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House | September 24, 2015 | Committee Room | Rules, Calendar and Operations

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Is there further discussion or debate on the motion from the gentleman from Gaston seeing none the question before the committee is the motion by the [xx] to give the proposed committee substitute senate bill 698 a favorable report favorable to the original bill those in favor of the motion will say aye those opposed will say no [xx] the chair the aye have it the motion carries. Thank You. Senate bill 159 senate bill 159 is [xx] before the committee and represented to [xx] is recognized to explain the bill. Thank You Mr. Chairman senate bill 159 is one more [xx] of the gift that keeps on giving [xx] brought three valuation in 2013 working with the newly elected chairman of the [xx] county committee we worked out a bill to correct it there were a couple of minor things that needs to be changed, this relates to allowing people we got a tax bill increase to pay overtime. There is an amendment I believe that Representative [xx] will offer that will allow the tax collector to create the forms and develop them to procedures for people to implement there time payment plans on their excess taxes of Mecklenburg county is they are madly in supportive of this they hate the whole problem but it's difficult to compromise, everybody can live with it, nobody is ecstatic. Everybody hates it? Pretty much The lady from Mecklenburg representative [xx] is recognized to set forth an amendment and representative Huffman moves to amend the bill on page one line 17 by rewriting to read quotation mark how many payments under a payments plan period but tax collectors authorize to issue forms and develop procedures to implement a payment plan authorized under the section period not withstanding general statute 105-365.1 parent B gama to the person's death in quotation, period. Representative Cunningham has read data governing comment in her memo. To celebrate would be armed. He's recognized, Thank you Mr Chairman a technical change that you just heard Representative Brawley say that we need and I move adoption. The lady has moved adoption to bill sponsor indicate in his agreement is there further discussion or debate on the amendment sent forth? The lady from Mecklenburg. Seeing none those favor of the amendment send forth Representative Gary will say aye, Aye! Those oppose will say no. We can't adjourn the ayes have it the motion is adopted does the gentleman desire further comment This one for 159 the difference, Representative Torbett moves that, the House Committee substitute for Senate Bill 159 as amended be wrote into a new proposed Committee Substitute, and that that Committee Substitute will give a favorable report, unfavorable to the original Bill. Is there further discussion, or debate on the motion from a gentleman from Gaston. Hearing none the question before the committee is the motion that the House Committee substitute to send the Bill 159 as amended be rolled into a new proposed committee substitute, and that proposed community substitute be given a favorable report in favor to the original bill. Those in favor of the motion will say aye, Aye Those opposed will say no. To maintain the chair the ayes have it [xx] thank you Representative Robin. Members will go into [xx] the Chair's original announcement, we are going to move into House Bill 813 next, House bill 813 and just for clarification the extended bill 371 we're only making sure that the copies go around and will move right back just to be clear that is what we would do. Okay, House Bill 813. House bill 813 is proper before the committee, the gentleman from Alamance is recognized to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Members a bill before you came to regulatory reform committee without any opposition, it's designed to build in North Carolina a results first initiative. The future of charitable of trust [xx] foundation have teamed together to represent to sate and the county evidence made policy making model that will help us develop constitutional policies for the various programs and agency

