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House | August 5, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order, members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from the chamber, the sergeant at arms will close the doors. Member and visitors in the gallery, please silence all electronic devices. The prayer today will be offered by Representative Susan Martin, we ask members and visitors will the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Thank you, member I selected another prayer from this book I keep at my desk if you ever want to borrow it keep calm and trust God, it spoke to me and I think it will speak to many of you who are weary at this time, the title is Frustration. Understand this my dear brothers and sisters you must all all be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry from James 1:19. Let us not lose heart in doing good for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary Galatians 6, 9. Lord help us not to let frustration produce stress and anxiety in our lives, let us be patient with ourselves and with others. When life is hectic and demanding show us how not to let frustration rob our peace and steal our joy. Lord help each of us to maintain a peaceful spirit and a good attitude even though the circumstances around us are not ideal. When faced with challenges and obstacles in our lives help us face them with a resolute determination. Empower for us to press on with confidence knowing you have promised to give us strength to overcome any situation. When things don't go as expected let us remain calm trusting you and not giving in to frustration. Grant us of thought, mental focus and comprehension. Give us wisdom and guidance on how to navigate through the storms of life and arrive at a place of complete victory. We'll not be unsettled, distract or frustrated instead your piece will ruin our lifes thank you for this day in Jesus name, Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Staes of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, individual, liberty and justice for all. Representative Davis is recognized. Thank you Mt Speaker, the journal for August four has been examined and found to be and I knew that it would be approved as written. Representative Davis moves that the journal for August the fourth be approved as written. Those in favor will say aye, those opposed no, the ayes have it and the journal was approved as written. Members, if the House will come to order the gentleman from Durham, Representative Mitchell is recognized to speak up to three minutes. to appoint a personal privilege. Thank you, Mr Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a message to read to you today from Representative Carney. Mr Speaker, members of the house and dear friends I am currently at UNC hospital receiving excellent medical care and attention. Over the last several days, my doctors have inducted tests and evaluations to determine the best options to deal with my heart condition. These tests have proven unsuccessful in identifying a solution to the problem. The best remaining option is the implantation of a left ventricular assist device after through consultation with my doctors and my family, I have elected to have this procedure performed and the operation is scheduled for tomorrow. I want each of you to know that I love each and everyone of you and I am in very good spirit I intend to come back stronger than ever, thank you all again from the bottom of my steel beating heart for your kindness your supports and your prayers. I look forward to joining you very soon. We have much more work to do together for North Carolina, all my best Carney, and Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen, how she is listening to this at this very moment, and if somehow we could give a shoutout to Becky.

It will certainly will be appreciated. So Becky, Mr. Speaker.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Torbett arise? Point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker. The gentleman may speak to a point of personal privilege for a time not to exceed three minutes. Thank you very much. To add just a little bit to the good representative over there, to the gentlelady from Mecklenburg, it's two-fold. One, is I'm thrilled to know that determined unlike myself and some of my colleagues that she has a heart, and second, knowing the full power of prayer. Might I suggest we take just a moment of silent prayer in offer for the swift return of our fellow colleague, Mr. Speaker. Thank you. Representatives Blackwell, Brian, and [xx] chairs. The committee of judiciary number 4 are recognized to send forth the committee report. Representatives Blackwell, Prime[sp?] and Schafer issue a committee report, senate bill 429 labour 2015 telegram[sp?] unchanges, favor or committee substitute and favor of original bill Original bill unfavorable calender, committee substitue bill, calender pursue to rule 36B Representatives Dollar, Johnson, Lamberth and McGrady are recognized to send forth a report from the Committee on Appropriations. Representatives Dollar, Johnson and McGrady, appropriations committee report house bill 482 employees with classification reform, favorable and re-referral to rules, calendar and operation to the house. The bill refer to Committee on Rules Calendar and Operations of the House. Representatives Davis and Ford from the committee on local government will recognize this in for the community report the clerk will read. Representative Davis and Floyd Local Government Committee Report, House Bill 504, Moore county occupancy tax increase substitute on favor of reason of bill will refer to finance. Bill is referred to the Committee on Finance. Senate Bill 156 chapterization and solidation favorable house committee substitute unfavorable senate committee substitute. Original bill on favorable calendar committee substitute calendar pursuing the rule 36B. Members upon motion of the members form Cumberland County, Representatives Szoka, Floyd, Glaisier[sp?] and Lucas, Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of gallery to Jim [xx] city councilman from Farmville[sp?], a retired army Apache [xx] thank you for your service, Counsel [xx] thank you for being here today. Upon motion of the gentleman from Guilford Representative Hardester, chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to his cousin Kevin Hardester who is here with his step son, Stephen and Amy Hailson a kindergarten teacher from Guilford County would you stand and let us recognize you please. And members upon motion of

the member from Brunswick, Representative Hiler and Hamilton the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Brunswick County Commissioner Frank Williams and Ocean Isle Beach Mayor Davis Smith the commission the Mayor will stand would you welcome him. Members of the chair could I have you attention, earlier when the clerk read in the report on senate bill 156 the chair referred it to the calendar pursuant to rule 36B, chair has been advised that the bill has a fee in it therefore the placement on 36B is stricken the bill will be referred to the committee on finance, Messages from the senate, the clerk will read. house bill 308, clarify reason health insurance LTC amberson. This calendar pursuant to rule 36B Members we're going to move to the calendar begin with house bill 4 This on its third reading roll call further discussions further debate The chair apologies the clerk will read. Representative Louis and Standman house bill 412 regarding the entire to add property to the city of and to Dunn and to annex certain scrap property to the town of some of Holly Ridge due to some of North Carolinian act. Further discussion, further debate, seeing none, the question before the house is the Senate committee substitute house bill 412 those favoring the passage will vote aye those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote T he clerk will lock the machine and record the vote With 101 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative the Bill will be enrolled House Bill 538, the Clerk will read. Representative Millis, House Bill 538, A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO AMEND AND CLARIFY THE POWERS OF WATER AND SEWER AUTHORITIES, TO AUTHORIZE COUNTIES AND CITIES TO PLEDGE A SECURITY INTEREST IN AN ESCROW ACCOUNT UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS, TO ALLOW THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMISSION TO AUTHORIZE A THIRTY-YEAR MATURITY DATE FOR THE FINANCING OF CERTAIN WATER SYSTEM PROJECTS, TO AUTHORIZE METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICTS AND METROPOLITAN WATER AND SEWERAGE DISTRICTS TO ENTER INTO INSTALLMENT CONTRACT FINANCING AGREEMENTS, AND TO REQUIRE PUBLIC OR COMMUNITY WASTEWATER SYSTEMS TO ACCEPT LIQUID CONDENSATE GENERATED BY RESIDENTIAL HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Pender, Representatives Millis arise? To briefly debate the bill Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill.   Ladies and gentlemen, we had a great vote yesterday. I encourage you once again to vote Green. Thank you. further discussion, further debate on senate committee substitute for house bill 538. Seeing none, the question before the house is the passage of senate committee substitute number two for house bill 538 those favoring passage will vote aye those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote with 108 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, the senate committee substitute number two for  house bill 538 will be enrolled and sent to the Governor. Members, senate bill 50 will be removed from today's' calendar and calendar pursant to rule 36B. House bill 394 the clerk will read.

Representative Stigman, Radiol[sp?] and Seagram[sp?], house bill 394 a bill to be entitled to authorize Robeson county to use and proceeds proceeds of the local government sales that use tax for public transportation for school construction and law transportation. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Richman Representative Goodman arise? To debate the bill Mr. Speaker, but I think Representative Hagen might have an amendment he's like to send forth first. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rothfront[sp?] Representative Hagen arise? Send forth an amendment Mr. Speaker. The gentleman is recognized to send forward the amendment the clerk will read. Representative Hager moves to amend the bill on page one line two which changes the title by re-writing the lines to read. Representative Hagen is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker sitting in the committee of still making ourselves Representative Collins thought that Representative Goodman's bill so brilliant we would like to have our counties put on that list also. Further discussion, further debate for what purpose does the gentleman from Richmond Representative Goodman arise? Thank you Mr. Speaker just to say that [xx] amendment and I'm happy that my been recognized, is there further discussion or further debate? For what purpose gentleman from Duron[sp?] Representative Lookie arises.  Mr. Speaker I will just speak briefly on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker when this Representative Goodman's bill came up in the house finance committee he indicated his county commissioners had requested that in the floor persons who come forward to present [xx] and Representative Waddell, Representative Phil, Representative Charles Graham, we are doing that I've requested the counties commissioner and the bill moves through it's process, now all of a sudden we have counties jumping jumping in on something that may or may not have been even reference to their county commissioners and this whole issue of whether we should go from, the [xx] being used for public transit usage within counties what the quarter cent being used for school construction has never been debated in this house and I can tell you how been there in 2005 and we spend a long, long time debating whether there should be this quarter cents sales tax option for the non urban counties. And after a long discussion the conclusion was that this option ought to be there for the all 100 counties. Now what we have is Representative Hager and he's indicated his seat mate Representative Collins just adding on here to this without any discussion of whether shifting from public transit to school construction is a good idea we simply shouldn't being doing this helter skelter at the end of the session, and I can tell you when people say, Well what kind of light rail system do you want for fill-in-the-blank-person County? Well, that's not really being fair because if you talk to people in the rural counties who do not own automobiles they will tell you that thinking about a transit system for them, that is to say bus service, would be extremely helpful for them to get to jobs, to get to shopping etcetera. It's not a joke, it's a serious discussion point that we looked at in 2009 and made a decision that counties should have that option. Think about all the people in your county who do not have cars. Mr. Speaker? And think about. For what purpose does the gentleman? Ask the gentleman from Durham a question please? Does the gentleman from Durham yield? I'll yield when I'm finished Sir. He does not yield. The gentleman from Durham has the floor to make a few remarks. Just to make the point, thank you Mr. Speaker, that the problem with this amendment it is it's adding on to a policy which has not been discussed in this General Assembly. It really needs to be because public transportation needs are real, bus service is real, for the lower income people in your counties. So in that case, and for those circumstances because circumstances, I personally not asking you to do the same, I'm just saying for my self. It's wrong to be having an add on bill and I oppose the Hager Amendment. Mr. Speaker? For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston? Ask the gentleman from Durham a question please. Would the gentleman from Durham yield I yield. From Gaston, he yields. Thank you Representative. I have just four real short questions, the fifth one being almost as short. Do you represent Franklin County? and no Sir, you know I represent [xx] county? So you don't also don't represent Nash county? Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? I do.

