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Senate | July 2, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order. Sergeant at arms will close the doors, members will go to their seats, members and guests in the gallery will please silence all electronic devices. Leading the senate in players is reverend Peter Milner, Senate Chapel, all members and guest please stand following the prayer remain standing for pledge of allegiance. Right, we are grateful for this day help us as we travel back to our districts as we some of us go on vacation and for all of us that we might live lives in such a way that might bless the community city and small by ways of North Carolina and on this festive holiday weekend we ask for protection Lord from the enemy and from pride as we look back at the formation of this independent nation, always being reminded that it is that we depend upon and your grace and it's in Jesus' name we pray, amen. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. senator Pride[sp?] is recognized for a motion thank you Mr president the journal for Wednesday July 1st 2015 is being examined and is found to be correct. I move that the senate dispense with the reading of the journal and there is time to prove it that alot of objection to journal for July 1st 2015 it is time to prove those laws members I leave of that since it is granted today for senator Laban members we have a nurse of the day today she is in the back of the chamber, our nurse Catherine O. G. Of Smith Field North Carolina is here serving us today nurse O. G. Thank you for your service. Reports of standing committees, Senator Hartsell, what purpose for your rise? Send fourth the committee report Mr. President. Send forward your report, clerk will read. Senator Hartsell for judiciary one committee submits the passage house bill 59 committee substitute number 1 clarify report [xx] building favourable house bill 350 senate committee substitute number one restore driving in a favour of this competence of that fovourable. Calender Senator Anderson for what purpose of your rise? Send forward a committee report. Send forward your report Clerk will read. Senator Sanderson through the state and local government committee submits for passage. House bill 386 committee substitute number one. Hopemill spring lake satellite annexation favorable. House bill 613, unfavorable as to build with [xx] senate committee substitute bill title clarify signed on highway and road. House bill 544 committee substitute number one, unfavorable as committee substitute bill number one but favorable as the senate committee substitute bill title, county sign [xx] cities house bill 386 has a serial referral of the finance committee.

House bill 613 and house bill 544 calendar. Mr. President Senator Wade, for what purpose do you rise? Send forward the conference report Send forward your report, Clerk will read. conference report to the president of the senate speaking on the house representative. House of representatives on house bill 263 a bill will be enact to modify the form of government and the city of Trinity and to clarify the form of government, methods of elections and termination of election results in the city of Greensboro. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President, a motion is relative to the calendar please. State your motion. Alright Mr president first the bill that was reported in by the standing committees move to placed on the calendar for Tuesday July 14, not objection so ordered. Mr. President the conference senator Wade I move that be placed at the end of today's calendar for consideration. So ordered for persuing for rule 57 Members upon the motion of senator John [xx] of Richmond county the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Corey [xx] the publisher of the Richmond county daily journal and Tummy Dan the publisher of Montgomery if you are here please stand then the in gallery thank you for visiting senate members I believe we are ready to go by the calendar public bills, second reading House Bill 268 clerk will read,  House Bill 268 amends interpretation laws  Senator [xx] is going to explain the bill, thank you Mr President members of the Senate this bill is an Agency bill from the department of Transportation there are three things authorizes DOT to remove vehicles from the state highway system that are a hazard. It also allows a permit to encroach Nevada Boulevard for the construction of overhead material conveying system and finally extends till December 31st, 2015 the expiration date for the native book trial special license plate. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer but as per your Further discussion or debate? Hearing none. Question before the senate is a passage of the senate committee substitute House Bill 26 in it's second reading all in favor will vote aye, all oppose will vote no. Five seconds be allowed for the voting, the clerk will record the vote. Senator Lobe, aye, Senator Newton, aye, Senator Waddell, aye, and senator kiss it, I, 49 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. The senate committee substitutes House Bill 268 is passed it's the second reading and will without objection, be read a third time. [xx] Is there further discussion of the debate? Here in [xx] for the senate is to pass it on third reading to senate committee substitute to House Bill 268. All in favor will say aye, all opposed no. The ayes have it, and House Bill 268 is passed it's third reading, and will be sent to the house on the issue of concurrence. House bill 201 [xx] House bill 201 Zoning changes/Citizen input. Senator [xx] anything else on this on third reading? Is there any further debate on House Bill 201 on third reading? Hearing none, the question before the Senate is the passage on Third Reading of the Senate Committee Substitute to House Bill 201. All in favor will vote Aye, all opposed will vote No. Five seconds to be allowed for the voting, the Clerk will record the vote. we go round. The clerk know 37 having voted in the affirmative and 12

