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House | August 11, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The House will come to order. Members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber. The Sergeant at Arms will close the doors. Members of the House you're asked to please silence all electronic devices. Today's prayer will be offered by Representative Lambeth, we'd ask all members and all visitors in the gallery to please stand and to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative Lambeth. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Let us rejoice in this day that the Lord has given. The general rain, the anxiety of another session that the beauty of the future that awaits us. Let us pray. God of Grace, God glory, on your people pour thy power. Grant us wisdom, grant us courage for the facing of this hour. We have tremendous Responsibility before us and we ask for your guidance and the decisions we make, we pray for healthy debate and favorable resolve, we acknowledge that all good things come from thee and we offer thanksgiving for our many blessings, family, friends and our colleagues, may we be good stewards of your gifts we pray for healing of those facing illness, those who grieve and those experiencing tragedy in whatever form, we ask your protection on those serving in our military who are placed in harms way, we acknowledge that freedom does not come without a price, may their family know and feel of your watchful presence, now as we again gather to carry out the business of this great state, give us grace to understand and eagerness to serve and the power to accomplish, in your name we pray, Amen. I pledge allegiance United States of America and through the Republic of which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible through liberty and justice for all. Gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker the [xx] for August 10th has been examined and found to be correct. I move that it stand approved as written. Representative Louis moves the journal for August 10th be approved as written. Those in favor will say aye? Aye.  Those opposed no. The ayes have it. And the journal is approved as written. Ratification of bills and resolutions, the clerk will read.  The Enrolling Clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the Governor: SENATE BILL 199, AN ACT TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF FUNDS IN A SINGLE ACCOUNT ON clerk of superior court above which to access must be invested [xx] statutory requirements. House bill 184 enact to allow the department of cultural resources office of all kinds of history, and to use the new proceeds for the sale of artifacts for maintenance and conservation for other other artifacts to clarify the process of transferring title to unclaimed, or undocumented property belonging to museums and historical depositories, to those museum and historical depositories, to set a time limitation on confidentiality of records, to clarify the photographs and video recordings of vessels and ship wrecks of public records in the custody of North Carolina agencies, and to revive the certain merchandise credits not being deemed abandoned property. House Bill 512, An Act To Allow The Extension For Implementation Of Backup PSAP Requirements To Define Uniform Standards For Backup PSAPS, And Develop A Master Purchasing List For 911 System Eligible Expenses. Chapter of bills will be noted. Members our nurse of the day today is, Lisa Serby from Milliken's North Carolina. Miss Serby thank you for being here with us. Please join me in welcoming her. Representatives [xx]  Shepherd and Torbett are recognized to sent forward the committee report clerk will read. Representative [xx] Shepherd and Torbett transportation committee report, senator bill 541 regulate transportation network companies so [xx] to finance Favorable committee report is accepted the bill is re-referred to the committee as finance Members of the house representing representative Davis [xx] county the chair is happy to extend courtesy of former member To Bill Owens, Winky Wilkens of [xx] along the build [xx] If someone would like to offer a motion to adjourn right now, we can all go home early. No Sir thank you also representative J. Adams would like to extend the courtesy

of the gallery to Mr. Mathew [xx] of [xx] county and [xx] Catawba students and [xx] state university visiting with us to do, if we could get you in the gallery would like to welcome you with loud of applause [xx] Ready [xx] The House to come to order. Calendar House Bill example borders[sp?] inventory. For what purpose does Representative Hager rise? To make a motion and if hold on one second will have the clerk read, thank you representatives Representatives Heger, Millers, Brody and Collins House Bill to accept public tax for increase of value of real property here for sale and to extend the increase of favorable to the subdivision [xx]. General assembly of North Carolina enact Representative Heger why do you rise? For a motion You have the floor sir. Thank you Mr. Speaker I make most to remove this bill from the base calendar for tomorrow. Ladies and gentle men can we have a little bit more quiet please we can hear the representative's comments.   