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Senate | September 15, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order. Sergeant at arms close the doors, members to go to their seats. Members and guests in the galley please silence all your electronic devices, leading senate in prayers Reverend Peter Milner senate chaplain all members and guests in the gallery will please stand. Let's pray together heavenly father we come to you and we pray for every meeting, every conversation, every activity we engage in today, and throughput this week. I pray that all our steps will be ordered by you, these servant hearts and these servant minds will always respond in obedience to your directions. Help us choose the way of righteousness, when we face paths of judgement that we will always be filled with your spirit, that we will fulfill your priorities and never allow our flesh to dictate our actions or our attitudes. This day may we do all things to the glory of God, it's in Jesus we pray amen. Amen. Senator Berger is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President the journal of Monday September 14, 2015 is examined is found to be correct, I move that we dismiss with the reading of the journal and that it's stands approved as written. Without objection the journal for September 14, stands approved as written. Senate we do you have a nurse for the day with us today Frostina[sp?] Milner[sp?] Greensboro North Carolina is here. Nurse Milner[sp?] please stand to be recognized and thank you for serving us today. Senators upon the motions of the Senator Norman Sanderson of Pamlico County the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Jone and Tom moich[sp?] of Newburn[sp?] long time friend and supporters. Supporters if you are here with us please stand and be recognized thanks for being here today. and a part the motion senator Ron Raven of Hornett Lee and Johnston county the chair is happy to extend courteous to the gallery to Rebecca Clark, Miss Clark if you are with us please stand to be recognized. Senator Apodaca what purpose do you rise? Multiple motions Mr president. Senator Apodaca you have the floor for your motions. Thank you Mr president. Members the house bill 42 employment employees mis-clarification currently in the clerks office refer to the committee on rules The objection is ordered. Senate bill 212 abolish broadly county coroner currently J1 refereed to committee on rules. Without objection is ordered. House bill 361 principle base reserving currently committee on insurance re-refer to committee on rules. Without objection is ordered, House bill 20 regens law is currently on committee on insurance rerefer to committee on rules. Objection is ordered. House 709 North Carolina national guard tuition assistant currently in appropriations we refer to committee on rules. Objection is ordered. House bill 385 share of supplement pension funds changes currently committee on pensions and retirements, rerefer to committee on rules. Objection so ordered. House bill 188 trustee appointment [xx] community college currently committee on [xx] rerefer to committee on rules. Objection so ordered. And last but not least senate bill 238 stalking[sp?] by GPS move that it be withdrawn from the committee and placed on today's calendar for concurrence vote. What was that number again senator on bill? Senate bill 238. Objection so ordered. Senators that takes us right into our calendar for today and just a note[sp?] of house keeping before we get started on the budget just a reminder everybody that this budget item is a motion item and there's a one opportunity to speak and that's limited to ten minutes so use your time wisely on this item please. So I'll move right into our first item conference report for adoption house bill 97 the clerk will read. House bill 97 2015 appropriations act. Senator Brown is recognized to speak. Thank you Mr president first of all I'd like to begin by thanking you  co-chairs, Senator Hangton, Senator Jackson. A lot long hours, a

lot long weekends but we're finally gotten through this and I think the three of us worked pretty hard on this, and I just can't thank them enough of their effort they've put into this ans also my sub chairs, I would have to say that they did as good a job, getting us information to put this together, is any time I've ever seen and I can not thank them enough for the hard work they did, getting us the information made it a little bit easier for us to put it together in the end, also I want to thank the staff, the staff never ceases to amaze me, and how hard they work, how professional they are is, they are here to help us and they do a great, great job, and last I would like to thank all the members or input on this budget I know Senator Mckissick, Senator Brown many others have come with information and things that they would like to see in the budget and we tried to listen to those concerns and try to work, help them as we put this phase together and I just want to thank all of you for helping us do this process. Today I am proud to talk about a house senate budget compromise, that maintains our spending discipline and continues our commitment to poor growth tax reforms. It has been a very long road, we can all agree on that bit in a year we have a budget that fairly represents the priority about the House and Senate. And especially prior that we are investing hundreds of millions of additional dollars to public education and other core priorities in showing up the state's rainy day and repair and rennovation funds are $600 million. So let me just talk about a few of the highlights. First on education I know some folks here are going to say we're cutting education, but the truth is, we're investing $530 million in education over the base budget in the first year alone. This budget also preserve spanning for drivers' education, and for all teachers assistance position supported in the last years budget. And because we've heard the TA's are needed that also requires school systems to use the funds for that purpose. So those jobs can be eliminated to pay for other spending, we're also producing class size in first grade So 1:16 teacher student ratio in the second year. A step research is repeatedly shown is key to academic success. Also in education we're expanding the rate to achieve summer camps the first and second graders and increasing support for the opportunity scholarship program, a $14 million over two years. Next in transportation. This budget makes good on repeated promises from state leaders of both parties. The end of transfer of hundred of million of dollars from the highway fund to the general fund to ensure that money is finally being spent on building and maintaining safe roads and bridges. Overall we are investing an additional $705 million in transportation needs. We can be proud of that. We're also reducing the tax [xx] on North Carolina families and small business by close to 400 million, over the next two years are cutting the postal income tax rate and increasing the zero tax bracket in 2016, insuring that tax payers mired filling jointly, they know personal income tax on the first $15, 500 of income. This budget also provides new local tax revenue to support education and economic development in rural struggling counties. My colleagues in this chamber know how much I fought the session the help rural North Carolina and correct what I did as an unfair distribution tax formula. While it wasn't what I wanted in the beginning of this process the plan set forth in the budget will ultimately help struggling counties and that is a positive step for the state. No local government will loses revenue and I want to thank all the senators and house members who've helped me in this fight this session. In the salaries and benefits area, we're allocating 313 million and the first year loan for compensating increases the state employees including a $750 bonus for all teachers and state workers, and providing step increases to teachers, assistant principles, State Highway Patrol troopers, clerks and magistrates. We're boosting salaries for correctional officers and providing targeted market based pay raises, to attract and retain state employees. Medicaid has been chronically finished

