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Senate | August 25, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order. Sergeant of arms close the doors, members to go to their seats, members and guest in the gallery please silence all the electronic devices. Leading the senate in prayers Rev. Peter Millernson a Chaplain all members and guest in the gallery please stand Lets pray, Lord, we ask you to repair in and all breaches between our lives and the perfect life that you have in yourself Lord have mercy root out the harboring of ill will or secret sins in our hearts, and Lord remind us that you have made a promise to the Nations, to Abraham, to Isaac to Jacob and you have said that you are the God of Jacob, come now and be present here and minister to us here and dwell within our hearts in Jesus name we pray Amen. Senator Apodaca is recognized for motion. Mr president Monday, August 24 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stands approved as written. Senators please come to order. Without objection the journal for August 24 stands approved as written. Senators we have leaves of absence today granted for Senate Curtis, Jim Davis, and Hartsell. Senator Davis is here. Senators upon the motion of Senator Tom Mclnnis of Richmond County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Mr. And Mrs. Gary Richardson, Mr. Richardson is the founder of the Place of Grace Homeless Shelter in Rockingham County, if you will please stand to be recognized, thank for joining us today, glad to have you. Senator let's again take us into our calendar for today, Senator Apodaca for what purpose you rise? Motions Mr. President. Senator Apodaca you have the floor.  Thank you Mr. President Senate Bill 15 unemployment insurance law changes it's on today's calendar for move that is be placed on tomorrows calendar. The objections are in order.  Thank you Mr President. Mr President and Members, Senate Bill 101, [**] and local act, is on today's calendar, this has some redistricting, I don't have much to it, so I move to be removed from today's calendar and reproach the community on rules. Objections are in order. Thank you Mr President. Senators we only have one bill on our calendar then for today concurrence bill senate bill 665 clerk will read Senate bill 665 unclaim life insurance benefits Senator Raput Docker is recognised Thank you Mr. President unclaim life insurance benefits 665 this bill was insurance company makes all effort to find out who a life insurance policy belongs to and the beneficiaries after the policy holder is the way and this uses the death master file sounds like a nice file it's good if you're not in it. Two the stakeholders are all on board Now including the treasurer's office Senator Forward DOY in insurance industry that was the major changes to the bill some of the additional changes clarifying the judges office has the authority to order policies for our speech purposes provides an insurance don't have to look back in all the policies that they had task that they didn't use the death master foul in an asymmetric way. Don't ask me what that means. It removes the hardships and the smaller insurance exemptions and it seems like everybody is happy. I ask for your concurrence. Senator Rapo docker asks that you concur with the discussion or debate? Hearing non the question before the Senate is the motion of concurring as House Committee Substitute in Senate Bill 665 all in favor vote I opposed will vote No, five seconds be allowed for the voting and the clerk will record the vote. Rucho I, bugger I. Newton law, I, Brown, Rucho I

Brown Aye Newton 47 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative, the Senate concurs in the House Committee Substitute Senate Bill 665 it will be enrolled and sent to the governor, and that concludes our calendar for the day so at this time we would like to introduce our pages, so we can have our pages coming around here, make the way up front. Our pages starting making your way out from here clerk will read. Pages seven in the chamber this week. Chief bill Sillberg Michael Harris Sillberg, David Hartfield Junior Hopmill, Mckenzie Knight Senator [xx] David Luchesy [xx] Kaylor Milan, Wellsprings, Kenzi painter Yuklay Varina, Livia Wilkok southern Barravk, Rushell Wilson [xx] We want to thank all our patriots for this week and thank those [xx] challenge whether to we having notices and announcement? Senator Vandane for what purposes you rise? For a moment of a personal privilege   Senator Vandane you have the floor   I'm sure we all signed the paper yesterday and we're 55 days overdue for the budget, today that make 56, now I checked down the numbers to confirm this and it seems as though we're costing the taxpayers $42, 000 a day that we're in session, including today we've held 28 session days since the end of fiscal year, that ends up to 1.13 dollars so far, sit for the original budget deadline on June 30th, but importantly our teachers still we don't have a budget two days into the school year and our teaching assistants still don't know if they're going to have jobs by the end of the year. So on behalf of our schools and our hardworking taxpayers, I'd simply like to ask how's negotiations going and as Senator Apodaca suggested not too long ago do we need to pull names for secrete [xx] Thank you. Senator Tillman for what purpose do you rise? A moment of personal privilege, some [xx] exercise by our minority leader over there teachers know they are going to have a job they already have insurance of $100 million of growth school started. If there are empty classrooms is simply because they couldn't find the teachers. The teacher pay scale and the steps are already approved in the first CR. the only thing they don't know for sure now is about the teachers assessment in [xx] Most systems are accommodating that those that with local money, those that can't are doing what they've always done when you were short you made some larger class sizes and you accommodated that and they have always have to do that. The last time we gave four funded to TA's do I need to remind you how much they did not use of that money? $90 million went other places. Only 90 million went somewhere else. They got the growth money? That's assured all the teaching positions have been allotted. I don't care how much more money we put in there, we're not going to change the teaching formula. That's based on ABM headcount, that's no real question, So what we really question is why we're still hanging around down here this long and we're asking the same question, there is a problem but it isn't over here Further business come forth Senator Brown cocas immediately after session. Senator Rabon and what purpose do you rise? For a moment of personal privilege. Senator Rabon you have the floor. Thank you Mr. President and Ladies and gentlemen you have noticed for the last few days my seatmate has not been here but we are very glad that he is back because he keeps this side of the chamber supplied in candy chocolate bars and while he was absent he had a birthday on August the 12th that I would like for you to join me in wishing him a happy birthday. Thank you. Senator Apodaca what purpose do you rise?

Mr. President will senator Brown yield to a question? Senator Brown do you yield? Yes. Senator Brown. I keep hearing you talking about how much this is costing the state of North Carolina that we don't have a budget. We're operating under a continuing resolution now verses the budget we have talked about, how much a day are we making roughly? Senator Apodaca, I don't know that I've broken it down for day but I can tell you it's saving the state a whole lot of money. If you continued on this space it would be over a billion dollars in a year that you would save the state. I am sorry, over what? A billion. Thank you, senator. Senator Blue for what purpose do you rise? For an announcement. Senator Blue you have the floor. Democrats for caucus immediately after session. Any other notices or announcements? Any further business coming before the Senate? If not the chair recognize Senator Berger for a motion. Thank you Mr. President. I move that the Senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulations set forth in Senate rule 24.1 ratification of bills, appointment of conferees, receipt of conference reports, receipt of House messages, to reconvene on Wednesdays, August 26 2015 at 2:00 P. M. The motion that the Senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Berger to reconvene Wednesday, August 26 at 2:00 P. M. Seconded by Senator Gunn, all in favor say aye? Opposed no? The ayes have it Senate stands adjourned.