in the negative  I need to change my vote sir Senator Law aye, 38 having voted in the affirmative, and 11 in the negative, senator clerk? Senator clerk node aye. Any more? 39 having voted in the affirmative and 10 in the negative has got 201 pass it's third reading and the house will be so notified. I'm sorry, we sent to the House current senate committee substitute. Senator Apodaca, for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President I move that the Senate now stand in recess subject to the standard stipulations set forth in senate rule 24.1, the receipt and referral of committee reports, and messages from the House to reconvene at 11:45. Before take that, Senator Brown for what purpose of your rise? Just announcement. Republicans will caucus during the recess. Further announcement Senator Blue. Thank you Mr. President, Democrats will caucus. OK. With that objection the Senate stands in recess subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Apodaca until, what was the time? 11:45. Senate will come to order, Sergeant-At-Arms close the doors House bill 765 the Clerk will read. House bill 765 [xx] format to 2015. Senate will stand at ease for just a moment. Senator Wade is recognized to explain the bill. Thank you Mr. President, I'd like to send forth an amendment. Send forward your amendment. Mr. President [xx] this new roles may be suspended and that staff may join members on the floor Without objection so ordered clerk will read. Senator Wade moves to amend the bill. Senator Wade is recognized to explain the amendment. Thank you Mr. President. The first amendment is section 1.4, and this amendment changes the section that stipulate that the senate shall only be guaranteed reasonable attorney fees and calls when it is the prevailing party in the claim of, or issues that involve one of the following; contesting the state's ability to construct improvements to real property based on environmental impact, and contesting the state's insurance of a permit authorizing the activity or real property based on environmental impact. Section two one takes the provision from last session and as the management company may only have its employees show a sisters company's property it must do the following three things. One, file an annual notice for the secretary of state. Two, disclose and transact in transaction to by [xx] and three must have a network or in excess of value of transaction section 35 these amendment clarifies existing language that the theme they reproduce to small multi-year plate for trailers attached to motor cycles. Section 39, based on concerns about impacting DOT and other projects this amendment exempts the state from these provisions so that it applys only to local governments. Section 42.  This amendment simply helps the definition of television and computer back into the statue since staff repeal this part of the recycling program repeal. The land fill banner on television computers remains in place. Section 49. This amendment id duly technical amendment section 4.14 and 4.15 it makes numerous statistical correction of qualification to the onside water base water provisions. Discussion of the debate on amendment 14. Hearing none the

question for the senate is the passage of amendment 14 to house bill 765 on favor will vote Aye, all opposed will vote No, five seconds will be left of the voting, the clerk record the vote. not null, odd a 35 having voted in the affirmative and 13 in the negative, amendment 14 passes and the bill is back before you. Further discussion on debate on house bill 765. Mr president. Senator McKissick for what propose do you rise? To send forth the amendment. Send forth your amendment, clerk will read. Senator McKissick moves to amend the bill. Senator McKissick is recognized to explain the amendment. This is simply a tact of [xx] in clarifying amendment I think it passes supporters in a way Dr. Warren is also [xx] Further discussion debate on amendment 15 hearing non the question for the senate is the passage of amendment 15, all in favour vote aye, oppose vote no, five second to be allowed for the voting Clerk record the vote. We are good, No it's not. Senator Richard aye, senator Birmingham aye, senator Tucker aye. Hager aye, 48 having voted in the affirmative and non in the negative, so amendment 15 passes bill is back before you. Further discussion or debate? Mr. President. Senator Brown for what purpose of your rise? I want to debate the bill. You have the floor. I just wanted to make the members aware of two documents placed on the member is for the document I think I talked to Miss [xx] about showing what the 14, 15 distributions to your counties under the electronics recyclers fund that we are now eliminating just to make you aware what those a mass they will be to your county they helps supplement the counties solar waste operations for picking up and [xx] this electronic equipments quite many making it available to various colletors in the state are further who collect them for recycle I got an email this morning from at one of the major recyclers electronic recyclers we have in the state expressing their concern that they do they have a $30 million investment in the State in this effort that by removing the manufacturer's fees and the is and dissmelling this electronic recyclers program that it will be no way that they will be able to pick up at low or no cost this items from the local government across the state and will increase the cost to the local government to participate in this program ultimately are basically transpiring. This calls to the local government and ultimately to the working families who will have this computers and televisions that need to be recycled so I just wanted you to be aware of what you are doing at the same time we are cutting and reducing many of other streams of funding to our local government so this year and [xx] by repealing the recycling program and keeping the ban in place is basically and find a mandate to our Local Governments, and for that reason I hope you would oppose this Red Reform Bill. Thank you. and many other reasons but that's one further discussion and debate? Hearing none, the question before the Senate is the passage of the Senate Committee Substitute to House Bill 765 on its Third Reading all in favor will vote Aye, all opposed will vote No, files seconded to be read the Clerk will record the vote. Berger. 30 having voted Affirmative and 18 in the Negative, House Bill 765 has passed its Third Reading. The amendments will will be engrossed and the bill will be sent to the House on the issue of concurrence. Mr. President. Senator Tillman, for what purpose do you rise? Change my vote. I thought we were voting on the amendment from Senator Bryant. We're voting on the bill, I've changed my vote to Aye. How many   Aye. 31 in the Affirmative and 17 in the Negative.

