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House | July 15, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire form the chamber. the sergeant at arms will close the doors. Members and all visitors are asked to please silence all electornic devices, today's prayer will be offered by representative Walford we ask all of our members and all of our guests in the gallery to please to stand for our prayer and also to remain standing for the pledge of religions. Repreentative Walford. James 1:19 and 20, let every man be swift to hear to speak slow to wrath, for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. Let us pray. Heavenly father and creator of all we humbly bow before you this afternoon realizing that the true humility required to worship you is in direct conflict and most impossible with the pride of this position that we're so honored to hold. Sometimes this pride makes it difficult for us to acknowledge our own flaws, shortcomings, and weaknesses, and our interactions with one another. Thank you so much that we can rejoice in the mercy of forgiveness, hope, joy, and light available to us through the name in which I offer those words. Jesus Christ. Amen Amen. I pledge [xx] to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic on which it stands, One nation under God, indivisible, [xx] test us from. The gentleman from [xx], Representative Louis is recognized for motion. Mr. Speaker, the journal for Tuesday, July 14, 2015 has been examined and found to be correct, a move that this [xx].  Representative Williams that the journal for July be approved as written. Those in favor say I, I! Those that oppose no. The I's have it. The journal is approved as written. Gratification of the bills resolutions, the clerk will read. The Enrolling Clerk reports the following bills duly ratified for presentation to the Governor: SB 654, AN ACT TO PROVIDE THAT THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION SHALL DEFEND indemnify and [xx] harmless Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organisation for claims of harrassing out of action taken by the organization pursuant to the transportation code the official map act and to clarify certain provisions of the transportation corridor official map act. House bill 39, an act to increase the pamphlets for the illegal operation of amusement devices and to direct the department of labor to study the regulation of operations of ziplines. House Bill 376 an act amendment the rules of civil procedure to modernize discovery of expert witnesses and to clarify expert witnesses cost the civil actions. House bill 766 enact amendment [xx] for use of possession of hemp extract and for permitting the use of hemp extract as an alternative for treatment for intractable epilepsy without participating in a pilot study and repairing the epilepsy altermative treatment act of 2021. Chapter bills will be noted members on a motion of Representative Bradford of Mecklenburg County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesy of the gallery to Amanda Spence, who is the daughter of Representative Bradford [xx] and is a rising freshman at UNC Charlotte. Would you please stand so that we could welcome you with us today? Thank you for been here with us. On behalf of Representative Farmer-Butterfield of Wilson County, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Democracy North Carolina, and Shenika[sp?] Kent, Daniel Alvin, and Tomaco Wright, would you all please stand so that we can welcome you with us today. Thank you for been with us. Representatives Blackwell, Bryan, and Schaffer are recognized to send forth a committee report. The clerk will read. Representatives Blackwell, Bryan and Schaffer Judiciary IV committee report. Senate Bill favorable, committee substitutes, unfavorable, senate committee substitutes. Original bill on favorable calendar strike that Senate committee substitute on favorable calendar. House committee substitute calendar and without objection today's calendar. Objection. Objection having been heard by gentleman from Durham the bill prior to senate bill 192 citation sheriff accept facts as the chair will come back to determine if we will move to add the bill, not withstanding the gentleman's objection, the clerk will continue. Senate Bill 345 [xx] damaged vehicles, favorable House Committee Substitute, unfavorable [xx] number 2.   Senate Committee is substitute of favor of calendar, house committee

substitute calendar will determine later if that will be sort of be added into today's calendar. The clerk will continue.   Senate bill182, automatic license plate re-use, [xx] has committed substitute number two, house committee substitute number one and we're to rules calendar and operations of the house. House committee substitute number one unfavorable counter House committee substitute number two is referred to the committee on rules count on operations of the house. Also the sergeant of arms notify me that our nurses of the day have joined us Kathleen[sp?] Shields from Chalets and DD Reagan from Jackson would you please stand so we could welcome you and thank you for being here. Members on two of the bills that were just read in senate bill 192 and senate 345 the Chair is going to calendar both of those bills for next Tuesday. Reps. Cleveland, Pittman, Speciale and Whitmire are recognized to send forth a committee report. The Clerk will read. Reps. Cleveland, Pittman, Speciale and Whitmire, Homeland Security and Military Veterans Affiars committee report. Senate Bill 22, Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act, favorable. Calendar. I believe Rep. Pendleton is handling this bill. Is the gentleman on the floor? The gentleman did approach the chairman having asked it be added to today's calendar. I'll allow the gentleman to come back before we determine if that's added for today's calendar. Calendar. House Bill 201, the Clerk will read. Reps. Stam, Cleveland, Jackson and Fraley. House Bill 201 appeal to the entire enact to amend the process by which the city councils receive citizens input on zoning working this amendment, the general assembly of Carolinian act. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Stan rise? To make a motion and explain the motion Gentleman is recognized for a motion first of all. Motion to conquer. Gentleman is properly made a motion to conquer with the Bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Mr. Speaker, members of the House, this Bill has passed this House three times in the last three years and if you vote green today it will go to the Governor to become law I put a lot of paper on your desk usually that is to try to convince you to vote for something in this case it's not, I believe plenty of your vote for it instead it's to give you ammunition for the slings and arrows that might be thrown against you for voting forward and I will send to you electronically as well. The first piece of paper is my speech from four months ago, and since I don't have to give that speech again and I just said to 10 minutes I do want to talk with you a little bit  about the next piece of paper that says land use [xx] North Carolina because it will help to explain one amendment that senate did, if you may recall Rep. Meyer offer an amendment that I agreed to on the house floor relating to notice of public hearings on Zonnie[sp?] I had just about another statute to tell you the truth and agree to it and some of the proponents agreed to it, because they forgot about the statute too but the forks in senate remind us and frankly the league municipalities were the once that asked as to drop that amendment and here is what it is the question is weather adjacent owners get notice of this [xx] they even know about this so they can make their protest not a three force protect but a protest but they do this book this is sort of the standard text in North Carolina by David Ellens at the institute goverment of school, school of government now and if you look at the third page, page 97 individual male notice basically from 1985 to 95 that was rework several times, but people get plenty of notice on previous pages talk about

public hearing and then in addition to the individual mail notice, there is posted notice and there's published notice so there's notice out the wazoo in addition to that most cities, many cities have additional notices that go out. For example in my home town of Apex and this is not unusual, before a person can even file a petition for rezoning, that person has to notify all the property owners within 300 feet, invite them to a friendly neighborhood meeting, take minutes of their concerned and prove that they have addressed those concerns before they're even allowed to file. So, I think we've taken care of the concern that Representative Meter amendment had addressed, I just didn't know we had 30 years ago or 20 years ago and the next page after his text there is the actual statute in question 168 - 384. Now just for, because this is Wednesday and yesterday was Bastille day, I did want to talk a little bit about the right of petitioning because some people will say, this is taking away our right to petition and of course it doesn't, it can't, it can't possibly do that because that's enshrined in our constitution. Well in one page here, I have a page from the Blackstone's Commentaries from the Laws of England and it's first chapter one page 83 and it discusses that, I'm not going to read it all they were some societies, for example under the Zars where you could petition other ministers of state but if they turned you down you could go to the zoo but if you lost you would be executed so that rite of petition was not frequently used. Then English common law, they would have on how many people could sign a petition, for example in this 13th year of Charles II, Mr. Speaker For what purpose does Zerack Roberts of Gaston rise? I want to gentleman from Wake would yield for a question. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Gaston. Only if the question is are you ready to vote. He yields that was second part of my question, the first part was can you explain perhaps a relevancy of English law in common law or that, yes yes I can For what purpose does the gentleman from Lenoir representative Louis rise. Will the gentleman from Wake yield. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Hyde?  I do   He yields.  Do you think this process provides adequate protection that can actually take not much longer that these remarks have taken so far. I conquer. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Luckie rise? Speak on the concurrency motion. Gentleman has forward debate in motion. Let me say first of all my friend representative stein says it past three times so we are to vote for it again and vote for the concerns motions that surely is not reason to vote for it just because it' passed three times it could be bad three times. Now it is the case that the majority of this house supported the bill when it went over to the Senate so I have no illusions that the bill they are taking concurrence motion is going to fail. But I do think it's important to recognize that a number of our cities do have the protest petition process. The City Council's don't mind that there is a petition process and the residents of the city do very much like the protest petition. What is it? It is the petition that allows those who are. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does  the gentleman from Dam  does the gentleman from Dam yield to the gentleman from Guest. I will yield  when I'm finished. He doesn't yield to Stan. The gentleman from Durham continues to have the floor to debate the motion. Thank you. Now number of cities as I've said have this the city councils support the fact that it exists, and the residents of city, many of them really like the protest petition. What is it? It requires that there be a simple majority in order to pass what is a controversial project. What do you mean by controversial project? Well let's say next to a neighborhood and developer comes along wants to put up an asphalt plant. Well it's really something

where the neighborhood believes not really good for them, this is not good for the city to have this sort of thing in a residential neighborhood, and what the protest petition says is if enough members of the landowners who are adjacent to the property that's about to be resowed, sign a petition, a protest position, that it moves from majority to super majority of three quarter. That seems to me a reasonable policy. It's reasonable because frankly representative Stam writes in his remarks he gave last time the references, the issue of leveling the playing field. I think all of us know that in cities when there's a resounding case and you have a developer, you have economic interest one of his owning but it is not a level playing field when a group of neighbors are trying to go up to City Council against economic interests, powerful economic interest. The purpose of the protest petition is to say because this isn't a level playing field we the residents have an opportunity to require a stronger vote that the City Council really shows but it's heavily in favor of this not just speaking by with the majority. So it's not unreasonable at all it's necessary to level the playing field and the problem with this is that it doesn't even allow exceptions for those cities who would want to do it. Again we always talk about local control and in this particular we're taken away from those cities who'd like to protest petition who think it's an appropriate measure for citizens to protect themselves in terms of resign issues we're taking away from all sides, we're also taking away from the one county which I believe is Dome county that has this protest petition as well. The fundamentally when cities like it, when residents of those cities like it city council don't have a problem with it. Why not give us the exception for us to have decision still in existence, well we are going to wipe them away because special interest in this interest who have this general assembly has said we don't like it. We all know, organizations are and we should take note citizens require a level plain field because living organizations here do have a position of power that average citizens do not have. I urge you to vote no under the motion. Thank you for what purpose does the lady from Wake, Rep. Haveler rise? To debate the motion the lady has the floor to debate the motion. I think I'm a little like Representative Leukwey and I feel like [xx], tilting rainbows considering windmills considering that this bill passed 81 to 31. But I feel like I owe it to the citizens, the property owners that will be affected by the change in this law to stand up and speak for them. Representative Stam presents this as a necessity and my question is why? Have we really crippled development in our areas? I don't think so. Have we restricted unduly development in our areas? I don't think so. There are not that many protest petitions that are successful, recently in the news paper Mayor [xx] referred to it as a great tool to bring everybody together to work and so their council had no problem at all if you danimously overwriting any protest petition that were filled to simply because the citizens didn't want a development at all. Representative [xx] has argued history I want to present the present, a six acre plot of land on the falls of the East, North of rally zoned commercial office space in 1994 when over 1100 homes were developed in that area recently there was a list down in request made to be able to put down a 50, 000 square grocery store thousand of Cincinnati area is mile after mile of residential area, currently Waley is looking at researving one third of the city and areas like that at six cycle a plot are now going to be [xx] next use, do you want to and what makes [xx] think North hails, when you have developers come in as