but we can [xx]. Thank you Mr. Speaker. And note that it is a local bill and I always try to support local bills, but sometimes there are circumstances chances such as this one where we have a bill and an issue of state wide importance, that it does matter thank you Representative, thank you. Follow up question.  Would the gentleman yield an additional inquiry? I yield.  Thank you Representative Arp do you represent Robeson county Robeson County excuse me, Representative Tobit you know well I represent Durham County and I have expressed why I always try to support local bills. This is a change of state wide significance and so independent of which county I represent. I'm saying I'm going to vote no I've explained why and I'm not suggesting that others do that, I'm saying why I feel this is a mistake. Arnold, question Mr. Speaker, Arnold from Durome you have an additional inquiry from gentleman from Gaston thank you Mr. Speaker.  Representative [xx] you've state that the counties that you don't represent, are you aware that the person added change there, Representative [xx] actually does represent [xx] county. If you promise this is your last question of course Representative Hager represents Rutherford County. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman for Mecklenburg Representative Brawley arise? I wonder if the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hager would yield for a question? The gentleman would yield as soon as he Returns to his desk   He yields I do, thank you sir representative Hager does this amendment require Rutherford County to rise this tax? The gentleman is recognized. Mr Brawley it doesn't require him and I'm befuddled a little bit that I'm now talking about Representative Lookie is talking about me would be paying for buses and l'm not not seen a bus in Rutherford County, Would the gentleman yield for a second question? Would the gentleman yield to an additional inquiry? I do, He yields. Your amendment would authorize you to use this tax for schools but it would also allow you to use it for transit should you decide to start a bus system, would it not? Mr. Brawley thank you for your question will allow us to be flexible and I felt that what we're about here is flexibility within our county and quit regulating the counties is exactly what they've to do. To debate the bill Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment . Excuse me to debate the amendment I think this is reasonable request from the counties it's unauthorized tax they already have for a purpose they apparently do not need and giving them the option to make the choices just reasonable allowing local government to exercise its purview to manage local affairs . Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Martin arise? To debate the amendment. Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. members, I'm not going to tell you how to vote or how I think you should vote on this amendment.  I think the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Brawley has given you some good reasons to vote and the gentleman from Durham Representative Luebke has given you some good reasons to vote against it but I do address the comments of my good friend from Gaston Representative Torbett and remind members that in fact are not in the Gaston county commission but we are on the North Carolina, House of representatives and our obligation is to exercise our judgement on issues throughout the state. The process that is set up in Constitution does require not just allow but require us to give our judgement on local bills. I'm someone that believes we do need to give great reference to local folks, but in the end the constitution of our state does not say that only the legislators whose areas are affected by local bills are allowed to vote on that and everyone else just has to go long with him. So yes absolutely give reference local folks that remember that you are hired to exercise your judgment on both state wide and local bills however you vote on this amendment For what purpose does the gentleman form Gaston Representative Bumgardner rise?  To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the forward to debate the amendment. I think this is a good amendment and I'm going to support it and further I would to ask Representative Hager a question if he would yield. I do. Let him ask you. Does the gentleman yield to an inquiry from the gentleman one from Gaston? I would gladly. He yields. Representative Hager if this amendment is good for these counties, would have been good for the whole state? I think it would be great for the whole state and this would

be other than a local bill I would have made an amendment to make it the whole state Representative [xx]. Thank you Mr Speaker I agree with you and maybe in the future we can work to that end. From what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins arise? Briefly debate the amendment. Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I'm a little bit confused usually when the representative from Dhurham stands up against one of my local amendments it's because I'm trying to tell the folks back home what to do and we at the states shouldn't be doing that we should let them make their own minds now I'm trying to pass a local bill to give some flexibility to my local people back home and he stands against that, so I'm really, really confused, but I would ask you to vote green on this amendment as it does just that. It just gives my counties the option to use this money the way they feel like is best for themselves I trust to do it I hope you will too. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland representative of Floyd rise? To see if Representative Hager and Representative [xx] would yield to a question. Does Rep. Calrton[sp?] does the gentleman from Nashville[sp?] yield to the gentleman from Cumberland.  Flag by default that's me and I do. He yields. Rep. Carlton[sp?]. You could have introduced or Representative Hager introduce a similar bill, is that correct? Absolutely. But the train [xx] Does the gentleman wish to propose the, does gentleman yield to additional inquiry? I will. The gentleman may proceed. The train left the station so you saw when it left the station so you just wanted is that correct? I'd never thought of this before this was not something I had been working on and when I saw a great idea yes I do accept good ideas from other people besides myself, I don't assume that I'm the only that has good ideas, absolutely. Thank you Mr. Speaker, to debate the amendment. The gentleman from [xx] Representative [xx] has the floor to debate the amendment. Mr. Speaker, either Representative Hago or Representative [xx] could have introduced a similar bill that will have tradition to follow the same process. This process right here would allow this house not to possibly address two bills addressing the same thing. So it would allow them and their local counties is to have the similar as Robeson County, and so I think this is a good amendment and I'm not one, shouldn't be here today debating an amendment, but it does save the house time without going to approximately three committees and then coming to the house and running through the whole process so I support the amendment act, ask my colleagues to do the same. Further discussion, further debate on the amendment? If not, the question for the house is the adoption of Amendment One send forth by Representative Hager. Those in favor will vote I, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. Louis I The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote 103 having voted in the affirmative and seven in the negative, the amendment is adopted, review amendment is material in the second reading we'll to roll over to, until tomorrow, so ordered. Senate bill 199, the clerk will read Haker, for what purpose does the gentleman from Richmod Representative Gibbman arise? To debate the prior bill. We haven't passed a bill yet. Representative Gibbman, that bill becomes the amendment that was adopted it was a material amendment and we can't take second reading so it will be on for second reading tomorrow. Stand corrected, thank you sir Representative is your light ion the debate the next bill? Yes send an amendment for thr next bill to the okay the clerk will senate bill 199 Senator Randleman Senate bill 199 a bill to be entitled and Act to increase the amount of funds as a single account deposited with the clerk of the superior court this access must be invested for [xx] requirements [xx] North Carolina NX. For what purpose does the the gentleman from Wake, Representative Stam arise? To speak on the the amendment the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Mr speaker members of the house with the agreement of the clerks and senate sponsor this amendment the gentleman wishes to send forth an amendment? The clerk will read the amendment Representative Stam to amend the bill on page lines 1 35 through 36. The gentleman now has the floor to debate the amendment. Yes the amendment raises the threshold from 5000 to 10000 you could