Again, the bill has passed its Third Reading, the amendments will be engrossed, the bill will be sent to the House the issue of concurrence. Mr. President. Senator Apodaca, for what purpose do you rise? Let's get that out of here, and send it special messenger please. So ordered. it doesn't matter, do it. Members, before we move further a couple of things it's Thursday and so our Pages who've been with us all week are not going to be us after today, and we're not going to be here after today for a while, so I just wanted to say thanks to our Pages for your services this week. We appreciate your assistance and hope that you've learned something, and I'm certain that your Member has learned a great deal, so thank you very much. senator   [xx] Mr. President I want to withdraw my formal motion to send as special messenger [xx] messenger as long it gets there by the third day it'll be fine. We'll try to catch speed before it gets over. Thank you Mr. President I need to freshen up a bit, and can we recess the about what is it? 12:30 please or just stand is about 12.30 Brent Jackson[sp?] [xx] will standout this until 12.30 PM house Bill 363 clerk will read house Bill 363 says the elections Tyrrell and Catawba[sp?] Senator White Reco Dance.  Thank you Mr. President are you with me in our Conference Committee with Ohio and there was one change made to the Greensboro potion adding another district and would ask that you concur Further discussion or debate? Senator Robinson, for what purpose do you rise? To ask the bill's sponsor a question Senator Wade do you yield? I do She yields Senator Wade with your conference committee I note the deviations with the districts are larger than what the normal deviations between districts in Greensbury is so when you were drawn the districts did, was there another way you could have met whatever your goals were but not split the precincts or create larger deviations you can answer Senator Robinson, first of I din't draw all the districts, we had then drawn by the professional staff and second this was by the house members so I don't believe I can answer the reasons or why they had them drawn a certain way Senator Robinson for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill You have the floor Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I am a member of the Guildford county delegation and the conference committee there were nominal [xx] is represented even though most of the Districts affected represents minorities mostly Africa Americans there were no Democrats included and that was my confer I did speak with senator burger yesterday to ask about process  what things were say the same thing to senator Wade, and was not given any information and I guess you know that what you do within different parities my history was some of the Republicans in the house is a little bit different and yo will see going to the vote where the house recently voted no even though was a chose for that there were other republican members of our delegation who failed very important that the citizens of Granville or have a say in their form of government. And so there are several problems with this legislation patient is truncated and is non transparent.

