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Joint | September 28, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Hall

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All right folks we'll go ahead and get started, I know everyone has the schedule to keep evening I'm democratic leader Riley Hall from Durham and we are here to talk about bill 318 protecting  North Carolina worker act, what is really is and what it really does being joined by several speakers and Laurel I think you'll  introduce them  as we go, so we appreciate folks taking note of this, how is going to affect North Carolina and the folks who do the hard work here in North Carolina and deserves to be treated with respect and given an opportunity based of which it deserves so Laurel I'll let you go ahead and get started. Thank you representative Paul. I'm going to list through the speakers that we've today and they'll come up in the order that I list them, and we'll get started with Reverend Barbara President of North Carolina and NAACC, followed by Catherine of the Burlington Police Department, then Jenny Bel Of the council of churches followed by Naely[sp?] Pereswitzer[sp?] of the south East immigrants  rights network, Gloria Morales [FOREIGN] and then we have also been joined by Senator Gladys Robinson, thank you for being here. And it'll be closed out by Reverend Steve Heckle[sp?] also with the council of churches, thank you so much. Thank you Lowe[sp?] and to all my brothers and sisters black and brown and white who make up the human family you know hypocrisy is a it will stand participatory in a place that is opposed to [xx] laws that are constitutionaly consistent and defensible and economically insane. We've learned in this general assembly that just because they say it and put a name on it doesn't mean it is what it is. So for instance they call a law voter integrity law but we know the name is a distortion. It's actually a voter suppression law. say this house bill is about protecting worker when it's actually about race bating and fear. They pass bills to say they are about marriage when actually they are just about political shenanigans to divide and conquer, but we heard some truth on Thursday September 24th. Pope Francis spoke before Congress and said when the strange in our midst appears to us we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past, we must resolve now to live as nobly as possible and as justly as possible and to see our people as our neighbors, I had privilege of speaking just a few minutes on the mall before Pope Francis utter those words, but then they hear that back here in North Carolina the senate on that same day took the first vote in support of HB318, the most extreme Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Sanctuary bill in the nation we already passed the most voters suppression bill in the nation. We gather today united by our common humanity HB house bill 318 is bad policy, it's bad politics and it's a bad moral statement HB318 does moving an interestingly secretly kind of [xx] In the final days of the this legislation session is a sweeping Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Retino Anti-Hispanic and a pro race betting law.  Under false pretenses that seeks to position North Carolina against sanctuary as a state, and a nation this is a moral question, as it is all of our political decisions as this extreme as legislature moves policy up the policy that is anti work, anti-voting right, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-people of color Anti the poor they trade in the essence of what North Carolina has stood for within the South for our a sanctuary in the south for a new southern politics. A government that supposed to be for the good of the whole and not the good of a few, house bill 318 creates more problems for North Carolina, and it will not fix a single issue as it relates to undocumented immigrants. Now many of the people who are pushing this bill claim to be great religionists, about swearing on the Holy Bible. They claim that what they did for instance in the merged law they were doing

it because of their Biblical teaching, well maybe they didn't read Deuteronomy 10:18 where it says in 19, where it actually says that God is the God of all people. He doesn't play favors, he doesn't take bribes and He demands that you lovingly take care of the stranger of the alien actually in the King James and that you ensure that the alien has the same rights as your brothers and your sisters. Maybe they pick on Latinos and Mexicans and others because they're soft and maybe they think that what's in the the north does not apply to people from the south, give me your time, your poor, your hurdle masses yearning to be free the wretched refuge of your ensures. Send these to the homeless [xx] to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door, what the golden door is not just a harbor in New York, the golden door is America. North Carolina is not Arizona and we should not follow in valley of Arizona. Make no mistake finally House Bill 318 is not pro-work. It is pro-race baiting politics and it is anti-immigrants. The devil is in the detail and the detail of this bill is a mismatch of anti-democratic, anti-immigrant, anti-poor policies show not to resolve the problem it propose to address. Research shows that businesses will not stop hiring undocumented workers by passing the e-verify provision proposed but the deal will further drive workers underground and hurt all workers in the state by making use of [xx] agencies and subcontractors more rapid in the state. The [xx] set a provision proposing this bill far from creating safety will create more hospitable environment for people who are all our immigrants, our brothers and our sisters and the hostility will impact people who are perceived as immigrants, as people will fear interacting with their neighbors and will fear reporting crimes and coming forward as witnesses help investigate them. Law enforcement's primary goal is to serve and protect. Police need the trust of the communities they serve in order to foster safe and secure neighborhood and protect the lives and well being of all people directed from the state to law enforcement that drives wedges, wedges between officers and communities they are sworn to protect make us less safe and not safer. This is another example of political hypocrisy. It is race bating, it is playing to our worst, our tendency It is 2016 politics beginning in 2015. It is playing a game with the lives of Latino and immigrants like Africans, Americans we all know games that used to be played with us and still have play with us, it is wrong we should stop it, and we stand here, and call on these legislators to put this bill away, listen to the words of the Pope, listen to the words of the lady and the hub[sp?], and listen to the words of the Bible you claim to be loved so much, and listen to the reality. That all of us are fellow human beings together, and these kinds of bills have no place, no took place, no place in our democracy. On behalf of Chief Jeffrey Smythe and the Burlington police I Burlington police I thank you for allowing me to [xx] today. Unfortunately Chief Michael is not able to be here today.  With respect to House Bill 318 15A-306 seeks to place limitations on the ability of our police department to interact with residents within the city. That interaction will depend on and it builds trust between us and the residents within the city in a very meaningful way, over the last year, we've been working to build trust in relationships and encourage members of our community to report crime and to be witnesses when crimes