and over-budgeted but thanks to our HSS Chairs, Senator Heis [xx]  Tuckerfor taking the first step to a new Medicaid program providing 225 million for the transition to a capitated system. This is long overdue and I want to say thank you to our HSS for their persistence on this difficult issue. We're also increasing funding for central court system needs. witnesses and Jural fees. And operations at administrative office of the courts. The JKS Chairs did a great job then find their needs in this area. And that was hard, that was hit hard during the recession I can't fight them for the work they've done in this particular area. Overall I think this is a budget we can be proud of and I'll be happy to answer any questions. Do we have any debate? Senator Jackson for what purpose do you rise? Speak on the motion. Senator Jackson you have the floor. Today is the biggest legislative day of the year, it's budget day. Here's the budget, spend 400 pages, spends $21 billion, and members of the minority party along with the rest of the state saw it for the first, at midnight last night, when it was posted online. If you can tell I haven't shaved today is because I was in my office all night trying to read this. We have asked the state to wait for months while we blow budget deadlines we started a new school year without an education budget. Now that you finally have a budget, and people are for asking a chance to read it, before we vote on it, the answer is no. Folks, the only part of this process you've rushed, is the part that involves transparency. Blindfolding the minority party and the rest of the state, and pouring them into a budget is not leadership. It's retreat you've abandoned you obligation to them and you've done it willfully and in broad day light. When it comes to respect for the voters, this is as bad as a gift. This is just about rock butter, and this is exactly what you complained about. When you were and the minority, and my party abused its power over you. You campaigned on this. you went around the state telling everybody that when you are in-charge things would be different but how tempting absolute power must be this is why good people don't trust us, this is why when I ask a group of young people who wants to go into politics none of them raised their hand. I want to join you in breaking that reputation that we've established. I want to show the state that we can work together for the greater good. I want to show young people who are deeply scenical abut what we do here that they can do good honest work by being of part of this process, but I can't do that when you do this. I know that someday we are going to have a process we can be proud of some day we are going to have a process that we can stand behind and not hide behind we're going to raise the bar change people's expectations about us in a way that permanently changes the way that we treat each other. I'm going to vote no on this budget and then I'm going to extend my hand to you again and ask you to join me in doing better for our state. Thank you for the discussion discussion or debate? Senator Stein for what purpose do you rise? To debate the budget. Senator Stein you have the floor. I share many of these views that senator Jackson spoke but it's not just for the process by which this budget that is before us that I will be voting against it, for priority it represents the fundamental problem with this budget is it does not invest and in the most important service the state of North Carolina provides and that's educating our school kids it's paying our teachers, and it's creating a climate where we can compete successfully in an intensely competitive world. Instead of investing in school kids or teachers in middle class, this budget spends $1.8 billion billion with a B over the next five years in tax giveaways to share holders most of whom leave out of the United States of large profitable corporations. Under guys leadership the state is found to 46 and the nation.

That's at the very bottom and what we invest on poor people basis in our schools, we're 42nd in the nation, in what we pay our teachers, this bill does nothing to redress those deficiencies, the budget spends $877 less in 2016, 2017 for students then the state did nine years before them in 07, 08 in real dollars, that's nearly $1, 000 less per kid next year than we did nine years earlier. I remember you all didn't like the whole idea about inflation the last time we debated this, so even if you use nominal dollars take inflation out of it and still analyse it on a per student basis the budget spent on the less than we did nine years ago before the recession. It spends half as much on textbooks as we did before for the recession. It pays for about 15, 300 teacher assistants. About 7, 200 fewer TAs than we did before the recession when we had tens of thousands of fewer students. Before the recession we have 33, 800 slots in pre-kindergarten, this budget it for 28, 400 that's a decrease of 5400 pre care slots. On teacher pay, we used to be at the national average. Today we're 42, this bill does little to nothing to fix that. The only teachers who could have paid these starting teachers. Teachers, any teacher above five years experience does not get a dime of pay increase. Only one time money. The bill does nothing to reward teachers who earn a masters degree in the area in which the teach. If our goal is to run the most experienced teachers North Carolina, and into South Carolina, into Virginia and even down to Huston Texas, this budget will likely succeed. We increased tuition, this budget on the community college college students again. $128 for residence, this is on top of a $624 increase in tuition since the beginning of the recession, that's a 35% increase. Medium family income in North Carolina is falling. Middle class families are working harder, just to try to stay in place, and yet you're adding to their burden by raising the cost to educate themselves. The budget cuts how much the state puts in the higher education. We're spending less than we did before the recession. It's continuing a troubling trend of under-investing in higher end, which is really the best economic item we have in our state. It is our competitive advantage over our neighbors. The $63 million in non specified cuts to universities in this baenium on top of 490 million, and unspecified cuts of the prior for years, that's over half a billion dollars in cuts, we are moving back backwards instead of forward, no wonder we lose staff faculty to other states. The budget doesn't get us any closer to the national average teacher pay. In fact that wage will be for the behind, the budget doesn't provide teachers or students the textbooks they need. The budget doesn't vie for any more new teacher assistants. It doesn't reward teachers who went a masters degree. It doesn't keep a lead on tuition for community colleges student, in fact there's a situation the budget doesn't adequately invest in higher education, the budget does not make up for lost pre-kindergarten slots. we had a budget surplus this year, when are we going to make up for some of this grounds we lost during the recession? Why are we doing it now? the budget spends $1.82 billion in tax give a ways to cooperate shareholders most of whom are without a state, over the next five years. and overall tax rate is $4 billion over the next five years. I've heard some hey being made in the press about one-time money that teachers state employees, 750. The tax cut for millionaires alone, is $2000 on average. So you're spending two grands to put more money in the pockets of millionaires, about two and a half times what we're paying state employees and teachers in a one time money. [xx] when will