The re-district in plan which was initially senate bill 36 remains in Act of Bill in House Elections Committee and I guess after months of stalling in the house someone decided decided to re-surf this issue as House Bill 263, which was tagged to the Trinity Bill no members of the public and only one legislator who opposed the bill were permitted to speak during the committee meeting which was hastily added to the committee agenda the bill passed and before when we had consider 36 you will recall even when twerk trinity was added as 263 that the bill pass the senate very hastily the same day and was ordered, calendared in the house without a committee hearing and so the committee was appointed we had to look online to find out who they were, who the conferees were and maybe that's just the way you do business because you don't hear about how other people who represent on citizens are concerned about their focus well. None of the conferees were people of color, as I mentioned earlier and Greensboro is proportionately registered Democrats. No Democrats were there and of course Senator Berger indicated that he would put people on their who voted for it and of course, none of us Democrats voted for it, thank God. But the process was hasty, it was truncated and [xx] very quickly. Yesterday afternoon I tried to search for information and there was little out, mostly from the press the conference report was moved forward and was moved quickly so that we did not know what was in it. More that it was moved so that the citizens had no chance for input. Citizens were emailing me, they were calling me in terms what is going on. And of course I had to say, I don't really know. They make the decisions down there. But I did try to around and find out and I still didn't know. I had bits of pieces of information to share. And we are a citizen form of government and they have a right to know what is going on especially as it affects them. Even as we've gone through this process, there's been very little and in some cases in committee no input from the citizens when it was hurried and redistricting committee, Sen. Rucho did allow me, who represents that area, to say some even though I'm not on the committee but there was nothing from the public. The public came, the council members came, the ministers came folks who represent Greensboro came and they expected to speak but they had their voices closed. Folks have told them what their that they are not very interested at all. So there has been very little public debate. And so this bill does lack transparency and it past the away you intend to operate in North Carolina, I think you've said it very loudly. The next this is populations deviation and heard me ask Sen. Wade the question. THe current plan for the Greensboro City Council has an overall population deviation of 3.5 meaning that no district is more than 4% plus or minus than any other district and in Senate bill 36 and House bill 263 there's an overall population deviation of 8.25% means that individual voters in the overpopulated districts which are mostly minority one, four and six will have their votes counted less than voters in under populated Districts three and seven, which are not minority districts. The other thing is how inconverts are treated and I know it appears that somebody's intent here is to remove inconverts whether they have and according to the population Greensboro they elected people and decided that these were the folks they wanted because their former government allowed them to elect a majority of

the folk who represent them, and so in this plan council members who are black are treated differently from members who are white. I will say it again, council members who are black African Americans are treated differently from those who are white all of the four Africa -America encounter[sp?] with the city council appeared in district with other Africans Americans [xx] two African-American in campus appeared in district one, and two appeared in district two. Only half of the white members of the accounts all appeared in the district. And so there's obvious a tamp to disenfranchise the representation of people who currently represent Africans- Americans who were elected who were elected by the majority voters even won as mere proteam who run at large. Now even though the city also as non partisan. Council members who are registered democrats are treated differently from council members who were registered to republicans. None of them [xx] paid in a district is a republican. so if the intent was to create equal districts it surely wasn't equal across parties. Six of the Seven democratic incumbents are paired with the democratic incumbents. The other thing that we mentioned before and  I mention again in the other map was communities of interest and communities of interest is very important to people in the neighborhoods, how must work together. How neighbors decide what's important to them and their communities, historic [xx] part and you've had of it, has always been unanimous in terms of issues in the city, and the entire fisher park neighborhood and the district is assigned to district three, but the new plan, half of the district park remains in District three and the half is assigned to District one, and I'm going to wait till Senator Wade stops confer on this side so I can hear you what is going on in the plan house 263 North East Greensboro which is also historically won that had the land field, that oppose the land field that was proposed by senator Wade eight years ago. This district is broken up in the current council districts all of North East, Greensboro was assigned to district two but in this plan, House Bill 263, the neighbor who's too a split between district two and eight. No justification has been given as to why this has been done splendid[sp?] precinct confuse the voters and we know that, you know that in terms of how people go to the polls and how they relay[sp?] on there history in terms of where they voted, and specially older people go to those polls or same polls and so it is important that those precinct remain in terms of where they vote, there is no justification [xx] precinct have been split in this plan, this does make sense, the district propose visually and mathematically less compact than the current district, the most agreed years section of this bill is probably is the last of government autonomy, this legislature has done a lot to take away the authority of local governments, but I. Senator Robbin, there's a 10-minute limit. Is it? Yes, madam, If you would further reference.  I'm beyond the 10 minutes yes ma'am. Okay thank you, there's a couple of more sentences and I think this deserves a thank you. This bill prevents the city of Greensboro from changing it's own form of government or rejoin the city council even after 2020 the authority will be right here with the general assembly so it

