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Senate | July 29, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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senate will come to order sergeant at arms will close the doors, members will go to their seats members and guests will please silence all electronic devices. Leading senate in prayer is [xx] Paul Lowe of Forsyth  county all members and guest will please stand. Forsyth Let us pray thou who art eternal we thank thee for this day, we thank thee for the opportunity to serve we ask that you be with with us in all of our decisions as we go in and as we go out. This things we pray and all the people say Amen. Mr president, the journal of Tuesday July 28th, 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. Without objection, the journal for July 28th, 2015 stands approved as written. Members, leaves of absence are guaranteed today for Senators Brown, Cook and Gunn. Sen. Apodaca, let me introduce the nurse of the day. Members, we have a nurse of today. She is in the back of the Chamber. Nurse Katawa. I apologize. Nurse Shoemate, Shoemate of  Charlotte, North Carolina is here serving us today. Thank you for your service Senator Apodaca is recognized. Mr President I move this senate denounce funny recess subject to the [xx] stipulation sent forth in senate roll 24.1, the appointment of Confortels ratification of bills, messages from the house to reconvene today at 10:15? 10:15. Without objection senates stands in recess until 10.15 [Blank] senate will come to order, sergeant at Arm close the doors, members will return to their seats. Mr President. Senator Apodaca for a purpose will you rise. Multiple motions Mr President.  State your motions. Cross motion senate bill 374 for higher license log book requirement was ready and over the break recess leaves spend the rows to the end that it be placed on the end of the today's calendar for concurrence vote. That objection so ordered. Mr. President if may [xx] about four motions relative to the calendar removing bills going to have just do it in one. No problem. OK first one House Bill 173 Omnibus Criminal Law Bills today's calendar move that it be placed on Tuesday's calendar. House Bill 308 Clarify Reasonable Health Insurance Child Support on today's calendar move that it be placed on Monday's floor calendar. House Bill 371 Terror Claims Damages is on today's calendar move that it be placed on Monday's calendar. House Bill 678 Amend Innocence Commission Statutes is on today's calendar, move that it'd be placed on next Wednesday's calendar. House Bill 575 Judicial Review of EPA Clean Power Plan on today's calendar, move that it be placed on Tuesday's calendar. House Bill 804 Chelsea Smith Act, today's calendar move that it be placed on Tuesday's calendar. House Bill 792 Privacy Protection from Revenge Postings is on today's calendar move that it to be placed on Monday's calendar. Without objection on all motions so ordered. So members with that we are

back to what's left of our calendar so local bills third reading roll call House Bill 386 the clerk will read. House Bill [xx] spring lakes satellite annexation. Any further discussion or debate on this local bill? Before we take a vote let the record note that Senator Cooke is in the chamber and Senator Woodard has an excused absence. Further discussion or debate on House bill 386 on its third reading? Hearing none the question for the senate is the passage of House Bill 386 on its third reading, all in favor will vote aye, all opposed will vote no. Five seconds to be allowed for the voting, the clerk will record the vote. Berger aye, Senator Daniel aye, Rucho. Sorry the clerk has informed me that Senator Rucho has an excused absence as well. Senator Rabon aye, Senator McKissickaye. 46 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative House Bill 386 six passes its third reading and will be enrolled. House Bill 412 the clerk will read. House Bill 412 [xx] how [xx] further discussion or debate on this local bill on third reading hearing none question before the senate is the passage of senate committee substitute House Bill 412 on its third reading. All in favor will vote aye, opposed will vote no, five seconds be allowed for the voting. The clerk will record the vote. [xx] aye 46 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, House Bill 412 has passed its third reading and will be returned to the house on the issue of concurrence on the Senate Committee Substitute . House bill 199, clerk will read. House Bill 199, certain cities donates service animals Senator Alexander is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you Mr. President President that's pretty simple bill, this would allow the city of Raleigh and also the cities and counties to municipalities in Mecklenburg county to be able to donate the animals that they've had in their police departments such as the dogs and the horses back to the handlers who've handled them all their lives. So the animals have good the rest of their lives and also cuts out a lot of expenses for the cities, and I ask of your support. Further discussion or debate on this local bill? Hearing none, questions for the Senate is a passage on the second reading of the Senate Committee substitute to house bill 199. All in favor will say, aye. Aye. All oppose, no. The ayes have it, and House bill 199 has passed its second reading and will without objection be read a third time. North Carolina General Assembly enacts. Any further discussion for debate? Hearing none, questions for the Senate is a passage on third reading of the Senate Commission substitute house bill 199. All in favor will say, aye. all oppose, no. The ayes have it, and house bill 199 has passed its third reading. Will be returned to the house on the issue of concurrence in the Senate Committee substitute Public bill, second reading, I'm sorry, senator Apodaca, make a motion to skip over joint resolution 718 I did it in my mind Mr. Chairman but I think I forgot to vocalize it, I thought I got the message Mr. President St. John's resolution 718 I move will be placed on today's one o'clock calendar please. Without objection so Public bill, second reading house bill 532, clerk will read House bill 532 WC truck driver, Stan, status. Senator Brent Jackson is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you, Mr. President. Members this bill is very short in length as most of you know and heard over the last several weeks possibly months it's not a short and simple issue, bottom line is to me we are treating our trucking industry completely differently than we're treating every other industry in this state and in my opinion that is wrong and we need to try and correct that and I just want

house bill 532 is currently written now there is oppositional[sp?] yes I understand that and we've tried to work out as many details as possible as we can that I was in a layman's term I'll explain to you what we're trying to do here. What we are doing is removing 97-19.1 which is the special provision of a split end the general statues to deal with truck drivers that has three or less employees and what that means is all other industries in this State for the most part if you have three or less employees you do not have to carry worker's contract but if you are a truck driver or a trucking company a moment pop[sp?] with employees you do have to carry worker's [xx] and what we'retrying to do is correct that and basically what we're doing about removing this section 97-19.1 is putting it back in the judge's hands that he will use the common law of eight principles to determine if you are a private contractor or if you are a owner operator or if you're an independent contractor or you should be classified as an employee I'm sure there'll be questions that'll come up I've spoken with most of you on this issue and I own this Bill and I would appreciate your support and I'd be happy to answer the question as best as I can as they come forward Mr. President. Forward the discussion to debate Senator Brian for what purpose for your rise? To ask the Bill sponsor a question. Senate Jackson you yield? Yes Sir. He yield Senate Jackson I sent you these questions by email, you may have answered me, have been so busy trying to, I might, hope if you did, you have to repeat on the floor but do you have any chance of the numbers of truck drivers that we would be excluding from workers camp, some range about the numbers of truck drivers we'll be excluding, who will be driving for these Mom and Pop operators with two or less employees? Mr. President, the response Senator Brawley I don't know we've asked The Department of Commerce for this type of numbers and we've not been able to come up with any clarification on that. All I can say is that, I want to say also is that, we're not requiring them not to have work discomfort we're giving him the option if they want to continue carrying out workers camp they can but they can't get the option if they don't want to, they can exempt that of it. And with the truck industry and [xx] law for drivers and operators and rigs, in that free hand is continuing to get worse day by day as we moving to holding more products and as the economy rebound as we see more demands for [xx] truck operators, I see that this is the right thing to do this time. I follow up Mr. President? Senator Jackson you're yield? Yes Sir. He Yield. Do you know how problem it is in the trucking industry for these truck drivers to fill out form be recruited why they fill out forms to indicate that they are independent contractors. Do you know how prevalent that practice is?  