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House | September 17, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order, members will take their sits, visitors will retire from the chamber and the Sergeant at Arms will close the doors members of this will please silence electronic devices. The starting prayer will be offered by Representative Dollar. We ask all members and all guest in the gallery to please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative Dollar. Mr. Speaker, members of the house, this prayer was first of heard on April sixth of 2011 and at the very end there will be a call and I hope you will feel led to respond. Let us pray. Lord our creator, redeemer and sustainer we thank you for your grace, we ask for your blessing on this great house, while our words may clash and the debate may swing to and fro, Lord you know our hearts. We're all here under your divine authority, united in our desire to faithfully serve your people. Give us strength tonight and faith in your providence for tomorrow. Lord as the sweetener hides in the tea, so let us hide in thee. And all God's people said. Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and [xx] one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Harnett[sp], Representative Lewis, is recognized for a motion. Mr speaker the journal for September 16th, is being examined and found to be correct. I move that it stands approved as written. Representative Louise moves that the journal for September 16th be approved as written those in favor will say aye. Those opposed no, the ayes have it. The journal is approved as written, ratification bill resolutions the clerk will read. [xx] duly ratified for presentation to the Governor. Senate Bill 400, an act to give priority access to civic organizations that work with students such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. House bill 792 enacted to protect the public from revenge posted online by making it a criminal offence to disclose certain image in the worst areas of reasonable the expectation privacy and to make indecent exposure in occurrence of private premises and criminal offence. The enrolling clerk will post the following bill during the ratify property [xx] and repair for presentation of the office of the secretary of state. House bill 875, enact to require consent of the county board of commissioners and action what type of county for property located in those counties for any municipality special district, all the [xx] of local government. Chapter bills will be noted, special special messages from the senate the clerk will read. Mr speaker it is [xx] the the House of Representatives with the information that the Senate adopt a report of the conferees for House Bill 44 Conference Committee Substitute, a bill to be entitled an act to reform various provisions of law related to local government, and appropriate action has been taken by both chambers to deal with the order involved [xx]. Mr. Speaker [xx] message from the senate on September 15, 2015 informing the house of representatives that the senate failed to concur in senate bill 238, house committee substitute number two sixth edition. A bill to be entitled an act to provide that a person who commits the offense of cyber stalking if the person knowingly installs or places a tracking device without consent or uses the device to track location of individual [xx] Senators Hartsell and Stein Co-chair Senator Apodaca are in [xx] on the part of the Senate confer [xx] the differences that lies may be resolved. Respectfully Senator Laine. [xx] Noted. Members, actually we have nurse of the day is with us today, is she back there? She's not here, okay she won't be here with us, sorry. Member's on motion of the gentleman from Transylvania, actually we'll withhold that motion. Counter house resolution 944, the clerk will read Members we're about to consider adoption of

Bill I would ask members to please take their seats, to take any conversations outside. Clerk will read. Rules calendar and operations of the house, House Bill solutions 944, and House Bill solution respectfully to state from petition citizens [xx] committee in the United States poses and the post master general of United States to issue a commemorative stamp honoring the Reverend Billy Graham. General assembly of north Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Transylvania Representative Whittmer rise? To speak on the resolution. The gentleman has the floor to debate the resolution. The house will come to order. Members of house we have a long night ahead of us but on a, note that I think and I appreciate the tremendous support throughout the committee process and the, unanimous support through committee of this measure to give recognition to, unarguably our most recognizable North Carolenean and arguably one the most recognizable names throughout many many many years into his mid 90's, Reverend Billy Graham, in the pursuit of a commemorative stamp in his honor philanthropy, humanitarian, council of 12 presidents, outreach that has touched over 2, 000, 000, 000 people. throughout his lifetime and his ministry is one who has helped all. I ask that you support house resolution 944 and thank you Mr. Speaker for bringing it to the floor and we also have in the gallery when you have a chance to recognize Mr. Roy Graham his grandson further discussion, further debate? If not the question before the House is the adoption of House Resolution 944. Those in favor will vote I. Those opposed will vote no. The Clerk will open the vote. Do the following members wish to record on this vote? Representatives Zachery, Warren, Shepherd, Catlin, Duane Hall, and Brisson, Martin, and Richardson. Do any other members wish to record on this vote? The clerk will lock the machine. Will record the vote 101 having voted in the affirmative, and three in the negative. The motion for the adoption of the report is adopted, the resolution is ordered printed. Members on the motion the gentleman from Transylvania Representative Whitmore. The Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Mr Roy Graham who is the grandson of the Reverend Billy Graham, and the son of reverend Franklin Graham. Would you please stand, and let us welcome you thank you for being here with us here tonight. For what purpose dos the gentleman from Representative Reeves Rise? For a point of personal privilege Mr speaker. The gentleman to speak for to point of personal privilege. Thank you very much. I just wanted to say this before we got started tonight. Just want to tell everybody sincere thank you from me and my family for the cards, calls, texts and expression condolences for the family this week. We've really appreciated it, it meant a lot to everybody. I just wanted to tell everybody thank you for that and I appreciate. Chair would also like to recognize a couple of special guests a motion to Representative Collins seat mate. The chair is happy to extend courtesies to the gallery  to Benny[sp?] Collins who is the wife of Representative Collins. Mrs Collins would you please stand so that we can welcome you Thank you for being with us this evening. I would say I think that your husband actually put his seatmate up to it, but now he is trying to blame him for it just for the record. And also Terry Riddle [xx] also on behalf of the gentleman Rutherfold Representative Hagar is here as a guest. {xx] would you please stand so that we can welcome with us as well today Thank you for being with us. For what purpose does the lady from Wake rise? Point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. The lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen we often very often recognized great accomplishments and people who've done fabulous things in their lives, and I want to do that tonight it's a special night for me, and this goes out to my husband.

Through five political campaigns, three major surgeries, two pregnancies, and menopause he has stood by me, and being a rock, and an inspiration, and I just wanted to thank him publicly tonight for 43 years the best that any woman could ever have. Thank you. Messages from the senate, the clerk would read. House bill 20 rule access to health care act. Cap bill referred to the committee of rules, and operations of the house house bill 173 [xx] criminal law bill, Calendar and members the chair is received the motion asking that this bill be added to this evenings calendar is there objection? Hearing none so ordered. The clerk will continue. House bill 188 trustees appointments [xx] community college, Calendar. House bill 361 principle base reserve evise insurance policy Calendar, House bill 482 employee misclassification reform, Rules calendar and operations of the house.  House bill 503 [xx] community college and board of education changes  Calendar, Senate bill 215 of [xx] Rules calendar and operations of the house. Members the chair has advised that believe that the following Bill are local Bills, and those are House Bill 188 which was just read. it's Representative Hagar's bill trustee appointment staff of Thelma[sp?] community college, and in hose bill 503 Moore County community and board of education changes the Chair is not at this time asking those be added to the calendar, the Chair would ask those members Representative Haggie[sp?] is the gentleman asking that, that bill be added to this evenings calendar? Yes I am Mr speaker. Is there any objection to this local bill being added to this evenings calendar? Hearing none so ordered Representative Boles is the gentleman asking that house bill 503 local bill also be added to this evenings calendar?  Please, without objection so ordered. House Bill 44, the clerk will read. The conferees appoint to resolve the difference between the senate and the house of Representative on house bill 44 a bill to be entitled an act to refine various positions of the law related to local government so agriculture environmental natural resource committee substitute adopts 1615 issue in clause 61515 submitted by the following support the house in the senate agree to the following amendment to definite agricultural environment natural resource as committee substituted adopt 1615 forth edition engross 61515 and the house concurs on the senate committee substitute as amended. Delete the entire senate agricultural environmental natural resources committee substitute adopt 1615 3rd edition engross 61515 and substitute attached proposed conference committee subsitute 844 there's PCCS40511-ST-8 the conferees recommend the senate and the house Representatives to adopt this report. Date[sp?] conferees report September 16, 2015 the conferees for the senate, senators Wade Chair, Senators Apodaca, Brock, Brown, Harrington and Alexander. Conferees will house Representatives. Representative Lambeth, chair, Representative [xx], [xx] [xx]. For what purpose does the gentleman from Forsyth Representative Lambeth rise? Recommend approval of conference report and to debate the report. T He gentleman is recognized for a motion to adopt the conference report. The motion before the body the gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker. House bill 44 was a [xx] a simple local bill to address by leaders of overgrowing vegetation properties in the cities went to [xx]. The bill passed through the house and went through the senate but when it came back it was full of barrels and whistles from bee hives to repairing buffers and bike lanes. So it's taken us a little time to do work through this, we have staff that is available for questions and whether they can go through all the sections I thought we might simply tell you what's not in this bill. Their was a lot of controversy about bike lanes, this bill does not include the provisions on bike lines, it does not include the provision on

the inspection of buildings certified by licensed architects or engineers but in the conference process we actually added two areas, one conforming change to the school budget in the fiscal control lab for the pre audit certification and verification of various sheet report. As I said we could take the time and go through this section by section but I know it's been posted out for several days and I hope those who are really interested in this complex bill have had a chance to look at it, talk to their cities, I know representative Stam would like to make a few comments and I'm going to defer to him to do that and then we would be prepared to answer any questions. We do have staff here with us to help answer any questions that might come up, thank you Mr. Speaker. What purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Stam rise? To debate the motion. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion Mr. Speaker members of the house I'd ask you to vote for the motion I was a conferee but just couldn't get here to sign the report. But I would have been here to sign it if I had been there. I'm just going to take a couple three or four of the sections just to give you an idea of the kind of thing that you is in here. Section three involves situation sometimes where their is no ETJ and the development is in both the city and the county and we have had some situations where a city has tried to use it's leverage on the county property to make and follow the city rules so this provision just makes sure that that's voluntary and not coerced. Then if you take a look at section five this follows up something we did a couple of years ago where we allowed permit choice for subdivision regulation. That is if you proceed with the subdivision and the rules get changed on by the local Government during the process you can choose the rule when you applied or the rule rule that's in effect after you apply and this just also makes that true for zoning I'm really proud of section 13 in form 1 A regarding riparian buffers what came over from the senate was really unworkable and got a lot of criticism my local government Wake county called me they looked at it they thought it was great what it does is allows protection for a period buffers will make scientific sense but doesn't allow pure land grabs of calling something riparian buffer when it's really something more than that, section 16 I'll skip that section 19 development agreements allows more flexibility between local government and developers where they can do agreements for a longer period of time or for less acreage so that there can be some certainty as to what the rules of data in the entire process. I encourage you to vote for the motion and be glad to answer any question. For what purpose does the lady from Guildford representative Harrison arise? To briefly debate the motion. The lady is recognized to debate the motion. Thank you Mr speaker ladies and gentleman of the house I want to give a lot of credit to Representative Lamberth and Stam and McGrady and the others on the conference committee because whenever representative Lamberth said was a benign, bill which I supported but what came back from the senate was loaded up with a bunch of bad stuff which they have be doing the entire session. A lot of credit goes to the conferees for taking out the worst of this provisions but I do just want to know that what is left isn't that lose for the environment. There are a couple of provisions that I find somewhat troubling. The first one involved section to and it basically prohibits local government from enacting any rules relating to the Jordan lake rules. Any local ordinance related to the Jordan lake rules as I understand it. We have a separate provision in the budget it suspends the Jordan lake rules for three years so that is going to be another three years of degradation important drinking waters source is going to suffer and I think that's troubling and the other piece related to the repair buffers yes as Representative Stam said, the language in this is much better than what the senate sent over it's still weakens our buffer protection which is cheapest way to protect water quality. So I'm going to be unfortunately be voting no but I do want to give a lot of credit for the improvements made to the senate version of this bill. Thank you  For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Representative Brody rise? Mr speaker to ask Representative Stam a question please. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentlemen from Union  I yield. He yields. Representative Stam I'm referring to section number two in reality I just you want to know this is actually as simple as it says? What it appears to say is that.

You don't have to follow things that you don't have to follow. Is it that simple or is there another situation that you are trying to address? This is English language that I guess we follow the queens English and it is what it is. If a rule is voluntary then units of local government cant make you do it. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Henderson, Representative McGrady rise? To speak on the motion the gentleman The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr speaker I was I guess I added to the conference committee to work on the repair and provisions here, there were provisions related to repairing buffers in several different bills and I think even budget, and what I had tried to craft in the language that was ultimately adopted by the Conference Committee was certainly one that  reflected what we had already passed, and two, about making all of these provisions consistent with each other I work with a broad range of people with some that were very strongly supportive of the repairing buffer language that we passed before that also as Representative Stan noted there were a number of local government particularly that were very concerned about got some specific things. To my knowledge we have now come up with a provision that hits the sweet spot. I understand why Representative Harrison wouldn't like the provision because it provides that a local government may not enact every manner and force for repairing buffer that exceeds repairing buffer requirements necessary to comply with federal law but the provision also goes on to allow for water repairing buffers yet the EMC's have scientific evidence that supports the local governments suggestion of a necessity for repairing  buffer requirements of water to protect water quality. So I would say to my colleagues again think this is a provision that hits the sweet spot. The other provision that was highly controversial was the one that Representative Lambeth noted in the beginning the bike provisions and we were successful in getting that provision out in the conference process. So I'll be voting yes on the conference report and I urge you to do so too. For what purpose does the Gentleman from Rutherford, Representative Hager arise. [xx] Mr. Speaker. Further discussion further debate if not the question for the house is the adoption of the conference report house bill 44, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will look the machine and record the vote. 83 having voted in the affirmative and 25 in the negative. The conference report is adopted to house bill 44 the senate will be so notified for the bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the Governor. House bill 173 the clerk will read. Representatives Stam, Faircloth, Glacia, and Mikel Turner, house bill 173, a bill to be entitle and act for various criminal laws for the purpose of improving child general assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Stam rise? To make a motion and debate the motion. Gentleman is recognized for a motion.  I move that we concur.  Gentleman is moved that the house concurs with the senate committee substitute for house bill 173 and the gentleman now has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker members of the house you have seen almost all of this bill before and voted on it twice favorably when it left the house it passed is 116 to one and the one member who voted against it isn't here tonight. Plus we removed his objection anyway. The senate took out a couple of I think good provisions but what's left are things that will help the criminal court system operate more efficiently the whole goal of this bill was to shorten the time between arrest and final disposition and if

you recall we assembled a stakeholder group of about 50 people representing every part of the Criminal Justice System. It was completely bipartisan Representative Glazier, Jackson Reives participated in that, Senator Jeff Jackson participated in it every part of the Criminal Justice System, signed off on this provisions. The one exception is Section 13 which is new and it's a settlement of a dispute between a couple of bill agent associations. If you remember a few years ago, there was a bill to keep one I don't even want to get in to the merits of that, but there was a law suit, they sued each other and this is an agreed settlement that the department of insurance support so with that and since we've already voted on it twice I will cease my debate. Further discussion further debate? If not the question before the house is the motion to concur with the senate committee substitute to house bill 173. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk open the vote. . The clerk will lock the machine to record the vote, 107 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative  the motion to concur is adopted the bills ordered is enrolled and sent to the governor. House bill 188, clerk will read. Representative Hagar house bill 188 a bill to be entitled an act to change the manner of selection of certain members of the board of trustees of Isothermal community college general assembly North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford representative Hager rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker to speak on the motion Does the gentleman wish to move to concur? I do. Thank you Mr. Speaker The gentleman is recognized for has to concur the gentleman now has afforded to make a motion  thank you Mr. Speaker the senate changed the date in the bill from 2015 to 2016 because of the late date of the bill passing that's all that changed since we passed it.  Further discussion further debate. For what purpose, does the gentleman from Durham Representative Hall rise? Ask question the Bill sponsor. Does the gentleman from Rathfold yield to the gentleman from Derlme? Always yield to the North lead Mr. Speaker. He yields. Thank you Representative Heger and Mr. Speaker. Just wanted to see what the specific essence it is build in, it's been a while since it's been over here. What does it, in plain language do? Thank you Representative Hall, the bill does move the appointments of my community college from the school board to the county commission we have a Satellite District in Port County. So three would come from [xx] and the fourth one will come Port county. Further discussion further debate? If not, the question before the house is the motion to conquer with the senate committee substitute to house bill 188. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the Clerk will open the vote. Representative Floyd does the gentleman wish to record on this vote? The clerk will lock the machine record the vote, 83 having voted in the affirmative and 25 in the negative, the motion to concur is adopted the bill is ordered enrolled. House bill 503 the clerk will read. Representatives [xx], house bill 503. A bill to be entitled and act to allow more count of vote commissioners to [xx] district or reduce the size of more count of vote of education [xx] general assembly of North Carolina enact. For what purpose does the gentleman from Moore, Representative Bowers rise? To speak on the motion. Does the gentleman wish to make a motion to concur, motion to concur. The gentleman has moved that the house do concur with the senate committee substitute for house bill 503. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. We had a good vote last time when we changed the commissioners with the resolution, we had a little episode in Moore county with our board of education, I have a resolution from both our board of education and our county commissioners to reduce the board of education down from eight to seven and all parties are in agreement. Further discussion further debate? If not the question the house is the motion to concur with the senate committee substitute to house bill 503 those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. Representative Harl, representative Adams, does the gentleman wish to record?

