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House | August 18, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The House will come to order, The Sergeant At Arms will have just another moment to let a few late members come in, I see some folks still coming in. As we come to order I'd ask members to take their seats, I ask visitors to please retire from the chamber The Sergeant At Arms will now close the doors. We ask all members and all visitors to please silence all electronic devices. This afternoon's prayer will be offered by Representative Brody, we'd ask all members and all of our visitors in the gallery to please stand and remain standing, we are doing something a little different today. We are honored to have a Color Guard with us today so after the prayer please remain standing for the Color Guard who will post the Colors that by the National Guards Amnesty and after that we'll have the Pledge of Allegiance, Representative Brody you are recognized for the prayer. Thank you Mr. Speaker. This is from the prayer of George Washington, all eternal and everlasting God, we present ourselves this afternoon before your divine majesty, asking you to accept our humble and heartily thanks, that has pleased your great goodness to keep and preserve us from all the dangerously subject to and refreshing and comforting our bodies to perform the duties of this day. Direct our thoughts, words and work, wash away our sins in the blood of the lamb, encourage our hearts by the holy spirit from the curse of our natural corruption, that we may with more freedom of mind and liberty, I will serve you the everlasting God in righteousness, and holiness in this day. Teach us how to live in your fear, labour in your and ever to run in the ways of your commandments, make us always watchful over our hearts that neither of the terrorists of conscience, of wealthiness, of holy duties, the work of sin nor unwillingness to depart from this life, he cursed us into eternal slumber, but daily frame as more more into your likeness of your son Jesus Christ, that living in your fear, and dying in your in your favor, we may, in your appointed time, attain the resurrection of the Justine to eternal life. Bless family, friends country the nation, unite us all in praising, and glorifying you in all our began continued and ended when we shall come to make our last copy for you blessed saviour, in the name of Jesus Amen The [xx] approach Representative Horn will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic on which it stands one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all Without objection the national anthem will be sung by Major Irene Carl of United States Air Force reserve [xx] retire.

Thank you very much major Cole we appreciate having you with us today. the gentleman from [XX] Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion.  Mr. Speaker the general for August 17 has be examined, and found to be correct. I move that is stand approved has written. Representative Luis moves at the general frog is 17th the approve is written those in favor will say aye? Aye. Oppose no? The ayes have it, the journal is approved as written. Special message from the senate the clerk will read. Senator resolution 720 first edition, a draw resolution honoring the veterans of World War II. Pursuit to rule 32, the resolution is countered for immediate consideration, the house will come to order, we're about to do a resolution. The staff members to please take their seats. The clerk will read the resolution in its entirety A joint resolution only the vendrings of world war II, world war II was a global conflict involving more that 30 countries which from 1939 to 1945 with major battles across Europe, the Pacific Ocean and the middle east and whereas in 1941 the United States of America seek peaceful resolutions to issues vital to US national security interest was engaged in diplomatic negotiations with non-wars to European, Europe and empire of Japan to resolve this issues. Whereas on Sunday December 7 1941 while this negotiation were in progress, military forces of the empire of Japan executed a surprise attack at Prahova Hawaii in the territory of United states and whereas most of the United states specifically was the anchor Prahova on that day and it was the main target of the surprise attack within less than 2 hours Japanese war plane sank and damaged eight battle ships including USS Arizona, three night cruisers, three destroyers and four other vital vessels destroyed, over 130 air craft and killing more than 2400 Americans and we have to asked over Heroes of [xx] to adjust United state congress on December 8th 1945, to ask for decoration of war in open he survives for historic words. Yesterday December 7, 1941 a day which will live in to me, United states of America will certainly and deliberately attack by navy and air-forces of the empire of Japan, and where else on December 11 1941, in support of Japan aggression not [xx] also declare war on the U. S, and whereas because of Japan's unprovoked and dastardly attack on U. S territory, and U. S forces and Nazi Germany's declaration of war, Unites States of America was entered in to World War II, and whereas more 16 million people, courageous Americans, and the greatest generation served with honor, distinction and patriotism fighting in every theater, and operation during that war for the freedoms to enjoy today [xx] cruisial part, and role  in decisive battles around the world, with more than 405, 000 Americans supreme sacrificed in where is over three 360, 000 North Carolinian's served in that war on which more than 6300 were killed and whereas on May 7th, 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to the U. S making that date the e-day leaving its ally the Empire of Japan in standing alone against U. S and its ally's in the Pacific theater. And whereas on August 6th, 1945 an American B-29 flying fortress name [xx] of North Carolina native Colonel Thomas E. Firivey[sp?], a veteran of 60 bombing missions in European theater, served as a lead bombardier, dropped the world's first atomic bomb on the state of Hiroshima, Japan which is followed by the second atomic bomb mission in Nagasaki, Japan three days later and whereas on August 14th, 1945 due largely to effects of those