I don't know prevalent it is, respond because I don't know how. Problem is I know the forms, it's about 25-30 page application to get a US DOT number and if they have a US DOT number, this, what we're doing here doesn't apply to them at all anyhow. Thank you Mr. President. May I speak on the Bill? You have the floor. Thank you Mr. Jackson. Senator Jackosn, I'm sorry, Senator Brian's recognized to speak on the Bill. Thank you I wanted to make several comments and the first was on, the process given how complicated this Bill is first I heard of it I understand there may be others, some others, I'm not sure who they are and have been involved in this, but first I heard of it was when we got a proposed committee substitute, before our J2 meeting. And we just had one meeting with a whole lot of Bills. Our last meeting where we had about 12 bills even though we had an extended time, for discussion of this not a lot of time to follow up. Get more research done and get more questions answered. It is concerning to me that we are going to throw a bunch of our constituents under the truck, for lack of a better term in terms of kicking them off of work [xx] without really knowing who they are, the  range of them and  who the winners and losers are. In our marked out constituency in this process and that concerns me. I want also challenge the point that, the tracking industry is the only industry treated this way, in that as you see on your desk, I have placed two statutes for your review ; 97 date to 19.1 and I wrote on top of that H532 workers contract driver bill is repealed this statute, so that let

us  look at the statute that is being repealed also on your desk, is 9719 a related statute just prior to the statute in the work of Camelow[sp?] for principal for other principal contractors, if you look down six or seven lines, you'll see that the same schemer that's used for trackers is also used for other principal contractors that's where you have the chain of liabilities between principal contract and subcontractors if they don't otherwise have coverage, irrespective of whether or not, they have three or more employees, they are covered by workers contract so it's not the case [xx] the tracking trackers are the only ones treated in this way, and part of the history of this is the complication to makeof this relationship, this contract relationship that make it challenging and cumbersome the legal determinations about employee and contract the relationships so we It's I want to rebut that myth secondly we really again don't know who the winners and losers are with this trackers we're kicking under the truck on workers [xx] and kicking them off what about their children and families when they get injured, die. I was the deputy commissioner of the industrial mission back in the 80's most of the tracking cases that were tried before me involved fatalities in which case we're looking at what happens for their children and families when they've these fatal injuries and as well as the medical expenses you know that we as tax payers will end picking most of that cost we also don't know who remains to be covered because that could also be important information and to what extent is there a prevalence of requiring everyone to sign an independent contract proforma if that's the case then that means in everyone of these cases you're going to have legal challenges if I were representing the tracker I would deny the claim and make you prove, that I'm an employee which means then you have to have lawyers they're going to have Subpoenas records of the trackers and the tracking Subpoenas companies, and to determine and employees and the relationship the contract the relationship. So it's going to increase litigation both for all sides, and I think that's really troublesome, but when it's all said and done our citizens and our families and mostly our families and children will suffer when this folks are injured, and they can not work and there is no compensation. This changes over time to work comp[sp?] where we are really disadvantaging some of our citizens have been done and is even if I wanted to file an amendment to this bill, it would be difficult to do it because of all the complications; removing parts and the lack of time to study all of this. So I would hope that at some point along the way, Senator Jackson will be wiling to get a steady of this and get this questions answered, determine who is wining who is loosing if there is some [xx], that is provisions that can be put in that would I will take care of our trackers and our companies who are involved in this business. The final point that I want to make is that when we mess with the moving parts of a big system like this, it has implications just beyond one industry. It will have a ripple effect into other areas in the way that our conference is implemented and so for that reason I will be voting know and also objecting to third reading, to see what more information I can get between now when third reading occurs thank you Further discussion or debate? Mr. President. Senator Tucker for what purpose do you rise? Yes sir, see if Senator Brian would yield for a question. Senator Brian do you yield? Yes Mr. President I yield She yields Thank you sir, Senator you've placed on our desk the H532 and it references contractor, immediate contractor and subcontractor, but it also continues to talk about the courier industry and registration with the United

States Department of Transportation, can you tell me what other trades or industry or whatever you want to call it, with the busy trucking industry or anywhere in our business in [xx] if you've three employees or less, you don't have to have workman's comp, who else is required to have workman's comp, you say that this was not exclusive to the trucking industry, if you could tell me those trades that have three or less employees that have to have workman's comp, I'd appreciate that thank you. Thank you, if look at 97.19 that I put on your desk as it says is related bill for other contractors, other principle contractors intermediate contractors and this mostly would be in the construction industry, where the subcontractor does not present with the certificate of insurance and there's a injury if you look down one, two, three, four, five on the sixth line, it says irrespective of I'm trying to see where the sentence starts. Irrespective of whether such subcontractor has regulated in service he [xx] three employees in the same business within the state to the same extent as such subcontractor would be if he were subject to the provisions of this article for payments of compensation and other benefits under this article on of the injury or death of an employee of such subcontractor due to an accident arising out of and in the course of the performance of the work covered by this subcontract. So these subcontractors, that sentence begins at the beginning, any principle contractor, intermediate contractor, a contractor who should sublet any contract for work and then in the immediate in the to mediate [xx] it talks about whether you have a certificate of insurance if in the absence of that certificate of insurance your respective of the number of employees then you're liable under this act, that's what that verse 10 line or so say under 9719, I am sorry for the cumbersome wording but if you look at that you'll see that on a target so follow-up. Senator Bryant, do you yield for follow-up? Yes,  Senator Bryant I understand what you're having here but that's not  real world, we have subcontracts in the construction industry that I work with all the time that has three or less employees, they are not required to have what has come I think the severity of a big rig running down the road,  opportunity for as you mentioned death and those kind of things that probably called us to treat the truck and industry as kind of a unique situation picking winners and losers but as Senator Jackson [xx] to us these are small businesses and to paper work [xx] which is not cheap in this state because I pay for it every year. I don't see where the three or less employees in that language is required just the subcontractor, and the immediate contract et cetera, that's in the language could be construed to mean just trucking because in the real world subcontractors are not with three or less employees required to have workman's camp. So I think your argument that this is not exclusive to the trucking industry doesn't work. I can tell you about concrete folks that have small businesses and two employees that like concrete et cetera, and there is a lot of underground economy where there're two or three less employed and they pay in cash. This is plenty much zero in the end through the Department of Transportation and the courier industry to be just the trucking industry with some exclusivity and we don't treat anybody like this. I think that part of the reason senator Jackson brought this forward. Thank you.     