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House | September 24, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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Now come to order, good morning? The House will stand in recess until 10:30. The House will come to order, the House will stand in recess until 11 A. M. The House will come to order I apologize for your inconvenience, the House was still in recess until 12:00 o'clock P. M. The House will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, sergeant at arms will close the doors. Members and visitors will please silence all electronic devices and the prayer will be offered by representative Gale Adcock. Members and visitors in the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Praise the Lord oh my soul, and all within me bless His Holy name. Let us pray. Dear Lord I pray that your holy and life giving spirit my so move every human heart, that barriers which divide us may crumble. disappear and hatred cease. That our divisions being healed,  we may live in justice and peace through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. I pledge Allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America and to the Republic in which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  Representative Louis is recognized. Mr. Speaker the Journal for September 23rd has been examined and found to be correct I move to stand approved as written. Representative Louis moves that the journal for September 23rd approved is written, those in favor will say Aye, those opposed say No. The Ayes have it, the journal is approved as written. Ratification of bills and resolutions, clerk will read. The enrolling clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the governor. Housebill 117, an act to enact North Carolina compete  act, Housebill 679 an ant to authorize the acquisition, construction and financing of certain capital will miss projects of the constituent institutions of University of North Carolina. On motion of Representative Kelly Hastings and Representative Hager from Rutherford, Cleveland and Guston counties she was happy to extend the courtesies to the parents and students from Thomas Jefferson classical Academy, if you would please stand. Reports of committee, rules, calendar operations of the house. and members of the house as these come in, some of these we will ask you later if we can add it to a later calendar later today. So be thinking of that, I won't ask for that right now but give you time to think about that. Go ahead Representative Lewis, rules, calendar, and operations of the House committee report. House Bill 813, Results First Framework favorable. Calendar 36B Senate Bill 258 Party Executive Committee Fill Vacancy of Washington County, favorable. Calendar 36B Senate Bill 698, State IT/Utility-Based Cloud Computing, favorable House Committee substitute unfavorable original bill. Favorable to the House Committee substitute unfavorable original bill unfavorable calendar 36B. Senate Bill 371 LME/MCO Claims Reporting favorable House Committee substitute unfavorable Senate Committee substitute. House Committee substitute favorable calendar unfavorable to the original bill, calendar 36B. I think representative we'll come back to that. Calendar 36B for now. Next. Senate Bill 391 Enjoin Street Gang/Expires 3 years, favourable House committee substitute unfavorable Senate committee substitute. House committee substitute favorable, Senate committee regional bill unfavorable, unfavorable calendar 36B. Mr. Selah[sp?] I'll come back to you later and with one more. Senate Bill 159 Correct Revaluation Minimal Refund Policies and Taxes, favorable committee substitute number 2 unfavorable House committee substitute number 1. Original bill unfavorable calendar committee substitute favorable calendar 36B. Representative Stevens to send forth a conference report. Clerk will read.

Conferees report resolved the differences between the Senate and the House for Representatives on House Bill 215, a bill to be entitled An Act To Establish Procedure For Waiver And It Provided For Jury Trial In Criminal Cases Of Superior Court. Senate Judiciary One committee substitute adopted 72315 submit report delete entire senate judiciary one committee substitute adopted 72315 and substitute [xx] conference committee substitute H15-PCCS 10450-SA-3. The conferees recommend that the senate and the house representatives adopt this report, day[sp?] conferees approve report September 24th 2015. Conferees for the Senate, Senator Lee - Chair, Senators Blue, Apodace, Barringer, Newton, and McKissick. Conferees for the House representatives, Representative Stevens - Chair, Representative Daughtry, Stam. On motion of Representative Dollar and I understand it's been agreed to Senate Bill 371 short title LME/MCO Claims Reporting, will be added to the calendar unless Representative Fisher objects. If she does not object so ordered. calendar. House Bill 527 the clerk will read. Representative Burr House Bill 527 a bill to be entitled An Act To Revive The Regular Municipal Elections In Municipalities in Stanly County Shall Be Held In Even number of years to extend the term of office for the mayor of the City of Albemarle from two years to four years, to amend the Charter of the City of Raleigh to authorize the city to sell, exchange, or otherwise transfer property to clarify the board voting rules for the [xx], Thank board of education, and to add delegates, and hired counties through the list of counties covered by GS 538 there's 1, 5. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Burr is recognized for further explanation if he desires it. Mr. Speaker had a good vote yesterday, appreciate members vote again, just move to concur on the third reading of the Senate Committee substitute to House Bill 527 Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the passage of House bill 527 on it's third reading role call, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, clerk will open the vote. Clerk will open the machine and record the votes. The ayes are 97, the nos are 0, the motion passes. The bill is passed and will be enrolled. House Bill 531, the clerk will read. Representatives J. Bell, Dixon, L. Bell, House Bill 531 a bill to be entitled An Act To Authorize Wayne County And The City Of Sanford To Levy A Room Occupancy Tax To Authorize Moore County To Levy An Additional 3% Room Occupancy Tax To Create Special Taxing District Made Up Of All The Areas In Harnett County Exclusive To The Averasboro Township And To Authorize A Special Taxing District To Levy A 6% Room Occupancy Tax And To Make Changes To The Cumberland County Occupancy [xx] the general assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Dollar is recognized. I think Mr speaker for a motion. Your motion is what? Not to concur. Is this a. You're recognized to explain the motion. You're recognized to debate the motion. OK, I'd like to ask everybody not to concur with house bill 531 thank you. Further discussion or debate? If not representative Fisher you're recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker I just want to make a right to a point of order. The calendar reads that this is second reading role call when it is actually a vote on a conference report, I'm I mistaken in that? No it's for concurrence. For concurrence and it's not listed as public for concurrence, it is listed as second reading role call. Under local for concurrence. I'm so sorry, thank you, thank you. The other one is public for concurrence. I'm sorry, thank you very much for that clarification. Further discussion or debate? Representative Speciale, Representative Howard. Thank you Mr. Speaker, just to a question for the bill sponsor. Absolutely.

I think some of us are a little confused. Are you asking us to vote no or yes? Mr speaker could you explain this? This is a second read subject to the calendar are we voting yes, no are are we actually voting on a conference report? No, it's not a conference report, it's a motion to concur, the gentleman has made a motion to not concur If you want to not concur you vote green if you want to do something else you vote red. Thank you sir. Representative Lucas you're recognized. Point of clarification Mr. Speaker. Yes state [xx]. Were your instructions that if we were not to concur that we would vote green but if we were going to concur we vote red is that what I heard? Almost if you want to vote to not concur you vote green if you want to do something else you would vote red. Thank you Mr. Speaker I want to make sure that was clear. Lot of new light Representative Hager. Thank you Mr. Speaker to debate the motion. You're recognized. Thank you I would suggest all Republicans vote green. Representative Davis is recognized. To speak on the motion. You're recognized to speak on the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen of the house wholeheartedly ask you to vote green on this motion because portions of what you had before you are clearly not in compliance with the whole skyline for tax so by doing this we can pave the road to bring everything into compliance I hope to move forward in a positive fashion thank you. Representative Fisher you're recognised. Thank you Mr. Speaker I would highly recommend that all Democrats vote green on this motion thank you. Come by here. Mr. Speaker Mr. Speaker Mr. Speaker Gentlemen, a lot of people seeking recognition. I saw representatives Tine first you're recognized representative Tine to make your recommendation on [xx]. An affiliate caucasus but also like to vote green. Representative Collins is recognized. Ask the majority leader a question. Does the gentleman yield? I do. He yields. Mr. Leader, after seeing the address in the morning as my wife always complains I'm color blind, is the green button the top or the bottom one? We seem to be having a lot of problems. That's not bill sparly this eye buttom. Without further discussion or debate unless there is some, the question is whether we should concur with the motion do not concur in senate committee substitute for house bill 531 all those in favour vote will aye, those opposed will vote no. Llerk will open the vote. The clerk will open machine and record the vote, the ayes are 102 the nos are 1, the motion is passed. The House has not concurred and the chair appoints the following conference committee, representative Bell chair, Representative Davis, Representative McElraft Representative Carl Ford. While we're waiting for the next bill I'll note that if you go down to Mr. Speaker Let me make this announcement first, if you go down to the format, that will be, is hereby removed, and set the rules, we do expect it back here later in the day. Representative Pendleton, for what purpose you rise? How much to be recorded in this voting yes? You'll be so recorded. Jonathan are you ready on your vote, okay. House Bill 730 the clerk will read. Representative Saine, House bill 730. A bill to the entire enact in the next generation 911 reserve fund to implement next generation 911 to require PS, APS to to implement next generation 911 to authorize 911 board to establish push in agreement for state wires for to allow the PSAP player account to be used for expressive use to change 911 soldiers to amend the limited liability for 911 system to update 911 statutes include new technology and to make technology correct.

