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Senate | July 15, 2015 | Committee Room | Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources

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And if we can get started we'll go ahead. So I'm going to call the meeting to order and we'll start with our pages and we have three wonderful young ladies today and they're going to introduce themselves and let you know what senator is their sponsor. Thank you for being in here with us today. If you just would state your name and tell us a little something about yourself, and anything you might have learned while you were here this week that you want to share with us. Pushed down on the button there and just put the mic down. My name is Jenner Alber[sp?] from Greensboro, North Carolina. My sponsor sponsoring senator is Senator Alexander, and I'm going to NC State this fall. My name is Christina McGlynn, I'm from Dunn, and my sponsoring senator is Senator Brown and I'm very happy to be here. my name is Annabeth Masonic, I'm from Apex, and my sponsoring Senator is Senator Stein. Thank you for taking your time and working with us this week. Now we also want to thank our Sergeant of Arms, Terry Barnhardt and Canton Lewis. Thank you for being in here with us during gentleman as you always are, and now we'll move right into our agenda. We have one bill today, House Bill 186, there's a PCS Chairman Brock moves to accept the PCS all in favor say I, I! Opposed no. I's have it, and Representative Catlin. Thank you madam chairman, and thank you all for letting us have this bill on your agenda this is a study bill, but I'd like to tell you a little bit about it. The Cape Fear, it's about the Cape Fear River basin but years ago when I was a county commissioner I also served on the Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority, which is where we take water from Lock and Dam number one and we pump it to four counties. That's our water resource because from Lock and Dam one downstream from there it becomes a [xx], it becomes salty waters. So that's the end of the fresh water, and there were a few times and we saw no water going over the dam, over the weirs. So we asked Dina[sp?] to do an evaluation of how long our water supply would last and based on the present 7Q10 information we would reach our peak capacity in about 30 years and that was five years ago. But one of the assumptions of that study was that the groundwater that we use in those counties were sustainable. well this it's not, we're having, we're dewatering ponds and wet water but groundwater use USGS has done an evaluation of area and they've shown that our salt water intrusion is including and once you get salt water intrusion in your aquafarm, that aquafarm is pretty much gone and we also are 5Q10 levels are lower and so salt water is actually moving further up to cave for a river. So those are issues that not being part of inner phase and transfer study. So this is a study built to take a look at all of the water supplies so that when we do our next inner base and transfer analysis, that we didn't forget something that was more important and create a motorization for an important part of the coastal communities of North Carolina so this PCS is just fine, I don't have any problems with it and I heard your support say what you got. Thank Madam chairman, representative Gartland[sp?] thank you for bringing this, actually this is my area as you all know, what is the long term thought process after the study is done? Total walk me through your vision, why you think the study is needed and what you see is the outcome of it as you move forward? It will give us a good evaluation of the sustainability of the ground water resources, and maybe some ways is to make it more sustainable I think but it will also give us some information that the next time there needs to a innovation transfer, say carry away can because they need water too that it might be necessary to require them to return it to the river so that we don't end up in the shortage down stream that will have the fast and the data necessary to require that. So it really is a technical evaluation so that, I'm

sorry I'm an engineer and a hydro-geologist so I just want to make sure we've got the technical data to make sure that we don't end up like California in some kind of a water moratorium down on the East Coast.   Thank you. Any other questions from members? Senator Hartsell?   Thank you madam chair. I have no problem with what you're projecting here which you're suggesting with the study of Cape Fear, but why shouldn't we be doing this for of the each of the river basins? Please representative. We have a unique situation there because of our population, and because of the number of people that are served off of Lock and Dam number one, and because of Jordan Lake and the number of people that are in our basins. So the other coastal bases don't have these same issues, we're the ones that have them. Any other questions from members? The chair will entertain the motion. Okay. Sender Alexander Misrov[sp?] favorable to the PCS, unfavorable to the regional all those in favor say aye? Aye. Opposed nay? The ayes have it. Thank you.