takes away that local autonomy so this plan is wrong, is mean spirited, Idon't know who is targeted at but it is so impact and majority people in my community in addition franchise is African-Americans that I represent as well as the citizens and the citizens of Greensboro so I'm hoping follow it again. Further discussion or debate. Mr. President. Senator Blue for what purpose do you rise? Brief comments. You have the floor Thank you Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen of the senate, the only thing I know about this redistricting maps is what Senator Robinson has just described, but as I was sitting listening to what she had to say I couldn't help but think about it and in the context of what we did a little earlier this morning. We all look at that flag which we all love so dearly and we pledge allegiance to it and we say [xx] with liberty and justice for all and you know, the context of when we say that is two days before 4th of July, most cherished Civil Holiday in this country. I've been watching some of the specials on the PHC journal educational journal and various one is about the revolutionary war and the civil war, even when you say that when you think about it you really come to conclusion that the something special that  blessed United States to be the United States. We beat the most powerful country the face of the earth was a lag tag bunch of patriots farmers and volunteers. When we beat the British military. they had overcome Spain, France and everybody else on the face of the earth, and we defeated them to create a new country, and sure to order this country became the most powerful on face of the earth, the quickest term it's ever happened, even greater than the Roman empire and by all of the staff back up in the BC period. But you look at that and you look at the fact that the battle of Gettysburg started on July first second and third in 1863, and here we are in July 2nd right in the middle of that spreading and flying in the face of what field democracy is all about, and you can't help to think that there's something that sort of misguides us or keeps us from really appreciating what this country is and what the magic of it has been in the context of the Revolutionary War where everybody fought, it didn't matter whether you were slave, free or anything everybody fought and won the freedom for this country, and of the Civil War and the Battle at Gettysburg which was the turning point that preserved this union, and we do stuff like this, it's totally inconsistent with who we are, who we say we are, now what I say is not going to have any effect on how you vote, but I want us to think about it in the big sense. I just googled as I was listening to Senator Robinson, I googled something that the Gettysburg Battle reminded me of and you can do it this weekend or you can do it when you get in your office, Google Jim Crow Laws and just go to the Wikipedia definition and just read a little bit of what they say in Wikipedia, I don't put a lot of stock in Wikipedia, but just look at what they say and you sort of see trends developing, again based on what Senator Robinson said. If you're creating districts like this map purportedly does, and you're disregarding what you're doing with regards to race and the recent Supreme Court decisions, and it just makes me think a little bit that perhaps we need to be a little more diligent in our teaching civics, in our teaching the real love for this country and what it really is, and I believe a place specially endowed by God to do special things, and when we do stuff like this we defy all of those kinds of things that I believe are rich enlightened immersement in the history of the last 239 years which convince us it's the wrong thing to do further discussion or debate? Senator Brain for what purpose do you rise?

To debate the bill Mr. President You have the floor But first I want to ask a question, to Senator Wale Senator Wale do you yield? sure I do she yields Senator Wade on page 9 line 38 of the conference report there is a requirement for a three four as a vote to appropriate fund from the unappropriated fund [xx] can you say what the origin of that provision is, are you familiar with that? And why will be there? You can ask him Yes Senator Brain that's the present term right now [xx] for city council has changed that has been all there that's what always been, actually in the bill it was changed from being you have had unanimous vote to 3/4 when they changed the district to eight and it presently is my understanding that unless they changes does that [xx] on city councils always been 3/4 super majority. Senator [xx] for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill You have floor Mr. President I just thought  that was interesting in view of the bill which is previously discussed with the super majority for the zoning that they would have the super majority there. My major concern that I want to point out to the body and for the record is when you look at the charts associated with this new plan in terms of the breakdown of the districts by race both total population by rate and voting age population by race you have two districts that are 70% blank and one I think 60% range and others that are 12, a couple of others that are very low in percentage of our black voting age population. Now this is the same issue that we're now being litigated in terms of the congressional and legislative districts we're facing. The same issue on the Supreme Court addressed in the Alabama case that sent [xx] district case back, so I just wanted to bring this to your attention and the pattern is packing black voters in to districts at much higher numbers than they need to be to elect candidates of their choice as a way to isolate