General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Saine is recognized to explain the bill, to make a motion motion Thank you Mr. Speaker I make a motion that we concur at the, what you see before you is some work that has been worked out with the 911 board me and the providers to provide the services to those, just it's simply governing language, Representative Boyce and others have worked on this tirelessly through the session and I appreciate your support. and with the motion to concur thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr Bob is recognized. Just to speak on the motion. You're recognized to speak on the motion. Thankyou just hope everyone will concur. This is something is needed and thank you. Further discussion or debate if not the question before the house is the motion to concur in the senate committee substitute for house bill 730. All those in favor will say Aye all those in favor will vote aye those opposed will vote no the Clerk will open the vote. The Clerk will open lock the machine and record the vote, the ayes were 104, the noes were zero the motion passes the bill will be enrolled and sent to the governor. House bill 373, the clerk will read. Conferees appointed to resolve the difference between the senate and the House Representatives, on House Bill 373 a bill to be entitled an act to established procedures for the product[sp?] of 2016 presidential primary upstate registering committee substitute adopt 7215 submit the following report during the entire senate district committee substitute adopts 72015 and substitute the tax proposed conference committee substitute 8373-PCCS40520 -60-10. The conferees recommend that the Senate and House representatives adopt this report. They conferees approve report September 23rd 2015 conferees from the senate, senator Richard chair, senator Apodaca conferees for house representative, representative Jones, Representative Saine, Representative Jackson, Szoka, Floyd, Jeter, and Martin. The bill be temporary displaced at the request of the chairman of the conference committee. Senate bill 238 the clerk will read the conference report. The conferees report to resolve the differences between the senate and the house representative on senate bill 238 a bill to be entitled an act provides if a person commits an offence of cyber stalking if the person normally installs or places a tracking device without consent to use the device to location of individual the house committee substitute number two favorable 72815 six edition engrossed 715 submit a file on report delete the entire the house committee substitute number two favorable 72815 six edition engrossed 9215 substitute take a pause conference committee substitute Ace 238, Ace CCS 15273 has said the conferees recommended to senate in the house to adopt this report, the conferees to approve report September 23rd, 2015. Conferees for the senate, said the house with the chair seems is Apodaca, Sanderson and Tart. Conference for House Representatives, Represetative Stam chair, Representative Hahn McGrady,  Faircloth, Mr. Sharley. Representative Faircoff is recognized to make a motion and explain the motion. Thank you, Mr. speaker and members of the house,   Order please, order please,  I move that the house to adopt the the conference report for house bill 238. You're recognized to explain. Thank you Mr speaker you all saw this the bill when it was here before, we discussed it long, and hard and the big question that we had was how the private investigators would fit into the GPS stalking situation. This went to conference and was well though out. This was a tough reach really to find something that was good policy, and would work to allow the private investigators to get their job done. Basically the new wording that you will see in there exempts them from, or allows them to use GPS in their work, subject to the authority of the

statute which they operate under, but with an additional restriction that person being tracked is not under the protection of a domestic violence protective order under chapter 50 B, or any other court order that protects against a stalk, threat, harassment following our contact. I think this is very workable, I think the private investigators will be well suited with this, and I urge you to vote green. Further discussion or debate. If not the question before the house is the adoption, of the conference report on Senate Bill 238, those in favor will vote aye those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will unlock the machines and record the vote. The ayes are 104 the nos are 0, the conference support is passed and the Senate will be so notified. As I previously mentioned the next bill on the calendar has been re-referred to rules, but for those who were not here earlier we do expect that back again on today's calendar, senate till 605 the clerk will read. Senators Rucho and Raven senate bill 605 a bill to be entitled an act to make various changes to revenue law. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Brawley is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker to explain the bill. You are recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker. This is there's various changes to revenue laws there's a lot of just technical corrections I will not go through everything, but they are some significant changes that I will highlight. In particular there is some clarification on the exercise of royalty reporting which was added in the house. There is a change, by the way this relates is to Nexus, or where location to determine taxability of the income of the company. There are changes on personal tax, changes on some miscellaneous deductions, there was a proposal for wagering losses but that was removed in committee, there is a sales tax exemption for items sold by nonprofits has been removed this would include things like the museum gift shop, will now collect sales tax, there is a change in the sales tax remittance to the state on entertainment activity. Previously this was a gross receipt's tax and was submitted after an event took place where they transfer to a sales tax which was listed separately. This is normally remitted after sale, this has created a problem particularly for smaller promoters in the concerts that don't take place or are paying taxes for which they are not due. There were some changes to Ready Mix Concrete Mills on which are now treated the same way as stationary meals with 1% $80 tax. Our secondary metal recyclers get that same treatment. The revenue law study committee is directed to study taxes on various admission charges to entertainment activities that are unclear under current law. Ports equipments get 1%-$80. There is a technical correction by the department on the term facilitator this is relating to things like AbandB[sp?] that's where it really came in. There are some excise tax changes in part four. Part five make some changes on the part of the treasures rules for the Sudan investment act to true up with the Iran investment act, section 5.8 there's currently a sunset on the ability of departments to retain a percentage of surplus equipment that's removed so they'll continue to sell it this one is section 5.10 changes the way the utility count can be used, this is part of the utilities packages perfectly like in 117 previous incentive utility account money can only be used to create new jobs with this change it can be used to retain jobs, house bill 81 which did pass the house is stuck in the senate, each text included in the section 511. There were some technical changes by the insurance departments 514 relating to assigning insurance points and the handling of some highway use

taxes, a large change is in part six, this is local option sales tax for education that's up to a half of percent for those counties that are currently taxing at 2%. It is down in quarter percent increments. This is article 43 a, will be retained 100% locally. It will essentially allow 93 counties with authorization to go to two and a half to continue to do that, and the other counties with authorization. The six counties with authorization to go two and three quarters that have not yet done so to do so. There are, I think, two counties that are already at two and three quarters. They will not be allowed to further increase their local property tax. There is a limitation on the use of funds for light rail in Wake County based upon if Wake County authorizes the levy of the full half cent local sales tax for transit under article 43 that no state funds could be used. Representative Brawley, let me get a little order here. Alright thank you. And while I'm getting order there I think that section I would like to make, I'll make that comment for you that is a very controversial position and I think the speaker pro chairman of the house has expresses the desire to amend that on Monday when this is for third reading I believe. Make a parliamentary inquiry I believe that was out in committee yesterday, is that in the bill 6.5? I'm sorry to complete to remove that division. Right. Okay. I'm sorry I'm actually working on I annotated presentation list that I used in committee because a significant amount of this bill is got nothing to do with, well it was new to me but anyway there when it's out, okay it is out, that's in within section six. Section seven which is a local option sales tax for cities has also been completely removed and part eight of the bill a main role pertaining the NC medical board exactly duplicates the bill past by this body which is currently being held hostage in the senate rules committee for no reason that I [xx]. I would like to move or encourage my compatriots to vote green on this and I will be willing to answer any questions. Also if necessary staff should be in the area and if I'll need them I would like them to be on the floor. Representative Brody you're recognized to debate the bill. Mr. Speaker, may I ask the bill carrier a question please. I yield. Representative Brawley, my notice isn't yours but you're really pretty smart on this issue and I just wanted to make for sure now we're dealing with, is this the one also deal with like the Lewis issue that you buy a installation service from laws and now you will be paying tax not only on the product but on the service itself, does this one deal with that? Section 3.5.  Representative Brody yield?  I do yield. He yields. You're referring to section 3.5 well I see four five or six, I really can't tell. Okay, they are, these are actually I think to do conforming changes with what we passed in the budget and bring everything in line but these are, excuse me, I'm trying to get to the correct page. The rate of these things are relating to the retail contractor and when they act as a real property contractor. Yes sir, these C sections do address that issue, was there a specific thing you wanted to know? Mr. Speaker follow up please? I yield. He yields. Forgive me for asking this because they generally solve these questions before, unfortunately, research hasn't gotten back to me yet and this and specifically what I wanted to address with reference to contractors who sub somebody who may supply materials that what would trigger this, the tax on the actual labor, would it be the tax status

