolina GOP is an African American man. I was at the convention where he was elected, and I can guarantee that there was a lot of old white guys There, who voted for him. I doubt that this is racially motivated. I'd also like to draw your attention to someone you may be familiar with Doctor Ada Fischer, Doctor Fischer is one of two representatives that represent North Carolina Republican party at the national level. Doctor Fischer is black, she's Jewish and she's a woman, you cannot Not get more minority than that. I take on bridge when people say that as a Republican, I am a racist. The election process started months ago. Thousands of absentee ballots have been distributed to voters who are filling them out and returning them. Hundreds of those ballots have already been voted and returned . The primary election Pays for hundreds of offices and thousands of candidates is just days away. We've relied on the existing districts for two election cycles. I urge the leaders to make every effort to carry on with the elections as they have been started, and address redistricting laws and gerrymandering at a more appropriate time, and in a way that we are not causing more voters To give up on our process. But should the districts be redrawn, I agree with many of the others speakers today we need to try to keep our smaller counties intact wherever possible. As a campaign volunteer, I know it's really hard for people to figure out where they're supposed to vote. And it's important that we try to keep these Intact, the county, the prescient they shouldn't be split and they should never be a racial consideration when drawing these lines. They shouldn't be taken into account. I thank you for your time today >> Thank you this time we'll return to central Community college Representative Holley, Representative Holley could you present your next speaker >> Yes Miss laura Mckinnon, Miss Mckinnon you're recognized for five minutes >> Hi my name is laura Mckinnon and I wanna thank not the legislature but I wanna thank my is ten years old and he is a future voter.I'm saying,I'm speaking today not from my own interest but for her inside and

I wanna thank [INAUDIBLE]for being so patient with this. I've in Markeburg county [INAUDIBLE]since 1988 .That's my primary that I ever Voted in. And I would challenge anybody in North Carolina or in [UNKNOWN] to surpass my participation cuz I can text you my voter registration and I participated in 46 different elections I'm definitely an active voter. And I thought as a As I've listened to everybody else here that may be I should take some of you back a little bit, let's just 20 years back. 20 years about 1996, Independence day was going to be the biggest film, Madam and the all bright was going to be our secretary of State, AOL was the biggest website, only 20 million Americans has access to the internet, that's pretty big. But let's talk about what was going on our voting our congressional. There's been a lot of talk about all the other things with the voting The voting rights act in a different thing, today is about out congressional district, so let's talk about it. So when we stood [INAUDIBLE] that we didn't have equal representation 99 pricby/g had six democrats, six republicans, oh wow in 1999 each we had six democrats and six Republicans. In 2000, it's not a little bit. Oh wow. Democrats only have five representatives from Congress, Republicans have seven. And in 2001, one year after having that two person majority from the congressional districts, Senator Just submitted some information about redrectafine/g. And in one of your pieces for independently redistricting, your Bill said geographically compact and contiguous. That was Senator Rucho's proposal for redistricting. So let's go back. What happened the next This year so after that it really pass through a little bit, we're even. Six democrats, seven republicans. 2004 six democrats seven republicans are you not even seeing a pattern 2006 seven democrats six republicans. So in 2007 Robert Pettinger submitted a bill to our legislator and his legislator for independent redistricting having several goals. When we read a couple of them, a goal of compactness and a goal one person one vote. That was in 2000. I don't know exactly what has happened to our legislature to go back from those but maybe it might have had something to do with our 2008 elections where instead of having relatively equal president Barrack Obama had the biggest turnout of Democrats in North Carolina and Red state incidentally went purple. Damn it I think there's only three legislature's difference. So eight Democrats and five Republicans. So we know of course that we're gonna have district [INAUDIBLE] what happened in 2008 before that, a while we backed out cuz there's only one difference between our legislative representatives and of course we got up to today, well I am in the 9th congressional district and you don't see that race has played a part in how that has have been drawn, I would suggest that you go and look at some of the information for distributing because it's so important on race and there's [UNKNOWN] in the 9th district, it's where I happen to live and that [UNKNOWN] is primarily [INAUDIBLE] Why is it excluded from the Why does the submission of Mecklenburg County that's excluded. It's race, and there's no doubt about that. In the 2014 election, almost 3 million North Carolinians voted. In fact, Democratic candidates got 0.44% of the vote, 44%, republican 56% but the representation of three republics,three democrats for 23%.We can better odds in vegan/g than we can in North Carolina please do the right thing take us back The purple. That's what we need. Now go back to 1984 a little bit. Purple rain.

>> [LAUGH] >> I know it's silly. We like it being purple. Let's keep it. >> Gonna move this time to Fayetteville Technical Community College. The Chair will remind the Location Chairs. The speakers are asked to limit their comments Less than five minutes or less we turn Fairview Community College Senator Jackson do you have another presenter? >> Yes sir Chairman Louis we have Mr Jason Freedman. He might have left so I'll move over to the next one Mr Eric Martin. >> Yes. Okay, we have Eric with us. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you sir. My name is Eric Martin, resident voter of [INAUDIBLE] county. Ladies and gentlemen I'll speak plainly, here we go again. We're in the middle of an election process and the government is demanding that we jump to our backsides to change the fundamental aspect of the ongoing process thereby undermining the process while it is functioning instead of requiring that an adjudication over a fair decent and reasonable timeline second where no constituency will be unfairly dealt with. [INAUDIBLE] requirement of redrawn districts right now is abusive especially towards our military service members whose service allows us all to sit here safely and [INAUDIBLE] our deficiencies and our governance without fear of appraisal. How? When? and do something is often as important as what you do. I'll say also that my comments may seem idealistic but this should remind all of the reality that allows a lack of fairness to be inserted in our process. The government at all levels and it's agencies are always quick to demand adherence to deadlines and suspense/g dates from the voters and citizens yet when exercising their functions the agencies always seem to ignore any principle of timing for a schedule or action. Here it is again, that a branch of government has apparently ignored the ongoing process of free and fair elections of voting that should should be steadily improving our state and nation. This is hypocrisy and inconsistency which is another example of the basis for [INAUDIBLE] during ongoing campaigns for elected offices. This is a purposeful attempt to undermine our voting process and that is despicable. As a retired military service member I'm deeply disappointed that this sort of suspect action could be possibly representative of a nation which I defended for decades. Redrawing voting districts is obviously needed at times. But this suspected demanding redrawing is being done unfairly without appropriate timeline requirements. I'm deeply disappointed that this may be another example of politics and fringing upon any sustainment of integrity in our systems. If we draw in burning districts as we do now and the format assistant is needed which may as well be then do it in a reasonable pair of thought for the purpose of improving for everyone Instead of doing direction which perpetuates the sickness of dishonest and selfish political leveraging that has affected our society and system of government all sides thank you. >> Thank you members we're not going to go to keyfair/g community college the chair is gonna yield the chair to Senator Rucho. Mr. chairman our next speaker will be Steven Donatone. >> All right thank you my name is Steve Donatone I'm a registered independent voter President of iii. The issue at hand goes well beyond two districts. Jerry Mandarin is a national problem and has resulted in the intense polarization we see in the various states in congress both parties have used Jerry Mandarin's to secure their hold on power and it's time for both parties to win the process. Jerry Mandarin creates districts that are monolithic in their views with the result that those of a particular view are concentrated in any given result in the election of increasingly extreme candidates and ever more polarization in our government. For example no one recalled Richard Burr a liberal yet he's been challenged by an individual who claims Burr is not a considerable adult. We see this on both sides of the political spectrum where there is a race to the extremes. Does anyone really want to see a choice between Ted Cruise and Bunny Sanders as our options for President. Polar opposites neither of them willing to compromise, for democracy to function he for an exchange of alternative use a degree of compromise to take the best aspects of the different views in creating the best public policies. This should be the primary objective of both parties rather than

perpetuating their hold on power. To the politicians who are still in attendance, I say put your personal ambitions aside Show some statesmanship and create an independent process that's non political in nature drawing district lines. The office you hold is not what commands respect, respect is either generated or not generated by your actions. If you want respect be respectable. Thank you Okay moving on to [UNKNOWN] representative McGrady your next speaker please. >> Our next speaker is July Mayfield and I'll be turning the chair over to senator Ryce. >> Okay thank you Representative McGrady [BLANK_AUDIO] We can't hear the speaker. >> There we go is that better? >> Better now. >> Great thank you. My name is Julie Mayfield [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Lost you Julie. I think you may have to hold that button down. >> Try that, so I'm the director of the regional enviromental advocacy group I'm also a member of Asheville city council but I speak today as a resident of Asheville and a citizen of North Carolina. Four points first I'd like to echo the calls made by many other people today and urge you to take the opportunity to pass an independent non partisan redistricting bill. This recent decision was made on the basis of race but it is no secret that partisan politics drove these maps. I respectfully disagree with an earlier speaker that partisan politics should play a role here politically driven maps are bad regardless of the party drawing them. We can and should do better let's get politics out of this process so that we can all move forward with confidence in our leaders and the The integrity of our elections, my second pint is I'd like to ask you to take advantage of this opportunity to redistrict Asheville back into the mountains where it belongs. this is not a reflection on representatives Mchenry he has excellent constituent services and has been very helpful on important local issues like the CTA but actually belongs in the mountains, my third and fourth point are simple it's also repeatitive district Ashville back to the mountains where it belongs and find leadership back to the mountains where it belongs. Thank you. >> Thank you. Okay going back to [INAUDIBLE] and I have [UNKNOWN] Romanof excuse me I hope I pronounced that correctly, not here? And then Mark Lens five minutes please Thank you Senator [UNKNOWN]. Chairman [UNKNOWN] and other committee member I appreciate this opportunity my name is Mat Lance I live in Wally, married have two kids Simon and Anna, I'm on the board of common cause North Carolina and I'm also a political science professor at North Carolina State University which is in a little of all those rows that I speak to you this morning and this afternoon by now. Looks like I'm still trying to figure out the implications of a court decision that declares electoral districts unconstitutional in regions and elections that already underway logically frankly legislative leaders have appealed for Stay at that decision now that come with uncertain to begin with and is even more so now following the death of Justice caliar. I come this morning this is not really about how to redraw those districts or whether the elections should be postpone but rather the bigger lessons that I think this all points to and others have made many of these same points that I'll be I'll be reiterating, basically I want to make on simple point we have to reform the process by which we draw electoral districts in this state with a long tradition now stretching across both parties the courts find the districts drawn by our legislators to be unconstitutional. North Carolina has very much to be proud of but our representative districts tranquilize source of embarrassment and we focus on two points where I think makes sense this is a church vision in North Carolina which needs to be gotten rid off as quickly as possible. I understand that it's tempting to draw the districts to your own advantage and drive yourself in the party of the safety while putting others to a disadvantage and God knows I understand the Democrats, for far too long did that for themselves and shame on them for having done so. But North Carolina is changing drastically, as you well know and