we value our teachers, our school kids, the middle class, more than we value the work to do In the world connected, this budget does not for that reason I will vary against it and nasty you do so as well Mr president  Senator Apodaca what purpose do you rise? See if Senator Brown will yield to a question. Senator Brown do you yield? I yield.   Thank you Senator Brown I'm at a loss after listening to the comments from Senator Stein he said we did not give teachers a raise this year other than the $750 Senator, Mr. President Senator Apodaca we gave them a raise they got their stepping as well which is a raise for other teachers that have met their [xx] Thank you for clearing that up. One other thing that I thought if I may have the floor Mr president? I just want to straiten out a couple if things Senator Stein talked about pay increase for teachers if you remember last year we gave on average a 7% pay raise which dollar wise is the largest pay rise in state history and also he talked about some numbers the last budget that senator Stein was a part of based at about 7.1 billion and cater [xx] education he likes to use dollars include federal dollars but this budget has been 8.5 billion. and [xx] 12 education so in five short years we spent 1.4 billion more [xx] education the Senator Stein last budget thank you senator. Before we move forward senator Curtis has a leave of absence, do we have any further discussion or debate, senator Vandine for what purpose do you rise? To debate the bill.  Senator Vandine you have the floor, I'm just rising not just to agree with Senator Stein but to put some faces to the number that he had. We talk a lot here about what things cost what we spend but we don't talk a lot abut how people are affected by the those numbers. I received a phone call last Thursday from a parent who was very upset, they had drop their first grader off is a classroom and because of the changes we made last year with respect to teacher assistants, when he dropped his student off his first grade little girl. The teacher had called in sick and their was not in available adult to sent to that classroom Buncombe county not knowing what they were going to do with teacher assistants had cut the hours of teacher assistance and they weren't due in for another hour. So for an hour they were scrambling to find a volunteer to seat with the classroom. I talked to a principal in another school who told that he hadn't received a new textbook, not a single new textbook in six years. I saw children this is actually a I thought really creative because they dint have paper, the teacher laminated sheets of lined paper with plastic so that they could use the same sheet of paper over and over again, now that's creative use of resource but those kids cant take their work home and show their parents what a great job they did. We can do better than this Furthermore, I talk to a number of employers and when I ask them what they need, none of them, none of them, tell me I need the text card. But they tell me over and over and over again is I need a well educated workforce and raising community college tuition is going to make that kind of education unless available to them. The numbers I think speak to themselves but they tell stories as well, and we had an opportunity to do something good for businesses and for working families at the same time, and we chose a different priority, and that's why I'm not going to be able to support this budget. Any further discussion or debate? Mr. President. Senator Boris, for what purpose do you rise? To speak briefly on the motion. Senator Boris, you have the floor. Thank you very much, Mr. President,

my colleague I listen to my democratic colleagues make their observation about the budget, and I particularly wanted to comment on Senator Jackson's position, because it's one that affects us all. Not just the Democrats in this legislature, but it affects the [xx] Republicans. I had no doubt that there are probably some good provisions, better provisions in this conference committee report, than were in the budget bill when it left the senate, and when it left the house quite frankly. That's what conference committees do, but I stayed up pretty late last night, I've gotten to the point that the 11 and 12 o'clock is later for me, and I typically try to get a good night sleep. More than the three hours or four hours I got when I was on college or a young person, and so after I saw the budget this morning and so many other North and wake up to find this budget, if they had access to computer to pull it out, and it's not just important that we understand it because the most valuable thing that we bring here, has affected each of us represents roughly 190, 000 North Carolinian's. North Carolinian's of every race, every shape, every orientation, and any other way you want to describe it. We represent 190, 000 people now there maybe be different kinds of people that predominate in our districts, but I represent the same number of North Carolinian's, all of whom aspire for a state, that basically says if you work hard, play by the rules, that you're going to be able to move here, and they hope that for their kids. They're interested when we take a process and spend that $21.7576 billion, and they deserve some opportunity to see how they're spending it before the decision is actually made. You know these processes isn't going to be any worse off, because it takes the house three days to vote on it can't become law until they vote on it, and the government signs it. So why the rush for us, so that we as members who are equal in statute to everybody else in here. 50 people all elected from several districts at the same time why the rush to keep us from saying what's in this budget, to see what's good and what's bad so that we can respond to our constituents when they ask? Process is half, of what the final outcome is, and when you start out with a bad process, it doesn't matter what the final product is People who's in it and that's why when I woke up and looked at this budget this morning, I started trying to cut through it. You know I said initially that it seems still to emphasize many of the wrong priorities that I when we passed the senate budget in the first place, because I still think that it emphasizes tax relief for rich and out of state corporations at the expense of the average North Carolinian and when I look at it in detail, I still believe that it shifts the tax burden to North Carolina's working families now many be if I had longer to look at it or had an opportunity to talk with many of you about it you could change my mind about some of those things so that when my constituents call I can say the first brush[sp?] is wrong it really does do bcxyz but when you raise motor vehicle fees by 200 million dollars I know for the average working person out there that he or she is going to pay anymore to drive their car next year and the year after the year after which will mean less that they have to educate their kids. And I know that when you take these fees and then you look at the other efforts and shift in the burden there are all kinds of little hidden fee increases that may not have been hidden intentionally, but they were hidden from us when we had three or four hours to look at and figure out what's in it, increasing the fee that new parents have to pay for getting a newborn tested, for test that we mandate we increased it by 20, 25% and an additional cost for people who have new born children just looked at another one, some on senior citizen providers, some on drug companies, who want to do business in the state, and so I think that when we get an opportunity to review this things and talk with you about them those who devised this budget, we might have a better understanding of what it tries to do and

again as I've said many times a broke pork is right twice a day  and somebody on the back row or even some of the rank and file republicans may have been able to give you a better idea on approaching some of these problems that you've tried to approach. So that that's way we really resist this budget. First it was done in secret, very little transparency so that you understand why things are the way they're and we don't fully understand the ramifications of some of the things. Senator Brown you have worked diligently and absolutely endlessly this session to do something about funding some of the poor, some of the rural counties. I don't know whether the solution to have in here is the best solution to do it. I don't how it looks like in propertuity[sp?] this the kind of thing that reasonable people can reason about, and perhaps come up with something that works, so this thing about notice and transparency is not just a position taken by back benchers. It's something that improves us as legislators because until we can participate fully and until we can see what actually happens, I'm still convinced that we have a budget that goes in the wrong direction but not emphasizing improved what I care to do in our access to a better education, we have a budget that emphasizes beliefs that their might create jobs, and improve this economy, but nothing that's really has shown to work, and so I think that probably we can [xx], and pat ourselves on the back as to what a great job has been done here. I think that the [xx], and at the end of the day this budget does more to set our people back than it does move them forward. Senator Apodaca [xx] Speak on the motion.   Senator Apodaca you have the floor. Thank you, thank you Mr. President I've just sitting here thinking, I don't believe Senator Blues watches the only thing that's stopped, I think his calendar stopped. I think it stopped back in 2007/2008. When you'd walk into this Chambers Senator Jackson, and your desk would be fuming from the budget just being placed there yes, back at that time, Senator Blue if you don't remember I didn't hear your righteous indignation back there or Stan trying to make it a better  process, you all were part of the process. And we didn't even have computers to look at a budget on, because they wouldn't allow them in here. So when we got a printed budget that's when we saw the budget. Now this was up last night about 11 something, you had a chance to look at it, a printed budget, I didn't even see the printed budget, till I got to my office this morning. But that doesn't change the facts about this budget, that doesn't change the fact that we did away or expanded the medical deduction for seniors and all North Carolinian's when they have to pay their medical bills. We had them, that is in this budget. So Van Duyn,  that doesn't change the fact that we don't have doctors and health professionals in Western North Carolina and this budget has $16 million to help us with that. no ma'am, that is important. Now if we're going to talk about something let's tell the truth, we need to lay it out here on the line, we are putting more money in education, we fix teacher assistants, and we made sure teacher assistants were funded on a recurring basis so we don't have to hear this particular argument every year, we have to come up with a new one. Senator Rucho you got some excellent statistics on teacher pay and performance on national test, and I think there are quite fascinating if some folks will like to see that, money doesn't fix problem, people fix problems, and we're blessed to have some of the best teachers in the country here and we haven't mergering sticks do not show us destroying education over the last four to six years somebody was mentioning about textbooks six years ago, well we can only be blamed for four, somebody forgot to mention who had it the first two years but it's time to stop all that, it's time to move forward and this project does that, this project does it well yes there were some increases in some fees, but the cuts on the taxes exceeded the increases of the fees. So that's physical responsibility and we invested our over

