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House | September 3, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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House will come to order, sergeant at arms to close the doors. Today's prayer will be offered by representative Acher. We'd ask all members and visitors to please stand. Representative Archer recognized for the prayer. If you will join me in prayer. Dear heavenly father we pause this morning in the stillness and quiet of our brief time where we reflect on you as Creator in Lord of all that we see. We pray for our president and those who are in congress because you've told us to Father and we lift them up to you, that they are guided by your hand to mercy and love. Lord I also pray for us, as we undertake the business and while there's no business today in the chamber, many things are going on and many people are working. I pray that you make us fruitful and humble and yield to who you are. So that we may live peace born quite lives in reverence. Oh God, there's many people who are struggling, both colleagues and friends and we lift them up to you that you meet them in their time of need, and many of our fellow citizens across this state. We pray that you would meet their needs. And bring us together in unity and love and the great blessing of this United States that you've given us. That we hold in seriousness, the blessings of liberty and truth, and that we guard our affairs in mercy and love, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.  I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The Gentleman from Garson Representative Tobin is recognized for a motion. Mr speaker the journal for September 2nd has been examined and found to be correct I have moved it to be approved. Representative Tobin moves that the journal for September 2nd be approved as written, those in favor will say aye. Aye. Those oppose no, the ayes have it, the journal was approved as written. and we do actually have nurses of the day with this Awosagen Tywor from Reigway I hope I pronounce your name correctly sir we are glad to have you today with us today please join me to welcome him you want. the chair directs that the Senate Bill 605, the title was an act to make various changes to the revenue laws to be removed from the committee on finance and referred to the committee own rules. Notices and announcements. What purpose does gentleman from Durham representative Hall rise. Thank you Mr speaker, three announcements. Gentleman is recognized for those announcements. Want to announce to all that might be listening the 20th anniversary season of the Durham Bulls and the New Ballparks now is coming to an end so there is full schedule to the games left this month were encouraging invite folks over to join us. Second announcement Mr speaker there is going to be a rally today at 5:30 pm at the capital in support of voting rights and we encourage everyone to attend and be at 5:30 today at the capital and finally third announcement approximately 70 years is to go actually yesterday cerebrating the surrender of world war II the Japaneses imperial emperor and I would just everyone's attention to the great service given by many of those veterans we had in the chamber, thank you Mr Speaker as well as members for having honored them earlier and acknowledged the fact that many refer to them as great dis-generation an they mean the legacy that we need to carry out in the spirit of freedom and dedication to our state and country in respect to our military, veteran and the infrastructure that we now have in North Calorina largely premised on and backed it we served so well during world war II, so thank you very much. And members I mentioned this yesterday there will be no vote some mandate it appears we may not even have to have any vote to use in the budget negotiations that are occurring, so Representative Pulfer you want to make sure you copies as aware of that, it is worth thinking, we'll notify, but it looks like now like no

recorded votes, I'm looking at the rules here, I don't hit the.