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House | September 21, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The orders.  Members will take their seats. The visitors I don't see any visitors but if they are here, they will please retire from the chambers, the Sergeant at Arms will close the door, members and visitors will please silence all electronic devices, the prayer will be offered by Assistant Sergeant at Arms, Bill March. Members and visitors in the gallery will stand and remain standing for the pledge of religions, Mr Morris. Thank you Mr speaker. Let me begin by reading Psalm 131 my heart is not proud oh Lord, my eyes are not haughty I did not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me, but I have still inquired it myself, like a wing child with his mother, like a wing child my soul within me, oh Israel put your hope in the Lord both now and forever more, let's pray dear Heavenly Father I just pray right now for each and everyone of us, that you renew our hearts and our minds with a child like spirit, so that we may draw close to you, so that you might therefore guide us and direct us in all your weapons, I pray all these things in Jesus Christ name, Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God invisible liberty and justice for all. Representative Pendleton is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the gentleman for September 18th has been an example that found the big for us, a move that it would be approved. Representative Pendleton moves that the journal for September 18th be approved as written, those in favor will say aye? Those opposed say no, the motion passes. The ayes have it. The journal's approved as written. Ratification of bills and resolutions the clerk will read. The enrolling clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the Governor. House Bill 44 an act to reform various provisions of the law related to local government. House Bill 173 an act to amend various criminal laws for the purpose of improving trial courts efficiency. House Bill 540 an act requesting the joint committee on the library of congress to approve the replacement of the statue of Charles Brantley Aycock in National Statuary Hall with a statue of the Reverend William Franklin Billy Graham Jr. House Bill 709 an act to allow members of the North Carolina national guard who are enrolled in the program granting graduate certificate to be eligible for North Carolina National Guard tuition assistance. House Bill 712 an act to direct the state bureau of investigations to establish and implement a used syringe and hypodermic syringe disposal pilot program and public wealth, and prepare for presentation as secretary of state, house bill 112 enact the start for the purpose of election as members of the Stanly County Board of Education. House Bill 188 enacts to change the manner of selection of certain numbers of the board of trustees of community college house bill 503 an act to allow the Moore county board of commissioner to the district, and to reduce the size of more county board of education to at least members to seven. Chapter bills to be noted, notices and announcements. Mr speaker I move the house to adjourn subject to messages from the senate receipt of committee reports, conference reports, rereferral of bills and appointment of conferees to reconvene been to Tuesday September 22 11 o'clock. Representative Pendleton moves seconded by Representative Jackson that house adjourn subject to messages from the Senate Receipt of Committee Reports, conference reports. Re-referral of bills and appointments to [xx] to reconvene Tuesday, September 22 at 11 o'clock, AM. Those in favor will say I, those oppossed say no. The I's have it the motion carried. We're adjourned.