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Senate | August 18, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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The Senate will come to order. Sergeant-at-Arms will close the doors. Members will go to their seats. Members and guests in the gallery please silence all electronic devices. Leading the Senate in prayer is the Reverend Peter Milner, Senate Chaplain. All members and guests in the gallery will please stand. Please pray with me. Lord you are the giver of every good and perfect gift and we come before you today and we give you thanks for gathering us once again under your wing and acknowledge that Lord that all that we have comes from you, both personally and in our public life. You offer such refreshments Lord in your presence and now Lord we thank you for those veterans in this body that have some to join us, and we praise you for bringing them here and for their service to this country. Send your grace down on us now that we might work well together to serve a common good, and it's in Jesus name we pray. Amen. The Sergeant at Arms is recognized. Mr. President Major Erin Cole of the United States Air Force reserve is at the door to sing the national anthem, and awaits your invitation. The Sergeant at Arms will open the doors and escort Major Erin Cole, US Air Force reserve, to the well of the Senate to sing the national anthem. sergeant of arms is recognize. Mr. President, the color guard of the joint force headquarters under-guard is at the door to present the colors and awaits your invitation. The sergeant of arms will open the doors for the presentation of the colors by the joint force headquarters under-guard, all members and guests will please stand. It is also my understanding that it is now protocol for veterans to render salute by hand uncovered. I pledge the allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God indivisible [xx] justice for all Sergeant of arms may know escort the

choir from the chamber Senator Berger is recognized for a motion. Members may be seated, members and guests. Famous president of the journal of Monday August 17 2015 has been examined is found to be correct, a move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. Without objection, the Journal for August 17th stands approved as written. Senators, we have leaves of absence granted today for Senators Cook, Brent Jackson, Brock and Meredith. Courtesies of the floor extended today to Colonel Dawood William. Colonel William was a P47 fighter pilot in the Pacific Gallon World War II and retired after 33 years of service to our country. He is sitting back here in the corner please join me in welcoming Colonel [xx] to the floor. Senator as a part of motion of Senator I'm against [xx] the chair is happy to extend courtesy of the gallery to his family Michael, Richard, [xx] and against [xx] if you are with us please stand and be recognized, thanks for joining us today. Senators we do have a [xx] with us today Floramante of Raleigh, North Carolina is here. Nurse Floramante, please stand and be recognized. Thanks for serving us today Introductions of bills and resolutions, the clerk will read. Introduction of bills, Senator [xx] 719 sponsors Senator Raven. Honor World War 2 veterans. Refer to rules. Senator [xx] Revolutions 720 sponsors Senator Raves. Honor World War Two Veterans. Senator Apodaca, what purpose do you rise? A motion, Mr. President Senator Apodaca, you have the floor for your motions. Mr. President, the reading clerk just read in Senate Joint Resolution 720 honoring the World War II veterans. I move the rules be suspended and that it be brought before us for immediate consideration. Without objection, so ordered. In preparation for Senate Joint Resolution 720, the Sergeant-at-Arms will secure the doors, pages will all be seated, members and staff are reminded to stay seated during the resolution Senate Joint Resolution 720, the Clerk will read in it's entirety. Senate Joint Resolution 720. A joint resolution honoring the veterans of World War II. Whereas World War was a global conflict involving more than 30 countries which lasted from 1939 to with major battles across the Europe, the Pacific Ocean and the Middle East. And whereas in 1941, the United States of America seeking peaceful solutions to issues vital to US national security interests was engaged in a diplomatic negotiation with the invoice of impaired [xx] for reserved issue whereas on Sunday December 7 in 1941 while  the negotiation in progress, military forces of the empire of Japan executed a surprise attack at pearl harbor who are you? The [xx] of United States and we ask most of [xx] was anchored on pearl harbor that day and it was the main target

