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Senate | August 27, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order. Sergeant at arms  close the doors members get their seats. Members in the guest and the gallery please silence all your devices. Leading the senate in prayer is the reverend Peter Milner senate chaplain. All members in the guest and the gallery please stand. Let's pray. Almighty God, thank you for your fresh mercy, that falls every morning and at midday. Inspire us by your mercy inspire us we ask and as speak with you Lord we ask you to lead us for you our God, we desire your strengths of living water. So may we drink from your everlasting well of goodness and may it make us new people poured out like a drink offering to the list of these. In Jesus then we pray Amen. Senator Burger is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President. The Journal the August 26th 2015 has been examined and found to be correct I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stands approved as written. Objection the journal for August 26 approved as written as soon as we have leaders of [xx] granted representative Curtis, Jim Davis, Jeff Jackson, Newton and Smith-Ingram. Mr. President Senator Jackson propose your ayes.  Thank you Mr. President simple committee report at appropriate time. Senator concerned for the committee report right now this page gathered form please. Clerk will read. Senator Jackson for appropriation based by the committee submit the passage, house bill 18 committee substitute number one, unfavourcommittee substitute bill number one the favour last to Senate Committee Substitute Bill, I know, an act authorizing the director of budget to continue expenditures for the operation of government in level in effective June, 30th to 2015 September 18th, 2015. House bill 18 calender senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? Motion Mr president. Senator Apodaca yield forth for motion. Thank you Mr The reading clerk just read in House Bill 18 continuing budget authority, move the rules be suspended to the end, that House Bill 18 be placed on today's calendar for consideration. Objectives in order. Senators, Stephanie Licht is here with us today, she's the nurse for the day. Nurse Licht please stand to be recognised we appreciate you serving the Senate today. On the motion of senator Smith of Columbus and Revason county. The chair is happy to extend courtesies to the gallery to Columbus County Chamber of Commerce Jennifer Holcomb, Sue Hawks, John Thompson, Bill Memory and Bob Hilton are here with us, please stand to be recognized. Thanks for joining us today. moving to our calendar Senators, starting with public bills, third reading roll call bill for concurrence. Senate bill 15, clerk will read. Senate bill 15, unemployment insurance law changes. Do we have any further discussion debate? Hearing none, requesting for the senate that it passes house committee substitute senate bill 15 on its third reading, all in favor vote aye, oppose vote no, five seconds will last for the voting clerk will record the vote. Apodaca aye. Brown aye. Vendine[sp].

Tucker. 36 having voted in the affirmative and seven in the negative, house bill substitute senate bill 15 passes its third it will be enrolled and sent to the governor house bill 18, clerk will read house bill 18 continuing budget authority. Senator Brown is recognized. Thank you Mr. President. I think it's pretty simple, as many of you knows we had made a lot of progress on the budget negotiations, we feel pretty confident things are moving along we've agreed on senate bills targets, we've agreed the salary bills, now is just getting the details worked out at the subcommittees, mainly because the house has some rules on how long the budget has to lay for people to take a look at it. Expands longer than we had hoped so what this does is move it to September 18th, so we can close this thing out as [xx] further discussion or debate, Senator Blue for what purpose do you rise To debate the resolution. Senator Blue floor. Thank you Mr. President. You know I reflected long and hard on Senator Apodacca statement a couple of weeks ago, and that was a couple weeks to get this thing resolved, I don't know whether some of you followed it, but on the issue of driver education, on the issue of teacher assistance, and those things my county is having great difficulty trying to find some predictability as to what's going to be available. We have, from now until Monday night, 109 hours and some few odd minutes to get those things resolved. If in fact What Senator Brown says is correct, that is these areas that they have agreed upon, have been agreed upon, and there's no reason to believe that that's not so then folk can roll up their sleeves and work this evening, tomorrow, and Saturday and get this thing resolved so that these counties and school systems and various others can have absolute predictability on what their budget is going to look like this year. So I think that if  we put that kind of pressure on our negotiators sub committees or otherwise then we can go ahead and get some closure  for these forks September comes and on Tuesday, and we were to go here and have those who are going to do the negotiating get behind closed doors or open doors or whatever their are going to do it and get this thing resolved that's four and a half days they have to make agreements they know what's in each budget now and it's just a mater of frustrating between the two chambers on how you are going to make the numbers, somebody is got to give something and we know that that's not going to change between now and Monday the very extensive hearings in the house at to what the senate budget does and what their budget did that's history. It's time to bring an end to this thing, it's time if the house has a difficulty does not have a rule that they have that they can't suspend they have extra ordinary majority over their they have democrats who voted for the budget they got enough people to suspend those rules that would keep down from moving this budget in an expeditious manner I'm ready to get this issue resolved and the only way apparently we are going to get this resolved for next September or before October is to tell those who's job it is to do it, go home get it done, and any other enterprise which have been involved businesses especially when you don't get the job done, you don't get paid, so if you resourced by spending it lets cut our pay but let's tell those folk, get the job done because this is what the voters hired you to do. Give them a budget by June 30th if you can and then you it somehow, this the third time we've moved it, and I just think that we developed no one this contending resolution people voted with the Senate affidavit 2-3 weeks ago and maybe that would have increased the pressure Any further discussional debate? for what purpose do you arise? To speak on bill. Senator Apodaca you have the floor. Thank you Mr. President Sibol[sp?] I do appreciate your comments and I did indeed, vote against it last time and I'm happy to stand here today and tell you within the last 48 hours, we've had more movement than we've had in the last six months. And actually I feel pretty confident, that we may have a broad base [xx] budget by Monday night or Tuesday