of the sale of the product. For example, if Mr. Rutherford here can have installation  Don and I've got a roofer doing it, and he goes this supply house and buys the shingles and pays the tax, that he can install them without the tax on the service but now if for example if he go to his roofies supply and he's tax exempt, and then come to me and says I need to charge you tax, does that mean that the whole service contract then becomes taxable? Thank you for the question representative Brody all of the situations you described, they're not contained in this bill, those are related to the budget. These are technical changes for clarity and conforming with the statutes, and that's all, they do not change the law in relation to that. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Representative Shaw for what purpose do you rise? To ask Representative Brawley a question. Does he yield? I yield. He yields. Representative Brawley you made reference to section six that had been removed, can you tell me what that section why had it been removed? Section six would allow a city to post notice of 10 days, hold a public hearing, and then implement a quarter sales tax without referendum. I would comment and I think I can do this. Representative Luebke and I both objected to this, and I actually quoted to someone that when both me and Paul Luebke think something is a bad idea probably is. So the question Representative Mitchell. I'm that's been taken out. I do yield, yes that has been completely removed from the bill, there was some discussion in the committee, whether to make it a referendum, whether to make it longer but they ended up with an overwhelming vote just to remove it. And also as you know, but for the benefit of others cities have never had authority to levy a sales tax and such a change I think we would agree should be in a separate bill, go through a series views of committees, have public hearings and not just be added to last train out to Paris on the day before the Germans arrive. Alright, thank you. Further discussion or debate, if not, the question before the house is the passage of senate bill 605 on it's second roll call reading, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. the clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes were 17, the nos are 26. The bill has passed it's second reading and will remain on the calendar. Ladies and gentlemen we will shortly go into recess, but we have a couple of minor things to do first, for what purpose does who ever speaks up rise? Representative Szoka Thank you Mr. Speaker. I was in the chamber but didn't get to my desk in time. I would like to recorded aye on that last vote. You will be so recorded. Thank you. Representative Richardson, for what purpose do you rise? Thank you Mr speaker, to be recorded as voting no on the last vote. You will be so recorded. Representative Catlin, for what purpose do you rise? To be recorded as having voting no please. Y Ou will be so recorded. Representative Hager for what purpose do you rise? For an announcement. Make your announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chairman, Republicans immediately after recess and room 1027 which is the senate side of the room we usually [xx] to the other side [xx] 1228 representative Jordan is recognized for a representative statement. Thank you Mr speaker. Mr speaker colleagues 2015 an auspicious year for house district 93 specifically Ash county. Our town of West Jefferson is commemorating its 100th anniversary and I'd like to you the representative's statement regarding that event. Whereas the town of West Jefferson is a historic town located in beautiful Ash County which was once referred to as part of a lost province because of the area's isolation and lack of convenient access to other parts of North Carolina, whereas the town's founders envisioned thriving community of commerce and family centered living that was effectively instituted by the first inhabitants and that has been successfully maintained and expanded

by the town here by the town leadership follow up. Thank you Mr speaker. Whereas the founders of the town created a West Jefferson Land Company to transform farm land into an organized community with strategic placement of a commercial center and adjacent residences all related to an anticipated railroad depot and price new form of transportation and where town of West Jefferson was incorporated by the General Assembly on February 9th 1915, initiated by Ashe County representative Thomas Canttee Tambui who would on March 1 on that year 1915 be elected a speaker of the house of representatives. And where is Jefferson has become known as a railroad town, and must serve many years by changing ownerships, beginning with the Virginnia Carolina railroad, whose large V. C. Initials on his cars led to a nickname for the railway line of Virginia Creeper, whereas the town today is a popular destination for tourists vacationists part time residents who enjoy the mountain climate and residents who enjoy all year access to the many advantages of this community, including its place as an art centers for the region and whereas West [xx] has received many awards and accolades for its business and family friendly environment and especially for the lively rebirth of this downtown district. Now therefore the leaders and citizens of the town of West Jefferson, deserve congratulations on the anniversary of the town's 100 years as a valued part of the State of North Carolina and Mr. Speaker I have put on everyone's desk the commemorative magazine from West Jefferson, you're all welcome to this [xx] copy, and we also have some visitors in the gallery which at your, upon motion of Representative Jonathan Jordan from Ashe County the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Mayor Dale Baldwin, Alvin[sp?] and Steven Schumacher[sp?] and Town manager Bradly Price. I if you would rise so we can greet you. I love West Jefferson and I always stay at [xx]  Springs, great place. ladies and gentlemen we're going to recess in about a minute until about 1: 05. What I'll be doing in that minute if you want to be getting up to leave I'll be reading some special messages from the Senate and also conferring with Representative Fisher to see if there are objections to add in a few other Bills for the calendar so if you want to stay around for that, please do so we won't be voting on anything, special messages from the Senate the Clerk will read. Mr. Speaker, it is ordered that the message be sent to the house of representatives with confirmation that the senate adopts the report of the conferees for house bill 737, conferees committee substitute the bill to be entitled enact to establish procedures for the conduct of 2016 primaries including the Presidential reference primary and to make changes to the campaign finance laws with appropriate action has been taken by both chambers to build re ordered enrolled respectively Sir Elan plus the Clerk. Noted Mr. Speaker,  Yes Representative Michele  Have you called on recess yet we do need to be quiet. Have you called the recess yet? I will call the recess in about a minute after we read the read in some special messages. I just didn't know that everybody was getting up leaving Right, we're reading special messages and we'll be adding about four bills to the calendar that the minority leader has not objected to. Continue. The state [xx] house representative with information that the Senate had [xx] the report of senate bill 238 conference committee substitute of the [xx] a tracking device without consent or uses the device to track the location of [xx] When the proper action is taken by both chambers, the bill will be ordered in row noted. House bill 860 committee substitute second edition the bill to be entitled enact to create open judicial relation of primary designators for the court of appeal for concurrence in the Senate committee substitute rule 36B. House bill 297, senate committee substitute second edition, appeal to the entire enact to require forward consent for the donation or remains of unborn child to prohibit the sale of any aborted or miscarried materials to remain in an unborn child resulting from an abortion or miscarriage and to limit the use of state funds for contract pertaining to teen pregnant, initiatives and projects that are concurrent in the Senate committee substitute. Calendar for short rule 36B and pursue it until the direction of the real figure, that will be on Monday. House bill 436 Senate committee fourth edition appeal to be entirely enact to further define the practice of law for

