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House | August 27, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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Testing, house chamber the house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber The Sergeant-at-arms to close the doors, members and visitors are asked to please silence all electronic devices this morning's prayer will be offered by Representative Whitmire, I would ask all members and all guests in the Gallery to stand and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, Representative Whitmire thank you members of the house, thank you for all in the Gallery, from Psalms 55:22 before I pray Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain, He will never let the righteous fall. May we pray. Dear Heavenly father, Lord please forgive us of our sins. Lord, we thank you for the many blessings that you've given us and Lord we thank you for the privilege of being an American. Lord, today and for the weeks to follow we ask that you lead guide direct us as we finish our state business get a budget until the final arms that we need in session fin the next two weeks. Please give us the wisdom and courage to do the right things for the right reasons and to do it in such a way that we will set the example that we will hope our children will follow in Jesus name I pray amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from hold representative Louis is recognized for a motion. Mr speaker the journal for August 26 has been examined and found to be correct I move that stand approved is written. Representative wood moves the draw for the August 26, the approve is written those in favor will say say aye, aye those oppose no the ayes have it the journal is approved as written. Members nurse of the day today is Stefanie Lee from right here in Rawley, Miss Lee, thank you for being with us please join me in welcoming you with us today calendar senator 541 the clerk will read Senator [xx] Mckissic, Senate Bill 541, a bill to be entitled, Active [xx] lake Transport Company, General Assembly [xx] further discussion, further debate if not the question for the house is to pass Senate Bill 541 on it's 3rd reading, those in favor will vote aye those opposed will vote No, the Clerk will open the vote [xx] do the filing members wish to record [xx] on this vote. Blackman Richardson, [xx] and John Bill. Clerk will lock the machine record the vote, 105 having voted in the affirmative, and two in the negative senate bill 541 passes its third reading bill is ordered in roll and sent to the governor, special message from the senate, the Clerk will read. [xx] and received sent from the senate, house bill 18 change subject, senate committee substitute for an addition to bill to be entitled and act to authorize as direct of the Debouch to continue expenditures for the operation of the government at the level in effect on June, 30th 2015 until September 18th, 2015 in concurrence in committee substitute. Noted and now without objection the bill will be added to today's counter of objection, [xx] now so order. House bill 18, the clerk will read. care for senator [xx] Shepard and [xx] house bill 18, the bill to be entitled act to authorize the direct of Debouch to continue expenditures for the operation of the government that the level and effect on June 30, 2015 until September 18, 2015, general assembly of North Carolina annex. For what purpose does the lady from Franklin, representative Richardson rise. Thank you Mr. Speaker. I'd like to be recorded as voted aye on Senate bill 541 please. Favor be recorded voting Aye that representative Brock is that the same request with the gentleman? Yes, Sir. The gentleman will be recorded as voting Aye. Representative Hall is that the same request as the gentleman? Those members will be recorded as having voted aye on the previous bill. The gentleman from Wake, representative

Dollar has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, members in the house. This is a continuing resolution to move us from this coming Monday August 31st to September Friday 18th, all over the provision actions are prior to our continuing resolutions will remain in effect for their budget through September the 18 be happy to answer any question will appreciate your support. Further discussion, I believe there's a motion to concur, the gentlemen does move to concur with the Senate committee substitute House bill 18. I move that the House concur with this, any committee substitute for House bill 18? Further discussion further debate on the motion? If not the question for the House is the adoption of the motion to concur, those who favor will vote aye and those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote The clerk will lock the machine will and record the vote. 108 having voted in the affirmative, and 5 in the negative, the concur is adopted, the Bill is ordered enrolled, and sent to the Governor by a special messanger senate bill 399, the clerk will read. Senator Sanderson, senate bill 399, a bill to be entitled act [xx] police protection for our protection and energy service to re-climb the sales and use tax pay to the director of revenue law steady committee and examiner application for exception of the modern sell tax and then titles compromise merriness for government user, general assembly of North Carolina annex. What purpose does the lady for Carteret representative McElraft has to rise? To speak on the bill. The lady has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, members, representative Luke I don't believe he's here, but he questioned yesterday and I appreciate that question about the July first date on here. I did check with staff and that is an okay day because it is the way the tax refund is filed for, is a manual I think or quarterly filing so they said it was signed. Thank you. I appreciate your score just saying we appreciate it again. Further discussion, further debate, if you have a question for the house is the passed to senate bill 399 99 on its third reading those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no the Clerk will open the vote. Representative Stem on the floor? The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 112 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative senate bill 399 passes it's third reading the bill ordered in roll and sent to the governor. Senate 378 the Clerk will read. Senate opinion on senate bill 378, a bill to be entitled in act to increase the [xx] and estimated death by vehicle, and general assembly from North Carolina annex. For what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett representative Lewis rise. For a motion Mr. Speaker. The gentleman may state his motion. Mr. Speaker I move that senate bill 378 it be removed from today's calendar recounted pursuant to rule 3060. No objection so ordered. Members the Chair's informed that by the that there maybe an additional Bill for today's calendar, House B momentarily while we determine it that's going to be done. [xx] For what purpose does the gentleman from Weyne, Representative Bill rise? To be recorded in the house in the bill 541 shall be recorded and voted out, senate bill 541. Members we're going to be