or Wednesday or next week, so I think we're on the way and again I know as head chairs are meeting 30 minutes after session with our counterparts in the house and we did that yesterday and I'm sorry that Wake county is having a tough time with teacher assistants and drivers head. I guess $80 million in the bank didn't go quite as far as it used to they could take a little bit of that, quite opposite back up. But, anyway, that's their decision not ours. The good news is we are finally on the move and we are all happy about that, when law begin home shortly. So I'm going to support this one, although I thought it should have been a week instead of two but I can't win anything, thank you. Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none question for the senate is the passage of the senate committee the house bill 18 on second reading all in favor will vote aye, oppose will vote no, five seconds will be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote. Gentlemen, 37 having voted in the affirmative and six in the negative, senate committee substitute House Bill 18 passes its second reading without objection be read a third time. North Carolina General Assembly act.  Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none the question before the senate is the passage of senate committee substitute House bill 18 on its third reading, favor will say aye, opposed vote no, the ayes have it, senate bill substitute house bill 18 passes it's third reading, it will be sent to the house for concurrence in the senate committee substitute by special message and that wraps up our calendar at this time, we'd like to say thank you to our pages who served us this week, pages thank you very much for taking time out of your time to come service in the senate and you have come back to see us, thanks so much. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise?  Mr. President, [xx]. You have the floor Senator. Mr. President members, we've received a few house messages and we may get some more bills in before Monday, but I moved that all bills received and messages received be placed on Tuesday's calendar so we can do a skeletal session on Monday. Without objection, so ordered. moment of personal privilege. You have the floor senator. Thank you Mr. President and members of the senate, I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize one of my staff members who's leaving me today I'll tell you where she is going on in a moment, but her name is Rita Beard, she is sitted on the back row and she was a law student at Central University in  the Rome and graduated. she's been with me for almost two years, and sort off in the office we kind off become  her family [xx] and we've gone through sometimes together where she graduated, got married and had a the death in her family that was tragic and so we've experienced all those emotions and I appreciate all Rita's work, and one of the things that's unique about Rita you know my L. A Andy he's Mr. Bring a dozen doughnuts to the office, but Rita is the vegan among us and so she's always encouraging us to eat better, make better life choices so I guess that's how she would say it, Rita is actually if you want to call it living up in the World, she's actually going to work in the house we train interns in the Senate so that they can excel in the house and so Rita we wish you the best as you move over to the House. Any other notices or announcements? Senator Brown for what purpose do you rise? Announcement. You have the floor senator. Republican caucus meeting immediately after session. Any one else. Any other business come before the senate? If not the chair recognizes Senator Berger for the motion. Thank you Mr. President. Just one other thing, it's my understanding that appropriation subcommittees or chairs of subcommittees are working over the weekend on various budget issues and they need to be prepared to be here. Mr. President with that I move that the senate do now adjourn subject to standard stipulation set forth in senate rule 24 one ratification of bills point become free we received conference reports instead house messages to reconvene on Monday, August, 31st 2015 at 1:30 PM and that scheduled for session there will be no votes like on Monday the senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulations stated by senator Berger to reconvene Monday, August 31st at 1.30 PM seconded by senator Apadoca all in favor say aye, those no the Aye's have it, senate stands adjourned. miss from the house Senate

bill 156, committee substitute and act can revising and consolidate the out of town of [xx] if you seek for a concurrent [xx] placed on calendar September 1, 2015 bill 304 house committee substitute in act to clarify that logo signs may be priced in a right away fully and partially controlled accidents highway, provide extra transportation, mobility and safer division of the department of transportation, so administer the local sign program received for current on staff personal account of September, 1st, 2015.