the purpose of protecting members of the public from serious harm resulting from the unauthorized practice of law by persons who are not trained and licensed attorneys concurrence to committee substitute, Calendar to pursue 36B.  Senate joint resolutions 721 first edition of joint of joint resolution adjourns in the 2015 regular session of the general assembly to debate certain limited matters that maybe considered upon rules calendar and operation of the House. Going back to the report of the Rules Ccommittee previously read, understand the following bills, there is no objection to adding these onto the calendar. House bill 813 work any objection to that? Senate bill 258, party executive mainly Washington County, any objection to that? So that it, there is objection to senate bill 698, we've already added senate bill 371, we're holding on senate bill 391 and senate bill 159 denying correct [xx] minimal refunds I understand there is no objection to that, is there objection? If not so ordered, and we're in recess. Mr. Speaker is recognized. I have an announcement please sir. Please make your announcement. Depending on what the recess time amounts to I would request that the democrat caucasus in their usual location at a time to be determined just one in just a few minutes thank you. Representative [xx] for what purpose do you rise? Point of order. State your point of order. You expressed an objection of senate bill 698 only to express it publically. I noticed that you objected to adding so we did not add it. Thank you sir. Okay. We're on recess, till 1:05. The house will come to order although we'll be at ease for a few minutes while people walk in but I understand that the objection to Senate Bill 391 has been removed so unless some else a short title enjoying street gang will add that to today's calendar unless somebody otherwise objects if not, so ordered. I think most people are here, senate bill 379 the clerk will read. Before he reads the intention is to do this bill then do a motion to motion by representative West and then take a very, very short recess for rules to me around representative Louis's desk so the clerk will read. Senator Vinie and McKissick senate bill 379 appear a bill to be entitled an act to relate cemeteries located in land own occupied and controlled by state general assembly North Carolina enact. Representative Watford are you a representative Langdon handling the bill? Representative Langdon. Who's Langdon? I called on Representative Watford, so I recognize him first. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I'll be glad to yield to representative Langdon if he would allow to carry it that is just a cemetery bill about private cemeteries to locate those state properties and there's just a few rules that are established for them and that they have to comply with the state it doesn't cost the state any money and I appreciate your support on this bill. Thank you and I yield to representative Langdon.  Representative Landdon do you seek to be recognized? No. Further discussion or debate. If not, the question before the House is the passage on second reading of the House  committee substitute for senate bill 379, all those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the votes. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, the aye's are 92 the no's are zero. The bill has passed its second reading and will without objection be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Excuse me strike that, Representative Hailer were you seeking recognition before?  To be recorded as voted aye. voting aye. She would be recorded as voted aye. Representative Howard same thing? You'll be recorded as voting aye the bill then without objection be read a third time, but he already read it. He already read it, further discussion or debate? If not representative Walden, you seek your recognition?

Just to be recognized as voted aye sir. You'll be so recorded. Representative Floyd, same thing? Yes sir.  Representative Walden same thing? So ordered. If no further discussion or debate, the question before the house is the passage of house committee substitute for senate bill 379 on its third reading, all those in favor will say aye. Aye. All those opposed will say no, the ayes have it the bill has passed its third reading. And will be returned to the senate for concurrence, by special message for the rest of the session all notices to the senate will go by special message. Representative Davis. Mr. Speaker, can I please be noted as voting yes on second reading for senate bill 379. So noted, well done. We have one motion before we go under short recess representative West is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I move that the conferees on house bill 912 be dismissed and having voted on the prevailing side I move that the vote by which house failed to concur be reconsidered. I think we have to do that in two different votes, what's the short title of the bill? Short title of the bill is taxation of tribal land and tobacco products.   Alright. Without objection the conferees will be dismissed. So you now have a motion to reconsider the vote by which we failed to concur, you want to speak on that motion? Yes sir I just like to get the bill back before us and explain what went on. Alright, further discussion or debate on the motion reconsider the vote on which we failed to concur. Representative Speciale I'd like to speak on a motion here. You're recognized to speak on the motion. I'd like to know why the motion was made.  Representative West, do you yield for that question? Yes sir, there was a couple of things added to it and have seen it. We've not been able to correct it and I want to move the tax bill for the drive forward. Further discussion or debate, if not the question before the house is the motion to reconsider. Mr. Speaker Pardon I've already stated a motion. Representative Boles you have to wait, when I've started putting a question I can't stop. It's like automatic pilot at that point. The question before the house is the motion to reconsider the vote by which the house failed to concur in the house bill 912, those in favor will vote aye those opposed No. The Clerk will open the vote. Okay, hurry Jay The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The Ayes are 96 and the No's are three. The motion passes, the bill is back before us. Now you can make a motion For motion Mr. Speaker. State your motion and explain it. I move that we concur in the committee substitute for house bill 912 to explain my. Please do. This Bill went over to the Senate, we have an issue with it, with the County Commission Association got language in it, it got them happy, the senate further provisioned in about alcohol. I don't know a whole lot about I just know that DEABC committee is now in board with it, and you recognize Jamie Bolt I'm sure he might explain a little bit of it. Representative Bolt is recognized? Speak on the motion. You're recognized as far as ABC community, we haven't met, so I'm not sure if ABC commission may have express that they are not taking a position at this time. Is that correct? Representative West. I was told that the ABC commission was bored with it.  Okay thank you Follow up? Representative Boles. Once again folks this is another example at the end of the year, how all these ABCs bills are going to be presented tucked on the distilleries were given the ability to sell to the public one bottle and it was worked out and negotiated and now I understand they agreed that in that provision that their taxes would go back to their local ABC, that they would be responsible for those taxes in here again and now but we haven't even adjourned and the

inks not even dried on the last bill and they interpret it, they don't have to pay those taxes and so this will just be the start of some more bills that are coming down to loot, RABC bills, and RABC laws and I'm sorry Mr. West got called up in this, and he has a bill he needs to push out, and I respect his position and I'm just letting you all know this probably won't be the last one and as I stated there's a Farm Bill coming about six pages of alcohol related bills in it so thank you for your time and consideration, thank you Mr. Speaker. Representative Insko is recognized To debate the motion You're recognized Thank you Mr. Speaker and members, the distilleries have agreed to pay all of their taxes and they will pay all of their taxes to the State. The issue has to do with some add-ons that are not applicable to the distilleries at all. One of the add-ons is to pay for storage in the warehouse, so when State buys the alcohol, it goes to a warehouse and then it goes to the ABC stores. The alcohol at the distilleries will never go to the warehouses so there's no reason to pay that rent at the Baleman[sp?] fair. The other add-ons go to the local boards of the local boards to pay for the handling of the alcohol that's in the store. There are several different add ons that they are will go to the local boards since these distilleries will never go through the local boards. There's no reason for the money to go back to the local boards I hope you vote for the motion. Representative Hardister is recognized to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker members as the co-chair in the house ABC committee you have no objections to this provision and I would recommend a yes vote on a motion to conquer. Representative Hager is recognized to debate the motion thank you Mr. Chairman. This resumes go is exactly correct, is about the handling calls of the bottles that they never handle, it's not about the taxes the other provision was allowed, one distiller we had put a cup I think of 100, 000 bottles in distiller bob that could not do the comeral bottle for a year, there is only one distiller that affects it to make it level playing filed for everybody that cup off so everybody had the same plan field now so it's just about the one bottle per year. Every distiller gets to do that now because it took the cap off in this issue for how many bottles the distillery so everybody gets one bottle per year to one person takes a tour and the second was what the Representative Insko says is about the handling fees this is pretty much technical corrections for I think the 909 bill we passed earlier so I'd ask you to vote green on this one bill. Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the adoption of the motion to conquer and the senate bill substitute for house bill 912. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote the clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes are 85, the nos 15, the motion to concur is passed the bill will be enrolled and sent to the Governor. Mr. Speaker? We're about to, Representative Harrison. I apologize, may I be recorded as a no? You may. Representative Charles Graham. Yes Mr. Speaker, I'd like to be recorded as voting aye on 379. So noted, you will Representative Hamilton. Now that was 379, right? OK Representative Hamilton, did you? OK, we're about to go into recess for a very short time and if Representative Lewis will tell us how long the Rules Committee needs to meet We're going to take up one more bill before we recess. Senate bill 371, the clerk will read. Senator Hartsell senate bill 371 a bill to be entitled an act to modernize data collection department of Health and human services related to LME MCO of manage care claims [xx] the improve of process of county disengagement refine appointment process of the