adding one additional bill to today's calendar before we do that, the gentleman from Cumberland, Representative Glacier is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege and the chair will give indulgence to give more than three minutes given the nature of the point of personal privilege, the House will come to order. The gentleman from Cumberland has the floor thank you Mr. Speaker and members of the House. This will be a shy maybe the next bill, the last time that I will have an opportunity to address my colleagues. Tomorrow is my last day in the House of Representatives, and so today is last session and I thank you Speaker for not having a voting session tomorrow. In a sense I've thought a long time what my comments would be today and I thought about a comment that Representative Stem a good friend made beginning the session and we talked about a return to basic principles that he might not disagree on a few of those principals. But I thought that was a really good point. So my comments to you today are sort of my reflection on what it has meant to be a member of the House and what I perceived after 13 years the role is in the leadership that exist in this body. So if you will indulge me in these comments. The mission of the House in my opinion as an institution and our roles in visual legislators is critical to our development as a people, our progress as a state and our continued existence of humanity as we know it. In my comments today we're going to focus on that mission and they begin with the concept of leadership. Leadership to me in extrapermid[sp?] by 119 colleagues is a way of thinking. It's an attitude that involves more than just responding to anybody's verbalised needs but for all of us that are often involved on daily basis perceiving on voice requests and capitalizing on every available opportunity we collectively or individually have to meet that request. I believe that the leadership that's exhibited on this floor is an affirmative and assertive commitment not a simply a voluntarily [xx] opportunity of response. Leadership for us is an obligation and a standard of excellence, we are each individual our role models in our communities that we are also roles models as an institution for the state it's in a leadership sense for all of us in this room, a central part of the fabric of our lives and leadership and how we perceive our roles transcends religious barriers and political ideologies in every respect the idea of service in the North Carolina General Assembly to North Carolina and its people is not  dependent simply to our individual desire to give, but it's an ethical and more commitment that we've to fulfill when we're elected here, I believe and have learnt to believe the giving Ourselves whether it's through our time or talents let's just become a means of creating holiness in our state, God is the creator of rich and poor and too many of the latter exist in all parts of North Carolina and I believe in my heart that God one soul of his children to help each other. In the act of giving back to our state and our role makes the world and our state a far more loving and compassion a place to leave for all of our citizens. A very learned clergyman, many centuries ago would give a coin to a beggar and then begin to pray, and he'ld explain his actions by quoting from Psalms and saying through giving shall I see God's face, the giving of ourselves involves technique, there are quality a well as quantity issues to consider and my goodness to the budget is a combination both of those if there ever was. The effect of good giving relates both to the lasting effect of our service and the hand of sensitivity about the manner in which we give to our constituents and citizens. Maimonides is a great scholar in the 12 century talked about the eight steps of the ladder of giving, and the top ladder's always been to help someone help themselves by teaching them a skill or providing them an education. Representative Howard I think actually said this on the floor the other day on the unemployment bill most people want to climb the ladder of success but many need a hand up. How we give focuses as much on the psychological and emotional needs of our people as the physical, and I

suppose the first question really then is kind of why with all the success that sits in this room and all the other things that you could be doing, why do we give it all here? Because everyone in this room is eminently successful in another form or in another way of life, and after 13 years, I have come to the conclusion that there are really three reasons. One because most of us believe we have the opportunity, we have a moral commandments to serve. Seems to me the most enduring job in this world is to take care of what has been created for us. We can use the raw materials to support ourselves but everything we have and it's most basic sense has really been loan to each of us. We have been provided the eyes, and the hands, and the mind to learn, and grow and progress as a state, but whether we do so as the ultimate human decision we must affect. Every religion teaches that people were created to work and keep the world a good place, in that sense, God let's us use the land if we meet our responsibilities and share in the world bounty, I suppose the laws of tithing of every religion are a few will the landlords conditions. We are allowed to work and reap profit and in all of our cases be very successful, but only if we share with all the people whether they are rich or poor, younger or older, black or white. The second reason I believe that all of us serve is what I'll call community. My daughter, who is in L. A, and for the last two years and that has been one of the purest joys any further for they will have to work with your adult daughter as a professional mind in this, but I shared with her at her [xx] but many years ago her favorite quote and I have used it one other time on the floor, and it is by a man named Hillel who said if I am not for myself will be for me but if I'm only for myself, what am I, and if not now, when. Everyone in this room belongs to a family, some big and some small, some live in one place and in this world many live in multiple locations, but all families provide some basic things to their members, clothing and food and shelter and love and companionship, and for a family to fulfill its commitment to every member each person has responsibilities but the people in this room know more than most, that all of us also belongs to a bigger family. Our community, our State and our Nation and the World. Our State provides for many of us and our families education and protection, recreation and transportation and in many respect jobs and just as with our family if we enjoy the benefits of our state we must ensure that our citizens understand that they must equally contribute to its maintenance whether that's paying taxes or abiding by its laws or in our cases well contributing to the governing our society. I think often, in fact everyday, about what happened if any of us or all of us, worse, failed to do that the hunger and homelessness and disease and illiteracy and poverty that will result. We are in the end and we can never forget each day and each decision we make talking about people, who are dramatically affected by our decisions or lack to make a decision. It is the goal and our duty of every member of this body to alleviate human suffering wherever possible. We all must be good parents and spouses but also must be good stewards of the state and we teach by example there is in my view, and one of the most important reason I wake up everyday to the brace of representative Waynn gave us all, many years ago says what you do matters. There's in my mind a solemn obligation, passed to us by previous generations by living in North Carolina, we agree to be accepted and that is to leave our state at a better place because we arrived. And there is a trust placed in us by future generation not yet born, to fulfill our maintenance obligation to fight poverty and disease, ignorance and bigotry and empathy and distrust. And there's demanded of all of us no abdication of mind and spirit and everyday some sacrifice of soul. When there are tears of suffering in our state, we should all weep. When a cry of despair is heard, we should all answer with hope. And when we see projects unfinished for the poor, for the vulnerable we should help to try and complete it. Our collective experience makes clear there is no escape from this duty, no substitute of work for deed, either in the legislator or in our private lives. History is fundamental lesson to

