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Senate | September 30, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order, sergeant at arms close the doors and members will go to their seats members and guests in the gallery please silence your electronic devices leading the senate in prayer the senator Paul Lowe all members and guests in the gallery please stand. Let's pray thou who at eternal who's given us this good land of our heritage we humbly beseech thee that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of thy favor and glad to do that will, bless the old North state with honorable industry, sound learning and pure manners, save us from violence, discord, confusion, pride And arrogance, defend our liberties, fashion us unto a people that might be worthy of that name and then we ask that you'd continue to bless us with wisdom that we might be able to continue to do thy will as we uplift the downtrodden as we help those and comfort those that are hurting as we make ways for those that cannot find a way and then when we do that we ask that you would continue to give us the energy and the courage to do all of the things that you have called us to do, these things we play in the name of He that orders our steps and meets us with mercy these things we play and all of the people say Amen. senators let's come to order. Senator Apadoca is recognized for a motion. Mr. President journal of Tuesday September 29, 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct I'm not sure who examined it I move that the senate dispence with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. Without objection the journal for September 29 stands approved as written senators we leaves of absence granted for senator Baringer, Cook and Bengham and that takes us into our calendar and what we are going to here since we are already in our concurrence for senate bill 279 we will pick up where we left off with senate bill 279 senate bill 279 clerk will read. senate bill 279 amend qualifications pack counseling do we have any further discussion or debate on the motion to concur? Senator Robinson what purpose rise? To see if senator Beckford would yield for a question Senator Beckford do you yield? Yes Senator Barefoot in the latter sections, sections 5. Which does change the original language in the law. It talks about experts credentialed in fields of Sexual Health Education Adolescence psychology Behavioral counselling. Can you give us some explanation in terms of why those were added, it's not in the current law. Why those were added? I think that what the House thought was that the current requirement of only Sexual Health Education Credential People, whatever that is was too narrow and so they added a list of credentials that they though would be valuable for that particular subject. To speak on the. Senator Robinson you have the forward to speak on the motion. Thank you Mr. President and in the current law it does talk about experts in the field of sexual health education and it ends there, and here this language as people, behavioral

counselling, ethics, adolescence psychology which lives beyond the medical, or the heal related issues in terms of which real information that is factual. So I'm not convinced that this is important in this, or that it should be here. So I object actually to this and I will vote to support it. Do you have any further discussion or debate on the motion? Hearing none the question for the senate is the motion to concur in the house committee substitute to senate bill 279 all in favor vote aye oppose will vote no, five seconds to be left for voting, clerk will record the vote. Apodaca aye. Ice, Berger, Jackson, Brown Moore no, McKissick no, was that a no senator McKissick? McKissick no. Hartsol, Raven, Harrington 24 having voted in the affirmative and 16 in the negative the Senate concurs in house committee substitute Senate bill 279 and it'll be enrolled and sent to the governor going back senators to the top of our calendar Local bills third reading roll call, House bill 504 clerk will read. House bill 504 Moore County occupancy tax increase. Do we've any discussion or debate? Hearing none the question before the senate is the passage of committee substitute house bill 504 on its third reading all in favor will vote aye opposed will vote no five seconds will be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote Apodaca aye Herger, Jackson, Reuben, Hardso, Brown, Ice, Brian aye Wadell aye 32 having voted in the affirmative and seven in the negative committee substitute House bill 504 passes its third reading it'll be enrolled. Moving on to public bills second reading house bill 126, clerk will read House bill 126 mortgage originations port registration. Senator McKissick is recognized to speak to the bill. That is a pretty straight forward bill I think many people in rules of this bill discussed earlier today and later in finance. It basically a staff as a new procedure for the registration of loan originators in loan plus it does not exist today. It complies with federal law and basically amends the safe Mortgaging Licencing Act the state's banks commissions supports it, I'm not aware of any opposition, I would ask for your support. Do we have any discussion, or debate? Hearing none, the question for the senate is the passage of the Senate Committee Substitute to House Bill 126 on a second reading, all in favor vote aye, oppose will vote no, five seconds to be left for the voting, and clerk will record the vote. Apadoca aye. 38 having voted in the affirmative, Anderson aye. 39 having voted in the affirmative and 1 in the negative, Senate Committee substitute to House Bill 126 passes it's second reading without objection, will be read a third time. North Carolina assembly enact. Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the senate is the passage of senate committee substitute to house bill 126 in its third reading all in favor say aye opposed no, the aye have it senate committee substitute house bill 126 passes its third reading it will be sent to the house for concurrence in the senate committee substitute with in close to amendment number one and that wraps up calendar. Senator Apodaca for our purpose you rise? Mr. President we're going to need to take a 30 minute recess let me give you an update we have one Bill that we're conferencing right now, we finish that up bring it back for concurrence, we'll do the adjournment resolution together so that is where are hopefully we