are of the ward, amend proposal process for employee salary about reliable amount [xx] we understand that the use of electronics supervision devices in certain facilities, provide direction to the department of Single String allocation, and the process single stream in counter claims, and other non-medicate claims that the MC tracks [xx] to extend community guide services general assembly of North Carolina eanct Dollar is recognized. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Members of the House, Senate Bill 371 came over. It had unified support in the Senate. It is the base of this House Committee substitute. It deals with claims, some technical and other matters regarding LME/MCO claims. There's another section, section two, that deals with further refining what is required for single counties to potentially disengage from a currently existing LME/MCO. It provides that rules have to be put in place but it also provides that the secretary can establish temporary rules, which is a quicker process, in order to facilitate the disposition of whether or not a single county should be allowed to disengage. Sections three and four and five deal with LME/MCOs in terms of their consolidations and some of their salary issues and board issues. This was in a bill that was passed unanimously from the House to the Senate. Another bill that was unanimous to the house that we pass to the senate that is in here, deals with the sunset for the electronic supervision program a grand for the mountain and also now at Barium Springs Home For Children, that was the unanimous bill from the house. There is a provision just to clarifying the allocation of money, single string ton money to the LMEMCOs, and finally in section is a plan that representative Farmer Butterfiled had worked on. It was a provision in the budget, the money didn't make it, we've done further work to revise that plan and it deals with a very narrow set of individuals who are on the waiting list for the innovations waiver who are intellectually and developmentally disabled, so we'd appreciate your support, will be happy to answer any question. Representative Insko is recognized to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Members, this is also kind of a technical corrections cleanup bill for LMEMCOs which I support, I just want to draw your attention to one section that has to do with electronic supervision in some of these facilities I hope in the future that you will be very careful when this issue comes up to make sure that this is an adequate way to supervise these are used often and used facilities for chidren who are very troubled, in my own judgement electronic supervision needs to be we need to oversee it to make sure somebody is looking at that electronic supervision all the time, and so I just want to draw your attention into that issues for the future. But I will urge you to vote yes on the bill. Further discussion or debate. If not, the question before the house is the passage of house committee substitute for senate bill 371 on its second reading. All those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine records the vote. The ayes are 100, the no's are one. The bill's passed the second reading and will without objection be read a third time.   General assembly of North Carolinian act. Further discussion or debate? If not, the question before the house is the passage of senate bill 371 on its third reading. All those in favor will say aye? Aye. All those opposed will say no. The ayes have it. The bill passed its third reading and will be sent to the senate for concurrence. At least one more bill. Senate bill 391, should be short. Representative McElraft, are you ready on senate bill 391? The clerk will read. Senator Tod senate bill 391 appears to be entitled an act establishing the state permit in lieu of the tax study commission, the working environmental review commission to study issues related to statewide approaches to controlling invasive aquatic, noxious leads in the

state orders directing the Revenue Law Committee to study issues related to the financial impacts of local government exemption of previous taxable properties from the property debate, tax based when required by non profits to declare [xx] requirements for local governments deposit money and eliminate illuminate appliance for waste general assembly North Carolina enact. Representative McLeraf is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Members of the house, I call this the Dejavu bill. It has a different bill number now. We had to strip out the senate bill in order to get the county omnibus bill eligible to go back to the senate. If you remember Rep. Sam had brought out this act about the recycling fees being an issue for him, and we did find out there were some issues with it. Orange County went back and they adopted some ordinances that help their situation. So we didn't have to have that part in the bill anymore. Well, that made it ineligible to go to the Senate after that. So, it's still the same bill you heard is three studies, the payment in lieu of taxes study, Environmental Review Commission to study the noxious weeds all over the lakes and the revenue study commission to study impacts of local government when exempting previously taxable taxes from the property taxes that are required by non profits and that we had the religious institutions that were exempted with representative Collins' exemption. We've been trying this county omnibus bill across over to the senate for a long time, and that's what this bill is. I hope you will vote yes on this, and thank you for your support. Further discussion or debate? If not, the question before the house is the passage of senate bill 391 on its second reading. All those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes are 100, the nos are zero, the bill is passed its second reading and will without objection be read a third time.   General assembly of North Carolina act. Further discussion, further debate if not question before the house is the passage of Senate bill 391 on its third reading all those in favor will say aye, Aye Opposed will say no, the ayes have it, the bill has passed its third reading and will be returned to the Senate for concurrence. Mr speaker? Representative Louis is recognised For an announcement For announcement Mr speaker the House committee on rules, calendar and operations the house will meet around my desk immediately after recess which I expect the speaker will announce soon that the house will Go on recess and we'll be in recess until 2:50 Without objection the house is in recess and this is really and truelly till 2:50 we're in recess. the members have copies representative Bolton needs a copies representative does any other member need a copy members the House Committee on rules has reconvened from recess without objection the proposed committee substitute for Senate Bill 51 is before the committee for discussion. See no objection [xx], Chair is going to recognize staff to explain the changes in this proposed committee substitute that were not in the proposed committee substitute when it left the floor. Thank you Mr. Chairman the PCS removed Section Three which was a policy supporting sustainable agriculture entirely. In Section Nine it makes a small change to the weight limitations exceptions for transportation of agricultural products to allow them to be transported from a holding facility, and two, a feed mill. In Section 13, makes modification relating to the termination or modification of conservation agreements. It provides that easements secured by Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust and any easement secured in whole or in part with federal funds must not be terminated or modified for the purposes of economic development, and prior to any modification or termination the agency requesting the termination and modification must conduct the conservation benefit analysis that shows that the modification or termination would result in a greater benefit to conservation purposes before it can be approved. Section 14 removes the transfer of the Captive Cervid Program from WRC to Department of Ag and repeals all provisions from the 2014 Appropriations Act relating

to cervids and prohibits the importation of all cervids into the state and removes section 17 related to the delay of the swine waste requirement for renewable energy, makes technical changes to section 20 about the commercial and non-commercial last funds necessitated by changes in the 2015 budget. It removes section 21 related to the renewable energy economic development study committee, and add section 37 which will broaden the documentation acceptable for eligibility for participation into agricultural programs operated by Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Senator Jackson, do you desire any comments, sir? Members are there question regarding the changes that the staff just went over pertaining to the current proposed committee substitute? Seeing none, Representative Daltrey moves that the proposed committee substitute for Senate Bill 513 be given a favorable report in favor to the original bill, is there further discussion or debate on the motion from the gentleman from Johnson? Seeing none, those favoring giving in the proposed Committee substitute, for Senate Report 513 in favor of the report signify by saying Aye, those opposed will signify by saying no in the opinion of The Chair the ayes have it, the motion carries, there being no further business this committee stands in recess. The house will come to order. Report of rules calendar and operations committee. Will be read. Representative Louise rules calendar and operates as House Committee report, senate bill 513, North Carolina Firearms Act of 2015, favorable committee substitute number three, unfavorable house committee substitute number two. House Committee substitute number unfavorable calendar, House Committee substitute calendar number three calendar and four today's calendar as previously agreed so ordered. Ladies and gentlemen while the paper work is getting here we'll do some of the other more mundane bills, but I understand also that the House Bill 805, Measurability Assessments, there's no objection. They're adding it to today's calendar, is that right? That's correct. Strike that, we won't add that to today's calendar. House Bill 813, the clerk will read. Representatives Riddell, Blackwell, Blust, and Collins, House Bill 813 a bill to be entitled An Act To Authorize The Office Of State Budget and Management To to improve my conference results and initiative and require the agencies from certain non state entities to develop information and maintain information system and provide uniform program level, accountability information regarding programs operated by those agencies general assembly of North Carolina enact. Representative Redell is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Folks, this bill passed without opposition through the Regulatory Reform Committee a few weeks ago. Basically it's a good government bill. The few charitable trust has an initiative they call Results First, that they are introducing across the country in various states currently 20 states have signed on and are participating and what they do is they provide training and modelling to help you make policy decisions, budget decisions based on evidence based policy making, based on the data. This will help us here at North Carolina to target our tax dollars to where they are most needed there were programs were found to be the most efficient. This is a really good initiative, it's gaining in popularity across the country what this bill does, just takes a few small steps putting some things in place with the LSBM and our fiscal research division to help us be ready to go forward with this maybe next year, I'd appreciate a green vote to help this bill stay alive short session and I hope we'll see some action on it and near the body in the short session so I stand ready to answer any question Mr. Speaker. Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is is the passage of committee substitute for house bill 813 on its second reading. All those in favor will vote Aye those opposed will vote No, the Clerk will open the vote. Clerk will unlock lock the