pick any number this just won't be realistic it also makes the effective date September 1 instead of July 1, optimistic. Further discussion further debate on amendment? If not the question before the house is the adoption of amendment one sent forth by Representative Stam. Those in favor will vote aye those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote vote. 110 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the amendment is adopted we are now back on the bill. Further discussion further debate? If not the question before the house us the passage senate bill 199 on it's third reading those in favor will vote aye those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. Representative Hager, Representative Collin, Representative Adams does the general wish to vote on the final passage on this bill?  Representative Adams, The name is recorded. The clerk will lock the machine and record the  vote 110 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. Senate Bill 199 passes its third reading will be returned to the Senate, and is ordered engrossed. Members we're about to do ratification of bills and messages from the Senate and it is the intention of the chair that immediately concluding that the House is going to recess until 3 pm, So only about a 20 minute recess very short. Representative Haggard if the gentleman want to announce a caucus or anything before we do that. Yes sir, I do, most of caucus immediately and says and I'll get you a room number. The ratification of bills and resolutions, the clerk will read. The following bills due to ratify for presentation to the governor. Senator Bill 336 an Act to Amend the Law Governing the State Planning and Judiciary to amend the Uniform Dress-code and to Establish Uniform powers of appointment act. Seeing the bill's grade is six and acts [xx] for recording instruments governed by the uniform commercial code [xx] House bill 584 an act to clarify that a legislator or public servant may reference their public Position in a letter of reference. House bill 800 an act to clarify motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers licensing law. Chapter bills will be noted, messages from the Senate, the clerk will read. Mr. Speaker, it is ordered that the message be sent to the House of Representatives with information that adopt the report of the conferees, for senate bill 50 Conference Committee Substitute, a bill to entitle an Act to increase authorization for Wilson County to levy not going to receive tax, when appropriate action has been taken by both chambers, the bill will be ordained in law, respectfully [xx] personal clerk. Noted for what purpose does the gentlemen from Rutherford, representative Hager arise? Thank you Mr speaker to announce the room number for the conference. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. [xx] in 12:28 for republics meeting during recess. Members the house stands in recess until 3 P. M. The house will come back to order. House bill 943 the clerk will read. Representatives house bill 943 a bill to be entitled an act to authorize the insurance of general obligation [xx] for the purpose of accomplishing certain interrelated united projects for further economic development in the states consist of [xx] [xx] the gentleman from union, Representative Ark is recognized to debate the bill Thank you Mr. Speaker, first I would like to thank my colleagues for the man with me has made this presentation over and over again, I think what we find ourselves right now is a opportunity to put forward to the people

of North Carolina a question, a question that allows them to vote this's a fundamental philosophy that if the people of North Carolina are tasked with paying this debt back if we take on the bond would you ask them whether now we shouldn't do that, and we do that by method of referendum. This bond proposal works both the budget and the bond and what it does is, it moves things that we can pay for in cash, so we can pay for those things in cash and this ban proposal at a minimum can achieve 46% more infrastructure, 46% more roads, 46% more buildings, 46% more bridge repairs, 46% more college facilities, 46% more debt free. That's significant and it does so by allowing pay as you go in cash coupled with financing to reduce the maximum effect for the citizens of North Carolina just as you and your house would pay cash for things like painting a room or fixing a window or fixing a roof you don't go borrow a 20 year money in order to do that you use cash to do that this bond plan does that it takes the necessary long term assets when you go to expand be older do something new it pose long term financing associated with long term assets and by doing that we responsibly and economically and wisely manager maintain are bond rating with North Carolina is one of only 10 states in the nation that have a triple A credit ranging from all agencies. Although debt metrics were in the top half of that this common sense and smart and wise plan sustains that and prolong that. A key piece of theirs is that we no longer lay the highway trust fund to pay for general fund needs. This plan invasion stopping that and that will be part of our budget negotiation, so that we can pay cash for those desperately needed transportation projects. What this bond proposal does is several things. First of all, we're at a point where the rates are low and our ability to borrow is very very good. And so if we can reach out about six years and there's any amount of project that we can conceive of that we will need to find, I can tell you that this bomb[sp] proposal says it's the better financial case to spend for that money now and to provide those funds at this low interest rate and when we have our capacity in order to borrow money and in fact when we cash flow this plan out. What we do is we are significantly under the debt affordability recommended limit, in fact we are 25% underneath that so we easily can accomplish any type of upward pressure in rates or downward pressure in revenues. This is a very very conservative, very well conceived plan, that can easily obtain the financing within the recommended limits of the debt affordability commission's study. The other thing that this thing does is make sure that we don't over borrow on the whole amount. This borrowed amount is $2.85 billion and when we use that money for the things that we need to purchase is situated in several areas first of all when we put out our money we're going to invest in our schools. We're invested in schools that produce our universities that can produce the type of graduates that can participate in the 21st

Century economy that propelled us way forward into a high-tech economy that this North Carolina wants, a high-tech economy that will produce graduates and job opportunities that can continue an incredible technological focus on our state's economy. Another major part of this is that the community colleges, we've invested money as part of this to provide a joint effort between the counties and the community colleges with the State to provide for their mission that we passed them for. There's incredible opportunities opening up for people to go into advance manufacturing technology and this assist them in the mission that we asked them to do in filling this proposal invested in K12 education. When their counties are struggling because we are coming out of recession, what we are doing in this bond plan is helping them make the available assets needed in the counties and the counties schools because, they are struggling. We can do so, we can pas this bond without raising any fusses. If the counties have that responsibility they may have to pass longer tax increase to provide for those facilities. We can assess them, now they got to have skill and the game, this is no free ticket, this is no free we want you to participate in your own success, in your own communities and we provide a way of doing that. We provide for a match and among across but this way we can assess our counties and avoiding property tax increases to provide for the necessary school facilities that they have and by doing this we can help them achieve because when they succeed we all succeed as a State another major key component of this is the agriculture. We put a lot of significant effort in there to help our agriculture industry. It's our number one industry in the State, this provides lab facilities as well as partnership opportunities for the industry itself, I'm very, very proud of that another big component is we've invested in parks and military, we've invested in water and sewage, infrastructure we've invested in transportation you've all heard that Plan and I want to continue to go on but I think the time is right because of the financial health of the state I think the time is right because we anticipate the needs of our state in providing for Economic future and growth I think the time is right because this is a worse financial plan and I ask for your support. For what purpose does the actually Representative Hart the gentleman has an amendment, does the gentleman wish to send forth his amendment? Yes sir. The gentleman from [xx] is recognized to send for an amendment. The clerk will read. Representative [xx] moves to amend the bill on page 12 line by inserting between innovations and any the foreign language to read. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. As I have always said earlier, each component of this requires a certain match, there was a discrepancy with staff about whether or not there was a match required for community colleges and there are some discrepancies and unclarity in the law, what this amendment does is provide for that much explicitly so it's not under any doubt and I'd ask your support. The chair is to see to 30 members who wish to debate this particular amendment if not the question for the house is the passage of amendment one offered by Rep. Burrose in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no the Clerk will open the vote. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 109 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the amendment is adopted for what purpose does the gentleman from Meclenrberg Rep Bradford rise To send forth an amendment The gentleman is recognized to send forth an amendment. The clerk will read. Rep. Bradford moves to amend the Bill on page 15 lines 12 through 19  by rewriting the lines to read.

The gentleman from Meclenburge is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker. I rise before you today to seek your support of my amendment, to stop a 50-year mistake from happening. My amendment seeks your report to use the $400 million allocated in the bonds for highway transportation projects and to redirect these funds to be used to terminate the current I-77 Express Managed Toll Lane Project in Airedale and Mecklenburg Counties, and instead install general purpose lanes in the most congested areas of Northern I-77 corridor which is from Mile marker 20 to exit 36. I have received thousands of signed petitions from business owners asking me to stop this project. I have received resolutions from most of the towns in my district and a resolution from the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners asking me to stop this project. to stop this project. I have received a formal request from the local Chamber of Commerce asking me to stop this project. I have received hundreds of emails, texts, tweets and Facebook posts from my constituents asking me to please stop this project. Just a few years ago I was serving as a local town commissioner when the concept of express lines resurfaced I sat in meetings, and I listened with my own two ears as NCGOT officials laid out our seemingly only two options. For starters we were told there was absolutely no money or no funding sources available to widen the most congested areas of the Northern 77 Corridor and that this project could not be ranked under the soon to be in law STI Program. Under that premise the first option we were given was to sit back and do nothing and wait 20-25 years before any money would be available a wider interstate. The second option was to utilise an express managed lane toll project using a public/private partnership such a project would be finished within a couple of years and it would create interstate lanes that had a tolling rate charged for it's use. Given options, many elected officials were forced to choose the lesser of two evils, now fast forward today I stand before you speaking on the floor of the North Carolina on the house as a law maker talking about a bill that could create $ 2.8 billion of bond offering. This bond package proves that today there's a viable funding source that could be used for general purpose lanes despite being told by NCDOT that money would not be available for the next 20-25 years. The ground rules that were provided by the NCDOT to the elected officials at the time, making this decision to utilize express lands have now changed. The possibility and viability of a funding alternative is real yet the quaters excuse me, the communities along these quaters are boxed into a decision that no one what I've picked had anyone known that an alternative funding option was a possibility. A possible funding option that I might add, surfaced before the contract was executed by the DOT. When initial discussions of the $3 billion advance first came to light, many towns in my district including me formerly asked the North Carolina department of transportation to delay the execution of the contract by at least 90 days, so we could take the time to explore the State's debt availability and capacity. Unfortunately, the NCDOT did not honor these requests and executed the contract with Central and I 77 mobility partners. I respectfully believe that the contract executed by NCDOT is problematic in many ways. The most alarming and concerning to me is that during the 50 year contract term, the ability to add any General Purpose lines within certain sections of the court order will trigger a compensation event to the vendor. That means the state will actually have to pay the vendor a penalty just to be able to install General Purpose lines for the next 50 years. Furthermore their design force that I believed in the contract or excuse me, and the design regarding [xx] in and out of the segments to get to certain excess within the [xx]. It's also important to point out, tolling rates are dynamic which means users will have to pay a published price first segment during congestion. No one on DOT or Central Mobility has rebuked the concept or the idea or the notion that during peak demands, it could cost in today dollars as much as $20 for a one-way trip from Mooresville North Carolina to Shallotte North Carolina.

