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House | July 16, 2015 | Committee Room | Finance Subcommittee on Occupancy Tax

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Thank you Mr. Chairman, thank you committee for hearing the bill. You should have before you, I guess we need a PCS before us. Do we need to have a motion to have a PCS? Without objection the PCS is probably before us. Thank you, the PCS is very straightforward and I might just defer to staff in a minute but it follows all the guidelines and just simply authorises WIlson to have increase their occupancy tax from 3% to 6% which is actually what we allow and it comes with full support from our community with a resolution from the county commissioners and the city council and I'd appreciate your support. I'd like to ask you a question if I may. Yes sir. Are you aware of an email that was sent to you that I got a copy of from Jerry Patel? Yes and I did speak to Jerry just now in my office before coming in and he is one of our hoteliers and last year we passed this exact same bill that's what you have in the PSC though the house and it went to the senate and there were some disagreements and concern from some of the hotel years how the tours will use the money and so we did not pass it to the senate and we spent a long time meetings occurred and hotel years were brought on board and brought to the table for conversation and we feel that we're in a good position right now, they have some concerns that don't meet our guidelines, somethings that will like to see done to make sure it benefits their specific hotels and our guidelines don't allow us to dictates that, so I don't think we talked about we're not in disagreements but those types of things will be worked out. Kind of with an agreement and tourism board and the community is all on board with what he's trying to accomplish is just we're not going to put that in our statue that the money is going to go to the sports complex although we all agreed that's what's going to improve tourism so I think that will happen in practice. So he was on board with where we were and appreciated that day. Are there any questions for me from members of the sub-committee?  Hearing none do I hear a motion? Representative Warren you're recognized. I make a motion for a favorable report for the House Bill Senator proceeding Senator Bill 50 the PCS, I'm sure, and unfavorable to the original. That's the motion before Senator discussion by the sub committee before we vote, hearing none, all in favor say aye, all opposing say nay pass is yours you will receive a fair copy when we get findings from the committee Thank you The next item on the agenda is the PCS for house Bill 531 increase money for the [xx] tax represent the Bill bill will be presenting the bill this is a PCS we got objections property before us. Representative Bell the floor is yours. Thank you very much so you want speaking actually because I hate saying this but a very simple bill is to establish on Wade county [xx] so 1% and the proxies will go to for our community we have been working for the last 20 years to put a [xx] convergence center in our area and this is in a joint a partnership, probably one of the best joint partnership I have ever seen because we have the total state delegation involve, the Kay delegation, the city of Gousblom, our fellow delegations we come from Butterfield and Congressman Holding it's a big deal for Seymour's Johnson Air force community dealing with bribe. Wake Community College will partnership with us on this, agricultural community is extremely positive on this, our travel and tourism community and then our chamber of commerce community is involved in all this.  So I'm taking cautions. Representative Cotham. It looks like everything compliance and congratulations, about the appropriate time a motion for favorable report. Thank you ma'am, for just so that for the record I'd like to ask Trina Griffin, is this in fact in compliance with our guidelines? Yes, sir it is. If I could digress, I meant to ask this briefly, but for the record, is the Senate bill 50, that we just heard on that is also in compliance with our guidelines. Senate bill 50 was as well.  I can apologize for asking earlier. Are there any other questions promised by any other member of the sub-committee? hearing none, I believe now is the appropriate time Representative Capal. Thank you Mr. Chairman, I move a motion for, I don't know the bill number for proposed committee on results of the original bill. Thank you thats the motion before the subcommittee any discussion before we vote, hearing none all in favor say Aye, opposed say Nay. First announcement, Representative Gaily you're going to file a report with the subcommittee. Thank you very much. Thankyou sir. Having no other business to come before the sub committee we're done, thank you.