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House | August 4, 2015 | Committee Room | Education - Universities

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Good morning. We have a full house, I hope everybody can find a seat for this important meeting. I call the Education Universities Committee meeting on order as always some house keeping, we do have some pages with us today. If you just stand up and give us a little wave, I apologize ahead of time if we [xx] your names. Catherine study sponsored by Duan Hall Katy Denis sponsored by Rep. Dan Bobgodner Mr. Jacob sponsored by representative Ellmar[sp?] Floyyd[sp?] and Josiah Lester represented also by representative Ellmar[sp?] Floyyd[sp?]. Sargent of arms today, Mr [xx] Mr. [xx] I'm sorry Mr. [xx] Mr [xx] and Mr. [xx]. We have one bill before the committee today, and we will go ahead and move forward with senator Smith. If she is ready to do so, members this is the companion bill that Rep. Graham previously read earlier this [xx] currently Senator Smith you have the floor. Thank you Mr Chairman and thank all of you for allowing me to be here on this, and as you mentioned Representative [xx] you actually passed the companion bill to this earlier. This senate bill was passed back I guess in February unanimously but just to kind give you reminder of what it is about. It actually just makes a minor change in already existing law that allowed for free tuition for any child of a police officer, firefighter or paramedic that was killed in the line duty, unfortunately, three years ago in my home county Robinson we had a very tragic situation where officer Jeremiah Goodson, a [xx] police officer was killed I the line of duty. He and his wife were raising a custodial custodial son, he was his wife's cousin's child who for some reason had not been able to decide that she could not take care of this boy, and officer Goodson and wife had stepped forward got a court ordered, custodial guardianship and we're raising the child as their own. That child graduated from in high school the next year, applied to college, was accepted, tried to do the tuition waver but was turned down because the bill originally just says parent-child, it didn't allow for a legal guardianship or a custodial guardianship, so all this filled is put those two phrases, and also explained that they have to be done by a court order, you don't just say it, it has to be a court ordered custodial guardianship and that will certainly help officer Goodson's custodial son and anybody else that might face the situation in the future answer any questions if you have any. Thank you senator. Any questions from the committee? Seeing none, Representative Moore you are recognized for your motion. Thank you Mr. Chair, I move for a favor on report for senate bill 37. Members you've heard the motion before you all in favor say aye, all appose no. The Bill passes congratulations Senator Smith it will be [xx].