of that surprise attack within less than two hours, Japanese war planes sank a damaged eight battleships including the USS Arizona, three [xx] cruisers, three destroyers, and four other naval vessels destroyed over 130 aircrafts and killed more than 2400 Americans, and whereas this act of aggression President Franklin D Roosevelt to address the US congress on December 8th 1941 to ask for declaration of war, and open his remark with this historic words. Yesterday December 7th 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United states of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval air force of the empire of Japan and whereas on December 11th 1941, in support of Japan's aggression, Nazi Germany also declared war on the US and whereas, because of Japan's unprovoked and [xx] attack on a US territory, and US Forces and Nazi Germany's of war. The United States of America was entered into World War Two more than 16 million courageous Americans are the greatest generation served with honor, distinction and patriotism fighting everyday theater of operation during that war for the freedoms we enjoy today and playing a politic and critical role in decisive battles around the world with more than 405, 000 making a supreme sacrifice and whereas over 360, 000 North Carolinian's served in that war which more than 6300 were killed in whereas on May 7th 1945 Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to the U. S marking that date the E day leaving it's ally's the empire depend to stand alone against the U. S these ally's in a pacific theater and whereas on August 6th 1945 an American D59 laying fort thieves name in dolgaee with North Carolina native captain canon retired double your serving, a [xx] of 60 in a European theater serving as a lead bombadeer dropped the world first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima Japan which was followed by a second atomic bomb mission on Nagasaki Japan three days later, and whereas on August 14, 1945 largely to the effect of those atomic weapons, the Japanese government accepted the provision of the post sum decoration and agreed to an unconditional surrender, marking that day a VJ day, bringing an end to hostilities in the pacific thus world war two and saving an estimated 1 million or more US casualties as the war continued and the ally's have been forced to evade Japan's home island and whereas 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of the surrender of empire of Japan and end the world war two and whereas with less than 1 million world war two veterans alive today in the United States we must take time to honor and remember and thank the men and women of the greatest generation and with great honor[sp?] defended our great nation's freedom against the forces of darkness and evil would have surely have denied us those freedoms. Now therefore be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring, section one the General Assembly wishes to express its deepest and most heartfelt appreciations to the veterans of World War II and their families for their contributions and service to the people in North Carolina, United States of America and the free world. Thy held high toward freedom and wish it would be every mindful that the task of preserving that fragile freedom is now ours. Section two, the General

Assembly which is to honor the life and memory of those who died while serving during world war two. Section three, this resolution is effective upon ratification. Senator Canal Ron Rabin is recognized to explain the resolution. Yes sir, it's my honor to present the reservation, and talk to it. It's really kind of difficult, I was 14 when Vijay day happened and we tend to lose perspective I think over time. the resolution talks to what happened in how things transpired, but there is some of the details that give you an idea of magnitude of the effort in sacrifice made by the people involved in that war. As was mentioned 16 million people served, 407, 000 were killed in action, 16 million would make the fifth largest state in United States as it is today. That's an idea of how many people that is they're so many four states in our union that have a higher density population than that. The 400007 could be the 33rd largest city in the United States based on the 2010 figures, try to understand what these good soldiers and [xx] stands as figures soldiers, gentlemen, ladies went through. I worked for a three star General at one time who was in the Pacific during the World War two and we were discussing deployments at that time to Vietnam, and how long they were, and what it was like to be away from our families for so long. Not to mention the duties that we had to perform. [xx] You have to remember when we deployed to World War two you were only coming home one of three ways. You'd be killed in action, you'd be wounded or the war would be over, that's the sort of thing that these folks dealt with. The greatest generation went through those kinds of hardships to pass onto us the freedoms we enjoy today. I think one of the ways that we could honor them is to remember the oath that they took, and sort of internalize the thought to ourselves, support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I can't say anything that measures up to what they've done, what they've endured, what they were