them from other districts where they might buy their presence vote to moderate whoever the candidates might be from those other districts that are 12% African American or 20% African American that stands to me very dramatically in this plan is of great concern to me that we are continuing in a pattern and is a strategy used to minimize the influence of black bottles in  situation where the population is growing, and you can  argue that  we're giving you [xx] number of black district. however but at same time that a [xx] for minimizing the overhaul influence that the black population can have if they're not packed into district in greater numbers than necessary so I want to make sure that is clear for the record for my opinion and also to make sure you as the members of the senate understand that. Thank you. Order discussion debate. Senator Jackson for what purpose do you rise? To pave the motion. You have the the floor. Just a quick reminder we shouldn't even be doing this, we should have independent [xx] thing North Carolina Jerry Mandolin is a plague that our state has suffered under for far too long. Further discussion or debate Senator Woodward, for what purpose do you rise. Speak to the motion. You have the floor. This should be the fourth time this session we have voted for a super majority, they're instituting or the vote, required vote to super majority. Just want to make sure you all didn't forget that before you push the button. Further discussion or debate. Mr. President. Senator Waddell, for what purpose do you rise?   To speak to the motion.  You have the floor. I'd like to ask the bill sponsor a question. Senator Wade do you yield?  Yes sir I do.  She yields.  I've seen this happen so many times in other re-districting, is there a reason for splitting precincts that were normally together? Go ahead. Thank you for asking that question. Certainly when you decrease the number or increase the number of districts you're going to have a change in precincts. In this particular case they went to eight districts. Obviously you can't keep

all the precincts together to try the best you can, but when you get it to a larger number of districts. There's really no way not to split some precincts. Thank you, and the reason that I'm concerned. Senator Waddell for what purpose do you rise.  OK, follow up, speak to the bill. You want to speak to the bill or ask a question?  No, speak to the bill.  You have the floor. Thank, and the reason that I'm concerned about splitting precincts. because that's the thing that happened just recently with redistricting and what happened is many persons then are disenfranchised and they're confused because what happens with the split under the precincts then they end up going to the wrong place and then they have to vote provisional. When they vote provisional then this really creates other questions. So as much as possible I think we should never split those precincts and I want us to be mindful of that and what we do. I also want us to call us attention to a local body being responsible to their own government that we hear in lowly should not govern what happens locally in states and counties throughout the state and I hope this is not a beginning, that we are going to see as we go forward they are not going to spread to other municipalities as we move forward thank you. Further discussion on debate senator Robinson what brought you up speak speak a second time senator Robinson under the rules you only speak once in on a motion What's on the motion? Yes Mum. Order of the discussion of the day. Senator O'Brien I ask him to wrap some questions senator Robinson do you? Certainly senator Robson are there can you speak to me about the impacts of the districts that have been created on this bill particularly on the African American community and on the impact on African Amricans in the electoral processing in good principle Mr president thank you. thank you senator Brain for that there is certainly something to be said for those of us who understand minority communities and have worked and advocated for those people to have the right to both and the right right to be recognized so I appreciate that from you and I'm sure some of the others of you here represent folk in your district who may look like me and the impact on that as we have advocated for those people to get out and vote is one of the issues that what else ported out is when you stand up listening. Posing goes to the wrong place and election day for some reason didn't have a chance get all about maybe that idea or something, and they go to wrong place they have a about provisional may or may not be counted and that this franchises the land of the people especially the North East Greensboro Prison there are a lot of those people on their first home because they made a living wage a lower lower or somewhere else they were able gather house is so they remain there, they are older and they are used to go into the same poising to boat. So, this in franchises them in terms of people who are used to going to a certain place, the other thing that happens in other neighborhood like even facial pack in terms of those neighborhoods who have been able to avicate and work together on issues, it doesn't franchises them it pulls them apart and even greater than that, it takes away the right of people to elect the folk that they want to elect, and the previous [xx] Mr. President. Has done that. Step out the dock before I approach you out. I'm answering a question. Mr. President, inquire the chair. Stature inquired. Are we making a speech or answering a question? A question was asked. And I'm answering it. It may not be the way other folk want to hear it but I'm answering the question. Senator Robinson, hold on just a second. You may answer the question that was, therefore. Thank you Mr. Chair. forth The question was, how does it impact the people? Is that your question Senator Brian? And so it impacts to people negatively, and if that is your intent, you've done a good job. But I don't believe all of you are like that I don't believe Senator Brain, that

