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Joint | September 29, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Hall

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Alright, well, and you're all can come in as tight as you want I see great heroes from all the across North Carolina who've given service, and both as veterans of World War II in Korea to community members and teachers I'm Representative Larry Hall I'm the democratic leader in the house of representatives and I'm standing here with some true, great Americans, great North Carolinians who fought for rural healthcare, and to have started a long that path to bring it back to Hill Barden. So I want to thank all of you Mayor O'neil all of you who hang in there and fought for your hospital and for your community, and for future generations, and to set that example you know, this was one one of the first hospital started on the  Hill Barden act and for you all to carry on the legacy for future generations, a lot of you don't know and didn't know that you would need that hospital both after you were born and in your senior years and so keeping that faithf for your community I want to thank you so much, and for for inspiring us here in Raleigh to take another look at rural healthcare in North Carolina and step up to the plate and do something to help not all we should have but something to help and something to work together Mayor O'Neil I want you to take over from here so you could recognize the folks and tell the full story. Thank you again so much for all you did both to DC or you could for Rayleigh As community we are very excited today because the last bit of red tape has been moved out of our way to get towards reopening our hospitals the certificate I need was a fight we didn't even know we had to fight until about six weeks ago. There was a clause that said existing facilities are from certificate of need for we went to meet with DHHS we found out that they didn't consider existing facility to be what we had. [xx] We didn't even know we have to fight this difficult health issue and we remain with the department of health and human resource to find out it was an issue. The cleanest way to take care of it was to try to get some defining language through the legislature concerning existing facility that has been done now any community in North Carolina has up to 36 months if their hospital closes to give notice that they want to reopen the hospital and then they can avoid the CLM process which is lengthy but inexpensive. So not only has this benefited Belhaven but it's also benefited all of North Carolina. I want to thank the leadership in the house, the leadership in the senate speaker Moore told us he would all he could to help us and he did, senator Hise, senator Apodaca, senator Berger all helped but the amazing thing about other story is also minority leader [xx] he helped Galone Pierce headed the black caucus else, and from the beginning this has been an effort that has highly been moved forward because all types of people have worked together, we've had a common goal with that common goal we've all been able to work together. Republicans democrats, all minorities, all social economic status we've all worked together, and it's been a special thing to see, and now we will continue using those principles as we match forward towards getting our hospital back using whatever means we have to use and then a hospital opened through the use of the USDA loan. We also have 50 people from Belhaven here today, they spent the day lobbying the senators behind the legislative bill, they did a great job. Each senator probably got at least 15 to 20 visits. So when our issue came up on the senate floor and there's a little bit of debate and they actually called a recess, and had to see how they're going to work our billout. I think we got that worked because they saw how serious our community was about having a hospital. Some people tell me that they are amazed at the commitment our community has in saving hospital, I think anybody can understand our commitment when you understand that we are losing loved ones due to no emergency room services. What this will do is move us towards getting those emergency room services set back up, so today we remind our community it has access the health care as well as emergency care, So anyway I want to thank everybody for what everybody has done and once again I want to thank also the people in our group here that made so many phone calls to representatives, we made so many phone calls to the governor's office that they added three lines. So that's how hard we worked. Also want to thank the

governor, this bill will go in front of him, it's passed by super majority in the house and the senate so just a formality for him to sign and I'm sure he will he has expressed how important role health care was to him and he wanted to find a way as well for us to accomplish our goals so anyway Renny do you have any questions? Yeah, you guys you still have a way to go, there's certain things you still have to do to live in the hospital, what are they? Well at this point the first thing we have to do is to get the building back, so we get the building back through either the LLC, dean back to us so we'll go in through email domain, we have secure funding to go after the email domain, and secondly once we get the property we'll have completed meeting the qualifications for the USDA line, we will then access those monies which we will first use to work on the building, get it up to 100% so they can pass out any inspections it has to pass. We've got to get the staffing put together, we've got to get equipment put together we've have actually had two opportunities add equipment for the whole hospital for nothing in the last 6 month and because we didn't have the building we we'rent able to take advantage of it. Two hospitals close where we had to build to get all the equipment including the CT scans and everything and due to the LLC keeping the property away from we had nowhere to put it and we just had to hold of, so now we'll start looking again at securing equipment and we'll do the best we can and we'll have a hospital in six to nine months. Depends on your [xx] historically haven't been how confident are you that they'll give you the deal or that dominant domain process will work. Well vider and divided lawless for example in the election bill have right now we have vider lawless running trying to kill the hospital, they represent a small amount of people in our community but they are going to continue to be out there we hope that when they see this process we just went through they will accomplish this incredible goal of getting past the sell in we hope they'll understand we're about to open a hospital up and get on board and help, because everybody should work together to get this hospital open and that's important. If they don't get on board we'll move forward in domain we've have appraisal done that is very strong and we've got stronger attorneys and we are going to exercising a domain for which hospital has specifically mentioned as a use of inner domain. Okay now I want Richardson will say a few words.  Thank you very much Mr. Mayor, this is a great victory for our people's course, I was involved in the OLF issue, I was the lead elected official Great thinking, great thinking. And that victory was won with volunteers, yes we have elected officials one or two in the front but the volunteers brought the success, that is the same thing that has happened here. This is the American way down to the grass roots level with volunteers fighting for what they know is right. We need more of this in our society today and we would have fewer of the kinds of serious problems that we have that are being forced on us by our governments thank you very much. And the last thing I'd like to do is I'd like to recognize Mr. Thomas Wayhub over here. Mr Wayhub is a veteran at World War II, Korea and Vietnam and he's come out with us several times in his wheelchair to lobby for Belhaven. When the republicans had a caucus about a week or so ago, he came fro Belhaven two days in a row to be by the door to let them know how important our emergency [xx] was. So we want to thank you too Mr. Wayheb and lastly we want to thank all the people that gave all, we need to keep having prayers because we know that there will be other obstacles on our path so we are going still need those prayers please keep sending the prayers. Does anybody else want to say anything? I'd like to mention that the moral movement in North Carolina has been very helpful Reverend Barber and I think that even Martin Luther king would be very happy at this fusion movement that we have going on here in the grass roots in North Carolina we are showing the nation how to do it so this is a whole new generation of organizers that know how to make people power stronger than money power, thank you, our dear Mrs [xx] mentioned one other thing, alright don't put up on yet, reverend Barber has been involved from the beginning if it wasn't for reverend Barber we wouldn't have never got to this point he

was key to this movement just as much as senate and the house [xx] were today and yesterday. So anyway once again it's been a, a broad cross section of people of interest and we are very proud of what's taking place and we are excited to see what's to come, thank you [xx] thanks [xx] OK.