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House | August 24, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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House will come to order. Members will take their seats, business will retire from the chambers. The Sergeant-at-arms will close the doors. Today's prayer will be offered by [xx] sergeant-at-arms I don't see any guests arise but everyone please stand for the prayer and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Mr. [xx] Heavenly Father, thank you for this beautiful all be it rainy Monday afternoon that you've given us to start the [xx]. Thank you for the opportunity that we have to gather here in these chambers versus members and staff to serve the people of this great State. Heavenly Father we know stays ahead in this long session, then we are behind but we also know that the most difficult of decisions to be made still lay in the days to come. I pray that you will bless the men and women of this great house that they will be able to face the hard decisions and address them based on the principles that best reflect those who've entrusted those decisions to them knowing full well that the final decision may not always be the most popular one. Heavenly Father, I also pray that you bless the millions of young minds that are entering our State's learning institutions. at all levels to begin a new year of learning today. Bless them with the ability to focus and not be distracted by the world around them, but instead to find a desire for learning and knowledge, and the desire to succeed. I pray that you will guide those entrusted in moulding these young minds into the leaders of tomorrow, that will one day fill the seats in this great chamber, and bless them with the ability to shore up the weight of history that begins in their very classrooms and lecture halls. Heavenly Father, be with us as we return to our homes and temporary residences this evening, that we will travel there in safety and return tomorrow ready for the work week ahead. I ask that you bless the great State of North Carolina and all those who dwell within her boundaries with prosperity and happiness, and do so in the name of your Holy Son, even Jesus Christ, Amen. Amen. I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the Journal for August 20th has been examined and found to be correct, I move that it stand approved as written. Representative Lewis moves that the Journal for August 20th be approved as written. Those in favor will say Aye. Aye. those opposed No. No. In the opinion of the Chair the Ayes have it, the Ayes do have it, and the Journal for August what was it? August 20th is approved as written. Mr. Rules Chair, how many bills did the Rules Chairman want to add to today's calendar? Was it 14 including the budget? And an adjournment resolution? Ratification of bills and resolutions, the Clerk will read. The Enrolling Clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the Governor: SB 675, an Act to limit the frequency of parole reviews for inmates convicted of sexually violent offenses. The General. Chapter of bills will be noted. Members, for your planning purposes, no votes tomorrow. There will be no recorded votes tomorrow for session, so if Representative Jackson, if you can make sure that the Democratic, or Representative Wray, you're a whip, make sure that the Democratic Caucus knows that, then no votes tomorrow, probably on Wednesday but we're just going to match the progress, although appropriation folks should be here, so the [xx] conferees. Message from the senate, the Clerk will read. Mr. Speaker, it is ordered that the message be sent to the house representatives with information to Senator Brown, Senator Apodaca, Senator Jackson, have you answered the conferees for House Bill 372, senate committee substitute number two, sixth edition, a bill to be entitled at to transform and reorganize North Carolina's Medicaid and [xx] programs to provide funds for the oversight administration state wide health, information exchange network to increase medicaid rates for primary care physicians, and to discontinue medicaid primary care management, [xx] clerk. Noted. Notices and announcements? Further notices and announcements, if not the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, subject to messages from the senate, committee reports, conference reports, the referrals of bills and resolutions, appointment of conferees and the reading of representative statements, I move that the house now adjourn to reconvene Tuesday August 25th at 2.15 P. M. Actually, did the gentleman amend his motion at 2.22 P. M.? Mr. Speaker, that's what I meant to say. 2.20 to 2.22 p. M tomorrow? The gentleman [xx] is seconded by Representative who wants

to be second, Representative [xx] seconded by Representative Boles. Representative Lewis has moved that the house do now adjourn, subject to received messages from the senate, committee reports, conference reports, re-referral of bills and resolutions, appointment of conferees and reading of Representative statements to reconvene Tuesday, August 25th at 2.22 P. M. Those in favor will say aye, oppose no, the [xx] the aye's have it. The call for division having being ignored by The Chair, the House stands adjourned.