To me the idea of $20 toll one way to a business commuter just trying to get to work is appoling colleagues, members, friends, I need your support of this amendment to help right or wrong. I appreciate your time and listening to me and I hope you vote green on this amendment. thank you Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker? For what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis rise? Point of order. The gentleman is recognized to state his point of order. Mr. Speaker, I believe the gentleman's amendment is out of order as it is not germane to this section of the bill and it falls outside the scope of the Bill. The Chair will review, just a moment. Representative Lewis the chair is the gentleman referring to the provision about paying damages of fees associated with the termination of contract is making it non germane? Yes Mr Speaker. The Chair would rule that the rules chairman is correct that this would actually take it outside the scope of the bill because it would have it funding something that is not not appropriate through a bond project, therefore the gentleman's amendment is ruled out of order. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Bumgardner rise? Send forth an amendment. The gentleman is and does the gentleman sending forth AMC102V1 I believe the gentleman has sent forth to amendments. Right, the first amendment if 102V1. The gentleman is recognized for that purpose the Clerk will read the amendment. Representative Bumgardner mnoves to amend the bill on page 15, line 19-20 by inserting between the lines the following language to read. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you, Mr. Speaker and this amendment is self-explanatory, and it's another way of trying to get that a resolution to the problem that Representative Bradford was just describing and so I would appreciate your suypport for this amendment. The chair see several lights on do any of these members wish to debate this particular amendment? For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus Representative Pittman wish to debate the amendment? Yes sir. The gentleman is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Chairman I fully support this amendment, I was going to support the previous one but I definitely support this one. I do not believe that is appropriate says the state already paid for the road ones they don't need to be paying for them twice by hand paying a toll and it would be as so Representative Brawley was saying that in business and workers in the air will be told to incur and frankly I think a lot of people would just find alternate routes and not even take that road. I know if I were faced with that choice I would not even get on that 77, I'd find some other way around rather that play the a lot other people would do that too. I do not support any tolling, so I do support this amendment, I've been planning to vote no on this bill. I might to rethink that if this amendment is passed thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Dare Representative Tine rise? To see if the amendment answer a question? Does the gentleman from Gaston yield to the gentleman from dare? I yield. He yields. Is he saying that no toll project in the state can be supported through the bonds package, is that what this is saying? It says, the project is not as, let me read it to you, for the project is not for construction improvement of a tallfacility located in this state. Mr. Speaker may I be recognized to to debate the amendment? The gentleman from Dare has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank Mr. Speaker and thank you for, I though that's what it said, I just want to make sure we are on the same page and I'm not aware of any instance where this might come up other that where you are referring to there but I know that they are projects out in my way that we have chosen to do that we are for and ready to have happen as soon as you'll give us the money. I don't think that this fits inside the box but I don't know if there are any other projects out there that fit that description or if this the only one in consideration under the bond and so I guess I'm befuddled in because whether or not to support them, if it's just that one in all for that district then I wouldnt said that perhaps, you know who, I have been warned to vote for but I guess I'm looking for any clarification from the body that might be able to assist on For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative of Brawley rise?

To debate the amendment Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I would like to throw everybody's attention to page 15 line nine of the bill section eight says that the proceeds of public improvement bonds and notes including premium there on if any for state wide supplemental highway funding for transportation as provided in some division one of this subsection show shall be issued only for highways projects satisfying all of the following conditions. Number one an environmental impacts statement if required by law was completed prior to January 1, 2015. Now there are some projects that have departmental impact statements that are under litigation and are blocked from construction but of that is cleared up it would be possible but this projects be [xx] considered or will be rejected based upon number two. Construction of the project is projected by the department of transportation to commence by January 1st 2017. Now that's basically a year and a half form now, so if it's still in litigation they can's start construction if falls through but remember you got to meet both of those and you mush meet the third. The project meets the requirements set forth in article 14 B of chapter 136 of the general statutes. Article 14 chapter 136 of the general statutes is the prioritization method under the strategic transportation investment plan and passed by this General Assembly in 2013. Yesterday if finance I showed a fairly large note book that shows to current state transportation infrastructure program or improvement program. It rates the projects in order. The purpose of the additional $400 million is to go below the line on projects that exist, that have been scored under STI. Those that also have completed documents, EPA approved, that would allow construction, with then be funded. If they have meet all the approvals, there is the potential that some of those projects would include hotlink, the higher occupancy toes which wasn't ideal that did in fact originate with several towns from [xx] county who saw the approval of this party to begin a power project which was approved at their request in 2012 the HOT projects that are considered by Mecklenburg County as part of the one earlier discussed today are also part of the same system. It is a design to take lanes dedicated for buses which carry very little traffic and make them available for people to use with their automobiles should they choose for a fee for a guaranteed throughput, it would connect with all the others. If we are going to say that if one of those projects popped up under this bill and it should therefore be deleted because it has a hot lane requested by the local governments authorization for which was sought by the local governments who now once it's lockdown have changed their minds, what we're saying is we want to throw out STI and we will start to decide which roads will be built in which order in this Body. If you are a powerful enough legislator to control the legislative action in this Body to get your roads built support this amendment. If you want to be treated fairly based upon the information generated by professional engineers with PE after their name, who measure only the benefit to the State, and treat everyone as fairly as we would like to have,  then vote this amendment down. There is a reason we put that bill into effect because we need the roads we need, not the ones that we can get funded because they have

the support of the most powerful politicians. I ask to vote red on this amendment. Mr speaker, For what purpose does Representative Blust rise? To see if Representative Brawley will yield I yield Yields Representative Brawley, there's been, I think it's 11 projects it's been handed out by Representative Torbett that's going to be funded out of the 400 million that this amendment affects that the bill itself on page 10 line 32 just simply has a line for 400 million in amount and everything else in there to be funded by the bonds is set forth, item by item in the bill. What, given what you're saying there's instructions in here, what assurance do we have in  law that these are the 11 specific projects that are going to be funded rather that 400, 000 and one further question would be why weren't they just listed in the bill like the bill listed everything else for other categories. I have your answer in three parts. First I have not seen the list but I will if perhaps I could ask Representative Torbett a question before I continue with my answer with the gentleman from Gaston. Does Representative Torbett yield? It will be absolute honor. It yields. Representative Torbett, the list the projects that will be funded with this $400 million was that given to you by DOT and generated from STI? Thank you Mr speaker, Representative Braley this is actually we have been talking about this for months this list was actually prepared by staff request to DOT and this is the staffs response and if I may shine a very bright light on that response sir. That I yield to that gentleman for that purpose? You may. Thank you Representative and I'm quoting an email from staff here we of course request this information and Rep. Brody request some information in finance and it appears that it then will occur to you on a copy I'll make sure you get [xx] what is basically says is DOT is interpreting the bill to mean that bond projects are selected first before any other funding therefore any additional funding will not impact the project list if that 's the intent if the intent is to select projects after additional revenues are programmed and general assembly clarifies such intent as that then the least that I will I think you want me to address could change as to the determine factor of the list. DOT followed the 40, 30, 30 STI slip has closely possible, but each category of course has access funds means you couldn't hit exactly wherever dollar for dollar pining for pining. The politics has alighting green as funded by the unallocated funds within the regional division categories or left overs if you want to think of it that way, and that's my response Mr. Speaker. Representative Brody. May I resume my response to representative Torbett? Excuse me to representative Blust for representative what he's describe to you as the action of the allocation program prioritization under section 136 article 14B. The guarantee that you have sir is that DOT follows the law as we passed it, that does not preclude this body from changing the law as we are perhaps trying to do now and as we could in the future, but should this act as the process would need to go the whole reason we could just put $400 million in for roads, put in the criteria that we did and expect it to go in a reasonable way is because we had setup the procedure to ensure that money was spent well the reason the other projects have been listed is because we don't have a procedure dated [xx] independently to monitor those projects that priority so it became necessary for the capital budget appropriations committee to examine that and set the fortunately this body in its wisdom passed the bill in which the senate conquered where we put in the procedure to do that with our oratlves requiring our constant oversight sir. Members if you're lights are onto speak for the bill