work that's done here in the state of North Carolina. What this bill will seek to do is to help establish a framework just first a couple of steps and getting and that results first initiative in place here in North Carolina, part one of the bill is simply introduction to the results first initiative, again it's evidence based policy making it [xx] in our budgeting and our policy decisions. We base our decisions not just on what looks good, but what actually have data to support it as being effective. This will help us target our limited tax dollars to those programs that are getting the best effect here in North Carolina. Section two establishes the actual framework working with OSPM, and the fiscal research division of a legislature to put in place some beginning steps for the establish of result first initiative here in North Carolina, that's the basic overview the bill again pass the regular form without any opposition and I'll be happy to answer any questions. All the enquiries for the bill sponsor so you know the gentleman from Wine Representative Bill move that house bill 813 be given a favor report in [xx] special debate the question before the committee is the motion to get pass house bill 813 a favorable report those in favor will say aye, aye, Those opposed will say no. In the opinion of the chair the ayes have it the motion carries. Members will now return to previous announce senate bill 371 to senate bill 371 without objection the proposed committee substitutes for senate bill 371 is before the committee, seeing none so what is representative Dollar is recognized to explain the first committee substitute. Thank you Mr. Chair members of the committee this is a combination of a bill dealing with claims that came over from the senate what I believe unanimous support coupled with a bill that passed out of the house with unanimous support dealing with LMENCO, issues dealing with some their salary and appointment issues as well as making the change when there are mergers and separations and the like, because we no longer require unanimous support the counties two thirds of the county is also a section that further clarifies the process by which single county disengagement can occur providing for both rules as well as temporary rules which was a compromise with some folks to move that process along another section of the bill is dealt with in section six with the bill that passed the house unanimously as well that provides for the removal of the sunset on electronic supervision of certain facilities and this is also apply this [xx] amount in various springs or home which are very well aware section seven is just dealing with distribution issue of single stream funding to the LME MCOs and the final section eight was a provision that was in the budget that was sponsored by Representative we couldn't get it in the budget itself, it needed a little further refinement. We've achieved refinement to that and we've placed that provision, it's a non-money provision into section 8 which also deals with Intellectual Development Disabled Individuals who are currently on the waiver waiting list so know of any opposition at this point Mr. Chairman, be happy to answer any questions Are there inquiries from the committee or discussion on the Bill before you? if not Representative Stam moves the proposed committee substitute to Senate Bill 371 we get a favorable report unfavorable to the original is there any further discussion or debate? Seeing none the question before the committee is the motion the gentleman from Wake the proposed committee substitute for Senate Bill 371 be given a favorable report those in favor say aye? Those oppose will say no? In the chair the ayes have it, the motion caries. Members we are going to move now to Senate Bill 391, PCS was distributed to members last evening pursuant to the rule and therefore it's declared appropriate before the committee. Representative McElraft is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you Mr. Chair, members of the committee. This is the Deja vu County Omnibus Bill that you've heard before a couple of times and it even got to the floor. What happened is we chipped out the recycling fee provision

on the floor, Representative Stam had asked us to do that and we did take it out and when we got the bill back after it went through this committee got it back to the floor, we realized senate was not just take it up, because that part was taken out, it was no longer eligible. So, Senator Tard agreed to let us support of his bill sent it back over for concurrence is senate bill 391 it has three 30 senate and it has that one area where the counties can collect up to $250 in cash before they have to I believe chart to take it to the bank. It just saves the counties money but now they have to take it to the bank every month just a year now even if it $5 so you had this bill before and I just would like to you to prove it so we can give it on our proper concurrence. Members are there any inquiries for the Bill sponsor? If not, Representative Torbett moves that the Proposed Committee Substitute, Senate Bill 391 be given favorable report. Is there further special debate on the motion from the gentleman from from Gaston? Seeing none the question before the committee is the motion to give proposed committee substitute to Senate Bill 391 a favorable report unfavorable to the original bill, those in favor will say aye? Those opposed will say no? In the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it, the motion is adopted. Members and members of the public for your planning purposes the Chair intend in a moment to close the Committee On Rules in recess. The Committee On Rules will remain in recess until the legislative House session today is also placed on recess at which time or five minutes after the House goes in a recess the Committee On Rules will reconvene. Representative Stam, for what purpose? Just to the guide up to the respective caucuses, are you intending to request that the edit that today held, the ones we've already passed so that people could be thinking about that. Representative Stam, the chair has not specifically spoken with representative Fischer who I believe is the acting minority leader in this [xx] the chair pursuing to the protocol established by speaker [xx] will speak to her when we get to the floor and we'll make that determination at that time. I oppose as I don't have the answer I have not I had time to speak with her but [xx] a question, the gentleman is recognized. If she agrees then we would be [xx] a lot of this [xx] today If she agrees we may add some or all of them to the accounts. Members representative Floyd for what purpose do you seek recognition the gentleman is recognized [xx] [xx] for another representative floid let the chair be a little bit more clear it will be the Chairs intent after conversation with both the majority and the minority leaders to consider which bills the chair thinks can be handled expeditiously if added to the calendar today and or which bill having multiday requirement for vote to be taken if there are what we call in legislative [xx] a two day bill Chair will seek to add them to today's calendar members and member of the public who probably have an interest in this is bill it is the Chairs intent to move the senate bill 513 which is known as 2015 format be removed from today's house calendar and moved forward to the committee in rules which will be considered doing both the house recess and when committee reconvenes, are there any further inquires? Seeing none at this time committee rules stand in recess.