The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 108 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. The house does adopt the motion to conquer with the senate committee substitute to house bill 503. The bill is ordered enrolled, house bill 97 the Clerk will read. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the lady from Guildford representative Harrison rise? To change my vote on house bill 944 to an aye. The lady will be recorded as voting aye on house bill 944. For what purpose does the lady from Buckenham, representative Fisher rise? To do likewise Sir. The lady will be recorded to having voted aye on house resolution 944. Is that the same motion for the gentleman from [xx]? Yes indeed. The gentleman will be recorded as having voted aye on house resolution 944. The Clerk will correct the vote total to be 140 in the affirmative and zero in the negative. For what purpose does the The clerk will read house bill 97. The conferrers [xx] to resolve the difference between the senate and the house of representative on house bill 97, a bill to be entitle and act to make base budget appropriations for carrying operations state departments, institutions of agencies for other purposes, senate pensions retirement age in community substitute adopts 61615 seventh edition engross 61815 submit the following report the house and the senator agreed to the following amendments of the senate occupations and retirement of agent committee substitute to adopt 61615, seventh edition engross 61815 and the house concurs with the senate community substitute as amended. Delete the entire senate pensions in retirement [xx] committee substitute adopt 61615 seventh edition engross 61815 and so substitute for task proposed. Conference committee substitute H97-PCCS30420-LRXFR-6 theconferees recommend that the senate and the house to adopt this report. The conferees approved reports September 14, 2015 conferees for the senate. Senator Brown chair, senators Harrington, Jackson, Alexander, Apodaca, Barefoot, Barringer, Bingham, Brock, Cook, Curtis, Daniel, Gunn Hatsal, Heis, Davis and Lee. Representatives or house representatives, representative Dollar, Chair Representatives P. Johnson Chair, Representative Lambeth chair, Representative McGrady, Brawley, Saine, Hager, Lewis are Avila, Blackwell, Boss, Diane, Cleveland, Daughtry, Dickson, Dobson and Faircloth. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar Ras, For a motion, The gentleman is recognized for a motion, Mr. Speaker I moved the adoption of conference report for house bill 97. The gentleman from Wake has moved the adoption of the conference report. The gentleman has the floor to debate the report. Mr. Speaker, members of the house, the first I would like to do a few with turn your attention to the back of the room, we have many of physical research staff team members here, they are not all here but this is most of them along with a number of other central staff members. They were up late at night for weeks and weeks on the end, even when members went to home, these folks didn't get very much sleep and they're the ones that have produced these documents, have worked on the provisions, and I think that they deserve a warm round of applause from this chamber and I thank the members for that. Mr. Speaker I also wanted to thank my fellow full chairs who were there and suffered with us, ventured with us during this process, Chairman Wender Johnson, Chairman Jack McGrady, Chairman Danny Lamberth[sp?] and also you will be hearing from a number of our appropriation area chairs in a few moments as they talk a number of highlights of the budgets in their areas and we need to thank them as well because they have tested [xx] work putting together original budget then defending it as well and as ably as they have defended it. Mr. Speaker members of the house I have certainly never seen two budgets further apart and frankly that was a real challenge that we've

had with these last weeks and months and it made me look to what was some other models that we might consider in this chamber for reform in the future and one of the things that inspired me at least initially was looking at Nebraska, Nebraska's unicameral system it has only one chamber, so you don't have to worry about the other chamber you only have one chamber. The second really positive thing was that there were no conference committees you didn't have to call all these people to conference committees, you didn't have conference reports that you couldn't amend, you didn't have secret conference meetings, so this really looked like the answer until I noticed in Nebraska that all their members are called senators, it just didn't work, out maybe not the answer this was a challenge members of the house I can report to you this party that the house can be proud of the principles of this house that are in this conference report and let me run over a few and my colleagues will run over with some of the details. We did fully fund teacher assistance at the same level plus the growth from 2014 - 2015 into this year and the next year of the biennium we have funded driver's education through 2017, we have put forward $600 million in savings and repairs and renovations out of this budget. This budget increases actual transportation spending by $440 million. We haven't had this type of increase in transportation dollars in many a decade we ended in that process to transfer from the highway trust fund to the general fund, we are provided money for a court something we've been needing for years you'll hear the details on that, money from mental health particularly in our prispn system, we have have a new department of military and veteran affairs. North Carolina is going to continue to lead to be the most veteran and military friendly state in the Nation. On salaries and benefits, we fully funded the state health plan. We raised starting teacher pay to $35, 000. We fully funded the teacher step system. We have a $750 bonus for all teachers and state employees in all categories, we corrected a number of problems that we had from last year with schools, psychologists and with school based administrators and a number of other individuals to make sure that they were getting the raises and the pay rates that they so richly deserve. we provided the step increases for our clerks in our court system, our magistrates and our highway patrol. We further provided market adjustments for our highway patrol who risk their lives everyday on our roadways. We provided a new pay scale and the money to back it up starting January 1st for our correctional officers to deal with those individuals who again risk their life everyday in our prison system obviously sometimes inmates far better armed than what they are. We made sure that we also did something we've been working on in this house for several years and that was an increase in the pension for the national guard members around this state. These folks have been fighting wars for us in the past decade and it is a fitting for our state to reward their service, not only to us but to our nation we also provided funding in a range of areas. Film grants which was a priority of this house, work force housing where for the bi-biennium, we're going to invest $27.5 million. Parks and recreation where we're investing $10.6 million and have an additional provision that may net us anywhere from three to six million additional dollars. Clean water management trust fund an additional five million dollars for that. 17.5 million for water and waste water grants. Body cameras which was 2.5 million dollars, which was a priority for this house. Money for medical examiners for, [xx] Mr. Speaker, members of the house, I will also contend that when you look throughout this budget, whether in the finance provisions or in the actual appropriation you will see an unprecedented investment in our rural counties in the rural parks of our state. We have really paid to those both the house and the senate in developing this package and I won't still finance folks thunder but I will say that priorities for this house that were in the finance package that are most notable in my mind

the restoration, full restoration of the medical tax deduction, and the restart on the historic tax credit which this house has voted on many many occasions is being done. Mr. Speaker, members of the house the members of the various areas will begin to go through the highlights of there area but I would note this Mr. Speaker. We had 94 votes an unprecedented bipartisan vote for this budget back in May. I will contend to the members of this body that this report matched the same level of our bipartisan's support, and I commend the report to you Thank you. Now for what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg from that representative Horn arise? Thank you. Wanted it to be from my county I don't know. I thought kick it up just a little bit. Thank you Mr speaker ladies and gentlemen of the house. Those listening out there I'm very proud to stand and represent Union county to present the 2000.  The gentleman is still recognized. 2015 to 2017 house education appropriations budget.education is 57% of our over $21 billion budget in this state, I think we can be proud of that. We are a big state, we are as you know the eighth or ninth largest state union the 24th economy in the world, this is a big deal. I am very proud to tell you that we have appropriate $12.332 billion of our hard working tax payers money to education in this state over the next two years. The key 12 public education portion of our budget is 8.517 billion, that's 69 over 69% of our total education spending. As you've heard, we are fully funding enrollment growth, we are providing living up to our promise to provide teacher pay raise, for new teachers to $35, 000, we've set aside nearly $80 million, for human bonuses for every teacher, $750 each. We are keeping our teachers assistance probably the number one objective of our house education appropriations committee in this house. We will be lowering first grade class size in, 2016/17 we're enhancing textbook funding we are finally getting in a position to move textbook funding and by the end of the biennium, that textbook funding will be at $62 million. We're expanding connectivity bringing every classroom in our state to have wireless broadband. And that's what will allow us to leverage over $30 million in federal e-rate money. We are expanding summer reading camps for first and second graders. We have fully funded drivers [xx] as you heard from Representative dollar. We're providing opportunity scholarship expansion to accommodate the large waiting list. We're reducing paperwork for our teachers and superintendents. We're enhancing school safety and we are raising the standards for education prop[sp?]. Overall the budget increase, increase of state for K12 from 8.1 billion in 2014-15 to 8.5 billion in 2015-2016 an increase in fact of nearly a billion dollars, since this majority came here in 2011. For our community colleges, we're providing salary increases for our state funded community-college employees. We're funding summer term for all curriculum courses. We are raising community college tuition by $4 accredited hours still keeping them in among the lowest quartile in the country. We're going to increase funding for instructional equipment and technology, we have funds for veterans tuition and we're getting the state board of education and our community colleges to work more together to address the ever challenging remediation issues. And finally for our fantastic University of North Carolina system, we are going to fully fund projected enrollment growth. We are providing additional support for Elizabeth City State

University a key driver in our Eastern North Carolina. We've set a management flax reduction of 17.9 million this year and 49.5 million next year, a total reduction of only 1.53%. We're capping advancement spending at a million dollars per institution. We're going to increase support for East Carolina Medical School and provide 8 million dollars for medical residencies at the Mountain Area Hill Education Center, and of course, as well as in our community colleges, we are going to fund a veterans tuition program. So for 2015/16, total education appropriations as I said is 57% of our entire $21.7 billion general fund. This budget represents a near 7% increase in education appropriations over last year, and as I also indicated a billion dollar increase in appropriations since 2010, ladies and gentlemen of the house, this is a good education budget. I deserves your support and I urge you to vote green thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentle-lady from Wake representative of Orval rise? To debate the bill. You are so recognized. Thank you Mr speaker. I'm here to present to you the HSS budget for the upcoming biennium, but first I'd like to recognize three of the members here who serve as co-chairs along with me and have been there through the thick and thin, and the arguments and give and take avoid it means to put this budget together and I would like to recognize representative Dabson, Malone and Brisson for their help and there input for areas that are very important to them that helped us put together a good HHS budget. As it has been with all of the areas in this budget, to get this funding proposal to you is a mix of good news and bad because we did have some rough numbers to meet. The bad news first we did have to reduce a single string funding to the LME MCOs. We did a 10.8 million in the first year and 152.9 in the second year. There is a silver lining to this black cloud however in that, there's a potential debase of the Medicaid number that would come up and would help us to reduce this cut by $30 million in each year of the biennium. We also had to eliminate the Graduate Medical Education [xx] but here again we tried to minimize this impact by directing the department to identify some other sources of funding. Our goal here is to be able to address the critical health care needs in the rural areas and to help make sure that we complement any Medicaid reform coming forward now the good news and there is a good bit of it in the area of child care subsidies, we were able to increase the child care market subsidy rates and we used the 2015 study for this so its very recent for birth to age two in tier one and tier two counties we made the grandparents fix so that the income of non relatives do not count towards income eligibility this is one of those I'm sure like me any of you received a lot of emails since that change took place we are now removing that and doing the grandparent fix. we've also gone back to a proation[sp?] for part time childcare subsidies and it's being pegged at 75% of the full time rate. In foster care there's been some significant changes. The age has been raised to 21 and the funding has been placed for the case load for that change and as well as the increase that is expected in children going in to foster care unfortunately. We have provided because of this raised in the age evidence based program for young people as they transition out of foster care. So many of them end up without enough of the teaching of how to manage their lives and it just did not seem fair that we would turn them loose at 18 and say well the state is taking care this long and you are on your own. So this program will be able to help them learn how to balance checks books, set budgets and take care of learning to live life as an adult. In mental health investment I think this is one of the area where we are the most proud of, of what we have done in the sense that we've been struggling for a number of years to make up for the short comings of community services that were not there

when we sent our mental health patients back into their community. One of the programs that it's been very interesting and the results have been extremely good is to train paramedics to identify and to treat behavioral health patients in taking care of them when they don't have a level of need that rises to the ED[sp?] level. This accomplishes two things, one it cuts down on the expense regarding emergency rooms, that it also guarantees that people get quickly the right care that they need. We've also funded [xx] which is a long term residential support program for people with substance abuse. We're putting in place a real time crisis bed registry what happens with this  is so many times when a mental patient does end up in emergency dozens of phone calls have to be made trying to track down where a mental health bed is located so with this real time registry it's will be much quicker than to find an appropriate location. We've extended a crisis support team to provide service for children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We've added additional three ways psychiatric beds, and we're in the process of obtaining a traumatic brain injury waiver from CMS, to begin to work towards helping people who have become victims of a traumatic brain injury and needs some significant help and specialized services. in other areas of funding we were able to increase by 10% the rates for private duty nurses, we restored a cu made last year of almost a $1M to the home and community globe grant, and this is money that goes to your area aging agency  and these are services for seniors that include, meals on wheels, congregate meals, home healthcare and your local senior center. We provided funding in a number of ways to improve the chief medical examiner's office. Many of you I'm sure saw the exposee that was published not too long ago in addition to the fees that we have brought about to improve the services in that area. We've also funded the electronic death record system for vital records so that we can leave way from the cumbersome slow process of paper, and make it more efficient in terms of getting their documentation that people need for various things for pro baits, wills and things of that nature. All the policies one thing that we've done is to create within the office of  DHHS, a program that will evaluate their programs and the money that was spent. Spending we want to make sure that it goes to every space programs to get us the outcome that would be the RAY that we get when we spend money. Businesses get increased income. We get better lives for our citizens when we monitor our programs and make sure that they produce what we want them to, and we did not close the right school. I think most importantly of all what we agreed about what we accomplished in our budget is that we avoided cutting any current services and that was our first and foremost objective in putting forward the budget this year. There are many issues that I know in HS budget that you might be interested in that we did not cover if you have any questions, I'm here for answers along with my co-chairs, and I feel like we've made some significant strides with the constraints that we had in terms of funding and I look forward to working with everyone as we move forward with all of the plans that we have for our citizens. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentle lady from Randolph county, Representative Hurley rise? To debate the budget bill. You're recognized to debate the budget. Thank you Mr. speaker, and ladies and gentlemen of the house. Our JPS budget is a lot better this year than it has been. They did look after us and I want to recognize the other co-chairs of the JPS committee Representative Dollar, [xx] and  Faircloth. And I specially want to thank our  full chairs for sticking with us in this and speaker more for standing firm on what we needed in JPS because public safety is a very very important part of our communities and our state. If you want to follow along, it's in JPS money report is on page one through 18 and the special provisions on page 300 to 323.

We increased salaries for correctional officers so that their pay scale is based on the custody level of the offenders as it provides. We also gave grants, matching grants of 2.5 million to local and county law enforcing for the purchase of body one cameras. We also provided funding for tiny facilities in appropriate use of force training programs for our law enforcement agencies and adult corrections. We provided additional funds to purchase state highway patrol and SBI vehicles we provided funds to equip the rest of the state highway patrol vehicles with dashboard cameras. Some of them have them but we provided the funds for all of them to have them now. We provided but this is very important because of male health in our presence. We provided funds for 72 additional health units there at the Central Prison, that makes the rest of that complete, the rest of the beds there that were not being fully done and funded and had 66 FTE and 3.2 million went to that. The conferees have also agreed to fund mental health behavioral treatment units at eight close casty prison and that will be 152 more positions there. Provided funding to expand the bed capacity for adjudicated juveniles and contracted in said operated facilities $2 million. Provided 4.9 million in the first year and same 4 million in the second year for the office of the courts operating budget including the finance to pay for interpreters, expert witnesses and jurors and we provided 2.3 million in the first year, and 1.8 million recurring for court information technology and initiatives and that is very much needed for our court system. We transferred the office of indigent defence services to the administrative office of the courts, and we required ASC to establish a strategic plan, for implementing of it's e-court technology. The department of public safety with the approval of the office of state voted management may use a bailable funds to renovate existing spaces and [xx] prison for long term quality care for inmates. That is very much needed for those who are suffering with terminal diseases, and ground is been broken for our new western crown lab and that will help in getting our results back to the DAs a lot quicker and that has been done and we gave six new positions to the state crime lab an extra funding for outsourcing forensic analysis services including toxicology and DNA and that should help with the backlog for that. So thank you and I'm glad to answer any questions. For what purpose does the gentlelady from Cadilac County Representative Mackel like to rise? To speak on the conference report. The lady's recognized to speak on the conference report. Thank you very much members of the house, Mr. Speaker thank you. I want to first recognize Representative Dickson and representative West who is board with us right now I think that he's already gone out. They were wonderful to work with and I will just really appreciate what we did on this budget and I want to thank our incredible staff and I believe the only one that's here tonight both Aubrey and Timothy are here and thank you all so much and Jennifer we could not have done this without all of your knowledge I will go ahead we had a total spending excluding the culture resources and all those things that go with that, at 398.8 million. Agriculture, we spent 113 million on agriculture in the first year and 117 million in the second, we had $1 million to military buffers through the farmland preservation, we provided funding for the FISMA positions and that's the foods safety modernization act, this is to go out and help the farmers prepare for that act, that federal act. We provided the funding for the tobacco trust fund of 559, 000 in the first year and a million in the second, we provided 500, 000 recurring to expand the agri program that is, if you don't know, agriculture water resources assistance program. In this budget, we also provided an additional 500, 000 to the food and drug division and in this budget for agriculture we also created a new animal shelter support fund and we capitalized that with $250, 000 and that is for

animal shelters like the winning greens Greensboro in Davidson county are having issues where the animals don't have to suffer and this would pay for that caring and any catastrophe that we may have. The department of labor, we did not any expansion funding but you'll be happy to know, most of you got emails about the mine and quarry, we did continue to fund that division. Dinner will now be named division our department of environment quality, DEQ so also those who have been saying DENA we have to get ready for a new acronym I guess [xx] for something I don't know. We provided additional funding to support the oyster industry, for colts planning on development for North Carolina oyster seed. Our surrounding areas are taking over that industry and we used to be number one in that so we're getting back there with oyster sanctuaries and providing funding for that, 750, 000 and 1.3 million. We will be providing extra 1 million for buffer other clean water, military buffers up the clean water trust fund and we gave another 500 million, I'm sorry 5 million to the clean water trust fund for other greenhouses. We provided additional funds for the state water and waste water grants at 7.4 million first year and 10 million in the second, we provided extra funding for parks and recs to the tune of about 1.5 million for the biennium, we increased funding for the [xx] out of motor fuels tax and we increased that and now the total would be 13 million coming out of there. We provided funding for the dam safety program but I'm not cursing that is DAM. Provide funds to eliminate the back log of the non commercial less program as of June, 30th, so we put money in there to eliminate that backlog and then in the wildlife resources commission, we did no expansion funding. We actually reduced their funding by $3.3 million which is about 10 in each year that they are getting recurring and we did that because we had federal dollars to replace that money. In commerce, the JMAC fund was funded on a recurring basis of 6.5 million and 7.5 million, tourism got an extra million first year, two million in the second for advertising North Carolina business plan 2.25 million in first year and 3 million in the second. The World Economic Development grant got additional recurring money of about 2.2 million. Main street solutions funding is $2 million. We provide funds for three new staff members to help with support case management at the industrial commission, and then I will finish up just with state aid. We provided 20.8 million in state aid for fiscal year, 15 and then 16, 18.1, the biotech centre was funded, the support centre, research triangle institute and with the grassroots museums we provided funding of 2.4 billion for the existing 32 museums, but the second year is turned into a grant program for all of us who've been trying to get your museum in and didn't have any connection on the budget team or whatever, you have a chance now that it's in those third grant program. The quality furniture market, authority receive an extra 500, 000. That's the highlights of the dinner budget, agro budget. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, representative Torbit arise? Speak on the conference report Mr. Speaker from union. The gentleman has recognized to debate the conference report. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen, I actually kind of tickle to talk the other night, I think the ones that are here this evening will be here at the beginning as what some may say later on and many years to come as the second renesol when it comes to fixing our roads in North go on we are after this budget returning North Carolina to what was once known as the good road state again. The other coach Chairs will speak on specifics but let me tell you some of the things that we are doing. The impact we are doing addressing the quality of our road surface existing is touching all 100 counties substantially

the impact we're having on things transportation and revenue generating for the state of North Carolina, not east, central or west but the entire state. We are funding port modernization issues to bring our ports back online so they can provide revenue for the people of this great state. For the first time, we are putting monies pretty substantial amount of money into full time dredging so, our inlets and navigational waterways will not close The first time we are putting substantial funds into aviation throughout the State, if you know or you've lived near or a part of a county that has some type of airport they are economic engines, they haven't been seen as that, we are alerting everyone, they are economic engines and we are kind of focused in advancing economic opportunities through transportation and aviation as well, some of the half points we have to cherish will touch on Chairman Dola mentioned earlier that we have some of our neighborhood around 400 million plus, annually recurring. If you look back to the annals of North Carolinian history. I couldn't find another year where you guys were kind enough to provide through our tax payers that type of money to advance the road conditions and let me just touch on one little thing, we're all doing this to benefit our tax payers and we're getting our tax payers to help us through this. If you remember me telling you some months back that we were going to try to look at getting our roads fixed with the help of our citizens, that's what's going happen in this budget you will see budget that is reffered to fixing pot holes in 48 hours based on citizens calling in and saying there is a pot hole at this place somewhere in North Carolina. You're going to hear, talking about working on safety issues or roads that will be fixed in 10 days and then others in 15 days. So not only are we putting money with whoever actually does make the road, but we are also defining times to get those issues fixed based on reporting from our citizens. So, our citizens are going to help us with our great state in the transportation needs. Mr Chairman I would now relinquish the rest of this to, I don't remember who's coming next Representative [xx]. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xx], Representative [xx] rise? To on the count of support. The gentleman so recognized. Mr. Speaker as has been mentioned we are investing in our ports and dredging our watyer ways there is economic engines also. $35 million each yearor $70million dollars, going to the ports for capital the capital needs. 75 million over the next 3 years to modernize and upgrade for a hundred of years. We increased the amount of motor fuel tax rate, this is devoted to [xx] draft fund. Increases a portion of the motor fuellers tax, used for dredging from one [xx] percent to one percent. It [xx] rise over 10 million dollars per year, which we handled through the deaner[sp?] or the new designated budget. But form the motor fuels tax, and I was thinking also that the boats and so forth use motor fuels also. One additional thing is to be mentioned is that we haven't forgotten the ferry system and 1.7 million have been invested in the ferry system to improve services enhance training and that's still on the custom issues believe Representative Shepherd might be up next. For what purpose has does the gentleman from Onslow representative Shepard arise? Yes sir, Mr. Speaker to debate the budget. The gentleman is recognized to debate the conference report. Thank you and once again I'm like Representative Torbett, our Chairman Torbett and Chairman Tom and [xx], it's a pleasure to stand and debate with you today, or discuss with you the good aspects of the budget. I'm going to talk about Highway funds this year the highway fund, we directed quite a bit of money to maintenance, 146.8 million to contract resurfacing will take place which will re-service approximately 12150 miles lay miles of the biennium. Also we've have put 146.8 million in the efficient which will allow the DOT reduces the number of structurally deficient bridges by approximately 460 bridges over the biennium which I think is great also we've put 55 million was into