itself if you would turn them off just on the amendment representative Blast I've got a follow up theme, what would happen if we say this bill is inactive it becomes low the bottom on to the past people vote for them thinking we;re going to get project we want in our area in that area was then after everything [xx] 22 years down the road were dropped and it turned out not [xx] because this criteria changed or we change the STI or something was substituted. Now, we voted for these bonds thinking we were going to get Project X and now it's happening. Could that happen and what would be the recourse if DIC tried to change it? Representative Blust, before he answers, is this on the amendment or is it on the bill itself? Mr. Speaker, I think what he's trying to do. Representative Brawley you're recognized. My argument was that this amendment destroys the underlying procedure of the bill and therefore the amendment should be defeated and exactly Mr. Speaker I was going to, the issue he had raised in his debate on the amendment. Continue. Well that's my question, is what guarantee do we have that these are the projects that are going to be funded and what happens if one's substituted down the road? Well are you 30? Yes, thank you Mr. Speaker. Representative Hastings is recognized. No, I'm not here. Are you sure his question is question? Yeah I'm ready to answer his question. I'm sorry. We are getting a little far field here. Representative Blust, if that list has in fact been prepared in accordance with the law I would expect it to be executed. Should an organization such as Southern Environmental Law Center file a lawsuit blocking the execution of the appropriate permits for one of those it could then no longer qualify and drop off. If this Body changes the law either this bill or the STI to change the procedures and therefore causes something to drop off, that could happen though I will assure you sir if I'm on this floor at that time I will argue strenuously against changing that bill and returning to put through a political structure. As for the recourse of the citizens sir, that's what elections are for. If we want play politics with their money I think and they'd be well within their rights to vote us out. Representative Hastings is recognized to debate the amendment. Yes to debate, Mr. Speaker. Well, I've heard what's been said and everything seems to be fairly accurate, and of course, my comments are not centered around any particular project. They're centered around the process itself regarding road funding, and here's the dilemma that I'm in when I'm asked to vote or not to vote on this amendment. We've been adamantly not supporting a toll road, and so this amendment puts me on record as either supporting or not supporting a toll road. It's not that we want to kill any project, it's that under STI with the cascading effect in the fiscal constraints within our own Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln MPO what we've realized is the toll road actually fiscally constrains some of the other projects that are more needed especially in our rural areas. So it's for the amendment and I think I'm going to support it just because it confirms my statement in opposition to a toll road, that physically constrain the other important projects within the Cleveland linking Metropolitan Planning Organization. Representative [xx] is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Chair, Mr. Speaker. I would ask you all read on the amendment. This is an amendment that is running a policy question to one of the most important pieces of legislation we passed in 2013 and arguably, the single most important transportation policy legislation, this bill passes in 1989. This is a policy of a reversed earmark, it doesn't say we're going to do a project, it's going to say we're not going to do certain project. This is about [xx] using a process that was setup to you that we all agree sallow rose to be built based on empirical data and evidentiary matters that makes sense verses where issues live or where they [xx]. This goes against what we past in 2013 leadership for the Governor Representative Torbett, Representative Browley and others then I will just strong encourage you to vote red. Representative Bumgardner recognised for the second time.

Thank you Mr Speaker and members this amendment is to not in opposition of STI and arguments. I just have been hearing here lately have been to the effective we're making changes to it, where were this arguments when we were making changes to it in the budget debate? Where was the argument that we can it offers and now the ink wasn't even dry on the bill yet when it was brought into effect and we started changing it. So I don't know about that argument, this amendment has to do with this bill, this amendment is not aimed at STI or any other bill aimed at this bill and I respectfully ask you to vote green thank you. Representative Burr is recognized to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr Speaker members of the house I would ask you to vote no on this amendment and for the reason why is I have a concern about what the impact would be there are other projects in the state that don't seem to be as controversial as some amount rest of us but we've got in our area the state here Wake County we've got a billion dollars already invested we're going to leverage another billion dollars at some point in time given that the root is correct and given that the environment impact statements comes our the way it should come out, but what concern me is that they maybe the unintended consequences of this amendment that may affect other projects having nothing to do with some of the controversy that's been expressed on the floor today, and so I would ask you to vote No on this amendment. Mr. Speaker? For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford, Representative Blust rise? To see if Representative Dollar will yield for a question. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Guilford? I yield. He does. Representative Dollar, do you know whether this particular project has any aspects of public private partnership, and would using bond money that I think is intended to be interest free to the investors, could the use of bond money in a project that has a private potential gain in it or potential benefit in it affect in any way they ability of the State to market that is as a tax-free investment to the purchasers of the bonds? This project, 540, is not a public-private project so none of the and other issues that you raised would be relevant to this project, it's the concern would be that there may be an unintended consequence to this particular amendment and it would be one that would fall in the category you mentioned.   Further discussion, further debate on the amendment? If not, the question before the House is the adoption of Amendment 3 sent forth by Representative Bumgardner. Those in favor will vote Aye, those opposed will vote No, the Clerk will open the vote. There are a number of members who have not recorded, if those members wish to record. It looks like Representative Tine, Representative Reeves, Representative Johnson. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 44 having voted in the Affirmative and 63 in the Negative, the amendment fails. The gentleman for Gaston Representative Bumgardner has the, is that the same amendment twice?. The gentleman is recognized to send for the second amendment, the clerk will read. Representative Burmgardner moves to amend the bill on page 15 lines 19 through 20 brand 13 between the lines following the language to read. The gentleman fro Gaston has the forward to debate the amendment. Years ago of what grant much on TV and he used to have a saying, I thought was planning, he said, "I have principles and if you don't like my principles well then I have others. " and this amendment cuts down some on the last amendment and I would ask for your support on this amendment. It's basically the same thing and we can make the same arguments again but we don't really have to unless you all really want to. This one say is this one says we are

not going to use the bond money for the construction of a toll project west have our 77 and south have our 40 and I would very much appreciate your support. Further discussion and further debate, for what purpose does the gentleman from Meclenburge Rep. Gitter rise? To debate the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. I appreciate Rep. Bobgodner's amendment to me this amendment is exact the same, but we just call our further state, so from that perspective I once again respectively request you to vote no. Further discussion further debate if not the question for the house is the adoption of amendment four offered by Rep. Bobgadner those in favor will vote aye those oppose vote no the Clerk will open the vote. Representative Whitemire does the gentleman and wish to record on this gentleman can tell the chair Whitemire votes NO, the clerk will lock the machine and will record the vote. 47 having voted in the affirmative and 60 in the negative, the amendment is not adopted. The gentleman from Gastin, Representative Torbit is recognized to send forth an amendment, the clerk will read. Representative Torbit amend the bill on page 20 line 45 to page 21 line 12 to delete job legislative on the same committee. The gentleman from Gaston, Representative Torbit has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr speaker, this kind of does the same thing Representative Bakingard [xx] east of 321. No, just kidding Mr speaker. Actually what it does is to trust but then verify and that verification is asking for the change so that reporting of the actual expenditures an hat the expenditures went to all the inclusive parties in the bill that they would currently just report a joint legislative capital oversight committee which I understand that's a good sized committee but it's not enough to get a good [xx], so I've incorporated the house representative proprietors committee and the senate committee appropriations based budget to also receive those reports. It would also, at least in my mind, ensure something that I really could not support a bond to do. I could not support a bond that would take the people's tax money, borrow it for 20 years and make their payments of a very substantial amount of dollars to pay for repairs or maintenance that those entities should have been doing from day one on annual basis so it takes every mention of 10 years. 10 years will think of it as a life circle of whatever you're doing, for example, if you want to focus on brick and motor structural issues as it appears we do that the community colleges is in capetwelve[sp?] need then 10 years that is a short life of a building so typically when you are in leasing government you look at more 50 years out, so what this simply does is move it up 20 years and hopes of capturing any posible that those entities maybe able to use some of those monies for typical maintenance monies, which I don't think its at all the intent of the bond and when you see that list one, two, three, four times it's because those 10 years mentions are replicated so we are going just replicate the 20 years on top of them. Thank you Mr. Speaker and I'm available for any questions. Further discussion, further debate. If not the the question for the house is the adoption of amendment five sent forth by Representative Towrit[sp?]. Those in favor will vote I, those oppose will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. Representative Harris, does the lady wish to record on this vote? The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 107 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative, the amendment has adopted. [xx] the Representative Wittman the general with his amendment. Bring it back on the bill. Further discussion, further debate on the bill. For what purpose does the gentleman from Dome[sp?] Representative Mitchell rise? So, briefly speak on the diamond speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate. I rise to express a few concerns that I have about this Bill because it affects I think budgetary process.