representative Luckie referred to with the power of persuasion to a council seat of members where only one of them represents the area in question and they tell all the jobs and all the taxes and all the benefits. What use do you think a letter from I don't care how many people affected is going to have on that city council, when only one person is going to be adversely affected if he votes for it he get's voted out of office. The protest petition as it is to set up right now gives a voice, a group voice, to all citizens who own property. Representative Stan has said it's not fair that one person can tell, one person or people can tell someone how they could use their property. Well is it fair to those citizens who built their houses in that 1994 thinking that the entrance to their property, was going to have just nice little office spaces up in it, but we change the rules on them and we say oh no we're going to build a 50, 000 sq ft grocery store with transfer trucks coming in to unload goods up till I don't know what time of the night, parking lots with lights on probably all night long. Our citizens need a voice when they have their properties being threatened, by building and developments that are directly opposed to what's in their best benefits, and I would ask that you please vote no. For what purpose does the lady from Orange representative [xx] To debate the motion. The lady has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and ladies and gentlemen of the house, I'm looking at an article written by own June, 2014, about this issue the choice to change zoning restrictions is a choice of elected officials. land owners don't have any vital over their choice, but from the beginning of zoning regulations a proponence of zoning have thought it was appropriate to provide a degree of certainty and stability while allowing the governing bodies still the full power to reason. I know that another instance in a neighborhood where there's three corners, four corners, three of those corners are neighborhood developments the forest will soon be a three or four story-storage unit facility, ultimately the city council will make the decision about that facility, they have the right to do that, no one no neighborhood no neighbor is going to be able to veto that but they certainly have a right. Historically in North Carolina our zoning regulations was passed in 1923 that's been in place since then, historically North Carolina neighbors had that right to protest and I will be voting against this motion to conquer. For what purpose does the gentleman from Alamance representative Ross rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker. Speak on the motion to conquer. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you, realize the situation back in 2004 when I was a mayor we had a situation come up with about 15 acres track of land undeveloped developer came in wanted to develop this property it was already properly zoned for what he wanted to do and a neighboring group across the highway there was actually not in the city limits filed a protest petition at the time and I've told the story here before, one of our members was out with an illness and ultimately we lost that member, but we had to count his seat. So the valid protest petition managed to hang this development up and it was a large fairly large project too much time passed so many challenges as a result of that protest petition the developer finally went bankrupt and had to give up on the property. Since then the developer that

purchased the property came back to the city council, proper notices were made and in my city they put big huge big yellow signs up several months ahead of time to alert people that the property is up for maybe as earning change once again the same group on the protest petition. Now keep in mind this started in 2004, they just broke ground on this property. Finally got it done 11 years later. Now that's what a protest petition can do. It's finally going to happen property is actually going to get developed the way it was supposed to be developed back in 2004, but it's 11 years later, that calls same group, small group of people they didn't walk the neighborhood to change, they didn't wan't the trees to come down. It was a wooded area and so they managed to tide it up for 11 years this is wrong and I urge to support the amendment to control. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the lady from Orange Representative [xx] rise? May I ask Representative Ross a question. Does the gentleman form [xx] yield to the lady from Orange? Yes. He yields. Who voted to delay the a project. When the protest petition came in the council did not have the form it needed, in order to invalidate protest petitions so it went forward, and hanged the project up and it went into all kind of different pieces of ultimately litigation and drag out for a long period of time, and like I said the developer finally just wen under. For what purpose does the gentleman from Richmond representative Goodman rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker, to debate the bill. The gentleman has floor to debate the motion. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the house, I've listened to the arguments from the opponents of this bill and to hear the argument it sounds like if all the people are opposed to this development they have no voice and they have no way to stop it, but I'm sort of looking at it from a different point of view, let's talk about that 50 000 food grocery store over a North where there's home after home after home after home, and let's assume that 90% of  people over there [xx] that grocery store, because it's convenient for them they don't want to drive 20 miles of traffic to get to the Walmart grocery store, take some 30, 40 minutes to go back and forth this is really a benefit to the community but one person, who owns 5% of dehydration property can stop the development. Now if that's democracy I don't understand it. The city councils are duly elected, if they don't do what the majority of the citizens want to do they're not going to come back, so this is a very good bill, it eliminates on [xx], I ask you to vote green. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Bradford rise? To speak on the bill. Gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. So you realize today a local government can raise property taxes with the simple majority vote, but if someone who owns a very small of neighboring property files a petition it requires three force of the body to vote for it, it just doesn't make sense This is good legislation We are not removing anyone's ability to comment and say they had a problem with it just making sure that a simple continues to be the vote that creates the action not three quarter of the body, the idea with a notion that three force a super majority would be required because a neighbor who owns 5% or 20% of the total area of the parcel just seems absolutely ridicules this is legislation common sense I encourage you to vote green. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham Representative hall rise? Speak on the motion The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion Thank you Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen the house this bill before us basically for but there are something we may be missing that has been the purpose [xx] says our pro-tees petition procedings first of all there is an opportunity for people in the community not just those [xx] land owners but everyone else who may not have known about the petition well about the development to get fully briefed on it that the first thing, second of all to provide the developer an opportunity to some of his neighbors, keeping in mind in most instances any neighbors that would be in protest where they're initially and had their land in some use or rent. So you're moving to an area where people have already

established their lifestyle or established their use of their property and our exercise on their property rights as well. This is certainly a balancing test between peoples' property rights, but we don't have to take that democracy out of this situation. If we allowed local determination of whether or not they should have protest petitions, local admit once again would have the opportunity to make that determination rather than a broad brush from all they're saying you can't do that. Finally some people may call this The Attorney Get Well Act. Because what's going to happen, and you do know we are letigious society is these protections are not going to be there, these processes that allow people to bring forward their suggestion, or objections, because many times projects do get improved will end up with people trying to resort to the court and other means. And so, why should we take this away when it has worked in many instances? Yes there maybe instances where the developers came here due to improper management or failure to have appropriate reserves, their project did not get finished on time and they went bankrupt. maybe those same mismanagement practices would have resulted in their going bankrupt after they started the project, and leaving streets, and roads and infrastructure unfinished and also leaving people who will be tenants, or purchasers of those properties left in a latch hoping that the local governments going to take over for them. So there are upsides down side to this, I think a local control would be better on this bill to allow those local governments who have their members elected by the citizens and the citizens who determine it to go have this protection in place or this vehicle, so I hope that you will give it proper consideration and think about maybe the cost that it will save, the additional scrutiny, and it will also provide the tax payers and the citizens an opportunity to be heard one last time. Again they were there first, and these are new people coming in, they have property right, versus the rights of the new persons coming in, seeking to be owners. Thank you. For what purpose does the the gentleman from Nash, Representative Collins rise. Briefly debate the bill. Gentleman has forwarded debate motion. I believe in local governments, I believe in individual citizens. I'm just not sure I believe in one citizen being able to overrule our entire local government got to look at my city, the city I live in and the county in which I live both of the has seven-member councils or commissions which means to reach us 75% majority, six of the councilmen or six of those county commissioners have to agreed together we have to get six members of either of those bodies agreeing with each other, so one effect land owner, one person who for whatever reason doesn't like the thing has been proposed can actually overrule five city council members or five county commissioners. And since all of you know that I believe in the infinite wisdom of the city council and the county commission which I live I'm going to be voting for this bill. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cleveland represent Special rise? To speak on the bill. Gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. For those that are opposed to this bill, we're not going to let you continue to re-frame the issue, okay? It's not about taking away the protest petition, and you know that. I've heard you say, is been about taking away the citizen's right or the protest petition all it doing is taking it from a 3/4ths majority to a simple majority, that's the issue they still have the right to protest, they still have the right to petition that's all it is if you start, if you start doing some digging into what's going on, you'll find out that they've been people that have protested and continued to protest with the strong arm of the law until they were duly enriched, okay, they got in other words put up that they wanted over this portion of the ground got paved, or for one way or another a cheque was signed and whatever, so a lot of this is is simply to enrich themselves in some cases, and it's very easy to do Look, it doesn't take away the petition, that's the bottom line. So if you're going to get up and argue against please, don't tell them it's taking away their opportunity to petition because it's not. They still can petition, they still can fight it, it's just changing it from three fourth to a simple majority which is what it should be. Thank you. For our purpose as the lady from Wake, Representative Adler rise To speak a second time on the motion Please recognize to debate the motion a second time. Thank you Mr. Speaker and Representative of Goodman, my area involves the

news isn't exactly a food base, across is a grocery store, it's about two and a half miles down the road. The argument that we do have the right to petition is correct. It's called a letter to the council, and as I explained earlier, we know how a simple majority can work, that simple majority allows the person who will suffer for voting for something and out. There are many of us that use that all the time here in order not to take a position that would cost us when we vote. That is why I have a problem with getting rid of the petition, not that they don't have the right to petition, it's the right that we can be manipulated on how politics works, and you know it as well as I do.  I've put forth the amendment forced the, and it's why I'm asking you today to vote No on this, to send this that for a conference report to reach a compromise where we we don't eliminate the group power of property owners but yet we don't make it ridiculous, we force sad agree with that but right now is one waldorf and one vote versus a forced situation where a council really has to be aware of just who, not including Justin Jason honors that was pointed out the surrounding honors who have a voice can protest petition, thank you.  What purpose does the gentleman from Lake arise? To speak the motion a second time. The gentleman is recognised to speak the motion a second time. Just addressing a couple of items to Representative Hall In addition to the mail written notice to adjacent owners, there's also a public hearing, published notice in the Newspaper and posted notice in big yellow signs. To Representative Avila, we did keep the Avila amendment which means that the effective date The pending petitions today are not affected. Only those filed after the effective date. Local control? I'm for local control too but the question is, should it be a local control by a majority of the City council elected by the people or by a minority control? Finally, the opponents are from Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and a mention of Kiri. I think I will send those city councils a note and ask if truly the majority of those city councils are truly in the pocket of the developers. Why would you think that a majority of the Raleigh city council or the majority of the Chapel Hill council or the majority of the council would even think to approve a bad reasoning I actually believe in democracy and democracy is majority rule and less the fundamental rights at stake sent forward in our constitution and then we have other thresholds, I ask you to the conquer. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gilford rep. Blust rise? The see if representative Stam would yield for the question. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Gilford? Rep. Stam this is a motion to conquer can you briefly summaries what the senate did to the house bill that changed it?   Two things move the effective date out a month or so because while we send it over four months ago, and secondly it dropped the mile amendment that related to an additional mail written notice for Jason[sp?] owners because I had forgotten that that's already in the statutes which is before you. Further discussion further debate, if not, the question for the house is the motion to concur with the senate committee substitute to House Bill 201. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote machine record them all 82 having an affirmative and 20 on the negative the motion concurs adapted, the bill

