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Senate | August 27, 2015 | Committee Room | Appropriations Committee

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hence for things like teacher allotments T. As et cetera through out the entire span of your public school budget. OK thank you one last more follow up just a follow up. Going back to Senator Brown's opening statements about the C. R, my understanding you said that the C. R is going to cover the first year teacher raises for $3500 a year. Help me understand that was not a part of last years budget but the leadership is going to honor that pending a new budget is that correct? Sorry Brian. Sinful we had made that commitment last year and we just want to [xx] we had committed we would do last year by getting that up to $35000 mark. I said last fault this is the last one. You mentioned how we patrol what does that number look like about insure me share with me what does that increase look like. Let's see where is our J. P we have Lanier fiscal research and in the continuing resolution, there is not stepping correspondence so at this point there are no increases for the highway patrol in the continuing resolution. Senator Ford? Senator Brown.  What I was referring to when I said that is in the budget, as you saw yesterday the agreement has  been reached on the pay piece and the highway patrols teachers clerks, magistrates all those stepping Christians have been agreed among both the house and the senate so they will taking place in the budget not in C. R. That's right.  OK thank you.  Senator Brian. Somebody explain under the C. R what is the situation with teacher assistants and how is that playing out under the [xx] Brown is that your department? Good morning, yes, Mr. Chair, Brian with Fiscal, with respect sorry, hi Senator O'Brian with respect to TA's or any other public schools, a lot allocation, school districts had to make uneducated guess about what final outcomes of conference process would be. The CR provides that essentially. Funds are made available to school districts at the same rate as the prior year minus nine recurring funds but plus things like ATM growth that Senator Brown discussed earlier so either TA[sp?] hiring or TA[sp?] choices as well teacher hiring in others public school are in probably some of the other across all state government or state fund of government has been up for discretion of the work of the local school administrative unit to do the hiring kind of use their best judgement about what they think the final outcome will be in this conference negotiation. So, CI provides a funding amount but doesn't provide specificity on ultimately what would be the resolution for TA's.  Follow up Mr Chair Yes maam follow up.  Has the Officers State Budget or any of the other State Urgencies, State Board of Education any body provided any guidance, restrictions limits to them in this regard Brian Thank you Mr. Chair senator Bryant to that question I know of no specific guidance or restrictions on aliases beyond what's been laid out in the initial CR, the initial CR did contain kind of a reminder to school districts some budget flexibility that was provided in clarified year 2013 budget set to reminding districts that the ability to move across a lot make categories, it's not a change in practice, but if the legislative says that is possible but beyond that I know if no specific guy from [xx] straight forward you are telling districts giving them advice about what to do Thank you Brian Senator [xx] Thank you chairman senator Ford was on a good line of questioning there but I do think school superintendents need to remind themselves of this 100 million you've already from the as for growth you can take that and any other moneys you've got if you don't want to buy textbooks anymore and maybe you say they're out dated like that money but that's $100 million extra for those that are gaining. You can do creative scheduling in the middle grades for instance and put 100 [xx] for the time of three teachers you are saving a teacher a system or two every time you do that. You can take that money, that 100 million, and combine it with anything else, and buy anything you want to with it. The last time we funded TA's fully makes up 90 million, and bought other things with it. So that told me number one, they weren't using that money for TA's, they were using it in other places, but you can

take all that money, you can take gas and oil money if you're saving on gasoline now, in the project now, and buy teachers with it. You have total flexibility, and many times they don't utilize that fully, but take that money with your local money, and you won't find too many TA's short right now of what they actually make, and I know we're hear there's hue and grat[sp?], but just remind your school superintendents of that fact. What they did with the money when they had it. OK. Any other, Senator Robinson. and a follow up. Could we get from staff a breakout of what that looks like in terms of the ADM growth, and I know It's different, for different counties that we get a breakout by county in terms of what that looks like please? I'm sure we can get that to you Senator Robinson. OK, thank you. OK. Senator Davis, Don Davis. Thanks Mr. Chair. I just want to follow up for a second with the teacher assistants in education. So we're funding essentially where we were last year does not mean that any transition for new teachers is that correct? Senator Davis, there's an additional 100 million to address the growth base as well. So there is more money. OK. Follow up. Follow up. Yes sir. How about drivers education? What do we see taking place across the state, and how's that again being addressed just pin pointing, trying to pin point what's taking place? I think the main pace on drivers ed that a lot of people have, maybe have some confusion is, if you remember the last year's budget, last year's budget pretty much was, the way it was set up, was the last year to fund driver's ed. It was supposed to go away this session, that was done in last year's budget. So the LEA's were put on notice last year that this staff was ending, and there's been a big debate, and all of a sudden that, it's like they didn't read last year's budget I guess, and didn't realize that it was going to end, but it was there. I'm sure our sub committees are having those conversations of what to do with driver's ed. I think there's going to be a compromise, and I feel confident that somehow driver's ed is going to get funded at some level, but again I think it's almost an after thought that maybe somebody woke up one day and said you know, last year's budget ended this thing and now what do we do and everybody started fighting for it again. Well gosh, that happens up here on hundreds of things that people come to here wanting to fighting for and I'm sure we'll have the debate on what to do with drivers aid but again it wasn't something that somebody didn't know about.  Follow up.  You said we're making pretty good I guess some progress I'll put it that way. Maybe that's a better characterization. Are you able just to give us any snapshot of maybe some o the big picture items in terms of how that progress is shaping up with perhaps MedicAid or economic development [xx] I'll be glad to senator Davis, the subcommittee amounts have been agreed on for both first, second year now. Subcommittees begun meeting yesterday, I think any RJPS and probably [xx] will have their agreements worked out some time today, the full chairs will probably meet for those three subcommittees and kind of work through those agreements HHS, of course has a Medicaid reform and one of the staff members on the house had an accident yesterday morning that is involved in HHS process so it was delayed an extra day so she could make sure she was okay, I think she'll be here today and I think that process will begin the head chairs worked all day yesterday on their issues as well, of course, it's a bigger budget so it's going to take a little longer for [xx] to work through but I feel confident that they'll have something through this weekend, if not early next week so the process is moving pretty quick. All the pay issues have been determined. We did a press release yesterday on what that looks like, so I think the process is pick up a lot of steam is moving forward pretty quick. Okay, one more follow. Okay follow up and I do want come back for a moment, to teach assistance we were saying, that we could right now take a gamble shipping funds around and so forth, but I mean there is still obviously without final budget the possibility if I gamble one way and those positions or the funds are not in place, then we could potentially be in a state of if I gambled wrong, if I terminate the positions. Senator Davis, what I