machine and record the vote. The ayes have 95 the Nos are one, the bill has passed its second reading and will without without objection be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Further discussion or debate, if not the question for the house is the passage of house bill 813 on it's third reading, all those in favor will say Aye. Aye. Oppose will say No, the Ayes have it. Bill passes its third reading and will be sent to the senate. Representative Pittman, for what purpose do you rise? Just change my vote on that to Aye. On second reading, so noted and will be done. Senate bill 258, the Clerk will read. Senator Smith Ingram senate bill 258 the bill to be entitled an act to acquire that the following vacancies of the office of Sheriff of Washington County for person recommended by party executive committee to veconing member shall be appointed. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Tine is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker, two years ago the duly elected Chair of Washington County died of a heart attack before he was able to take office. The commissioners went through the processing of the current law that they were going under and it was fine too be adressing. Looked to a new way to deal with such a situation in the future. The answer is to add them to a number of other counties that would consult with the political party of the elected official before there appointment is made, there's no opposition. Further discussion to debate, if not, the question for the house is the passage of the committee substitute for senate bill 258 on it's second reading, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote the clerk will lock the machine and record the votes the ayes are 99 the nos are zero the bill has passed it's second reading and will without objection to be read a third time. In respect to the North Carolina's Acts. Further discussion or debate? If not question before the house is the passage of Senate Bill 58 on it's third reading. All those in favor say aye, aye, opposed no. The ayes have it. The bill is passed, it's third reading, and will be sent to the senate. Will be enrolled. Senate bill 159 the Clerk will read. Senators Tacker and Rachael senate bill 159 a bill to be entitled an act to acquire payment of additional taxes appropriate records for corrections and evaluation in to provide options for disposition of minimal property tax 3.00 General Assembly North Carolina enacts. Representative Broody is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker this bill is an additional technical correction to a bill we passed in 2013 to correct the erroneous revaluation in Mecklenburg county. It really allows the local tax authority to accept contract for people to pay overtime, past due taxes and it authorizes the assessor to create the forms and procedures for accepting such payments Mecklenburg county is in support and would ask for your support on the bill. Further discussion or debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of the House Committee substitute number two for senate bill 159 on its second reading, all those in favor will vote aye, oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, the ayes are 96, the nos are one. The bill has passed its second reading and will remain on the calendar. [xx] for just one minute. senate bill 513 the clerk will read. [xx] Jackson senate bill 513 to the entitled an act to provide [xx] to agriculture.community North Carolina to provide various transportation in environmental reforms and for making various and other statutory changes General Assembly of North Carolina annex. Representative Dickson is recognized to explain the bill Thank you Mr. Speaker. Members of the house, let

me just say a brief word about this bill in agriculture that may be help us, we all understand the process up here and Senator jackson and his folks have done a lot of very, very good work. We are here at the end of the session. For those which you must have seen here that had questions about the process and about how other certain things than are done, I can understand that. But I don't want any of those kinds of things to be in our minds when we're talking about the things that are critical and vital to agriculture. We farmers go about our business a lot differently than the way we legislate, And Senator Jackson and I would not form in the same manner that this legislation has been crafted. Having said that, I think it would best be [xx] for me to talk about that which is been removed and we will have opportunity for a more full debate next Monday. The section number three, the sustainable agriculture has been removed. Section 14, the transfer of the captive savage to the wildlife department of Agriculture from wildlife has been taken out. Section 17 relating to the delay of the swine requirement for renewable energy is taken out. Section 20, remove some references to non commercial fund underground storage tank cleaner funds that makes other technical changes to reflect changes in the 2015 Appropriation Act. Section 21 related to the creation of renewable energy, economic development study has been taken out. Section 47 which will [xx] the forms of documentation except for acceptability of full participation into agricultural call share problems by the sewer and water conservation commission, the Agriculture [xx] share for the non points source pollution control and the Agriculture water resources assistance program. In section nine, there has been some adjustments relating to the weight limitations exceptions for transportation of Agricultural products that go along with the grain stuff that we did before section 13 relating to the termination or modification of conservation agreements has been added there and adjusted to the satisfaction of all the folks. I'll be glad to answer any questions. I do have one amendment that will be offered Monday, that we don't want to do today that is in agreement with everybody. Mr. Speaker I would love to have staff on the floor in the event that there questions that I can address. Granted, ladies and gentlemen this is a two day bill if it passes it will also be on the calendar on Monday. Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the passage of Senate Bill 513 that is the house committee substitute on its second reading, all those in favor will vote aye, those opposing will vote no, the clerk will open the votes the clerk will open the vote, lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes are 86, the nos are 13 the bill has passed it's second reading and will remain on the calendar. House Bill 371 it's the clerk will read, it's already been read, it was temporarily displaced, Representative Louis is recognized to explain the Bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker House Bill 373 does several things. The first thing that it does is it establishes that the presidential preference will be on March 15th, 2016.

It's important to point out that all the requirements of the early voting and the hours and all that of course remain in effect for this. It also moves the general primary date to the same date of March 15th, 2016. Which is has been most discussed up to this point. The additional change that the conference reports makes begins on page four, and it creates a new parallel type of political committee called an affiliated party committee. It specifies that the legislative caucuses of the House and the Senate, both the minority and the majority caucuses, can create party committees which are party committees empowered to collect funds and expend funds to elect members to the General Assembly from their respective political  party. It is important to point out that I do believe that this does increase transparency as it every donation to this party and every expense to this party by law will of course have to be recorded and reported, it will be easier for the folks that want to look into this thing to have a chance to see what funds they raise I would ask for your support and I'm going to answer any questions. Representative Blust is recognized to debate the bill the, excuse me representative Lewis do that constitute the motion to adopt the conference report? I seem to think Representative Blust is recognised to debate the motion. Thank you Mr Speaker I've regretfully lies to state in the record my opposition to this conference report, I was actually not going to vote for it even with the unrelated affiliated group put into it, because I think we might be making a mistake with our primary change and it's going to be interesting to see us on the ballot with the presidential candidates when if you're following the presidential race, which I'm sure all of you are being political animals here, you're seeing that what's driving candidacy is really in both parties is some degree of disapproval among the populous as large with whats been dubbed the political class and the incumbency in particular so may maybe it's better for democracy though that we all stay on the ballet, we all face the voters of our parties on the same election when the turn out will be driven by the national presidential race with a lot of untying combancy anger but the fact that really gives me trouble and I did not even know this was coming until last night about 9:30 and I just put my daughter but in the which is one of the most enjoyable times of my day to do, deeply blessed to have that little girl and say prayers with her and tuck her in and kiss her goodnight and get a kiss and I sat down at my computer and looked at the calendar and pulled up the bills and lowering the whole this was on there for action and I have never heard of this provision before. Which disturbed me somewhat because I belived leave as a member of this body all 120 of us and all 50 Senators need to be well apprised of what we are taking up each day in the name of the people because they seem to be the forgotten group sometimes, we don't sit here for our own accord we sit here on behalf of 75 to 80, 000 constituent back home and I think the their members, their representative here in this body needs to be up on important things that affect the public and that a certain process needs to be observed carefully, other than in pretty strong emergencies the process should be observed