atomic weapons, the Japanese government accepted the provisions of the Huston declaration can create when unconditional surrender making that day as d-day day bringing end to hostilities into Pacific thus ending World War Two and saving an estimated 1 million or more U. S causalities that work continued, ally's had been forced to invade Japan's home island and whereas 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the surrender of the Empire of Japan at the end of World War Two and whereas less than 1 million World War Two veterans alive today in the United States, we must take time to honor and remember and thank the men honored of the greatest generation who valiantly and with great honor defended the great nations' freedom against force of darkness and evil who would surely have denied us those freedoms, now therefore be resolved by the senate and house of representative concurrently. Section one the general assembly wishes to express his deepest and most heart felt appreciation to the veterans of World War Two and their families for their remarkable contribution and service to the people of North Carolina United States of America and the free world, they held high the thought for freedom and we should never [xx] of the task for preserving your fragile freedom is now oursm section two of the general wishes to honor the life and memory of those who died while serving during world war two, section three this resolution is effective of ratification.  Members we're honored to have with us today Mr. Arnold Akan with us Mr. Akan served in the US Navy Amphibious Forces and actually dragged marines ashore at the Uogima. Mr. Akan, you are recognised for remarks the house Representatives I'm Arnold Akas[sp?], I'm a native from North Carolina having been born in Concord. I appreciate you people having us here today is rely nice of you and also I'd like to, want to set a licence of [xx] I was just thinking, I was at the dedication of this building, and worked closely for few years too, but this is my second time to be here, but it is a pleasure to be here and thank you very much. I served in he navy during World War II, I was assigned to the amphibious forces served aboard on LCI we were the ladens for, let God and go, and then we proceeded  to Lwo Jima for that  lalding and well, the most memorable days of my service was the day that they raised  the flag on Mt. Suribachi. You had to see how  glory flower and blaizes  and I figure in it and I'll never forget. It was a day that we'll always remember as long as we live. Little did I realize at that time that I'd be seeing that picture the rest of my life. That after Lwo Jima was completed, we moved on to Ackley Iowa for that landing and afterwards for protection of larger ships, and then sent back to Pearl Harbor for overhaul to get ready to go to for the landing at the Japanese mainland which was to be in October, but then they dropped the bombs and Japan surrendered and we did, we were happy that we wouldn't have to make that landing. It was really a joyous time knowing that

we wouldn't have to make the landing and then I also remember those that had the supreme sacrifice and it wouldn't be coming back, and that feeling still exists for me. Every Victory day I think about it. After that then I went ahead and finished my tour in the Navy, returned to civilian life and studied civil engineering, and had a successful career in that field. Thank you again for having us and God bless you. The gentleman from Union Representative Horn is recognized to debate the resolution.  Thank you Mr speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the house, visitors on the gallery and to the greatest generation from a grateful generation, as was said in the resolution world war 2 lasted a mere six years but merely certainly not the right word from 1939 to 1945. It followed actually the world war 1 also known as the great war by barely 20 years. World war 2 involved the mass vast majority of the nations of the world including all the great powers of Europe and Asia. It was then and it's still is today the most wide spread and deadliest conflict in all of human history. World War II directly involved more that a 100 million people, from over 30 countries.  Enveloped the entire economical, industrial and scientific capabilities of every country, and in death and destruction erased the distinction between civilians and military. America's formal entry into World War II began, as you heard on December 7 1941, when we were sadly and deliberately attacked by the Empire of Japan. The following day, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked Congress for a declaration  of war on Japan, and shortly thereafter another declaration of war on Nazi, Germany and the [xx] powers. World War II was marked by mass deaths of military and civilians including the Holocaust which consumed nearly 11 million people and included the use of two major nuclear weapons in combat. All resulting in the end of the war and the saving actually of thousands of American lives, including some of those here with us today. 360000 North Carolinian's served in world war 11 and over 6300 of those North Carolinian's many related to those of us here on the floor and the gallery died in that conflict. Ladies and gentlemen war is a terrible thing, but it's not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is to be without hope, and these brave men and women assembled here today gave the world hope in its darkest hour. Last Friday, August 14 marked the 70th anniversary of the surrender of the Empire of Japan and the end of world war two. The men that we honor here are but a few of the less than one million world war two veterans that are still alive in our country it is right that we take this time to honor, remember and thank these men and women of the greatest generation, who vehemently and with great honor gave our nation and the world hope in a time made ever more sinister by the acts of perverted science.