May I answer Mr. President? [xx] That was a wrong question but the language in this statute is so cumbersome in the first ten lines or so. Say, in [xx] contrast the enemy contract or sub-contract[xx[sub-letter contract without obtaining a certificate of workers compensation insurance from that person. Decover[sp?] the specified term of the work shall be liable irrespective of whether they have three or more employees in the same business. In this state, the data entry that occurs, I am paraphrasing but that what it says. Now there have been an issue in the industrial commission of enforcing this, so there may be well people out of  this sub-contractors out there without insurance. If they are working on a job and somebody gets hurt and they get a lawyer or a medical provider or somebody wants to make sure a claim is filed up, the chain of contracting for that claim under this statute 48 having voted

in the affirmative and none in the negative senate joint resolution has passed, 718 has passed its 2nd and without objection be read a 3rd time. The general assembly of North Carolina enacts. Further discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the senate is the passage senate joint resolution 718 on its 3rd reading, all in favor of the resolution will please stand. All members having stood the ayes have it and senate joint resolution 718 passes it's 3rd reading and will be sent to the house via special message. Members can be sitted. I have a couple of things that I would like to say and some people we would like to recognize I don't know that I can add anything to what's been said about senator Blake, he was everything the forks have indicated on fairness that we risk rerun is that these are determinations may vary between what the industrial commission made us heard about miss classifications and also what the office of management and budget maybe deciding around this classification under the legislation that Senator Newton has sponsored we may have varying decisions that occur, people may be treated very differently under this structure that we're creating, again another reason to take more time to study this we may be the [xx] those opposition in some way so that they're consistent and helpful together Mr President. Further discussions or debate Senator Tillman for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill. You have the floor. Senator Bryant hope that I never have to hire you as my Attorney, if you work by the hour your length is questionable some answers tell me or I need to go to somebody else, however, on this bill all we're asking for is parity for one industry this treated differently from all the others irregardless of that guard of response that you had there, that you read from the law, they are the only ones that are not covered. Do you want to trade our truck drivers the small operations with three of us involved which is different from everybody else? If you do, join Senator Bryant and vote against this bill if you think we ought to treat him fairly, vote like I'm going to vote and vote for it. Further discussion or debate?. Senator Wade for what purpose do you rise? To see if Senator Bryant will answer a question . Senator Bryant do you yield? I yield. She yields. Thank you Mr President, Senator Bryant I think what you've said a few minutes ago was this bill repels 97-19.1 is that correct? That's correct. Follow up? Senator Bryant do you yields for follow up? Yes. She yields. Senator Bryant but it doesn't reveal 19-19 right? Correct. So all we're doing is taking. She yields again so what you're saying is all we're doing is making the trucking industry the same as all other industries because they'll still be under 97.19 that's 19, right? You may answer. Follow up Mr. OK, I may answer, I don't know that. Again that's another thing we need more time to determine. There must have been a reason that 19.1 was added. Specifically related to the tracking industry. So I don't know the breadth of 19, and that's another thing that we need to be determined. But I do know, that the industries covered by 19 which from my experience is primarily the construction industry, are treated the same way as the tracking industry are treated in 19.1 they track each other almost exactly. Mr. President. Senator Wade.   I went there Mr. President, and I don't think that is a gullible response. Mr. President, I'd like to speak on the Bill. Speak on the bill, Senator Wade has the floor. To me, Senator Brian, and to the rest of the seems to me, we're just making the tracking industry follow the same statutes we do everybody else, and not put a special requirement on them and ask for the Bill.  Further discussion and debate Mr. President Senator [xx] for what purpose you rise? I want Senator Jackson [xx] yield to a question please. Senator Jackson  Yes Sir He yields. You and I have had a number of discussions about this Bill and you know I've had some concerns about possible unattended consequences. And I heard you in our Committee, when we asked you about that, you made a statement, if there are unintended consequences or things that happened as a result of that, what is your position about that? Mr. President and Senator Ranger my position was and be the lord's will and when I'm back here [xx] change it. Thank you Mr. President Further discussion on the debate. Mr. President  Mr. Jackson, You have floor Members I appreciate Senator Brian's concerns and she has some valid concerns, but I want to emphasise something, if a moment heating and air condition or plumbing or electrician or roofing, and I go to Senator Brock's home and she hires me to work on whatever it is I am in the business to do. Currently I am not required if I have three or less employees to have this work and that's what I was meaning when I said we're treating our truck drivers differently. If as [xx] comes to my farm the whole produce which posses a bad example because it's an exam comedian USDOT would say am holding a paper piles, which is not examed if she comes and picks up a load of paper towels from my paper towel factory and she's a mom and pop and has three or less employees because of this none she has to have workers' comp. And Sen. Tucker, I"m sorry Sen. Wade, is accurate in my assumption 97-19 as it is currently written will cover these truckers. And so that's what I'm asking you to do. Let's put them on the same level playing field everybody else and we ask for certificates of insurance in my business and mainly we ask for that because when we put our products on there we want to know that truck, has the proper insurance to carry that load and cover should something happen to that load. We also want to know, that the public motoring out there is covered in case there is a wreck. And we're required to do all those thing but the workers' comp part as something that we're require our trucking industry to do as of this time in my opinion is extremely, extremely unfair and we need to correct it and I continue to ask for your support, thank you. Further discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the Senate is the passing on second reading of Senate Committee Substitute to House Bill 532. All in favor will vote aye. All opposed will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting. The Clerk will record the vote. Berger, aye. Senator Bryant. No. House Bill 532. I'm sorry the vote is 31 in favor, 15 opposed. House Bill 532 has passed its second reading and Senator Bryant having objected to third reading will remain on the calendar. House Bill 566 clerk will read. House bill 566 amend witnesses I didn't show up. Senator Blue I have you as handling this bill and you're recognized if you want to speak to it. I appreciate being recognized Mr President, but I don't know whats up. If I am [xx]. We will displace this and come back to it House bill 571 clerk will read. House bill 571, judicial review of [xx] clean power. Mr. President that has been moved. Senator I apologize, that was taken off the calendar, my secretary up here forgot to note that. Mr president so it is 571. Okay, 566 is being temporarily displaced, I apologize for the confusion 571 was taken off the calendar. House bill 724, the Clerk will read. HOUSE BILL 724, Amend Composition of NC Medical Board. thank you Mr. President and members of the Senate. What this bill does is it will change the composition by adding a member to the North Carolina Medical Board currently the board is convinced one of the