payment preservation to mitigate future magnets requirements. And that's really good to protect those roads that need that maintenance coverage as well, also we put $57.1 million was aimed at improving the condition and safety of secondary roads. Then also 57.6 million in 2015 and 16 to contract re-servicing divided equally to all 14 highway divisions in the state so that all the candidates will get something from there and then at 16 and 17 it will be $89.1 million for that. So this are all Adams,  we also put 38 million more dollars in the local secondary road maintenance.  Last year many counties and there local maintenance division, did not have to go around to repair potholes and do all those items of maintenance and this year they'll have $38 million more to do those things with us.  Representative Torbett mentioned there's a hotline now they can call, and it should be done within 48 hours, so that's something we're proud of also.  Also, my last here is that we had at $147.5 million to state Aid to municipalities for power bill funding and that is a recurring amount. With that being said and done, I certainly hope that representative Grier Martin, will ensure that the city of Larry will resurface p street. If you've ever driven on it it really indeed representative martin. Thank you all. For what reason does the gentleman from element[sp?] rise representative Iredell. Okay I'm sorry, the gentleman from Dare representative Tine is recognized. To debate the conference report? Thank you Mr. Speaker. We've talked about a lot of investment with our co chairs here this evening, we have $337 million over the next biennium going into new projects in this state. We have ended the transfers which has been a debate in this building for  years, probably we had ended the transfer to the general funds making sure that the highway taxes, the gas taxes are spent on what they were intended to be utilized for, we've also created more investment as representative Torbett said by asking our stakeholders to invest in our transportation system. But with the additional funding we must have additional responsibility and accountability within the department of transportation. This budget establishes the DOT report program. It's a comprehensive reform package to help return North Carolina to the good road state. Hours responsiveness, 48 hour responsive to citizens complains to fix potholes and safety related problems such as drainage issues that cause flooding. Within 10 business days non-safety items must been addressed. No, I'm sorry other safety issues have to addressed within 10 days. 15 days to deal with other issues like ditch repair and graffiti. Ease for efficiency, establish unit pricing to drive cost savings and implement mechanisms to streamline and advance liberty, P is for performance, we will conduct annual citizen surveys on highway condition and annual DLT employee surveys to evaluate progress in meeting legislative directives, to make sure that they have the tools that they need to be successful, and they understand the goals that the people need for them to meet, always for oversight with changes DLT receipt, support opposition to preparation support. It's important that we know what each individual inside of the department of transportation does, what their responsibilities are, and how they can best meet their goals. Oversight restructure requires DLT to conduct a staffing and organization and houses of a highway division, and report those results to us, by May of next year, and finally transparency requires significant website enhancement to increase tracking on projects, schedules, budgets, and road closures, we have decided to invest in our highways, our efforts, every single segment including our ferry systems across the state, we are also need to make sure that we are efficient and that we are transparent to the people of North Carolina and I urge your adoption of the conference report. For what reason does the lady from Davidson arise Representative Brown?

To debate the bill Mr. Speaker.   Lady has the floor may debate the bill.  Thank you very much I am so pleased to give you some of the highlights of the general government budget overall budget for this year was 391 million and 376 million in the by end, overall our budget is an 11% increase on the base budget for fiscal year 15, 16 and a 7% increase over the base budget for 16, 17 and this does exclude the Department of Cultural Resources office of administrative hearings we upgraded a position that will become the cartifier[sp?] and we funded that position we added a much needed administrative law judge they will now be located in Waynsville[sp?], that the state treasure we provided a funding of $465, 000 for able, in fiscal year 15, 16 and $595 000 in the fiscal year 16, 17 and this is all to implement a newly passed able act, we provided funding for too much needed positions to assist local government commission and assisting local governments at risk of financial distress and that the money in that budget is recurring and it's $198 864 for the state auditor we gave $250, 000 in recurring moneys to fund and it was needed for the use of special matter expo. This's been one of her key request for the last several years secretary of state, we provided $50, 000 for temporary employees during the peak corporate filing system. The controller's office is now we have showed up their budget we have refixed the recurring current, we have firmly made them whole, we evaded a transfer from the special plan into the operating account. For the department of cultural resources we have finished funding Quainanies[sp?] revenge it was 1.5 million over the biennium they will now be able to complete their excavation the grass routes art 150, 000 no recording but that will occur every year Train[sp?] Pallus[sp?] $100, 000 non recurring in fiscal year 15/16 50, 000 non recurring in 16/17 and we have also stored our libraries we have more than need them whole and I'm so very pleased about that the North Carolina symphony $2 million each year of the biennium which requires them to raise $9 million dollars in matching funds. Mr speaker this completes my section of the budget for general government and I'd like to turn it over now representative Waddell, thank you so much. For what reason does the gentleman Alamance arise? Speak on the conference report. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr speaker before I make my comments friends I'd like to wish you a happy constitution and citizenship day September 17th 1787 our matchless[sp?] constitution was delivered to us and like you I'm not tickled to be here in September, but there is a richness to us, and this moment right now that we are here debating, how much government we want. Whether the government will be our master, whether government will be our on the anniversary, of the founding of our constitution which makes all of this possible. So again, happy Constitution Day. Returning back to the money report if you want to look in the J section. I 'm looking at J one Department of Military and Veterans affairs, this creates a new department, Military and Veterans Affairs, this was done in our house budget you may recall, and we're transferring various veterans programs from the department of administration, and the governor's office and lodging them into this new department of military and veterans affairs Representative Dollar mentioned that it's important that North Carolina remain the most military friendly state in the nation, and you have to do that not just with words, but also with deed. So, with this elevation of our military personnel to a department rank, I think this makes North Carolina, as a state where nothing compares to be military friendly. So hopefully all of our active duty military, reservists, retirees and their families, will call North Carolina home, for a very, very long time. Also within J one is the providing $1.675 million for BRAC related activities, BRAC you may recall is base reduction and closing, and its trying to develop a strategic plan, in economic modelling, and advocacy at the federal level to have around military instillation, so we don't have any base closures in the future and the next round of that, which will be coming. Page J eight, Fire Rescue National

Guard Pensions, we're providing funds for an increase benefits for National Guard and Fire Rescue, form six dollars to $12 per month. J nine insurance, or keeping the regulatory charge the same at 6.5 5% for the calendar year, we are also adding the authority to hire an actuary to assist with the capital insurance market, you may remember in 2013, this body passed a a North Carolina capital insurance act and that's proved to be very popular and very lucritive move for North Carolina so much department of insurance has asked that we give them another actuarial position to keep up with the demand within the captist insurance agency so that's an indication of that program going very ell for us. J15 house state board of election, the senate required $100, 000 for continued VIVA money, we've doubled that we're going to put $200, 000 continued VIVA implementation in this budget, J22 the office of state budget and management has a study for state capital needs where we're going to a comprehensive study and determine one of the 50 most at need counties in our state for public school construction that will give us information we need to come up with hopefully a very sound response and physically doable response the help them. Section J26 housing finance agency, refunding work force housing loan program at $12.5 million I fiscal year 15/16 and 15 million in fiscal year 16/17 using general funding money. This program replaced the low income housing tax credit which sunset in January of this year. Also we're providing an additional 1.5 million recurring to the home match program in fiscal year 16/17 and this will bring the state appropriation to $3 million which is the full amount needed to draw  down all available federal funds towards that. J29 administration we're putting the human relations commission under a continuation review and this will require reports in December and April studying the commission and they'll give us an opportunity to look at the commission more detail in the interim next year and to decide what to do with that commission going forward. Also additional funds are appropriated to the department of administration for legal services in the amount of $150, 000. State human resources are providing funds of $140, 000 to create a new employee classification and compensation system trying to get a valuation of market pay within state human resources. personnel and the final area I'll touch on is J36 revenue or providing receipts suported funding to continue corporate E-filling system that was authorized last fiscal year and upgrades to e-services as a apart of the replacement of itax. It's going to corporate e-filing is a very important step for North Carolina as we move down with the corporate tax rate North Carolina becomes a very attractive place for corporations not only to remain but come and relocate, and by making the corporate tax bind capable it just makes their overheads that much less and North Carolina a much more friendly place to be if you are a corporation and lastly at their request we are adding three positions to the Department of Revenue for information technology security. Thank you Mr speaker. For what reason does the gentleman from Union Representative Arp rise? To debate the conference report the gentleman has the floor and may debate the conference report. Thank you Mr speaker, ladies and gentlemen this is a common sense and affordable budget. Capital portion of this advanced and leverages of state dollars to invest in North Carolina's future. Imagine putting up $5 million to draw down $44 million for our water resources, that's what this plan does. It fully funds the state match for federal dollars on our national guard armory and facilities across the state. This capital portion funds monies for the roof replacement at Dorton Arena, it funds additional money to complete and finish the USS North Carolina Coffer dam and hall replacement and it provides adds of $2 million over the biennium for advanced planning for North Carolina states engineering. One of our top engineering schools in the nation this provide $4 million for technology upgrades and distance learning at our school of science and math, one of the envied across the nation. It's fantastic. It authorises 39.3 million dollars

in non general funds for government investment across the state. And finally one if the great things that we do is North Carolina has a triple a bond rating from all three credit agencies. We're one of 10 across the nation, not that our good dead metric puts us in the top up half of all of us, and what we're going to do is we're going to require that the UNC system also undertake a annual that affordability study state does to maintain a high credit rating. This budget also invests into the future we understand that we're going to have to do new things for the [xx] Edix campus and the department of health and human services and what this does is provide for us to study now so that for the next ten years we have a good revival plan ladies and gentlemen that completes the capital portion of the budget and I'll submit and ask for your vote to yes. For what reason does the gentleman from Lincoln representative Saine arise? To speak on the conference report Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor and may debate the conference report. Thank you Mr. Speaker an IT funding this budget provide over 443 million to support the operation and improvement to information technology in North Carolina, to include the format creation of a new department of information technology. Almost 22, 000'000 is provided each year to sustain the state's IT operations. An additional $21, 000, 000 in funds, fund improvements including increased security, improved efficiency and customer service, and increased staffing for broadband state CIO operations. The IT internal service fund is limited to a $188, 000, 000   the first year and $189, 000, 000 in the second.  In the department of information technology, the department of IT is created to provide information technology support to state agencies. And as required to Local Entities,  it will be headed by the State Chief Information Officer and will manage state wide IT efforts to include, planning, standards, security, funding, procurement, project management, human resources, data management through our government data analytic centre. Participating agencies will transfer there IT assets to the new department over the vianium this departments agenciesinclude department of cultural resources department of health and human services department of revenue, department of environment and natural resources, department of transportation, department of administration, department of commerce the governors office, office of state budget and management office of the state controller separate agencies will maintain responsibility of their own equity with the support from the department the department of public safety community college system office and the state board of elections are to work with the states to plan their transition sometime in the near future. The following agencies continue to be exempted for example North Carolina general assembly administrative office of the courts in the University of North Carolina the government data analytic center also known as GD AC receives a total of $17 million from the I. T budget, in addition to funding in agency budgets for specific projects. This will allow it to continue its data integration and analysis work. Econimic modelling. There's funding for a program at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, to create an economic modelling initiative to support state agencies involved in economic development and growth efforts. in each year of the biennium $500, 000 is appropriate to support the server[sp?] budgeting and performance the new depart of technology is required to work with the officers state budget and management any officer the state controller to institute a process to oversee and manage IT budgeting transparency for state and local government budgeting and expenditures is increased to the establishment of a website to provide there financial information the department is also to develop false measures and also put them on its website state wide initiatives include, the state CIO is required to establish a program to plan develop implement and apply resource planning in the ERP system to create one system for business manage it for the state, the department of information technology is required to develop an enterprise architecture and incorporated in through state information technology plans. Data center consolidated is to be continued under the new department. Lastly data security is addressed with a requirement for a study to address liability issues associated with security breaches state data the state CIO is also required to develop a standardized two pack authentication program. Mr. Speaker with your permission I will transition into the finance portion of the budget. Gentleman has the floor and may proceed. Thank you Mr Speaker. I want to give you a brief overview of the finance portion and turn it over to my finance coach here for a deeper dive to the specifics other tax plan and then following Representative Brawley potion, Representative Louis

will then explain the local option sales tax rules invested motion. Before I do, I want to thank all members of the finance committee who spent many hours and meetings examining differences between the house and senate tax plans. As Representative Dollar said earlier, there were vast differences not only in the appropriation side of things but also in the finance package Mr. Speaker I also especially want to thank the finance chairs, representative Hastings, representative Sezter, representative Szoka, representative Martin and representative Boles for all their hard work long hours and time away from their loved ones, thank you all. Ultimately we had a good tax plan that is been well discussed and hope that you'll support the personal income tax cuts, the restoration of the medical deduction and protection of the mortgage deduction, Mr Speaker I yield. Thank you. For what reason does the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Brawley rise? To debate the conference report. Gentleman has the floor debate the conference report. Thank you Mr. Speaker. It is an honor to lay out the finance portion of the budget as proposed tonight. Has already began noted, beginning on page 409. The historic preservation tax credit will continue for the year 2020. We have made changes to personal income tax, first reducing the rate from our current . 75 to 5.499, effective in 2017. This will impact all people who pay taxes and particularly those businesses which pass through LLCs subchapter S, corporations and partnerships but we have also increased our standard deductions from 15, 000 to 15, 500. This means that those people with the lower adjusted gross incomes from their federal returns will pay no tax whatsoever and you can't cut taxes below zero. There remains no cap on charitable contributions and the medical deductions that were lost have been restored to the full extent that they allowed on schedule A on a federal return. I would also like to point out that the sales tax cap that was up to apply to the non profits has not been lowered and no none profits will suffer loss due to any changes. In the corporate income tax, while the triggers will remain in place and will only fire when sufficiently revenue is generated, the sun head on the triggers has been removed so that there is no pressure to excessively cut early in order to met those triggers and cut taxes. We have adjusted provisions on bank holding companies while there was concern on this earlier that has been addressed and will not arm are robust banking business here in the North Carolina, we're also beginning to go to single sales factor apportionment, what the really the advantage of single sales factor is a manufacturing company will have there North Carolina taxes cut, North Carolina has for a number of years been the sixth largest manufacturing company of state in the union and it will encourage businesses to locate here without being concerned about the large investment in a factory running up their apportionment of state taxes, we will also be repelling the bank privilege license tax and there are changes to the franchise tax for corporation to simplify them and also increase the incremental rates so that there will be no revenue impact on the budget. We did expand sales tax on labor on the sale on repair, and maintenance, and installation, of tangible personal property. This will only applyto items where the underlying being installed is currently taxed it is more than offset by the cuts to personal income tax, so there is still a net tax cut for all the payers in North Carolina I would also like to point out that there was a sales taxation which was discussed in the finance committee that a was a change to redistribution plan for the state local action sales tax which would have been very harmful which we

resisted very strongly and I would like for the chairman to recognize representative Lewis so that he may explain and take credit for the excellent plan he negotiated which ended our concern about the change. For what reason does the gentleman from Harnett representative Lewis arise? inquiry chair. Gentlemen has the floor and may state his inquiry. Mr. Cremsure[sp?] I'm not sure I can confirm my remarks to my 15 minutes allocated time will it be possible to consider an extension of say 45 minutes for the [xx] Objection. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr Speaker and members I'm going to speak on the conference support before you beginning on page 423 and going through the balance of the bill, there's an old saying that you say save the best for last in this case it's obviously not the case, because they've got me for last to present the budget. I'm however very excited to talk to you about what I think is a good investment and truly shows that our state is one state in which we have a series of retail hubs, a series of retail centers across the state in which all of us participate in freely to exercise our shopping decisions. I would like to also to remind all of you in this chamber where the articles of sale tax that we are discussing in this partiular budget, every one of them was voted to be distributed per capita across the state, that is a historic perspective that is important and relevant to the discussion, this issue. As you know there is been quite a bit of  toll for the past 45 months about how we can include those counties that are full participants in the retail hub centers, the retail outlets of our state but necessarily fortunate enough to have those retail outlets located within the county lives in which they live. There's no other plans to talk about, one of the plans was to go back to 100% per capital distribution, the way the local sales taxes were imposed. There was some concern about that, there was concern that some of our retail centers may suffer because they may not grow as fast as they would have grown otherwise. So there was a compromise proposal, maybe go to 75% to 25%. Again the concern remain, the senate passed the bill where it would have gone to a 50/50 distribution, where 50% of the sales tax would have been retained at the point of sale, 50% distributed per capita, again concern that there will a handful, a very small handful of counties that will not grow their sales tax revenue as rapidly as they would under current law. The bill that you have before you there's a few things to try and correct that, one it does expand the sale base it explain the sales tax base by taxing the repair or installation of tangible personal property. Those of you who I've heard the honor to serve with for more than one term have had extensive debate about the taxing of repair and installation of the tangible personal property, those of you who sat in this room tonight have heard the gentleman from Mecklenburg and the gentleman from Lincoln, tell you that the expansion of the taxation of the tangible personal properties more than upset by the income tax cuts that are also founds in other parts of this budget. I was asked to explain to you the form that you see on the pages of this bill, it's really quite simple, the formula was derived by taking what a 50-50 distribution would have been, assigning that exact same value to the amount of money that is raised, via the expansion of the sales tax base applying that formula that's how you get the numbers that you have before you, it's also important to point out that

this expansion of the of the sales tax base and the way that it's distributed has no impact whatsoever on what we've debated on this floor in the past which are called local option sales tax. There are some counties in this state which impose a extra quarter sin. There's a few counties that that impose an extra half cent because a few counties that do. 75, this bill in no way addresses those. So those counties that impose the additional sales tax, will have that additional sale tax supplied to the expanded sales tax base, which means our local counties will have additional revenue to meet the obligations that they have. I want to say on the floor of the house, for the record, that after conversation with my own county commissioners, I have assurances that the bulk of these funds  as is allowed by this law, which are allowed by this law will be spent on increasing teacher pay supplements in my county. Because in my county we lose good and talented teachers to neighboring counties, which can afford to invest more in the local portion of the teacher pay. Members we can go on and on about this, the chair has already told me I can't have my 45 minutes, so I have reduced the remarks to about five. I have a lot of good things that I can say about this budget. I'm going to wrap up with these. I share a lot of what representative Dollar said, it's very infrequent that the differences between a budget passed by this chamber and a budget passed by our college across the way, have had as many differences as this particular year have developed. But I'm very proud and appreciative of the hard work of our negotiators, of our staff but also the patience that each and everyone of you have shown, in making your concerns know, making the issues that are important to you known, sharing those with our negotiators and supporting our negotiators to stand firm on so many of the house positions that found in this bill. I do encourage each and everyone of you to support this bill for the reasons that my colleges that have spoken before me have said, I believe this bill moves our state forward. I believe this bill funds essential services that we have a constitutional duty to do. I'm proud of this bill. I will be voting aye and I hope that you will as well. Thank you members and thank you Mr. Speaker. This time the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the floor to former representative Patsy Keever from Buncombe county. [ BLANK ] For what reason does the lady from Meckleburg, representative Catherine arise? To debate the conference report Mr. Speaker. Lady has the floor to debate the conference report. Thank you Mr. Speaker and members two of the most important votes we will make in this chamber are who we select to be our speaker and our vote on the joint budget for the state. I personally believe that when you vote on the budget you must be the deliberate, open minded and informed. I feel I have done my due diligence on deciding how I would vote on this budget, I have listened to many republicans, many democrats, I've heard from organisations and agencies, I've heard from constituent in my district and people throughout North Carolina and I ultimately listened to my conscience. And the last one is where the decision is made, you will never like everything in a budget. There are always good, there are always not so good things. But then there are some big issues may be it's just one but it's still big enough that you

just can't settle on. And that's where I'm with this budget, the budget priorities for education could be labeled as adequate. I have repeatedly heard over the last week, it could have been worse, is that really where we want North Carolina to be just adequate? this budget doesn't strive for the best, it signals that adequacy is the new norm for North Carolina. North Carolina used to be the South's leader in the region for innovation and achievement, now we seem to be proud and Okay that we are just below or right close to South Carolina or Mississippi. When I've send my child to preschool, I don't tell him in the morning now just be adequate, nor do I want his teacher to just be adequate or feel adequate. I want him and I want their best everyday, some have touted the pay for teachers in this budget, all teachers will receive a one time flat pay $750, to me this budget seem to suggest that and we want our teachers just to be adequate. There is no funding for teacher prep programs no professional confrontation for basic education and training for our teachers. No real professional ways for what our teachers and that's what they deserve. Instead we offer just a tip. Yes, a tip. And to me your definition of a tip stands for to insult profession because that's what it is your tip is an insult to the profession of teaching, it's just not good enough our teachers deserve a professionable, sustainable raise, you could have done that but you chose not to. I've heard it stated at least they the teachers got something like we should be proud of that. How disturbing that makes it really hard to recruit new people into education, and to keep those who have been serving for over 20 years. I have voted for republican and democratic budgets. I do what I think is best for my district and overall for North Carolina. However, I just can't settle on being adequate and I hope that you won't either, our children deserve more our schools deserve more and I will vote no. Thank you Mr speaker. What reason does the gentleman from Harnett Representative Louis rise? For what reason does Representative Alexander from Mecklenburg rise? To speak on the conference report. The gentleman has the floor to debate the conference report. Thank you Mr. speaker, let me start out by saying that there are definitely some things in this budget that we should commend the people who struggle with this conference report [xx] there, nothing in this budget I think satisfies everybody and it causes some folk some heartburn. And that's probably a good way to define compromise because if everybody walked away from the table feeling good, there's probably something wrong. And I do recognise that the budget as is currently constructed has helped my constituents to dodge a rather hefty property tax increase, that would have been coming down the trail if the original sales tax redistribution proposal had survived intact.