carefully to give not only members a chance to know what is coming up on this floor but to give the public we represent those that may wish to follow us now that we are on the internet a lot od people do they get to be thural reversed in what we are going to take up in their name it's doing their business and give them a chance to partition their government for redress grievances before we act. And I really do think problematical and many of you of you may know that I have long tried to amend the rules and change rules to make that far more of what happens that is it now, one of those things I have longed wanted to do was to prohibit new matters from going into a conference report and putting this matter into a conference report simply in effect by passes the entire legislature means the subject wasn't read in, on first waiting to for all the world to know what is in the bill, it wasn't designed to a committee it was not put in the committee agenda to where people maybe interested in that subject have a chance to weigh in the committee process members have a chance to ask questions, hear comments, think about a matter carefully and then have it come to the floor, in the floor considerate where everybody's member throughout this state has an equal voice and that was not observed if we allow this to be passed in a conference report so that right there causes me to asks questions about something. Why was that process followed? And I understand emergency I just don't see this emergency and I know in law you can't sit on something that you should have addressed for a long time and then await till it becomes an emergency and then and then get credit for it being an emergency, and we have plenty of notice on this subject internally that it should've been dealt with without it being in a conference report. Now, I'm also troubled by the aspect of this that seems to be somewhat not in furthering the political party system, and I have been one in the past who has signed on to bills that would prevent that this vast amount of money being dumped through the parties into certain districts here. We all understand that some have very good districts for their parties, some have fair districts for their parties, there are some swing districts and all the districts change and I ran in the Senate in a Democratic district and I went through two elections where I was in, I believe in the election for the best of reasons I thought in my heart and all this money gets spent against me, dumped in by this guy named Mark Bass Night through the Democratic party and I'm limited to certain individuals who have a contribution limit. And so I've stood in that situation to see this money dumped and I have supported ending that tremendous advantage that a majority has to be able to raise the money through their control of a chamber and dump it into a few races and perpetuate their power, sometimes against the will of the public, and the opposition to those efforts said that it was important to preserve those political parties, that's what political parties do. We don't want to bypass them, we want to encourage them they turn to put a break on us, they put some fairness in to it, they keep the money from going into primary that sort of thing. So I was a little bit taken aback that all of a sudden the winds have shift and now we want to say the party is not controlled by who we want. Let's now bypass them and set up our own privately run funds, that can raise unlimited money, and dump them in the key races, and that's

great for us to do when we are the majority, but someday you may rue the day that happens to on the other side. So, I don't really think there's reasons why we should not do this, we surely shouldn't do it in a rush, and I do thing it's going to feed that attitude out there. That boy the political class surely looks out for themselves, don't they? Look how fast they can move something when their money is involved. It can be hard to move something in here when it concerns people. Representative Catlin knows that we the medical expense deduction bill he had, many of you had many of you had tried to move legislation it's hard but the public looking at this are going to think when their money is at stake these guys can move at lightning pace, and I think it's going to fuel more bad faith that people hold for us, it's going to fuel the belief that the political class is out of touch and I would like to do things personally I don't want to be naive, but I'd like to some things to try to win back some public confidence. There's a reason we're at 22% approval and Congress is at what? 16% and we're all held in disregard and that has barred long term for our Republican former government. So I would urge caution on this and ask that you vote no and let's go back to conference, take this provision out, and think a little harder. Thank you. Representative Michaux is recognized to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the House. I rise has to make you aware of probably three matters that may not have really sunken in. In terms of this Bill. The first one is that we're about to go out of session to adjourn hopefully on September the 30th. Which means under this Bill, you pass it, you got you're got to start your campaign on December 1st. That is when you have to start opening your filing period. Your filing period starts December 1st you have until December 30th to file. You have a March primary coming up, and then you have a November 6th next year, November six general election coming up. WEhich means that you're going to be in campaign mode for one month less than a year. 11 months you're going to be campaigning under this bill. That's problem number one. Problem number two is I think there is another sort of notorious ideas in here and that is that you try to get these elections in before you get any kind of decision from the Supreme Court in particular, and let me tell you why I'm saying this. If you remember we have two actions going now on redistricting our congressional districts in House legislative districts. One of those is in the state court, the other is in the federal court. The federal court decision is being heard by panel and any appeal to that decision that comes out of there it goes directly to the United States Supreme Court. The other in our state court. Now this scenario is very simply this, if that panel sitting at  federal panel that is sitting and hears the redistricting portion of this matter if the possibility comes out that they declare unconstitutional, then you got a problem because you're going to have to go back and redraw for your district that probably will be appealed directly to the United States Supreme Court. The problem there is even though it  maybe your party dominated the problem is you have been warned by the supereme supereme court you need to go back and look at your district thing based on the decision that came out in the Alabama case, that was about having two primaries. You have this primary scheduled

for March 15th. United States supreme court back in session until the 1st of October. If by some stretch of the imagination or some stretch of something that happens that the supreme court comes down with or any panel coming out with an unconstitutional break will be after March 15th that could throw your whole election out of out of guilt, it will cost you much much more to do that there are a lot of scenario that folks have not even though of yet could happen when you do this. I guess what I'm telling you is you better be ofenly careful with what you do and the third part I think Representative Bust has explained properly what you're doing is you're helping basically you can build a dynasty by setting up these types committees in just what we'll be doing I'm afraid that what we're doing in a rush because we got some folks have a deadline to meet and we're going to be making a huge mistake, the other thing is that there are other little things let me give you one other small example, in house bill 189 where we passed we said that we would use the same amount of time in early elections the same amount of time would equate to opening precincts that when we did, when we didn't, when really voting was not cut short that means that depends the time depends on how many early voting sites you had opened. In other words if we had an early voter side open for three weeks that would one particular section of time with deep down for instance mouth to mouth we had seven or eight early voting precint open well if you use the time involved there by the number of precinct's that would open at times you'll have to increase the time in that by close to 600%. So you're really going, what you are doing is you just located this whole problem and you've got a problem you creating more of a problem than you are anything else. I ask that you cast your vote very carefully when you do this. Representative Susan Martin is recognized to debate the motion. Thank you I actually have an inquiry for representative Lewis if he could yield. Does he yield? I do Mr. Speaker. He yields. Thank you many of you know that I've not ever been involved in politics before I decided to run for office and gotten involved to my local party, and so I have a couple of clarifying question then I have three questions but in interest of time I'm going to give him all at one time so you can answer, one is can you explain how this compares to nationally other republican or democratic party is set up and then like the house and senate and then second are there other states that have this type of organization and the third one was I heard in the debate that this might be great when you're in the majority but you won't like it otherwise And that confused me because I didn't see any language in the bill that differentiated and wouldn't just apply equally to both parties, if you can help clarify I would appreciate I apologize Mr. Speaker representative Martin please forgive me I got the other states and majority minority thing what was the very first part of your question for me if I may ask Mr. Speaker for clarification please restate the question. How does this compare to how it's set up federally with the national party? Thank you Mr. Speaker and thank you Representative Martin if we look at the federal level, for instance on the Republican side, there's the R C which is the National party was in charge of registering voters and engagement and mobilizing voters and things like that, and then there's a separate but equally if you will political pohorany called the RSLC which is the committee that is designated just to elect people to the US senate. Then there is the RLCC which is a separate but equal if you will committee that's just dedicated to electing people to the U. S house, so this would end I believe all the names might not be the exact same I'm pretty sure that it's exactly how it is