I'm truly proud to stand here on the floor of this North Carolina House of Representatives and express our deepest and most whose heartfelt appreciation of these veterans and their families for their remarkable contributions and service to the people of North Carolina, the United States of America and all of the free world. As has once been said never has so much been owed by so many to so few. They held the torch of freedom high and so let us here be ever mindful of those that have fallen and those that still stand and let us embrace the task of preserving that fragile freedom. It falls to us now to educate our children and grand children about their sacrifice and their dedication and to keep the record accurate and the memory green. Ladies and Gentlemen of the house I commend this resolution too. Thank you Mr. Speaker. The gentle from Rockingham, representative Jones has recognized to debate the resolution. Thank you Mr. Speaker. I don't usually stand when we do this because quite frankly I don't feel worthy, I didn't fight in the armed conflict of war, but I do stand before you as the son of a World War II veteran and recognizing that they are indeed as, my favorite representative Horn said, I believe the greatest generation and just to stand and convey my thanks to that generation. I truly think that, when I think of my own life, that my own life was saved by what was done at the end of World War II. I know that there are those today that still will criticize President Truman and our Military leadership for the way that World War II ended, but I also know that it was sad at the time, and it's still sad that hundreds of thousands and perhaps more lives that were saved, because of the bombs that were dropped in the way that the war was ended, and I think a good chance that my dad was one of those lives that were saved because you say he was scheduled to take part in the invasion of Japan within a couple of weeks after Hiroshima Nagasaki so, I am personally grateful that I'd be given opportunity of life perhaps because of the decisions of those military leaders made. We just cannot say enough to the greatest generation. Ladies and gentlemen as we know freedom is not free. We stand on the broad shoulders of those who came before us, many of whom gave their lives for the freedoms and liberties that we have. Many others who are willing to do so, some as Representative Horn said are with us today, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Ladies and gentleman I commend a resolution. The gentlemen form Guildford, Representative Blest[sp?] has recognized to debate the resolution. Thank you Mr speaker and members of the house and honoured guests. I really stand here in awe of that which you did for us and for your country. Just thinking back, and you could almost take a map of Europe or the the goshen[sp?] throw a dot at it and wherever the dot goes tell stories of just incredible valour and heroism in the defensive of freedom, and for that we honour you. For some reason, and the conditions were awful. For some reason the quote from the marine leaving Guave canal has jumped in my mind. When I die I'll go to heaven, to Saint peter I will tell, "One more marine reporting sir. I served my time in hell. " Some of those battles and fighting was in just the most horrible conditions known. [xx] I just salute wholeheartedly to be one of the ones to come in and land those boats and those marines. It was sad of the marines on Guava canal, uncommon courage was a common virtue, and when they raised that flag on Mt. said that marines and Navy personnel all over the landscape could see that flag

going up, it was the most visible terrain feature there and tears came up and combat hardened veterans by that point. I think that was the third day this to see the American flag waving and success in view for all the sacrifice and the carnage and truly it was carnage there was no cover concealment and the people that the Americans that did that just shine and that wasn't the only place it happened for sure but that certainly was. And they did it and lost I think five, six thousand but they saved more lives in Arman that got to land there during the long months of bombing of Japan shot up in plain thinks more lives were saved by Iwo Jima than those lost there and so those who did that sacrificed lived their lives for other Americans, and what an example for us and I wonder sometimes I think about this a lot could we make that challenge today? That's the challenge for us, are ready to do that kind of deeds in defense of our freedom cause there's storms on the horizon there is clouds out there and I think through the ages your accomplishments, your deeds, your sacrifice will stand as a beacon light to us as hope that in a challenge that we have to do the same thing in the defense of freedom, and the only way to truly honor you is to keep the flame of freedom alive in this country for the next generation, and the generations after that, so I thank you, who in the words of Lincoln laid such a costly sacrifice upon the remember the alter of freedom, thank you. The gentleman from Transylvanian Representative Whitmire is recognized to debate the resolution. Thank you Mr Speaker. World War Two came as close to total war as we probably will see, if at least that's the hope nothing ever