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Joint | August 12, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Pierce (Legislative Black Caucus)

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Good afternoon. I have state Representative [xx] that served as the Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus in Riley the on previous to welcome the Shah university family to the North Carolina legislative building. They cerebrate a 150 years of education in service, the day we recognize the oldest history bring collect in south particularly in state of North Carolina. With the influence of this great institution many of the HPCUs the use have both in assistant output progress of the black community. Shah university made up opportunity for Afro-American men and women through out the national and assisted in transforming them into their professions, an institution that has helped breed many doctors, lawyers raising professors throughout the state, this Shaw U. Shaw University is an institution that understands education is vital to changing, and something that it helps everyone to have an equal opportunity to make it in the society. In today's world it's important to shape our youth in becoming an in script part of society it's our responsibility to provide guidance to the next generation of leaders so that we may help them become change agents in the given field of interest, this is Shaw U, when you open the archives of this great nation's history, I'm sure, without a shade of a doubt, that you would see Shaw impact Shaw University's impact, that they have provided in the state and this nation, Shaw, 150 year of milestones in both the community, and citizens we should be proud of this milestone. It marks yet another milestone in the rich history of the African American people this is Charlotte youth. Again I want to welcome and thank you for allowing the North Carolina it has been black cocus to be a apart of this cerebration. I'm proud to witness Shaw University's continued legacy, congratulations on 150 years, and I am a graduate of Shaw Divinity School, [xx] here today, to share with you, all that I've become in life I owe it Shaw University, so I'm delighted to be here, with the we ask that. Now we're going to be all day. We ask if this time we could have Speakers everybody has to represented by Hollywood comedy and represented by Rosergear[so] Good morning, its a thrill and a delight to be here though I did not attend [xx] university, my mother worked to [xx] over 30 years and i it's been a lot of my formative year the short [xx] dense and on that wonderful campus, and what I want to do today is I want to say thank you Charlotte University, thank you for all 150 years of your leadership you show leadership as institution where you have taken our students and our case from where they were and brought them to where they needed to be, you have trotted a road that has put America and the African American community on a path of civil rights and in the Raleigh and North Carolina community and I want to say today thank you and I also want to say of new and young leadership we are sure that Charlotte have another 150 strong years and thanks. Good afternoon? I am representative Rose Gill proud graduate of Charlotte University. When I started my college carrier Charlotte was celebrating it's 100th year anniversary. celebrate the 150th here I celebrated the 100th year. Let me first begin by congratulating the new president Dr. Brawl As being chosen as the 17 person in Charlotte University and it is an honor to be a part of the 150th celebration. [xx] of this outstanding university and their first hand about the first personal connection to show, and I'm sure you can testify to the personal connection to Charlotte. There is a certain pride, and you know when I was a freshman at Shaw University, the first song I learnt was give me that whole Charlotte new spirit and then I'm [xx] go to Charlotte University with that pride and devotion, and when you walk the halls of Charlotte, and when you learn in the classroom, and you

eat in the cafeteria yet and you are sleeping in the domes and you become apart of the culture of such a university, you're proud shall be and you let it be know everywhere you go, I know that because of the Shore pride that our new president is the right person for the job, and she's committed to moving Shore to another level am going to pledge my support to the university and to her in helping to make shore continue to care and now it is my pleasure to introduce a classmate and at longlast of Shore university Doctor Depaul thank you Representative Gill so the North Carolina, legislative I'd like to extend my gratitude for your generosity to Shore University over the years. Senator Blue thank you for inviting university to be a part of this momentous occasion so other elected officials in the room thank you for celebrating with us. it is indeed an honor to be able to represent my beloved [xx] as17th president as we celebrate our 150th year of creating servant leaders and change agents. Shaw has witnessed much in it's 100 years it has stood anchor at the landscape of down town rally has grown and transformed into the vibrant community that it is today throughout the channels of rallies and this states history Shaw University has continued to serve as a tangible reminder of what one can achieve with a dream. we have educated scholars cultivated leaders, nurtured spirits, and uplifted countless lives The road has not always been easy and the journey has held it's share of obstacles, but with the support of our students, alumni and friends we have stayed the course and helped to direct many paths. I am energized ad emphatically over joyed to lead the next phase of Shaw universities Avant-guard journey there are miles to go before we sleep, some say 100 150 years is a long time I say we are just getting started. To the North Carolina General Assembly I would like to say thank you. Shaw University would not be what it is today without the support of our great state. We will work closely together with the general assembly to achieve fruitful outcome. Shaw University will be present you can rely on us. We look forward to positive engagement and productive partnership as we build for the next 150 years. to every Shaw bear in this room, I salute you. It is not the bricks and more so that makes our school great, it is the impact, the perseverance and human will of those who have walked through our hallowed halls that makes Shaw University an eternal institution of hope. We are epic, thank you. Thank you so much and thank all of you for being here this afternoon. You know Shaw has anchored the southern part of down town Riley for 150 years, and I was talking to Dr. Deproy, that is a long time, Rosa even if you were around here when it celebrated 150 years is a long time and I'm proud to have Shaw in my senatorial district, and I'm equally proud although I didn't have to go to class. I didn't have all of the requirements, and hard work to also pull a Shaw degree. My first doctorate honorary doctorate was from Shaw University, and it's such a joy representing Shaw not only in the legislature, but for the last of three decades I've been probably to have a law firm represent show and its business affairs, and you know when you think about the times that this University has seen, beginning as a first one created, predominantly black University this could be created in the cell, imagine civil war ended in