wages into savings account for the future so we don't have this problem every time we have a down turn in the economy. So we've had some imaginary this is all bad, lets talk about the good, this is a good budget for North Carolina and I don't know why you would vote against it. Mr. President, Senator Blue for what purpose do you rise? Senator Apodaca would yield for a question. Senator Apodaca, do you yield? do we have any further discussion or debate? Senator Brown, for what purpose do you rise? Just I will briefly speak to the motion. Senator Brown, you have the floor to speak to the motion. Senator Blue, You mentioned about the the piece on the sales tax piece and I mentioned earlier in my comments that this what exactly what I wanted, but I think it's important to maybe touch on what it does do for a couple of areas. Senator Smith and both of your counties is at $2 million a year going forward and both counties that you dint have two million in both counties I think that can build a school any one of those counties with some kind of referendum. Senator clerk and Hoke county over $2 million in Hoke county take care of some issues that important to you and I think that can be said for a lot of this counties and Senator Brian, Senator Smith Ingram and your counties everyone are winners in this scenario. And this budget does a lot of good things and again when we talk about on the education side, the numbers just don't substantiate the argument when you think five years in additional $1.4 billion going to K12 education. $1.4 billion more of state money going to K12 education in five years. I think that is a damn good record that we need to be proud of. In this particular budget over $500 million more. You can always pick things that you may not like I don't think anybody has ever seen a budget that you couldn't do that, but this was a long process and I just think if you look at the good in budget and it what it means for all of North Carolina. It's hard to argue against this budget, and I think of something that, I think anybody can vote for and be proud of, and sure supports a lot of areas in this state that didn't get a lot of help a long time a go. Special Senator Richmond for what purpose do you rise? Debate the motion please. Senator Richmond, you have the floor. Thank you Mr. President and [xx] would set it. Now I've had all of the criticism, and the same criticism that that [xx] on in the last time that this budget was discussed, and I haven't yet chance to study and listen as did Senator Blue, ans Senator Stine from the time that we discussed the budget earlier before we need to conference. I have to think that everything that was in this budget has already been discussed either in a finance committee or into appropriations committee or everything else, so there is no as to what's in this it's a matter of what was done for the best interest of our people that we serve Senator Stine talks bout the spending that went on in 2007, but what he fails to remind you is that spending in four years prior was 8.7% growth, and what did it lead to $0.7 billion hole in the budget. Now why would he bragging about something like that? To me, that's a disaster. That's not something you want to consider and ackerly[sp?] or something that you would consider a positive. So when the circumstances, would he brags about that spending level, then we really need to talk about the fact that it led to a huge deficit, a huge hole that had to be filled with a lot of cuts that we didn't want to make and as we faced up in 2011 we made tough decisions but we put in back on the right pathway so that in that year we developed a $300 million surplus which at that point had to be used to pay for the medicaid program that they never fixed, that this budget fixes. So under the circumstances it's easy to be critical but you can't be critical if you've never taken the steps to fix the problems that people sent us up here to fix. Like medicaid, like taxes, like reading, a card note since[sp?] is to say that someone graduates from the K12 system and can't read and yet what Senator Berger's bill [xx] to achieve that it's been funded initially actually being brought to the first and second

now guess people we are going to be sure that every child that graduates from North Carolina public system can at least read now that's a noble idea under the same situation the steps that we took in trying to do tax reform which there is another step in the direction it is a transition down to a point where the money gets put back to the peoples pockets so they'll have the opportunity to spend as they see fit. funny thing happened we were criticized the last time by our friends, I know Senator Stein was critical of what we did and now he's critical again the fact of the matter is that the tax changes we made, the regulatory form we made is changed, the education spending we changed all of a sudden we created 1.3 billion dollars of new money, that is new money above what it was the previous year and what that really means ladies and gentlemen this economy is moving forward. In addition to the 300, 000 jobs that we created. because we came in here to do the job of getting economic growth and job creation. We put people to work, we continue to put people back to work to make sure that everybody has a chance for a job so as it is, it easy to be critically but you got to look at the result and the results were simple the only way of taxing and spending and not focusing on reading, not focusing on teachers salaries led to increased poverty, increased government dependency, a decline in income. Why would we want to go in that direction? This budget moves us in the direction that everybody will have a chance to share in the opportunity of prosperity, thats what this is about opportunity and prosperity we've shown that its works to be critically of what works when you had the chance to fix it is unacceptable so therefore lady's and gentlemen I hope you'll vote for this budget and do the right think for the people of. Senator Tillman for what purpose do you rise? Speak briefly on the bill. You lost the bid senator Rucho, you spoke before I did. I wasn't planing on speaking. Lets review your last four last years when you all had it some of you were here most of you were not. The last four years the way you've handle education senator Stan, you all at a billion dollars. Not only that, you put a finish sales tax on with another billion. So, you got out a billion out of the tax payers pocket so that you could try to fix what you could. Now, your contribution in the last four years was a billion dollars down. Now we came in and we fixed it. We spend in our four years, one and a half billion. Now that's about a 3 billion dollar turn around. facts or facts, they are there. We got rid of your temporary but I guess it was about three years of temporary once and sales act, we cut that out, put that billion dollars back in tax payers hands, and put a billion extra over the last four years. Billion and a half, in education. So you can say what you want to, That's a pretty good record in four years and I'm proud of that. You cant find something good in this budget it did not look very hot. Senator Smith Ingram for what purpose do you rise? To see if senator Brown will yield for a question. Senator Brown do you yield? I will. Senator Brown, in the last 24 hours, how much time did you spend working with this budget? Let's see. In the last 24 hours probably not as much as the previous three weeks. I try to rest a little. Okay. Well, will senator yield for one more question? Senator will yield for follow up. I had an opportunity to come by the general assembly on Friday evening, around 6 O'clock. Did I see you you were still work with the budget. I think you would have, yes. Thank you. To speak to the motion. Senator you have the floor There is no doubt in my mind that senator Brown along with the other conferees have worked so diligently on this budget and their so many thinks that I like in this budget. I do have to tell you, I think you guys went back to the drafting board and their was some improvements. I'm a teacher and I try to balance my criticism and temperate it with some compassionate words. Senator Apodaca, I agree whole heartedly with what you said. There are many fixes in this budget, we do some good things for education. As a teacher, I don't think we are doing enough. I do have some concerns in terms of the textbooks allotments and the technology that is needed, but it ill be in my option negligent, for me to vote for this budget and not have had ample opportunity to be able to go through it,

