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House | September 10, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order. This morning prayers will be offered by Bill Morris our assistant sergeant at arms I'd ask the members and those in the gallery please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Mr. Morris. Thank you Mr. Speaker this morning I'd like to read to you Psalms 67 a song of prayers. May God be gracious to us and bless us, and make his face shine upon us that your ways maybe known on earth, your salvation among all nations. May the people praise you God may all the peoples praise you. May the nations be glad and sing for joy for you rule the peoples justly, and guard the nations of the earth. May the people praise you God may all the people praise you. Then the land will yield it's harvest and God our God will bless us. God will bless us and all the ends of the earth will fear him let us pray, dear heavenly father I thank you so much for this wonderful day and Lord I just ask that you just give us all a moment to pause during this budget committee just think about who you are and look at a window and look at your creation and just stand in awe for who you are before we continue our business. So Lord we do praise you and we give you all the honor and the glory for it's in Jesus name we pray amen. Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic which stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Harnett Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion.   Mr. Speaker the journal for Wednesday August 9th has been examined and found to be correct.   Representative Lewis and also the journal for September 9th has been examined and found to be correct and I move to prove to instead to prove because its written. I didn't catch it either Solicitor General for September 9th as well as August 9th, the approved is written. Those in favor will say aye those opposed no, the aye's  have it. The General for September 9th is approved as written. Members where we are right now I'm pleased to report significant progress has been made on the budget process Senator Berger and I have been meeting this morning and as soon as the senate adjourn and we adjourn we are going to be back up and end it. We are truly down to a very very small handful of issues that are being dealt with right now and no guarantee but we hope to and I'm very optimistic that we will have a bash agreement done sometimes this afternoon between the two of us and off course once that happens begins their process of getting their conferees to start signing a budget report and getting all that bring then the staff in case that's about our briefings two day around time. The plan going forward is that we would come back and we will have session on monday at 10 AM that session itself would be a no vote session at this point. If something changes we would alert everyone over the weekend by email make sure have ample notice but I do not expect to be a no vote. The purpose of that would be to hopefully receive a conference report, and go ahead and start the 72 hours running for the conference report to be there for public inspection prior to any action taken. It is our intention to vote on the budget as soon as we can next week or seemingly reach an agreement today. Again it's not all done, but everything is going on quite well on a number of issues that had, had us hang up last night when we ended. We very quickly resolved within between since 9 O'clock this morning frankly. So we got through about 80% of the list in an hour. So as you may imagine that remaining 20% are the ones where our differences are the most for what purpose does the gentlemen from Durham Representative Hall rise? Thank you Mr speaker just want to ask a question basically about the process. The gentleman is recognized. Are the members of the conference committee going to have the proposed terms of the conference reports this week or they are going to have any opportunity to review it before they sign it or have other folks help them in review? They will, And second question. Gentleman is recognized. Mr speaker because I haven't been involved I know at point in time we said we're going to not have policy in the budget I know you have been having discussions

recently and I just want to make sure that assurance is still there so those some of us who aren't on the conference committee or whatever can be assured those policy items will still be stand a long bills that will have a chance to review and vote on there will be some policy in the budget, but of course there will there will be plenty of opportunity to debate that plenty of time for discussion and I will extend this offer to the minority leader as well the my caucus invited me me to came and give the carcass in that yesterday and a long with our appropriations chairs I went in and spoke for probably about I don't know maybe two and a half three hours if the gentleman would like I will offer myself to come speak to the gentleman's Caucasus and would have the appropriations chair do the same we'll be glad to do that. Look Mr speaker if I can be recognized? Yes sir. Well I'd certainly accept an invitation to rather than have you have to do two presentations if you want me to bring a delegation to sit in with the republican Caucasus as you brief them we'll be glad to do that. We are always welcome to have convax and folks who would like to become republicans and our doors are always open Representative Fowler I'll go get the form for you today myself for what purpose does the gentleman from Craven representative Specialty arise? For inquiry. The gentleman may state his inquiry. If Monday starts the 72 hours that means that the first vote will be Thursday the second which means that we will be here Friday. 24 hours from Monday at 10 o'clock is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the gentlemen is not allowed to use numbers. I'm trying to help Peru's gentleman. I believe the gentlemen is correct that's the clerk indicates that, that's the case so we have Thursday, Friday and if something gets behind the signatures Friday, Saturday but either way we think we can get it done next week. So, any further notices or announcements? For what purpose does the lady from Guilford Representative for a personal privilege. The lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you. I just wanted to acknowledge that Greensboro is proud to be hosting the festival this weekend. This is a huge deal for us and might encourage those in the chamber and haply more of you who are listening I have to join in Greece for this weekend to help us celebrate this sacred occasion thank you. Any further notices and announcements? If not the gentleman from Harnett Representative Lewis recognize for a motion. Mr. Speaker subject to recede their messages from the senate recede the committee report conference force the referrals of bills and resolutions in the appointment of conferees a move that the house now adjourn to reconvene Monday September 14th at 10 o'clock A. M. Representative Lewis Mule second of our Representative Lucas that the house do now adjourn subject to you receive their messages from the senate committee reports coverage referral bills and resolutions and deployment of conferees. To reconvene on Monday September 14th at 10 A. M. Those in favor will say Aye, those oppose no the ayes have it we stand adjourned.