would say on the TA piece in particular, and I think senator [xx] touched on it, we found out last year through discussions that a lot of money that could be used for TA's wasn't being used for TA's, because we gave the LA's a lot of discretion. They took those dollars and spend it somewhere else. I think there's a movement honestly this session to say take this discretion away and say if you want TAS, here is your allowance for TAS, you cant spend it for anything but TAS. Take that discretion away and make sure it goes and nothing but TA's and I tell you if we do that, I know what is going to happen, the IA's are out here screaming up and down. Please don't take my discretion away that's what is going to happened. But I think we have to hit at that direction, but  the situation you  got the TA's issue the [xx] have the discretion to take care of and I feel sure that they are doing that. This is one follow up to that question because I really was doubting but I'm going to keep hearing this, do we think any of these decisions were made because of maybe pass cuts in education? I don't think so, I know five years ago we had state revenues going to [xx] of education but 7.1 billion this budget is going o be well over 8 billion, I don't know how anybody can argue that they've cuts and catered towards education when in five years we were spending over a billion dollars more in catering for education. I don't know how anybody can argue that senator Apodaca Senator Brown to your knowledge, we've heard a lot of [xx] in this week schools open, do you know any schools that did not open this week? I have not heard of any. Follow up? Follow Senator Brown, do you know of any schools that didn't have teachers there for the children when they opened? I have not heard of any of those either. Thank you senator brown, Mr chairman, I move for a favorable report unfavorable to the original bill, favorable to the proposed committee substitute Okay, I'm going to hold that just one second, I had senator Robinson answer as well. Thank you Mr chair, just one quick follow up in terms of your press release yesterday and can't tell what is what. I did hear, what have you decided in terms of, say the employee raises, I heard something about a base amount, would you clarify that? Senator Robinson, I'll try to go through the whole piece if you'd like for me to every standing employee is going to get a $750 bonus, that's across the board bonus. Again, the highway patrol clerks, magistrates and teachers first are going to get their step increases, all the teachers and school administration get their staff as well and the school administration teachers also have the hot hammer space to make sure that none of them get layers but any movement, so those dollars are in place, there's a part for the community college to show up some of their salaries, it's 20 million in the first year, 20 million in the second year. It gives community college Some digression to show up there salary issues that they have come to us with, there's also a adjustment funds that the governor can use it's 12 and a half million the first year 25 million the second year the show of salaries across state government where, the market just changed overtime and it needs to be showed up correctional officers was and agreement in both budgets it's 12.7 million the first year over 25 million the second year for correctional officers and help them with their pay issues, also a market based for the sworn how we patrol their is another factor to care of the issues that they've brought forward with us so the sixth chair for physiologist has been taking his well so you can see that we've tried to listen to a lot of concerns throughout state government and try to show off those concerns but the big piece is the $750 bonus for all staying police and that equates on an average wage of to close to a 2% raise. Thank you senator Brown. Senator Tillman. One final one Mr. Chairman I do think that history lessons are good now and the last two democrat budgets senator Davis cut a billion dollars out of education in dollars and our two three budgets we've added over a billion dollars so we go from down a billion to up a billion with our budgets that's a you thought about a two billion dollar swing their I just think we need to know that, that's what we've done and cut senator Davis you all made them. One follow up senator Davis this is just a brief comment as I

do hear my dear friend and my dear collegue but don't need to factor in again at its student and other factors that I think come in on that equation as well as you start looking at other measures such as people spending and so forth may be there could be different perspectives on that [xx] senator [xx] you noticed [xx] me and also there is one area that has [xx] while other areas I have heard but because, I think [xx] have been a priority set on [xx] through two of his education less than one area in state government that has never taken a cut on rival leadership. Any other questions from committee? If not, senator Apodaca moves for a none favorable the committee substitute bill but favor as to the senate committee substitute bill, is that properly stated? I think we go it. Any further discussion?  All those who are in favor of [xx] say aye, Aye All opposed [xx] The ayes have it, this meeting is adjourned and [xx] thank you for your comments, and help