page by page, line by line. I will be doing my constituents a disservice, to vote for this budget when I have not had sufficient time to read it, unfortunately I am not retired like many other colleagues in the chamber, and I work, I had to teach two sections of students this morning before making my way to Rolly[sp?] and so in fairness, if I could pose it to leadership it will be wonderful if this motion could be pulled and placed back on the calendar tomorrow to give us sufficient time to be able to review this. And if not I do want to state my claim, I have some concerns that this is disrespectful in some regard to women. Had an opportunity to share with a colleague last night over the telephone and he said something, actually he took the words right out of my mouth I was feeling that when I posted in on Facebook last week. Imagine if we paid educators what we paid NFL football players, just imagine that. And in saying that, we're also insinuating that because the education profession is dominated by women, sometimes some statistics or some study show upwards of 75, 80% of the teaching force are women. Is that perhaps why we don't see the need to give pay priority to educators because we don't pay women what men make in America and in North Carolina? And the provision for planned parenthood not to be able to receive any of the funds for family planning if the facility also provides abortion services that concerns me as disrespectful to women. And finally before I sit down, I do want you to know that there are many more things about this budget that I like than I dislike, but I cannot vote for it today, because I have not had sufficient time. It is not fair that the majority, the people who've been working with this you have had inordinate hours, just a little last week to see this budget. We are seeing this budget [xx] on the back row and I wasn't here in 07, I wasn't here in 08 but I'm here today now I'm pleading with you, just give us some time to be able to digest the budget and read the budget. The last line that I listened to are my CD as I drove in this afternoon was the songstress Leila Hathaway and Joe Stamper a CD, and track six of that CD, she sings in her very [xx] and beautiful voice. Always remember my friend, the world will change again, and you may have to come back through everywhere you have been. Think about how you felt when you're on the [xx] minority and did not have time to digest the material. Have compassion on me and my colleagues, and give us 24 hours to review this budget. Mr. President? Senator Wadel, for what purpose do you rise? Speak to see if Senator Brown will yield for questions. Senator Brown do you yield? Senator Brown. Hold on one second [xx]. Yes Senator Brown yields, you have the floor senator Wadel. Senator Brown we have like two million of additional tax dollars which were used as a result of the time that we used to get this budget. Can we have had additional teacher assistants with that fund? Senator Wadel I would argue that working out of last year budget has saved this state much more than $2 billion. You know, you can throw those numbers out I guess, but last year budget is a lot less than what this year budget will spend so I could argue that we probably saved $50 billion by prolonging this budget, but those are numbers I guess we can throw around, but a lot of good policy takes time to work through some of this things. A lot of good things, lot of hardwork. Follow up first. Senator Brown do you yield for follow-up? Yes. Senator Brown after review stayed up until 2 am this morning, and I know that we had talked about our most veteran teachers, that was the Bill that I found. That I haven't seen anywhere in the budget, because I come under that. I'm a senior having given

my years as well many of my colleagues to teaching school Administration, to make things better for each and every student, in this state. And my question is, I don't see anything for retirees? You have saved $750 for those who're 25 years plus but what about the retired people? Senator Waddell there are a lot of tax cuts in this bill that will help retirees, there's a medical expense piece that will help retirees, this budget continues to fund your retirement and your insurance piece completely. There are a lot of professions in this budget that will help retirees and seniors in general. Thank you, could I speak to Senator Waddell you have the floor. Concerned about the short length time, 75 extra days of negotiation and 2 million taxpayers dollars that concerns me it concerns as far as constituents as tax payers, well less than 24 hours before our first vote, that's the concern, and most of concern for those who spent many years in the profession and are not being rewarded, for the time that put in many have left, gone to different states and left the profession of teaching completely. I am begging people to stay, to stick with it and hoping that we'll see a brighter future as we move forward. Thinking about most of our varying teachers and state employees receiving $750 one time bonus. We can do better than that and I want us to think about it as we move forward and to do better. Thank you. Mr. President. Senator Harrington can you yield a quick question. Senator Harrington he yields. He yields. Senator Harrington when we have the teacher pay schedule do we have two, one for men and one for women? No, one schedule. Thank you. Senator Meredith for what purpose do you rise? To speak to the motion and the process. Senator Meredith you have the floor. Thank you Mr. President, members of the senate. I have been fortunate enough to be a member here for five years and I hear a lot if dialogue about the process, Senator Jackson is new, I'm new and it really pains me to hear the back row talk about the process. Senator Berger and the leadership have never cut off debate, has never caught all the questions has had meetings with the minority carcass to go over the budget. All our committees meeting are open, you can meet with any of the senators at any time, you don't even have to set an appointment up, you can come to their office and talk about anything that you would like to talk about that is a professionally courtesy that is extended to everyone Senator in this chamber. So when I hear Senator Jackson who is new and myself who is new, and stand up and talk about the process, when I hear about the process for over a 100 years about how we were treated it offends me anytime you want to come to any of our offices whether it be democratic or republican you're welcome to do that Senator Burger  and the leadership have extended great transparency as I had heard in the past the budget would arrive on your desk actually smoking from the heat and we talk about the process. We're here to help the state move forward as a group and I'm applauded when I hear Senator Blue who I respect stand up and talk about the transparency and what our leadership is doing. I think senator Burger and the leadership of the majority carcass had been  very gracious and they're trying to change the process so please work with us. Please don't sit here and bang the drum and say that we're not doing things differently, because that is untrue. Thank you Mr. President, members of the Senate. Senator Robinson what's your purpose to rise? To speak on the motion. Senator Robinson you have the floor ladies and gentlemen we certainly appreciate all of the hours you put in and certainly I'm sure that my colleagues back here put in hours years ago and that's why we are paid a little bit of money to do. So we thank you but, just a couple of comments. I think Senator Mary