Thank you Mr. Speaker would you like me to repeat it? Yes sir.  Thank you Mr. Speaker I would make motions remove this from today's calendar and read calendar for tomorrow. So done thank you representative without objections. So ordered. House bill 792 privacy protection from revenge posting the clerk will read Representative [xx], Bishop, [xx] House Bill 792 a bill to be entitled AN ACT TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC FROM REVENGE POSTING ONLINE BY MAKING IT A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO DISCLOSE CERTAIN IMAGES IN WHICH THERE IS A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY AND TO MAKE INDECENT EXPOSURE private [xx] offense. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Brian for what do you rise? To make a motion You had a point sir. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I would like to move that the house not to concur with the Senate Committee substitute for house bill 792 we're very close on this there are a couple of changes made in the Senate as part of that I think we just want to sit down, I have already talked to Senator Jackson, I think this will be a very quick conference but I'm would for us to not concurr and if you have any questions I will be glad to answer. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you have heard the motion, now I can call us to any discussion or debate Saying none the motion do not concur on house bill 792 Senate committee substitute all in favor vote aye, those oppose nei. The court will open the vote [xx] machine record a vote. Ayes underneath [xx] could it be one ayes have it, the motion was not concurred to. Mr. Speaker. For what reason does gentleman rise? To change to a yes. Thank you representative, you vote will be recorded as a yes Okay. Here is the house a motion Members of the House I'll mention members from Cleveland County Representatives Speciali The Chair is happy to extend the courtesy the gallery, GOP chairman county chief [xx] Williams [xx] and [xx] owner of EJE recycling if you're in the [xx] could you please stand a motion Mecklenburg having representative Malone chairs having extend the courtesies of the gallery to [xx] Mecklenburg county manager is

that correct representative [xx] city manager Mecklenburg and they're to my right which will be right here, guys welcome House bill 394. The clerk will read Representative [xx] house bill 394 an act to authorize Franklin, Nash, Wilson, brotherhood and whatever counties to use proceeds to local government sales and to use school construction and public transportation in North Carolina Annex Representative Given what purpose do you rise? To debate the bill and send forth an amendment Forward [xx] representative Mr. Speaker I have an amendment that will add enrichment stop on [xx] members to this bill I ask your support The clerk will read Representative Goodman moves to amend the bill on page 1, line 2 to amend it into a [xx] into a Number 2 and which changes title by rewriting the lines to read does the gentleman wish to speak No just go ahead and just ask you to vote, thank you Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the house the vote is on 8th through Goodman amendment. Discussion or debate Representative Hall why do you rise sir.  A question for the amendment sponsor.  Does the gentleman yield?  I yield He yields. Representative Goodman how many sponsor left now before this will become a state bill so we can get on field? absolutely. There are only five spots less so get your order in early. It appears we are at our best. Ladies and gentlemen the vote will be unseen no more, the vote will be on 83 the Goodman[sp?] amendment. Those in favor aye, those opposed no clerk will open the vote. Thank you speaker will be recorded as voting yes and the clerk will lock the machine. Ayes 100, Nos 4. The ayes have it. The amendment The amendment is [xx] and the bill remains on the calendar. Mr. Speaker?   For what purposes does the general lady rise? Is it possible to comment on this bill even though it's remaining on the calendar. I think it may help it to not continue on the calendar. Just comment on the bill [xx]. Thank you. Mr. Speaker Mr. Speaker? For what reason does the lady rise? I'd like to be counted as voting Aye, I was sitting here and didn't vote Thank you. We voted Aye. Mr. Speaker? Mr. Speaker? Is that on the amendment? On the amendment. Mr. Speaker, same for me. I was in the chamber, vote Aye, Lambeth. Thank you, Representative Lambeth. Lambeth Aye. Mr. Speaker. Yes. Likewise show these voting an aye, I was in the Chamber. OK, Representative Adams to be recorded voting aye. Mr. Speaker? Representative Waddell, for what do you rise? I'd like to be recorded as voting aye on the [xx]. Thank you. Representative Waddell will be recorded as voted aye. Mr. Speaker? Representative Ross. Yes, I would like to be recorded as voting aye on House Bill 792. Gentleman will be recorded voted aye on House Bill. 792, I'm sorry. 792. No more business? Nothing added. Notices and announcements? Representative Ager from Buncombe. A moment of personal privilege?