occur if the legislature acts to make locally ensure issued ID cards illegal, this would dramatically impact our ability to build relationships. Local police currently have the power to evaluate all forms of identification and this should not change if we limit the forms of identification that police can accept, the number of regular citizens who were brought in to jail for prints and pictures will increase. This is an acceptable draw on tough time and creates iniquities and enforcement practices, our goal is to continue to build mutually beneficial relationships, and this will be compromised with house bill 318, thank you. Good afternoon, my name is Jennie Belle, and I I'm here representing the North Carolina council of churches. As a person of faith living in North Carolina I believe that the gospel calls us to welcome the stranger and offer hospitality and justice to migrants and the refugees, and as a representative of the North Carolina council of churches and the coordinator of The North Carolina religious coalition for justice for immigrant I am calling on our law makers to vote no on house bill 318 but which goes directly against my faith traditions call to welcome and love our neighbors. Not make life harder for them by rejecting local identification and forcing police officers to act as immigration enforcement officers. We believe that the combination of faithful prayer and solidarity with those who's lives are directly impacted by unjust immigration policies will make a difference on our next leaders we serve a God who directs us to care especially for the most vulnerable our society our scriptures like Reverend Barbara said tells us that special concern for the alien and the stranger or as more contemporary translation say the immigrants. To our representatives who craft state laws and policies I lift up God's command from Deuteronomy 24. Do not deprive the immigrant or the orphan of justice or take the cloth of the widow as a pledge remember that God's people were slaves in Egypt and our Lord God redeemed them for there. Lord in your mercy for the safety of all North Carolinians I pray that the hearts and minds of our law makers will be softened in order to put a halt to this intolerant and hostile legislation. Thank you Good afternoon my name is Najally, better's word of term, and I am with the south East Immigrant Rights Network, as a network we condemn a oppose house bill 318. This despicable, hateful unnecessary bill will only create further mistrust between local police and community, well Pope Francis visited the US least week he addressed Congress and spoke about legislators responsibility to ensure the well being of all members of society, especially those who are most vulnerable. Thirdly North Carolina legislatures are doing exactly their perfect, turning our fate into symbol into a of hate and exclusion in the south and nationally, it is shameful that legislators are emulating states like Arizona and Alabama that have enacted legislation that criminalizes and racially profiles immigrants instead of scapegoating immigrant communities and creating further mistrust North Carolina legislators should acknowledge the contributions of immigrants to the state and pass legislation that enables immigrants to fully participate in their communities, house bill 318 is a fear mongering bill and san joins all the immigrants and civil right groups in condemning this proposal and organizing and speaking out against it. Thank you. Good evening, my name is Gregory Moralez, I am part of the committee of [xx] and as an [xx] leader, community organiser I am ashamed that North Carolina legislators are trying to scapegoat our community by trying to pass an anti immigrant bill why all the legislative session is almost over, nobody knows better than me better than me, better than us the fee of the police.

Nobody knows better than us that when the police stopped me I know $280 is going to be out of my pocket when I pay the ticket, and that means food for my family or pay my bill. That means a lot things, but I'm one of targets that they're talking about, I'm a business owner, I create jobs. I do a lot for north Carolina as all the immigrants, as all the people that I know, and I don't think it's fair that they don't give us any chance to cooperate. I think there's a A lot of things to do but they don't let's us do it so while we pay the routes they're trying to poison the wells, so that's not fair, that's no good and we think that we can do better than these kind of laws that they're trying to pass. Thank you very much. Good evening, I'm Senator Gladys Robinson representing Gilfrid county and want to acknowledge also Representative Johnson the representative here, and I'm speaking today to say that House Bill 318 is wrong. This is a country of immigrants very few people were originally from the United States, and we know who those few are. So, everybody came here by some by some means or were brought here. And so this Bill is an attempt to keep immigrants people who here who want jobs, who want health care, who want to contribute to the economy from doing so. And so today in Grains Bar Faith Action, join the police department of Grains Bar to say that this Bill, will hinder the police department from doing what it has done effectively, with Faith Action's help. With the help of Faith Action which is a faith group, they have been able to build trust, and there are the times when we are talking about police department and that being kind to our communities and not working with them Faith Action has done just that and our police department and our police seep starts here today that the idea that faith action suppose or gives out to immigrants and I think it's about 30, 000, we can check that number but they have issued these add these in-grains for sometime. The police department works with them accepts it, it  builds trust in the community it also helps the police department to save money just as you heard the police chief say here a minute ago. They have and they accept these documents so they know who people are and they do not pull in folks unnecessarily like you were saying a minute ago. Those IDs are acceptable, they also help in terms of domestic violence, human trafficking. A lot of those issues in the community that are plaguing us. With the co-operation of faith action the police department is saving money. The bill is clear in terms of what the document, I should say the document that we have in place in Greensboro is clear. We are glad to know that Burlington Police Department came to Greensboro to day to support and say they intend to do the same thing or intended before this legislation went in place. So the question is why this bill being done if we are in a time when we need to build trust, build relationship, allow people to get jobs, education, healthcare and that what we should abandon in north Carolina. Why is this angry bill being done to a group of people who have the right? To come to the country as most of us did. So we're asking our Senate, which did the bad legislation and we're vote again today, not to support this and to go home because we've done a bad job in Riley all year and so it's time to get away so that that legislation isn't continually done. Thank you. One more I am Reverend Steve Hickel, I am United Methodist clergy, served over 40 years in the North Carolina conference. I am president the North Carolina council of churches. Many of us have just heard Pope Francis speaking about immigrants about not looking at them as numbers but as faces