that if you I came at the same time and so our recollections must be different, because this is the same kind of process I've experienced all five years, then this is the last minute and having to mull over and try to figure out what to figure out. Certainly we've solved what we thought earlier but this is a final budget, and the final budget deserves the attention of all of us who are elected by this state to know [xx] in it. When I go home, my constituents are going to say, but there is no budget you know and I need to be able to respond. I need to be able to know in detail and I do spend hours this morning trying to figure it out. try and ask questions. And you can call some of the staff and say, what is this? Is this and it so my constituents deserve that attention. And furthermore, just when case and point when we talk about what's in the budget, I did note one thing. I note the community colleges, you know how much I care about education. Care a lot about education because it is an economic driver. And the tuition increase bothers me. Bothers me even more, senator Gun because I was in Alamance county last night and I was meeting with a group of ministers, and one of the police chiefs came in and he said I'd like to recruit more African Americans to the force. I think it would help us in terms of cultural diversity, and so the question was why can't you? First he said of course his county didn't have the supplement that some of our large counties offer so that they can pay them while they re in training, and then the question was what does it cost for them to go to one of the community colleges ACC or GTCC and get that training, and we talked about what that cost was but then he said they can't afford to pay it and work at the same time, and so the issue is when you increase the cost of a community college but this same folk who do want to be police officers, who want that training, who want to represent their communities. They can't afford to pay it already with low income jobs and they certainly can't afford to pay the increase. So what are we doing to the working poor people in our state? this budget we keeping them out of the main steam we don't give them medicaid expansion to help with health cost but they want to work, and they want to provide safe communities, they want good jobs, but if the cost of getting that additional training goes up they cannot get those jobs, so I too I'm concerned about the budget and addition to that Senator Meredith I don't know what else is in it. I really don't know what else is in it I know what glined[p?] through and picked up, what I was told will be in it. Some of you told us what you thought would in it but you had to work with the house as well too, so we don't know what ended up in it, so in all fairness to everybody this isn't a budget that we can support. Senator Van Duyn for what purpose do you rise? To ask Senator Brown question. Senator Brown do you yield for a question? I do. Thank you Senator Brown I notice that there are a couple of things in the budget, two come in mind the personal income tax schedule and the reinstatement of the health care deduction, that are contingent on passing the bond package. Could you explain that to me and how is that coming? I'd be glad to. I think there were some agreements worked out between the house and the senate that had different priorities, one was the bond piece in particular for the house and that was a provision that was put in to make sure that we pass the bond bill before  we leave the session. Under  Senator Harrington has been working all that and the thought is we will pass some kind of bond package before we leave the session. Senator McKissick, for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the conference report. Senator McKissick, you have the floor. I've heard a lot of discussion this afternoon about what happened

years ago and what's happening now, contrasting and comparing I've been around here long enough that I've lived in through those times, the democrats were in charge since republicans have been in charge here as a majority in 2010. I think the thing we have to think about is if this is an imperfect process, how do we make it better? It's not about sitting there and doing unto others before they do it to you, it's about the other part of that golden rule, doing to others as you would have them do unto you. This process is anything but perfect. And right now we're debating a conference report. Being a conference report there's no opportunity to run amendments. There's no opportunity to do anything except raise a question, and I've got dozens of questions that come to my mind, that need to be asked, that need to be answered. The problem is it's too late to make a change that will determine the color this bill because it can't be tweaked. There in lies the problem there's no opportunity for any meaningful with dialog in discussion what to rule it out. Other good provisions in the bill, other ones that are questionable are the ones that could be better, I think the answer to all of those is yes, unquestionably. The challenge is how do we take this process, this less than perfect and come up with something that works better. So that regardless who sits on the back row regardless of who is in charge, there's a meaningful opportunity for dialogue, dialogue that can result in some meaningful changes. I got this budget bill this morning I was going through it, I'd had some conversations beforehand about some of the things in there. And there's your provision in there, dealing will mass transit and light rail and limitations on money that can be spent. I go to those oversee those part of that budget, I understand why it came in from the house, what this ain't provision. The problem is it's in there, it's going to tie our hands when it comes to the important issues you're in this triangle area. I go there, I look at those [xx], failure to renew the provisions renewable, all those renewable energy tax credits, that were things that really provided close to about $4.7 billion  dollars in economic impact I think that there's a whole lot in this budget, more than some of the things that will come up for discussion this afternoon that we need to deal with detail in a meaningful substantive way, so the challenge that I raised for those of you that are part of the majority today is being inclusive to the point of not saying well, we got the budget smoking hot on our decks.  If that should ever occur, then it was the wrong thing. That doesn't mean you release it a way that now, those that are in the minority today, don't have an equal opportunity to be involved in that process. What that means, is that, as this budget goes along, as we track what's being done, once it goes to that conference committee, allow an opportunity before that final report goes out, when it's in a draft it has some meaningful substantial impact, input I should say. So you could bring some staff into it if you need answers to questions raised. So there can be an opportunity to have to that kind of dialogue with leadership. So that when it rolls out, and form that it can't be altered, at-least there have been a chance for debate.  A chance to make it better, because what we got here today is a bill that even if we agree that there are somethings that need to be changed, it's to late to make it better. It's too late to make a difference, it's too late for us to go back  to change the outcome. If you didn't like it when you were there you can't expect us to like now that we are there. We got to make this process work more sufficiently, more openly, with more transparency, because the political pendulum swings back and it swings forward, back and forth, and surely we are here

today, we wont be here indefinitely. I want to make sure when that time comes that regardless of who was on the back rope, regardless of the majority that's in control, we have a process that works, that that's equitable that provides that opportunity because we don't [xx] disservice to those who elected us elected us all and it does a disservice to our state and it distorts the political process because they've seen us here to work together. Like the senates here, to address speak priorities and funding priorities with equal input granted, that the majority will always make the final decisions, at least those of us that are not a part of that majority today, can have our voices heard in a meaningful way before we get something that is an unalterable document that we vote forcible get simply up and down. Understand improvements made. I can see some of those improvements, but I also see deficits that are here, so I simply say, let's not just do unto others in a way that's equivalent to what we have done in the past. Let's truly employ that golden rule and do it correctly. I'm sure that we are all smarter enough. I'm sure that we are all open enough, that we can develop that kind of process. We can develop that kind of procedure because we need to. Our state deserves it, we all deserve to have an impact, and an input at a critical point in time before it gets an up and down vote. Any further discussion or debate? Mr. President. Senator Burger, for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the motion. Senator Berger, you have the floor. Thank you, Mr. President, members of the Senate. You know it's time, we've heard criticism of how long this has atken and it's time to get this done. We've now converted from why haven't you got it done? To 'why you're going so fast? so it's time to do this and I think as you look through this budget, there is a great deal in there that is the result of input of many members of this body, I'd say, every member of the body has had some input, I personally have talked with members of the minority caucus about various things that we requested to be put in there and many of those things are in the budget, and so the amount of input may be different whether you're in the majority or the minority but there has been input from every member of this body, and so it is time for us to get this done and why has it taken so long? If you think about it, what we're dealing with here, and what we will deal with over the next several days are some big issues that have been nagging at us for a number of years and I'll just talk about a couple of them, medicaid reform we have talked about that, and talked about that, and talked about that, we're going to get that done, this time tax reform, probably a continuing fund, we have talked about that and we're continuing tax reform for the people of North Carolina and tax relief for people of North Carolina. The transfers of Highway Dollars into the general fund, we've been talking about that for decades, about how that needs to be changed that's being taken care of, and we're stopping those transfers, relief to the rural areas, we've had gubernatorial candidates talk about how North Carolina has changed substantially and something needs to be done. Well this budget does something about that, is it enough? I don't know. But it's something and it's probably the first substantial something that has been done, at least since I have been here and probably for much longer than that, economic development, we will before we adjourn, pass housebill 117 the economic development efforts that have been nagging at us for a while and some things that I think many folks have been looking for, for a long period of time, and we are going to pass the substantial bond package that will help address some of the some of the infrastructure issues that have been nagging and will continue to nag are the state. So in many respects