is that bad. 16 million Americans and so many people from countries at the free world fighting to defend their way of life. If by chance she happens to be listening today, both my grandmother and my grandfather on my mother's side served in uniform in that war. If you're doing the math, my grandmother was serving on the British side, my grandfather and my mother was born in bomb shed during that very war and it was all hands on deck, literally, to protect the freedom of way of life, especially in the theatre for which the war was fought and it was fought in so many places. Mr Speaker I commend the resolution to not commend those who are here who are part of why we have this resolution and so many who've gone on before us and thank you gentlemen from wake representing Mark as recognized to debate the resolution.  Thank you Mr Speaker and thank you members. To our honored guests today I just want you to know that the generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have come after you who are now defending our freedom also hardly a day goes by that they don't look to you and the example you set to guide them as they face some of the same challenges you did. And we as the society also every bit is important. Look at what you did once you came home, you won the war and set about to winning the peace you built upon the foundation laid by our founding fathers and building our country up after defending it, to the great nation that it is today we looked to your example in war time, and we also looked at the example you set in peace, Thank you. The gentleman from Wake, Representative Pendleton is recognized to debate the resolution. I want to thank you veterans thank you so much, every time I think of the second World War, my father was a second Word War veteran and he talked about the battle of the Bulge. He said when they were going out to reinforce thousands of Americans were coming back, they'd lost their weapons they were out of ammunition, and he said the worse thing that greeted them as they were going up, talking about lowering  your morale, was here comes eight tractors and trailers staking platform and they are plied over the top with dead Americans in mattress covers and he said you know it made it

sort of tough to go forward when you encounter that. Snow cold that sort of thing and I ask him and I said, what was I mean what could be worse than you in Europe in snow and living in fox holes and he said, fighting in the pacific. Got a whole lot rather be in that snow than in the pacific so and then two other things that always come to mind is that I had two friends they didn't know one another but both of them had a goal, one to go to Italy to the U. S cemetery near Napals and visit his father's grave. You see his mother was pregnant when the father deployed never saw his father, had another one who went through same thing, the mother was pregnant and wanted to go visit the grave of his father in France. Those were very touching stories so what I'd like to do for the veterans in this group and this time I'll get Representative, I'm going to get the proper commands this time since lambasted me last time. Alright, we'll see how well you veterans remember [xx] that means get on your feet, okay. Right face, present arms holder arms, take seats. We salute you. The gentleman from Moore, Representative Boles is recognized to debate the resolution. Speaking on the resolution, thank you Mr. Speaker. I did not enter the military, I have a lot of respect for military in a profession I think that's the greatest honor we could give all of our citizens when we have military funerals they all deserve it and but I just want to speak in honor of the resolution and at this time I just had two of my colleagues here resident from Moore County, one is a Pearl Harbor, a survivor, and the other is [xx]  survivor which is probably one and only  we were told [xx] layoff in the United states, So I [xx] I can stay up here all day long talking about him, but I would ask that google and read about him Roy swede Berlin[sp?], and just celebrated his 95th birthday at a pawn hurst and Mr. John Mimps[sp?] Aberdeen and I commend the resolution to you. Mr. Mimps is a Botanical Death March survivor Thank you. The gentleman from Gaston, Representative Torbett is recognized to debate the resolution. Thank you Mr, Speaker, I have two little things, one is a hope and one is a prayer. I would hope that this gentlemen leave us today with something those leave us all with undeniable love of country for all the harm and harmship[sp?] you went through that we think we have time for that now ladies and gentlemen nothing like you guys saw and I hope that you will leave us that love of country and the prayer Mr speaker at the end of remarks I think will be appropriate that we have a moment of silence for our brothers and sisters in arms that are no longer with us. We will pause for a moment of silence. Thank you. The gentleman from Cleveland, representative Speciale is recognized to debate the resolution. I want to say thank you. I want to talk about the unassuming nature of those, the greatest generation. All of the things that they have done, they saved the world, they saved liberty. They could have come back, they could have been arrogant, they could have lived the rest of their lives being arrogant about what they are completed but they haven't I just want to tell you a quick anecdote in Newburn[sp?] I was at the airport that many of the World War 2 veterans were coming back from the Ana flight where they got the opportunity for the first time to see the memorial built for them World War Two memorial in Washington, and as they were coming off many of those who were, as they were coming through the line we were lined up on both sides of the sidewalk a long line and they were walking through as they got off the plane and we were shaking their hands and