positions is to be filled by either a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner this changes it so it is now represented by both a physician's assistant and a nurse practitioner. If you have any questions I will be glad to take them, but I appreciate your support. Further discussion or debate? Senator Bryant your microphone is on, further discussion or debate? Hearing none question before the Senate is passage of the Senate Committee Substitute to House Bill 724 all in favor will vote aye all opposed will vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote. Berger aye, Jackson aye, Mckissick aye, Tucker aye. Senator Cook, Senator Smith-Ingram I Senator Curtis aye, 45 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative house bill 724 passes it's second reading and with without objection be read a third time. North Carolina general assembly enacts. Further discussion or debate hearing none the question before the senate is the passage on third reading senate committee substitute house bill 724 all in favor will say aye all opposed no, the ayes have it and, House Bill 724 has passed its third reading and will be returned to the house on the issue of the concurrence in the Senate Committee substitute House bill 797, clerk will read house bill 797. Alarm registration info not public record Senator Dickens recognized. Thank you, Mr. President. Folks, this is a fairly simple bill a lot of cities have inadequate ordinances requiring people who have alarms in their homes and businesses to register. A lot of these applications, they vary a lot a lot of them require sensitive information about schematics, personal information and so forth, and all this bill does is exclude those sensitive things for being part of the public record for obvious security interest reasons. I have committed to you and ask for your support and happy to answer any question Members let the record reflect that senator Richard was back in the chamber further discussion debate on house bill 797 hearing none, the question before the senate is the passage on its second reading of house bill 797. All in favor will vote aye, all opposed vote no, five seconds will be allowed for the voting. Clerk will record the vote. Senator Stein Aye, Senator Tillman Aye, Senator Cook aye. Senator Behringer[sp?] aye, Senator Pate[sp?] aye, Senator 47 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, house bill 797 passes its second reading and will without objection be read a third time. North Carolina General Assembly enacts. Is there further discussion or debate? Hearing none, question before the senate is the passage on third reading of house bill 797 all in favor will say Aye? Aye. All opposed oppose No, the house have it and House Bill 797 has passed its third reading and will be enrolled and sent to the government. House Bill 284 the Clerk will read. House Bill 284 several contempt jury duties. Senator Hardso recognized. Any further discussion or debate? Mr. President I think Senate Richard may have an amendment. Senate Richard is recognized. Alright Mr. President, members of the Senate, yesterday we discussed 284, there was a concerned regarding the effective date. Senate Richard are you speaking on the Bill send forward the amendment. So am going to forward the amendment. Send forward your amendment. Thank you. Prepare for read. It's on the board Senate Richard move to amend the Bill, Senate Richards is recognized to explain the amendment. Thank you sir, it was a concern and apparently coming out of committee the effective date was not correct there was an amendment that was put forward yesterday and if you would read on section five on the screen it clearly says that section one effective date will be October 1st 2015, section two and three would be effective on the time to lower these past insight. I hope you will support this amendment. Further discussion or debate on Amendment. Hearing none, the question before the Senate is the passage of Amendment 2 to House Bill 284. All in favor will vote Aye, all opposed will vote No, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, the Clerk will record the vote. Berger, Aye. Apodaca, Aye. 47 having voted in the Affirmative and 0 in the Negative, Amendment 2 passes and the bill is back before you. Is there further discussion or debate? Third Reading on House Bill 284. hearing none, the question before the Senate is the passage of Senate Committee Substitute as amended to House Bill 284. All in favor will vote Aye, all opposed will vote No, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, the Clerk will record the vote. Apodaca, Aye. Berger, Aye. Senator Stein, Aye. Senator Robinson, Aye. Senator Rabin, Aye. 47 having voted in the Affirmative and 0 in the Negative house bill 284 is passed it's third reading and the amendment or amendments will be engrossed and the bill will be will return to the house on the issue of concurrence and the senate committee substitute as amended. Mr President. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? I believe senator Blue is ready to roll on the other bill. The question is whether the chair is ready, so. House bill 566. House bill 566 clerk will read. House bill 566 I witnessed I did show up. Senator Blue is recognized. Thank you Mr President my recollection has been refreshed. This bill ladies and gentleman, House Bill 566 passed the house unanimously the judiciary, one committee unanimously and what it does is four simple things. Basically it clarifies that law enforcement officers can be our witnesses to the incidences they see which seems sort of en-toured[sp?] if they would be. Secondly, defines show up as something different from a line up. And it simply provides that a witness can appear at a show up and look at a live person, who purportedly, to ask whether or not this is the person that you saw commit a crime. And that is distinguishing it from a line up in all these other things where you have to have a more specific rules that you can't just do it with one person. And the third thing that it does is sets requirements for the show up what you have to do. And lastly, it says that the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and will work on developing more standards for the show-up. That's what it does. And there was no opposition, everybody signed into it. Further discussion on the debate. Hearing none, question for the Senate is the passage of the Senate Substitute Committee Health Bill 566 all in favor will vote Aye, all opposed vote No.  Five seconds, Bill is out for the voting. Clerk will record the vote. BLANK I was looking for the wrong one. 47 having voted in the affirmative, and non in the negative. Health Bill 566 has passed its second and will without objection, be read the third time. North Carolina doing some real acts What can I do if I have been asked Further discussion debate, hearing non questionable xx the passage of the Senate Committee Substitute Health Bill 566 on its third reading all in favor will Aye? Aye All opposed No. The ayes have it and House Bill 566 has passed its third reading and will be returned to the House on the issue of concurrence in the Senate Committee Substitute. For concurrence, Senate Bill 182. The Clerk will read. Senate Bill 182. Automatic License Plate Readers. Sen. McKissick is recognized. This bill's come back to us for concurrence. We did get it worked on over in the house. I want to thank the House members who helped with it, Rep. Blackwell, Rep. Barecloth, Rep. Hardister, Rep. Speciale. Today it's a better bill. More importantly, I want thank Sen. Daniels, Sen. Barefoot for their help with this legislation as well. I ask that you concur. On the issue of concurrence, the bill sponsor asks that you vote to concur. Is there further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question before the Senate is the motion to concur in the house committee substitute, senate bill 182, all in favor will vote yes, all oppose will vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote. [xx] aye. 47 have been voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, the motion carries the Bill will be enrolled and sent to the Governor, also on concurrent to this was added to the calendar senate Bill 374 the Clerk will read. Senate Bill 374 modify for high license, logbook requirement. Senator Cock is Recognized. Thank You Sir, the house made only a minor change, I ask for you concurrence. Is there further discussion and debate, Senate Bill 374 is on motion to concur the Bill sponsor, I ask that you vote aye. Senator Ford what purpose do you rise? To see if the Senator will yield for a question. Senator Cooke do you yield? I do. He yields Senator what was the change? They had it. You can answer. The change was to add a study to study whether in fact to, what was it, to look at a catching, excuse me, the libel reporting of catch an effort. Further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question before the Senate is the motion to concur in the committee substitute to Senate Bill 374. All in favor will vote aye. All opposed will vote no. The bill sponsor asked that you vote aye. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting. The Clerk will record the vote. Berger, aye. 46 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative, the motion passes and the bill will be enrolled and sent to the governor. Members that's all, I think that's all that we have on the calendar for now, the only thing remaining is, the resolution scheduled for one o'clock. Are there any notices or announcements this time? Senator Alexander for what purpose do you rise? Point of personal privilege you have the floor. Thank you very much Mr. President. 55 years ago on July 25th 1960, Greensboro lunch calendars opened to sitting council customers of all races for the first time. The event was a combination of a brief and intense desegregation campaign about black activist that sparked similar actions throughout the country. In February of that year, four brave students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College, began a city in the largest counter of downtown Woolworths demanding equal service with white customers. The original demonstrators is Arbrelo[sp] junior, Joseph McNeal, Franklin McCain and David Richmond were joined on succeeding days by more and more protesters and the campaign they began spread to other stores. After six days stores closed and the protesters declared a moratorium to negotiate with civic leaders. Some of the protests spread throughout the south while supporting demonstrations were launched in the north. Negotiations failed and the demonstrations were resumed in April. Stores that refused to see black got picketed. By the end of June store managers gave up as the boycott had hurt their business. After new negotiations it was agreed that blacks could eat at Greensboro lunch counters. The successful outcome of the campaign marked an important state and national milestone in the early civil rights struggle. Thank you for your attention. All the bills will be discussed by the senate at this time. Senator Barringer for what purpose do you rise? A moment of personal privilege. You have the floor. I would like to add my comments to the good senator Alexander, Dr. Franklin McCain was a close personal friend of mine I had the privilege to getting to know him during the last 10 years of his we lost Dr. McCain last year but the first I encountered him he's giving his talk he was telling about this experience to a group of middle school students and I was a middle aged white woman in back of the theater, of the fear with tears falling down my face, when he explained there's a 19 year old young man, that when he walked over there for the first time and every day after that he did know if he'd be coming home in a pine box. One unknown part of this is that the women one of the North Carolina Womens' college now known as University of North Carolina joined him in that effort and was able to keep that hope alive, and they said that with the group, the Greensboro Four, and so I commend not just those four young African- American men but those courageous women who at that time would go and sit in protest and in solidarity with them so thank you so much for bringing to our attention today, senator Alexander.  Before the business comes before the senate Mr. President Senator [xx] for what purpose you arise? Point of personal privilege.  You have the floor. I want to thank Senator Alexander for comments, but my father actually represented as an attorney many of the [xx] over in Greensboro but one thing, we just kind of have forgotten the footnote in history which was held in Durham North Carolina at Royal Ice cream. In 1957, there were settings in this state we could also be recognized by historical back up which was erected by our state in fact, and I spoke it at one point with a gentleman by the name Farmersp?] was a former national director of the congress [xx] about the sit in's and the freedom rights because he was so active in that area was a really close personal friend to the family I say Kim when did you first participate in a sit in? He said in 1949 in the state of Illinois so I think there are distinctions to be made lots of accomplishments we've all made historical events we can certainly not worthy but sometimes the thing that distinguishes whether it is recognized in the archives of history is whether it was the first time the press and the national media covered the event. Senator Robinson for what purpose do you rise? For a moment of personal privilege. You have the floor. I too want to thank Senator Alexander and I would be remis[sp?] if I did not stand to say that there were several institution involved, I knew Franklin and Betty McCain very personally, personal friends of mine as you heard me say earlier here and several of the other won which went to school with my husband, my late husband, but also to acknowledge that benet women, benet college women the school where I got my undergraduate degree were very involved and the movement very early on from the beginning and Dr. Player was the one who said to the Bennett women go to jail, I'll bring lessons to you, and even far to that time, Senator Apodaca will like this Benett women in the 1930's protested and built stores downtown in Greensborough with their hats and their gloves, Senator Apodaca was a requirement during that time that they could do it, but they had to go downtown with their hats and their gloves on and so the history of protest is one that has started early and has continued in our country so thank you. Senator Ford for what purpose do you rise?  Moment of persona privilege. You have the floor Ladies and gentlemen of the senate I sit in my 2nd year here still learning the ways of the senate, I just learnt and I'm extremely disappointed that the vote on concurrent for senate bill 374 would require that no log books would be required. I think it's disingenuous for any bill presenter to not fully explain what it's that we're voting on. I think it sends a wrong message. You folks have a super majority so there's no reason to add anything so let's be truthful going forward, so people will know what they're voting on. Senator Blue.  Thank you Mr. President I was simply rising to change my vote on Senate bill 374 concurrence.  From aye to no? Yes. The vote is 45 to two. Senator Apodaca, what purpose do you rise?  Mr. President, mine is a personal privilege in the motion. You have the floor. Thank you, Mr. President. I'd like to take a moment to kind of bring everybody up to date where we are in the process, and where we are going forward. I wish I had a crystal ball that I can give you some exact times and dates but I'd be re-missed if I din't give a verbal thank you and a shout out so to speak thank you to the house DHSSEAJF team and there were with Senator High [xx] senator pay and senator Tucher on mericable form we appreciate your efforts, seems like real progress must be being made and that's a good thing. Secondly, I think is good we give a shout out to representative Sain[sp?] representative Browley for there work senator [xx] law and the finance team on reaching out and having meetings so that's very encouraging and I would like to give a shout out to the appropriations team in the house, but they're too busy going over our budget to sit down with us and discuss the differences, I guess they haven't found those not yet, and negotiate and move forward so I would like to encourage house appropriation team to join with the rest lets get home before Labour Day, the 14 of August is fastly coming upon us. I move now that the senate stand to recess subject to the standards stipulated set forward, and senate rule 24.1, the appointment of the [xx] the ratification of bills I suggest from the house that we reconvene today at one pm. The motion is that the senate do now adjourn subject to the stipulation stated by Senator Apodaca to reconvene, I'm sorry to now recess subject to stipulation stated by senator Apodaca to reconvene at one pm, all in favor say aye, opposed no, ayes have it senate stands in recess, ratification of bills, the clerk will read enrolled bill, enrolling clerk reports the following bill duly ratified for presentation to the governor. Senate Bill 82, An Act To Ensure The Integrity Of Birth Record Presented For Registration. Senate Bill 345, An Act To Limit The Amount Of Time A Motor Vehicle Can Be Impounded After Collision. House Bill 59, An Act To Clarify The Admissibility Of Reports For Forensic And Chemical Analysis To Exempt Certain Expert Hearings From Reporting Requirements. House Bill 134, An Act To Provide That A Minor Who Is Soliciting As A Prostitute Is Immune From Prosecution For The Offence Of Solicitation Of Prostitution. House Bill 185 An Act To Repeal Commissions Within The Department Of Cultural Resources That Observe Their Purpose And To Repeal The Statutory Language Relating To The Use Of Alkaline Papers For Public Documents And Previously Repeal Commision. House