However, in analysing the compromise, when you look at the new revenue that's going to be generated by the sales tax, when you look look at the fees that are going to be imposed all over the place and when you compare that to the reduction in personal income tax according to demand according to my math we still come out with some kind of tax increase, but depend on exactly what you count as to how large it is. By some estimations it's $400 billion dollars. By some estimations it's $300 some at a million dollars, but let us come to the conclusion that it's something, that it's more than it was, and we are moving along the pave way of how we dramatically changing how we raise revenue in the state, but that means that we are standing philosophical divide. Some of us in this chamber think that we ought to move away from progressive taxation via the income tax, and move towards a different form of revenue race as some folks call it regressive, some folks call it something else. I'm not standing here today to throw brick backs at anybody in terms of what you call it but, I think we need to be aware of what we're doing, and what we're doing is moving down a path in which the poorest citizens of our state will in the paying sales tax on just about every purchase that they make. The most wealthy citizens of our state, will end up paying sales tax in a way in which the poorest pay a higher proportion than the most wealthy members of our State. Now for some folks that's okay and for others, that's a problem. But I think we all need to be cognizant of the path that we're here to down. The other thing that I think is important  that we understand is that we are faced with an opportunity to talk about how we are going to look at the 21st century in things such as transportation and there is no question that this budget in the way that it adresses roads and repairs an bridges and ports this budget is one of the greatest 19th century budgets that we could have the problem is that the state is moving towards a higher level of urbanization and in the 15 or 20 most urbanized counties mass transit is something that's important and when you look at budget what has it done to mass transit? Well, it's kept mass transit at about 500 I'm grasping to remember whether that was million or thousand it was not a whole lot and the problem here is that the folk is Durham and Orange counties have already spent a considerable amount of time and energy and money in looking towards the future in trying to develop something. They look down in Mecklenburg and they saw the blue land and they saw how it is working and how a partnership between the federal government, local citizens in the state government is generating million and millions of dollars of taxes investment and of course they want to do the same thing, but in

order to do that they need a 25% of the overall cost, agreed to by the state over about a 10-year period of time. And this budget does not help that mass transit development, in fact we can argue that it actually does the opposite, it shoots it in the air[sp?] in this particular project was number two on the federal list which means that it stands a very high chance of receiving federal money, but yet in how deliberation in producing this budget we have decided that it's better that we continue to climb the roads between Durham and Orange counties that we open up some library stables and start selling some more hay burners rather than looking to the future. The next part ladies and gentlemen of what we should be doing, we should be looking for the future, we should take the opportunity in our budget to do that. The budget should be lifting up for instance the appropriate way to use new technology like solar. To be able to cut down the cost of operating our state buildings from the local government all the way up to the state government, I had noted this and Falcon here, who are unalterably opposed to that piece of technology. They think it's akin to blue smoking mirrors. And I understand that. Only other states are moving forward in a way that is going to be able to capture the development, whereas we're moving in the opposite direction. I'm extremely happy to see in this budget, that we have recognized that local taxes that the citizens of a number of our counties have voted, especially in the transit area should be retained by those counties and allow to use to help with local transit. I'm very happy that that realization downed on the majority sometime in the last 24 hours in fact is observer this morning about that, and that's positive I have been debating back and forth I guess for the last couple of days on this budget because everything in it is not bad, actually some good things in it. And as a debtor from my side of the ail I'm supposed to not stand and give you any credit or anything, but as the kind of person that I am, I have to recognize that the glass is both half full and half empty. And if somebody would ask me right now, well brother Alexander, are you going to vote for this budget or against this budget. I'm afraid that I'm concerned so much, about the direction that we're moving in that I cannot in good conscious this evening vote for the budget. Now I also recognize that there are enough votes on the other side so that my decision to vote for or against, isn't going to make any difference in the final outcome of what happens. And the governor of course, he's already announced what he's going to do. So come 12:01 or so this morning, or tomorrow morning, we will have a budget but when all of that is said and done and settled we will still have the problem, the challenge or figure it out how to do some 21st century things not looking back and figured out the best we could in the 20th and the 19th century. Ladies and gentlemen we have an opportunity to coming up in the next short session and then feature long sessions to change the course of this ship of state.

As I said to some forks earlier today we really have more in common than we have that's separating us what we need to do is to find more opportunities to work generally across out to do the things that are necessary in this state and we spend a lot of time beating up each other for the benefit of the cameras and therefore I didn't come up here to beat up anybody my good friend Bill Brody we see each other at home and go to each other's events and what not. I've grown to respect many of you in here who philosophically we will debate but at the end of the day it is the citizens of North Carolina that need to be served best by what we do and this is probably the most longest speech that I'm going to make tonight I promise, because when everybody in this chamber who can speak speaks we will be here until next Monday. Mr speaker for what purpose does the gentleman from Wake rise? To inquire if representative Alexander would yield for a question. Does the gentleman from Mecklenburg yield for a question? I yield. He yield. Representative Alexander I appreciate that you give credit where credit is due and you also mentioned you realized that sales axes are more regressive than income tax. Are you aware that the majority party has passed laws that have resulted in $4 billion less is sales tax collections that wouldn't have been if we had kept under the previous path $4 billion less of sales tax? I'm familiar with the precise figure, but I do understand the direction in which you've been driving. A second question. Follow up? Do you yield? Yes. Okay second question I'd like to go over the figures with you. It's looks like we have about Four hours 20 second in third reading, you want go have dinner and go over the figures? I have no problem with that. Lets do it. For what purpose does the Representation from Gilfred Representative Harrison rise? To briefly debate conference report. Thank you ladies and gentlemen I do want to give once a lot of credit to the conferees [xx] the chairs of urgany[sp?] representative Michaux as well as representative McGrady, the senate sent over just pages and pages of really bad provisions in the arg all section of the bill and the company's worked very hard to remove most of the most damaging ones. So I want to give them a lot of credit because they descended on awful section of that budget, but power light con server have once again we are sending $1.5 million for this boondoggles solarbees be project that is the Jordan lake that is not really going to clean up the nutrient pollution and also delays the Jordan lake rule by three years and as a member of the committee that actually contributed to the during light pollution concerned about that for those who again are drinking water from there, I think this is the wrong potion to state, and it's just going to be a lot more expensive to clean it up, so I think that's unfortunate. I'm concerned, I know that the Senate sent over a brand new provision that wasn't in the house where the senate they kind of showed up in the discussion in the conference was to lift the cap on terminal ruins and I'm going to give a lot a credit to our side for eliminating that to just two but two is too many I think this is an experiment we have four pallets out there and now we have six and this is not the direction that she is going their is a [xx] in their that forces the coastal resources commission to allow for our sand bags to stay on the beaches and I having being on the coastal resources commission for a while that's a problematic approach to erosion control and simply we've got to find a way of better solution and it is also a policy provision that probably doesn't belong in the budget. I am in concern that the National heritage trust program which

performs an important function of cataloging very dangerous species and it's been cut back 40% particularly problematic and the discussion with representative of counties about this is the termination of the non commercial leaking underground storage tank fund there are more than 200, 000 of these leaking tanks contained in the ground water throughout the state in every single one of our districts. In the committee meetings, we heard from owners of properties who had been negatively impacted and from realtors who represented those owners who are trying to sell their property but they were unable to because they had this. We are eliminating that opportunity to have the state help with the cleanup of this properties. The senate had proposed to completely eliminate the sedimentation of erosion control commission I appreciate the fact that we are retaining that important function that important body that we are undermining the enforcement of the sanitation control law. We've severely cut the penalties for the not following those laws. We have $500 added for our shell gas expiration and I think that that's something many people feel like the industry ought to be picking up that tab, so I think that there are other places to have spent that $500 that might have a vigitive state. The not in our section of the budget but what I'm worried is the fact, that we do not have any money in there for the healthy corner on the store initiative. I represent an area with lot of food deserts and the health debate in this house, and the funding in the house project for that and it's unfortunate that that didn't stay in there. I'm also worried that representative Alexandra alluded to that to the provision that showed up out of the blue, that dazzling transit projects to $500000 and that is I don't know if that's aimed at the door and light railed project but that is not the direction the state should be going with that transit. And a concern that I keep hearing about from my forks back home, is the lack of [xx] increase for retirees have heard from a lot of state retirees are very concerned, I appreciate the fact that the house budget had a two percent raise for retired state employees, but I think I'm going to [xx] I'm very concerned that there is no [xx] increase, and they haven't had one for years. And finally I'll say I appreciated the leadership of so many on our side in our chamber about the extension of renewable energy tax credit. That has been a very important economic stimulus for our state, pays the dollars of investment in clean energy technology in our state, and every single county in North Carolina and I think it's short sighted to end that, and I really wish that we could have stuck with the house position on extending that. I'm regretfully not voting for this budget I do want to give a lot of credit to the house for trying to stand their ground, because it's so many bad provisions, but thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Haywood, Representative Quin rise? To speak on the conference report. Gentleman has the floor. Thank you. It's good to hear the comments made on this very important doccument we've been down here since February working on the budget it's a conference report be amended, it can't be fixed in any way and my comments makes it will, I think the two of the worst things we did last session got fixed, we restored the medical tax reduction in this budget and it is going to pass I know you have the votes to do it and that's a good thing. All of us were called last tide on this side and I appreciate the publics way in on this and I appreciate that this body changing its mind on that very unfortunate direction we started in the last session. The second things it corrects is our historic tax credit every town I represent in Western North Carolina has profited from historic text credits and were eliminated and we have restored them I appreciate listening and correcting that, but this budget, I wouldn't even say is adequate. I wouldn't say being 46 or 47th in a student funding is adequate, this budget really doesn't change that. I would that being 43rd in teacher pay, last in the south east, next to one state lower in the

entire south and that Mississippi for our teacher pay, I wouldn't call that adequate for the great state of North Carolina in 2008 we were 25th and we're 22nd, we're going in the wrong direction. jobs, I can down here really to fight for jobs, this budget continues to be blind on medicaid expansion $5 million dollars of a federal taxes but citizens of the state pay that have not received for healthcare or jobs in our state, are just they will pay the federal taxes, the citizens of the state pay, we pay over $ 72 billion, in federal taxes, we get back barely 60, 82% of our federal taxes, we just get 82% of our federal taxes back to the state, that's because of the power cease in this budget, we talk about black here, black is very important in our basis in our move at the community, North Carolina commitment to protecting this nation from, I mean every war from the revenue's navy war, to the civil war, to world war two, North Carolina has committed its citizens, its resources to protect this nation, we've led and I'm very proud of our state has held it's end and we have tried to protect black our bases and our military presence for our nation, here in North Carolina. Not expanding medicaid is like cutting back 50%. Expanding Medicaid is like expanding back 50% the spread is equal to BRAC is prop the basis in North Carolina for economic and social impact, so jobs are important. Hundreds of thousands of jobs, education jobs, health care jobs. It's been said on the floor to the day that this budget is helpful to rule rural North Carolina. I represent rural North Carolina, western North Carolina. Three rural counties. My counties are losing jobs in the two primary areas, health care and education. Well over a 1, 000 jobs lost in my district in education and health care in policies in this budget. I could really use 1 000 jobs in Haywood, Jackson [xx] I could really use them, my citizens would do well. You want to help business, you want to help business, give them a better worker or a better customer. That's how to help business, that's education, commitment to education, a better work force or improve the wages and availability of folks. We are not fixing the slide we have been in since the recession in median family income. North Carolinians average, not the average, the average is going up because rich people are getting rich, they're doing great and by this budget. But the median season in this county, the median family income is over $4000 since the recession of 2008. And the median income is in the $40000 I don't know what the exact number is, but it's around a 10% cut in the median family income in North Carolina. That's what needs fixing. Better jobs, more jobs, better pay. That would help every family in North Carolina and every

business in North Carolina. So, the things that need fixing in North Caroline aren't addressed in this budget and I'm saddened by that. So I don't believe I can vote for it a lot. I wish we could do better. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentle lady from Meckleburge, representative [xx] rise? To debate the conference report. Lady has the floor. Thank you Mr. Speaker and members, you know I don't get up very often to talk on the floor but there are certain things that I feel I need to express my concern. There are a lot of good things in the health and human services budget. I really appreciate the good changes that were made to the foster care system. In funding for the advocacies centres and also restoring the cut that was made to the Homing community care block point for the ageing, but, I just want to speak about one of the issues that I`m very concerned about and that is taking the fund balance that the LME's, the MCO's have accumulated and you can call it whatever you want to call it but basically that's what it is, it's cutting their funding. The single string funding on the LME's, and some years ago we told the LME's that of their allocation, if they had funds left over they could keep these funds and use them new programs or other related issues. So these LME's move forward with with that understanding from the state, and I didn't necessarily like this because I was concerned that maybe to accumulate this fund balance, they would cut services to the consumers. So I didn't necessarily support that whole idea because to be able to accumulate a fund balance you had to make some changes and some adjustments some place. So these LMEs proceeded and they have accumulated a significant fund balance. So now the state has come back to say, oh, no. Thank you very much. You've accumulated, you've turned too good a job,. So we're going to take some of that money back, and I just don't think that sets a good tone for our our state that after we have led these LMEs to believe that you could keep this money, now we're going to come back and say, oh, no, no, no. We're going to kind of punish you for doing that, and in the budget, the first year we're taking back 110 million, and in the second year, we're talking back 152 million. I think this is a breach of the contract that we made with these LMEs, and I think it betrays the trust that our partners, our providers and our consumers have in our state, and I just don't think that this is something our reputation in our state should be moving forward with. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentle lady from Wake, Representative Holly, rise? To speak on the gum[sp?].  The lady has floor. Thank you. What I want to talk about a little bit is the importance of your employees and state employees. They do put the state on and on and give and give and give and give and they never get anything back and particularly lately. Let's look at just the retired employees in the collar giving them opportunities as recommended by the board that we give retirees this 1% pay raise and this is taken out. This is money that can't be

used for anything else it is their money. Is sitting in it it now is just sitting. I don't understand. We give some people pay raises but we don't give others pay raises. We're giving highway patrol people pay raises we are not giving Steven Cloyes pain lasers, you are dedicated loyal servants who for the past few years have been bitten up by the general assembly. Actually with budget cuts and asked to do more. So I would like to point that out that I think that that's not fair. Another thing I want to point out, if the $750, 000 bonus that they're going to get will a lot of taxes just taking a mild thing, you knock it down $ 540 from the 750 with a little bit of taxes taken out, but the rate that the inflation is going on the place it is going to make food, housing, and medical care next year will be approximately $400 more for a single female earning 30 to $39, 000 so where are we down to now? We are down to $140 when you start talking about the cost the DMD pricing, for the additional cost not just, not how much it costs, but the additional cost that we are adding on to it this gets chopped down even more.  All I'm saying is $750 is an insult to our state employees, and that's what we have in this budget and we as a state can do better thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Wilson, Farmer-Butterfield, Representative Farmer-Butterfield arise? To debate the bill. Representative has the floor. Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen. I ask you, will this state move to the 50th place in terms of the amount spent per people on education or would it move to 50th place in terms of teacher pay? Which one will come first? The state [xx] purchasing power has decreased, sales taxes, one time bonuses versus salary increases, the purchasing power has decreased. Let's look at the positives specifically in terms of DHSS minorities have disparities who weigh it was left in the budget within the same department. Well, should have been on the chopping block in the first place. What about the ugenics[sp?] increase? Well, should have been increased in the first place. What about the approximately 4% funding in for the judicial branch for the biennium. Well, it should have been the chopping block in the first place should have been increased seven years ago. Well what about the childcare subsidies Let's do a comparative. In May of 2005, the number of children served in the childcare subsidy was 104, 490. In May of 2015, the number of children served with childcare subsidy was 70, 916. That is 33, 574 children served in 2015, less what about the waiting list for child care subsidy? In 2015 of May, 31, 577 were on the wait list. In May of 2005, 19000 were waiting for services. This is 12, 567 more children waiting. Average payment per child in child care subsidy. In May of 2005 $333 per child. In May of 2015, only $423 per child wasted tax

dollars to other states. Why? Because we didn't expand MedicAid. lost jobs. Why? Because we didn't expand MedicAid. And what about the chronic and sever mentally ill in the state of North Carolina. How do we avoid jail and prisons serving these individuals this is providing treatment and services in our community where folks, once you get a criminal record, guess what? You don't get a job. So why not do prevention and jail diversion programs more in North Carolina. They work. We have them already in North Carolina. Yes, we have a pilot on [xx] in North Carolina, but instead 12% of the total prison population has mental illness in North Carolina, so we are talking 4600 people and indeed we're saying that people with chronic and severe mental illness need to go to prison to receive services, do you know how costly that is folks? Okay, let's talk about other areas of substance[sp?] abuse. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar rise? To see if the gentle lady Representative for former Battlefield would yield for a question. After I finish my presentation will be glad to. She does not yield. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Okay let's look at some areas. So we're talking about substance abuse not being treated appropriately and I think the budget is going to be looking at that through the ADT system that we're looking at but mental illness is still a clinical problem. So much soul that the house decided budget version that were going to try to do a parlor project or a study to address this, the governor decided that they were going to just study, but folks studies are good. Different people are hurting and they need services and families are fearful mental illness, what do we do? How long do they wait? If people are physically assaulted they live in your home, how do feel? If people are physically assaulted and they've been to jail and they have a criminal record and they come back to the community and you have to work with them as a professional, why should your life be put on the line because of the state's priorities. So I am glad  that we are going to have a study in this areas folks. I'm glad the governor is going to study, I'm glad the legislature is going to study it, but the issue is how long do people wait for citizens the state of North Carolina where it involves life threatening situations, and I could go on and on folks, but I'm going to say to you that we need to get moving, and make sure that people with health and human service needs in the state of North Carolina, are actually addressed, and we stop making people just feel good. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from wake Representative Dollar rise? To see if Representative Farmer Butterfield will yield for a question? I yield for the question sir. You have the floor. Representative Butterfield a former battlefield I guess my question has to be, so you do or do not support the fact that this house fought and our negotiators fought long and hard to make sure we could get that second payment in to eugenics victims, you realize we got that into the budget. Are you saying you're not in favor of that? No, sir I'm saying is a good thing however, I'm saying it shouldn't have been a problem in the first place. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up if the lady would yield. Follow up. The courts increase, I mean is that the same thing, in mental health where this house fought as has been mentioned earlier for eight units to be set up in maximum security facilities around this state, 72 new mental health beds in central prison, that we have funded an investment of well over $10 million for the Barhanium[sp] in mental health in

