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House | August 25, 2015 | Committee Room | Transportation Committee

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Morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to House Committee on Transportation. I'd like to welcome first our sergeant at arms Warren Hawkins Reggie Sills, David Linthicum, and Bill Morris, and Jean Molin[sp?]. We have actually more sergeant at arms than we've members present I believe, thank you all for being here. I do not see the presenter present so at this point I'm going to let Representative Shepard step up to microphone, and I'm going to go ahead and step down present it for the senator. Go right ahead chair. Thank you Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen if you had time to ready this, is a very brief bill, it's sort of very self explanatory you know right now on our inner state system we've signs denoting gas, stations, restaurant areas of interest, that type of things, along our inner state system. This simply expand the program as I understand it in a brief read to your highways that are designated pretty much divided four lanes with very little driveway or cross roads in it and I forget the terminologies I'm sure it is here somewhere as the good senator comes up to help me present his bill. Limited Access Highways, so if anybody has any questions, a very smart individual is arriving as we speak that can perhaps help answer questions. Representative Spesiali. For motion when appropriate? It maybe appropriate. got questions? Mr. Chairman this might be for staff would examples of a road like this be say, highway 16 US 74th through Wing Gate Marshal all of that area. US one down through That'd be correct representative. Alright, thank you. Any other questions? Yes Sir. Representative Robinson. There used to be a fee for this, is that still, I haven't had read all the bill but, is that still in, as a charge for that. Sir it does not change the fee it's the same and I understand the Department of Transportation has looked at this and they are in favor of it Representative Speciale for a favorable and undersign recommendation go to another committee on new referrals. PCS.  PSC it's a second edition. Second edition? Yeah. Okay, do we have to accept this, yes? no there is no [xx] Okay, for favourable. It's not a piece [xx] [xx] not a piece of [xx] All in favour, aye   I. Likewise oppose? Bill passes. Thank you members and I apologize for being late thank you, representative Torbett [xx] this moment. [xx].