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House | September 15, 2015 | Committee Room | Rules, Calendar and Operations Committee

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The House Committee on Rules Calls and Operation of the House will come to order. Chair thanks sergeant in arms for their assistance today and always for their hard work, thank the members for their attendance. Members the order of consideration today will be Senate Bill 279, Senate Bill 400 and House Bill 944. The P. S haven't been distributed pursuant to the house rules for senate bill 279, the proposed committee substitute will be before the committee and Senator Bedford is recognized to explain the bill. Senator Bedford Thank you chairman Louis, which attempts to do at least the first section is within our licensing laws for accredited licensed professionals one of the top for crediting groups out there called, Kcop, it's currently barred by statutes unless the institution is also regionally credited . What this bill does is it puts the state on a path of recognizing master degree level work at institutions that maybe KCOP certified but not certified by regional school. It's good provision and maybe the, house members would like to talk about sections two or three, I think section, [xx] going to recognize the gentleman from [xx]. Thank you Mr. chairman.committee members, the Section three and four are started out as an amendment to this Bill. Let me give a little bit of history why we're doing this late stage, I was contacted by one of my school nurses in Elements county and asked me right across over deadline if I would consider running the bill that will add to the healthy child curriculum, a provision that would include sex trafficking prevention and awareness education, so as I have something that's missing from this health education curriculum currently in state law. So as I spoke through about it, did some research and contacted some other organization that there was extravagant, it seemed like a good idea, so we contacted bill drafting and got a couple of versions as we normally do and came up with what you see under section four, letter D. This is going to be an additional component to the current statute that already includes teaching about sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, sexual assault and sexual abuse as you've seen point C we're going to add D and it reads ' teaches about sex trafficking prevention and awareness, each local school administration unit shall, point one: collaborate with including law enforcement with expertise in sex trafficking prevention, education to address the threats of sex trafficking, two operate with outside consultancy including law enforcement with expertise in sex trafficking on referral protocol for high risk pupils and minors. and reading on, material used in this instruction shall be age appropriate for use with students.information conveyed during the instruction shall be objective and based upon scientific research that is peer reviewed and accepted by professionals and credentialed you'll see outlined out, credentialed experts, law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies and non governmental organisations with expertise in sex trafficking prevention and awareness may also provide materials and information each local board of education shall adopt a policy and provide a mechanism to allow parent or guardian to withdraw his or her child some[sp?] instructions is required. What we're trying to do is give some preventative education or prevention worth an of once of [xx] as they say now it's a [xx] of cure and we really have no instruction like this required in the state of North Carolina and when you understand that traffickers, their prime target are young ladies between the ages of 12 and 14. That the average of a young one person being trafficked. A young lady is 13 years old, here in North Carolina and across the country. That is a starling statistic very disturbing statistic we're hoping that, by the inclusion of prevention awareness in the Health Curriculum, that we can help teachers identify children who might be at risk for trafficking in some of the indicators to be on alert for it, that even students peers can receive some information and themselves may be even be warned that they are currently being manipulated on a path to being trafficked because as I've read about trafficking, they are sometimes afforded six month incubating period where a

trafficker has identified a target and then goes about the process of wooing them into an emotional manipulation, he gets there and subserving[sp?] through their will all the while, the traffic individuals feels as if they are still an independent human being. So this is something that is lacking from our education curriculum we'd like to add it in, and I'll be happy to try answer any questions and I think there's another potion. Let me address that I think their has been some concerns about that on sections three. The last paragraph unto point I this is on page three, you will see where we have the similar language of credentials experts in the field that sexual health education struck. To your identifying, be similar to the language that's in section four.  A reason for that is the sex trafficking is the modern day each of us I think like to think that had we lived in 1850 or 1860 America that we would have been involved in the evolution movement. Well this is your chance to get involved slightly even a little bit in the modern day abolition movement against sex trafficking slavery. It's a brutal crime we have laws on the book to penalize and create safe havens for the young ladies who are not the criminals but who are the victims of trafficking and what this does is try to help us identify and get some tools in this school to see if we can maybe by prevention reduce the amount of young people in our nation in our state that are trafficked this is something that is going to call for all hands it's not something that the school can do by themselves, that's why you see the provision of allowing Law Enforcement Agencies, Criminal Justice Agencies, and non-government organizations to be involved in the presentation of material, that we might get everybody involved, back in the 1860s we wouldn't have eliminated people from trying to help in the abolition of slavery in America we were taking everybody we could, anybody honest and sincere desire to be helpful we would've taken their assistance, that's what this provision's going to ask and require of ourselves, I'll be happy to try and answer any questions right now. Mr. Chair, thank you. For what purpose gentleman from Johnston Representative Daughtry. Ask the question, the bill sponsor, Dennis. The gentleman is recognized for inquiry. Before the meeting you and I were talking about, deleting the word expert in the field of special, health education and the status had the word experts, and we've got that in both page three and I believe also on page four and I probably don't know a lot about this field of expertise and as much I'm real old and that the basketball coach was asked. Sex education teacher. So why are you taking the word on field of central health education and part of the field, That was your original designation. Yeah I'm going to turn this part over to colleague, representative wouldn't mind to answer. Thank you Mr. Chair, simply put, that strike in of the are the seven words there. While it looks like a pretty clean definition as it is before the striking soil narrows the pool of folks who are qualified or credentialed to actually review and approve the reproductive health curriculum that it's a very small pool. And when you drill down in  and find how the credential and all that often times you find the forks not only to the small pool but it tends to be a situation where you get some significant extension fee that is, the solution to addressing a very narrow pool of people who can do, who can improve the curriculum in the first place and broaden that out that allows the communities and the way the reproductive health curriculum is decided upon within the LEAs predominantly. If you have a school health advisory committee that's comprised of folks of the community that has a deployment and other areas and to better reflect the values of the community staff like Doctor James staff and focus on the family. There's a very legitimate curriculum that runs in to some definitional issues, if a quote extension six expect doesn't agree with where it comes from, so by striking in those seven words it broadens a very nearly tailored definition to allow such hope that helps. Representative Stan for what purpose is the gentleman is seeking recognition?

To speak on that. The gentleman may speak in the bill. Yes. I think that's a good change. When my children were teenagers and I'm afraid this won't happen when my grand children will soon be teenagers, they always got a big ride at me because they found out that the worst subject I ever did in school was called adolescent psychology and they said that's why you are such a bad property. The question is, if you look at what these people teach, a lot of this has to do with adolescent psychology, Biology, Medicine, Human Anatomy and things like that that are very irrelevant but the [xx] language is so narrow that as Representative Wismar said it's just a tiny group of people who tend to sort of the [xx] further discussion. For what purpose does gentlemen from Cumberland, Representative Floyd seek recognition?   [xx] black 21, black 32, outside the [xx] what I think that they are to be [xx] and [xx] as to release the female expert [xx] [xx] and also [xx] Representative Floyd do you wish to direct that to one of the bills [xx] either one of you gentleman able to [xx] fourth question. Thanks Representative Floyd for the question.