me is that we cannot ever separate ourselves from the larger community in which we live. There once was a clergyman who was a famous for collecting charity and one day he went to the house of a very famous and the man very rich, very lonely, and in spite of this, the clergyman went ahead and asked for a donation in the miser begun to scream at him. The only time anyone ever comes is to ask me for my money, no one cares about me, I work for this and all I want is to save my money and I'm going to keep it for myself, and the clergyman then said would you give me one favor and the man said sure. He said go to the window and tell me what you see, and the man went to the window and begun describing the people on the street and then the clergyman picked up a mirror and gave it to the man and said now tell me what you see, and the man answered, well I see myself, and the clergyman said well then the lesson is really simple, isn't it? Look into the silver and you see only yourself, take away the silver from the glass and you see the rest of the community. Being a member of the house gives us all the opportunity in every region of the state to take away the silver from the glass so we can see the rest of North Carolina. And finally I'd say the third reason I've served and then I think many in this room do and something that too many in the public don't understand is that we serve and lead because it feels immensely good to do so and to be part of something that to create so much good. It helps sensitize us to others and their needs and in essence it makes us all better people. Serving makes us feel better about ourselves because we are doing the right thing, and in a sense it also helps us become the person we all really want to be. I'm reminded of a quote, I've been around Representative Horne Way too much [xx] in this case. Said, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. " It is critical to me, as I leave here to remember even in the face of massive new technology in our society that the human dimension in our lives remains constant the body of the world's knowledge may double every five years. But that having being said, no machine can replace human contact and kindness and love. Far too often all of us get caught in the material possessions of life how much many we make, how many bills we can pass how many [xx] we can see on a particular day in our profession and sometimes what we forget in the end is that none of those things really are the things that matter, instead it's the people we touch and the good we do in our family we love and the sacrifice for the betterment of what we show by what we do every everyday as individual and on this floor. It's important that I suggest to you at least to remember there's always a time in your daily and political life to exhibit random acts of kindness to others, to care deeply for people besides ourselves, to love and to be loved and also sometimes it seems the tangled world wide web we will, that we're all sitting ducks cracking the digital code. That sound does not reflect the true meaning of being a human being. Tom Brookhall once said it better than anything I could think of, no piece of software, no server, no network whenever we place commitment and dreams and love and no computer can replace a moral underpinning of a life lived well. It would be a shame to wake up one day to find that all although we have wired North Carolina we have short circuited our own souls. So in the quiet times of reflection I think for us and what we tell our constituency it's helpful for every one of us to remember. If we had just one more hour to live we likely none of us would wish for a bigger home. Another bill to pass or more cyber space to explore but we would instead wished to have spent that hour with our family that we love, to be with our friends as we are today, to care for each other and do what we can to leave this world a better a place for us being here. My experience is that every person in this state is vital to our collective humanity, whether they are exceptions by designation or simply unique by creation. Our goal here regardless of party must always be to ensure from each day forward that no citizen is left behind, non abandoned, non-forfeited to be sacrificed in the cross fire of an uncaring home or community or society. Leadership is about inspiring the best in the human spirit. Our goal ought to be

to plant the tree of knowledge in everyone of our communities, sustain the tree of life in our state and nature the tree of love for every citizen. One of my favorite authors and aqimlin[sp?] has written we all want to do well in life but if we did not also do good with our life's doing well will never be enough. When it's the church all said it maybe a little differently you make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give. So five closing short points first, you have the ability to inspire, to motivate a state to be greater than some of its parts and just never please forget that. Second, there's a no substitute for thoughtful, intelligent and form leadership it can make all the difference. Third, to paraphrase a former president of the United States Gerald Ford, in a society that is all to characterized by candidates without a core hiring consultants without conviction to run campaigns without content what really has to be valued instead is authenticity over ideology, morality over expediency and the collective long term interest over individual short term interest. Forth, civility does in fact breach civility and incivility breach incivility in all we do and say. And the moment I most regret here and in my life have been when I have become hungry and forgotten that principle. And finally what I would say that the essence of leadership has never changed in these regard and that is that it is courage. The courage to act with conviction and to speak your mind, the courage to bridge differences and to accept hard one compromised, the courage to be curious really works, curious about what people really need, curious about how we can do better. I close with a story and the comments I've used in the story I learn when I first ran for the school board in 1996 and I have never found one I like better because it applies so much to what I believe and I hope you will use it and enjoy it. Some of you have heard it and it is the the Alfred Nobel paradon. Nobel worn his fortune as many of you know as the inventor of dynamite. and one day his brother died and a newspaper got the story wrong, and it printed Alfred Nobel's obituary instead of that of his brother, and here's what the obituary read, quote Alfred Nobel, who invented a way to kill more people faster than anyone in history died yesterday a wealthy man. All unlike the rest of us, Nobel had the opportunity to read his obituary and to decide that is now not how he wanted to be remembered and so he took his entire fortune and instead devoted it to the Nobel prices and we now remember him for humanity and social justice and peace and hardly anyone remembers he was the inventor of dynamite. Leadership in this body will not leave you wealthy in a material sense, but you will be remembered by every family you touch, by every child you inspire and as keepers of the state soul. As long as we live here, we all have a job job to do, to contribute our energy and our talent to our state and our country for if not now, when, and if you fulfill this mission, we will all grow individually and collectively in the eyes of God and the lessons that I've learned from my 13 years in the house and all of you have given me one of the greatest gift anyone could ever have in their live, I thank you and wish each of you the best it has been Mr. Speaker, an honor and a privilege to serve as a member of the North Carolina house of representatives, thank you. Representative Glazier, the chair would