our prison systems, childcare subsidy market rate increase that was also put into place, that was something I mentioned a moment ago as well as the project, all of these items are in the budget, funded in the budget an our initiatives of this budget and of this house that we want. So I guess my question is, I fail to understand why those will be points to rise and criticize the budget since the negotiators speaker. Announce won all of those points.  Representative Dollar I'm going to say to you that it is cheaper, it is cheaper, can you hear me? Because you are my friend and I want to make sure you hear me. It is cheaper to sell people in the state of North Carolina in the community than to put money in use in US in the prison or jails system circle. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gilfrod, Representative Johnson rise?   To debate the conference report. Chairman has the floor. One of the responsibilities of the general assembly, is to produce a budget that addresses the needs of all citizens of North Carolina. That includes, education, healthcare, transportation. The citizens have entrusted 170 members of the house and senate, to locate every issue involving the budget. Everyone. I'm to take a, [xx], is starting a movie called The the bad and ugly. Some may remember that movies, some may not, I don't know. I'm not going to go through every item, but I will mention a couple of items about the good, the bad and the ugly. The good, funding for teachers assistance. We should have been doing that ant way. bonuses for employees, if you have been doing that anyway, but, those are a couple of items, the bad, no funding for healthy food initiative, no funding for the cold ass management, none of that was in there, the ugly, some of the tax free, tax increases, or fees, no bonuses for the retirees that is the one I want to focus right now on the retirees. These individuals, there is 900, 000 of them in the state of North Carolina firefighters, public safety officers, school teachers, national guard, one out of any working person in North Carolina is a retiree, one out of every eighth the budget does not address these individuals, how much do they get? Nothing. Do they count? These are the individuals that made it possible for us to be where we are today, the schoolteachers, but I guess they don't count, there's only 900, 000 and the fact to the managers is that we are indebted to them, one day we are going to be at that point where we are going to have to address some of the issues that are. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cleveland, Representative Moore rise? To see if the gentleman from Cleveland will yield to a question.yes.he yields. Can the gentleman tell me how many teachers will lose their job under this budget? Under this budget, I don't think any The answer is zero is that correct?  I'm not talking about the retirees I'm not talking about them, I'm not talking abut the retirees thank you Mr speaker. The gentleman may continue, one of the things that I'm concerned about is that we had it in our budget when it went over, it was there but when the budget came back to us, it disappeared what happened. But I guess we try to fight the good fight and unfortunately it just didn't work out. North Carolina's 110 state that enjoy the top tier rating, the triple A rating bond is triple A rating, it just says to me that we could have done more even though the senate decided they don't want to pay them at least $100 something for

the time serving us here in the state of North Carolina. it just didn't work out, so that's really the thing that we're concerned because I've gotten so many emails about this one issue. Please I'm on a fixed income, help me, and I guess the thing is that we can't help you, we can't, so I'm going to discontinue my remarks because I'm going to discuss about this part of it, and I know that there are some that many not want to say anything about it, but this is a bad situation, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Sampson representative Bell rise? to debate the issue that we have. The gentleman has the floor. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen I think I have heard a radiacal item for debating and I spent representing the county commissioners in my counters that I represent the community colleges and the retirees, those are my base groups in the counties that I represent and I have heard that it was speak tonight, on the issues that I had confirmed about, that's right, just like to commend Representative Catherine for the words that she said, I'm not going to try to repeat those things, Representative Harley spoke about the retirees and so do Representative Johnson I presented the bill about the 2% colar that passed in our committee 100% and I don't know how in the world lost in the deal because I'm Vice Chairman of the page of retirement committee for about two terms and they always said we had plenty of money in our retirement system and that the colar use of come as a result of the interest that we receive on somewhat $80 billion that we had in there. And so I know the money had to be there somewhere and I just can't understand why that was taken out I don't think it would have budget any whatsoever if we could have gotten that. That has been my concern and it's a deep concern and that gives me good reason not to vote for the budget this time. I did vote for it when it was earlier before we had to have these negotiations the first time and it did not come back the way that we send it over. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Meclenburg Representative Brian? To speak the conference report. The gentleman has the floor. Thank you Mr speaker. I'd like to just make a few comments as one of the appropriation Chairs about the education budget as Representative Horn may have reminded many of us previously we passed a budget through house appropriations unanimously for the first time that any of us around here are familiar with, and then we work through a compromise to give you the budget we have before us today, there are a lot of great things we have done in moving North Carolina forward and I think the question I know at least for Representative Horn and I, that we constantly, and other co-chairs ask ourselves is what's in the best interest of the students of North Carolina, and how do we make sure we have an education system, ready for the 21st century. And even though, we all know we can't get there overnight we were in basically a billion dollar hole from the recession we went through, and we have filled, more than filled that hole at this point. When we talk about our starting teachers and, I just want to say, if I were coming in now, looking at being a starting teacher in this state, I would be excited abut what I've seen in the past few years. We've gone from a stirring

salary of $30, 000 at the state level, that doesn't include any supplements, to $35, 000 with an already bonus this year of 750 additional dollars, that is almost a 20% increase in starting pay for a first year teacher, and if I am the trajectory for what is going to happen in the future, we still have work to do, we all know that, but as a starting teacher looking at coming to North Carolina, there is great opportunity here, In fact I think my left side of assistance girlfriend has an offer to start teaching at 42, 000 dollars as a first year teacher I think maybe in Guilford county, so they are great opportunities for teachers in our state, we still have a long way to go but it does not happen over night and we have done great work in getting us on the right path, we have also got a principle preparation program that we funded this is going to I think fundamentally transform the type principle that we have have in the classroom which also those are the folks that are going to be hiring the great teachers we have in front of our students. As many of you are aware we have done great work with respect to our digital, textbook or state wide connectivity, those are the kinds of things in rural areas and elsewhere that you need place to make sure students get great access to teachers and the materials that they need, so I just want us to be reminded that yes we are not all the way there but we have made great strides and I think this is a budget that many of you voted for in the house and frankly many of the things we push for in education are in this budget, I think this is a budget you should support and it's a budget that is moving us in the right direction of supporting our teachers and leading us towards the 21st century vision of the education we we should provide for our students, I hope you'll vote yes on the budget. For what purpose does the gentle lady from Mecklenburg, Representative Cunningham rise? Thank you, to speak on the conference report The lady has the floor. Thank you. It is so difficult when you sit back and you hear some of the things that people say about different advocacy groups about what has been done and what needs to be done and when Representative Jean Farmer Bill was talking I usually don't like to get up and say much but it's hard when you know mental illness of system is like in North Carolina and I know what it's like. I know that for years the local CMPD told me I needed to make a record for my son for him to get mental health services faster I know that. I refused. I would not create a record for my son just because he could get services that the strike lucky was up here at that time in the Mental Health DDHS at the time, and he wrote me a letter and he told me you might have to do that in order to get services. I'm glad that the services are going to be put in central and the beds are going to be created, but we all know what had happened. That happened because the man that was over there in Central Prison he got psychotic, and they isolated him. They cut the water off of the camoung, and he dehydrated it that's what happened, so now we're going to fix it, that's good, but we are a little late. You know humility is one thing, so we lost that inmate is no telling how many more people we are going to lose but they always said if we can be preventive. Let`s stop it before it has to get there and start that revolving door because what happens when that revolving door starts, and they get out they don't get out, they don't get no more services, they usually back in less that two years [xx] rate is very high. Working in PRA for the nurse and agency I'm working

as much now because I've been up here too long, but I give a every week from the agency I work for they can't keep nurses in this correction institution, it's a revolving door, it's risky and it doesn't pay enough so the state have to contract out to get nurses to come in and I understand  it because I wouldn't want to work there myself and not get paid enough to work there. Couple of weeks ago I wasn't here, I was at home dealing with one of my sons mental illnesses so I was missing you all didn't know I was gone but I was home taking care of him, came back but you know what I found while I was home I can manage hime better than the people that is supposed to be doing case care management and that is not my job that is not my job a job, and that's sad because the mental health system has never been taken care of at the level that it should have been, but that is because we don't have the power for adequate, that have the money to do what need to be done, they're not like the NRA, people get tired, people burn out on mental illness, but we've never done what we're supposed to do, it's about humility. I found out, while I was home they had made a couple of mistakes, by me being nurse I was able to catch it. I said look what you all did, but guess what I was able to catch it, how many people are not able to catch it? How many consumers? How many families cannot catch you because they don't know enough and they don't know how to navigate the system. We've got to get better at it. Whether moving the dollars around. Let's not move them too late. Let's try to be preventative. One thing I noticed in the budget is that they are going to stop publishing the disability thing from the travel, so that people with disabilities wont be able to look and it if it's assets at the National Parks or state parks. I din't know if there was anything put in place for that. I hope we're not going to be in violation of disabilities rights act, but it's on page 173, lines 49, eliminate the publication access in North Carolina, travel guide. So I'm hoping that something will be put back in place for that because we don't want people with disabilities not to be accessible to our state parks and other places. You know, it's hard to go home and sleep at night when you know humility does not play largely in some of the decision we make. But it's okay, we get another chance if we wake up the next day we can try to get it try, it's okay. That's all I have to say, thank you. I can't support the budget. For what purpose does the gentle lady from Wake, Representative Gill rise? To ask a question of Representative Horn. I'm sorry, could you repeat? To ask a question of Representative Horn. Does Representative Horn yield for a question? I do. I know that you all fought very hard for teachers assistance and I'm glad they were funded. But there is one question I want to ask and that is, is there any possibility, that, LEAs will be able to get a waiver or sink a waiver for TAs so that they can be used, so that the funds can be used to pay he teachers that have already been hired, that were normally placed on contracts and paid by dollars? Is there anyway?  Well  I'm one of those guys that believes there's always a way. Somehow, we've got to we can find it, but I'm also relisted in the budget, it's very clear, that the wording in the budget, restricts TA funding strictly only to TAs. I'm hopeful that we can

find, some amelioration of that position, but at the same token I'm also very much aware that the vast majorities of the LEAs is, I understand that vast majority of LEAs in our state use all their TA funding for TAs, and don't move any of the money around, you have some that game the system. That happens, I don't try not to let the tail wag the dog. Certainly the house has been very supportive of flexibility, and the general assembly has been very supportive of flexibility. But as you all know as we all know this is a negotiated process. I'm not at all willing to say we take the best we can and run with it I'm going to say that we're going to fight for everything that we think is appropriate and proper so that the LEAs can run their district at the best interest of outcomes. So we will continue to look for opportunities and ways within the wording of the budget to allow some flexibility. I'm not going to try to mislead you that there is abandoned hope but I'm not also not willing to say that can't be done. Mr Spreaker,  Representative Luis for what purpose do you rise. Can I ask representative Horn a question?  Representive Horn, do you yield I yield. He does Representative Ford, I was trying to follow your marks to be clear the house position was to fully fund the TAS, does the budget contain full funding for TA's?  That's absolutely correct. May I ask another question, Mr Speaker? Representative Horn, do you yield? I yield. He does. So Representative Horn, what you said  is if funding is meant for TA's and the budget provides funding for TA's, that TA's are fully funded, is that correct? Well correct me yes sir. Thank you [xx] thank you Mr Speaker. Representative Ager for what purpose do you rise. Thank you Mr. Speaker I would also like to ask Representative Horn a question. Representative Horn you yield? Yield. He does. This relates to page 113 of the budget under UNC management flexibility reduction. under item one there in an attempt to provide guidelines for the universities, it mentions centers, institutes and speaker series have wamped into non-academic activities. Don't you think that this enhance overall learning environment of the university, and maybe you meant to put athletic programs in that line. I put in there, what's in there is what is meant to be put in there. Follow up. Does the gentleman yield? I'm sorry, I yield. By the way athletics is not funded by tax money.  In items two and three on the list of recommended cuts. It looks like that there is a combined effect of taking professors out of the lab  and having them spend more time in the class room, is that the goal? The goal is to ensure that the best possible teachers get in front of most possible kids, the most often. Thank you. One more follow up.  I yield. Representative Horn you yield. I do. He does. Under item seven, on the list it recommends that universities use alternative funding sources to make up for their flexibility cut. Doesn't this direction direct directly contradicts sections 11.6 that limits universities ability to spend funds on advancements. When they need advancement work to find the alternative funding sources. Certainly they need advancement work and I don't think it flies in the face at all. I think that they can do the advancement work within their budget and within their available resources and they can go out and get more resources. Thank you, sir. Representative Lewis for what purpose? Representative Lewis for what purpose do you arise? May I ask Representative Harnett a question? Representative Harnett you're popular today I yield, He yields Representative Horne, I apologize I'm just confused, did you just say the budget directs to UNC professors to teach and Is there concern with that? No actually I think I shared that we want to put the best possible teachers in front of the most possible kids the most

often I think that's pretty clear.  Thank you Sir, and thank you Mr Speaker Mr speaker, Representative Stam for what purpose do you rise? Mr speaker, I just want, thought it would be fun to call you Mr speaker, Well I hope you enjoyed it, Mr speaker.  Representative Dollar for what purpose do you rise? To see if the gentleman from Union county would yield for a question. Representative Horn do you yield? From Union county yes sir I do. Okay he does.  From Union county, representative Horn is it not true that the budget for the UNC system of which North Carolina is one of the highest funders of a state supported university system is actually increasing this year by almost $97.6 million? That is true yes sir. And. Follow up question  If [xx] the question.  Representative Ford of Union County do you yield? I yield thank you.  Representative Ford is is also not true that one of the request from the board of governors at the UNC system was to provide for a 5% carry forward of their funds to be able to carry up to 5% of their funds forward from one year to another probably the Vtop request of the board governors of the UNC system and is that not in this budget? That is true and it is in this budget. Thank you. Representative Fisher of Buckingham County for what purpose do you rise? To briefly debate the conference report. You're recognized to debate the conference report. Thank you, ladies and gentleman of the house, while I respect a great deal the work and the effort that has been put into this whole process, and while I do recognize that the house sent to the senate a budget that was better than the one we got back and that was the reason why we needed to confer, I still maintain that here on day 127 of the legislature that republicans want credit for taking that length of time to come up with a budget that they think, undoes the damage to middle class families, but this budget in my opinion just continues a plan that hurts families and will cost the North Carolina economy for years to come, specifically the tax plan, that is touted as the one that spreads the burden in fact increase the burden by forcing small businesses to charge tax and North Carolina struggling families to pay tax Mr. Speaker The lady will suspend, Representative Jeter for what purpose do you rise? I wondered if my good friend Representative Fisher would yield for a question? Representative Fisher yield? I will when I'm done. She will when she is done. The lady has the floor to continue. Thank you Mr. Speaker. And guess what? The tax redistribution plan makes certain that the taxes that are paid in our urban cities for work or for purchasing done goes to rural counties some of which, and I'm talking about even tier two and tier three counties will be winners while many of the poorest tier ones, in some cases, are barely helped. And what I'm interested to know is, what if we don't get the expected revenue from broadening the base. We've got to raise $84 million to take off the top, we expect to get 67 million of that 84 million from broadening the base, but what if we've made it too difficult for working families to purchase and we don't get the expected revenue what happens then? Specifically. This budget increases community college tuition and isn't that where we told folks to go to get training for reemployment, specifically a $750 one time bonus compared to the $1800 tax cut that

the top one percent of folks will get in North Carolina, our teachers and state employees get a $750 one time bonus. I think it bears repeating that at least of that one time [xx] for teachers and state employees will really just go to pay for the increase cost of the same basic necessities like food and housing and medical care and most of that will be chipped away and that's a one time bonus, and to add insult to injury and what is truly an embarrassment to me is that our retirees 9000 of them to be exact are getting zero, zero cost of living increases for our 900, 000 retiree, s while other parts of the country are enjoying an end to the recession it's like North Carolina has just gone on for the backward what's kind of funny to me not in a good way is that this budget came down to whether we could just maintain teacher assistants not restore the 700 teachers assistants that we've lost since 2009 or it came down to whether we could afford drivers and textbooks and teacher pay raises this are not luxuries this are basic public goods things that we should be making the centerpiece of a budget and things that should be in a budget without question. This bargain is a false bargain made between the House and Senate Republicans, and it's an empty bargain that moves the state further backwards and I cannot support it. Thank you. Representative Insko of Orange County, for what purpose do you rise? She's on her way To ask, I believe it's Representative Blackwell. It's what its checking on the higher education, Representative Blackwell, I do not believe he's in the chamber. Representative Blackwell, do you yield for a question? I will. He does.  Thank you. Representative Blackwell, I'm looking at the UNC management flexibility reduction, and I apologize if this has been asked before we enjoyed our trip to Representative Glazier's event, and we're glad to be back in time to debate the budget. I'm curious by what the group meant by faculty workload adjustments. What is workload adjustments? I'm sorry. I'm not sure I heard your question correctly. Representative Insko, if you could repeat it again. I'm looking on page 113 of the budget bill. UNC management flexibility reduction in that they board of governors in campuses shall consider faculty workload adjustment in order to meet there management flexibility, what is meant by the word workload adjustment.  I think the concept although I don't remember actually being present when that was specifically discussed and it maybe the Representative Horn would be better able to address it but my understanding is that they are simply saying that  they should take a look at the workload of faculty and if somebody is carrying a light load by adding courses to their load to bring them up to a more reasonable standard. That would be a way of maybe saving money elsewhere by not needing as much many faculty members. Follow up. The gentleman you yield for a follow up? I do. So I gather that the work load adjustment deals with [xx] teaching. Is that right?

