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House | August 20, 2015 | Committee Room | Finance Committee

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Ladies and gentlemen, the appointed time is here. We have a quorum. Welcome to the House Committee on Finance. We don't have any pages today, but we do have our Sergeants at Arm who are here trustworthy as always and, I truly appreciate you gentlemen being here, and ladies to support us. We have Reggie Sales, Marvin Lee, David Lighten, Terry McGrow, and Ray Cook. Our staff is here again supporting us as always we have Sandy Alverick[sp?], we also have [xx] and Greg Ronny. We've a relatively short agenda today, the first bill we are going to hear is senate bill 156, senator Bingham[sp?] Thank you, Colonel. Ladies and gentlemen of the committee, this bill has been heard before in the House, and actually Ken Goodman ran this bill in 2014, but we were at the end of the session and the Senate didn't have the opportunity or the time to take it up. I don't know of any opposition to the bill. This is a charter revision in consolidation, and it reestablishes a recall provision for the town elected officials. So there's no new taxes or fees, and I've got, if any of you are interested, the list of the cities in where the recall provision is enacted today, there's a long list of them and if any of you wish to see that, I'm going to be happy to hand it out. I would appreciate your support, and be happy to try to answer any questions. Representative Warren? Thank you, Mr. Chair. I have a quick question for staff, and then I'd like to make a motion at the appropriate time. OK. Perhaps staff could tell us if there is no new fees or anything, so why this is in Finance? I wondered that very question myself, but I didn't, I can't answer that. I don't have anything to add, it does not not establish any new fees because it re-codifies the existing authority, there is no new authority and there are no new fees. Representative Warren, I don't see any other hands, you're recognized for your motion. Thank you, Mr. Chair. I'd like to make a motion for a favorable report for SB 56. Questions before us, all in favor say I, I! All oppose no, no passes. Thank you Mr. Chairman and ladies and thank you. And thank you Senator. Next bill I'd like to hear is Senate Bill 399 I should and here we go senator Hardson the floor is yours. Thank you Mr. Chair committee members am not going to  try to make this bill any more complicated than it is. This is also a bill that you have seen before. I passed that on the house last session, I think. Unlike Senator Bingham used in the not enough time excuse, I'm just going tell you that I dropped the bomb. We didn't get it through the Senate, so here it is. Representative Michael have decided that in order to stop from doing that again, she would let me run the bill first. And so here it is, it only simply allows from the bill's summaries simply allows small communties who want to come together to provide fire, EMS and police service, it allows them the same opportunities to receive a refund of local state sales tax and gas tax that they would currently have, if they did this separately, and so no long run, this is going to save not only the State's money, but it's going to save our local community's money. It has very minimal impact at this point on the transportation, financial part of this or the general fund, and so Mr. Chairman with that, I'd be happy to answer questions and ask for your support. Thank you very much Senator. Representative Bell. I'm most to the appropriate time, Mr. Chairman. This would be that time. Favorable to the House to see me senate bill 399 I don't see a referral That's good You've heard the motion all favorable say aye all opposed noe Thank you the bill passes thank you very much senator And the third bill we have in the agenda today is senate bill 541 senator McKissick I believe welcome to the house committee of finance please present your [xx] Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of the

committee is  a straight forward bill I first like to thank representative Brawley for his expectional in working with this bill all over 26 stakes holders that were involved in trying to craft something will affect all transportation network companies here in North Carolina is well representative van heist as well will thank him for his work as well, this bill at it's extensive discussion in house transportation the only reason is here today is because of the fee. The fee for the transportation network companies right now there're three of them are operating nationally over [xx] is $5000 as per year to renew it is $5000 dollars for the next subsequent year assuming all of the conditions will be met will allow for it's successful renewal, if there quest into other aspect certainly be will to enter those but visa vie is the only reason we are here today. Representative Pat. Just have a question. Is that a fee that we are assessing newly is this loss is it correct? That will be correct annul $5000 companies it is not for the drivers dealing with companies that drivers do not have to pay that, it's only the company itself. Follow up Yes, is that similar to what we are charging cab companies or whatever? I just, is it  to produce some kind of penalty or just different from what we do with current cap company? Cap company is typically regulated locally. There was a bill passed several years ago that exempted TNC's from being regulated on a local level, therefore it's regulated at the state level  which is why we need this whole network of issues addressed like insurance, background checks and the like to make sure that everything is appropriately done in a way that provides service individuals and that's seamless with responsible drivers. Follow up. So the localities cannot add any fees on top of the fee that we're charging, I think I understand. Is that correct? That is correct Representative Collins. There is a provision in here dealing airports where there's a curve out four airports, all the major airports that represent at the table Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Charlotte and others were they do have some authority for fees and for additional regulations [xx] issues that are need to be addressed at that level when there will be individual contracts but the parameters that can be covered or place the bill. I'm not aware of any opposition. Representative Bishop. Thank you Mr. Chair, Senator McKissick, this is a little off topic of the fee but there's a provision on page six The chairman will remind representative this is the house committee on finance so if we can keep it to the fee that would be appreciated. If you rule me out of order you're right Mr. Chairman, I understand. I'd be certainly happy to answer today and after the meeting, sure. Are there any further questions? Any comments from the public? Representative Warren I bet you had a motion. Yes sir, first I'd like to thank to thank the senator for appearing in the committee again this week. He's been here more often this week some of the members so they can read it. We'll see about getting your names right. I'd like to make a motion for a favorable report for Senate bill 541. Ladies and gentlemen you've heard the motion, all in favor say aye? All opposed no? The motion carries, the bill passes. Thank you very much. Senator McKissick. Being no further action in the House Committee of Finance we stand adjourned.