like to take just a brief point of personal privilege to say what an honor it's been to serve with you we came in as freshman in 2002 to what was a very different dynamic in this chamber and have served since then while we have not always agreed on issues I cant think of a time in all those years that we've ever had a crossword with one another, even thou both of us like to zealously I don't get the debate as much anymore but I like to zealously debate issues and I want you to know I think I speak for colleagues I know you've left quite a legacy of about hard work and you will be missed but work for the seniors around in the coming days, years and months.  Before we do other things ratification of bills and resolutions. The clerk will read. [xx] report the following bill [xx] presentation to the governor. House bill 18 an act to authorize the director of the budget to continue expenditures for the operational government in the level and effect on June 30, 2015 until September 18, 2015. The bill is ordered to roll except for the senate and governor by special messager. For what purpose does the lady form Orange Representative Insko arise? For a moment of personal Privilege. The lady is recognized to speak to a point to personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker. When Rick Glazier landed in the North Carolina house in 2003, and came to that first Democratic coccus meetting those of you who were, have been, were there when he was came new that he was a leader that would make a difference, I think the atmosphere and the coccus changed that day, and it lifted all of us. I think he has done that with his service to the general assembly and to the state of North Carolina. His promise that day. We haven't been disappointed with him. He is probably the most effective legislator that I've ever worked with, it consistently, we had other stars, but the thing that set him aside just isn't his brilliance, which he is and his ability to analyze issues and come up with a solution immediately, it is his great respect for other people and the way he deals with other people. I think of Paul the apostle when I think of Rick. So Paul the Apostle, was still respecter of persons, he was able to deal with each individual and see the beauty of their soul beyond any external physical characteristics or personality or ideological differences. I think Rick has mastered that he said that he has regretted being angry actually I think that my experience with Representative Glazier is that he doesn't control his anger he moves beyond it almost immediately to the issue to the problem, keeping respect for the person that he's dealing with in mind. I think of life as a journey to wholeness. We were born with free will and we grow up and make awful mistakes then gradually we learn our way through life and that goes on I'm always amazed when I say something that I've done wrong and realize I don't have to do that anymore I think Rick mastered a lot of that a long time ago he's way in his way on the journey of wholeness, and I'm look forward to working with him continue to work with him I'm glad he will be in my life and I think he has many contributions to make, I hope I'll have another opportunity to vote for him someday, again I hope that we will remember him as we serve and remember the model that he set for us in dealing with each other in dealing with the people of North Carolina, making sure that we live the state better than it was. God bless you Rick. For what purpose does the gentle man from Rowan, representative Warren rise? Mr. Speaker I would like to change on my vote to line 18 from a no to and aye. And I would also like to request for a moment of personal privilege. T The [xx] out house

bill 18 the gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you sir I just wanted to share my opinion and my thoughts on representative Glazier, one of the things that I think moves legislation for us here is having differing opinions. Differing opinions help us refine our final decisions by helping us look at from different perspectives and I've always found representative Glazier to be a source of being able to position like differing opinion from those of us in the majority and such as a manner that equality and eloquently has always appeared to us to move from a more nobler motivation when reaching our decisions on issues that we disagree with, he is prove himself not only to be a gentleman but a gentle man. I think that in my opinion he's statesman and that he's always a democrat coccus going to lose a valuable resource but the general assembly is going to lose a very valuable part of its membership here. So I'd like to thank him for his service and wish him well. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Dollar rise? For amendment of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak for a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker but I think, can I ask you one other request in advance? The gentleman may stage his request. That the words of representative Glazier be spread upon the journal. If the general reduce those writing we will certainly do that without objections. So order. Thank you. Members of the house I just have to say that representative Glazier you would be solely missed. When you mentioned servility a moment ago it reminded me of many occasions when I sat at the back of this room and I was thinking far less than civil thoughts about your debate there has been some passionate issues over the last decade that has been debated in this chamber and there was sometimes I really just wanted to leap out of my seat or walk out of the room and you know like this but the reality is that usually upon further reflection while I still disagree with you about many issues, I was impressed and I think most people were impressed impressed by your oratory your ability to express yourself, your ability to be deeper than just the surface and to communicate on very important and critical issues certainly take positions that I may not agree with but to do it in a way where you're trying bring people together you were trying to draw in everybody to understand what it was you were about and what it was important about what your position was and why you took it and why you felt we needed to move in that direction from a policy stand point and another thing that I think you were fabulous example on we may vehemently disagree on something and it may take a day or two for the passions to go down but I found you a tremendous Allie on several issues sometimes unexpectedly, but it was always incredibly welcome for my part anytime that we were on the same side of an issue whether we could find comprised on an issue. you were always open to listen, you're always open to consider, and try to understand where other people were coming from even if we were coming some very different places, you don't always see that, you don't always see that depth of knowledge and understanding and that you didn't take things personal. You didn't take things personal, and that is such an important example that people have to learn have learned in this process. Your intellect, your ability to compromise, always think about you and representative Stam as being people that look over legislation and say okay, we need to fix this piece, we need to fix that piece, really trying to craft what we do in this house with skill and precision in a way that will serve the people well, whatever the matter might be. Representative Glazier I guess I can sum it up by saying that I will personally miss you very