with it so is the strategy of gerrymandering, the value of it to you. We know that there is rapid urbanization, in the state and that All counties are losing population. We know that North Carolina is becoming substantially more diverse, we do not know how these new more diverse populations will vote. We know that traditional racial, ethnic and socio economic settling patterns in urban centers, verses suburbs, verses exurbs are also breaking down at rapid rates. In short your districts will look very different in 10 or 15 years than they do right now. The political dynamics are also expected to be very different. Some of you will know Doctor Andy Tailor in our department he is fond of saying we also know that the primary strategy of gerrymandering is to win small and lose big. The sum total of all that for you as legislators means that the majority party drawing the districts are the ones actually subject to most change that comes from even small demographics shifts. So in attempting to draw yourselves into safe districts, you actually put yourself a greater danger of losing your seat because of this demographics demographic shifts. There is another worry, a tremendous amount of uncertainty that is within North Carolina over the next 10, 15, or 20 years. Again as Dr. Taylor has said therefore all of you and those in power in particular to buy yourselves a bit of an insurance policy and implement a system of redistricting that is transparent accountable, reliable and fair regardless of the party in charge, it's a hedge against predictable uncertainty and it's unpredictable outcomes, second as a professor I'm sensitive to the critic that this is abstract, political theory but I'm telling you this has real impact on our economy, on our democracy, for those of you who are involved in the greedy day to day of this, I think sometimes at most into a somewhat technical or largely technical wanky kind of practice, where you move a few voters here you move a few voters there to try to get over the constitutional bar, let me assure you most people outside of this political activist world see this as the worst kind kind of political manuring that this into an already strong cynicism, thank you sergeant, street peasants and already strong cynicism about the ugliness and pettiness of our political process, my own students for example just finished reading a landmark study by Robert Platinum where he tries to understand why some regions in Italy for example perform much better despite having been given the similar institutions and the same resources, his argument very simply is that those citizens trust their institutions, they trust that the people in charge of them are not rigging the game to the systematic advantage of some and the disadvantage of others as a result they engage the fellow citizens and the representative institutions in the way that makes the entire system work that much better, Jerry Mandering including, I would say very strongly here, part is Jerry Mandering that has been so brazenly endorsed here this afternoon breaks that trust and hampers the functioning of our democracy, as representative Stan said in a form that I hosted last For all this will not fix all of our, but it will go along way, it's the infrastructure on which our democracy is built. and it deserves a better system, thank you. >> Thank you very much. Sergeant at arms, we have no more speakers on the sign up sheet, unless someone has come in that was on here earlier and was not present when they were called. Can you check to be sure, cuz we're gonna go on to Central Piedmont now, but that will be the last call for those people that have signed up for this. Okay, Central Piedmont representative Browley. >> Thank you Mr. Chair, Senetor Cathy Harrington standing in for- >> Thank you Senator Harrington. >> Our next speaker is Christian Kane. >> Connor. >> Connor? >> [LAUGH] >> Forgive me for the mispronunciation. >> It's fine. Thank you. Thank you very much. My name is Christina Connor, I'm a Democratic nominee for congressional district number nine. And everything that I was gonna say has been said already. So basically what I would like to challenge all candidates who are running for Congress, because this is basically what this is about. It's to have enough pride in your message, that if were able to compete fairly, that you would be able to win. If you don't have enough pride and you don't believe that you're relevant anymore in your district, then yes, you want this to continue the way it is. And I'm challenging each candidate who is running for office, to allow our representative to create a fair and balanced congressional district, and I will say that I have enough pride in my message and the messages to people who support Me that we are gonna win our district however it's designed. So I challenge those incumbents and candidates to have enough pride and relevance in your in your campaign, that you will be able to

compete competitively however it's drawn. Thank you very much. >> Thank you Moving on to Fairview I've got Senator Jackson. You have another speaker there please. >> Yes sir Senator Rucho we have Mr George Mcmilan/g jr. George, apparently he left this is our last speaker that we have signed up is Mrs [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you Wanda Lawrence from [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] North Carolina It is very unfortunate [SOUND] is already underway and now a change is required. It is unfortunate because our legislators knew of this problems when the lines were drawn and the maps were created. The district maps were checked with and introduced to the public. Changes should have been addressed and made At that time, not now for when [INAUDIBLE] we draw the lines of the [UNKNOWN] so that there will be fairness for all voters. [INAUDIBLE] follow the law as it has already been handed down to you [UNKNOWN] so that the voting process can proceed fairly. Thank you for your time [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you. Going to [UNKNOWN] here, representative Davis. >> Mr. chairman our next speaker is White [UNKNOWN] and then I have 13 more speakers signed up after they are. >> Wonderful. >> [LAUGH] >> I am [UNKNOWN] I'm here today, speaking as a proud citizen representing no one expect the citizens of North Carolina. I appreciate you taking the time to conduct this hearing and to allow me to speak before you today. For 41 years I worked in the public school system as teacher and administrator. That's why I look so tired. For many of those years, I taught high school History, Civics and Government and our passion we believe in and taught my students about the sacred rights and the privilege of voting. [INAUDIBLE] is more important than the first [UNKNOWN] because without the right to vote, none of the other rights, freedom and privileges we have as Americans an be protected. For much of my life they are. >> Wonderful. >> [LAUGH] White [UNKNOWN] and then I have 13 more speakers signed up after >> I am [UNKNOWN] controlled the voting state government in 2010 I was hopeful because of their previous statements they would remedy this situation and adjust districts according to the geographic and economic interest of the citizens >> [COUGH] >> Who live in those districts. Unfortunately here my hopes and dreams were to no avail and those new maps were solely created to make political goals in the interest of the republican party now. I keep up in that someday, someone will create a district to make the goal the interest of the citizens who live in the district. This could be you and this could be now, district one and district 12 were obviously created to iii the interest of the Republicans. Republican party without any thought as to how those plans might impact those citizens who live within that district or how the make up of those district might impact the make up of the surrounding districts. Ideally congressional;l districts would be drawn to reflect the geographic and economic interest of those districts. The Federal and state constitutions require that districts become passed and continuous, a quick look at district 1 and district 12. Makers of these maps clearly violated the intent of the constitutional requirements. Although not related to the make up of the 1st and 12th district, there is no reason that places like district Downtown Wellington will be removed from the seventh district and placed in the third district other than to [UNKNOWN] very strength of the African American that leave in that district this is [INAUDIBLE] Are marginalized.

The mass of the general assembly approved in 2011, and clearly illegal as determined by the recent federal court's decision and they must be changed. The general assembly has an opportunity to be magnanimous and right this wrong. You have an opportunity to protect the concept of one man, one vote where everyone's vote really matters In 2012, 2,219,000 people, or 50.8% cast Democratic ballots for the USL, and 2,143,000, or 49.13% cast Republican ballots. Yet the will of the people was clearly not heard. Ten congressional seats were awarded to Republicans and only three were awarded to Democrats. How can our democracy work when the will of the people is clearly undermined and subverted by outrageously gerrymandered districts. However, even worse to the number of districts that are landscaped, the districts are so politically misaligned And [UNKNOWN] run without opposition? This [INAUDIBLE] to work across the aisle or represent [INAUDIBLE] foundation of our principles that I taught in public schools Page and then the right would be a full bleed. Well, you know by adding that little one image on the left you know what that does, it cuts my page count in half, I'm gonna go from 142 down to 77, okay here we go. Now let's hit auto layout. The book is laid out with this. This is not the finished book but this constitutional. I'm asking you today to protect and encourage the democratic process in North Carolina by [INAUDIBLE] I'm asking you to return to make democracy work. [INAUDIBLE] This is your opportunity to show North Carolina citizens that you are a states man and not just politicians thank you for allowing me to speak today. >> Thank you moving on to Ashville I think representative McGrady. Oh no I think Senator [UNKNOWN] is there now, am I correct? >> You are correct, thank you Mr. chairman. We have 12 left to speak after the speaker and now I have [UNKNOWN] representing herself Attorney law [BLANK_AUDIO] Can I be heard now? >> Yes. >> I'm [UNKNOWN] I'm an attorney [INAUDIBLE] of North Carolina Governor [UNKNOWN] gave us the term [INAUDIBLE] he [UNKNOWN] which is banned from England. In July 4 1976 Five members of the continental congress composed of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Rodger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and a young lawyer from Virginia named Thomas Jefferson, wrote the first draft of the declaration of independence. Jefferson put a clause in that [INAUDIBLE] which was to outlaw slavery in the United States. The other groups from two other states objected and then [UNKNOWN] was removed because the [UNKNOWN] requires unanimous consent. Seven years later in 1783 And four years before the U.S Constitution was drafted, while serving as a congressman from Virginia, Jefferson introduced the bill in congress. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> We can't hear him. Hello, could you got to hold your finger down to the speak, we lost your audio. [BLANK_AUDIO] Are you speaking? [BLANK_AUDIO] >> He is speaking. >> He is speaking. >> Well we can't hear his audio there. [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] We'll try another speaker,