1964, 65 there ensure was found it, as one of the first things that happened to ensure that we got an education. And that we were ready for the freedom that had just been newly won, and for 150 years, it carried on that mission. I can't calculate better than what you just had from Doctor Divo, what that mission is and how we've carried it out but it's not just been the direct exercise of shore but is indirect effect that I think is even more far region. I happen to go school and another black undergraduate in the institution, 20 miles off the road. And when you think that it was a shore graduate, that started in CCU, or you go further down to ANT or you go to Elizabeth City, a fable state I believe when you think about the ripple effect, of that event in 1865 and what it is done for advancement of black education through out not only this region, not only through out this country, but even international events with the United Nation's president, now they shore graduate. and so I can't articulate genuinely all of the impact that show us ahead, but I do know that I do that it has a vision that will make the future much brighter than this very, very great past has been, and that's what all of us hopeful and that's what all of us really strive for, and any way this General Assembly can be a partner in helping to make that happen, I want to be apart of it, and I can fail but mention what representative Pitt said, he said that he was a graduate of Venedy School, but when you consider having a divenity School, a Medical school and a Law School at the turn of the last century, that is the 19 to 20th century, then there were no institutions or very few institutions across this country, where there is broad of a perspective and is broad of a requirement to do great things. Show failed in all of those, and that why I am convinced that he is going to continue to excel, and we are all honoured and very privileged to have show down here at this General Assembly today and Doctor I'm that you brought a lot of folks with so they will see what we do that makes sense but know that we stand solely behind you and we want to be part as you move forward. Thank you. I'm senator Paulo and I'm Certainly excited to be here having been a part of Shallow University, serving as a Professor for sometime some years ago and and also to know that our General Baptist State Convention and our church, Shallow Baptist Church has been a staunch supporter of the school and we'll continue to be a staunch supporter of this school and we're excited about the new President and we're certainly offer all of the support that we can offer in terms of my office and the church. We will continue to support you. God bless you. We want to recognize some of the here today. Thank you for coming to day to be with us. We will recognize, shall invoke chambers today. We're going in too so we hope you stay by stay with us so that we can share that honor with you. We have one person from the [xx], did you have any question for our Mr. Danny anything that you would like? You think at the general assembly, you have any new standing wishes for this session, any unique request for legislation and additional funding resources for programs or. Most definitely, the cornerstone of our strategy is technology, entrepreneurship and energy/sustainability. So we're looking forward to working with the General Assembly support in these arenas, in addition to that, we're also trying to make university education more affordable. So there's a lot of work to be done and are we engaging members of the general assembly to effect that aspect of our vision? [xx] I didn't want to leave anybody out anybody I had promised and again we want to thank we look forward to recognize you on the floor of the house appropriate time, in fact 2 O'clock. So look forward to continue. Thank you. And I think that one thing that we did not [xx] a little bit on his possession, I had the impact of Charlotte University in the city of Raleigh. The financial impact, I really didn't, I let my [xx] but great impact and I get the [xx], Okay [xx]

Okay, you understand, that the [xx] There was a recent economic impact study that was conducted in conjunction with the NCICU and what we realized is that Charlotte University's impact is so far reaching. Not only are we impacting student's lies, but certainly their is a monetary impact as well in the tune of 84 million that was recently captured. So, I think that lends credence to what it is that we do at Shah[sp?]. We are effective and so now it's just for us to chart the next 150 years of our [xx] journey. Thank you, once again thank you all of you for sharing with us and we look forward to the comments that will be on the floor of the house and the senate a beginning to we start on the house side and then come out and say it. Thank you all for being with us, thank you.