much and that I believe this chamber is far better for you having served here over the last 14, 13 14 years and that you will be remembered and that hopefully your words will be remembered as well thank you. What purpose does the lady from Wilson representative Farmer-Butterfield rise? Point of personal privilege. Lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker Rick Glazier and In came to the North Carolina general assembly in 2003. So indeed we considered ourselves classmates and today Becky Carney and Rick Glazier and I are the only members of the house that are still in that class. Now we adopted Susan Fisher who came in 2004. The thing that's most memorable to me about Rick is one, he was the chair of our freshman class, and Becky, Carney and I were coach years. and he put in place a listen and learn tour. So a fresh man class across the state from East to West, North to South and got to know each others' districts and really had an opportunity to hear what the issues and needs were across the state of North Carolina. And he did that with a lot of forethought and planning and he assigned that committee but he also did much of the work and preserved that history which he still has today. The other thing that I recall about Rick is that he always puts his family first and that is very evident and that is his wife and children in 2003, and he always pleased them first and foremost and yet he's an effective leader in the state of North Carolina. He's calm and methodical, he can lead but yet follow. He's an excellent negotiator and he will always be remembered as a political and legal genius to me. He knows what to say, how to say it and went to say it. So Rick, thank you for putting the citizens and all the members of this body in a state of North Carolina first and being such an effective leader, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from, Cumberland, representative Lucas rise? Well, moment of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen Rick Glazier epitomizes Abraham Maslow's philosophy, that is self actualization. The reward for having done something is to have done it well. Rick has done each thing that he's tackled well, as a flegerling[sp?] attorney, he would put the fear of God and anybody who was on the opposing side. When he first ascended to the school board in Cumberland county, Rick established a president that still exist in Cumberland county. Well you see he did his best, that best consisted of zest, zeal,  tanasity[sp?] and efficiency. When he came to the North Carolina general assembly, Rick again established the same work ethic, often he'd be one of the last ones to leave at night, his light would be on in his office late at night. height, as he researched bills and he would sponsor bills so many bills to the extend that I understand that they may have done a bill limit called the Glazier limit that's because the man really build this as his responsibility, to do

the best that he could, for all of the citizens that he could and he continues to do that. so whoever let goes, Ric is going to be alright, because he still going to have that same zest that same zeal, that same tenacity and most of all, that same uncanny wit to do a job well, he is my delegation mate, so I will see him a lot, continously thank you Rick. For what purpose does the gentle man from Cumberland Representative Floyd rise? Among the special group Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege.   Mr. Speaker I will not ask to be a over request to stand for an additional three minutes. The irony would be noted. But I just want to say as being a member of the common county delegation that I'll always had looked up to Rick and I know that Rick have not always agree with all of our thoughts or all of our opinion. But what he does do is that he said that I will give you the right to say them, and then after Rick say that, he thought the same. That's Rick gesture, but Rick thoughts have always been thoughts of peace and not thoughts of evil, and I have the utmost respect for him for that. Even in our delegation when Rick knows that our thoughts are not good, but he always can find a way to sort make that just a smooth adjusters so we can be readable, if you understand what I mean, but we are right legislation. He always can found out a way to make that right an example of that is when we saw lesia[sp?] the red light camera bill, there was some confusion over that bill about how we would process that in the city so far have had 1400 cases of red light cameras within the last 30 days, but Rick found a way for us to get that bill payers and now the school system and the city of Favor which collect no money from that will make south street are less safer. So with that just simply want to say to you, I will be missing you and surely most of all I will miss this. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative Szoka rise?   For a moment of personal privilege. Gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Chair I will keep my comments very short. I saw representative Glazier this morning at snack bar at breakfast and inform me what was going to happen today and he and I had a very good conversation and I thanked him for what he's done here and I just rise this delegation chair to publicly thank him for the work his done on behalf for the people of Cumberland county. It has been noticed over the years, he is well beloved by the people their hence his 7, 8, 9, 10 how many of the term he has been here? And if he ran again I'm sure he would be here again. The people of Cumberland county recognize the hard work, the intelligence and his true heart and trying to do the right thing for them and on behalf of the delegation people of Cumberland County thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Stam rise? For a point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. Members of the house representative Glazier and I have co-sponsored about 30 or 40 laws, so I thought I would say a couple of things about they were written. I'm going to give you three sentences and it won't do if these were written just a couple of hundred years ago these were written 2600 years ago. But it reminded me about Rick because it's was about politician their was prime minister of three countries not of which were zoned and he had the bureaucrats and politicians complaining about him. The administrators and the governors tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel and his conduct of government affairs but unable to do so, they could find no corruption in him because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent enough said. what purpose does the lady from Randolph representative Hurley rise? For a point of personal privilege The lady is recognized to speak from