I'm hoping to honor my younger brother Cam[sp?] Ager. Excuse me for one second Representative ladies and gentlemen thank you. It's really hard to hear from here unless you're up here. I'll yell louder. Thank you.  I'm here to honor my younger brother Tom Heger who I think is still on the gallery he is 1976 graduate of st. Andrews [xx] college where he begun a very wonderful career in radio, so I just want you all to welcome my brother Tom. Representative Harley To please let me vote aye on amendment three please. The gentle lady will be recorded voted aye on amendment say amendment three? Representative Stein, Wake. For an announcement Mr. Speaker, members of the house, at 5 o'clock today is a bluegrass and folk music concert up in the legislative auditorioum free and open to the public hope you'll all come. Musicians from Chatham, Pitt and Wake counties, and it's not sponsored by any law obvious, you can come. I hope you'll come and enjoy it. Representative Ambler[sp?] Wake. An announcement Mr. Speaker You have the floor representative. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Again a quick reminder at 3:30 we'll have the beginning of three presentations on which is a drug and alcohol treatment facility in the Durram area, I'd love to have you come talk with the leadership and staff members but more importantly to speak with residents who have gone to the program and seen what it's done to their lives. Thank you Representative Dollar wake. Representative Pager [xx] Announcement speaker. You have the floor representative. Thank you Mr. Speaker, [xx] office tomorrow at 1 pm in room 544. Ladies and gentlemen, the house should be at ease. The house will come back to order. What purpose does the gentleman from Lake representative Dollar arise?  One announcement.  The gentleman has the floor for announcement. The house will come to order. Mr. Speaker, Members of the house, the appropriations, the full appropriations committee will meet this afternoon at three o'clock in room 643. Three o'clock this afternoon, room 643 full appropriations and we will take up the continuing resolution. Representatives Brawley, Saine, Hastings, Martin, Seltzer and Szoka are recognized to send forth a committee report, the Clerk will read. Representatives Brawley, Saine, Hastings, Martin, Seltzer and Szoka, Finance Committee Report, House Bill 191, Occasional License/Amend Fee List Barber Examiners Board, Favorable. Calendar. House Bill 504, Moore County Occupancy Tax Increase, Favorable. Calendar. Senate Bill 448, Equalize Tax on Propane Used as a Motor Fuel, Favorable. Calendar. Senate Bill 332, Register of Deeds-POA Indexing Fees, Certain Operations of the House. Is that 322? The referral to the Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House is stricken. The bill will be calendared pursuant to Rule 36B. House Bill 38, Judicial Efficiency/Effective Administration of gestures favorable committee substitute number two unfavorable committee substitute number one Committee substitute number one is placed on the unfavorable calendar committee substitute number two calendar rule 36B Senate Bill 15, [xx] insurance law changes favorable. House committee substitute number two unfavorable House Committee Substitute number one committee substitute number one placed on the unfavorable calendar, House Committee substitute number two Calendar Senate Bill 446, general [xx] named aircraft [xx] House Committee Substitute number two, unfavorable House Committee substitute number one House Bill substitute number one unfavorable calendar, House Committee Substitute number two calendar. For what purpose does the gentleman from Representative Harger rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker for announcement Gentleman has the floor for announcements Thank you all. Republicans will also cocus at 2:30 and look for your email we'll send you room number today. Further notices announcement?

Now the gentleman from Hordy Representative Luise is recognized for a motion Mr. Speaker subject messages from the senate committee report, conference report re-referral of bill and resolutions, appointment of conferees I move that the House to reconvene Wednesday August 12 at 2:00 PM Representative Luise moves seconded by representative Harger that the house do now adjourn subject to receive messages from the senate, committee report, conference report, re-referral bills and resolutions and appointment to [xx] to reconvene At 2 pm, those in favour will say i, those oppose no, the I's have it.