of real people not number [xx]. He urges all to remember our immigrant roots unless we happen to represent the many tribes of Native Americans. This is what he said, "on this continent two thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones in search of greater opportunities. Is this not what we want for our own children? We must not be taken a back by their numbers but rather view them as persons. Seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation, to respond in a way which is always humane, just and fraternal. We need to avoid a common temptation nowadays to discard whatever proves troublesome. The book of Leviticus it says, the alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you. You shall love the alien as yourself for you were aliens in the land of Egypt. I am the Lord your God and so our ancestors in the faith were just that and we can never forget that. " in my own faith tradition this legislation views away from the gospel of Matthew's call to welcome the stranger and remember that we too were once foreign to the land we now call home. To put before this people legislated road blocks is simply immoral. Legislators I'll offer you the benefit of the doubt about thinking this all the way through and further offer you room to change your minds for a stronger more welcoming future one that reflects our own immigrant heritage, thank you. Referred from, cult divorces you've heard from those directly into impact you heard from legislators, we make few comments and give you directive of what we are going to do now and we are going to take questions those are just also they are not in tune the intent of our constitution because our constitution make provision for both born, or naturalized And when there is an attempt to hinder immigrants it actually it is contrary to the vision that our Constitution puts forth that persons would always be able to come to this country. Second we know the system is broken and those who often talk about immigrants do nothing to help fix the system number three many of those who want to pass the laws that they're talking about today or Whether they are on a presidential level or here at the legislative level every now and then I want just scream and say if these laws in place you would not be here. When your ancestors came, when your great great grandmothers came they would not have been able to be American citizens and it is great form of hypocrisy for you to get in and then you want to block everybody else as black as an African black America who's also has native American roots and who also has right ancestor. I'm always torn because this whole business of fear meandering[sp?] people for political advantage is as old as the movie Birth of a Nation that was written by a guy who came from the city our speaker is from, Shelby. And in that movie is suggested with Draw Wilson watched it in the oval office, that black people were vicious and violent and that fear was used to call people to vote a certain way, now we're saying the same thing about our Latino brother and sisters. Got to do this because it's going to protect you, you got to do this because somebody is going to kill somebody. And what's so shameful about that is if a European immigrant does something violent all Europeans immigrants do not get blamed, it's the truth. If someone happens to be Latino, and one person that didn't, there is a stigma. There is a stigma that certain politicians will place upon a whole people for their own political advantages, the politics of fear and the politics of race baiting is as old as the south itself and it's wrong.

It was wrong when it was done to the African Americans, it was wrong when people did it to the tribes, the Indian tribes when we sought to go west and it's just as wrong now when we do it to war with our Latino, Mexican and other brothers and sisters. Today we will deliver letters to Speaker Moore and Senator Pitt Phil Burger and asking them to just leave this bill alone, there are some Roman sometimes when we get these matters people tell us well if you just do not say anything they will not do anything, just be quiet in other words if Latino people do not show up here, we will not pass the bill that is what was said to us the day, it kind of slipped to us we backdoor tearing above them do not come over because if they come over we are going to do, well first of all you are not going to blame us if you do it. If you do it it is on you, if you do it it is on you because if were not do it why did you write it? And why did you bring it up in the last minute? So we will be taking letters right now to both of them because we're not going to allow this to be done under the shadow of darkness, I am my brothers and my sisters keeper, that is as old as Genesis I mean as old as Genesis, we are our brothers and sisters keeper and you do not walk along because in the civil rights community we have already been through this, and we still face it, we know what race baiting looks like we know it smells like, and we know what it acts like and we will never leave you alone Let us stand together, all of us join hands, got any questions? If not Laura, do you have the letter? I do Are going to sign them here, how do you want to to do? They've already been signed and so we are going to have two teams now again media I hope they will let us take the letters in. Because you know in time we've come to bring the letter they close the door when the lobbyist come I guess they got money they get in but we get locked up for just delivering letters accused of breaking and entering so I hope the media will go with them as they take these letters so if they start locking up at least there's a witness. So we are going to walk hand in hand how about that I'm going to use my cane.