a point of personal privilege Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen 10 years ago when I had won the primary to serve in the general assembly and hopefully I would win the general and I did thank goodness, I came down here doing and that and I'm to hear and to see what is going on here, because I really didn't know, first time I had been here. And a week later was debating many things on this floor and his clarity in his answers and they were debating ethics for legislators during the session, and his clarity in his answers and his respect that he showed for all his colleagues impressed me so much. When I came down here he's been an unofficial mentor to me and we have sat in the judiciary too referred each other for many, many years and he has not hesitated to answer any questions that I've had. He is full of knowledge and he must be speed reader because he takes his open and he looks at them so fast that the bills he reads them and he knows exactly what it would do what a bill would do immediately and how it will affect people. For the state employees, he's been a very big advocate, [xx] he's been here for all of these people and for ll of us, and I have to [xx] serving with you Rick, and I'm going to miss you, and hope you  will be back and remember that there are good ones that get us here and we do, do some things that are really good for the people too and he has been that way ever since I've been here he's been very fair to all of us. I'm going to miss him thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Mitchell arise? Point of personal privilege Mr speaker. Gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. Rick stand up please. Just stand, I want to see if you've got wings on you. All these platitudes that've been hearing here me think that you've got wings on you sir and you're going to fly out of here not walk out of here. Now I've got a couple things to say about you. One thing Rick has been a very, very, very ingenious person but let me tell you, I got a problem with Rick. Rick wants to fix everything. I mean no question about it, I learned a long time ago in this body is you don't try to fix, you let it blow up in people's face sometimes and it'd be better put Rick is going to fix it but let me you his fixing has done great wonders with this state and for this body. You cannot ignore that and one of the things that I know that I will miss is our everyday arguments on the constitution and what we think the law ought to be and believe it or not we agree most of the time on what our interpretation is and sometime the judges don't agree with us, sometime you all don't agree with us but we sort of got a little thing going there. Rick You meant a lot, not only to this state but to this body. I think you've brought an enlightenment to this body than nobody else could ever do. You've been here long enough, you made an impression long enough. Everybody is going to miss you, future generation is going to miss you, but the legacy that you leave here will never be forgotten. So, by peace, shalom.  What purpose does the gentleman from Union, representative [xx] rise? Point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor to speak to the point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker, representative Michele said Rick tried to fix everything in the end, that is actually true. Early on giving here, coming from the meat business, I just hate to negotiate with people who never intended to buy and I used to ask why are you negotiating the price when you have no intention of buying the message being you're trying to fix a bill on which you're not even going to vote for and the response appropriately so is what we still need and have an obligation to do good legislation. So the issues is not whether I'm going to vote for it, not whether Rick was going to vote for it but is it good work? Are we doing good work? And that's the legacy I believe that Rick Glazier will leave us in this house is one of doing good work, it's not a matter of whether we agree or not agree although obviously that's important results count, but are we doing good work? So Rick thank you certainly and of course I'd be recessive[sp?] if I didn't give you

a churchill quote, because there is one that is particularly appropriate, and it goes the only guide to a man is his conscious. The only shield to his memory is the reptitude and sincerity of his actions , it is very imprudent to walk through life without this shield because you are so often mocked by the failure of our hopes and the up setting of our calculations but with this shield, however the fates may play, we match always in the ranks of honor. Rick it's been an honor to serve with you, an honor to call you my friend. I personally will miss you and those late night talks we've had when our officers were near by back in my freshman year when I was so confused. Thank you very much Scott Speed Red[sp?]. For what purpose does the gentleman  Chowan Representative Steinberg rise? Point of personal privilege, Mr. Speaker.   The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the house I have often said to representative Glazier at the end of a particular session I said you know you know I was listening to you and you almost had me. And I have found that he really is and he has so much knowledge and gives us such additional perspective on anything that we might be debating here on the floor that it is worth every minute of our time to sit and listen and that doesn't just apply to representative Glazier but that would apply to any of our legislators, these computer, this phone they are wonderful conveniences but they can also serve as a distraction and one of the things I that committed myself to do when I came in here was when everybody else is speaking, I'm going to be listening that doesn't happen a lot anymore. I know when and I see people talking they are looking at their screen or they are getting a text message and that's just the way it is today, I don't think there's anything we can do to change that except to make a personal attempt to do so but I think in the process of doing that we are missing so much because their are things that can be learned from each and everyone of us on the floor, we all need to take the time to give the respect to the person who is speaking even if initially it may seem like something that we just started he is just on the other side of this issue, but somewhere in those words particularly from representative Gleasure, you are going to find some things that may just tweak your thinking just a little bit. So if we have learnt anything from representative Glazier's time and in the general assembly, I hope that is if we haven't been listening we've missed a whole lot and if we can change, lets begin to listen now. Representative Gleasure, God bless you my friend and I wish you well and my door and phone are always open, to you For what purpose does the gentleman from Lee representative Reed rise?  Point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. The gentleman is recognized to speak to your point of personal privilege. I just want to speak for those of us in the democratic crocus who came in here at the back row. I want to tell Rick how much I've appreciated your example. I agree with representative Dollar to me the most important thing we can do hear on the floor is exhibit civility, and no matter how passionate you feel about an issue no matter what your positions have been, you've always been civil. I've had the honor and pleasure to serve with you on judiciary too where we've had a whole lot of bills and a whole lot of debate and discussions. And I've really appreciated the example that you said. Now unfortunately I'm not going to be able to follow your example, but do appreciate that example that you could set because as an attorney I understand what Representative Insco said just how brilliant you're when it comes to the understanding of the law. But I would also say that beyond your guidance and professionalism, I think we house bill 18, clerk will read. house bill 18 continuing budget authority. Senator Brown is recognized. Thank you Mr. President. I think it's pretty simple, as many of you know we had made a lot of progress on the budget negotiations, we feel pretty confident things are moving along we've agreed on sub committee targets, we've agreed the salary bills, now is just getting the details worked out at the subcommittees, mainly because the house has some rules on how long the budget has to lay for people to take a look at it. It expands longer than we had hoped so what this does is move it to September 18th, so we can close this thing out as we've spot. Further discussion or debate, Senator Blue for what purpose do you rise To debate the resolution. Senator Blue you that we've talked about, the standard