clapping each one threw one through. I shake their hand and said "Thank you for my freedom. " And one of the leaned over and said, "Well, to tell you the truth he said I was fighting for mine, he said that I'm glad it worked out for you. I want to say thank you because it did work out for me, and it worked out for everyone in this room and thank God that many men like you were around to do the job that needed to be done and God bless you I commend the resolution to you. Further discussion further debate? If not the question for the house is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 720 on it's second reading. Those in favor will vote Aye, those opposed will vote No, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 110 having voted in the affirmative and none on the negative, Senate Joint Resolution 720 passes it's second reading and will be read a third time. Senate resolved, the House concurred. Question for the House is the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 720 on its third reading, those in favor will say aye, those opposed no, the ayes have it. Senate Joint Resolution 720 passes it's third reading, is ordered in [xx]. Members, we have a number of special guests, a number of veterans in World War Two I want to go through in and recognize and when I asked those guests when I call your name to go ahead and stand up so that my colleagues will know who each of you are because we're very honored to have you here. We have Thomas Holmes who served in the 15th air force in Europe. P [xx] Price who served in the army in the Korean war, Price [xx] who served in the navy he served in the navy, Joe price who also served in the navy, do you all know each other? Rodney Williams who served in the 15th air force in Europe. Dawood [xx] who served in the seventh air force in the pacific. Arthur Fitch who served in the navy and served in the Atlantic and the Pacific theaters. Charles King who served in the army and served in the pacific at Okinawa in Japan. served in the army, and there in Japan during the occupation. Arnold Akon who served in the navy with in the pacific and also was at Iwo Jima, [xx] [xx] who was an army nursing core and served in Europe, D. C [xx] who served in the marine core in the South Pacific, Joseph Shaw who served in the navy in the South Pacific, Bill Davies who served in the navy, Gabby Haise who served in the marines, Charlie Pal who served in the navy, [xx] who served in the Navy specific in the third fleet, Manuel [xx] who served in the Navy also in the Pacific, Swive[sp?] Bon[sp?] who served in the navy and was in the USA Oklahoma during the proharbor attack Charlie Taylor who served in the army aircore and was in the European [xx], Luis Dilaser who served in the army aircore and served in the Pacific, James Vince who is in the army, Edwin Kendrick who is in the army served as a combat medic, Henry Lee King who's in the army, [xx] who's in the merchant Marine, George Catalona who was in the marines and was also present when the flag was raised in Iwo Jima, Raymond Sage who was in the army, Edgar Johnson who served in the army, Peter Burgers who is in the army aircore, HT Conner who is in the army air core, Gram Howard who served in the army, Rudolf Allan who served in the navy, Charlie Raynor he served in the army, John Mimms who was in the army and was also a survivor of the baton death match, [xx] he served in the Navy and Roger Hammer who served in the Navy. We also have a number of friends and family members who have joined this veterans, Ronnie Mazzeo, Sandy Wales, Hannah Woody,

David McPherson, Emily Howard Neal Page, Rebecca Parkinson, Steve Wilson, Mark Schwartz and Debra and daughter. Daniel Stone. Daniel Hodges, J. M. Person who are all here with us today as well. And also on the floor with us today is Romeo Eken[sp?] the wife of Oral Eken[sp?] who spoke also earlier I would ask, are there any members with us from the gallery, who served that I did not introduce, that were not on my list? If so, please stand. I'd ask my colleagues to please join me in welcoming these very special guests with us today. On behalf of my colleagues in the House we again appreciate you all being here and appreciate the service that you made, that your family members have made and those who've gone before. We know that, but for your service we would not be able to be here serving in elective office in the greatest country the world has ever known so we appreciate your service and you certainly honor us with your presence in being here for today, thank you very much. Representatives Davies and Ford are recognized to send forward the committee report, the Clerk will read. Representatives Davies and Ford, Local government committee report. Senate bill 101, first editorial