That's my understanding, but again I would say to you, I was not present for that specific discussion and I'm just telling you what I would interpret it to me, but I don't claim to have any special knowledge of that particular section. Follow up? Does the gentleman yield? I do. Just as an example, you have been in the education committee for some time, would you consider that a designing a research project would be part of a professors work load or working with other graduate student to direct them to gather the data or sitting in front of a computer to analyse the data or writing a journal article?  Is any of that a work load for a professor? How about being a reviewer who actually reviews the pear research. My understanding is that all those will be appropriately considered. I think that there are some people or organisations that do national research into the class load of faculty at the universities across the nation. It's further my understanding that they make a distinction between faculty working at a research institution and one working at an institution maybe that is not heavily or at all into the research, and that typically it's my understanding that the course work load carried by a professor at a research university is generally going to be lower than if that the faculty member is not doing some of the other things that you have included in the question. So it seems to me that is all very appropriate and that we would not want to have anybody ignore it. Thank you,  to debating the conference report. You are recognized. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the house the other problem that I had with this was restructuring research activities. First of all I heard a comment about how much money the state put in to the University system, you may not know that for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill the state contribution is less than 20% of their operating budget, that's because they have so much money coming in in research projects that they actually burn most of the money they are supposed there the activities in addition so because that is research activities I have a problem with our directing those research faculties to the board of governors to consider restructuring the research activities, this is the University of North Carolina and the other research universities are a major economic drive of this state, we are tinkering with the foundation of our economic development when we start tinkering with the research activities of the faculty at any other universities. So I have here the last university gazette where one of our research faculty members Professor Laura Mersini-Houghton is shown with Stephen Hawking in Stockholm where she went to present one of her papers that his invitation, so I don't know how many courses you hope the Swiss professor will be teaching or how you will recommend that she restructure her work the shears doing research that actually raises the question of what's happening in black holes. I don't know that this Board of Governors is competent to restructure her research activities or many of them so I hope that we will be looking to the experts who are doing the research to help this make decisions on these guidelines, I don't know what the other contributions are by percent but I do know that the research campuses earn a lot of their money that the professors actually buy some of the work loads that they have so that they can spend time in their research projects. I know that a lot of these startup companies in North Carolina there have actually been emerging leaders in

various fields have come from those research activities and that there are many projects right now in the work that venture capital here has come into this State because of that research. This.  The lady will suspend, Representative Holmes for what purpose do you rise? Will the lady yield to a question? Representative Vinscor do you yield? I'll yield after I finish, thank you. Okay you have the floor to continue.  I also want to comment on the. I know that a lot of people have talked about the LME funding but I was one of the authors of the reform Bill in 2001 in House Bill 381 and I'm very concerned that we knew so little about what we were doing then and we've made so many mistakes. I hope that we will learn from the mistakes we made with that reform. To understand that the reforms that we're making and many reforms are in this conference report huge changes in our system there are bound to be many many mistakes so I urge you to go slow and to give yourself plenty of time to correct mistakes, one of those promises that we made back in 2001 was as I think Representative Earl has already said was a promise to the LNE's that if they saved the money, and built a fund balance they going to have to expand there services, that's what they you are promising that if they can save money, they could keep that money on their own, the mistake that the LNE's made was not moving ahead fast, they don't have initial capital coming saying here is $100 million to start a new service definition, but what we are doing now with our health system is building more crisis beds or in patient beds. We're still not paying any attention to those community based services that we have to have. The plan is to have the [xx] issues their fund balances to cover the cuts that many believe that we had made, I think we had a 1.5 hundred million dollars in the state fund to cover people who didn't have insurance. It doesn't make any difference how sick you are or how poor you are, if you're between the ages of 19 and 64, you don't qualify for medicaid. If you're mentally ill, you don't have any medicaid money to help you to buy your prescription drugs. Those are the people that are ending up in our emergency rooms, ending up in our jails and prisons, and now we are opening 80 beds at central prison, a new mental health hospital. I'm glad we're doing that. But we're still focusing on the wrong place provide services. We have to be providing those services in the community, many of those people, we have 12% of our prison population has that mental illness, where in the general population only 5% of the population has middle illness, so we are putting people into our prison system who don't belong there. Some of the LME MCOs have been only fully operational for two years, it took a while for them to accumulate fund balances sufficient enough to reinvest. They and their communities all had plans for these many moneys. We've never asked them what their plans are for these moneys. The fund balances were used to be covered the bridge funding for the group homes, we promised that we actually created a bridge fund for the group homes. That they weren't getting any fund. One year we put that money in, they can use their fund balances for that, if we take that fund balance we won't be able to do that. It's to provide a rate increase for [xx] group home providers to build crisis fit centers expand services in the real part of the state. The failure is that they did not spend these dollars quickly enough to protect them from this body. The cut is being made on the heels of the Governor establishment of a new mental health task force to address the crisis we have in this state they those elements need the may that money to implement wherever the Governor task force come up with, so when I think this budget I do agree that the house budget was much better than the senate budget. I appreciate the hard fight that you had in your negotiations to do the best you could, but this budget is not what we should be doing for the people of North Carolina. It does not protect the future of our children, it is not protect the future of our economy and we come here, we run for office and get elected and promise that we'll do right thing by the people of North Carolina, and the first thing we do what's more important than anything else is to taxes. I can't vote for this budget. Mr. Speaker? Representative Stam, for what purpose do you rise?

I would like Representative [xx] to yield for a question.   Does the lady yield? I yield. She does. Representative [xx], I'm an alumnus of Chapel Hill and attended courses at Greensborough and ECU. So like you I'm a fan of the UNC system. Do you know that North Carolina ranks fourth in the nation in State support for higher education? Well that's really good. As a matter of fact, many states are increasing. I was [xx] and that's for our private schools too by the way, we settled in our private schools, our private universities and colleges. I think that's wonderful we ought to be doing that, we should not be cutting our major research campuses. Representative Jeter of Mecklenburg County, for what purpose do you rise? To debate the conference report. You're recognized it is interesting because my life has been flopped with benefits and challenges, and I have always tried to look at great and let the enemylook be. We'll take a little bit of different approach here and I'm going to encourage you all to vote against the budget. I want you to go home to your constituency and tell those teacher you are going to give &750 bonus. I want you do go home to those teachers assistants and tell them that you did not fully fund them and give the a 750 bonus because that what your numbers is going to do, I want you to go and to tell your constituents that you did not want a raise starting salaries of teachers from 33000-35000 dollars, because there was some small provision in the budget that you could not find because you were looking for it and this was not perfect. Heck I want you to go home and my good friend Representative Fisher talked about the tax cut and teacher are only getting $750 you know what else they are getting? They are getting $500 bonus because as all North Carolina needs all because 0 tax bracket goes from 15, 000 to 55, I want you to go home and tell your constituents why you didn't want them to get that increase in the zero tax bracket. I want you to go home and tell them why you want to cut their personal income tax. Mr. Speaker I will yield as his colleague yield to me which was not. He does not yield this time, you have the floor to continue. I want you to go home and talk about how for the first time in history, we eliminated the highway fund transfer e added $216 million back to the road system. Go ahead and tell your constituents that wasn't a good decision I want you to go home to your constituents and tell them you voted against providing body cameras to police officers all over this state. Mr. Speaker? Representative Insko, for what purpose do you rise? I'm wondering if Representative Jeter would respond to a question. Representative Jeter, do you yield? No. He does not yield. Representative Jackson of Wake County, for what purpose do you rise?   To speak to the conference report. You're recognized. Thank you, Mr Speaker, and first, ladies and gentlemen, I know that the floor's been cleared out a little bit, but I want to say that I speak only tonight for myself. I don't speak for any group, any lobby not even a caucus. As the old saying goes, I'm not even a member of an organized political party. I'm a proud Democrat. I want to thank the 40 members who voted with us the other day to give me a chance to read this budget. I hope Hold your questions to the end of my remarks so I can make sure I cover everything I want to say. If you need a bathroom break, now is of course the time to take it. The gentleman is out of order. No, I'm just kidding. As those of you who've actually read the budget know, it's not about simply reading 500 pages of texts as it was insinuated the other day. You and the majority who've had the benefit of staff work for all these months might know what the provision on the page 285 that gives $1 million for down town project and a city that have a population as July 2013 of not fewer than 105, 000 and not more than 110, 000 people. And is also located in the county, it has moved from tier three to tier two in 2015, I did not know that and I had to ask. Its her point by the way. And on reading this 500 pages I found a lot of good things. We talked about earlier about how you funded the historic tax, credit and leadership should be commended for that.

And after you've made a mistake, that you made in 2013 on the medical deduction and you've gone back and fixed it. And you should be commended for that. And representative Louis and Browly and Sine have figured out a way to solve the senate previous distribution issue, and help low counties without hurting urban counties. And am sure been representing urban county, I feel a lot of relieve tonight on that. Representative Jones whoever was right, when he says he knew house will debate on the budget today, and nothing I have read on the budget changed my mind. In fact I think if you mind these conference committee that was private. I was the only one when the speaker asked and raised his hand and said, "He knew he was a no vote after here in the presentation. " And I want to tell you why. the truth is that I knew that was a no vote a few weeks ago when I saw that bottom line number agreed to have breakfast at the Governors Mansion. Page line 49, $21.73 billion. In the game of chess that is the budget, I knew we were in check we just didn't know how many moves it was till checkmate. We sent our subcommittees in with lower numbers basically to fight a fight with one hand tied behind your back, and the head to make tough decisions, and I respect each and everyone of them for that. It has to be an impossible choice to decide. I'm I going to cut textbooks or drivers education, funds for AP teachers or TA's, Library grands or porks really tough decisions. But remember one thing when you talk about these tough decisions when you go back your constituents. We had the we started this process with a healthy budget surplus, there was no tax increase at all needed. and I know this because I have voted for it back in May. I have your press release from the day that vote if anybody is interested I have expelled  and crosspelled all the things back in May that you boasted about doing with the house, all without a tax increase. I copy and handed out but that would only be a waste of paper. Today a new press release will be written and you'll figure out a way to spin this and we heard a lot of that the first hour and a half of debate. That's what we all as politicians do, spin things so I'll just save the paper. What we should have done is remain firm on giving our state employees a 2% raise and our teachers a 4% increase. Both are needed, over due in my opinion very well deserved. But instead of doing that we made another bad decision and we complied with the senates non-recurring, non-budget, non retirement $750 bonus demand. That was a bad move and it will make a huge difference to the average state employee over the cause of their employment with the state [xx] the fiscal research prepared you may have seen it if you follow me on twitter, if you don't you should, comparing the house budget proposal for 2% raise with the senate bonus, the total difference in wages for the average state employee is $29, 355 over a 30 year time period, it's $640 per year in our retirement difference. Even the 500 dollar raise that I read in the paper that was a counter proposal, I guess you would say to the senate 750 dollars bonus, is still a substantial difference it's $15, 975 over 30 years, and $356 dollars a year better in retirement, and I know that we have been in this chamber. Many of you were in here, and you first state employees how bench warmers, and I really wish we didn't think of them like that make, and I really wish we didn't create them like that. We also gave in to the senate, I'm not giving them five extra days of a bonus leave, and I don't know how many of you had the opportunity, but I went to the Sinic[sp?] Convention I guess it was about three years ago, and during the meet, and greet mingle time they had a slideshow going on the background, and it showed what everybody had done with that five bonus days of leave in that previous year. One lady has spend an extra week with her new born baby, how sweet is that? Others had taken time off to care for their ailing, or dying many had surgery and some donated a time back to someone in their department. This were very touching stories and

I'm sure you can find it on the internet if you look, and I'm just extremely disappointed that we couldn't do at least that for them this year. In this budget we've also failed to provide provide a cost of leaving adjustment for our retirees and you've heard a little bit of that, and I want you to know that a 2% cover would have cost $78 million notice when I said cost I didn't say it would cost us, because I confirmed with our staff just yesterday that there are sufficient gains in the retirement plan to provide retirees with a 1.1% cover without any further appropriations from the state, It's their money and refused to even let him have it. Now you've heard a little bit of it tonight and I know after I've finished tonight what I'm going to hear because I've really I've been hearing it all week and it's people will stand up and say the Senate insisted on this, the Senate insisted on that. The House wanted and we faulted this that the Senate just would not go on with it, so folks I'm here to tell you we have to agree to it all, there is no 2% raise across the board, because we agreed that will not be one, the majority of our teachers about 65, 000 of them would get only a one time $750 bonus, because we agreed to it only 29, 000 teachers were actually getting a true raise, again the retirees who live on a fixed income will get no court law because we agreed to it. Sales taxes are being expanded to the tune of $160 million next year, because we agreed to it and at the same time we agreed that cooperate taxes are being cut in a year with a budget surplus our world class university system that Representative about is being cut because we agreed to it, we also we are agreeing tonight to put my policy in earmarks budget many of you are probably like me and are asking your back home do you ever want to run for higher office do you ever want to run for DC. My response you don't need to. We are trying to rally with DC with every budget we do. It was very unfair for the paper to target, only the Speaker for the project back home in his district. Because many folks in the room house and senate did the same exact set of thing some of this earmarks were even in the original house budget did I realize I voted for. That was the reason many of you voted against it many more were insisted by the senate the senate got the high point provision mentioned earlier, you can find that on page 285. The senate got five and a half million for two small airports in the East. You can find that on page 365 a senator for the first time I've ever seen this. A senator got almost $11 million for the construction of a single school in one particular county from page J24. Some of the earmarks the house got was small potatoes compared to what the senate got. But my personal favorite, Representative with apologies. My personal favorite can be found on page F10, line 60. We're increasing the total funding to our programs that offer training the medical residence for future doctors by 20%, that's a good thing, that's a really good thing, but instead of sharing that 20% between the nine airheads across the state, the entire $8 million increase is going to only one. That's the mountain airhead and that's wrong and I could say out loud to you I wonder why that is and I know what everyone of you [xx] committee would say but the truth is that's happening because we are agreeing to it.  Representative Stem I see you eaten, you want to jump up and you want to say, democrats used to do this.  Let me just say this, I didn't do it. Representative Catherine didn't do it.  Representative Meyer and Floyd and Hunters and [xx] and Headcock], they didn't do it. And I know that none of you can't pay it saying that you are going to do it. If you got a project that is a good project and affects some even districts, put it in the appropriations bill.  If you'll look at my submissions for last ever terms, you will see that's the exactly what I do, not that I don't get heard, but that's another reason. Don't insert it in the budget and then ask us to only have up-down vote on the entire thing. I'm sure that the main street solution funds I spoke of earlier, is very important to the [folks back [xx]. Our employees need a pay raise, they need the cover the increase in health care costs, the increasing community college costs and the utilities. students need textbooks and paper. This is what my son's math homework looks like. The school cannot afford to send home a textbook so I

can teach him algebra, the teacher cannot afford to send his homework on a full page of paper have to cut it in half and this has been going on for several years. I'm mentally ill, I need treatment not jails. We need more hospice facilities, our court system still needs modernizing and our poor, need more than a symbolic tax cut, it's not $500 it's the income percentage that they would pay on a $500 from 15, 000 to 15, 5 what they are really giving is a sales tax increase that will fit the amount of services they use everyday. Cutting corporate taxes will certainly help shareholders, many of whom live by the state, but doing that we're raising the amount the middle class families are paying here in North Carolina, in my opinion is it's not right. Before this day out this conference report will let us see who is really against ear marks and port projects and who isn't. It's been 196 days since the governor released his original budget and 78 days since the start of the fiscal year, we have taken a lot of time we should at least get this right. Right now we don't have it right, this is not the best we can do I'm going to ask you to vote no the conference report thank you Mr speaker. Mr. Speaker Representative Browly, for what purpose do you rise? I wonder if the gentleman, Mr. Jackson would yield for a question. Representative Jackson do you yield? Yes Sir I yield, He does. Thank you sir I appreciate your courtesy you correctly said that the first full year of the sales tax expansion that it would generate approximately $160 million in new taxes you also talked about a tax cut for corporations will it surprise you to know that the tax cut for corporations is only 23 a half? million dollars? Representative Brawley I'll tell you I wouldn't be surprised by that. I wasn't comparing the two [xx] gentlemen. Were you Yes if I may ask the gentleman a question. I'm sorry, he 's such a friend that I know he will answer my question and I apologize Mr. Speaker for not going through you. Would it surprise you search and know in that same year the personal income tax cuts are $437 million. Unless I will not be surprised by that. I know that we are creating a huge problem going forward with the income tax cuts for pass and yes sir. Don't disagree without a bill. And one last question sir. Does gentleman yield? Yes sir, yes sir. Okay. He does. Representative Jackson I know that we fine people for speeding to make them slow down. I know we put high taxes on cigarettes to make people stop smoking why don't we put taxes particularly high taxes on people earning? Thank you Mr Speaker. Mr. Speaker. Representative Lewis, for what purpose do you rise? I would like to ask the gentleman from Wake a question, Representative Jackson. Representative Jackson, do you yield? If I could answer Representative Browley's question first I'd be happy to yield to my good friend [xx]. You have the floor to respond to Representative Browley's question. And I think is today constitution, that day's constitution [xx] Today is constitution day, and why that constitution amendment was first passed Representative Brawley, I have no clue, I wasn't alive, and I yield to Representative Lewis. Representative Lewis, you may state your question. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Thank you, Representative Jackson. Representative Jackson, I 'd like to commend you first of was probably the finest speech of the night, I understand it's easier when you are planning on voting no all week to get your remarks together, and I'd like to commend you for that. I'd like to also so I would like to follow up on one of the answers you gave Representative Browley to understand so I can have a clearer understanding and then you mentioned that you were concerned about the loss of revenue for the state and the problem it was going to create going forward, I was curious if you could give me a rough idea of what you thought the rate or revenue growth should be for the state. Representative Lewis of course you are aware that I'm not on finance and I don't of course I don't have an answer to your question, I just know that I've heard people who are in finance and people in the know talk about how some of the things we have done both in 2013 and 2015 impact our ability to fund what is a rapidly growing state and the services and the needs and along with that quote. May I ask the gentleman another question Mr. Speaker?  Does the gentleman yield? Mr. Speaker, I'm I going to be able to take my compliment back? You are very popular tonight. Yes Sir. Yes Sir. [xx], I yield.  Representative Jackson with deference to your acknowledgement of not being [xx] finance, would it be correct to say that

the gentleman is not aware that, even though this budget cuts taxes for working families, and provides additional abilities for cooperations to compete in this state, that it generates in 2016/17 an additional $382 million, 18/19 an additional 688.5 million, and in 1920 an additional 746.5 million. It will be fair to say that the general was not aware of that. Representative Lewis, you are looking at a chart, and so I am sure that at some point over the last week I may have seen that same chart as you. but I'm not aware of those tax figures on top of my head. May I ask one last question?  Does the gentleman yield? Yes sir. He does so just to be clear Representative Jackson, with all due respect, because I followed your remarks very carefully, and actually agreed with many of the things that you said. When you answer the gentleman from Mecklenburg by saying, you believe that this tax plan creates a problem for future years, you are not aware of the actual amount of income or the actual amount of revenue to the state that's flowing in. Mr. Speaker thank you. Representative Lewis, now I think that's a very unfair characterization of my comment. I have seen the numbers if we don't do the tax increase. And the tax cuts, and I've seen them without and I know the difference now whether I can tell you the difference to one million dollar plus or minus as long as I can not Thank you Representative, thank you Mr. Speaker. Representative Graham of Robeson County for what purpose do you rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker and I have a question of Representative Dollar. Representative Dollar do you yield? He's on his way.  I yield. Thank you Representative Dollar and I asked this question in the conference committee and I want to be able to explain to my retirees and my district why they are not in this budget, and I would like for you to give me an explanation as to why they are not in the budget. I think we talked about this in the conference committee a few days ago, why didn't we mean the house get this in the budget. As you know the house position was at 2% cost of living increase for retirees. 1.1 percent of that could be paid for with funds realized in the fund itself and then the balance of that 2% was to be appropriated. As you know, neither the governor nor the senate had any provision for a cola. The argument that came to us from the Senate is in their budget, they were actually looking to lower the amount of estimated rate of return for the system from 7.25 to 7.20. The view is of some on the behalf of sum that that rate of return in the long term may be too ambitious. It is certainly a rate of return that is sort of on the knives edge that when you look at it out into the future years. That is the concern that was raised now the house position and in the negotiations was to move to get at least a 1%   [xx] it would not cost any appropriation parse but it could be funded out of the fund. I will also note for you that the board many weeks ago looked at the issue and they did vote to recommend a collar[sp?] from the fund but that vote I would have you know was a five to four vote. It was very close in that way the house continued to fight in the negotiations for a 1% cost of living increase but those items brought forward by the senate they would have to been negotiated away in order to have that even considered for wait beyond what we believe to be reasonable and appropriate so that there is no question that house position in its budgeting and its negotiating position was for cost of living increase and we will be certainly be back at it in six or seven months when the short session comes around.  Thank you madam speaker, Thank you Representative