you set and the duties, you left behind that we have to pick up, but suddenly I want to thank you on behalf of all Carolinians for all the great service thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from New Hanover representative Davis rise? For a moment of personal privilege. The Gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen my seat mate's birthday is this Saturday and he has never had an opportunity for an announcement to be made while we we're in session this late. So since we obviously are in session now we will be next week his birthday   will fall, while we're  in session so I'd like everybody to please, he  tell me how old he is. So, I just wish everybody would please join me in welcoming a 29 year old and holding to my seat mate Steven Ross, thank you. What purpose does the Gentleman from Johnston  Representative Dolphie rise? for a moment of personal privilege. The Gentleman has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. I've had the distinct honor of serving with Rick Glazier for many years and I'm a lawyer by profession and he makes my profession look very good. If I were in as lot of trouble with the law, I would want Rick Glazier to represent me because I would know he would do his very best and everywhere he could, to provide for me, the representation that I wanted. I have been honored to serve with him and I am so grateful, that he has made such a great impact on our stay. The second thing I would like to say regards County  Johnston, those who did not know, there was an announcement made yesterday that one of the existing industries was going to expand by one point according to them yesterday 1.8 billion dollars. They gave you some examples of how much money that is the entire town of Clayton is not worth 1.8 billion dollars. If you look at all the car industries that we tried to get manufacturing plans that we've tried  to recruit this investment is three times larger than a car manufacturing company. The existing employees at Novo Nordisk, 20% are veterans and the average pay is approximately $ 70, 000. This new manufacturing plant will have 700 additional employees at $70, 000 plus according to Northeastern University where they talk about how many jobs there will be a spin off from these jobs they have some the ratios is 5 and so this has a potential of 3500 new jobs in our State and while it takes four years to build this plant, it will require 2500 artisans to be employed for that period of time and delighted to tell you that Jazz in Count is opened for business.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklnburg represent the Brawley rise Point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker? Gentleman is recognized to speaker to a point of personal privilege. Thank you, and members of the body Representative Floyd and I were discussing a news of last week and serves it appropriate that we bring it to the attention of the body. A man armed with a collision called a military weapon a pistol, attacked the passengers on high-speed train in Europe. Two American service men sees the initiative and confronted the man barehanded, to protect the other passengers. They were joined by the American civilians and the British national. The group seize the weapon from the assailant and rather than shoot him, beat him with the box, [xx] until he quit fighting back. We have heard great claims of military prowness on this floor, from the officers and man of various services. I would like to point out, that this effective action was taken by two unlisted men. One a specialist from the Oregon Army National Guard and the other an Airman first class from the US Force.

For what purpose does the gentleman for representative Moore rise? For a very brief point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to point of personal privilege. We've delivered the point, I just wanted to publicly get up and give my Glazier's story, first became aware of Representative Glazier when I was very young, and there was this show that used to come, and used to be in our still comes on is called legislative weekly review and I used to watch that show every Friday that it came on I became aware of people like rather in the storm and others and Reek. Representative Glazier and so in 2000 we were Representative Glazier and former Senator Ryan in Canapolis in eighth district, Democratic event-ion and we were having election to see who was going to be the delegate, the two delegates from the 8th district for the 2008 convention endeavor and so we had a lot of people that day, but he came down between two young Democrats and myself and we were hopelessly dare locked I think Rick we were on the fifth ballot and so I took the initiative to say that I have already been to a convention before, when I was in Boston, went to 2004 convention, so I'm going to bow out and let this two young democrats get their opportunity to go to the convention as delegates and so that transpired and one thing that Rick and former Senator [xx] said to me, he says, "son this day you've shown that you are meant to be respected and you are going to go places". And Rick I had no incline, that I would even think about running for the North Carolina House at the time that I met you but I appreciate you putting that seed in me, and I will live up to your expectations. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus representative Pittman rise? Point of personal privilege.   The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. While representative Glazier is leaving us, on a happier note as far I know my wife Tammy is not leaving me and this Saturday, August 29th will be our 39th anniversary and you all have go to know a little bit of what is like to have to put up with me for just a few years. So I hope if you get chance you will commend her for her enormous patience and endurance for the last 39 years thank you. Members the house is going to stand at this roughly five minutes. There's going to be some discussion about whether to have that other bill so we'll be at ease for about five minutes. The house will come back to order, Members I believe the additional bill that was discussed about being added to today's calendar is not going to be added to parties that are still talking and trying to work through this, notices and announcement, for what purpose does the gentleman from Craven Representative Speciale rise. For a point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. The house is in session, the house will come to order, the gentleman has the floor.  Ladies and gentle I want to get up a few minutes to go with the rest of them and I wanted to make a few comments about the same colleague there Representative Rick Glazier, and I didn't do so because I didn't want him to think I was bothering him up because I needed a favor of him, we discussed that bill and his last selfless act here is to not push that bill through now that he