No that this house has already passed a budget and that the senate has already sent something back This is though most of those budgets are going to have to be changed to some great extent in order to accommodate what you're trying to pass here. In the [xx] went back to check, find out where we're or where we would be or were we could be or just trying to reach some point of reconciliation if you will, now let me explain it this way, the trigger that you all put into the budget process last year is now about to go into effect. since the end of the fiscal year, that trigger gives us in 2015 and 2016 a tax cut of approximately $109.1 million. In 2016 to 2017 that figure goes as a result of the trigger, goes to $349 . 1 million for a total of  of $458 million now what you're doing in this, keep the 458 in mind and the fact that budgets been passed, what you're doing with this bill is you're reducing, you're reducing those two years by $432 million. That's taking $216 million each year out for the pay-as-you-go situation, adding that 432 million to the 458 million gives you $890.2 million. Now to further complicate the situation a little bit more when we passed, you all passed I didn't vote for it, you all passed this year's budget, you had an additional tax decrease in the first year of $68 million, and then the second you had an additional decrease of $125.4 million for a total of $193 million. You add figures together you come to a little bit of a billion dollars, that I wonder how you are going to account for that in trying to put this package out to the people. In other words what I'm trying to get at is that since this budget has been passed and since these figures are here and the figures I gave you are purportedly real figures, then my question is how are you going to rearrange the budgets that had been passed in order to take care of that billion dollars that is going to cost as a result of the bond issue that you want to pass today? For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Rep. Broddy[sp?] rise. Mr. Speaker to speak on the bill please the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Fellow members I'm going to rise in opposition to this bond and I want to give you pretty much my reasons why and if you're on this side of the aisle you hear this all the time about bonds. Now the other side of ails is going to hear if my consistency speech about bonds. I consistently oppose that. Now I guess they could say I was supported well bond or something like that but you get the picture that if there's something less than that I generally consistently oppose it and why the reason I do is I cannot like the photo being debt free and I know there are a lot of you folks here that are debt free and you realize what a great feeling that is, you can do a lot more things you've got extra cash and you got a lot More flexibility, so I would like North Carolina to be debt free and that's why rise currently we pay probably $400-500 million a year in our debt in fact last year I got the figure from research $455 million we paid off in our debt and of course for every $100 million do the math you say there's so much interest which allows us to spend how we

want and whatever we want. At the current rate, those of you who probably saw the chart that representative [xx] presented you can see the downwards lines that North Carolina will be debt free in 10-12 years at current levels and of course as you get closer to paying off the debt you could probably pay more and get there a lot soon. I kind of like that spot that we are going to be in. So, I asked myself, why are we doing this? the best performing state in the South East economically without this baggage. We have the lowest unemployment rate in the South East without this package, and lastly we spend hours and hours debating our budget bill and all the needs that we have and believe me, we spent 1.1 billion dollars on this and I think we pretty much covered a whole bunch of our needs. If there is anything special that we needed it should have come up and of course it din't. So we came up with a solution in our budget and virtually everyone supported it in this house, in this chamber. 1.1 both democrats and republicans. We supported this, we said, we are going to spend a lot of money than probably we even have, at least initially and because it is going to cover a lot of things that we really want. So, that solution what did it do? It address education including funding for capital expenses and addressed public safety, parks cultural resources and transportation and even a military and everything else that we wanted we pilled into a one $1.1 billion budget, and we are happy with that presented to senate because they are happy with, but we were happy with it, so what's changed? And I'll be little brief in my ending. We found the credit card with zero balance on it and as good stereo typical politicians what do we do with that we just can't resist sending it. so, I would ask you to in order these fund. We've got more work to do. Let's work with our budget if we feel we have some desperate needs, we can address that through maybe a little bond package but I'm going to pose the question but I ask you to oppose this bond because you what, I don't want to be another stereotypical politician that sees of money and just to pass to spend it, thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Duplin Representative Dickson rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen, members of the house, I have a strong opposition to debt, I've had some experiences in 1967 when I was attending white collar university I purchased because my neighbor purchased the 1967 Royal Blue Mustang Convertible and I just got that things paid off last week. However, owever, I would defer the fallacy sound what we are actually doing here. We're deciding whether to let the people decide to be discussed vigorously from one end of the state to the other. So, I think that they are fully capable of deciding what whether that they want to issue this badge and that's the reasons that am supporting this's because the people will automatically decide. For just a moment though I will speak to one aspect of the bond and that is the particular money they earn in agriculture. Ladies and gentlemen, as I have looked back at the last couple of decades agriculture funding people in [xx] are finding a vulgar culture in Salford[sp?] over the last few decades. You know the last session we gave them some money to upgrade their equipment on the research station and so forth, and you've heard me say on the floor of this house before that there's a lot of reasons that we are free people, but all of them put together might not equal the fact that we've been able to feed ourselves and so though my comments are nearly shaped by one aspect I think that they are appropriate this plant size

initiative and food process initiative that we started is one of the visionary thing that's ever happened in North Carolina and this man attempts to begin to and that and make that a reality I can assure you that the future of agriculture in North Carolina is going to revolve around research for plant size and food processing initiatives and I'm very excited about that secondly our labs too disastrous I mean somebody is saying you being there for 55 years there are certain labs that we can only certain few hours a day and we had thus the food safety for the entire population of North Carolina and I went to the folks when the governor came with out with his the bond that was not matching there but I went to representative Owen and all the folks and I just basically said if you want my support on this we've got to do a little something for food and agriculture. And they responded, and I think this really well and so I suggest that we allow the people of North Carolina to decide on the myths of this bill. I asked you to vote in favor of this bill Thank you Mr. Speaker For what purpose does the gentleman from Cabarrus representative Pittman rise? Speak on the bill The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill Thank you Mr speaker, there is one thing I like in this bill stopping transfers from the highway fund to general fund. When I run for office last several years I've always named that as one things that I felt we absolutely we must do and I still feel that way but I don't think that we need this bill to do it. We can do it in another legislation without putting the state further in debt I know, the talk about this referendum that the people decide but maybe all don't get this experience, but in my experience and people I've rubbed elbows with, there are folks who grumble every time there is any kind of a bond referendum and I'm one of them, and those people are the ones that put me in here. So, it'd be pretty inconsistent and I guess a betrayal of them for me to vote for this. So I don't believe we need to go any further in debt, and I think a lot of the things that this bill wants to accomplish are good, things that need to be done, and I think we could get a lot further along to doing a lot of those things than we have been doing instead of going further in debt with this bond, we stop spending taxpayer funding on a lot of things that are not going to get much business. I much prefer to see us cut spending on a lot of other areas where we should not even be putting that money there than to go in further debt. Personally, I have two mortgages and my truck is 15 years old and I would love to be able to buy a new truck but till those mortgages are gone or at least one of them is down all 19 think about doing that and I think we've some reason to say we have a balanced when we are so deeply in debt if I was that much yet because as much dead as I'm now I don't consider to personalty to have a balanced budget, and I just don't want to see go further into the end I think this may be a mistake so I ask you to vote no. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Richmond Representative Goodman rise? Thank you Mr to debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the house I don't get up and talk very much usually if I have something I want I realized that if I sit here long enough somebody else will say it I don't have to but today I think this is so important so critical I want to get up and say what I think about this bill. Everybody knows we are critical time in North Carolina and that [xx] and infrastructure in schools, have been collected for years and recession came along and that exercebated a problem that we already had, but right now interest rates are at a very low labor cost and this is a good bill that makes good business sense. I've heard a lot of people on the floor talking about debt, we don't want to be in debt. You can go into a lot of places in North Carolina and look at a lot of small businesses that are declining and they don't have debt because they are not growing, they don't need to take on debt, because their business is not increasing, their company is not growing, but you look at the prosperous company, the companies that are really doing well.

You look at companies like Uber, they're talking about doing a public offering to raise a lot of money because if you're going to grow you have to take on debt and North Carolina wants to grow, so if you look at the prospect companies, the companies on the New York stock exchange to change, they're really doing well, they all have debt. So I would say that sometimes if it's responsible debt is a good thing. I know we know that we should not take on debt for current expenditures, that is foolish, but that is not what this bill is doing. One more thing, I didn't think about it till a while ago, but if a big spending liberal like Jimmy Dickson is for this bill I don't see how anybody in here could be against it. So I'll sum up. I just want to say today let's put your politics aside, let's put cynicism aside, let's put aside doubt about what's going to happen when this bill leaves here and goes to the Senate or the public gets to vote on it, and let's not let perfect be the enemy of good. This is a good bill, it's something we really need, please vote Green, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Alamance, Representative Ross rise? Thank you, Mr Speaker. Speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor floor to debate the bill. Thank you, as Representative Goodman just said sometimes if you sat there long enough someone will say what you want to say and he just did a part of that. When you look at the need for bonds and why do we have bonds and we'll always have bonds, it's a fantasy to think that we're living in a time where we won't have bonds, and the reason for that is because capital needs or infrastructure, big projects cannot be funded out of current revenue we all know that. And some of us that has been around for a long time that had worked with bonds over the years and know that, there's timing that has to be taken into consideration when you look at bonds and I'll touch on that in just a minute. One of the things that I wanted to mention is it was said earlier there's a pile of cash out there and I haven't seen the pile of cash yet, I guess there some people would think there is gold within the rainbow I haven't seen that either I just was looking at the list of projects that was handed out, these are some of the projects that we go into immediate funding if the bond package passes and there's one here on right on the page. It's an County which is in my county and this is my district. Mebane North Carolina 119 relocation from North of US 70 down to the Inner State. I was working with our local Transportation board 25 years ago on this project, that's how long this things has been around and it keeps getting kicked down the road over and over for lack of funding. Now you can take that project and you can go down this list and I will be willing to bet you that most of them have bee kicked down the road, 20.25 years now the purpose in that is that what I see rather than a pile of cash I see a pile of mass or massive pile of neglected long forgotten The infrastructure projects that need to be done for the safety of our citizens are for no other reason. As extra timing, I've gone back and done a little research because, I think most of you know what kind of business I'm in and I went all the way back to 1962 on interest rates. Since 1962 the 10 year treasury yields have been above 4% over 80% of the time, above 4% over 80% of the time in 53 years. T they've only been below 4% nine times out of 53 years. Now what does that mean? It means that interest rates right now are not anywhere near their million, in-fact, if you go back 53 years [xx], the average is 61/2%. Interest rates can't go any lower, they're going to go if I could tell you when exactly then I wouldn't be standing here, but they are going to go up sooner than later, and if they go from 2.5% and a half, I don't even have the figures for the numbers of the tens of millions of dollars that it would cost us in extra interest to fund this bonds. I submit that if were