can you hear me now? >> Okay, yes go ahead. >> And as suitor of history I go to court cases for guidance The U.S supreme court ruled in the Dred Scott case in 1854 that Dred Scott an African-American did not have rights as a citizen. The U.S supreme court ruled in 1896 in the Plessy verses Ferguson case that the defendant an African-American could not ride trains with white citizens. In Brown verses Board 1954 the U.S court ruled that segregation was illegal and improper. In Baker verses Carr in '62 the court ruled that one person got one vote. In Versus [UNKNOWN] of the late 60s, the U.S Supreme Court ruled that the [UNKNOWN] legislature could not unconstitutionally [INAUDIBLE] the district, this [INAUDIBLE] perpetrated by the current and past general assembly is an insult to the citizens of North Carolina, it is inappropriate, impractical, illegal and unconstitutional and as a person who cares about every person voting, I'm offended and every second person ought to be offended. Gerrymandering harms all citizens. Not just democrats, not just republicans, not just unaffiliated it harms all citizens. All reasonable and intelligent citizens I believe would support a non-partisan or bi-partisan commission to select the districts in practical Practical on his ways about years after [INAUDIBLE] was doing his improper, illegal, unconstitutional [INAUDIBLE] another person from Massachusetts named John Ostin who was a professor at [UNKNOWN] wrote a little essay called the moral obligation I believe we are all required to do that. I request this general assembly, please be intelligent. Please order all citizens. When I was a lad growing up in Swing County, on the farm, we used to have to plough the fields. We have a blind mule named Fred. I believe that Fred the blind noodle/g could see that this dream [UNKNOWN] is unconstitutional and illegal and Fred would do the right thing. I request the legislature follow Fred's advice please. >> Thank you very much. We're going to go Back since Halifax is closed, we're going to go back to rally and we have Sue Goodge/g. Five minutes Miss Goodge/g. [SOUND] >> Thank you for chairman allowing me the opportunity to speak. Ladies and gentlemen My name is Sue Goodge/g I'm the Congressional Candidate for District 4. So we grow the district actually enhance my chance to win but this is not my purpose here. As a Republican candidate I often told District 4 is unwinnable. Why is it unwinnable, because Jerry [UNKNOWN] But I want to talk about this issue from a different point of view. As a citizen when I went into the congressman's office, requires constituent service, I don't think anyone would deny service to me because my skin or color. So if my representative Represent me well. Regardless of the skin of color. It doesn't matter which district I'm in. I used to be in District 4 and then to 13 and then back to 4 again. So to me as citizens I believe as long the elect official Really represent will of people. It really doesn't matter where do you live as long as within the boundary of United States of America. I came here for request the primary date to stay. Here's the reason. As a candidate we have been campaigning for a very long time, we've connected to the vote in the district we advertise to our constituents, we help supporters, across all races [BLANK_AUDIO] even some are registered democrats supporting us so I don't see the race issues right here As long as we get to vote. I think the problem is when I'm on the campaign trail, I very often

hear that either official in DC do not represent little people. This wider congress consistently have like approval rate in the 20s. So it doesn't matter what color they are. They don't represent little people then no matter how we redraw the map we don't solve the problem if the official or representative of special interest in DC. So I think in order to preserver our democracy that [INAUDIBLE] official must represent or lead the people regardless the race because our system is two partisan in the general, it doesn't say white versus black, or color versus what. So I believe The divide between the country is the political ideology not necessarily racial, it's just my personal point of view. District 4 I'm running in has 30% of black, 50% of white, Chinese-American which is my ethnic where I'm from only account for 1% no one can say I only represent the 1% percent of the [INAUDIBLE] American because when I enter this race, I plan tor represent all, when I see constituent I don't see their color I only see their constituents on minds, that are only [INAUDIBLE] American citizens that's why I request the [UNKNOWN] to say what it is, I don't deny gerrymandering maybe I have some political gain when we audit order however is the [INAUDIBLE] to change it right now, it will undermine our democracy For those who already identify their candidates and the have to re-choose their candidates, how could that going to enhance our democracy? Ladies and gentle men we are here to cast our vote for the people we are believing in It doesn't matter what color Barack Obama is black, me as Asian I don't see him as black I see him as President. And I want my constituents see me as their representative, their elect official not because I'm Asian or other race of color. Thank you very much. >> Thank you. Going to Central [UNKNOWN] Senator Harrington are you there? >> Senator Harrington has given me back the- >> Okay. >> Rightful task of carrying senator- >> Okay Representative Browley/g. Next Speaker. >> We will have Miss Taylor Allen Miss Taylor Allen you're recognized for five minutes. >> Okay, okay. Thank you so very much. My name is Cherry Taylor Allen I am an unaffiliated voter in the ninth congressional district and I'm here today to express my strong support for the court's decision and my urgent request that the North Carolina general assembly do it's duty and take care of these maps immediately. We have an embarrassment on the national stage due to our aggressively and inappropriately Jerry gerrymandered congressional district. So many people who are far wiser than I have effectively pointed out the detriment that these congressional maps have caused to our state, to our citizens I don't need to revisit all that, I just simply need to say this action is overdue. This The time is now to fix this, let's get done, let's not wait. Thank you very much for the time we'e spent today I appreciate. >> Thank you Ms. Taylor Allen. Back to you senator. >> Thank you moving on now I'll say Senator Jackson as said he has no more speakers [UNKNOWN] bill so that has been closed at PM and then we move on to [UNKNOWN] Community College and I think I still have representatives Davids there. >> Yeah so Mr. Chairman our next speaker will be Mr. Richard [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Thank you representative Davies, now thank you to the North Carolina General assembly for holding this hearing on redistricting I wish I could stick with the will and grace of the gentle man who told us a story about the blind mule but I'm just gonna have to do the best I can My name is Richard [UNKNOWN] I live in Wilmington North Carolina and first ice chair of the [INAUDIBLE] democratic party and in

addition to being her at my personal capacity I represent the party in this remarks. We are here to speak to the urgency of the need to re-district Senator [UNKNOWN] it's my understanding that you have expressed belief that this is too rushed And that it's not as, need is not as urgent as, would be suggestive by the court's opinion so I'd like to address myself to the urgency of the matter in hand. the first reason this is urgent is because The districts, District one and District 12 are segregated by race and that because of the way they were districted back in 2011 their voting plan is Illegal and unconstitutional and wrong, in our own city of Wilmington [INAUDIBLE] removed a slice of the city of Wilmington downtown Wilmington, took it out of the seventh district and put it in to third district now the other result to bear is that the healthy African American populous of that district was removed from the district that the Wilmington neighbors voted and they are now voting in a district that stretches all the way from downtown Wilmington in the south east Part of our state all the way to the Virginia line they are represented by a congress man most of them have never laid eyes on, they have been disenfranchised and there needs to be a drift. Another reason for urgency, we've already had two elections with illegal and unconstitutional district and we need to have it fixed before we have a third election. Now the court, the Penal Court gave the legislature, the General Assembly two weeks tor redraw the district Several have commented that's a short period of time it puts a lot of pressure on the General Assembly, the first response to that is the two weeks deadline that was required by North Carolina laws by legislation passed by the General Assembly So to the extend this is a rush but the rush that was created by the General Assembly's [INAUDIBLE] actions. Further in our state knowing that this litigation was pending the General Assembly moved up the primary date to March 15, much earlier then it would have happened in the earlier years, now I understand the desire to be a player in the presidential nomination process but again to the extent there is urgency here the situation was created by the general assembly. We urge the general assembly to expeditiously redraw the districts in a fair and transparent and equitable manner. By transparent we suggest that the map drawing process be of public record. That the plan should be drawn up on a state computer that consultants that are assisting should be made available at committee hearing. And that the leadership disclose the money that it is spending on consultancy and lawyers in this process thank you. Thank you very much for this opportunity. >> Thank you very much moving on to UNC AshevilleSenator Heist. >> Representative Mcgrady has resumed in the chair and our next speaker is Jay/g Queen. >> Good afternoon my name is Jay Queen Well, I live in Asheville in Buncombe county and I'm Representative Mountain voices Alliance today. I am disappointed in the scheduling noticing the conduct of this meeting, the technical difficulties to the [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] disorganized chairing do not institute confidence in the committee. Or in its staff. About four years ago I testified against the Ruco Louis maps so fight it to say that I'm not surprised that they were thrown out