willing to do for our country but I do believe it's up to us to bear the torch. I would be if I didn't mention that our nation is threatened today by another force. A force that is harder to understand, it was easy to understand the forces of Germany and Japan during the war. The forces we're faced with against right now the Islamic terrorist and the other terrorists they're trying to do us great harm. They've declared war on us folks and you can't decline when war is declared on you because declaration of the declaration of war against you says you surrender. For us to surrender would be to surrender the values and the institution that we grew up with, the freedoms that we've come to enjoy to some other forms of government, some other way of doing business and that would be tragic not only for us as a nation but for the whole world. where will the world be? I don't know of any place else that's for you, has more opportunity and makes me prouder to be an American than anything else I can think of I've only seen half the world, trust me this is the best of all. All I can do is change hands right now, and just offer a hand salute for the guys in balcony and the ladies in the balcony for all you did I give you my personal promise that I will continue the effort continue to bear the torch and continue to fight for the United States of America which all of us dearly love in this assembly. with that I'd ask for my colleague support for this resolution and thank you very much. Thank you senator, do we have further discussion or debate? Senator Alexander for what purpose do we rise? You have he floor to speak to the resolution senator I want to thank you for your help today, to honor this people over the last several years I had the luxury to the affiliate myself with some of this people through a toptc that I was affiliated with the flight of honor, and from the Lake County area here we took 823 of these World War

two vets to Washington DC for a day and then brought them back, and some of the ones we took on this stripper are sitting up there today, and it was quite an honor, I had an opportunity to talk to people who were [xx] survivors, [xx] survivors and a little bit of everything else and talk to men whose job was on December the 8th 1971 to go through pearl harbor and that oily mess there and pick up the bodies and the body parts that were floating out there in the harbor I talked to a man whose job was he was going up the D day on the vote and the first two people in front one of them got hit with a machine gun fire he was told go, go, go, and he did. There's lots of these stories there, about different people that different heroes all through out, and as we talk to this people on this trips we say thank you for being a hero to the person each one of them denied they were the true heroes and the real heroes were the 400 thousand plus who did not make it back, and never heard anyone people on their trip say yes I'm a hero thank you for that [xx] they're very humble crowd, they don't talk about it much that one of the things best about and I would encourage you if you know any world war 2 vets some of the people here or every where else tried to pick there brains about it, and talk about it, most of them will not it's something they sought of put behind them and they've gone forward and after they went to war at17, 18.19 year olds scared to death after the war was over, they came back and they build a greatest country this world have ever seen and would probably never know so this people are absolutely  terrific people, I'm proud to have gotten an opportunity to know some of them being and I knew some of them ahead of time, I thought it was in the appeared and this is my favorite World War two vet, and that's Captain Betsey Hutcherson. Stand up Betsey can you hear me? Is that lady in the green uniform standing up? this lady was a nurse during the battle of the bolch and she's a captain back then she started of in England and then was in France and then Germany, all away across operating Out of attempt so she could take care of the wind disorders of the the boat, xx, all she said was journey. we were not prepared for the cold and that's all she would tell me ans she's a fine lady and equal of all the other people so I thank you folks of there and the ones that didn't come back and whatever else to know we were two vets for what you did because without you we might be speaking German to Japanese here I don't know exactly what the difference would be but I'm proud to have been affiliated with you and God bless you. Senator Daniel, for what purpose do you rise? Speak to the resolution. Senator Daniel you have the floor to speak to the resolution. Thank you Mr. President, members of the Senate. And first of all to our guests, veterans of World War II, I just want to say that I am honored today to be able to participate in this recognition of your sacrifice, and I think that all of us here on the floor and in the chamber, we probably have a family member or a friend that we knew or knew of, that we know that didn't come back and I know for me that was my great uncle Melvin Oakley, one of the favorite sons of the Oakley family from Person County, one of 14 children who like many others did not return from the war, and who sacrificed their future, the ability to have a family and to have children, and the things that all of us get to do today because of their sacrifice. I hope that my generation and the generations after me, will be able to live up to the example that you have set, in patriotism, in sacrifice and dedication, and that we will endevor to preserve this country the way that you have for us, and I want to thank you again Senator Soucek for what purpose do you rise?  