Dollar for what purpose does Representative Ager from Buncombe county rise? To debate the conference report, You have the floor. Thank you very much. I have a few brief things to say I also, I also very much appreciate the effort that went into creating this compromise I read Representative Mcgrady's long postings about it I was sitting on my beautiful porch right over the lawn from Henderson County while he was here spending long nights working on the budget, so I do appreciate it. My biggest disappointment with the budget is loss of the solar tax it's a loss of thousands of jobs, we were told over and over we were not to pick winners and then I saw the half million dollars for more fraking[sp?] and I said well I didn't wok out too well but I'm just saying that, that's just my biggest disappointment. Thank you.  Thank you for what purpose does the Representative Mayer from Orange county rise? Thank you madam speaker to debate the conference report.   You have the  floor. Thank you I too want to extend my appreciation to those who spent their time negotiating the conference report one of the things I've learned this year it feel like we have been here for almost an entire year is how much collegiality actually exists in this chamber and I really appreciate it's helps me reform my ideas of what's true and possible in politics unfortunately we also end up at times where we do have political differences but my arguments with this budget do not extend to any unpleasant feelings towards my colleagues who worked on it, so I was thinking today about a very strange metaphor for this budget, if you are a sports fan you may remember former NBA player Allan Harris and probable the most fascinating thing that Allan and I ever said was a quote he said practice what are we talking about practice, so this is why the ridicule, because he was basically saying for not showing up in the practice and said what is the matter if I can play in the game and everybody, and ridiculed him because they know that practice is something that you take for granted you have to practice because you are playing the game, what are talking about? Now apparently there is a metaphor for the fact Our negotiators had to argue with the senate about practice towards our education. I couldn't believe that our budget today, the one of the most public things we ended up talking about is practice. When I thought about that It made me realise that, there were people, just like they were laughing at Allan, there are people that are laughing at this budget. I like jokes, I heard some good ones about the budget this week. I heard one that was said related to drivers ads, saying look if you want to save drivers, pay your fines late. I heard one that said somebody was joking saying that they were going to have to pay more for having that auto repair. They were going to go back to using the shed tree mechanism. I heard somebody suggested because we have new taxes on repairs that maybe our motto should be, if it's not broke don't tax it. I even you're the one that said that it's a $750 one time bonus because they're not expecting you to stick around next year. I can appreciate humor even when it's directed at myself and things that I'm responsible for but in truth I don't find much in this budget that's funny sometimes funny make it easier, and the people of North Carolina need to see beyond those few jokes and what the dialogue has been and hear about a few other things that are in this budget. People of North Carolina need to now that, there is $4 million in this budget to pay for our own pending litigation costs. We need to know that there's another intrusion into local authority by stopping the Orange and Durham Rail project, they need to know that there is 22 fee increase in this budget that I counted maybe there is even more I missed. There is the fee spent for an increase in the fee on newborn screening, as a new feed to get all oxes[sp?] new fees for long term care facilities, there is increase fees if you die, as we increase the fees for autopsy. My favorite one was we double the fee for ice cream shop inspections, that was creative. I did think about, whats going

to happen with the sales tax expansion on repairs and maintenance next time we have a major storm. If you have your roof  gets torn off, your windows gets blown in. You have some kind of damage to your deck, and you go to the store and you want to do a DYI, and buy some materials and come back, repair your own home and try to do it cheaper, you're going to have to pay more tax on that. So who's going to get a windfall out of the next major storm that blows through the state? State of North Carolina is we're going to collect millions in new taxes because of a hurricane, and then the redistribution of the new taxes has me confused. Union, Chatham in my own county of Orange are all ranked in the top 10 of economic performers by the the Department of Commerce. They are getting more in the new tax distribution than Clay, Dare and Jackson, which are ranked in the bottom 10, Union County, a tier thee county, will get $2.9 million, while Hide County, a tier one county, will only get $26, 000. Chatham County gets a perfect score of 100 in commerce ratings and they'll get $1.1 million, Jackson County is rated a one out of 100, the worst possible score. They get zero dollars the bottom 29 counties in commerce's ratings, all of which are tied with a score of one, that's how bad their economic situation is. They all receive less in revenue than Union County does. There is a tax break on income taxes is in this budget, but I was trying to contextualize that because as you know those of us on this side, we think about income tax breaks and think about who it helps the most and who it helps the least. And one way I thought about it was that, the tax breaks are the people who earning $1 million or more, there are going to be eighteen hundred  dollars or more depending on how much you earn, but $1 million earner you are going to get eighteen hundred dollar tax break, that is more than twice the bonus that the teachers are going to get even $750 no one is going to get eighteen hundred tower tax   [xx] and the teachers are going to get that bonus one time I would be fine that there are millionaire teachers but there aren't. We're at a time of an expanding economy, and in an expanding economy the private sector tends to invest in your work force and in this case the state not. Since 2013 tax code the medium wage in North Carolina has lost ground compared to national wages, we used to be about $2.50 below the national average and now we're closer to 3%. We have talked extensively about teacher pay, state employee pay. All that they are going to get is one time bonus, won't even count towards their retirement. Finally I have to express my concerns about education in this budget. This budget to barely makes us come to practice, it's not going to make our team better.community college tuition it's going up again, it's gone 81% since 2008. Well there's a movement across the country to make community college tuition free. UNC takes anther $46 million in flexibility cuts, includes some provision that I believe are going to make it more difficult for professors to include students in hands on learning opportunities because it's going to push against their time in research labs, where students can get the preparation they need for 21st century stamp careers, DPI takes another cut, you set us up, the Senate set us up with an argument about TAs and drivers at two things that just should be so basic that we should and even have to debate them in the budget, and I know that some of you who were in there debating with them were frustrated by that. I also have a specific concern about the change, the statutory change, to the definition of what is the responsibility of a local school district the change here looks like it tries to bring us into

compliance with Leander ruling but it shifts us from the state having a constitutional mandate to provide a sound basic education to school districts providing a sound basic education. Is that because we're once again setting up school districts up to get blamed for the failure to have a strong education system when our budget doesn't step up to take care of our school systems and their teachers and their students. What's our response the school district is continuing the struggle. A proposal in the budget to merge districts, opening more charters, another $129 million in vouchers. This pleasure won't move us out of very far for being 51st in principle pay, for being in the bottom 10 in teacher pay. School districts today still have teacher openings, all over the state, because we have no plan to recruit and retain teachers. House worked on some good plans to do those things this year and we need to come back and do it again next year, because the people of North Carolina deserve better. I plan on voting against the budget, I encourage you to do the same For what purpose does Representative Collins from nash rise? To see if Representative Louis would yield for a question. Representative Louis do you rise? Do you yield? I yield. Representative Lewis despite the infinite value that I had in this extremely informative and entertaining training for the cameras that we've had for the last three and a half hours. Would you please consider calling the question so we can have some kind of break before the next session? I appreciate the inquiry but as you know these cameras need to get the footage, I would encourage them to consider leaving perhaps a number of lights to go off. For what purpose does Representative Lucas from Cumberland county rise? To address the conference report. You have the floor. and Madam Chair may I say that, I really don't concern my with their cameras, whether there are no cameras, we have a solemn duty to perform, and I want to address it very solemnly. Now show-boating or antics. Mr. Speaker thank you and all of the conference negotiators particularly speaker Moore and the other negotiator for your patience your diligence and most of all for your tenacity in crafting the conference report that maintained approach of the substance of a house budget of which I voted aye I was pleased to vote aye for that budget because I thought that we had really Yomans[sp?] work in providing for the citizens of thus great state We had some good examples that you were able to keep as you negotiated and I appreciate your work The $377 million to maintain teacher assistants at the current level, you have my appreciation for that. Restoring funding r driver's education, driver training. I laud you for that. The 3% increase for a State Highway Patrolman that's commendable. Additional salaries for correctional officers, that's good but we also have neglected many many folk who were included in that original house budget. We no longer are granting caller increases for teachers as state employees. I can't be proud of that, I hope you are neither.

We are not giving cost of middle adjustment for retirees who have worked 28 to 30 years of quality service to the state. And we are not expecting that, I don't like that, may fees really another name could be label taxes. Taxes, the dirty word taxes, taxes on repayers and services that will affect our middle class, yes I agree to that will be tax reduces at some instances, but middle class family who has, and most of those who will have two or more bills or more whenever they get those repaid, they will pay fees, or taxes for that. And really agreed that we are allotting millions of dollars for low income students to attend private schools when a good quality education can be gained at the schools that they already attend. You might say well that's school was failing, the school's not failing the student is failing. Any student can learn in a quality student environment and that means teacher and student regardless to the other student's existence. I'm not being braggadocio but I'm a product of a poor situation and I hope that in gain the quality education because my parents insisted that I be focused on gaining the education, poor that they were. I think it's best stated by the late Rod Edwins[sp] when he said that, we can at any time we choose teach all children whose education is a value to us. I value all children's education, and I submit to you that you don't need to grant millions of dollars for them to leave the circumstances that they're already in where they can get that education, and give it to a private source. It aggrieves me to see that occur. Thank you. Thank you. For what purpose does Representative Luke from Durham rise? Speaker may I have the floor? You have the floor.  Thank madam speaker, members of the house, there is a 400 page plus budget and some of us did really need all the time and appreciated that we didn't vote on Wednesday on this and some of this we just fell a bit hard to find one of which it was that and into light rail which I don't as a Durham representative know that we in Durham and Orange knew was even under discussion. It's in there it's capping the amount of aid that Durham, Orange Blackwell can get and there's been so much consternation from my district about that and all I can say is there was supposed to be transparency in this budget, there was supposed to be discussions in this budget there were Democrats on the conference committee, there should have been all these knowledge going on about that, but there wasn't. And it's just really a sad day when something like a cap on light rail funding that will basically guard the Durham Orange light rail system is done without any knowledge of the Democratic conferees so that those of us on the Democratic side can know this is going on. And that for a start is a problem with this budget. The second is I look at this budget In the context of the budgets that have come since 2011, since there's been a new majority, and I submit to you that what's happening in all this budgets over time is that there is a serious effort to starve, to starve the state, of the necessary availability to meet the needs of the people of this state. How do you starve the state? You just year by year reduce availability and you

show up the number of how much is available, and most folks forget how much there used to be available you just watch it down the amount that's available, train people to get along with less, and say guys, we did the best we could, and there is for example the whole  discussions about the teaching assistance, no one remembers that before the recession there were 8, 000 more teaching assistants in North Carolina Public Schools than there are today, and so the big talked about in terms of getting us back to where we were, we're still behind. And so getting along with the rest is what we're all being told to do and we're also all we've been told collectively as a state to forget that we once could do more and did more in our budget to help public education, they ask what do you mean, I'm looking at the data that come from fiscal research division and adjusting the dollars for appropriation these is what the facts are, adjusted for inflation in 2007, 2008 the North Carolina public school appropriation for students was $5511, in the budget coming up right now it will be $4870. $5500 and now $4800, why is that happening? Why are we spending less as a state as the on the children of our state no one knows because nobody is looking at the numbers. We are not actually looking to see how much it has changed that's just awful and indefensible but help us understand why now our public school expenditures are 46 of the 50 estates. It has been said earlier that we're down there in the land of Mississippi and South Carolina, that we used to as a state of proud to say we are not Mississippi we're not South Carolina we're North Carolina we were so much better we know we are not any better than South Carolina and Mississippi because we are ratcheting down in terms of our willingness to appropriate to meet the needs of the state. If you think the teachers of this state don't notice this, that they are not getting raises that it's becoming more difficult for them to do their jobs. Let me just give you some information and report that a friend gave me was looking at some research on teacher education in this state and listen carefully about this because this should tell us a lot about how the word is getting out to people in the universities to the students about what we are doing in our state. In 2010, there 230.600 students in teacher education program around across the campus of the UNC system 23, 600. Guess how many this year? Same amount a little bit less? Actually a lot less 30% less 23, 600 people in teacher education programs in 2010, 17, 100 in teacher education program in 2015. The word is out, don't go to teacher education programs in North Carolina if you want to do a decent, get a decent we should not be having 30% going down, we should be having 30% going up and how would we help that? How about with decent salary increases for our teachers, and that is why the whole problem with revenue and availability it is just really kind off beyond me in terms of what we've been doing? We have a cut in the income tax and you can look at it for this year and say, Oh it doesn't hurt as much $117 million. But of course, you look next year and its 437 million. And some I think it that's great we're cutting taxes. And I want to know what we could do with that $437 million in terms of helping public schools or public school teachers, we all know we could do a lot. And then if you look at that 437 million you know since it's a flat income tax rate that all who make more than $2000 are going to do a whole lot better than a family that makes $20, 000 because you are reducing and by the same percentage for all they even came up with a republican presidential debate last night that the same percentage rate some at the top are going to do better than those at the bottom. Made very clearly last night by one of the candidates. So when this income tax cut you had people

in the middle class and you help people on the other end now, seemingly in this whole discussion with the senate it was this decided that there needed to be additional money raised and so lo and behold we come up with sales tax on labor and this raises taxes need to be put that way raises taxes $226 million on people this state 160 of it goes to the state, 65 of it goes to local government but the fact is that 225 million dollars and people of the state don't know about it now, but they're going to know about when they go to their repair shop get their oil changed and find out they are paying sales tax on that world change not on the change but on the labor for the change not on the parts. We can find this all the time, the reference is made to the Hurricane the reference understanding all thing, getting you refrigerator fixed. This are sales taxes on the labor which unlike income tax cuts it sales that increase part people at the low end more and more I think we all know that and yet we've got here in a conference report to raise ourselves tax on labor that's going to hurt middle class working families more and it has scaters it's going to help people at the high end more. It's just not right shouldn't be doing these sort of things and the two are linked. It's not that I think people who are well to do shouldn't be able to have the well to do, but they live in the state of North Carolina and we're having serious this needs in the state of North Carolina I just still it's ready to somebody who respect public education. We have serious needs we need to take a fair share from all and not put this proposition chair on the middle class the lower infilm. These reasons alone just here public education and task policy encourage to vote no on this conference report, thank you.  For what purpose does representative Mitchelle from Dorrum rise? To speak to the conference report You have the floor. Madam, Speaker I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen in the house, much have been said tonight about this budget and representative Jitter I'm going to take your suggestion so I'm going home and tell my folks I votes against this budget because of the bad problem in this budget, but the good thing about it is you going to pass it and I can take advantage of that too. But let me tell you folks, I want to go back to what Representative Luke says, you all need to understand that we have to have some feeling for the future of our state. If you at representative Luke has said take a look at page one, the availability of a port in your money book and you will see that almost near the bottom, you will see that this year there's a lowest of revenue of little over $300 million. That figure rises next year to over million dollars now I'm not making that up here it is right here. you're looking at $713 million shortfall next year based on the figures and the budgets that you have this year. Now you've heard all the arguments about what should be, and what shouldn't be and how things should be, how are you going to make that up? And if we continue that and Representative Louis I have a chart also and my chart I think it's almost like yours except what it shows me is that by the time 2019 rolls around, we're going to be running a billion $250 million deficit each year not just in that year, but in each year. Madam Speaker. David let me finish, and then I'll answer. Representative Michaux will hold Representative Lewis. I just wanted to see if the gentleman would share the chart that doesn't show a $688 million increase in 2019, just for the record, but he doesn't yield so, I'll let him continue to talk about a reduction in growth, as a loss. I'm looking at the

chart Representative Lewis, I'll answer your question there, that shows in 2019, that $632 million loss, $632.9 million dollar loss, now that's the chart I'm looking at. What happens is you're looking at figures that build on each other as years go by, as these tax breaks trigger in. These triggers that you've got set in what is going to be the future of our say in trying to make the provisions that are necessary, for us to keep moving. You know we used to look down our notes we used to look down our notes it's South Carolina, but now South Carolina has a higher per pupil expenditure than we have. They pay their teachers, more than we pay them. They have not one, but two automobile manufacturing plants in that state and the got an airplane manufacturing port operation in their state and yes you talk about progress they got a black United States Senator he may be at a wrong party but at least he's there. So how can we avoid to keep looking down our noses at South Carolina when we are about to get put back into the same position as that we will look down and know it is North carolina act, that is exactly what is going to be happening in this state and this town and as I said before I'm going to vote against this budget because I know that the good thing is in there and you are going to pay us and I can take advantage of that because I've had the opportunity to argue against the man so I do not have stand here so everybody here said what needs to be said about it and let me give you a another little thing I thought about and I quit at that. You all be talking about comparing apples to apples oranges to oranges you can't mix them well let's look at a fruit tray you've got apples on a fruit tray if you take one apple off and put an orange on there you still got a fruit tray if you got a tax trade you got four taxes on there you take one tax off and put a fee on there you still got tax tray. So if these things and all these things that you're doing, for those of you who signed that little tax increase pledge. I just want you to be aware that yo might be going back on your pledge. There are good things in this bill, we sent a good bill, you all sent a good bill over to the Senate, you let them cower you down, and all the done way too Representative Lewis if you want to ask me another question yes the teachers' assistants were fully funded, totally funded but not living over the way we send it over there we send it over there with a little flexibility and now that you do not have that flexibility teachers that were paid with those teacher assistant funds and so many systems and are back on the contract on the same basis accept to lose because you cannot use the flexibility built into that, with that I am going no who voted against it but I'm still live in both worlds. For what purpose does Representative Martin from Wake County rise? To Speaker on the conference support. You have the floor. Thank you Madam Speaker and it is nice to say Madam Speaker. Members in my debate on another bill on an earlier day, actually it was a motion I managed to call the senate, heathens and that reflects my legitimate belief that we are the superior body in the house. When my party was in charge I think we were superior to the senate and both our process and the [xx] of legislation that we send over to the senate. And I firmly believe that under republican control that remains true also. I did not vote for the budget that came out of this body, but I did believe that it represented a legitimate document to govern the state of North Carolina. It was not a document that I fully believed in, but it was a document that was realistic in its vision. What came back from the senate of course, was far from realistic document that anyone could hope to govern a state with. Well after my comments about

the Senate as being full of heathens, I went back to my office, and had an email that a bill of mine would be heard in senate rules the next day. The Senate maybe heathens, but they are not heathens without sense of humor my Bill passed, but had a few nervous moments there. But my belief in the superiority of this body remains true with the Republicans in charge also, but this document here represents a very unhappy middle ground between the realistic document that this body sent forth, and what the senate returned, and in all too many respects is a little bit too close to the senate's budget, so my friend the Clinson[sp?] fun from Mecklenburg, earlier talked about what we should tell our constituents about why we voted No for this budget. So like my friend from Durham Representative Michaux I'm going to take up Representative Jeter on his offer and talk about what I will be telling my constituents, and why I voted against this budget. I'm going to tell him I voted against the budget, that increases car taxes, and fees and in fact actually indexes future increases on many of those fees to inflation, and I'm going to tell my constituents that I voted against the budget that at the same time their was increasing those increases to inflation it declined to give a caller increase to our state retirees meaning the value of their retirement diminishes and diminishes every four year as the fees that they have to pay to keep their car on the road increases. I'm going to go back and I am going to tell my constituent that I have voted against the budget that fails to take action to restore the damage done to our state university system done by neglect by this body and also the actions of an incompetent governor's chair and a board of governors that lacks courage. I'm going to go back to my constituency and tell them I've voted against the budget that essentially ignore are experienced, mature veteran teachers I'll tell them I've voted against a budget that takes even more flexibility away from our local school and please no one here go back home and tell your constituents that you saved teacher assistance you merely preserve the status quo and actually made it school systems have taken away their flexibility. And in the end I'm going to tell my constituents that this budget like our budgets was about choices in a particular we had choices where all that money was going to come from and what we were going today with it and as we gave a pretty misely tax to middle income North Carolinians we chose to doing that by beneitting millionaires I don't think my constituents will agree wuth that choice thank you, I am voting now. For what purpose does the representative Pitman from Cabarrus county rise? I think I'll pass madam speaker I just wanted to ask if representative Floyd was in the room to conduct his normal service for the weary. Thank you. Representative Dollar for what purpose do you rise? Representative Louise. Thank you madam speaker. I want to thank the members of the body for their time tonight and I'll be as brief as I can. There's a lot I'd like to respond to, and I'll hit just as many points as I can as quickly as I can, which to be clear I think our state employee's work very hard, I think our teachers work very hard this body, this majority made a committment 2 years ago to increase the starting pay for our school teachers on the level from 33 to 35 thousand dollars a year, that does not include the local supplement but, we kept our promise we've done that. We've heard kinds of stuff tonight. We've heard about we've heard about the lack of a collar and I want to tell you I've got a lot of folks who have expressed concern about the lack of a collar in this budget as well, but at some point this body and I was not going to take issue with leadership that has been provided before, but at some point this body, this general assembly owes to our retirees a honest discussion about the $26.6 billion unfunded medical liability that