by federal court, or that we have to have this hearing today. Despite Senator Rucho's stated belief That the maps are fair, the federal district court has clearly indicated they are not. Senator Rucho is mistaken in his belief, and he ought to discard it. I am frankly surprised to hear the confusion about these maps constitutionality . The US District courts has made crystal clear that they are not constitutional, and that they do not comply with the law in United States. So folks let's no debate this, keeping these maps is not a option, take it off the table and change them. The executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party has stated that district maps out to be blind to race, but not blind to party registrations. I wanna congratulate the executive director, he is exactly wrong and that is why we are here today. Redistricting is not right. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> Can't hear him speak. >> There are six basic goals, six criteria, to consider when you are redistricting Number one equal populations, number two geographic contactness, number three geographic contiguity, number four preservation, or recognition of existing political boundaries, such as counties and precincts. Number five Respect for natural geographic boundaries and number six racial fairness. There should be no favor given whatsoever to voters political affiliation, it taints the process terribly. I will conclude in stating that I fully concur In the testimony offered by my friend and neighbor Tom Bias/g earlier today and ask the committee to consider it carefully. Carolina has got [BLANK_AUDIO] >> I assume the speaker is completed his presentation I'm I correct? >> No you are not. >> Well we couldn't hear you. Unfortunately the technical facilities here are not conducive to a smooth running hearing. That is not my fault that is your committee's fault. Thank you. >> Thank you very much. Let's go ahead now and we're going to well we've closed Railey/g as our speakers are concerned we're gonna continue doing our work. Let's go to Central Pedmount/g Representative Blawley. Thank you senator the next speaker is Susan/g Hardick/g. [BLANK_AUDIO] Mr Handick/g you're recognized for five minutes you have the floor sir. >> Thank you sir, Mr Chairman committee members and ladies and gentlemen both far and near. My name is Hammis/g Haness/g I am an American a registered voter in the eight district and the chairman of the north Carolina Republican Republican party. My single voice as the Republican Chairman represents large diverse communities of the human race. Nearly two million Republican voters fall strong in the state. Overall the North Carolina Republican party strongly opposes the redrawing of the congressional maps in the midst of an election. Likewise we believe lawmakers through the general assembly have and will continue to protect the rights Of North Carolina voters we also believe law makers have previously established voting/g boundaries that are fair, reasonable and legal. just for the record, the general assembly is not here to choose voters or even marginalized voters like [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] has suggested this part we're thinking in itself in offensive and from African American perspective quite frankly color has nothing to do with this.

Therefore it is completely ludicrous to think of Otherwise let me remind you, the North Carolina Supreme court upheld unanimously ruling of the three judge panel, I've heard the case in North Carolina Supreme court. Let me remind you that this 2011 every court has issued an opinion Opinion even the Obama justice department has reached a conclusion North Carolina redistricting maps are constitutional. All in all the Republican party and North Carolina is very diverse. We are largely satisfied, With our present day representation and the constitute services we are receiving Mr Chairman and committee members, present day congregational primaries must go on without judicial [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] delays in North Carolina congregational primary for the court order redraw of the maps will cause [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] voter confusion which will destabilize and utterly destroy voter confidence all across the state. Additionally disfranchised voters will not come out to vote in the [UNKNOWN] primary and this will end up costing the state say close to ten million dollars. For all the business owners and parents out there whatever happens to financial accountability and responsibility. Again the North Carolina Republican party are closing the redrawing of the congregational map. Democrats Roy Cooper want all their team of this congregational districts showing that they can be won by Democrats. [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] district currently held by republican none has had majority GPO registration. Therefore, all must create a broad coalition between Republicans, conservatives, Democrats and unaffiliated donors to win. It is all about campaigns and candidates and the message they present Therefore the current [UNKNOWN] is a result of Republican election victory which allow legislators to take partisan votes [UNKNOWN] account when drawn on districts. If North Carolina is forced to redraw the congressional districts, as a potential solution, the North Carolina Republican party believes that any congressional district Keep precinct and counties whole as much as possible. Congressional maps should be drawn into complete colour blind fashion with no regard to race or racial, political quaters. Due to the reclining influence of North Carolina's rural community, it is imperative that our states mother county Not be split. In closing, the North Carolina Republican Party opposes the redrawing of congressional maps, in the midst of the election cycle. We have full confidence in the North Carolina General Assembly. We thank you for your public service. We thank you for the public hearing. >> Mr. Hassan Your time has expired sir.Thank you sir. >> Thank you moving on to Cape Fear Community College, again Representative Davis. >> Thank you Mr Chairman, our next speaker will be Mr William Waylan. >> I am William Wayland I am the president In the South Eastern North Carolina Central Labor Council, a coalition of labor iii and Bronswick, iii, Duplin, New Hanover, and Penta County. We are here today because our legislature shows partisan politics in Build a system to North Carolina. The third district stretches from Wilmington to the Virginia border, the seventh district stretches from South Port to Riley. Most North Carolinian's believe me I represent the pride from the conservative to the liberal and my And our members but most North Carolinian's regardless of their political lenience find Gerrymandering wrong. The Republican legislature can do right by the citizens of North Carolina now by rejecting their sophisticated software program they created this Gerrymandering districts A split community and not competitive in the general election, legislature can choose instead to create districts that are compact keep communities together as much as possible.

Legislature can choose to use North Carolina constitution Articles two sections three and five as a guide that districts are not to be gerrymandered. In closing the South East and North Carolina Central Labor Council leave the citizens in North Carolina should choose their representatives and that Riley politicians do not choose their voters thank you. >> Thank you moving on to UNC Asheville Representative Mcgrady. >> Our next speaker is Blake [UNKNOWN]. >> Can I be heard Go ahead try it again. >> Thank you, for the chance to speak my name is Blake Assleston/g. I'm a Buncombe county residence, I'm a Mecklenburg county native, I'm a none affiliated voter, I'm a father I'm a business owner and professionally I work as a geographer. I work with Geographic information systems for more than 20 years. The situation that this recent court ruling and the deadline driving this hearing are to say the recent court ruling and the deadline is driving this hearing are emblematic of a larger problem and discuss many times today and that is partisan gerrymandering. I'm here to encourage the general assembly to follow the example of other states in adopting a none partisan transparent redistricting process. And I'd like to recognize that there are general assembly representatives from both parties in this room today who have championed such process. Representative Mcgrady in particular particular should be commended for supporting none partisan redistricting when he was the member of both the majority and the minority parties. It is also worth noting that organizations on both the conservative and the liberal sides of the spectrum have a [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] overhauling the process for redistricting. Other speakers have explained the best practices for drawing boundaries has been identified and that the district should be designed for compactness, contiguity, keeping counties whole and possible, and of course comp-lying with the voting rights act. The turn up for this hearings on short notice is attestation to public interest in the redistricting issue. The process therefore should allow for substantial citizen input with numerous location, numerous times of day, and many opportunities for involvement. Another thing about me I'm a a few weeks shy of my 43 birthday, that puts me older than the medium age in North Carolina, older than the medium Median age in Duncan County. In other words, half of North Carolina, half of its counties are younger than I am. I was asked to list my race when I signed in but not my age. Maybe it's not okay to ask. And it's probably not okay for me to ask for a show of hands in this room, although that would have been more helpful earlier today To ask how many folks are younger than I am in this room or how many folks were younger at the beginning of this meeting. I would submit that the composition of folks who are here today does not represent anything close to a cross section of Western North Carolina certainly when it comes to age and in 206, this year, calls for a more inclusive, public participation process. Thank you again for the opportunity to speak. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> That concludes the remark of the speaker, thank you. We'll go on to Central Piedmont Community College Representative Brawley. >> Thank you Senator. Pamela Grundy. Miss Grundy you are recognized for five minutes. >> Good afternoon everybody. Thank you for the opportunity to the state/g, thank you everybody who's come out for this very important issue. My name is Pamela Grundy, I have lived in the iii neighborhood of Sherlet for the past 20 years, I have been in several congressional districts even though I have never actually moved. I have been in the 12th congressional district, I was in the eighth Congressional district, I am now in the ninth congressional district. When I was in the eighth Congressional district it was fairly evenly split between Democratic and Republican voters, I was represented for a while by Republican Robin Hayes who is sitting here listening to all of this. This little [INAUDIBLE] I was represented by Democrat Larry [INAUDIBLE] my vote mattered and lets admit I Do not ever vote for representative Hayes sorry about that but I felt that he had been elected fairly every time that he was elected he has won a fair race of elections in the district iii we are live iii as he will know and eventually we Democrats round up by

very hard work by iii campaigning Larry Kimsel prevailed and became our representative that is how democracy shows work. Now I am in the night district and I'm represented by Robert iii, this district reads so heavily Republican That's a rate it's decided in the Republican primary a rather very strong democratic candidate when the district was recently changed to no avail it was really a hopeless race despite the strength of the Democratic candidate. So essentially as a Democrat my vote is As I do not vote in the Republican primary and I do not appreciate it, I could go to the polls and vote and I can cast my ballot but technically I enfranchise which was the purpose of the change a group of democratically voters was moved from a mixed district into a heavily Republican district specifically in order to reduce the impact of our votes in the districts we had been in and in the district into which we were put there were no more hard thought racist, no more districts where the better Republican or the better Democrat won it was now both districts are essentially not competitive. Representative Browley noted at the beginning that this meeting all of us here today represents the kind of democracy that the founding fathers intended [INAUDIBLE] districts which deprive people Of meaningful votes do not represent the kind of democracy the founding fathers intended. We need fair none partisan maps so we can have competitive races fair representation and get back to running the kind of democracy that our ancestors fought for. and that the people of North Carolina deserve thank you. >> Thank you Miss Grandy/g.>> Thank you very much going to [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] Community College Representative Davis. >> Thank you Mr Chairman our next speaker will be Mr Gerald Ben/g. >> I do my name is Gerald Ben/g and I live in North Carolina I'd like to go ahead and just voice my support for the current districting I believe they're fair if we look at turn out last year we had 120 people in the district I'm running for 2000 and only 30 had to show up to vote 30,000 people. No matter how [INAUDIBLE] the district are I'm running the district As a republican, that their fair is pumped up voter turnouts because ultimately that will defy all races. And for us to change anything after veteran votes has been passed already to [UNKNOWN] is wrong. If we wanna change it, we change it after the General Election, when we have time to sit down and actually make a difference. In how things are done, I do precipitate it thank you. >> Thank you very much moving on to UNC Asheville, Representative Mcgrady. >> Our next speaker is Darlene Azomy/g. >> Thank you can you all hear me? >> Yes. >> All right great so thanks for the opportunity to speak. I am an organizer for democracy for North Carolina but I'm here as a young person who cares and always has. So having a father from Iran I was always taught about the value of participating in democracy and I have been an active voter since I was eligible. I grew up in Lincoln North Carolina attended UNCW where I worked at the [UNKNOWN] for all four years and now I work on [UNKNOWN] Western North Carolina, to ensure that people turn out and vote. It is a tough job amidst all of the confusion about the states such as complexities of the voter ID law but I'm passionate about it and enjoy it. I'm a firm believer that voters should choose elected officials instead of legislators dividing our state to choose their voters. The timeline in which we've seen these public hearings created and announced speaks volumes about the level of transparency which citizens can expect in this process of redrawing, and unfortunately depicts what law makers feel is acceptable or what they can get away with in terms of accountability in doing so. Equal access to and fair representation in the political process or at the core of what elections are meant to ensure and democracy supposedly all by and for the people. The gentleman who spoke earlier about his suspicions of race determining whether comments are heard should not be ignored but taken seriously and responded to by all who represent us. I'd like to highlight the importance of the public participation of this act of redrawing plays out as a critical player [INAUDIBLE] integrity, morale and trust in a process that's been proved [BLANK_AUDIO] >> We can't hear you at this moment

