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House | July 21, 2015 | Committee Room | Appropriations Committee: Transportation, Part Two

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for holding out and waiting on transportation committee, sorry for the delay. Just simply very simply put is the process. Ladies and gentlemen, today we have with us our sergeant-at-arms Carlton Adams, Martha Gadston, Joe Austin and your friend and mine Charles Godwin Thank you all for being here guys and thank you for the due diligence you provide the general assembly each and everyday. The first Bill today is I'm looking for Representative Brawley I did not see him so I move to the second bill today because we have on deck senate bill 370 e-signatures, vehicle title and registration Senator Barefoot, you have the podium sir. And Senator I will remind you allow people to ask about this committee I inform the presenters to make sure you tie a rope under your Bills so if our committee members start dragging out in to the weed you can pull it back real quick Thank you Mr. Chairman. Section one of this bill simply clarifies that various documents submitted to the department of motor vehicles pursuing to a motor vehicle sale release may be submitted with electronic signatures and electronic notarization provided that there is no conflict with federal law. DMV is good with this and just asks that the effective date be in August the 2016 for them to prepare which we've done. In section two under existing law upon satisfaction of the security interest in a vehicle, a secured party must release the certificate of title within 30 days of the satisfaction or within 10 days if there is a letter of demand. As many of you know, the division of motor vehicles recently implemented a new electronic lean release system in which leans and lean releases for vehicle titles are electronically recorded, this will be mandatory for most lenders on January 1, 2016. Under the new system, this lean release is for titles which electronically recorded should take far less time to perform so what this does is it adds a section to the current lean release statue to provide a seven business day time-frame for the release of the security interest, and a three day business time-frame for subsequent mailing of the title by DMV after electronic notice of lean satisfaction. This provision is being reviewed by both DMV and the North Carolina Bankers Association and I ask for your support. Thank you Representative Brown  Thank you Mr. Chair for a motion at the appropriate time. Thank you Representative. Any other questions? Yes sir, thank you Representative, it looks like Zackery, no,  yeah Burrough[sp?] I'm just curious, how does an electronic notary work? Senator please feel free to explain the robotic actions of a electronic notary. Well I can't explain all the actions of that maybe there are some better qualified but I know that their electronic signature is something that is you used all through out state government now, in fact now representative Turner could probably explain that very well to you, if you ask your seat mate [xx] I think they've basically taken the official functions of notery[sp?] looked [xx] electronically so the notery[sp?] would be able to put a stamp on there knowing officially that all documents were in order although they had been done electronically so that's what they're trying to work towards and obviously it sounds [xx] Any further questions? Seeing none all in favor say I those oppose no, the I's have it. Senator thank you very much for spending a little time with us today. Thank you Mr. Chairman yeah I guess we have a motion. Thank you representative Cleveland. And I'd be more than happy to. Thank you very much. [xx] We had a motion we took the vote actually before the motion so we're going to assume vote the same after the motion. The [xx] was for [xx] Representative Cleveland [xx] Okay next on the nocket[sp?] is Senate Bill 313, License Plates Retired Register of Deeds. And presenting that is

a friend of mine Sen. Bingham, and I will need a motion to bring the PCS before us. The motion was by Rep. Jeter. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed . The ayes have it. Thank you. The PCS is before us and Sen. By all means. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Ladies and gentlemen of the House this bill was requested by the Registered Deeds Association the last employee is already available, it's exactly to retire law enforcement, to retired highway patrol and to retired military but with the registered deeds there was not a clear clarification of what would be considered a register of deeds to qualify for this plate so what this bill is to clarify that and the person has to have been a registered deed or have had service of 10 years and a person who no longer holds office for any reason other than statutory removal. So if you were a convict or criminal you couldn't get this license plate even if you were a registered deed. And I think Mr. Chairman, there has been some other additions to this bill and I don't I don't really know what they are but staff may want to explain them or someone. Thank you, Senator. And before staff explains, we may have a question, Chairman Shepherd. Thank you, Mr. Chair. I was just going to mention that the one of the bills that I have for the Sheriff's Association has been added to this bill and instead of doing it by itself. And before we go to staff, we'll just say the additions to this bill were pretty much about four licence plate bills that have pretty much gone through the process, and thank you for agreeing to have those attached to the bill. Committee stands recess just for a brief moment. OK I understand that there is memo will come out recess be back on the bill, Representative Brawley is going to present an amendment to the bill. Representative Brawley We passed a licence plate three years ago for the order of [xx] it required 300 to sign up and the sponsors attempted to do a mailing, what we discovered is the records of all awarding of the long lived [xx] prior to the inauguration and Pat McCrory cannot be located anywhere within the state government. So we know there are 30, 000 people that are authorized for these, but we don't know who they are. What the amendment does is continue the alteration of the license plates and remove the requirements for 300 minimum, I think it's over 100 already but we don't, most of the people don't know it's out there, we can't contact them to tell them, but since this is a great honor for public service, we would like to be able to honor these folks, and this amendment I spoke with Senator Bingham earlier, and he agreed to accept this and I appreciate it. I'd like to move the adoption of the amendment. Thank you, any questions on the amendment I know I have another question in the hamper, but this I'm leaving in it. Say I'm sorry Representative Speciali[sp?] I'm under the impression that the purpose for the 300 insurer that they can get they money back for making the plate. That's the requirement. How much is it going to cost when we only get those hundred. Representative Brody.  I thank the Gentleman for his question. We actually had a fairly involved discussion on this. A significant number of the plates don't have minimal requires all of decorations all of the military veterans, service, wounded veterans as well as others that are particular owners. Minimum numbers tend to be on considered in affinity plates, things like [xx], organizations like that [xx] is awarded by the governor for signifcant to the state of North Carolina like the award for the Bronze star or Bronze star with V for [xx] to someone with conspicuous service while in the military, or a veteran of service. So part of the reason that I'm willing to ask for that in this particular case I think we will get to 300, but in any case those that had been awarded