To speak to the resolution?   Then you have the floor senator.  As we were standing upfront and watching the veterans come through, it was a very moving moments as they enter the legislation. As many of you, I'm sure all of you you've experienced throughout your life the last 70 years, you think of training or something he learned in combat and in basic training and it comes back to you. And while you were walking through, a moment came back to me We have three academy graduates here, one from the Air force and two from West Point. The army motto is the biggest song we have at West Point, but second to that, very close behind poetic hymn is the core and I'm going to read you one short stanza to the core because it makes me think of you as you're walking through it says and it speaks of all of us. We sons of today we salute you, you sons of an earlier day, we follow

close order behind where you have pointed the way we thank you for your service, the example you give to us and the inspiration that we derived from you. I commend the resolution to you Thank you Senator any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, questions for the Senate is the passage of Senate joint resolution 720 on the second reading. All in favor will vote Aye oppose will vote No. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote. 46 having voted the affirmative and zero in the negative Senate Joint resolution 720 passes its second reading without objection will be read a third time. North Carolina [xx] Any discussion for debate. Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 720 on its third reading, all in favor say aye. Opposed no, the ayes have it. Senate Joint Resolution 720 passes its third reading and it will be sent to the House via special message. at this time wed like take a moment to recognize some members of the greatest generation, the heroes that are amongst us today in the gallery, and as I read your names today I'll ask if you're able to stand as I read your name. If you're not please feel free to remain seated and will hold our applause to the end we have a long list here. Thomas Homes air force, Percy Price army, Wilton Price navy, Elton Price navy, Joe Price navy, Rodney Williams air force, Arthur Flitch navy, Charles King army, Earl Pate army, Arnold Akin navy, Betty Hutcherson army nursing core, D. C. Losson[sp?] marines Joseph Stuarts[sp?] navy, Bill Davis navy, Gaby Haze marines, Charlie Paul navy, [xx] Mitchell navy, Emmanuel [xx] navy, Swede Boron navy, Charlie Taylor, Army Air core, Lewis Dolzer, Army Air core. James Flesh army, Edwin Kendrick army, Henry lee King army, Ira Semens Machet marines, George Catalona marines, waynen Surg army, Edgar Johnson army, Peter bourgers[sp?] army air core, HT army air corps, Glen Howard army, Rudolf Allen navy, Rodger Hammary navy, Charlie Reina army, John Mimms army, Bob Fredrickson navy. If you'll all please stand with me and say thank you to these heroes of our country. The Sergeant-at-Arms will now escort Colonel Dorwood Williams to the well where Colonel Williams will address the Senate. Thank you and you may be seated. The Sergeant-at-Arms will now escort Colonel Dorwood Williams to the well where Colonel Williams will address the Senate Never in my world dreams have I

seen myself started speaking in such a forum. I'm intimated bare with me with what I have to say. I thank all who help put this occasion together to honor these World War to veterans. In 73 years ago you would take a few years the answer to a higher calling and defended the freedom that we enjoy today. Freedom is a fragile state, it is not a thing, it's a state every generation is called to defend the freedom that their fathers leave them. I flew as a fighter pilot and the Pacific Theater, the Pacific offered beauty and a threat. Many regions of the Western Pacific are shallow, shallow when you think in terms of oceans, the sun reaches the bottom of the shallow ocean and coral grows profusely on the ocean floor, on the little islands that dot the ocean. If you fly over them you see a panorama of color, color of the rainbow and as you travel, you see a lovely, changing ocean before you. Pacific offered also a threatening environment, we flew long missions, long flights, with no landmarks we steer by. No navigation equipment, no radio points to steer by. We flew a compass heading and watch the club and the estimated time of arrival we hope to find the target most times we did. On the return flight, we hoped to find home base, and a place to land. Remembering a major air heart all the way home. If you count the operational losses and the combat losses, 40% of our air crews did not come home they rest today, in a watery grave still defending our freedom. mMy group flew escort nations over Kyushu, the southern most home island of Japan escorting reconnaissance airplanes taking pictures of the beaches on the southern coast of Kyushu. At the same time a huge convoy remained at anchor in a lagoon called Ulithi, 350 miles south of Guam waiting for orders to steam