>> Can you hear me now? >> Yes. >> Okay, apologies for that. So the gentleman who talked about the issue of race to terminate whether the comments should be heard, should not be ignored but taken seriously, and responded to by all who represent us. I'd like to highlight the importance of perception of how this act of redrawing plays out as a critical player in North Carolinean voters integrity, morale and trust in a process that has proven to be corrupt, which again comes to their belief in leaders. Now is the time to play fair, follow the rules and do what you're require to do, I hope that you seek the public's approval on any maps that are put forth as of this moment without alternatives, we have nothing to guide our commentary, that's what most voters believe that they can't have any real say in the decision that is made. It's no secret that districts were and have traditionally been racially mentored to consolidate or depreciate the political power of marginalized groups especially African Americans, stuff like this divides our state and community along racial lines and in turn compromise our ability to work together on a common goal. District one and two have historically elected African Americans by comfortable margins and [INAUDIBLE] it is clear that race was a primary determinant in the way that iii additionally our young students have seen college campuses, in fact USCA where I am today and nearby Walton, iii again undermining the ability to believe that elected officials want our voices to be heard citizens are truly applaud at the [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] political parameter, let's find their ability to have their votes [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] in the political process. Allowing [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] to draw the map given their interest building political power is and always will provide for a conflict interest. I hope the disaster of course having to divide what I call for our normalization of segregation due to national voting rights violation can be replaced with common sense none [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] form lead by our legislature with [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. We vote for you [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] until you can take that [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] should be public record any and in your plan should be drawn out at the general assembly on a computer chip for accountability. Further any consultants should be available [INAUDIBLE] accessible to the public for easy communication and for every cent of tax payers money spent on consultants to draw a map, I'd [INAUDIBLE] plan should be disclosed to the public. The fact that [INAUDIBLE] have been requested ii have not outraged by the damage done by holding a third election, on unconstitutional maps. Ensuring our elections are constitutional should be our first and foremost priority. I hope that all of you have head and take seriously concerns of citizens from across the state today. Eight people with me and the overflown room had to be some trends and I hope that if you please remember all those who are at work or whatever reason and could not be here to submit comments, thank you. >> Thank you very much we are going to go to Central Piedmont Community College and reminded to the moderators in each of the locations that we are have a five minute limit so representative Browly >> Thank you senator the next speaker is Claire Mahoney, Ms Mahoney you are recognized for five minutes the floor is yours. >> I appreciate it and first of all I really think it's great since many citizens have come out [INAUDIBLE] have come out to this hearing and that stuff was This is long speaks volumes about how involved we all are in the process. Most of my Mecilian points most made in writing have been made eloquently and repeatedly by a speaker but throughout this entire process one thing keeps repeating in my mind so I wanted to share even this Call for a non-partisan independent district committee to suspend iii that all hold dear and that we should be fighting for in the country why only be calling for in the site levels should we also apply on the local level or government has People you see as a 24 year residence of Sherlet and a life long republican I know well what it feels like to live in gerrymander district I know well what it feels like to live in a county where my voice is deluded where my ideas get very little play Play on the governments scene and so I do find it when I hear Christian Keino give declaring calls to candidates that he believes in your cause don't be afraid to say it, does he believe in this cause not to call for it right here in Sherlet where we live closest where we share should be closed as a community.

What we should be fighting, or what's right together as a community and I just had to get up here and make that call because I just thought you'd be aware of the silent song that encourages you to take this sort of power away from the unelected representatives And out in the hands of unelected bureaucrat that is just not something that I think is best for this state or this country. Thanks for listening and again you are all great for being her today. >> Thank you very much, moving on to capefear/g community college. I've got Representative Davis for the next speaker. >> Thank you Mr Chairman our next speaker will be Steve iii. >> Like say thank you for the committee for holding this today, I am the chair of the Democratic Party in Penta County I'm also running for office in the iii. It is time to redraw the district the courts have said so no statements/g come down from supreme court and folks who is is the current process is fair the courts have already spoken and now it's a matter of how we redraw districts so we create the most fairness. The argument that the elections started already isn't sufficient, we've gone through two elections cycles already and why we should do a third? So I think that is an insufficient argument. The other thing is that the leadership the general assembly has not moved up the primary we would be having a problem with election underway with this court ruling and sure we wanted it have more of a say on the national level but it also created this [INAUDIBLE AUDIO]. Any new map should be drawn on a state computer and it's consultant should be revealed and anybody whose paid to assist should be revealed. this should be open we should be transparent. Now I live in the seventh district, You know the third district comes here goes all the way up the Corola/g I lived in the outer banks for a year, that's a long way away. I couldn't tell you if right here our community college whether this is a third or the seventh district so it's important to have districts are contiguous and includes counties whenever possible. It includes areas in region I remember when this area was all fair districts. Even in Penta/c County where I came from, the county and former officials had to sue and won a case in the supreme court to leave the county alone when it came to state house districts. And we need to look at the North Carolina constitution which guides us in this area. Lastly I'd like to point out My regular job has me making athletic teams I work as athletics supervisor for the town of Surf City and one of the things I have to do is I have to try to create teams in such a way that there is competitive iii for me in playing we have fun games. I can't guarantee you who is never going to loose but if we don't have teams and we don't have fair districts. The kids don't play and wrap out, and if we don't fair districts, people are gonna drop out of the electoral process, we had from a couple of millennials today. They just wanna see fairness, they just wanna see opportunity and right now, we don't have that, we need to have that opportunity so i'm glad we're moving forward in that area one thing also, the state officials might consider is as you're redrawing and taking a look at non-partisan way of doing the congressional districts, you also look at the state in senate districts because there is also a lawsuit going through court and let's do it all at once. Thank you so much for the opportunity today I really appreciate it thank you, moving on to UNC Asheville, representative McGrady >> Our next speaker is Renne [UNKNOWN] after that Judy Manics, I believe I have four leave, that would bring Cary first [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] >> Carey First from Buncombe county today is about one issue how our government effectively disfranchised African Americans in two state districts by practice called gerrymandering. Voting right advocates challenged the district on racial grounds under the 13th Amendment granting voting privileges to homo male iii and equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment giving protected classes equal rights under law, we know the results. Three federal judges after hearing oral arguments and reviewing a massive evidentary record ruled two districts on constitutionally discriminated against African Americans by significantly deluding their ting rights. Even at this late date, I urge the assembly to accept the court opinion and send a message to African Americans in North Carolina that our state government respects them,