it's time for us to get this done but I want to talk just for a moment about the budget itself because budgets are about priorities and I would suggest that this budget talks to the people of North Carolina about several priorities that are there. The first priority is to control spending that is a priority because we have learnt the lesson of the 10 years before 2010, and that lesson is that you cannot spend all the money that you have. If you're fortunate enough to be in the general assembly the time when revenues are up, you can't spend all that money because sure as the sun rises in the morning, you are going to see a time when those revenues are going to fall off and you need to be prepared for that so that get's to the second priority and that is you need to salts some money away and that is what this budget does. It puts into the rainy day fund a substantial amount of money. When all is said and done, the rainy day fund will be in excess of $1 billion. So the next time we face a recession, the next time we face a trail off of revenues, we'll have dollars and savings so that we don't end up having to cut necessary services. We don't end up having to reduce the appropriation to education. We don't end up having to raise taxes on the people of this state, which is what has happened in the past when we have the recessions. Another priority return money to the people, just remember it's their money, it came from them, so reducing the tax burden, when you have extra money, one of things you have to think about, maybe you want to give some of that back, and so what you have in this budget, is the reduction in the overall tax burn on the people of the state of North Carolina, and then I will suggest that, for people on the front raw and for people on the back raw other priority is education, this budget places additional money, almost half of a billion dollars of additional money are in the education and that's a good thing, that's a priority for the people of this state, it's a priority for this general assembly. I would suggest for those who have not had enough time, the good news is  that we'll get a chance to vote on this again tomorrow for those who have decided that for reasons that they haven't had enough time to review these that they're going to have to vote no, hopefully they'll change their mind on the vote tomorrow, I want you to vote today, yes. Do we have any further discussion on the debate? Hearing none the question for the senate is the motion to adopt conference report for house bill 97 all in favor will vote aye, opposed will vote no, five seconds to be allowed for voting, the clerk will record the vote. 33 having voted in the affirmative and 16 in the negative conference report for house bill 97 passes its second reading and it will remain on the calendar. Mr. President. Senator Apodaca what purpose do you rise? Motion please. Senator Apodace you have the floor for a motion. Mr. President, House Bill 42 has been held in the Clerk's office and has not passed first reading I move it be read for introduction before it goes to the Rules Committee. Without objection, so ordered. Thank you. I know the title of that bill employee misclassification. Moving onto house bill 334 the Clerk will read. Mr. President. Senator Harrington your purpose arise? Be excused from voting under rule 29 on this store having my form forward. Thank you senator. House bill 334 the clerk will read. House bill 334 transfer office of charter schools. Senator Tillman is recognized. Thank you Mr. President, speak briefly on the bill. Senator Tillman you have the floor. This bill has been worked and reworked and that everybody at the table that could be at the table on either side of this issue. Charters, public schools, traditional public and all of those affected folks, and we've got a unanimously endorsed and signed conference report and I ask you to vote yes on the conference report. If you have questions, I'll be glad to answer them. Senator Stein, for what purpose do you rise? To debate the bill. Senator Stein, you have the floor. Conference report, excuse me, Mr. President. I received a letter, some of you may have as well, from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers. It's a national trade group Charter School Authorizers. These are folks who are pro-charter school. They are not folks who are anti-charter schools. They believe in charter schools.

They want charter schools to succeed, and they sent a letter dated yesterday in which they said, they are writing to express our concerns North Carolina will significantly weaken its charter school accountability law in the proposed conference committee substitute. And it goes on to articulate the number of ways in which it weakens accountability. I think that it's in everyone's interest both charter school advocates and charter school opponents to make sure that the charter schools that exist in North Carolina do the absolute best of it, they possibly can't buy their students and an important way of ensuring that do happen is to have adequate accountability measures, I would be opposing this bill for the reason that this is actually weakening that accountability rather than strengthening. Senator Tillman for what purpose do you rise? Speak on the bill. Senator Tillman you have the floor to speak on the bill. This is a strange letter you received Senator Stan in that I have authored nearly everything piece of charter legislation that's being on the book since raising the cap in 2010 with Richard Stevens until the last two or three bills that I file never have I heard from these folks, I don't know if they have a charter school in North Carolina, but what I do know is that I've heard from three major charter organizations that are in the state, and from nearly every charter school, headmaster, honor et cetera. That's what I do know, this group that you're talking about as a national group that I've not heard from, neither was I present if any of our conferring about this bill and negotiating the bill. So you got a strange letter that I'd be interested if anybody else ever saw it. I certainly haven't, and I think I ought to be the one that would be getting that letter. Do we have any further discussion or debate? Senator Wadell for what purpose do you rise? Yes I have a question for the bill sponsor. Senator Tillman do you yield for a question? I will be happy to. Senator Tillman we have our 54 charter schools have either had their charters revoked not renewed are voluntary relinquished their charters have investigation state versus public charter school opened back in 1997. Now, you're just say you want to change this [xx] what happened to the responsibilities of helping the charters that exist now to be solvent, to be vibrant and to be effective. Senator Waddell that's a good question. We got the best system in the world to vet charter schools. We got the public, the market is in play and if my charter school is not producing good results which most of them are, most of them surpass if you saw the last test scores around the state. Surpassing those in their own geographic area and region, so if the public don't like my school, their kids are not going, they will not come and I will lose all of my investments and my charter, and we revoke several and I just proved my point. We are doing what we need to do to revoke those charters that are not producing, that are not effective and we will continue to do that. follow up question. Senator Tillman. Do you yield for follow up? I will. Senator Tillman, would it not be in the best interest of the department of public instruction administration that is currently designed to quickly and appropriately capture all the schools so that we don't face closing and inadequate instruction that many of them are given. I wish they would and I hope they can and also did not lose that responsibility. What they will do is they will answer to the only constitutionally established over slide which is a state board of education the state board education may assign Jim Ankson[sp?] or you and me anybody else in the oversight responsibility I wish to. But they will be reporting to and their director will be heard by a couple of members, In have the state board of education which I think will be a much more effective tool and what we have now and to be honest with you, DPI has not been, cards can tell you what you might have heard, a big advocate to charter schools. They've been a stumbling in many cases, too many cases. I think this will help the structure and make it much more effective. Speaker? You want to speak to the motion Senator? I do. You have the floor Senator. What I'm seeing here is now we are having a dual system, and charter schools are public schools. They are just run differently, and so the way this bill is written, it really is divide and conquer, and that's not what we want. We want everybody singing the same song, operating under the same rules and hoping all schools to be successfully