we have for our retirees right now and our $3.4 billion unfunded liability on their future payments as well. We have been criticized tonight for preserving the teacher assistance that we have, it is worth necessarily going down the road but I would ask the members in the this chamber who have served for at least four terms to look back at when the reduction in teachers assistance begun, and who held the gavel at that point? We talk about our disappointment in how the budget has changed and how the house was somehow steamrolled by the senate. I'm going to tell you that aren't the case, what we have before us is a responsible spending plan of $21.7 billion, which funds the responsibilities of this state, fully funds the enrollment growth of our schools. Provides a $750 bonus for our state employees. Is that as good as a raise? It depends on who you are. If you are a $29, 000 prison guard that Representative Lucas and I visit at the Harnett Correctional Institute $750 raise is a whole lot better than a 2% or a 1% raise that will be filtered off across 12 months. I'm be proud to go back and tell my people that we provided that. We go all this, and let me be clear, I will never stand on this floor and claim to know enough about what a tax is, if the gentlemen from Durham representative Luebke call it a tax, it's a tax. He knows more than I do about taxes because he has raised everyone there is to raise. That one point on the floor, he put a tax on a tax. He called it a search charge but it was a tax on a tax, but despite all that we get the numbers, this budget is a net tax cut. And I'm going to finish up by saying this, we can debate the growth of government, we can debate what we want to see in this state, the point that I've tried to make over, and over again with the deepest respect. Yes, this budget, and the tax cuts it provides overall does slow the curve, or lower the curve of growth, but respectfully, and I've heard too many times not to say it, my friends you people need to understand it is not your money. It belongs to the taxpayers of this state, and we have made a commitment to go to a place where we do not penalize those that are trying to work trying to get ahead, trying to advance. Members I could go on, I know the hour's late But frankly if you work, this chamber's full. We've given respect tonight to listen repeatedly, to the tremendous effort put forth, to say, we know this is a good budget, there's a lot of stuff in this budget we like, but we are going to talk about it, and vote against it anyway, I admire the efforts to create the new talking points, and to drag them back out from two years ago. This budget is going to pass tonight, we're going to fund this state into the future, and I am proud to be a part of it, thank you Mr. Speaker.  Mr. Speaker. What purpose does the gentleman from Nash, Representative Collins rise See if I ask representative Louis a question. Does the gentleman from [xx] yield to the gentleman from Nash? Yes Sir. Representative Louis I've noticed three more lights have come on, now four since you started speaking. Would it be possible this point you would be as fed up as I am and be ready to call the questions.  Representative Collins I appreciate that I call that the plooky effect and I apologize if that's what I created. What purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Hall rise?  Speak on the congress report.  The gentleman has the floor to debate the Conference report. Thank you Mr speaker, and I appreciate the house members coming back here at the end of the debate. I was really hurt that we had some people who were concerned that debate may gone too long, and of course

we're all have the responsibility and those complains were large during the first 15 speakers who spoke about the budget, so I hope that we can let everyone have their opportunity and appreciate Representative Louis restraining himself and not cutting off debate especially since he's spoken about three or four times himself, and so  Mr speaker for what purpose inquiry Chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry concern to the rules. How many time does a member entitled to speak on the main question?   A member is entitled to debate the main question on two occasions. Therefore it would be accurate to say that, I have spoken no more than twice which is within the rules. That's a fair statement.   Thank you Mr speaker. The gentlemen from Durham has the floor to continue debating the conference report. Thank you Mr. Speaker and I appreciate your liberal interpretation of the rules and again I appreciate representative Louis not moving to cut off the bill. We see rotating Speakers tonight at the podium at the discretion of the speaker.   What that tells you is, that, you have the ultimate power and that's why, he can let each one of you come up get a follow up, because you have that control and you have that power. With that same power and control you have, you have a responsibility to the future of the state of North Carolina. It's always great to enjoy that control and that power and I applaud you that you take advantage of it the tough part is when it's time to do the duty that comes with it, and of course the budget that went out of this house that went to the senate, certainly better than what is here now. I did not support that budget, there were problems with it I don't support this budget, that's fine. I'm in the minority, you're in the majority. You had that budget, it went out. What does this budget do? Let's start at the beginning. Now some people said it was a 400 million tax surplus, 400 million surplus, some people said it is 445 million surplus, yet still we end up saying we can't do this million dollars here or this million dollars there will help our future because we don't have enough funding. It's already been addressed how we got to the constraints funding level. Families across our state now are living paycheque to paycheque, they're working hard to make ends meet, and they could have used some relief in this budget. What this budget does though is we talked about these fee's, this alleged broadening the base, this alleged new tax scheme that has the same effect as before, is it taxes our families more, and whether you want to call it a fee, or you want to call it a tax, it's still a tax. You know it, I know it, and you know what the effect of it is going to be. It's going to cause our hard working families in North Carolina to pay more needlessly because of your discretion. This budget has dozens of tax increases. These increases are a maintenance of the most basic services that our citizens have. We didn't have to do that, you didn't have to do that, remember you started out with the $445 million surplus, but at the end of the day, the citizens of North Carolina the hard working citizens of North Carolina, got thrown under the bus, and out of state co-operations as well as those most well-to-do North Carolinians, got the tax break. So yes, many of us are concerned about the future of North Carolina, and history that has been started. This budget gives 1.8 billion over the next five years and tax give aways to out of  state co operations. Now how do you justify that? We're trying to help North Carolinians. We pass taxes on small businesses that are going to make it hard for them to survive, harder for them to harder for them to create jobs and we give 1.8 billion over the next five years away, to other state cooperation. They are not even committed to North Carolina they are not head quartered in North Carolina and they are not citizens of this state. Millionaires of North Carolina are going to receive about a $2000 tax break. Folks in the lower 1%, folks making less than 20, 000 an year, what are they going to get? They are going to get a $7 decrease. Now if they go to the dollar store,

maybe they get some relief, maybe they can get something for their big tax cheque's, for their big tax cut. $7 others who don't needed, get a 2000 dollar tax break. Something is wrong with the way we see our citizens in North Carolina, something is wrong with the respect we give them for the hard work they do and then we turn around and put more of a burden on them, so we can give more to out of state corporations, and those who need it least. Something is wrong and we can't continue that trend, I know folks put things in the budget, and say well this is my personal project no one will notice. I can do this and I don't have to report to anyone. I'll get around the committee process. I'll trade something off, but at some point you have to be responsible to North Carolina. It can't always and all be about just ourselves and our one project. There are a lot of things that were done in Durham. A lot of funds were spent not because I had any control or influence that's for sure, in may instances the project we looked at evaluated and determination was made. This is a worth while expenditure. This will help the state of North Carolina. It didn't have to be this way, we could have made real investments in public education. We could have given teachers a meaningful pay raise that they deserve and have deserved for years, but it's a simple question of our priorities. The priority seems clear now for more tax payer funding give-aways to these out of State Corporations a special interest, and more tax burden for our lower earning citizens and for our middle class. We are lucky to have a middle class now for what we have done for the last four years. Their medium income is down $4000 over that period of time. We can't continue to go down this road, but this budget doubles down on the same approach the budget makes it clear that investing in quality public schools and I said investing in quality public schools and the university system is always going to take a back to some special ventures that are going to make a special deal in a back room somewhere. We need to invest in our schools and ensure every student in North Carolina has access to a quality education. We don't need to shift that responsibility, we don't need to duck it, we don't need to finesse it, we need to own up to it and fund them. We need to raise teacher pay to the national average. We don't have a plan. Whoever thought $750 bonus is not a pay raise is a bonus list. Its so a [xx] we get it confused with the pay raise, is that's happening? It is a bonus, it's a one time payment, there's no guarantee of future recurrence. And it's an insult to our teachers, it's an insult to the future of our children, it's an insult to the citizens of this state that  know that we can do better, remember we started with a $445 or $400 million surplus How you justify $750 one time bonus, and you started out with a $445 million surplus for our teachers who are going to teach, for our state employees who are gong to maintain, and run this state for people when your car breaks down on the highway going home you are going to expect them to come in  an emergency patrol, and help you out. For the people when you have an accident, and you expect first responders to come, and take care of you, for the people when something happens to you criminally you're going to expect them to come, and take care of the situation. That's the kind of respect we're showing for them, remember we started with a $445 million surplus, and this is where we ended up at $750 bonus. Really? A $7 dollar tax cut supposedly for the working working for, really? That's where we ended up, what are our values? What does this say about us, we need to help middle class families get ahead and be sure everyone who works hard and plays by the rules gets a fair shake from us and I would submit a $7 tax cut as compared $2000 tax cut, or $20 tax cut compared to $2000 tax cut, is not a fair shape is not taking care of middle class of North Carolina and it is not an investment in our future, This budget moved backwards on important issues

as i say that I didn't vote for the house budget when it went to the senate and certainly I can't vote for this budget tonight I know we could have done better you know we should have done better, the people of North Carolina know this is not satisfactory nor acceptable, I want to go back to one other thing that little statement by Representative Jeter that said go home and tell them why you voted against the budget, you heard a lot of responses to that, why would I vote against the budget that gave a 7$ tax cut, to working poor and added hundreds of dollars worth of fees on top of them, why would I vote against that budget? Why would I vote against a budget that tells TAs your job is always going to be in jeopardy, and schools that we won't give you the resources you need. Why would I vote against the budget to tell state employees that we don't values you, and we're going to continue to under pay you, you know  the $750 seems more like a transportation voucher. It seems like the amount of money that we're giving to state employees and teachers and saying get the best ticket you can South Carolina where they'll pay you and value you get the bonus ticket to Texas where they'll hire you and pay you your worth but this is your voucher $750 to get the heck out of the dodge because we are not going to pay, we don't respect you and we are not going to invest in you or our future I'm not going to vote for this budget tonight I don't think that's the right message to send North Carolina I don't think that as investment in our future I would hope that you would take this responsibility and fulfill it apparently not tonight but it sometimes going forward in the future, I'm sure you are going to hear from North Carolinian's who can't believe we started of with $445 million plus and ended up where we are tonight with the $750 voucher for our state workers and teachers to move to another state. For what purpose does the lady from Orange Representative Insko rise? To ask representative Meyer a question. Does the the gentleman from Orange yield to the lady From Orange? Certainly. He yields Representative Meyer I keep hearing arcades for the $35, 000 starting teacher pay, and I took the time to look up on the internet the living wage for 30 county is $20.92 for one adult and one child $20.92 per hour, for one adult and one child per county $21 Warren County, $20.92. Do you know how much per hour, a teacher makes if they make $35, 000 a year? How much an hour do they make? Well. It probably depends on how many hours that year the teacher works, and they probably work more than the standard work year, but if you went with the standard work year, you would end up at about $17 an hour. Thank you. And I'd like to just speak briefly a second time. The lady is recognized to debate the conference report a second time. I had asked staff for some  information that I forgot to mention before, but one of my concerns has been about the early childhood education programs, it's so foundation to the success of our future, for their children, for their experience in public schools, community college, colleges in life. And our child care subsidy was one of those programs that let poor children, also have a richer early childhood experience. So middle class, and upper middle class people, do a lot of things with their children, many children go to school, already behind, when they get to kindergarten. In May of 2015, we had 70, 916 children, on child care subsidy, served, by child care subsidy, and 31, 577 on the waiting list. In May of 2005, we had 74, 490 children receiving child care subsidy with 19.000 children on the waiting list.

In addition to that we'changed the eligibility so we no longer serve as many people as we used to, as many children as we used to. We're undermining our own future. I also wanted to mention that several people compliment or speak highly of the fact that we have teacher assistance, and several people have mentioned that we are maintained at last years level. Well, it looks like we must have forgotten that there was a non recurring funding last year for childcare for teachers assistance in a matter of $24 million with the first continuing resolution, that money went away and those teachers assistants went away. So if your hearing your teachers, your principals saying that they can't hire teacher assistants, that's why we are not funding teacher assistance at the same level that we did last year. That amount of teacher assistance is gone. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Dollar rise? Speaker, second time on the conference report. Gentleman is recognized to debate the conference report a second time. Members I appreciate all the debate tonight and everyone's patience. I will respond to a couple of things and point out a few items to you this evening that you should know. If you listen to some of the debates you would assume that no money is being spent at all in out great state. The question was asked about the extra money that came in, well what happened to it? Well let me tell you what happened to it, we put it into our savings, our rainy day fund in R&R which is over $600 million. We are going to have over a billion dollars in savings reserve which we could have used last time that we had a recession. We are going to be prepared for the next time. We are not going to have to contemplate fullows[p?] that were contemplated few years ago, we are not going to have to contemplate all the cuts that were done in 09 and 10 by the majority at that time because we are going to be saving money for the future. Unless talk about working families I came from a working family I know what that's all about that's what I grew up doing I still consider myself a working person. In education we are increasing that budget $462 million. The amount of money we are spending on teaching assistants and they are working people $377 million, every teaching assistant that was hired last year plus growth for the school system is fully funded more than fully funded. $27 million dollars for driver's aid, we talk about that affecting and families we fully fund that we put money into the courts that were requested by our chief justice, we put tens of millions of dollars into infrastructure, clean water, parks and rec those are helping communities and working families and every North Carolinian all across the state we have 27.5 million dollars in this budget for workforce housing, who do you think that benefits? That benefits working people right here in North Carolina. We put 16 million dollars to fully fund curriculum education over the summer in our community colleges, why did we do that? So that working people who are without a job can go to the community colleges take their courses over the summer, and be ready to get back to work. That's why we made those investments $40 million over this biennium for reading camps, who does that help? That helps struggling young children all across this state be able to catch up and succeed in school. Those are priorities in this budget, and raising teachers salary, somebody wants to complain about we are not raising teachers salary enough then you should raised more when you had the opportunity, we are doing right by highway patrol those are working people, we are doing all sorts of adjustments for them to fix their situation we can have the baddest and the best out there, protecting the public safety of our citizens. Correctional officers, they are long suffering working people that we are investing $38 million in setting up an entirely new compensation system for them. They are protecting us everyday and often over looked. We done a pension increase for our national guard, who do you think the national guard is? National guard is working people,

we are helping them. We are recognizing their sacrifice and their willingness to go fight for us in foreign countries. Why would we support that $440 million  more for transportation, restoring the medical tax credit that helps alot a lot of working people in this state historic tax credit for. I will not yield. The gentleman does not yield this time. The gentleman from Wake continues to have the floor to debate the bill. I wanted to just read you one thing and I will be happy to yield to the gentleman when I finish. I have received more complements on this budget over the last week, or so as this has come out, that I have received in any of the previous files and those are all challenging budgets. Well I felt a lot of people come and say, we really appreciate you investment in a whole variety of areas all across the spectrum, but I thought this hit me today, there was amendment that went out from the administrative office of the court to all court personnel all around the state telling them what was in the budget. We had the clerk of superior court, some of you may have met this guy today, he came up all the way from [xx] county, all the way from [xx] county. Just to thank, the members of the General Assembly, and to pass out a little piece of paper and a personal thank you note for what we're doing for the clerks that work hard, working people out there, there is no question that this budget, and item after item helps the working families, and all families in the great state of North Carolina. It is responsible Mr. Speaker, it is fair, it not only meets the needs of the people, but this budget moves our state forward, and I humbly ask for you vote Does the gentleman from Richland wish to attend to a question to the gentleman from Lake this time Thank you Mr speaker it's not relevant anymore, Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question for the house is the adoption of the conference board to House Bill 97 on second reading. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will open the machine and record the vote 8 having voted in the affirmative and 35 on the negative, the conference report is adopted on second reading and remains on the calender. Notices and announcements? Members if I could give the body just a few moments of, I could just before the staff leave the chair would like to take just a moment of personal privileged to the representative Dower[sp?]  thank the staff who have been here not only this evening but many late nights at last over the last few weeks I would like my colleagues to join me in again expressing our appreciation to all they have done and the chair would like just a moment of personal privileged to extend appreciation to the chairs of the appropriation and finance committees the corporates and also the house members who have presided this evening I want to appreciate them for all their work. For what purpose does the gentleman from Transsylvania representative Whitmire rise? A brief point of personal privilege. Just a moment. Members the house still is in session although we will be coming back at 12:01, but we are in session at this time, the gentleman from Transylvania is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. I think it's better now than after midnight I want to thank you for your support of house resolution 944, tomorrow when you are back whenever it is next week, you'll find a copy in peaches that sort of aligns the life of Reverend Billy Graham, and we'll provide that complementary to you on behalf of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, so I hope you enjoy it. For what purpose does the gentleman from Kataba, Representative Adams rise? For a great point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to the point of personal privilege.  I'd like to take a moment to recall a very important moment in my life, actually, the anniversary was last week September 5th. September 5th, 60 years ago, was my first day of school. I just want to talk to you about their first second. My first day, my first grade

teacher was Miss [xx], she lived across the street from me and she was a full time teacher. But she was not teaching the first grade, she was teaching Piano. Those were the days before airconditioning could hear her piano lessons going on all summer long, we could tell who she was teaching by the music that was being played. That first day of school I rode to school was with this law and I can still remember, how excited she was to be going to school. I was apprehensive and she was enthusiastic my first grade class photo shows 35 little smiling faces. I was reminded of this a couple of weeks ago when we were celebrating my wife's birthday and a couple we were with, my good friend [xx] Cherry his wife Pat has his first grade teacher in, she began making remarks about up becoming first day of school. And she said those kids at first day of school is like opening a Christmas present. There are each one of them is it's surprise each one of them is special and she said we have to figure out who they are and how they are all fit together. It was easy for me to see the solidarity of Patt Cherry with Miss Lorah, even though they're separated by 60 years. Miss Lorah's school room was very different from Patt's. Just a moment, just a moment. The house will come to order, the gentleman continues to have the floor. Miss Lorah didn't have a teaching assistant, there was no air conditioning, the heat was provided by a cold furnace. There was no cafeteria or even lunch room. Our school was named after Clare Harris and was built in 1914 as a high school. It had 6 classrooms and an auditorium. School building and playground only occupied about 3 and a half acres. There was no cafeteria, we all brought lunch from home. In fact from K through 12th grade I only experienced in cafeteria in five years, air conditioning only in the 12th grade. I was born in 1949, the second year of the baby boom that would continue through 1964 The flood of kids that filled the swimming pools, movie theatres, and Dime stores was out of normal. The demand was developing on the public school system was evolving at an incredible pace. The infrastructure was being challenged, and our country was on the threshold of the recession. Indeed education has changed considerably in the last 60 years. I submit the spirit of teachers. At least some of them have remained remarkably consistent, and durable. All they want to do is teach, and be free to teach. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a few of the many teachers that shaped my life I can say without reservation that most of them would never in their wildest fantasies imagine that I would be doing this here. Some are still around, and if they get back in their medical assistances close by. Ms. Lauren Gillian my first grade teacher had the enthusiasm for teaching never ended, she was 60 years old when she taught me, and when I graduated from high school, she was still teaching. Richard Gillian Representative [xx], the gentleman's time has expired I'll remind the gentleman that his fellow representative [xx] county is the one that rang the bell a minute ago. The gentleman has 10 seconds to summarize. Ms. [xx], Ms. Christine [xx], Mr. [xx] my principal, Dr. Richard Harvey, University of North Carolina, Charlotte who really inspired me and Dr. [xx] at the [xx] there're so many more, but I'd just like to take this moment to recognize all teachers, they're all very, very special and I revere them. Thank you. Thank you. Further notices and announcements? If not the gentlemen from Harnett Representative Lois is recognized for a motion. Mr speaker subject to the receipt of messages from the senate committee report, conference reports, rereferrals of bills and resolutions the appointment of conferees I move the house to now adjourn to reconvene Friday the 18th at 12:01 a m. Representative Louis moves seconded by Representative Dickson that the house now adjourns subject to the receives of the messages from the senate committee reports, conference reports, rereferral of bills and resolutions and appointment of conferees to reconvene Friday September 18th at 12:01 an those in favor say aye, aye, those opposed no, no, the ayes have it we stand adjourned.