going to look to the future in North Carolina, we have got to go back and take care of some of these past issues that we keep kicking the can down the road. Now is it a perfect bond package? Probably not. this is a good start. We can go back home to ask to tell them look, we're going to finally step up and try to have some on us, so I urge you to support the bomb package. [xx] Thursday gentleman from [xx] representing [xx] Speak on the bill. T He gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, members of the house, one of the issues has not been raised yet in debate is the time that is been spent on this bill by the members of the House. On Monday [xx] was good enough to come to our house, democratic office and give us the overview of the bill. Tuesday morning, we in the finance committee saw the bill. We spoke about it for, had conversation about it for one hour and twenty minutes and the bill was out. We now have it today, on our calendar, we are debating it right now. When did the public have an opportunity weighing in on this bill? Where was the public hearing on this bill? With we all know, for example this morning there was a meeting to discuss [xx] inputs from different parties, [xx] parties, I think I heard chair Johnson to say that there will be another meeting on that, next week. And so we've to start and ask yourselves why are we rushing here with the bond issue that really has not been debated by members of the public, now it can be said well you get the to vote up or down but the question comes what's in the bill, what are the projects and why haven't we heard from the public that seems to me to be a great problem with the bill. A second problem with it in my judgement is that it does take away in order to make it work $216 million from the general fund. These are the millions that have been in the general fund since 1989 and they've been there in order to meet certain needs that really are transportation needs this dealt with by the general fund now we reverse that and so we now have $216 million less in terms of meeting the needs of the State. Another issue that have been referenced by Representative McShaw[sp?] is how we generally have cut ourselves down in terms of availability. When we reduce the amount of dollars in our general fund we were forced to do some of which we have in this bill. Which is to put a lot of things in the bond issue that previously, with more money in the general fund will pay for directly from the general fund without a bond. And that's makes us to think about no matter how low the interest rates are right now and of course they are. We still have pain we are going out in debt, on projects that in the past, we could have spent with money that was in the general fund. And one example of that, I think of where, it has been thought through to in my judgement in terms of link between the debt and what is in the general, the bond issue and what is in the general fund is the issue of the trigger. The trigger didn't have to go in this year, the trigger is costing, somewhere between $300 and $450 million depending actually on which members of the staff that you ask in terms of the calculation. Well, it's certainly around $400 million that will reduce from availability. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Representative Hart rise? Raise a point of order, there's no debt trigger in this bond. The gentleman from Dome[sp?], I believe the gentleman from Dome[sp?] was trying to argue about other budgetary issues, if the gentleman could keep their hopes high. [xx]  Appreciate it. Keep it close Mr. Chairman, Mr. Speaker. The point is as far as the bond is concerned, the bond issue is the bond, this bill is larger than it needed to be. In the past, the number of projects that we're looking at in this bond issue were paid out of the general fund directly without our going into debt. senior, former senior Chair of House Appropriations knows that, some of the things that we were able to pay directly from the General Fund, now we're going into debt.

And I think then with that, you want to ask yourselves with some of the features in the bill finally that there's an area where we really have to my mind, not gone far enough in the bill and that is in the area of helping the low wealth counties. At this point in the bill, it requires the low wealth to put in 25 cents for every dollar, but we all know compared to the past the low wealth counties are not doing well, and to ask them to put in 25 cents on the dollar strikes me as really unfair to those counties. 76 of our 135 education districts LEAs all low wealth, and certainly in this bond issue if it's going to be as large as it is we could do more for the low well school districts. This is an example of where if we had had public debate, we'd had some input from them from educators, we might have been able to do the bill differently but the way it is right now with the priorities that have been set and with the insufficient money is in the general fund I ask you to vote No on this bill, thank you. Speaker For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, representative Stam rise would Rep. Luebke yield for a question? Does the gentleman from Durham yield to the gentleman from Wake? Yes. He yields. Rep. Luebke want to go back to ancient history about 10 years ago you were senior chair of finance for many years and my question is in those years we did also to the debt financing by certificates of participation which didn't allow public to vote at all, and I'm wondering about all this public hearings in finance which Inever saw, and how many hundred of millions or billions of certificates of participation did you lead us to issue during your tenure as senior finance chair. Well, thank you representative Stern for the question. We had a great deal of discussion about those issues I think you should remember and I will yield to you and make the point agree with you on point that reference in better than certificates of participation I've always felt that whether in Durham or state wide thank you.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Representative Floyd rise? To debate the bill Mr speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Mr Speaker, as I look at this bill and the decision that I'm required to make and to ask the citizens within my district lies on page 17 line 15, page 17, line 15, that's is what I'm asking people that are smarter than I, to do simply gives them the opportunity to either vote for against this package. When I look at possibly could come to my county, today I was recognized by the National Guard as one of their civic award, and I see where in our county we're going to get 2.6 million dollar to look at that facility. I look at my community college where I see 10.2 million, I look at Denver state university which is going to get 10.6 million and I see possible raw construction money to complete [xx]. Then I look over there and see our historical life university and I see who we are then $70 million may be awarded to those institution. So only the reason why I'm voting for the package is to allow the citizen to vote and it's a citizen vote that down, then the citizen vote that down, but I'm going to give them I hope that my vote will be cast to give them the opportunity to vote for or against the barn issue, thank you Mr. Speaker. For purpose does the gentleman from Robeson, representative Graham rise. Thank you, I have a question for representative Arp. Does the gentleman from Union yield to the gentleman from Robeson? Yes, he yields. Thank you Mr. Speaker, representative Arp, it's, I'm very supportive of the package but I do have a question pertained to public education. The 500 million allocation, I understand that there's 1.5 million for each county, and 280 million to be distributed to the wealth counties, what is the formula for that? Thank you for your question representative Graham, what we have is that we've a lot at $500 million as the

investment into the local communities to help the counties meet their needs to support local K12 schools. We do that by appropriating $1.5 million to every county and then on top of that, we have set aside 80% as remaining balance to go to Lodwells counties. We also set aside 20% of that remaining balance going to those high growth counties and that essentially is the formula. OK, follow up Mr speaker? Yes. Does the gentleman yield to an addition question? Yes He yields. This is a friendly question, Rep. Hart[sp?] the 280 million for the low wealth counties and do you know how may low wealth counties we have? Significant number way too many. So, how much of that 280 million do you think will come to my county, Robinson county? You guys get a lot. What we do is almost 75% of this goes out to the surrounding counties and those I don't have the specific numbers in fact when I created this proposal, I din't look at the county by county allocation, I wanted to do it in a very objective way. Something I thought was fair and just and that how I put up the proposal together. So there will be a formula that's fair to all the level at the county I believe so, thank you Mr speaker, For what purpose does the gentleman from Gilford, Rep Blast rise? To see if representative will yield for a question? Does the gentleman from Union yield to the the gentleman from Gilfrord, I certainly do. He yields Rep Ark, at some point when these processes was put together, was counsel of any type consulted to look this over and make sure everything was [xx] we used the treasury utilized the bond counsel, we had access to that all the particular and technical aspects of that and the bill that you have before you has been reviewed by [xx] counsel. For what purpose does the gentleman from Iredale Representative Fraley rise? Thank you Mr speaker like many the gentleman is recognized to debate the bill. Thank you. Like many in this Chamber I prefer to speak infrequently and briefly, but two years ago when I decided to run for the State legislature I largely did so because I observed people down here got things done, as opposed to possibly in Washington or other places. I feel very strongly with these bonds that we have an opportunity to give the voters a chance to invest in the future of North Carolina. I urge you to keep this, get things done record on track, and vote Yes for this bill. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham, Representative Hall rise? Speak on the bill. The gentlemen has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you, Mr speaker and I spoke with Representative Arp earlier today, and have some amendments that I hold for Third Reading and not put forward this evening because I wanted to make sure he had chance to look at them. Didn't want to miss a few things as people talked about how quickly we were moving this bill and my concern although we all agree we need to do somethings you've heard the questions on the floor this evening people who don't understand what it covers how much it covers when it takes in etc. So I hope as people vote this evening will make a commitment to go and get the answer answer this questions before we vote tomorrow on 3rd to pass this apparently or not to pass it whatever will happen as a result but again I hope that we will not hide behind the concept of just saying because we are going to put this on a ballet and a non presidential, non state word action, that that's the real will of the people and so we don't have a responsibility as elected officials. Know who we are voting for and what is going to cost them and is going to do, so I hope we are going to continue to hide behind it, let's go do our work, lets figure out what it really does, lets know the impact on our people and then lets vote our conscience and a clear conscience and don't now put it back on people and say well, you all elected us to come up here and make good policy but we're going to do a week and a nut and throw it back in you face and hope it that you can figure it out when we couldn't figure it out. So I hope we'll do that for tomorrow, we'll have as I said some amendments tomorrow