respects their voting rights and we'll start to do that. I cement accepting the three federal judge decision especially important to communities of color because of other legislations some call voter suppression, legislative voting changes that have affected African Americans include reducing early voting, noting African Americans disproportionately vote more as a percentage and early voting than on whites. Eliminating same day registration, number three voter ID, by continuing to challenge the federal decision which found Constitutional the curtailment of minority rights where iii we care more about legislative election strategy been about your voting rights. Our democratic government has a federal state and local level to be taking legislative action to encourage voting and sending a message Barriers to voting must be removed before 1920 for many of us in this room our grandmothers by law could not vote, their gender was an absolute flaw to voting. In 1920 a constitutional amendment gave the right to vote to women in the 1970 and earlier men who were sent to Vietnam conscripted and drafted and killed could not vote a constitutional amendment in 1972 gave the right to vote to those 18 to 21. Extending and supporting voting privileges is our proudest best history not deluding voting rights to minorities. The right thing for the general assembly is to tell you or attorney You are the client, tell your attorney that you are going to abide by the three judge decision and get on with it. In concluding, I'm extremely upset that at least several other public hearing sites folks signing in, or required to write in their race that's selling in. The sheriffs of this committee should immediately write to each person listing their race, and apologize for this invidious request. This is not as important at a hearing that concerns race discrimination. Do not allow future public government hearings to include a racial ethnic identity thank you. >> Thank you moving to Central Piedmont Community College, representative Browly. >> Thank you senator our next speaker is Justin Connolly. Mr Connolly you are recognized for five minutes, you can have the floor thank you. >> Good afternoon I'd first of all thank the committee for the opportunity to speak on congressional redistricting. Our country Was founded on the ideals of government of, by and for the people. Our great state deserves qualified leaders, fairly elected to represent their interests in [UNKNOWN] in Washington. But that's not happened. I'm a new Mecklenburg County resident but a North Carolina native. I currently serve as the President of the Young Democrats in North Carolina, we work to create a mechanism for registered Democrats aged 18 to 35, to have an active role in our community in the spirit of the Democratic Party. My organization represents that changing state of the 7th most rapidly diversifying state in our country. The overwhelming majority of our members could only legally vote around the time in the last census in 2010. Our state is changing. And in order to harness the potential we have as a state, we must ensure we have a government that reflects its people. Elections should be simple. The party that gets the most votes should win the most seats in Congress In our general assembly but that's not what is happening. In 2012, 2.2 million of our friends and neighbors voted for a democratic congregational candidate compared to 2.1 who voted for Republican candidate. Yet nine out of the 13 US house districts send a Republican to congress. Fair district lines matter. They matter because these elected representatives should reflect the state population and accurately reflect the will of the people of North Carolina. It's frustrating to stand in a forum and argue for our rights to be represented fairly by my elected officials. It is frustrating to see the will of our people not reflected in Reflected in the halls of our congress and on jump street and Rolly. It is frustrating to feel the weight of our generations challenges from tackling climate change income inequality. They have to use time and energy to fight for something more fundamental, my right to be represented fairly in my government. Every North Carolinian should have equal access to be represented, where power is not shared democracy breaks down. Politics from the fringe extremes of those major political parties, with unwillingness to compromise. Last year, we saw congress has one of the most unproductive and unpopular sessions in history. Despite the Impact full of representatives from one party. Now I'm a democrat without precincts or apologies,

but I long for the era of hyper partisan to be over. I'm tired of waking up everyday to this same old politics. I want a government that compromises works across the aisles to solve problems and puts people first. Now You have an opportunity to draw fair districts. You also have 63 members of vote parties in the house, and in additional members of the senate willing to work to end this argument altogether by passing independent redistricting reform. You have the opportunity to make this state elected leadership look like North Carolina. The opportunity to give the people of this state the representation it deserves. Our state faces too many problems to get hang up on the usual partism politics, but at the end of the day unfair districts do not address the one of four children of our state living in poverty, unfair districts do nothing to make more fallible unfair districts do not create jobs or boost wages for those working full time, but still can't make ends meet. But I know if we have a government that reflects the great people of this state, there's no problem we cannot solve together. Remember, this is the state where the weak grow strong and the strong grow greater we can overcome the problems of today and get ahead of the ones tomorrow. But it starts with fairness, this is how we create a more perfect state and this is how we create a more perfect humane. Thank you. >> Thank you. >> Thank you Mr. Conely/g. >> Okay, going on to continuing our discussion about redistricting and how and how the speaker believes that they can change it and improve it, we are talking about Cape Fear Community College representative Davis. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman, our next speaker will be Mr. Dennis Dickson. >> Thank you Mr. Chairman and thank you representative Davis My name is Dennis Dickson, I live in Wellington and i'm happy to have the opportunity to participate in this hearing. I'm very thankful that the framers of our constitution organized the House of Representatives where the members would have to stand for reelection every two years. That makes the house of representatives that part of the national government that's able to respond to changing issues and priorities. Is desirable that the election of congressman be as competitive as possible. However gerrymandering has come to be a custom established Published by tradition to interfere with that competitiveness in congregational elections. Gerrymandering is well established and we have to acknowledge that any gerrymandering will work Some segments of the population in this case it has turned that the federal court has determined that the gerrymandering in North Carolina a few years ago has gone beyond the bounds of ordinary gerrymandering. And that is much being corrected. I think we should be grateful that the courts has impelled us to reduce the impact of gerrymandering on our congregational elections thank you very much. >> Thank you moving on to UNC Asheville Representative Mcgrady. >> Our next speaker is Ernie Thourston [BLANK_AUDIO] Apparently he's not here. Next is Terrence Clark. Mr. Clark, you've got five minutes. >> Can you hear me? >> Yes sir. >> Okay. my name is Terrence Clark. I'm a retired physician I live in Duncan County, Handler/g area. I want to emphasize that I'm speaking today as a citizen of North Carolina and Duncan County. We are here today I want to underscore, because it is unconstitutional to base redistricting on race. So I'll repeat that because we've gone on tensions/g of a lot of issues, we're here today because it's unconstitutional to base redistricting on race. I have a concern that there was very poor publicity about this meeting. Personally I learned last night looking at the local newspaper. I'm particularly concerned that I have the sense that the districts that have been discussed the most,

district 1 and 12 have been underrepresented. I think that this is not going to be a sufficient amount of public hearing, there have been two illegal elections, there is no reason to have a third illegal election. We live in a great country and have a great constitution which includes the protection of citizen's So that they can elect representatives that reflect sensible and fairly drawn constitutional sound districts. This is a partisan issue but it has been said today let's stop beating each other with the partisan stick. [BLANK_AUDIO] The inconvenience of the logistics of the upcoming elections should not be used to permit the republic and legislature to use that as a manipulation. I have recommendations, number one several people have said it I believe you need to delete the question about race in today's hearing. I saw that on the entry forms that is not relevant can you hear me? >> Yes sir keep speaking. >> Okay, I request that the The legislature comply promptly with the three panel judges ruling to do the redistricting map. I request that well publicized public hearings be set for next week with a particular emphasis on the districts that have been discussed so much today. I also that you clarify guidelines of how we submit our written documents. Many people have scribbled documents and some have handed them in I think you'd like some pipes/g and when do you want them. I also ask that it be a priority Party in the next session to set up a commission to look at none partisan redistricting thank you. >> Thank you moving on to Piedmont Community College Representative Browley. >> Newton here? >> [INAUDIBLE]. >> Wait Jack Brosh/g. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> My name is Jack Brosh/h I'm a resident of Mecklenburg County and I think I'm bringing a perspective to this argument that I've not heard enunciated previously and it is that perspective of a candidate, the US congress North Carolina south district so I know about [UNKNOWN] a little bit and I'm not going to talk about some of the effects that are gonna happen on voters but don't let my lack of comments mean I don't agree with many of the previous speakers on that topic. What I am gonna talk about is the fact that this late change will have on candidates in North Carolina.Candidates file for office and they try their best to stand up to the rules and regulations supplied by the general assembly and by the board of elections. And those rules need to be out previous so that they can plan their campaigns, that they can map their district and they can figure out what voters are most likely to be able to be persuaded to their side argument and to be able to use scarce resources to get those constituents to vote for them. [BLANK_AUDIO] Not like the previous arguments, but a little over a week ago we had a national event Called the Superbowl, did you imagine the morning of the Superbowl when all over sudden [INAUDIBLE] we are not going to go by yards, we are going to go by meters, we are going to change the whole game and you know that ten yard play that you practiced and you playing for so that you can get that first [INAUDIBLE] and you could move that Is going to be adjusted we are not working with meters, how will that affect the game the video that we so dearly love called football. [UNKNOWN] Taylor is a fellow at Lubar Institute and a Professor at Stanford University and I think he says best and what he said was that society thrives when they have a predictable policy framework,

but while I agree with many of the previous people in their comments about redistricting in the long term and I suggest they look at House Bill 49 and Senate Bill 28. This are bills that are already front of the General Assembly but now is not the time do not shake the globe and create another snow fall thank you. Excuse me thank you going on to Cape Fear representative Davis. >> Thank you Mr chairman our next speaker will be Ms Sonya [INAUDIBLE]. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> Good afternoon my name is Sonya Benison I'm a registered voter in district seven in iii county I was raised in district three and a community organizer in district three. I am a descendant of those who were held in captive It may form a slave here in North Carolina, I can tell you as my families history back to the Beverly plantation here in Wilmington on my fathers side where my great grandfather, and my great aunt were former slaves there. I found out about The last minute and it discouraging when district 3 is heavily impacted by this maps, where you have your heavily populated African Americans who were put in congressional 3 who were formally in Congressional 7 and I hope that you reconsider this when you redo the math. It's a shame that we live in a country, we're descendants of former slaves still have to fight for our constitutional rights, a rights that we were born with. My father, a disabled veteran gave his life for this country and he believed in voting. He is also baptist minister he believed in voting and to hear I'm not voting was worse than be locked up in jail because that was not something that was given to us easily. And when I look for the fight to vote I don't have to look far. My cousin and iii was spit on trying to exercise her right to vote and jailed for two weeks. This is not the North Carolina we should have, this is not the North Carolina I want for my children and for future generations. Please revisit the maps, as of two weeks to protect the constitution Is nothing cuz many people have died protecting the constitution thank you for listing. >> Thank you moving on to UNC Asheville Representative Mcgrady. >> Our next speaker is Carman/g Ramos/g Penny. [BLANK-AUDIO] Give us just a second. [BLANK_AUDIO] >> Representative Mcgrady. Give Ms a second. >> Okay. >> I am Karmen Ramos Kennedy the newly elected president of the iii branch in double ACP, I will attempt to do as my good friend Beth iii told me when speaking publicly keep it simple. The three federal judges have ruled that the the 2011 North Carolina redistricting map was drawn along racial lines. It's unconstitutional with the computer technology for mapping those in the majority in the legislature have divided communities, divided college campuses put people on the same street and different districts This has been done to a degree never seen before. I ask you to do the right thing, redraw the districts get new absentee ballots out to those who have already voted the ruling must stand and maps be redrawn no excuses. Now Speaking personally as Carman Roms/g Kennedy a registered voter, a lifelong activist in the work of the community. Personally I believe redistricting should be non partisan, we need to reform the process and it should be an independent agency that does that job. No elected official should be safe in their district. They should not spend time focusing on securing funding for their next election, they should be focusing on the work of the people.