can writer this up within 30 to 45 minutes. 30 minutes senator will stand and asses on bill 115 subject to messages from the house. Senate will come to order. Senator Berger is recognized. Thank you Mr. President. Mr. President I would ask that the senator Stam recess until 3.10, and during that recess, so I would announced that that there will be a joint meeting of the Republicans and Democrats in the caucus room to review the Bill that will be Coming forward once we come back into session Senate stands in recess until 3:10 Ratification Bills, clerk will read. in house bill opposed to signed bill as a matter of fact opposition the governor house bill 126 an act to authorize through out the offer of the commission of bank to implement the legislature system for person engaged hopefully in a process no wonder residential mortgages loan and not engaged in mortgage business. House bill 259 an act making technical conforming another mystification to the current operation patient and capital improvement appropriations act for 2015. House bill 765 an act to provide regulatory relief to the citizen of North Carolina by providing for various administrative reforms by eliminating certain unnecessary outdated statues and regulations and modernize or simplify cumbersome or outdated regulations and by making various other statutorily changes. House Bill 943 intact to authorize issuances of general obligation bonds for the purpose of accomplishing certain in a related and united project to prove to economic development in the state consisting with connect NC plan and a fall bill to eradify property loan pay presentation adjust for sake for your state house bill 546 an act deenact certain described property from the city locus and enact the that same describe publicans to the town of Stan-field. Senate will come to order. Senator Hartsell[sp?] for what purpose do you rise? Send forward a conference report Mr President You can send forth the report senator. Clerk will read Conference report Senate bill 1 19 a bill to be entitled an act to make technical corrections to the general statutes and suspension law as recommended by the general statute commission and to make additional technical and other amendments to the statutes and station laws. Senate Bill 119 Calendar. Senator Hartsell, for what purpose do you rise? Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? Mr President the conference report just read in by the reading clerk just bring it forth for immediate consideration Without objections so ordered, Senate bill 119 the clerk will read Senate Bill 119, GSC Technical Corrections 2015. Senator Hartsel is recognized. Mr. President the Christmas tree had been crowned I'd happy to go through each and every item in it I would really rather not, and I dare Senator Ford to raise the question. I would recommend it Senator Ford, for what purpose do you rise? I don't.

I recommend we concur. Senator Tucker for what purpose do you rise? Yes sir, could I ask senator Hartsell a series of questions that [xx] Senator Hartsell do you yield? That depends. Sir Hassle let me reflected back, maybe I just have one question. Is this purely technical in nature? Yes. Thank you sir. Senator Blue for purpose of your rise? Question for senator Hardso. Senator Hadso do you yield? Depends the house, I agree that the bill for the most part looks quite technical and since we all had an opportunity to hear what was in it was looking for the provision relating to the affiliated committees that is I know what the Senate position was with the affiliated committee when we sent a bill to the house, but they had that in their earlier version and I take it it's in this version as well, so that we have the governor who will head an affiliated committee if he chooses the law that we created for the legislature plus the six one for council of state if there are sufficient number of them of the opposite party the house version is what is in this particular, in the bill at the moment, yes. Senator Stan for what purpose do you rise? See if the bill sponsor will yield to a question. Senator Hartsell do you yield? Depends. It deals with the affiliated committees with these new affiliated committees, is it lawful for the head of those committees is the president [xx], of the minority leader to raise pack money during section for those affiliate committee. Mr President, could we allow stuff to assist Senator Hartsell[sp?] and responding to some of these questions. No objection [xx] if you don't mind would ask your question again? I think the question had to do with. My understanding of current law is that during session the prohibition on lobbyist and Political Action Committees from contributing the individual Member Committees does not exist as it relates to the state party. The state parties can raise money from parks and lobbyist at any time during your morning section and my question is, given that we are giving the president per term and minority leader that authority as they as chairman of those committees, authorized by law to raise money from parks and lobbyists while we're in session dealing with legislation may that may affect this principles. Let me call your attention to page 42 Lines five through eight a particular section A1E3S which spells out expressly the answer to your question. Kind of to do with none of them can pay or accept one of those circumstances during session. Can you give me the page number again? Page 42 excuse me Mr. Section 81E in the sub-section 3, sub 2 under limited contributee. Followup question. Senator Hartsell[sp?] do you yield for follow up? I do. So a limited contributee means somebody for whom the restriction on receiving that kind of contribution during session applies? Yes. Follow up question.

Senator Hartselldo you yield? Certainly And that also falls to this council state affiliated part of the committee as well That's correct Okay thank you. Do we have any further discussion, or debate? Hearing none question for the senate is the motion to adopt the Conference Report for Senate Bill 119, all in favor vote aye, oppose vote no. Five seconds to be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote. Tucker, aye. 28 having voted in the affirmative and 15 in the negative, the Senate does adopt the Conference work for senate bill 119 and the house will be notified. Senate join resolution 721 clerk will read Senators we have leaves of absence for Senators, Davis, Meredith, and Rucho. Senator Joint resolution, 721, a joint resolution? adjourned in the 2015 regular session or the general assembly to a date certain. [xx] may be considered on reconvening. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the motion. You have the floor Senator. Thank you Mr. President, member this same resolution we sent over to the house all we changed is the date, we're leaving on September 30th the things that are of yesterday, that is basically it, we came back on April 25 2016, I recommended it to you. We have no discussion for debate hearing none, the question for the Senator is for the motion to concur and the house bill substitute senate join the resolution 721 all in favor will vote I, opposed will vote no. 5 seconds will be allowed for the voting clerk will record the vote 43 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative the Senate concurs in the Senate Joint resolution 721 and it will be enrolled. And that wraps up all of our calendars. Do we have any notices, or announcements? Any notices, or announcements? Do we have any further business? Senator Brown, for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President, we need to caucus after session. Do we have any further business come for the Senate? If not the chair recognizes Senator Berger for a motion. Thank you Mr. President I thank folks have been waiting for this for months so now the senate adjourn according to senate joined resolution 721 adjournment resolution and that the senate adjourn the subject to the standard stipulation and senate rule 24.1 ratification bills and receive house message to reconvene on Monday April 25th, 2016 at 7 PM. The motion is that senate do now adjourns and according with the joint resolution 721 subject to the stipulation stated by senator Berger to reconvene Monday April 25th at 7 PM seconded by senator Apadoca, all in favor say aye, Aye! Oppose no the ayes have it senate stands adjourned.