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Senate | September 1, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order, sergeant in arms close the door as members get to their seats. Members and guests in the gallery please all your electronic devices. Leading the senate in prayer is Reverent Peter Milner senate Chaplain members and guests in the gallery please stand. Oh Lord we come to you in need, those who are in pain anywhere in the state and we are Thankful that you created us in your image. Royal master pieces, and yet Lord we've been mad, we are sick, we are ill and for that reason we need you, we need you to spare our age and restore our dignity just like you did when you sent your son Jesus. Restore us in order to flourish I pray that you give us law for us bring us dignity for create order and in your name we pray. Amen Senator Burger is recognized for a motion.  Mr. President the journal of Monday August 31st of 2015 is been examined is found to be correct, I am moved by the way we spend with the reading of the journal and it stand approved as read. No objection the journal for August 31st stand approved as written, is granted today for senators Bryant, Jim Davis, Meredith, Smith Ingram and Lee. We also have a nurse today with us from North Carolina and Genicos, please stand to be recognized. Thank you for serving the Senate. senator that moves to our calendar we only have a couple of bills in our calendar today. Two concurrent bills senate bill 156 clerk will read. Senate bill 156, Magnolia Charter revision and consolidation Senator Bingham is recognized. Thank you Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen of the senate the house run an amendment which imposes bill so I would urge you you concur thank you. Senator Bingham as you concur is there any further discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the senate motion to concur in the house committee substitute senate bill 56, all ion favor will vote aye, opposed will vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote aye, 45 having vote din the affirmative and zero in the negative the senate concurs in the house committee substitute, the senate bill 156 will be enrolled, senate bill 304 the clerk will read. Senate bill 304 administration of a logo sign program. Senator Jackson is recognized to speak to the motion. Thank you Mr. President.  Members this bill is exactly like it left here with the exception they changed the date from July !, to reflect a new modern date instead of July 1, 2015 is the only thing that changed and I would ask that you vote to concur. Thank you Senator Jackson asked to concur we're having discussion of the debate. Hearing none for senators motion current house committee substitute senate bill 304 All in favor vote aye, oppose vote no five seconds to be left for the voting. The clerk will record the vote. 45 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative, the Senate concurs the house committee substitute the Senate bill 304 and it will be enrolled and sent to the governor. And that wraps up our calendar for today. Another busy day in the Senate, but this time we'll like to introduce the pages. So pages if you'll make your way to the front of the dais here. All pages make your way around the front. The clerk will read. Pages serving in the chambers this week, [xx] [xx] Aaron Bell [xx] Charlie Howard, Lellington[sp], Emma Howard, Lellington[sp], Andrea Earring[sp] [xx], Noah Mckaine[sp], [xx] Miler, [xx], Jake Pope, [xx] Sarah [xx].

[xx] Thank you for sacrificing time out of your busy week to come serve us here in the Senate. We hope it's a great week for you. Thanks so much. Senator Robinson is recognized Thank you Mr. President I would like to sent forth a senatorial statement. You can send forward your statement if you have a page deliver that upfront please Senator Robinson you are recognized. Colleagues it is certainly my pleasure today to recognize a gentleman who has served our state extremely well and you have on your desk a statement commending Thomas Tom Ross. And all of us know Tom and it has been my pleasure to acquitted with him from a long time. Tom is a Greenbarrow native earned a bachelors degree from is in college where he later became president in 2007 until 2011. He graduated with honors from UNC chapel hill in the school of law in 1975 and he has had numerous positions of honoring our state including assistant professor public law and government at UNC chapel hill institute of government and he served as chair of the board of trustee at UNC Greenbarrow when I was a member of the board of governors. He was appointed to fill a vacancy for North Carolina superior court judge that went on for 17 years. Tom was chosen to lead the senate, senate policy advisory committee which under his leadership developed a new criminal structure citizen system that was later adopted by the general assembly and became a model for programs across the nation. Tom he served in addition As Executive Director of [xx] Foundation, he served on numerous boards and positions in the State. Most notably, for our UNC system he has served as President of the system beginning 2011. And you know my history with the board of governors and how much I think about the University of North Carolina as the model public university system in our country and Tom has propelled that image. Under his leadership he has recommended the election of 12 new chancellors and you're aware of the job they are now doing in our state. And he has propelled a data informed five year strategic plan. You also know about the agreement between the community college system, the UNC system that he has continued to lead and make sure that our case now can transition easily from two year programs to a four year university and even under budget cuts that have been instituted by this body. He has continued to increase the graduation weight of our kids in the university system. And so you can read the rest for yourself but I want to say to you that as he retires from the system December of this year we have had no more valuable leader, no other individual in this State who cares about the [xx] I have served in course, non-profits has looked out for all people of this State to make sure that our education continues to being the best in North Carolina through our public university system but also in collaboration with our private in our community college system. So Mr. President and members of this body I commend to you the senatorial statement which honors the service of Thomas W. Tom Ross to the University of North Carolina system and to the state of North Carolina. Thank you Senator Robinson and upon the motion of Gladys Robinson of Guildford County, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to UNC System

president Tom Ross and his wife Mrs. Susan Ross. Thank you for joining us in the Senate today and thank you for your service in North Carolina do we have any other notices or announcements? Mr. President. Senator Barefoot for what purpose do you rise? Moment of personal privilege. Senator Barefoot you have the floor. When I first came the Senate three years ago, my seatmates Senator Jeffrey Tarte, one of the first things we discussed was when our birthdays were because we wanted to make sure that we did what we usually do in the Senate and that is recognize members when they have a birthday I told him mine and he thought well I guess I will be doing that every long sessions and when he told me his I thought I will never get an opportunity to do that. There is always a silver lining in everything and that is that we're in session today to recognize and congratulate Senator Tuck on his birthday. Happy birthday Senator. senator gentleman what point your raise. Mr president moment of personal privilege. Gentleman you have the floor. On my desk here is at least a dozen doughnuts and you are supposed to put a note on there [xx] anything on your desk is wrong. [xx] I think it must be by the rules. Well, this one said Merry Christmas, I guess he's planning on being here [laughter] and North Carolina General Assembly senator Paul Lowe. I thought he gave me a dozen how many did he keep it for himself, that was the first thought [Laughter]. The other we were eating dinner together and he knows that I couldn't eat much of the dessert because he knows I'm a diabetic and I don't know whether he's trying to get rid of me or what [laughter]. Talking the Senator Ford just before session here, and he said he don't like you that much. I wondered about this and he said, he does have intentions, Senator [xx] I tell you what I'm going to do, I'm not going to eat this, I'm always going to be thankful for your salt but I'm going to give them somebody could really use them it be you. Senator Blue for what purpose do you rise? An announcement. Senator Blue the floor. Thank you Mr. President, the Democrats will call caucus immediately after session. Any other notices or announcements? Do we have an my further business come for the senate? Now the chair recognize senator Berger for a motion, Thank you Mr. President, I move that senate do now adjourn subject to standard stipulation set forth for senate rule 24.1 ratification of bills, appointment of cafetieres, receipt of conference reports, receipt of house messages to reconvene on Wednesday September the second 2015 at 2:00 PM. Motion of the senate do know adjourn subject to the stipulation stated by senator Burger to reconvene Wednesday September 2nd at 2 PM seconded by senator Brock all in favor say Aye oppose no the ayes have it, senate stands adjourned.