is ordered in row and sent to the governor article 268 [xx] amendment to clarify the statures government and the clerk, clearance of wrecked vehicles and other traffic obstacles of public highways  to authorize the department of transportation to permit encroachment of the airspace above the rule 1347 Nevada boulevard in the city of Starlet  for the construction materials conveyance system and to extend to December 31st 2015 the expiration date for the mega broke trial special licences plate. General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. What purpose does the gentleman from Brunswick, Representative Yvo arise? For a motion and to debate the motion. The gentleman has the floor to [xx] for a motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker motion move do not concur. The gentleman has moved not to concur. The gentleman now has the floor to debate the motion not to concur. Thank you Mr. Speaker. [xx] a simple agency bill and it came back fairly simple and appeared to be okay but we found one provision that's first not necessary and is also one attaining consequences, we would like to go to conference and take care of that and [xx]. Further discussion, further debate? If not the question for the house is the motion not to concur for the senate committee substitute the house bill 268 those in favor will vote aye, those opposed no. The clerk will open the vote The working machine 111 having voted in the affirmative, and none in the negative, the motion enact is adopted the chair will a point of following conferees. Representative Yvo Chair, Representatives Tolbert Shepherd in time. The Senate will be so notified. Senate Bill 252 the clerk will raise. [xx] Alexander 252 to Entitlement Act to repeal the Local Act to exempt Clake County from the State laws With Respect to Persons between the Dates December 26th and January 2nd. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative West rise? To debate the bill Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Members of the house, what this bill does is it [xx] session [xx] features a local act for [xx] appreciate your support. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question before the house is the motion, is the passage of senate bill 352 on it's second reading, those in favor will vote I, those opposed no, the clerk will open the vote. The corporal working the machine record the vote, 104 having voted in the affirmative and seven in the negative senate bill 352 passed the second reading and will without objection be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina enact what purpose does the lady from [xx] representative [xx] May I ask [xx] sponsor the question please Does the gentleman from [xx] yield to the lady from [xx] he yields thank you [xx] I just wanted to confirm that it does it repeals the exemption for [xx] county from world life rules that courts found unconstitutional, is that accurate? It repeals the 2014 law which was the local law for [xx] county and just a follow up so we've Does the gentleman from yield to some additional question? We saw the state write exemptions that this repeal the local act which was very unconstitutional. that's right Thank you Further discussion further debate [xx] lady from the [xx[representative [xx] Thank you Mr. Speaker they don't send bill 252 to aye they will [xx] senate bill on second reading on [xx] 252 further discussion, further debate if not the question of the house is passage of senate bill 252 on it's third reading, those on favor will say aye "aye" those opposed no the ayes have it, Senate bill 252 passes it third reading, the bill will be returned to the Senate, and will be sent so by special messenger. House will be [xx] just a moment.

Members we are going to appear to have noticed and announcements with the Chair want to speak to a point of personal privilege just a minute. You may have noticed on your desk there was some brochure that looks like this, and it's called break, these kind of thing is called breaks, and I wanted to bring to your attention, this is a program that's actually House  right here in North Carolina in Cabarrus County, and it was formed by Doug Hubbert who is a pretty well known drag car racer, many of you may have back in 2008, two teenage sons who were in a car together died in a horrific automobile accident, and there is an interesting statistic on the front of this brochure that every year 6000 teens die on car crashes. That's what got this program started, I actually had the opportunity this past weekend to take my son there, it's a non profit, they don't charge anything for students who want to go take these classes, they've got a number of folks who volunteered to do the driving instructions, in fact there was a former Nas car driver who was there as well, but it's a good program, where if you know of any teenage so they have to be at least 15 have their [xx] permit all the way up, they can go through and get this additional driving training and it's more than what they get in a classroom if they were to get some, this kind of training to go get somewhere privately to do it would probably cost $500 or $600 it's a whole afternoon and they teach them things like accidents avoidance them through a [xx] see what happens when you text and drive, and they have this little coms set up, they have these goggles that you put on to simulate what it would appear like if you were impaired they have a and they have to have some other that when they run off the road and they have to recover so that they don't over correct, and I was a move by the way Mr. Hurbet[sp?] took a tragedy and turned this into something good. I was surprised, I hadn't had more about it but my son and actually got a brochure, it is high school and I just think it is something I want to make sure you guys have copies of if you can get the [xx] and the community and some of you have kids who are getting their [xx] and is probably more take experience and riding with your kid with a permit. Particularly if you and rally it's not so