and myself I'm not sure what is in the bond and so people who are more conversant on it then I am and hope they can make me understand what is going on. But I will challenge is to make sure that when we vote, we know what we are voting for, and that just people and say, you figure it out. It's a referendum. I don't think we are doing our job and I don't think it's fair to them. So, again I hope those of you who can help me represent [xx] by look forward to getting with you on those amendments we discussed to see if they can be addressed in the bill. Finally one thing that came up and a lot of you that this information, the governors ban proposal contain a personally sending billion dollars for a military bases because as you all know this most recent round of break we were able to escape with matter reductions through our military basis. As you look at this ban package you'll see there's no funding for our military basis to assure that the investment is done so that in the initial round to break we would be fortunate as well to keep that infrastructure and those units station in North Carolina so I hope that's something to be looked at in one of my will address that the military affairs commission I'm sure many of you got that email from the have discussed their concerns about being able to maintain those basis and keep us the most military friendly state. So again I'd ask that you take the responsibility as members please don't just put it on the electorate that will show up in smaller members this cycle and will be engaged and didn't take oath and didn't campaigned to come down here and be representatives lets be sincere about  what we're doing, this is a big step, part of the process. I wouldn't  be voting for the bill, I'm certainly going to get with representative of [xx] and see if we can work on some of these issues in it and hopefully it would be improved for third. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union representative [xx] arise? I want to speak on the second time on bill. Gentleman is recognized to like for bill or second term. Thank you, as we close I would like to just thank everyone for the very thoughtful debate, I think this is what we are supposed to do. I want to thank you for a very very well, people have a lot of good reasons and so for highly vote on this bill, but I'd ask and leave you with one thing, we had some folks talk about pen off and become a debt free or define the cost but I think it's too big the package in the question is, do you think the construction cost are going to go up or down in the future? I think they are going to go up. Do you think that the cost of money is going to go up or down in the future? I think they are going to go up, and while I absolutely believe that we should pay off our debt as much as we can, that begs the question to do what? Only to borrow money again for our needs at a higher rate in term. I think that this is a responsible, plan, a fateful plan, a worse plan that uses death, to obtain financing properly for the things that we have to do. It puts an investment into out heartache engines, our and I ask for you to support it, thank you. Further discussion further debate, if not the question before the House is the passage of House Bill 943 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no the clerk will open the vote The clerk will lock the machine to record the vote. 79 having voted in the affirmative and 30 in the negative House Bill 943 passes its second reading, the amendments were ordered and engrossed and the bill remains on the calendar for third reading. Representatives Brown and Harley are recognized send forth a committee report the clerk will read Representatives Brown and Harley education university committee report senate Bill 37 weaver for an officer [xx] The bill is referred to the committee on appropriations. The Clerk is recognized to read a series of messages for the Senate, the Clerk will read. Mr. Speaker, pursuant to the

message received on July 30th, 2015 that the House of Representatives failed to concur in House Bill 13, Senate Committee Substitute Number 2, 6th Edition, A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO REQUIRE EACH CHILD PRESENTED FOR ADMISSION INTO THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR THE FIRST TIME TO SUBMIT PROOF OF A HEALTH ASSESSMENT; TO REQUIRE THAT ABSENCES DUE TO THE FAILURE TO PRESENT THE HEALTH ASSESSMENT TRANSMITTAL FORM NOT RESULT IN SUSPENSIONS AND TO ALLOW STUDENTS TO MAKE UP THE WORK MISSED; TO SPECIFY WHAT INFORMATION SHALL BE INCLUDED ON THE HEALTH ASSESSMENT TRANSMITTAL FORM AND WHO IS AUTHORIZED TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE FORM; AND TO REQUIRE THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AND THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION TO AMEND THE HEALTH ASSESSMENT TRANSMITTAL FORM AND TO REPORT TO THE JOINT LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE ON HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AND TO THE JOINT LEGISLATIVE EDUCATION OVERSIGHT  COMMITTEE to which the President Pro Tempore appoints Senators Soucek Co-Chair, Senator Barefoot, Co-Chair, Senators Bingham, Crewick[sp?] and Grandine[sp?] differences arising may be  resolved, respevtively, [xx]. The Clerk will continue. Mr. Speaker we saw to your message received on July 30th 2003 that the house of representatives has failed to concur in house bill 215. Senate committee substitute fifth edition a bill to the entire act to establish procedure for waiver trial criminal cases wish to record basic pro-tempt appoint Senator Lee Chair senator Blue Apodoca [xx] on a part of the senate to confirm with the like committed upon it by the honour of [xx]  the differences arising may be resolved respectfully sovereign. Mr Speaker we saw to your message received on august third 2015 that it had [xx] the house bill 561 committee substitute, second revision of bill to be entitled an act to modify the authority of school systems with regard to legal proceedings and investigations the president approaching point senate to sit check chair, senators Tucker, J Davis, [xx] and Brown on the part of the senate to confer with [xx] committee pointed by th anual provided the end of deficits arise may be resolved respectfully Sarah Lang, Principal Clerk. Noted. For what purpose does the gentleman from Ash, representative Jordan rise. Point of personal privileges Mr. Speaker. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Colleagues my Republican predecessors, former NC representative William Eugene, Gene Wilson of Watauga county, passed away Friday night. The High country has lost a great advocate and I've lost a political mentor. Jim Wilson was a Watauga county commissioner and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. He was the owner of the Daniel Boone and clearly on of the two best restaurants in the High country, he served the North Carolina House of Representatives and his folks the Watauga and Ash for 15 years. Mr speaker I'll have more to say at a later date but at this point I would like to request that we adjourn today in honor former Representatives Jim Wilson. That will be done. For what purpose purpose does the gentlemen from Cumberland Representative Floyd rise? Inquiry Chair. The gentleman may state his inquiry. Mr speaker I had my room mate give some assistance on the [xx] for tomorrow and he indicated that there was there's appropriation meeting at 8:30 and... The session will be at 10 am if that's gentleman question. Thank you Mr speaker. follow up question. The gentleman is recognized for a follow up. A moment of personal privilege Mr Speaker. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Mr speaker today the Rep. Szoka and I and the house and you and Rep. Hman was recognized by North Carolina national God and members S squared I would advice that I just want to let them that I'm proud to receive this but I become national guard thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cumberland Rep. Szoka rise. For an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Those earlier product if there would be a meeting of the house committee on finance tomorrow at 8:30 that meeting for tomorrow has been canceled house committee on finance will meet next Tuesday at 8:30. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative Dickson arise? For an announcement.   The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Mr speaker, members tomorrow at 8:30 the house appropriations committee on agriculture, natural and economic resources will meet at 8.30, the first notice it went out said 6:43 that's corrected we will be in our normal place 421, the topic discussions surrounds how and when we would develop

procedures for disposing of solar panels.   For what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative Torbit rise? Thank you Mr speaker for an announcement.   The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. there was going to be a small press conference dealing with on unamaned systems or otherwise known as [xx] at 10 O'clock speaker opted to move session for 10 O'clock that may be rescheduled may not if just want to bring that information to the members if you're interested on some updates, that would be going on tomorrow, thank you MR. Speaker. Members back the chair would like to make an announcement. I want to thank those of you who participated in the bone marrow drive today for those who have and are think it technically ends at five and you imagine the work you earn as many of you know we had a couple of folks who work around this building who been affected by cancer, and the bone marrow drive is an opportunity for folks to have a simple swab is more thing as swab inside your mouth there is no needles no blood or anything like that so it's get down and get status to the see if you are much for either judge Fox or Mr to because your folks are here from this region who were dealing with this issue but also if you may be a match for somebody in California who knows where and it really is an opportunity, very small thing folks can do and literally may help save a life so I didn't want to put an extra plug for those folks, I assume most of you saw the announcement out already today we had the entire council of stakes right down Senate agreed with us on that, and we are having this draft today to get what is going on on the first floor of the call directly to my right so if you we still have time if you haven't been please check into that it's worth doing. For what purpose does the gentleman from Meclkenburg Representative Moore rise? For an announcement Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act the 1965 in that spirit there will be a press conference in the press room at 12 pm tomorrow to commemorate voting [xx] anniversary all those are encouraged and they're welcome to come if you so desire thank you. Further notices and announcements if not the gentleman from Harnett, Rep. Lewis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, subject to messages from the Senate [xx] of committee reports and conference reports and the re-referrals of bills and resolutions, and in honor and memory of former Representative William Eugene Gene Wilson, I move that the house do now adjourn to reconvene on Thursday. August the 7th at 10 A. M Rep. Lewis moves seconded by Rep. Jordan that the house do now adjourn subject to receive messages from senate committee reports, conference reports and re-referral bills resolutions to adjourn in memory of former Representative Jean Wilson, and reconvene Thursday, August 7th at 10 A. M, strike that August 6th at 10 A. M. Those in favor will say Aye, Aye  Those opposed No. The Aye's have it and we stand adjourned.