I'm incensed and dismayed that no sooner than Scotus/g took the teeth out of the voting Rights act in 2013, did North Carolina, Texas and other states pass extreme voter Id law restricting voting rights. All under the guise of voter fraud. They passed legislation for a problem that is so miniscule that it barely exists. Too much blood has been spilled for the right to vote. Too much blood has been spilled for the right to vote. Impediments to voting is on Americans thank you. >> Thank you very much going to Central Piedmont Representative Brawley. >> Thank you senator Margret Davis. [BLANK_AUDIO] Mrs. Davis you're recognized for five minutes you have the floor. >> Thank you senator Brawley. It's a pleasure to be here and I've learned so much listening to everybody Across the state and I really agree that this wasn't well publicized, the notice was too short and obviously there's great interest in this and we need more discussion and more opportunities to [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] and that's all of us in North Carolina. The thing that keeps coming to me and I'm new at this As something it has socialized events for my whole life because I'm a mother and I care about the future of this country I'm the daughter of a veteran who was at pro-harbor when it was bombed, I lived in a country where I could not vote because I was not a citizen as an adult I moved back to this country so I could vote I could get involved in the process and I want to acknowledge that today is also the birthday of [INAUDIBLE] Anthony who was a fearless activist in many, many fields but especially put an end to slavery and put the right of women to vote. I am in favor of this maps being re-drawn clearly this court has spoken, it is inconvenient, it could cause chaos but I think it's chaos that has been opportunity to have a fair system, a system that really does represent the people of North Carolina that we have a vote that needs something I've been I'm a student here at Central Piedmont now I've been offering voter registration opportunities in a non-partisan way and it's really disturbing to here young people say my vote doesn't matter it's a game it doesn't interest me because I can't make a difference and I don't think that's the kind of country we want and I know that for my children, grandchildren and yours that we can do better and that we must look at this maps use the technology that's available to us to do this in an impartial way. The Democrat and the Republicans are being guilty of Jerry Mandy and it has to stop Thank you very much. >> Thank you. >> Kate Vier Community College representative Davis. >> Thank you Mr Chairman our next speaker will be Ms Barbra Grail. [BLANK_AUDIO]. >> Well I thank you that I am able to speak here I think I was going to do it I thought I Back down there for a lot of things that people have said, I go this way with one, and I go that way with the other one so but there is a lot of good things said but I have mine to say and I say to [INAUDIBLE]. I'm Barbra Graham district seven [INAUDIBLE] North Carolina, my precincts I'm a mother already in my precincts basically it's a one quarter republican three quarters in craft so I have no problem with that I look to see who's what precincts has at a chair person and I find that there are several precincts that have no chair person to me the most important level to be involved in political process is local and so I encourage people to do that and not to see a [INAUDIBLE] without a chairperson. I have on my list Republicans with no phone number, people don't even wanna be called, so [LAUGH] our concerns, if we're concerned we have to make ourselves available and so I;ve said what I wanted to say here. I concur with [INAUDIBLE] new law Eric who was the chair of District Seven, [UNKNOWN] from Cook County [UNKNOWN] North Carolina Republican chair person that I agree with, redrawing the district map before a major election appears to be a chest like move with all intent to cause confusion, disenfranchise all voters, redrawing Congressional district now disrupt the whole voting process after the general election in November it's a time to take this up. Dr. Martins Luther King purpose to see all races and all colors be judged by character and not color this move to redistrict voting district

by color does not honor the intent of Dr Martin Luther King he intended that all people could live and achieve by their characters, abilities, and desire to achieve. We have many colors representing all of us in congress, the senate and the president. Redrawing the district lines probably will always look [INAUDIBLE] to one ethnicity or socio-economic group or political affiliation etc. May well always be it may as well always look discriminating or segregating to one ethnicity or another. If we group all one race in one district by themselves it appears to discriminate but actually allows that race to vote for someone other of their own ethnicity. If we try to mix the races then it appears to discriminate because it wasn't possible to incorporate equally all races We have the freedom to move from state to state, county to county, city to city. Populations will always be shifting, district lines represent population numbers not the color of ones skin. We are Americans, we'll start being Americans. Presumption that a person of one ethnicity or another will discriminate or not discriminate is There is indeterminable because it's a matter of the heart. Re-empowered rule and all ethnicity to derail the primary in regard line but this time, it's strictly a movement of power and not the best interest of our election process. After having said all that, I am not opposed to redrawing lines but I am opposed to the delaying. I am Of the heart. [BLANK_AUDIO] I am opposed to believe a primary to do so this time. I just one way or another, we'll satisfy our population. WE are Americans and that means no power hereditary ethnic Americans. No matter what the lines each district includes Americans. People come together and we [INAUDIBLE] together no matter No matter what your race or color is about time exercising your voice in the political process happens in your local precincts. As I've said my first political seat/g at my first political state convention I noticed the district representing Charlotte has 700 delegates approximately 170 were there I was very disheartened. That people weren't there we as people need to take the responsibility of our democratic process in our local precincts. I researched and I said this researched the precincts in my area and found didn't even have a chair person. And several did not include both democrats and republicans finally we should not redraw redraw lines a few weeks before thew presidential primary if at all voter Id will not discourage voting but redrawing congregational distract will. I can't even get five people to attend a local precinct meaning to talk about issues our country or just in our own county. We need to be involved and so I wanna thank you for listening I am a 67 year old woman who took this country for grated for many, many years. I finally got involved and took notice of what was happening in the presidential elections in 2012 and I was appalled at the corruption and the misinformation that we were given by our main steam media. So here I am and that's why I'm here. >> Thank you UNC Asheville Representative Mcgrady. >> Mr chairman our last speaker is Samuel Capwen/g [BLANK_AUDIO]>> [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] >> You have to hold it [INAUDIBLE AUDIO].>> Go ahead. >> One of the camera is right is it that one? >> Hey welcome thank you so much for for listening to the public today my name is Sam Kaplin/g I'm honored to be a professor of mathematics at UNC Asheville, I'm not formerly representing you UNC Asheville or for that matter the mathematical association of America or anything else just myself I'm a native of North Carolina and just wanted to take one second to remind the audience of the power of Jerry Mandarin I think I drew a picture apologized for the simplicity of the image I think you can say there is two colors there they look to me like red and black I don't know how How it covers over to your camera so you can imagine this as a layout maybe a voter or neighborhood or counties, there are 13 red, 12 blacks, if you do a simplicity cut the five districts you can't see the line between them is that true [BLANK_AUDIO] How about

now can you see the line. [INAUDIBLE] is on line to end up with two majority of one and one three majority in the other okay? Not big surprise. [BLANK_AUDIO] If you instead Group the reds together to a super majority district divide the other ones equally you end up with four representative Black even though they were the minority out of the five districts. This is exactly what was done in North Carolina if you overlay the boundaries of the district with the demographic information from the centers, it's quite apparent and that I'm sure was heard of the influence for ruling of the race played a role, what I would like to say is as we move past this next crisis however we decide we will hopefully move to a position where we consider a non method of drawing this districts, we can use tools that have been developed by mathematicians in the last 20 years specifically around gerrymandering and meeting criteria like compartment and demographic information to make sure that we minimize mischief and any mad making and we can quantify gerrymandering and we should do so, everyone believes in national government, let's use the tool that we have, the 21st century to make sure that we have national representation in our district. Thank you so much for your time and attention >> Thank you very much. Going to Central Piedmont, representative Browley. >> Thank you senator. Our next speaker is Mike Hartman. Mr. Hartman, you're recognized for five minutes. You have the floor. >> Thank you. My name is Mike Hartman. I live in South Charlotte near the airport I don't know who Jerry is but I'm trying to pin mandering in our elections. Let's be clear this districts are drawn from my voting power to black people. First in 12 districts were drawn to test African American together that they only get to influence a couple of congressional districts. Let's talk about our troops, I've heard a lot of people talk about troops earlier today, let's talk about our democratic soldiers, we don't have a fair say in their government because some folks in rally wanna draw a district like a five year old draw for a matching sketch Let's talk about that. I have a friend who lives in Hickory in [UNKNOWN] County [INAUDIBLE] but because he's a Democrat, he doesn't really count for much county. Do you really care about the truth? You will draw fair district that are as competitive as possible so that veterans and troops from both of our parties get a fair chance to choose which congress person will be voting on which group of [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] in the middle East. Bottom line use a computer program Redraw these districts in a non partisan fashion send out [INAUDIBLE] ballots and hold a fair election for once thank you. >> Thank you very much. >> Thank you Mt hudman/g. >> I've got going to [INAUDIBLE] Representative Davis. Is this your last speaker there? Thank you Mr chairman the last speaker that I have to sign up today is Mr William Shell/g. >> This is a little weird I think it's the first time I've ever spoken anywhere to a microphone and ceiling/g. I was scheduled to speak earlier my name is Bill Sherry and I'm Chairman of Republican party in[INAUDIBLE] county, I'm a lawyer and redistricting litigation through 40 years participated in some of it but as I said I was scheduled to speak earlier I had to go to the hospital to get a heart monitor put on Put on and I assure you it wasn't because of all the stuff I'd heard this morning. >> [LAUGH] >> [INAUDIBLE] but I'm back and I wanna talk to you just a little bit. Some of stuff maybe a little repetitive but I hope some of it isn't because I'm going to make some suggestion. Now we are here because of what I call extreme gerrymandering, we're not talking about gerrymandering as extreme it's been made possible by the computer and computer software. And what has happened is it led to non competitive missions in North Carolina.