everybody supports this like you don't support it. I believe there're people here who are concerned about the right of people to have the right to vote, and so that is what is happening and it's happened more in this plan to packing African-Americans who have always been segregated back into a segregated plan, it's re-segregation because it's packing them and it does not allow them to intermingle, to vote with, to discuss with, in terms of what their wishes are with other people in their communities so it's very agreegious[sp?] to them, it's really, well, I can't sound unconstitutional, almost, but it's just really mean in terms of what's happened to the people here. Further discussion or debate, is there further discussion or debate? Senator [xx] for what purpose do you rise? Thank you, to speak to the bill. You have the floor. I haven't had much time to look at it obviously, but as I look at the statistics in the pedia[sp?] that the company is this bill. The primarily African American districts have a greater than ideal target number, for example district one which is 72% black, it's 4.4% over its ideal number. District four 73% is almost 3% over its ideal number. District six at 40% is four and a half almost 4.6% over its ideal number, very quickly because I've only had a few seconds to look at this. It looks like we are saying that Africa-American votes are not as valuable as whites votes certainly that is an intended consequence of this bill and something we will need before this moves forward thank you very much. Further discussion or debate, hearing none question before the senate is the passage of the motion without the conference report to house Bill 263. All in favor of the motion will vote I, all opposed to the motion will vote no. Five seconds to be allowed for the voting, court will record the vote. vote it out . 33 having voted in the affirmative and 16 in the negative of the motion is adopted and the house will be so notified Mr. President. Senator Apodaca your purpose arise?  I need the house to be notified on the adoption of these conference report pass a special message [xx] so ordered Mr. President Senator Hartsell, for what purpose do you rise? To send forward a seconds committee report out of order Send forward your report, Clerk will read Senator Hartsell for judiciary one committee submits the passage house bill 512. Unfavorable as to bill but favorable last to the senate, senate committee substitute bill title, amend clarified back up PSA PU requirements.  Calendar, notices and announcements Are there any notices or announcements? Senator Duyn for what purpose do you rise? Thank you Mr. President point of personal privilege you have the floor. Thank you members I love the 4th of July I love July in general, but I'm really lucky this year and to and we will celebrating the 4th of July and July like have never done before, and the reason is because some of you know a year ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and what I'd like to tell you is what I have learned is I don't if we ever beat cancer physically it's tough we don't know if we have a really beat cancer, but what I have learned is you beat cancer that your attitude you beat cancer by your actions. You beat cancer by your faith and if I brag  on her for just

a minute and if you will a peace  to me just to come and give you an idea of what I'm talking about while girl is going through her cancer treatment and she just said three things that I think really [xx] out, first [xx] the leading individual fund raisers for all local [xx] for life she also at Christmas time, bald as she was, took the time and went and bought 100 bandannas or head scarf and took them to the same cancer treatment that she was getting her cancer treatment. How were they bandannas and gave them out to the people to obviously come from Henry, so they would have a holiday bandanna to wear. She also was an inspiration to have tennis buddies in France and they did a tennis fundraiser called 'Gunning for Cancer' and raised several thousand dollars for our local cancer organization. So what I know is that we can learn from other people to me, she's been an inspiration and I would like to if I may, Mr. President to introduce you to great loving Gale Gunn that is with us today on the senate floor and I just want to thank her. Thank you Thank you senator and thank you Gail. Further notices or announcements? Further business come forth to centre, if not the chair recognizes senate Paith for a motion. Than you Mr. President, this is an emotional place I move that the senate do now adjourn subject to the standard stipulations set forth as senate rule 24.1, the receipt of committee reports, the appointment of confrees[sp?], the ratification of bills and the receipt of house messages to reconvene for senate to senate joint resolution 717 adjournment resolution on Monday July 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM, you should both be sure to come back. The motion is that the senate do now adjourn in accordance with the senate joint resolution 717 subject to the stipulation state by Senator Plague[sp?] to reconvene on Monday July 13 at 7:00 PM, seconded by Senator Law and members with your permission I would ask Senator Law would upon the vote it say off with dismiss us with a prayer, so all in favor with the motion say aye, all opposed no, the ayes have it, Senator Law you have the floor Let us pray. Oh beautiful, for a spacious dice found the waves of grain for Popal mound, Majesties above the food and plain, America, America that shed His grace on thee. As we come to Thee for thy goodness, thanking thee for thy kindness, thanking Thee for the goodness and the joy and the love that You share with each and every one of us, we ask that at this time as we prepare to depart from this place but never from Thy presence, that You would continue to be with all of us, all of our families and friends and places that we come from, that as we continue to do with all, that You would continue to be with each and every one of us, let us continue to experience the joy and the responsibility of freedom, let us continue to experience the freedom that you have given to each and everyone of us, that we might act in thy will and that we might act responsibly. Now we ask as we journey down the highways to our various places of uphold, that you would be with us and allow us to come back to this place where we will continue to do the business of the old North State, these things we pray in your name and all of the

people said, Amen. Senate stands adjourned.