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Senate | July 20, 2015 | Committee Room | Redistricting Committee

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Alright, members of the re-districting and elections committee, we have our meeting ready and first sign a business here, we'll identify our sergeant at arms who make these meetings run very efficiently along with our staff Steve Wilson, Steve McCaig, thank you very much. Today's bill is house bill 373, and there is a PCS, Senator [xx] makes a motion that we accept the PCS of 373 for discussion. All in favor please say I, I, Oppose neh, the I have it. No. Okay, Senator Brooke will be kind enough to explain the short title of this bill is 2016 presidential primary. Senator Barak. Thank you Mr. Chairman, the bill is exactly what the chairman describes, it sets a date for the 2016 presidential primary, we've talked to all the interested parties, all the stake orders in this as far as the National Parties they're okay with the date, and we ran into a little bit of issue with our date before because it was tied directly to the state of South Carolina, and not to a particular date, so we've made that change, we moved it to the 15th of March which makes us one of the largest states to go that early, it's also winner takes all which makes it more advantageous for the candidates to be here because we've a win to the state, to win all the delegate votes on the republican side, I know of. Other than that I'm being satisfied to South Carolina as far as our border is that, the issue is to clear that as North Carolina would be on the fore front of national issues this came to me back when I started out my first term down here, when we lost about 4500 jobs from Phila Text in Textiles and hear about what the other states were asking for more government hand outs, we were losing our jobs right and left to my district, so I thought it would be great for the state to have these issues on the forefront, and  have a chance for the people North Carolina who actually have a major role in selecting the next president of the United States, and with that, I'll turn it over to [xx] to answer some of the detail questions throughout the Bill. Mr Chair ok, excuse me Mr [xx] would you want to add any other point to this explanation to make sure that all members of the committee fully understand it. I believe that senator Barack has covered all the major changes. Ok, members of the committee Senator Maksik. Just a couple of a quick question Mr. Chair, Senator Barack maybe you can help me with this, or perhaps Ericka. I assume that this has been cleared with party chairs from both the state and the Republican Democratic Party so there are no conflicts with the governing organisational rules for the political parties. Everything we've talked to it's been cleared Follow up if I could. Follow up. I know they have here discussion about the major political parties. Now, is there any provision as to what occurs with a third party type candidate? Is that interest at all? Or is that guess not in the making at all within the confines of what we have here? In fact I think it is Senator [xx] [xx]. Okay, Senator Brock? Yea. Ms. Mcguire has an answer to that question the way the bill was drafted as with the current primary statute it would apply that any party that qualifies as a political party in North carolina in the same manner, so whether it was the Libertarian party, Republican or Democrat which are the three currently recognised political parties in North carolina, or if another party were to qualify between that time it would apply to them as well. One quick follow up. Follow up, question. Yeah, for another party if they might qualify, let's say Mr. Trump decides that he wants to run because he is not happy with the way things are going for him, I mean what would it take for him to go right there and establish. He would be running as a Democrat  party Senator McKissick. We don't want him. I want to make sure he has a fair chance to run and gain the support of those who advocate the principles that he articulates. Alright, I think that's enough of that one. Senator Soucek. Thank you Mr. Chair, does this apply specifically to 2016, what is 2020 look like or is that not decided. We're just trying to get through this first I'm ready to see what happens.

A follow up. Follow up. So nothing else changes in 2020 or we go back to May. My understanding is, with the existing law the way it it the 2016 we're going to work with this method if it turns out to be favourable as we anticipate to and then in 2020 or prior to that the general assembly can take action that may be deemed necessary. Miss Smith? Just for clarification, this will be just a presidential primary. Correct. And merge and then the regular primary will be in May just as usual. Miss Smithing . Thank you Mr. Chair. You may have gone over this before I arrived but is there a price tag on this additional election, how much does that cost This election will cost the same as a run off election or any other election held across the state. When you're looking at thank for the board of election I think maybe between 3-5 million dollars but if you look at the impact North Carolina has, will have on this one we'll more than make up for it. Years ago we looked at doing this in the state and the potential economic impact for North Carolina and what will happen tremendous but for me I'm trying to get the issues of the state on the national attention. Okay. Any additional question change members of the committee. Senator McKissick?   Actually one observation that we did do this before. I recall back in '88 there was an early primary as I recall. Do you remember that, the one of '88? Check your footnotes in history, I think you'll find that that's an accurate assessment I know the last time North Carolina had significant impact for the Democratic Party was 2008, and for the Republicans was 1976. Senator McKissick will ask Senator Alexander to do the necessary historic backlog, and he'll present it in a special opportunity for the rest of us. Please don't. That's OK. OK, seeing. Senator Apodaca? Would you care for a motion Mr Chairman? I'd love it yes Sir, that's what I was searching for.   It's just a Committee Substitute. You want a motion for a Favorable Report of the PCS on HB 373. And Unfavorable to the original bill. Thank you Sir. OK. Thank you. Alright ladies and gentlemen, you have a motion before you in the additional questions or comments. Seeing none, all in favor of the motion for a Favorable Report of PCS HB 373 and an Unfavorable for the original bill please say Aye. Aye. Opposed Nay, Ayes have it. Members of the committee thank you for being here, I appreciate your attendance and we'll see this on the floor. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. [xx] Meeting is adjourned.