Bill 186, An Act To Require Environmental Review Commission To Conduct water resources availability indicates rare[sp?] river basin, and to permit the Rules Review Commission to retain private council on the certain circumstances, House Bill 229 enact to modify the exemption for real property use for religious purposes and to authorize a limited driving and privilege to drive to and from the person or  place of religious worship. House Bill 383 enact, reorganize, rename, and renumber very effective offences to make them more easy to distinguish from another as recommended by North Carolina court of appeal and instead of North Carolina be verses laid western union[SP?] and to make other technical changes. House Bill 397 enact to clarify upon convictions [xx] for an old or disabled that ans he sees that [xx] to dissatisfy the defendant's restitution obligation as ordered by the court. House bill 529, an act to repeal the punishment of revoking a persons drivers licence, for committing certain driving while licence revoked to make driving law license revoked a none moving violations for certain purposes and to make other conforming changes House Bill 721 an act to amend the law related to land development. House Bill 823. An Act to Establishing the Advisory Council on Rare Diseases within the of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Senate will come to order, sergeant at arms will close doors members will return to their seats. Members and guest would you please remember to silence all electronic devices, member we're back in session this afternoon, the only matter we have on the calendar is the resolution honoring Senator Harris Blake I would in preparation for the reading that resolution, senate joint resolution 718. Make sure that the sergeant at arms has secured the doors and ask that the Pages and the members and staff member's would take seats and would remain seated during the reading and discussion of the resolution. Senate joint resolution 718 the Clerk will read in it's entirety. Senate joint resolution 718 Mr. President with honor. Adjourn resolution, honoring the life and memory of Harris Blake former member of the General Assembly. Whereas Harris Blake was born on November 3, 1929 in Decan Spring North Carolina to Ivander Blake in Claudia Parker Blake and whereas despite becoming orphaned at the age of five, Erick Blake graduated from Westend High School in 1948 and attended Ellon University and whereas Erick Blake served in the United States Army during the Korean war and for his service, earned a great conduct and worth and whereas Erick Blake begun his career as a clerk for Pinehouse Hardware and Supply company and later became the manager before eventually buying the business and expanded it to three locations and whereas Erick Blake later ventured into Commercial Development and established Penthouse South [xx] and where else Erick Blake was appointed by the President then Ronald Reagan as an associated administrator for the Farmers Home Association, clerk within the US department of and served in that position from 1985 to 1986 and whereas Harris Blake was elected to the North Carolina Senate in 2002 where he served with honor and distinction for five terms and whereas, during his tenure in the senate Harris Blake was a member of several committees including Appropriations based Budget, Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Care and State and Local governments, was able to work with members on both sides of the Isle to pass legislation and whereas Harris Blake was the co-founder of the Carolina China Council, a Non-profit Organization that promote business, cultural and educational exchanges between North Carolina and China and whereas Harris Blake worked with the Chinese government to return to the Moore County, the remains of Lieutenant Robert Hoyle Upchurch, a Flying Tiger pilot, killed in World War II. In whereas Harris Blake was active in his community, and was elected or appointed to serve both including Moore Regional Hospital, Moore Regional Foundation, Moore County board of education, Sandhill Community College, Sandhill area of Chamber of Commerce, Pan-hills Lions Club and Stan-hills club and Moore county Historical society and whereas Harris Blake also served as chair of fundraising for program, and president of NCSE.  Harris Blake was awarded the State which is  the highest honor, and  the order of the longest time in 2013. He died on June 9th 2014 at the age of 84. He was preceded by his wife of 56 years Barbara. He is survived by his daughter Joy, son in law Luke Donat a brother Waylon Blake and a sister Betty McNeill and whereas Harris Blake will be remembered as a true gentleman who treated everyone with respect and dignity and went out of his way to help those in need now therefore  be it resolved by the Senate the House of representative concurrent section 1 the General Assembly honors the memory of Harris Blake and expresses appreciation for his many accomplishments and his service this is state of North Carolina section 2 the general assembly extends the sympathy to the family of Harris Blake for the loss of a beloved family member, section 3 the secretary of state shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the family of Harris Blake section 4 this resolution is effective upon ratification Senator Tillman is recognized to explain the bill thank you Mr. President members of the senate it's very fitting that we do this for Sen. Blake. He and I were friends many years before we came to the Senate with the session in 2003. We came in as freshmen that year, and I went back today and sat there in my old seat 48 and Harris' seat 47, and I sat there to reminisce a little bit about some conversations we used to have. When you're on a back row, the cameras are not on you, you can take a nap, you can leave or whatever want to do and I would do that sometimes. Sen. Blake was a true gentleman, I've never been accused of that, but he was a real gentleman and if you knew Harris, you absolutely were going to like Harris Blake. His word was his bond. He came into the business world. You remember he was orphaned at the age of five. He started out as a clerk in a hardware store If I were in the hardware store, if I want to develop that whole business park there, it's still there and doing well, then he became [xx] and was doing well, he left and a huge footprint in my County. And you can, mention that name today, and people will tell you that he was a man of integrity, absolutely a man of honor and he was a good friend, and he would ask me once in a while, he said, Jerry do you reckon we will ever be on the front row, and I said Harris, it don't look at it. I doubt it, this is one what he would be like. Well he lived to see that day. Joy his daughter and David Blake and [xx] and Dr. Shay they're up there today, and Mr. President I know you a little later then but Dr. Shay you are his China liaison, but you've got this North Carolina- China business council going, they still going today and Hearse went to China with you and other places and you brought the pilot body back it's upto you the world with you and that relationship, am hoping that we get somebody here they can pick that up and sort of take second that row that Harris was performing but I remember well when his wife Barbra died and she was a really gentle southern lady, when she passed away, Joey you know these and you know it took a lot of out of Harris, she was his confidant, his social secretary she made sure the yard was mowed and all those little things that wives do, she was definitely a southern lady and I think he met her when she was a probably a cheerleader going way, way back, I think that story I remember, it's something you all don't know unless you paid attention back then, our reading least settle, Joey has back and forth, the last, I don't know, probably two or three years when there was advanced at night Lee sat right here with [xx] after those events and take him back. Lee was there the day he passed away at his bed side, so Lee was about as close to senator Blake, probably closer than of us. And our relationship has like I said transcends by a long time having been a senate and I thought the world of him and looked up to him and respected him right bill and I think it's only fitting that we honor and memorialize Harris Blake a true gentleman, very, very much a big, big player in the history of Mohave County, representative vows would agree to that when you've been there most of life and I just want to say that, I wish the family well I know Joyce Kleege, of Novato one of the businesses there and they are still going and there still on impact and Senator Blake, we love you my friend. Further discussion or debate. Mr. President. Senator Brock, for what purpose do you rise? Speak to resolution. You have the floor. Thank you Jerry. One thing you talked about my, about my family. One thing I inherited from my father were some of his friends and one of the first people I remember meeting