North and land on those beaches. Those orders never came. Two atomic bombs dropped on Japan, and the war and many sunday morning hororbucks have condemned President Truman for ordering those arms dropped but I applaud him, had that force landed on those beeches and continued on to Tokyo. Thousands of casualties amongst our this would have occurred Equally important a greater number of the Japanese would have died. The Japanese culture didn't  permit surrender the Japanese soldiers, the Japanese civilians would have to the death with guns, [xx] sticks and stones. The world war 2 memorial is located on the mall between the capital building and the monument and the center of that memorial, a pool contains elements that toss water into the air to follow freely back into the pool. Similar freedom. If you stand facing the west wall a small pool of water is before you, a small pool of water water, quiet water symbolizing death. On the edge of that pool is an inscription. Here marks the price of freedom on the wall, before you. You say role after role after role of goldstars 4, 000 and 48 and told, each star represents 100 or deaths. If President Truman had not dropped those bombs there would have been thousands more on that wall. We today, our country today faces threats that in my judgement are equal to those we saw in 1939. I trust and I hope and I'm confident that a younger generation will hear the call and then defend our freedom about today's threat. I close with saying, God bless that younger generation, thank you. Thank you for those great remarks Colonel Williams thank you for being with us today we thank all of our veterans for being here as well. Senators, we're going to stand at ease for a few minutes while our guests may clear the gallery, there's another event going on in the House Chamber as well so we're going to

give our guests a few minutes to clear here. Mr. President? Senator Davis, for what purpose do you rise?  I stand to salute those veterans and sow with us today and ask that those words we spread upon in general. Thanks Senator, we'll stand at ease for just a few minutes here Senator. The Senate will come to order, the Sergeant-at-Arms will close the doors, members go to their seats. Senators, we're going to move right into our calendar for the day. Senator Apodaca, for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President, a motion please. Senator Apodaca you have the floor. Mr. President, members, SB 446, Dealer Loaners, Unmanned Aircraft and Brunswick County, that's quite a trifecta, is on today's calendar for concurrence. Move that it be place till tomorrow's calendar. Without objection so ordered. So we have three remaining bills for concurrence votes today. SB 52, the Clerk will read. SB 52, Cities/Means For Activating Parking Meters. Senator Krawiec is recognized to speak to the motion. Thank you, Mr. President. Senators, this is basically the same bill that went over to the House. There was a PCS filed to do some technical corrections, but substantively it's the same bill that we passed earlier which allows local municipalities to use electronic means for their parking meters. I appreciate your support. Senator [xx] you can concur with whoever discuss the debate, hearing none questions before the senators motion to concur in the House committee substitutes senate bill 52, on favor vote aye, opposers vote no five seconds will be allowed for voting, the clerk will record the vote. Van Dyne, Aye. Rucho. Senator Rucho, aye. 46 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative. The Senate concurs in the house committee substitute senate bill 52 it will be enrolled and sent to the governor. Senate bill 332 clerk will read. Senate bill 332 registered [xx]. Senator Daniel's recognized speak to the motion. Thank you Mr. President, I would ask the members to concur on this motion. The only changes that were made were the word, entity was changed to party and the effective date was moved up to October. Ask for you to support the motion. Senator Daniel I ask to concur to every discussion or debate. Hearing none the [xx] as motion to concur in house bill senate bill 332 all in favor of it aye oppose of it no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote. 46 having voted the affirmative and zero in the negative. The Senate concurs in the