district local act. Favor of house committee substitute, unfavorable Senate committee substitute. The Senate Mommittee Substitute is placed on the count on the House Committee Substitute calendar. Senate bill 379, cemetery is located in state property. Favor of house committee substitute, unfavor of senate committee substitute. The Senate Committee Substitute is based on the unfavorable calendar, the House Committee Substitute calendar. House bill 430 County honorable's legislation. Favorable commIittee substitute number two and favorable community substitute number one.committee substitute number one is based on the unfavorable calendar, the House Committee Substitute number two is based on the calendar. Representatives Brody and McNeil are recognized sent forth committee report, Clerk will read. Representatives Brady and McNeil, education community colleges community report. Senate bill 561, career and college graduates, senate house committee substitute, unfavorable senate committee substitute they said the community substitute based on the unfavorable calendar, the House Community substitute calendar. house bill 268 the clerk will read the conferees appointed to resolve the difference between the senate and house representatives house bill 268 is going to administer the clause by the statutes governing the clearance of vehicles and other traffic articles from public highways to authorize the Department of Transportation to permit and place above State Road 1347 Nevada Boulevard in the city of Charlotte for the construction of a materials conveying system and to extend the December 31st, 2015 and its expiration date for the Native group [xx] licence plate.

Senate transportation committee substitute adopt 715 submit the following report. The house of the senate agreed to the following amendment to the senate transportation committee substitute adopts 715 and the house concurs with the senate committee substitute as amended. [xx] senate transportation committee substitute adopt 715 in  substitute to the task proposed conference committee substitute H268-PCC S10430- RW-2. The conferences is recommending that the senate and house representative adopt this report. They [xx] approved report August 13th, 2015 conference for the senate Senator Raven, [xx] Senators Daniel Davis and [xx] with the house representatives, representative [xx] [xx[in time What purpose does the gentleman from [xx] representative [xx] rise? for a motion and to debate the motion.  The gentleman is recognized for a motion.  Move that we adopt the conference report Mr speaker. The gentleman is adopted the conference vote the gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr speaker, this is a bill that left the house simple legislature bill 1113, behind 1113 votes we maintain changes in conference to take care of legislature profession that are necessary in the eraded[sp?] in the extension of the sunset day on the day today program just the day is in all women on basis is standard after years in 2015 to 2017.  Further discussion, further debate it's now be question for the act house is the motion to adopt the conference board of The House bill 368. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. Is Representative Boles on the floor? The clerk will lock the machine to record the vote. 104 having voted in the affirmative and 5 in the negative, the conference report is adopted, the bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the governor, the Senate will also be so notified. Members the Chair also would like to extend the courtesies of the floor to the following individuals: Captain Lance Gates[sp?] of the North Carolina Army National Guard, and Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cover[sp?] of the North Carolina Air Guard. Would you still stand please so can officially welcome you with us today? Thank you. House Bill 38, the clerk will read. Representatives Davis and Berg, House Bill 38, the bill to be entitled enact to increase judicial efficiency and effect of the administration of justice by making hard copies of The Republic Division Reports available to persons and make these other than those enlisted in the statute and [xx] also making them electronically established in the joint section, [xx] and preservation of biological evidence direct from the administrative office of the courts to develop a case management system for civil cases in superior courts, the right to administrative office of the courts to develop a written comprehensive policy for the management of the information technology resources to the administrative office of the courts of study [xx] and civilization of magistrates providing with mechanism for a foster payment for a criminal mediation fees and providing the mediator cellmate [xx] district of courts civil actions. [xx] of North Carolina enacts What purpose does the gentlemen from New Hanover representing Davis rise To speak on the bill The gentlemen has for the debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the house, we have second reading on this bill last week. We're past 109 to zero, I ask for third reading to be set for today to see whether or not there are any ammendments that might be necessary or there are none, therefore Mr. Speaker I would like to proceed with the third reading as is and ask all to please vote vote green once again. Thank you.  Further discussion further debate? If not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 38 on its third reading, those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. Representative Steinburg, gentleman quote on this vote stay on the floor. The Clerk will lock