the Longley Pact deserve that recognition I think, that people will know who they are. So that's the reason that I would ask for this waiver [xx] understanding it is a highest honor that the Governor of the great state of North Carolina can bestow upon the citizens in North Carolina. Chairman [xx] on the amendment   Yes representative [xx], with all that been said and done, we're going to honor them with it, but they have to pay for it right? That is correct and they pay the full fee there is no discount. See now [xx] Thank you Chairman, the 30 thousand you think that is up there that was before governor [xx] can they bring their certificate and prove that they have that I think she is addressing that question to you representative [xx] They will have certificates, they will have records and letters that were designate that they've been awarded wrongly [xx] we don't have that list anywhere in the the executive branch Thank you [xx] the data collection as we look backward. Any further questions on the amendment? Seeing none move for the adoption for the amendment all favors say aye, oppose, the ayes have it, the motion is voted back on the bill, on the bill we had a question I think from representative, there you are representative [xx] Yes Mr. Chairman I wondered down a register of deeds[sp?] it says that the number is based on alphabetical list of counties what if there are two retired registered deeds that have both had 10 years worth of service what happens? I would suggest that both would have licence plate that says retired rest of days just as you might have living presidents or living governors or whatever that might. But you would have two license plates that say retired register of deeds-50 or whatever the 50th county is so you don't want the same, two different people to have the same license plate good question I don't have a solid answer, for it may seem kind of [xx] I do see commissioner Thomas in the audience and I hate to beg on him but if he has a quick answer to this I will be very much [xx] commissioner [xx] you've pushed the button and please let us know who you are sire. Thank you Mr. Chair and to answer the question that's going to be added with an alphabet so if you're 50 alpha, 50 bravo or 50 charlie depending on your county and it does end up being first-come, first-served too is that answer sufficient? Thank you. Thank you representative Brown good point any other question I would like a little further clarification and now that we've come out of the fog of this bill early on the editions licence plates and I think I'm getting this correct. We have four entities that have met all the criteria and requirements of the 300 of the number to have a plate. So, this will allow them to get their plate and as they should, meeting that strict criteria. It will allow military veterans to have designated their branch of service on the plates and it will also allow the Carolina Panthers to have a plate that will guard the proceeds of which will go to a very charitable institution, but it will also as I understand remove the current Carolina Panthers plate, which currently right now has no dedicated anywhere for any extra money that's just my understanding so this actually is a good thing for [xx] and that's the plates that were also added to this bill that the Senator was so kind to allow us to flow through his process and Representative [xx] For a motion when appropriate. Thank you, and I think now is the appropriate time seeing no further hands and I will say we will need to have a [xx]. Mr chairman I would like to make a favorable report to the PCS on 313 as amended, unfavorable to the original with a referral to you say finance or rules? Yeah, it will be finance I'm assuming with Representative Browley here I don't see a nod but if not, it is a nod, thank you for all the finance. You've heard the motion, Representative [xx] [xx] Excuse me sir [xx] place can I go to staff on that one. Yeah, we will be authorizing two

separate Save Honey Bee plates there are to different organisations that applied for and met the qualifications under the new plate development process. So there will be two different Save Honey Bee plates, one on a full color background and one first to faint background Any further questions the motion is infront of us, I will go for the I's, all in favor say I.  I. Opposed, the I's have it and the bill has passed Senator, thank you for working with the house today. Ladies and gentlemen having concluded all the business in front of this committee, this committee is adjourned.