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Senate | August 26, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senator, come to order. Sergeant at arms close the doors as the members get their seats. Members and guests in the gallery please silence all your electronic devices. Leading the senate in prayer is Reverend  Peter Milners[sp?] St. Martin Chaplain all members and guests in the gallery please stand. Let's pray. Lord thank you for this festive crowd, and for your presence and your compassion for your compassion is boundless. Lord I stand before you know and bow I feel like Jonah, desperate to flee the presence of the Lord and run to a distant cursed land like Tarshish. But Lord your boundless compassion throws me back under the shore,  sends me over the ship in the waves to this place and so lord thank you for your [xx] love because it endures forever for sending us all here and I pray that we can live with the reality that your love covers a multitude of sins it's in Jesus name we pray Amen Senator Apodaca is recognized for a motion Thank you Mr. President journal of Tuesday, August 25th I'm sorry Mr. President I can't hear. Senators just come to order please. Thank You, Mr. President. Journal of Tuesday, August 25th 2015 has been examined has been found to be correct I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written.  Objection progress 25th stands approve as written. Senator we've leaves of absence granted today for our senators Barringer, Curtis, Lee, Newton and Van Duyn We do have the nurse of the day with us today Miriam Alexandria from [xx] north Carolina is here, Alexandria thank you for serving us in the senate today. Senators record the motion senator Tom McInnis of Richmond county and chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Robert Sweeney who's a real estate appraiser, broker and entrepreneur in Rockingham north Carolina Robert if you are here stand and recognize thanks for being with us to day. And upon the motion of Senator Jeff Tate of Mecklenburg County, the Chair is happy to extend courtesies to the gallery to Karen Trouver, chairman Cornelius Parks Arts and reckon culture commission and [xx] Charles Mecklenburg board of education. Thank you for joining us today as well. so as soon as that take us right down to the calender we have one public bill today, four concurrences we'll get a second reading roll call bill, Senate Bill 15 clerk will read. Senate bill 15 unemployment insurance law changes. Senate Rucho is recognized Thank You Mr. President and members of the senate. In February which seems a while back, this bill passed employment insurance law changes, by a 40 - 6 votes. This as you might remember and I think everyone was given additional dates so that you can have an opportunity to go through every point of it was a combination of the unemployment laws requested changes by yes and also by the joint legislative oversight committee on employment insurance. The only changes, and the house made some respectable changes back they made a change where, the sircharge suspension trigger date. It would have been effective on August but the number of one billion dollars didn't get hit on that day so it has been moved to the 1st of March is when I believe it is and what it does is that means we will have a billion dollars of reserve in the unemployment insurance fund, ready to take on any problems if we do have or experience another slow down. What this also does by setting that cap and stopping that portion of the tax dollars coming from the employers this puts back $240 million dollars back in the pockets of the small businesses, so they can continue to create new

jobs and put in North Carolinians back to work. The other portion that was included was establishing a review modifications of the board of review commission so that they can look the effectiveness and this is going to be done by the PD and will be reported back to the unemployment insurance oversight along with the PED board. And secondly [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] and a contingent march toward equality and as we know on August the 26th 1920 the 19th amendment to the United State constitution was ratified granting women full suffrage would you believe there's a time in our history that men could vote and women couldn't vote that's actually true it did happen, but is this time much progress has been made to strengthen the rights and privileges of women in the United State women have united to ensure that their mothers, their sisters and daughters are not treated as second class citizens, that's something we must take very seriously as matriculate in this session may we celebrate the victories won for women equalities as we strive forward and firm grip on our future fighting for the rights of women to be equal with the rights of men [xx] [xx] and so therefore the [xx] certifies the [xx] statement was read in the senate and placed upon the [xx] on this 26 day of August 2015. Thank you Senator [xx] what purpose do you rise? Yes to statement. You have the floor Senator. 95 years later and this is where we are. I'm so proud to be working in the North Carolina [xx] of women routine of 50 and in the house we have 22% we have 26 double what we have in the senate out of 120 members we also proud of the gains that we have made and August the 26th of each year that's recognized by proclamation by the president of the United States as we continue to strive to break the glass ceiling and fight for pay parity on behalf of women who on average earn 78 cents to every dollar that is earned by a white male I challenge my colleagues as we continue to advocate for all that we will continue to lift

up those of you who have mothers those of you who have daughters. My dad wanted a boy and he had to go through five girls and the last set of girls turned up to be twins. So you can imagine the look on my daddy's face that he had to go through five girls before he got that baby boy he wanted. Needless to say, my brother is spoiled, but the five of us girls who were older there were no boys in the family so we had to haul wood out of the forest. We had to bust up the wood. We had to slop the cows and slop the pigs. We had to work on that farm. I've had my share of chopping rows and this was back in the day but we did not have all these updated farm equipment that we had and growing up humble, with meager means and working hard challenged me to continue to work hard and If I work as hard as a man, as a woman we want equal pay. For recognizing today as women's equality day and let us all fight together so that women will one day be truly equal. Senator Robinson. What purpose do you rise For a moment of personal privilege You have the floor senator Ladies and gentlemen with just a few days left under the current continuing resolution, and I'm starting to worry that we may never get a budget agreement and how while I'm happy to pool Secret Santa names with some of the Tuckers and a few others, I'm worried that this fight this losing fight of the direct impact of our decision, our indecision, on people across the state yesterday, for those of you who read the news in record, you saw a profile of Jonathan Pascale, a teaching assistant earlier when [xx] there colleagues but they fear for the second time in three years the sale say about his work we jut kind have to this not with the money in hand but in our want to continue funding all teaching assistants Guilford County has cut the pay from $ 20, 000 by 200 now you may say now that's not a lot, but it is a lot for a person who only makes about $ 20, 000 a year however, it had to find one point in $ 1, 000, 000 to keep this teaching assistants, but this will be the last year according to officials. They have skinned the pig, and the only pork is here in Raleigh. As we prepare for yet another continuing resolution, I implore you find a way to support our students and our teacher and start delaying decisions that hold such high importance and the day the day last of our students and the working poor teaching assistance stay. We need a budget that support our public schools and the education that work so hard to empower our children so that they can have successful life and we need it now any further notices or announcement any further business come before the senate now the chair recognize senator Barger for a motion. Thank you Mr. President I move senate do now adjourns so as to state the stipulation support senator rule 24.1 ratification of bills appointment of conferee receive conferees report, receipt of house messages to reconvene on Thursday august 27 2015 at 10 A. M. The motion of the Senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Berger to reconvene Thursday, August 27th at 10 A. M seconded by Senator Soucek, all in favor say aye oppose no the ayes have it senate stands adjourned.