None of the elections for any Congressional districts are competitive [INAUDIBLE] and what that does is decrease voter participation and what that does is bad democracy, and the way we've done it is terribly bad. We've done it in as we blunt about it, it's been done by racial packing/g and we have developed in North Carolina a systems of apartheid Voting and that's call it just exactly what it is now this is going to, the remedy to the situation is going to involve more than the 12th and the 1st district. It's gonna have to be changes in other districts as well and they are gonna have to be fairly substantial. I've heard the argument that this start/g things in the chaos that's not true number one is if there is any chaos or any uncertainty is the fault of the General Assembly. And voters are gonna hold them accountable because of that. But that's not necessarily we've got technology available to us be able to do this job and to do it right and to do it within the time that as been allotted to us. And if we're not able to do that we'll just use more time than what we need to do. There is nothing magical about having a primary on March the 15th it was previously on May the 15th. It was done extensively I don't think that was the only reason to get more participation from the presidential candidates Then on March the 15th where one of four states holding presidential primary the others Ohio, Illinois, Florida all bigger than us the are all winner take all. We are proportionate if you are on a Republican primary for instance or going five or six candidates probably still at that point we're gonna get any participation much from a presidential candidate we may get some form the Democrats of course they are only going to be two. But so the primary has to be post postponed and finally reopened then so be it. We can do that let's get this thing right. Now this court case is going on I can tell you it appears to be quite clear that the chances of a state from the Supreme court are slim. That's especially not what [INAUDIBLE] is now I think the case are eventually gonna be lost in the [INAUDIBLE] certainly is going to be lost in the US supreme court. So why do that? Bad legal advice takes hundreds of thousands Thousands, maybe millions are already getting ready to pay millions more which is [INAUDIBLE] wWe don't need to delay this anymore, we had unconstitutional maps in 2012 and 2014 we don't need it again in 2016. The way to allocate it we have three choice, one do nothing Number two tanker around the edges of these districts and both of those choices that were laid to continue litigation, the expenditure millions of dollars and in the end it will result in the federal courts redrawing our districts of course and that will happen. Those are not [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] Let's do it right and the way to do it right is Make the changes and make the big change, taking an island into considerations two things, compactness of the district and the community of interest. If you do that redistrict it's really not hard. It's really not.There was one marked Sean up here I believe [INAUDIBLE] was in [INAUDIBLE], take a look at that, because I think that might be It might be good, if you do it right and get it right, then the public will find you, if you don't they gonna fire you. That's just the way it is. Now, we are new head of county, we've two congress men neither one seems to have any particular interest in new head of a county although we've 220,000 people live here. That's not the way I hope you will get right, I hope you will do the right thing but I'm not convicted. I think that what will happen is that these hearings are pretty much a shame and decisions have already been made. And I hope I'm wrong, I really hope I'm wrong. I thought that one time the Republicans could do it better, I was wrong Prove me wrong again now and do it right in this day. I appreciate you all representatives to talk to you of my experience over the period of time, and I hope you'll get it right cuz the way it is now it is wrong. >> Thank you. All right. I think we're Complete in Cape Fear representative Davis, we complete in Ashville representative McGrady and the last one I believe is going to be Central Piedmont representative Browly that >> Mr. Rucho I have the excellent news that I'm introducing Bill The last speaker from Central Piedmont Mr Jet you are recognized for five minutes you have the floor. >> Thank you I appreciate it thanks for being here and allowing me to be here today I am going off the script a little bit from the beginning cuz a lot of what I heard today sounds very reasonable.

I've also had a lot of inflammatory things, the comments I've heard absolutely out of the ball park nowhere to remain n the conversation. My name is Bill Jefferson and I go back on script, I am a resident of Metro Urban county iii member of district 12 Directly affected by this issue, I'm also a combat that I fought for this country so that you could be here, okay. Well I'm not an attorney or a judge I am [UNKNOWN] person, this issue may well require aggressive legislation but as for the cause to side not for us to decide here, however as a common sense person it's obvious to me that ordering redrawing of multiple district lines in such a short time frame just to meet a judicial order on long setting problem will result in a terribly ill considered result and it'll only probably have to be redone at a later date, also to demand this action at this point in time well obviously the hugely disruptive to the voters in the upcoming election. If the objective was to truly ensure fairness and equity for all voters and will fall in It will fail in that and those that oppose moving forward are showing themselves to be discontinuous in their motives. This leads me to ask why now and not in a time frame we are suited to obtain a real resolution to the problem if needed if a real resolution exists I don't know it does I don't have the information. I don't think most of us have the information to be honest for what I've heard today. My perception of this effort both by the individual bringing this action as well as the judges who made such a ridiculous order that this all meant to be as disruptive to this process To disenfranchise as many voters as possible. Therefore I find it this is a lousy stamp various people are supposed to be helping will be hurt in the process not to mention that all the voters that have already voted will give their attitude why my vote doesn't count anyhow? Which is Exactly the problem in the place, it is hard enough to get people out to vote and now you are sending them a message that their vote doesn't count [INAUDIBLE_AUDIO] to new set of rules, new set thank you. >> Thank you very much. Okay Senator, and at that point the [INADIBLE_AUDIO] is closed. >> Thank you. All right, ladies and gentlemen of the committee, first of all I'd like to thank the public for participating in this event and doing their part, and also for the attention of the committee. I'd like to specially thank our court reporter, thank you very Much for a wonderful job and being very patient with us. Before I finish the final statement, the representative Louis, any comments? >> Yes Mr. Chairman and thank you. I'd like to offer my sincere thanks on behalf of the chairs to the members of the house and the senate, those that are here in Raleigh today, and those that are attending the remote sites across the state. Further I thank our central stuff for their hard work over the weekend, the NCGA police, the house sergeant-at arms, our partnership with the community college, and also with the universities. Thanks to your help we've been able to pull off a series of public comment for the past five and a half Hours. We've done that across six sites. I would point out for the record that in 2002 the Democrats controlled general assembly was ordered to redraw the maps they held no public hearings. I further point out that in 2003 when the Democrat majority was ordered to redraw the map said held one it was in Riley had 20 speakers we have had more than 60 participate and express their concerns over the past five and a half hours. I'm very grateful to all of you who took time to participate today, I will further add Mr Chairman, that the comments that were submitted in written form Prior to noon today are hereby directed to be sent to the members of the joint iii committee for their review comment that continues to come in prior to eight o'clock tonight will also be bashed and sent to members of our committee prior to our committee tomorrow thank you Mr chairman that concludes my comments. >> Thank you representative Louis and I do join you in saying thank you very much for the general assembly staff the IT folks staff you did a remarkable job in putting together a flawless public hearing and I personally say thank you for your hard work we appreciate it very, very much. And I know the committee members do the same We have achieved our

goal today and that is to have everyone that chose to speak to have an opportunity to speak and for anyone else they are more than welcome to put in as a representative of Louis alluded to they can use public comment on the NCLED website. Tommorow, members of the committee, tomorrow we will be meeting and going over of course you'll have a chance to go over the comments that have been made today, going over the issue of the written comments, that came in- >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Okay. We'll hold that final comment. Apparently there was a person that was not seated at their seat when he was supposed to be there to speak. So Representative Brolly in [UNKNOWN] Central [UNKNOWN] last speaker please. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Representative Brolly [BLANK_AUDIO] Representative Bronley, can you hear me? [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] >> Representative Brawley. >> I got muted. >> Okay Representative Brawley has the speaker begin again please if you be kind enough. >> Yes Matt Newton is recognized for five minutes. >> Thank you so much and I hope you can her me now my name is Matt Newton I live in Charlotte I'm an attorney with my law firm Law firm here I'm also chairman of the Mecklenburg county democratic party. I'll keep it very brief and I wanna apologize for lifting the deadline a moment ago. I thank you all so much for sticking around and for listening to me very quickly I did read the opinion of the court that was issued about a week and a half ago A half ago and as I understand it I was a bit shocked by that opinion as I understand it the proportion was asserted that racial gerrymandering did not occur because political gerrymandering had occurred. In my opinion I think regardless of the gerrymandering that happened It should not be tolerated even if there's a [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] this in the past I think it's time that we all put our foot down and many people before have talked about [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] commission to redraw lines in the future and i hope that the general assembly take that seriously under consideration as we move forward. Having said that In my county we have one of those congressional districts that need to be redrawn that is congressional District 12 it is surrounded by both congressional district 9 and congressional District 8. I wanted to bring to the attention of the General Assembly the numbers, of folks that have been redistricted out Of the 8th and the 9th into the 12th and after if we move forward and there is no [INAUDIBLE] of the federal Court's order tomorrow and please consider slating those folks who on my opinion have been disenfranchised back to the 8th and 9th district and what we're talking about here is what we are talking about 47000 African American voters, 47000, there are 13000 in congressional nine that were displaced including the congressional 12 and they were at least 34000 that were taken out of eight before even 12. So as you move forward if redistricting does occur by Friday please please pleas we value every voice in our democracy, we value our neighbors here in Mecklenberg county, please consider placing those folks, those 47000 voices back into congressional 8 and congressional 9. Thank you so much for your time Thank you. All right. Members of the committee will finish up with the last comment and that being the select committee on the redistricting joint select committee will be meeting Tuesday at 10 O'clock in 643 here and at that time, we will have a chance to digest all the information we received today and try to establish some criteria upon which we would like to draw these maps that would go inside with what the court decision was read. That being said, this committee meeting, public hearing is over.