the machine and record the vote. 110 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, Senate Bill 38 passes second reading on Representative Setzer senator 185 the Greakgory[sp?] Someone to stand on make easy the hand in man Sanator 185 is about to maintain [xx] accredited for the time saved is recommended by the North Carolina since in policy is not on commission during North Carolina annex what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] representative [xx] [xx] my vote to be changed this is yet to know  Gentleman bill request having very known article 68, walk on the stage the gentleman from Guilford Represantative Pricey Harrison[sp?] To debate about the gentleman Hastings, read the bill.  Thank you Mr. Speaker, members of the house this is as they say a simple bill is reccomendate by North Carolina a senate saying in powers the adverse recommission, what it does is to clarify credit for terms so as to be recommend ate by the comission these bills are meant[sp?] from the statute to clarify it the query for time soon does not include any time that has defended has been and in custody as a result of a pending charge while serving a senates imposed for another offence. In other words, they don't get double credits so it's a very simple little situation. I ask her to support the bill. For what purpose does the lady from Surry, Representative Stevens rise? Inquire of Representative Faircloth, if I can. Does the gentleman from Guildford yield to the lady from Surry? Certainly do. He yields. Thank you, and I was not in any committee that had this bill, so if I have someone who gets a DWI over the weekend and they're committed for 30 days to try and draw out, they get credit on any future senates for that commitment because that appears to be what this is. Hat's what the bill says. Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question before the house is the passage of Senate bill 185 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote Aye, those oppose will vote No. The Clerk will open the vote. The court will work the machine and record the vote. 108 having voted the affirmative and 2 in the negative. Senate bill 185 passes it's second reading, and will without objection be read a third time.   [xx]. Further discussion, further debate. If not the question for the House is the passage of senatr bill 185 for it's third reading. Those in favour will say aye. Aye. Those opposed no. The aye's have it. Senate bill 185 passes it's third reading, those ordered in enrolled and sent to the Governor. Notices and announcements. For what purpose does the Gentleman from Cameron Representative Lucas rise? The gentleman's [xx] is active, or not Point of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. Thank you Mr Speaker, today August 8 maybe a routine day for some, but as we've already witnessed that it's a special day for many, especially if you eluded to the resolution of the world war II survivors. Each day renders new experiences [xx] wrote a novel "For whom the bale toss", he wrote about Melancholy, but today we speak of jolly. I share that it is well as I have the pleasure to tell the gallery and colleagues as well, that Mr Speaker, today is tolling of the bill is for my sit mate, Larry Bill. Please join me as we wish him a very happy birthday. What purpose does the gentlemen from Rutherford Representative Hagar rise? for announcement. The gentleman has he floor for an announcement. Thank you, Mr. Speaker right after immediately after session the republicans will caucus in room 544 check your email there's a message there. Representative Hager is this a mandatory caucus for the republicans? Never had one but this would be the first one. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wayne Representative Bell rise? To change my bill it was supposed to be 185 from a no to a yes. Alright, Representative Hager might object

I don't know the gentleman will be recorded as having voted aye so the vote will be 185. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative Warren rise? Mr speaker start a [xx] that I to change my vote on senate bill 185 to a no ]xx] be recorded as having voted no, senate bill 185 for what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Bishop rise? Point of personal privilege Mr speaker. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr speaker and members, entrepreneurs are the [xx] plugs of our free market system, to spend time with a bonified, and successful Entrepreneur is to be transported by the energy, and boldness and creativity and self confidence that takes to succeed in creating a new business. Many say that government would be well served by having many more people like that, and fewer lawyers, for example. An that comment would be out of order, It was through for me for this reasons to share with you all all these moves, Ink magazine has for the second year named to its list of 5000 fastest rolling privately on businesses in America Park Avenue properties, the CEO and owner of Park Avenue properties is representative John Bradford, and I ask you to congratulate him along with me for what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative Floyd?  