and to have something different for charters and for our traditional schools is not the direction that we should be going in. Senator Hart for what purpose do you rise? I'd like to send forward a request to be excused from voting under Bill 29. Send that forward, if we have a page, bring that forward please senator Stein, for what purpose do you rise? To see if the bill sponsor would yield for a question. Senator Tailman, do you yield? I certainly yield to my favorite democrat of all time. Thank you [xx], [xx], is not here. Is he? I'm sorry question is, Senator Tillman, I'm looking at section five and in particular lines 30 of page five and you have just mentioned in your response to senator Wadel that the state hasn't hesitated to take away the charter schools opposition in the event, they're not performing and as I read this is, it's changing in the default so that now instead of a charter school having to be reauthorized every 10 years and demonstrate that they are financially sound their academic outcomes are working in and so forth now they have perpetual [xx] unless there is affirmative showing of the problem, is there an accurate understanding? That was a loyal question, if I've ever heard one. There're still checks and bounce this is in if they're not performing, they will not be renewed. We're just making this renewal period for 10 years and if there's no cause they will not have to be continued to be renewed. Of course other schools, they don't have to have any other renewal period, none. Thank you. Any further discussion for the debate? Hearing none, question for the senate is the motion to adopt the conference report for House Bill 334. All in favor vote aye. Opposed will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting. The Clerk will record the vote. Apodoca aye Cook senator Cook aye 33 having voted in the affirmative and 14 in the negative senate adopt come for the house bill 334 and house will be notified. Senate Bill 238, clerk will read.  Senate bill 238, stocking by GPS criminal offence.   Senator Stan is recognized to speak to the motion.   Thank you Mr. President, members I ask that we vote not to concur with senator Apodaca and the house made a host of changes, it's supposed to work good but I think we'll be worth having a conference committee to discuss some of those. Answer do not concur, Senator Stan as you do not concur do we have any discussion or debate? Senator Brock, for what purpose do you rise? To speak to the motion. Senator Brock, you have the floor to speak to the motion. I have not read this, we haven't had time to look at it so I think I'll agree with Senator Stan to vote no on this motion. Do we have any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question before the senate is the motion to concur in the house committee substitute senate bill 238 on favor will vote aye oppose vote no five seconds will be allowed to the voting clerk record the vote. Senator Rabin no, senator Ryan no, Rucho no. Zero having voted in the affirmative and 49 in the negative the senate does not concur the motion and the house will be notified and that wraps up our calendar or the day at this time we like to ask our pages to make their way to the front here. Pages if you'll come on around so we can do introductions. Mr president Senator Jackson for what purpose do you rise? To see pages [xx] can I submit a conference report at order please? Let's do that in just one second, we'll do that soon as we introduce [xx] thank you sir. Clerk will read Pages they deserve an attendance this week. Cliff Boyd, Black mouthing, Brendan Fazel, Matthews, Emma Darmaine Matthew, Cliff, Gilmore, Riley,

Wale, Tyler [xx] then Kenneth [xx] Andrew Valle, window, Isaiah [xx], [xx] Arena, Madison Shomaka, Gustonia, Cameron Slaw, Hempton Ville, Cooper Smaling, [xx] Emily Span bill Pages thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to serve us this week thank you. Senator Jackson you can send forward your conference report out of order. Thank you Mr president I don't have a it's nice to have a good page when you need one. Clerk will read Conference report house bill 792 bill to entitle act to protect the public from reveling, posting online by making it a criminal offence to disclose certain images in which there is a reasonable expectation piracy and for making indecent exposure that occurred on private premises a criminal offense. House bill 792 calendar, do we have any notices or announcements for the day, Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise?  Announcements, Senator Apodaca you have the floor Thank you Mr. Presidents, members tomorrow morning 10 o'clock in our usual location committees on Rules will crank up and bills will go out tonight. I think we're up to about 20. Going to be some interesting time so come on and join us. Any other notices and announcements? Senator Smith-Ingram, for what purpose do you rise? Moment of personal privilege. Senator Smith-Ingram, you have the floor. 52 years ago on this day, one of the most impactful events happened that changed the dynamics of the civil rights movement. And a church in Birmingham Alabama on September, 15th 1963, four little girls died in the church bombing. Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Carol Denise McNair. Addie Mae Collin's sister survived that bombing and she lives today. Her name is Sarah Jean Collins. I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to her share about the experiences that she has had in the 52 years of that bombing. She visited North Hampton county And she shared with one of the churches that I fellowship with, and her inspiration to children was to keep fighting and keep standing up for what you believe in. We have come a long way in America, but we still have some ground to cover. So I'd ask my colleagues that we remember the little girls whose lives were sacrificed so that America could move forward and break down the barriers that divide us. Do we have any other notices or announcement? Any further business to come before the senate? If not, the Chair recognizes Senator Bagger for a motion. Mr. President, I move that the Senate be now adjourned and I ask that we join in memory of those four children who died 52 years ago. That the German be subject to the standard stipulation set forth in Senate Rule 24.1, the ratification of bills, the appointment of count-frees[sp?], the receipt of conference reports and receipt of house messages to reconvene on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 at 2 PM. motion, the senate is now adjourned subject to the stipulation stated by senator Bugger, to reconvene Wednesday, September 16th at 2.00 PM seconded by senator Brown. All in favor say Aye, aye. Oppose No. The Ayes have it. Senate stands adjourned.