in politics was Harris and it's my job to put stickers on people for former then buttons and from that time on even though he wasn't successful when he ran for congress in the 80s, every time he would see me at any event or anything else he knew me by name and he would come up and he would make it a point to come and talk to me and that meant a lot to me and even he was up here in the Senate, Harris would always take time to talk to the interns, to talk to the pages to get them really involved and to reach out to them, and knowing about how he felt about trying to help the children of today and how much of interest that he took in their lives and their activities and I'll keep this short, and I just never forget what my dad first said the first time I met Harris. He said son this is Harris Blake, he's a good man. [xx] support the resolution. Further discussion or debate? Senator Pate for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the resolution Mr. President. You have the floor. Ladies and gentlemen for people who come here to visit our chamber and don't get any closer to the desk then up in the balcony they may not realize it but attached to each desk is a plaque, and on the plaque is inscribed the names of the senator who have occupied that desk over the years, my seat which is number nine has just label of my name, the name of Harris Blake when he served his term as Deputy President Pro-Tem of the Senate, and I feel honored to follow him in this seat. In 2011 when I was first elected to the Senate, you know how we through the drills of office assignments which office you're going to get, how much floor space you have and all of that. Well I was assigned to something like a broom closet it over in the LOB being my first term in the Senate, but the broom closet size room was part of the suite senator Blake had to him and so we shared not only that space but we shared a lot of stories and tails and fun times and I  shared with his philosophy of governance and the very conservative ideas that that man hard, I enjoyed those two years with him and then the remaining two years when I got moved out there over to the Medicaid banker and this in this building. But Harris meant a lot to me and I know that he has several investments around in various businesses and all, but I don't believe he had much money in the oil business and I want to illustrate with one point. Harris and I were to drive down to a conference in Atlanta, Georgia and I live about a 100 miles east of him, and he wanted me to come by to pick him up in Pinehurst and we'd drive together from there down to Atlanta, and so when I got to his home, he had his car out on the driveway and he said, let's drive my car. And I said, okay. So I started getting in on the passenger side. He said, no, no, no. I want you to drive. And so we started out that way, and would you know that a Buick Electra can make it from Pinehurst to Atlanta, back to Pinehurst almost on a full tank of gas. South Carolina. I don't know what it is about South Carolina, but their gas prices are quite a bit lower than ours, and I must admit that Harris had a favorable notion in mind about the price of gas in South Carolina because he was determined that we were going to get that car back to South Carolina before it ran out of gas. He was almost right. The last 20 steps on that trip I pushed the car up to the gas point. On a more serious note we can't do our jobs without our legislative assistants and all of the other people who will keep our offices going, and Mr. President Anna Kid[sp?] who was the LA for Senator Blake for his entire time in the Senate is up in the chamber today, and I hope that she will be recognized as part of the official family. For the family of Senator Blake, we enjoyed his tenure with us, all the funny tales he had to tell, and we certainly miss him dearly today. I'd recommend the resolution to you. Further discussion or debate? for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the resolution. You have the floor. Thank you very much Mr. President. Ladies and gentlemen, I Senator knew Blake and there's a line at the resolution that aligns six and seven on the second page that says that he was will be remembered as a true southern gentleman who treated other one with respect and dignity and I can't think of any sure statements about Senator Blake. He was one of the most respectful individuals I have ever know for someone when I first met him in the 60s or 70s to be as respectful for someone, you don't have to be a son, a grandson, is almost unprecedented nowadays it might used to be the case but he was, and he was sincere in that respect that he showed everybody. He was a very,  accommodating person. I'd talked to him one occasion when I came back to the legislature about a multitude of things, and he always had an interest on what you were talking about. I had several connections to more country, both personal with extended family, as well as the business associations and relationships [xx] up and he was always inquiring about them. Knowledgeable about everything, one of his very good friends was an extended relative of mine. And we he was genteel. I guess that's the best way to put it. And as I think about what these two lines mean, I think that he has embodied better than most individuals I've known across my life time. He was very caring. He was empathetic. And even before and after, he moved from the back row, to the front row, he wanted to know what issues concerns you. What he could do to help you with those issues and even when he intentionally may have not been on the same side with you on issues, he came back to talk to you about them so, he understood that and I think one of the real joys of serving in those legislature, is having the privilege to serve with people that you know are genuine, people that you know care very much, not only about what you're debating at the moment, but care about you individually, and I think Senator Blake embodied that as much as not more than any individual that I've served with over the last three decades.  Further discussion or debate? Senator McKissick for what purpose do you rise?  Speak on the resolution. You have the floor.  I likewise had that privilege and honor serving with Senator Blake and when he was on the back row there. Senator  Debbie Clarice over there too. I was ahead of them in the seating podium over there, but we had many conversations he had an excellent sense of humor, he was always someone who was warm, always somebody that was friendly, always somebody who was to listening even when there were close bills where there might have been people that for whatever the reasons might have been could not support something I was trying to advocate for in terms of legislation. I don't think there is hardly a single occasion I couldn't go to Senator Blake and make an appeal, and he was able to help me out most of the time. If you want to look at a role model for a public servant, you look at the attributes of Senator Blake. He's a class act, a true gentleman, well respected, well regarded, but very very principled, outstanding advocate for the constituents whom he he represented. But more importantly he was always receptive, always able to extend a hand and whatever the circumstances were he was somebody who you could confide in. And when you sit next to people in the Chamber year after year, you get to know those people around you. Senator Blake was sincere and genuine in what he was, it wasn't a we saw Senator Blake, we knew that he stood up for what he believed, and while we didn't always agree he was someone who not only earned my respect, he deserved my respect and this body is humbled by the public service that he provided. I thank him and his family for sharing those many dedicated years with us, but more importantly wherever he may be today, I'm sure he's standing up forthright passionately in a principled way for the voices that maybe unheard, for the principles that he believes in over compassionate ear for public service. Further discussion or debate? Mr. President. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? Speak to the resolution. You have the floor. I can hear Harris now saying OK that's enough, let's move on. But first thing I'd like to say is that Senator Pate you probably are glad drove and not Harris. After Mrs Blake passed we all felt was part of the family and loved her what a wonderful, wonderful, woman she was Harris drove himself for a while my goodness every other week the car had another ding and so Lee we were all happy when you came on board to help your good friend and the thing I remember two things I remember about Harris one is that voice Senator Ford you have hat voice senator Lowe you have that voice but when he spoke it rattled in here and it would draw your attention and it was just a wonderful voice he had and he had a wicked sense of humor a lot of people didn't know that but Senator Smith Ingram Senator Lowe you're going to appreciate this. Senator Stein I think you remember this story we were in commerce and someone had brought forth one of those bottle bills where you collect deposits and bring it in and they had a church group there saying they would set up redemption centers for the bottles[sp?] well Senator Blake and that voice broke out and said well isn't every church a redemption center and I mean it just carried the day I mean it was what we needed in the meeting and it was so appropriate and now Harris was also a little bit with the dollar, I think all of us knew that. We talk about the gas in South Carolina, but Senator [xx] you'll appreciate this one. We went down to a fund raising golf tournament for Harris and that's the first time I met you, you didn't make a [xx] all day, really didn't help the team at all but we were glad to have you long, so Weir[sp?] came in second or something pretty well [xx] you will appreciate this? I did great Yeah you did great, you did all these freshmen but anyway the plot[sp?] was one sleeve of a cheap golf ball and he made the members pay the entry fee, we didn't get a break coming down participating with him and I asked him is this the best you do?  He says, I'm here to raise money, not give it out. Then I remember that, but he was a certainly gentleman no doubt and he lived the American dream. So we miss him and I know where he is, he is upstairs looking down on us. I ask you to support the resolution. Further discussion or debate. Senator McInnis, what purpose do you rise? To speak to the resolution. You have the floor. Thank you Mr. President, I'm going to come out from a little different perspective because I didn't have the privilege to serve with Harris, but my great-grandmother was born in Jackson Springs that allowed my family for over 200 years to be friends with his family, and we cherished our friendship with the Blake family that whole time. Harris was an entrepreneur before the word entrepreneur was in the dictionary, he wrote the book on it. We've heard that he came to work as a clerk there at Pinehurst Hardware and that is exactly the truth, and he worked there long, hard, diligently and dedicated and the owner of that store took a liking to him, and the owner of that store gave him the opportunity to be that owner that day. Harris told me on many occasions he said, I've never would have been able to do that without that good man financing that opportunity for me to be that business owner and to be that entrepreneur which he again expanded that business into three other operations as well as the many other ventures that he was in. He was a humble man and he came from humble beginnings. If you've never had the opportunity to go to Jackson Springs I would challenge you to go there, it's on Highway 73 it's in the western part of Moore County and the eastern part of Richmond County, and it's the way that we go from my property to Pinehurst and to the Pinehurst all the grocery stores there. It's one of those towns that has the city limit sign back to back on the same post it's a town that is dearly loved by all who know it and who are from there and who grew up there. [xx] would never, ever, ever let you leave his presence without you knowing that he grew up in Jackson's Springs, North Carolina, that's where he was born. I had the opportunity to work with him on his campaign for the United States Congress and one of the highlights of my life at that time one night he brought Jack Kemp down to work with him and to support him in that endeavor. We had a lot of fun, that was a great campaign it wasn't successful but because he shared such true leadership ability and such tenacity and perseverance in the campaign that the president of the United States Ronald Reagan nominated and directed him to go to work in his subcandor which is an absolute high honor and he always said what a feast for somebody from Jackson's Springs. He was a man of absolute integrity and absolute character, dedication, principle, everything about him read integrity. We're honored to have him to be a member of this organization. We're honored that he came our way and the county of Moore the state of North Carolina, the United States of America are a better place  for Karl Harris Blake, thank you. Further discussion or debate hearing none  question before the senate is the passage of senate joint resolution 718 on its second reading, all in favor will vote aye, all opposed will vote no, five seconds will allowed for the voting and before the clerk records the vote I'd like to note that senator Woodell is back in the chamber. Five seconds to be allowed for the voting and the clerk will record the vote 48 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative senate joint resolution has passed, 718 has passed its 2nd and without objection be read a 3rd time. The general assembly of North Carolina enacts. Further discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the senate is the passage senate joint resolution 718 on its 3rd reading, all in favor of the resolution will please stand. All members having stood the ayes have it and senate joint resolution 718 passes its 3rd reading and will be sent to the house via special message. Members can be sitted. I have a couple of things that I would like to say and some people we would like to recognize. I don't know that I can add anything to what's been said about Senator Blake. He was everything the forks have indicated and he is someone I know I miss and I know anyone that knew him misses him as well one of the things about him to me that was most interesting was the interest he took in China towards the end of his life and it was something that he approached and pursued with I'm sure the same tenacity and the dedication that he did in his business efforts because he it appears to me he single handily connected the state of North Carolina with China, and I don't know if their was a time that I spoke with him that he dint mention Hunan province every time I talk to him he was talking about Hunan province and when he went to China to begin working on give me back the remains of that American service man it was something that he really dedicated his life to and he he thought a great deal not only of the Chinese people and the people in Hunan province but I think there was a special place in his heart for Lyon Shee, Dr. Shee because he was constantly talking about the things that he would be working on and the kinds of things he wanted to see for the relationship between North Carolina and China. So it was something that I would say in many respects kept off at least the professional part of his life and I wish something he spent a great deal of time and effort on. With us today members as I'm sure you would want to make sure that you know in the gallery are Senator Blakes daughter Jay, Denay. Also is Dr. Leon Shay, Trudy Angritson, David Blake, David Sinclair and former staff members Anna Kid as has been indicated and Dana Sutters[sp?]. I would ask if you would please stand be recognised by the senate and thank you for being here. And members, one other person that's been referred to that is actually on the floor, Rep. Jamie Boles who represents Moore County and has been a special friend of Sen. Blake's for a long time and also present and has been mentioned, Liz Saddle, who was a close personal friend and has been our reading clerk for a number of years. So I think everyone who has made mention of their relationship with Sen. Blake and we all I think. We thank you for sharing him with us. And I don't think there's anyone he met that did not have their lives touched. Sen. Tillman. For what purpose. Mr. President, I recognize back here on the floor back here also is Rep. McNeal who now represents part of Moore County also and of course you've got Rep. Bower but McNeal is there too. And Rep. McNeal and Rep. Bower, welcome to the Senate. It's not normal that

we would have house members over here participating in our efforts but we welcome you on this occasion. Thank you. Notices and announcements. Notices and announcements. Is there further bills this come forth the Senate. Hearing none, Senator  Pate is recognized for a motion.  Mr. President, I move that the Senate do now adjourn subject to the standard stipulations set forth in Senate Rule 24.1, the ratification of Bills, the appointment of conferees and the receipt of House messages to reconvene on Thursday July 30th, 2015 at 9.30 am a further move that all the comments made this afternoon in regards to the resolution be spread upon the journal, and just an announcement, the session tomorrow will be a voting session. Thank you Mr President.  For the record without objection the motion about the comments being on the record is granted without objection, beyond that the members of the senate the motion is senate do now adjourn the subject to stipulations stated by Senator Pate to reconvene on Thursday July 30th 2015 at 9:30 A. M. Seconded by Senator Tillman all in favor will say aye, all oppose no, the ayes have it. The senate stands adjourned.