house committee substitute senate bill 332, it will be enrolled and sent to the governor. Senate Bill 477. The Clerk will read. Senate Bill 477. Transfer of Gladen[sp?] Correctional Facility. Senator Rabin is recognized to speak to the motion. Thank you, Mr. President I needed to chat with staff just a minute on this and I didn't. I apologize but I move that we concur. Senator Rabin asks that you concur Senator Apodaca is recognized. Mr. Chairman, I'd like to announce, let's see, Senate Bill 477, motion to concur, I move that we move it to the Excuse me, Mr. President. Thank you. I have seen what I need to see if that's perfectly okay with you, Senator Apodaca and I can tell you what's on it. I didn't want to do it without being able to talk to my Senator Mecklenburg. So you want to do it now, Senator? I withdraw my motion. Senator Apodaca withdraws his motion. Senator Rabin, would you like to speak to the motion. Yes, I can now, thank you, sir, because I wanted to

be able to tell Senator Ford what was going on and that is we move the effective date from June 30th to October since we've passed the day. That's what it is, I'd like to move we conquer. Thank you. Senator Rabin ask you concur, do we have any discussion or debate? Senator Ford, for what purpose do you rise? See if the Senator will yield for a question. Senator Rabin do you yield? I do not. Mr. President speak to the Senator Ford do you have the floor to speak to the motion? Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate we have to be a little bit better in this, surely somebody can tell us if there're any other changes to the bill. I would appreciate it if we could find some help from somebody either in the chamber, or in the building, or somebody within the State of North Carolina could help us. Senator Rabin for what purpose do you rise? Bill changes with the effective date. Do we have any further discussion or debate? Senator Rabin ask you concur. Hearing none the question before the Senate is motion to concur in the House committee susbstitute Senate Bill 477. All in favor vote aye, opposed vote no. Five seconds be allowed before the voting clerk will record the vote. 45 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative, Senator Turman for what purpose do you rise? as present I wont change my vote to no and I would like to strengthen. So mr chairman whats the changes you've had before I feel like he is talking about it may be the first time but I believe he's right this time I'm on John [xx], you buy him breakfast in the morning. 44 having voted in the affirmative and two in the native, the senate concurs in the house for May substitute senate bill 477 and it will be enrolled and sent to the governor and that wraps up our calendar for the day so this time we would like to introduce our pages, our pages will make their way up front here and work your way around and they get upfront have the cooperate. The Clerk will read. Pages serving in the Chamber this week. Joey Glocker Garner, Montavian Ryan Taylor Bailey Camden Wesley Hollingsworth Statesville, Racheal Hall Stateville, Emily Nicholas Riley, Alexy or Ray Nightsdale[sp?] Sidney Sadler, Nightdale Morgan Tailor do you need the fourth rally and even if soon from Brawly either soon Thank you so much for sacrificing your time to service in the senate this week. Do we have any notices or announcements? Senator Rabin, for what purpose do you rise? personal privilege. Senator Rabin, you have the floor for a moment of personal privilege. I think we can all agree we had a wonderful afternoon with the World War II veterans and I think I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Principle Clerk Sarah Lang that the Sergeant-at-Arms, BIll King and Senator Alexander did a lot more on getting that thing together than I ever did. All I did was make spelling errors and stuff and they fixed it for me. Thank you very much. Do we have any other notices and announcements? Any further business to come before the Senate? If not, the Chair recognizes Senator Berger for a motion. Mr. President I have a little bit of a dilemma here I have two motion to adjourn here one prepared by Senator Blue that think we'll hold that one for a few weeks, Senator Blue. The order, the one I'll move forward with, Mr. President, I move that Senate will now adjourn subject to standard stipulation set forth in senate rule 24.1, ratification of bills, appointment of conference, recede of conference reports, receive of house messages to reconvene on Wednesday August 19, 2015 at 2 pm and Mr. President I would ask that this adjournment least as far as the recording is concerned be made in memory of those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice in world war II, and in

honor of those veterans who are with us today. Thank you senator. Motion is assented adjourn subject to the stipulations stated by senator Berger to reconvene Wednesday August, 19 at 2 pm seconded by senator Revern, all favorite say aye? Aye. Oppose say no? The ayes have it, senate stands adjourned.