in the other side of the aisle as well, so this will allow largely for the same kind of interaction that the national parties have, but I would point out for those that for instance what the RLCC is spending on Republican house races is easier to find, than if you have to comb through the entire RLCC report. So should this be used I think it would improve transparency as far is being used by other states the answer is yes. The state that immediately comes to mind is Florida that uses a system very similar to this, and as far as the difference between the majority and the minority party, I do not believe that there would be any differences as far as the functionality of how this would operate. So to that extent I believe it reads both of the parties the exact same way, thank you.   Representative Jordan is recognized to debate the motion. Actually inquiry of the bill sponsor. Does Representative Louis yield? I yield. He yields.   Thank you Representative Louis, this bill has that provision that you discussed but it also deals with our national delegates, specifically the Republican Party I guess. Can you tell me I we had dealt with this issue, that 72 delegates were safe and we were going to lose 60 of them, is that not correct until we deal with this bill? representative Jordan both of what you just said is correct. The house did pass a bill to address that senate passed a different bill so absent both chambers passing the same bill the 72 I guess for the republican national conviction that issue has not been resolved yet Further questions I yield He yields Okay this is my understanding is, if we do not pass this conference report, and the Senate is already left so they can't change it. We can't make a change and they fix it today because they're already gone and we don't pass it and the governor don't sign it to morrow or today or whenever and the executive committee doesn't do something on Saturday and all of this has to be done before is it Wednesday? Otherwise we lose those delegates, is that correct? Representative Jordon under the unseen rules I'll say it doesn't need to have its primary moved after tomorrow's first or later by the October 1st deadline so yes what was contemplated in the passage of this bill, is we would set the primary March 15th, which will comply with the Orange Sea Rule and then the North Carolina Republican Party which is already scheduled to meet on Saturday could pass as local party rules to be in full compliance, well I can't say well ahead but certainly ahead of the October 1st which I think it's Wednesday [xx]. Thank you to debate, Representative Speciale is, to debate the bill Mr Representative Jordan is also recognized to debate the bill. Just briefly, the motion. Once again I feel that I'm backed into the corner by the Senate the fact that the knew this was being taken up to today and there was concern about changes that might need to be made but they deliberately left at 1:00 o'clock or 12:55 so that this process, this train is on the tracks and is going to completely derail with us losing 60 delegates at the national level is backing me into a corner to support this bill. Thank you Mr speaker Representative Speciale is recognized. Speak on the bill. You're recognized to speak on the bill. The issue is not the fact that this has to be done by October 1st, we can get it done, we can vote against this and get it corrected and then Monday or Tuesday get it taken care of. Let us not allow ourselves to be backed into a corner because of something that was done by the senate that was not sent in committee, that was not reviewed by anyone. This is not about the delegates we are not going to lose our delegates, we are going to pass a bill. Whether it's this one or another one because I can promise you if this bill doesn't pass today everybody will be jumping through the hoop to get the correction taken care of. So let's look at the issues what is really is. The issues is that we are forced into the position we are in right now, and we are trying to tell ourselves well if I don't pass this bill, we are going to lose 60 delegates, no we are not going to lose 60 delegates.

A bill will get passed you know it and I know it, don't be fooled into thinking otherwise, the issues is these accounts. These new parties to compete with the democrat party and to compete with the republican party when it comes to fund raising, and everything els, e and that's basically what we are looking at here. And if we want to do something like tha, t if we want to do this accounts for the house and for the senate and everything that's fine, that's not a problem. So lets discuss it, let's do what we are supposed to be doing let's openly debate it, let's deliberate it, let's run it through committees. Let's look at it the way it's supposed to be done and not do it in the 11th hour when we've got three days left before the end of session. Ladies and gentlemen this will not be the last the bill that we will be discussing the next couple of days we are going to feel like we are forced to a corner. We did this last year we did it the year before, we've done it in years past let's not do it, let's not allow this any more. That the senate wants to go home if they went home today that's fine they got to come back Monday that's when they can deal with this stuff. We need to deal with it like grownups, like intelligent people, like legislatures Representing 80, 000 people out there and we need to say no you're not going to back me into a corner because you know what those 80, 000 people that I represent deserve to be heard, they deserve for their staff to be taken care of properly I'm not going to support this bill and I ask you not to support to support it Representative [xx] is recognized Thank you Mr. Speaker I have been just waiting for this bill to come the floor to substitute the senate is just great that I can't wait to vote for, but I guess I'm going to have to wait to vote it because with this being added at this time I have two one it might be a good thing to do I don't know. I need to take a look at that consider it, but to me is very unfortunate timing that it comes at this point. Then second thing I guess is related to the first, we complain a lot of time about the senate or somebody backing us into or a corner, and pushing us to have to do something the last minute, all in a hurry. And I feel that as long as we keep letting them do that to us, they are going to keep on doing that, the only way to stop them from doing it, is to keep saying no until they quit doing it. So I moved or I would suggest rather what I'm going to do is to vote not to concur on this, so that we can fix it, next Monday, thank you. Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the, motion to adopt the committee report on house bill 373 those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk would open the vote. Clerk will lock machine and record the vote. The ayes are 52, the nos are 49, the motion is passed, the senate will be so notified, the bill will be enrolled and sent to the governor. Notices and announcements. Representative McElraft do you have an announcement? Do you have an announcement? Thank you Mr. Speaker. I just wanted the house members to know that the reg-reform bill, house bill 765 that was a paragraph of environmental amends went over to the Senate become a 48 page bill or 70 page bill or whatever it is now. We have actually got mark that conference in order to have a great conference report, to report back to you, if would be online, so that we are going to hear on Monday so I want you have a plenty of time, we did have a two hour debate in environment on this, so we can have the public weighing on the reform bill and so house bill 765 will be here on the calendar on Monday, and this will give the entire weekend to look it over and see how you feel about it. And I will be happy the any questions over the weekend if you want E mail me. Thank you very much. Representative Grier Martins is recognized for a point of personal privilege. Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, Members may of you maybe aware of the flags flown by families who have a service member deployed deployed. It's red rectangle and it has a blue star in the middle, one star for each child whose family member who's serving in holmes way. You may also be a ware those one of those stars is

gold that means that that family has had service member killed in the service of their country. After World war I but before World war II congress designated the last Sunday in september every year as Gold Star Mother's Day and my calendar tells me that is infact this sunday. So this Sunday I'll be thinking of Kay Taylor Apex North Carolina the mother of a friend of mine and I encourage you if you Know any Gold star mothers that you keep them and your families in your thoughts and prayers everyday, but particularly this Sunday, thank you. Representative Hastings is recognized. Y Es, Mr. Speaker please Mr. Speaker just would like to request to be reflected as having voted aye on SV 159. Simple error. You will so noted. Representative Stevens is recognized for an announcement, or notice. Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen now that we're going to be free this weekend when I thought we were going to not be would love to invite you to come Mayberry Days in Mount Airy where we celebrate our all things daily grief are quite of enjoyable times such parties thank you gentlemen for the several things you've done for me but it's just a wonderful time and a wonderful event and I'd love to have you come to Bel Air for the weekend further notices and announcements, if not representative Lewis is recognized for a motion for an announcement Mr. Speaker. First for an announcement. Mr. Speaker the previously scheduled continuation of the committee on rules counter on operation the house would not occur other session we would adjourning, without considering any other bills today make another announcement Mr. Speaker. You're recognized for further announcements and motion. The rules will be meeting to take up the bills that we did not get to today on Monday September 28 at 11 O'clock am. And do you have a motion? I do Mr. Speaker. You're recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker subject to messages from the Senate, committee reports, conference reports, the re-referral of bills and resolutions, the appointments of conferees the ratification of bills and the reading of representatives statements. I move that the house do now adjourn to reconvene Monday, September 28 at 1:00 P. M. Representative Lewis has moved that we adjourn subject to messages and seconded by Representative West subject to messages from the senate.committee reports, conference reports, re-referrals of bills and resolutions, appointment of conferees and reading of representative statements to reconvene on Monday September the 28th at one o'clock pm and also subject to ratification of bills. All those in favor will say Aye Aye Oppose say No. The Ayes have it, we're adjourned.