Inquire to chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry. Mr. Speaker, could you get this senior citizens distance but the calendar for this week. The calendar tomorrow, well the house will come to order just a moment. We may work is ongoing on budget and other matters. As far as how that will play out with the calendar this week is still to be determined, so I don't want to say anything that isn't right, but I certainly will plan on having votes tomorrow and votes on Thursday thing outside of that we won't know until probably later in the week. Tomorrow that we are looking at session I believe at 2 PM, and on Thursday depending on what we're looking at, we may have a morning session. We certainly want to afford the preparation team time to work as their process progresses if it doesn't day progress. Follow up Mr. Speaker. Gentleman is recognized for follow up. If I argued a commitment from you that there be a morning session on Thursday. It depends. For what purpose does the gentleman from Almen representative [xx] rise? For a nominal personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to seek to a point of personal privilege. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the house I want to show you some good news with you from North Carolina. Couple of days ago four young ladies travelled from our state in Oklahoma city representing North Carolina state for its horse ball team, horse ball is an academic style quiz team about questions and everything and anything to do with horses, and this four young ladies very talented, very gifted competed at the American quarter horse youth association World Championship in Oklahoma city, and swept the field, they came back with a gold medal and that her second gold medal having gone to the American quarter horse congress competition last year and also taken a gold medal and they also have a second place finish to add two there list of accomplishments at United state for his national horse ball competition and this four young ladies are Hannah Ceither[sp?] ]from Wake county, Rachel [xx] from [xx] county Mary Thompson from [xx] county and Alexandria Nickson from Almens county so congratulation ladies well done. What purpose does the gentleman from Darren representative Howard rise? Announcement Mr. Speaker. Gentleman has the floor for the announcement. Thank you Mr speaker democrats will cocus at 4:30 at the location previously announced. Thank You Mr. Speaker for what purpose does the gentleman from wake Representative Stam rise? For a personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a personal privilege. Ladies and gentleman of the house I do want to make you aware of a constitutional provision. You heard yesterday that money magazine named Apex, the number one place in the nation to live in it's population category. If you decide and am sure representative Edka and would appreciate the competition, but if you decide to move to apex, you immediately automatically loss your seat in this

house Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does gentleman from Gaston, Representaive Torbett arise? Can I ask the gentleman from Wake a question please? There is a yield from the gentleman I heard that list which is simply compound alphabetically There is hope [xx] representative [xx] What purpose does the gentleman from [xx] representative [xx] rise? For announcement Gentleman [xx] has the floor for announcement Ladies and gentlemen there is sent out the day, and went out to a lot of coastal members, but this is an invitation to all members. Representative George Graham and I have been working on the issue that deals with such a rescue, helicopter issue [xx] point, if you like to know more about issue and we have a meeting tomorrow. It's an informal meeting, and you're invited, and it's at one o'clock at room 423. So we'd love to have you members the chair would like to be recognized for just for a very brief personal privilege. Prior today hired a new legislator services officer for the General Assembly, who is no stranger to many of you here. And I just want to officially welcome him on behalf of the House Representatives to Paul Coble, who is on ULSA for the General Assembly. I'm looking forward to working with you. Further notices and announcements? If not the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Louis is recognized for motion Mr. Speaker subject to referral of bills and resolutions, the recede of community report, to receive the messages from the senate and appointment of [xx] The ratifications and in honor and memory of the greatest generation, both with us and those that have gone on. Those at the house now adjourn to reconvene Wednesday, August 9th, at two o'clock P. M. Representative Lewis Moore, seconded by Representative Thorne that the house do now adjourn, subject to the re-referral of bills and resolutions, receive the committee reports, receive the messages from the Senate, [xx] ratification of bills and resolutions, and in honor of memory of the greatest generation, do reconvene Wednesday August 19th at 2 P. M. Those in favor will say aye those opposed no, the ayes have it, stand adjourned.