bad in king's mountain but it's a little different on 40 but anyway I want to share that with you. We have extras and I know that the organization would care alright they are not profit, I just think that it's a great mission that Mr. Hurbet[sp?] is doing and I think it will probably pay dividends and help save lives so just want to share that with you all. For what purpose does the gentleman for Cumberland Representative Floyd rise? [xx] Mr. Speaker The entleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Mr. Speaker the [xx] of the clerk has [ex] to all of us the passing of my sick mother and you will call you attention to the Email. Representative Graham would truly appreciate your support and your prayer. Thank you Mr. Speaker Thank you Representative Floyd. For what purpose does the lady from Mecklenburg Representative Earle rise? To speak to a point of personal privilege. The lady is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker and members many of you have probably realized that Representative Carney is not here because some of you have inquired. She wanted me to assure you that she is doing well, she is fine she had a scheduled appointment with her cardiologist and he wanted to change her medication and you wanted her to be in the hospital where she could be observed while doing this change, so she just wanted me to assure everyone that she is doing well and to keep her in your prayers but she's doing good and she'll be back soon, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from New Hanover, Representative Davis rise? For an announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, the house the finance oxy tax Sub Committee will be meeting tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock in room 544 of the legislative office building, we'll handle two bills at that time, senate bill 50 which is the Wilson County oxy tax modification, it also

helps build 531 which is the increase modification of the goals [xx] oxy thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Moore Representative Boles rise? Point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker and the house, I have an announcement from Paren Hearse[sp?] that the U. S Open Golf Championship will return to Paren Herse[sp?] number two in 2024. [xx] Representative Burrows we're hoping we're still not in session by that time I hope so [xx], I like read while a formal announcement is expected to be made next week, the [xx] council voted unanimously, the point and agreement with the U. S Golf Association to use the village property to stage the Championship, as it did for the opens here held in 1999, 2005 and last year's twin bill that also introduced the women's US open, the open return would follow what will be the 25th anniversary of the late Penn Stuart Women championship for the first time as it would have in congress in 1999, it will mark the 4th time in 25 years that the Open Championship has been conducted at Paren Herse[sp?] something a few other venues that can claim. I studied down last year by the North Carolina State University, the USGA in the areas convention and visitors bureau showed the back to back US Open and Women's Open in June 2014 generated more than $140 million in visitors spending, and that the state-wide economic impact topped $238 million in North Carolina, thank you, Mr. Speaker. Thank you, Representative Boles. For what purpose for what purpose does the gentleman from Catawba Representative Setzer rise? To make an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Members of house Finance we will meet in the morning of date 30 in our normal room 544. For what purpose does the lady for Carteret Representative McElraft have rise? For an announcement. The lady has the floor for an announcement. I just want to make sure that the public knows in each of your constituency now that we're going to hear House Bill 765 which was the environment technical amends bill that has become their red reform bill. Half of that we heard and passed over here and half of it we have not heard, and that's the senate portion of it. We will vote not to concur but we wanted to hear from the public, so that you have a chance to listen to the concerns, and then we will take it in the conference after they have it and that will be from 10 till 12, in room 643, Representative Katelyn will be the chair. Thank you. Oh, I'm sorry. Tuesday, sorry. Next Tuesday. Further notices and announcements? The clerk has an announcement, clerk is authorized to read. House committee on appropriations will not meet Thursday July 16th at 8:30 A. M. And 6:43. Members, the Chair's considering a 10 A. M. session they're other committee chairs who'd have any conflict with that? I thinks so. The gentleman from Hornet Representative Louis is recognised for a motion. Mr. Speaker, subject to the re referral of bills and resolutions, and in honor of memory and in honor and memory of Denson Graham Carter, Representative's Charles Graham's mother I move that the House to now adjourn to reconvene on Thursday, July 16 at 10 o'clock am. Representative Louis moves seconded by Representative Stem that the House is now adjourned in memory and in honor of Denson Graham Carter to reconvene on Thursday, July 16 at 10 am subject to the reseed of committee reports and messages from the senate, and re-referrals of bills and resolutions.

Those in favor will say aye, those opposed no. The ayes have it, and we stand adjourned.