really wanted to get through, and allow us to get through it to make sure what we're doing down there is the right because there were still some questions, its amazing and I think he understands this, its amazing how much one can get done when you don't care who gets the credit, and I think working with him, I have worked with him in a few cases I've talked to him, Senator Tran his desk we've talked a little bit in just general chair, and I just want to say that my three years up here, he's one of the folks forks when he talks I do try to listen I do appreciate those things that he said he does have good reasoning and why I don't always agree with him, I do believe that what he's done everything he's done up here he's done because he believes that to to be the best thing to do, to be the right thing to do and there's nothing that you could ask of a colleague, there's anything you can ask of somebody, in this room, in this chamber, in this house, that they do what they believe to be the right thing and for the right reasons. And so I want to recommend Representative Rick Glazier, I want to wish him God speed, wish him well in his life and everything else, and I hope that we'll keep in contact. may God bless you. For what purpose does the lady from Orange Representative Insco arise? for a point of personal privilege. Lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Members I want us to remember some families we had tragedy happen to a young woman from North Carolina, Tyler Strandberg who was living in Wyoming and hiking and she was hanging with two other people, two of themselves and were killed. She is the granddaughter of James Gardner and she is the niece of former speaker Jo Hagney, so I know those families are grieving and Alicia was 28, young woman UNC graduate, a great tragedy so please keep those families in prayer. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford Representative Brockman rise? For a moment personal privilege.  Gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. I also want to say thank you Rick for all the work that you've done, you've made me feel like I was here and I would appreciate that, I'm not going to delivered the point, we've already been over it. And I've also want to thank my LA Grady O'Brien is his birthday today. I think I have the best LA in the building and I know what it takes to be in LA, I've been in LA before. And I also want to tell him a happy birthday and thank you for everything.  What purpose does gentleman from [xx] Representative Michay rise? Brief moment of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. For those of you who may wonder, Becky Can is doing great right now. They're still trying to get everything in syncs or the chicky work I talk to her on Monday or Tuesday that she was going to send the message for me to read she hadn't gotten to me yet, but I just wanted you to know that her voice was strong. She is really looking forward to coming back and she's asked I know that you please keep her in your prayers. Further notices and announcements. and members before the rule chairs max emulsion the body will some of you will be glad to know there will be no recorded votes on Monday and actually before we go to the motion [xx] will be making announcement. The appropriation chairs and the subcommittee are going to be working a good bit through the weekend the senate side is doing that the house folks will be doing that so work continues have a vast space on the budget as you know we passed the C. R that gets us through September the 18th we're hoping that we will have a budget before that date, but under our rules of course we have the 72 hour waiting period before we can do anything what's the budget comfort sponsor that agreed too in the first place, but I can tell you that I want to publicly thank our appropriations chairs for the hard work they are doing also I want to thank our finance chairs who are working on the tax package I know these folks have been putting in countless hours over the last due weeks or months as well as the specific subcommittees or the cabinet chairs who've been working a great deal as well so continue to work and hopefully will have even more progress next week but we're seeing a lot of the ground being covered this last few days. for what purpose does the gentleman for Union Representative Horn rise.

Point of personal privilege. Gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker I apologize to those yet laughed here for asking twice for such a point of personal privilege but such an auspicious occasion that I can't pass it by, we've been here together five years these year and for five years these years and for five years, I have endured the burbs of my seat mate on a particular special occasion and never the opportunity need to return the favor, Mr. Brolly, Bill brolly has sat next to me since the day I entered the house painful  as it has been. He has encouraged me chastised me, needled me, harassed me as all the rest of us, actually his eloquence knows no bounds and I certainly shall not attempt to equal his abilities in that area but this Sunday Mr. Broly will celebrate an anniversary of that auspicious  day when the world encountered him for the first time so, with that and we've been suffering I mean enjoying it ever since so with that I please ask the house to wish my seatmate Bill Broly a happy birthday. Representative Broly the chair wish you all the best on your 75th birthday. Further notices and announcement. If not the gentleman from Harnett Representative Louis is recognized for a motion Mr speaker in honor of representative Rick Glazier stand in memory of Tyler Strandberg the granddaughter of former Lieutenant Governor Jim and his wife Mary Gardner, I move that the house now adjourn subject to the rectification of bills, messages from the senate, committee reports, conference reports, rereferal of bills and resolutions and the appointment of conferees to reconvene Monday, August 31st at 4 O'clock PM. The gentleman from Harnet moves seconded by representative Glazier that the house be now adjourn, subject to the receipt of substitute ratification of bills message from the senate, committee reports, conference reports, re-referral bills and resolutions and appointment [xx] and do so in honor of representative Rick Glazier and in memory of Tyler Strandberg to reconvene on Monday August 31st at 4 pm. Those in favor will say aye, Aye Those opposed no the ayes have it we stand adjourned. Mr clerk, the chair directs the following changes to a conference committee as to house bill 117, representative Elmore is removed, representative Stein, representative Bell are added as conferee[sp?] as senate will so be notified. That was Bell of Wayne who was added.