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House | August 11, 2015 | Committee Room | Finance, Subcommittee on Occupancy Tax

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We'll call this meeting of the finance sub-committee on OcuTax to order let the record reflect that Chair Ted Davis is present Harry Warren a  member is present, Jay Adams the member is present, this is not constitute of quorum nor do we've a representative from  the minority  party that can Corny is out on excuse sickly and Trisha and [xx] is not present but we're going to go ahead and move forward. Without objection at this point, I'll report that to the floor finance committee when we make our recommendation.  I'd like to recognize our Sergeant At Arms this morning and [xx] Morgan Lee and we appreciate you all for all you're doing for the general assembly on the pages so we will proceed with first item on the agenda which is the only case to be heard today, which is House Bill before, Moore county [xx] tax increase and it will be presented by Representative McNeill. Representative McNeill the floor is yours to represent your bill. I thank the committee, and good morning. House Bill 504 is almost identical to a lot of Occupancy tax bills, I'm sure that you've already had this year. Basically, the proposed committee substitute for House Bill 504 would authorize Moore County to levy additional room Occupancy Tax. A 3% and it makes a couple of technical changes. This House Bill 504, the PCS does confirm to the guidelines for occupancy tax adopted by the House Finance Committee. Moore County as had the authority to levy a 3% occupancy tax since 1987, so some 28 years. This would raise the total amount to 6% which was within the guidelines that are authorized and there's no change in the funding remains the same. So that's pretty much it, unless there's any questions. Are there any questions or comments by any member of the committee? Representative Warren. To speak recognized for a motion appropriate time if you just hold that thought. I would ask you, does this in fact comply with the House guidelines for OXY tax? It does then also just to clarify, I think representative McNeill might be thinking there was a PCS in the local government but at this point we're dealing with the second edition of the bill, so we just have the current edition of the bill before us and it does comply with the guidelines. Okay, thank you ma'am. Any other questions or comments about the committee? Hearing none Representative Warren the floor is yours for a motion. Thank you Mr. Chair, I'll make a motion for a favorable report for house bill 504. There's a motion before us to give a favorable report, is there a second to the motion? And duly seconded. Any further discussions before we vote? Hearing none, all in favor, say aye. All oppose, say nay. Pass your announcement. Thank you very much and I appreciate to be here this morning, no further business to come before the sub committee, we are adjourned.