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House | July 1, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber the sergeant at arm will close the doors, members and visitors will place silent all the electronic device the prayer will be offered by the representative Regraiser. Members and visitors in the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the prayers of religious. Thank you Mr. Speaker this prayer is adapted from a vision for our future by Israel free-lander, let's pray. We envision a nation great in numbers, great in strength, enjoying life, liberty and perceived happiness. True life not mere breathing space for liberty not mere able-ram. Real happiness not mere survive, all actively contributing to the enrichment of society, sharing and increasing in spirituality, enlarging our joys deminishing our sorrows, deeply rooted in the soil of our ancestors, understanding our past, creating our future true to our best traditions and faithful to our common values one in sentiments with Americans everywhere with straight backs and raised hands, with generous hearts and creative minds with no conviction clipped and no motion to stay for, no yielding like wax from to every impress from the outside but appointing the best to which posses with the best wining counter together, united adding a new note of richness to the American life, writing a new current into the stream of civilization, distinct and distinguished, caring and compassionate, trusted for our loyalty and back to the broad for our integrity, esteemed for our best principals and valued for our greatest aspirations, a nation such as the prophet foresaw and all who will see us will point to them and say a nation and people blessed by the Lord and let us say Amen. Amen. I congratulations to the player of United States of America and to the republic of which he stands. One day under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Representative Lewis is recognized. Mr. Speaker the journal for Tuesday June 30th 2015 has been examined and found to be correct, a move that is stand approved as written. Representative Lewis moves that the journal for June 30 be approved as written, those in favor will say aye? Those opposed no? The ayes have it, the journal is approved as written. Chapter Bills should be noted. Is our nurse here yet? Messages from the Senate. The clerk will read. House Bill 634, storm water bill to plan [xx] certification, Calendar 36B upon motion of Representative Mike Hager, his assistant has extended the courtesy before welcome Kelly Roth, is she here? Okay, we also have a special guest the house welcomes and extends the courtesy before to Miss Lisely [xx] the amendment cler for the Arizina house of Representatives she is here this week for the associate program with the American society of legislative clerk and secretary, she will be here learning from the this weeks, if she is here would she stand please? Right here is he here? Upon motion of Representative Burger Stanley its the courteous gallery to extend Charles Robinson of Markgamary[sp?] county who design the new and first freedom license plate which start today is available to the public as standard licenses plated along with the current first and flight license plate is he here? I can't say. Special messages to the senate the clerk will read Miss Speaker [xx] to your message received on June 17 by house of representatives fail to a conquer in house bill 44 senate committee substitute to an addition bill to be entitled an act to reform various provisions of the mall[sp?] related to local government, the president Pro Tempore appoints Senator Wade chair, Senators Apodaca, Brock, Brown, [xx], Alexander, Clark on the part of the Senate to confer with like committee appointed by the honorable body to end the differences arising maybe resolve respectively [xx] personal clerk Sarah[sp?] [xx] sorry.

So to your message received today at the House for Representatives fail to concur with House Bill 263 senate committee substitute second edition, a bill to be entitled an act modify the form government in city of Trinity, and to clarify the form government, the method of election and determination of election results in the city of Greensboro, the senate the President Pro Tempore appoints Senator Wade chair, Senators Rucho and Brock on the part of the Senate to confer with the like committee appointed by the honorable body to the end of the differences arising maybe resolved, respectfully so relaying principal clerk.  Noted. Pursuant to your message received on June 18th, 2015 that the House for Representatives failed to concur in House bill 327 senate committee substitute fourth edition, a bill to be entitled An Act To (1) Study Emergency Medical Service Personnel Safety from hostile threats and what defensive resources should be allowed to prevent injury with emergency medical service personnel or the patients under their care, and two make technical and performing changes through the statutes governing the regulation of emergency medical services to reflect new national standards for emergency medical services. The President Pro Tempore appoints Senator Brock chairs Senators Jackson and Lambeth on the part of the Senate to confer with like committee appointed by the honorable verdict and the differences arising maybe resolved, respectfully so relaying personal clerk. Noted. Pursuant to your.  Mr. Speaker could we have some order in the chamber please. Please we'll take an order please. The clerk.   [xx] to the message received on June 2015 that the House of Representatives fail to conquer in House Bill 495 senate committee substitute sixth edition, a bill to be entitled An Act Enhancing effectiveness and the efficiency of state governments by modernizing the states system of human resources management, the President Pro Tempore appoints Senator Tucker, Chair Senators Barefoot, Apodaca,  Warren, and Lee on the part of the senate to confine with the right committee appointed by our all body the end that Davis is arising maybe in resolve, respect this our line pressible clerk. Noted. As it been read yet? OK without objection House bill 669 short titled being juvenile law changes abuse neglect dependency will be added to today's calendar, is there objection? Mr. Speaker yes representative Cole? No objection to this bill but want to make sure we put in the record this is for concurrence and it was originally a house bill that we passed out and it's my understanding there's very little change to it and so we don't object to being added to the calender. I believe that's correct and it will be added to the bottom of the calendar. Mr. Speaker I'm just going to say there was some change to it but we think it all made it stronger and representative Glacier represented your interest. Any further objection? If not it will be added to it to calendar. House bill 493, the Clerk will read. Representative Hager, House Bill 493, a bill to entitled an act to remove certain described properties from the cooperate members of the town of Lake Lure General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. Representative Hager is standing Is recognized. Thanks Mr. Speaker, this is making a motion to concur the senate changed took the deannexation piece of it, it's all they did. You're recognized. Do you want to explain the bill or? I think this bill came through before as deannexation in town of Black Lower for a piece of property they want to turn back to a firm I heard a referendum in there they said decided to take the referendum out, and I make a motion to concur Mr. Speaker. Further discussion or debate, is not the question before the House is the adoption of motion to concur by Representative Hager those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and Representative Hager, the clerk will lock the machine will record the vote. Representative Hager is recognized for a request. Thank you Mr. Speaker, my seat mate was saying about piling more stuff on my desk, and I

was just trying to keep you from doing it, I was just a little bit I'd like to change my vote to yes. The request is granted. And the the Bill remains on the calendar and we will have votes tomorrow for that Bill and some others. house bill 255 the Clerk will read. Representative Baldy, Watson, Catherine house bill 255 a bill to be entitled an act to perform bill and code enforcement to promote economic growth by confirming working progress inspection authority of a recently enacted inspection limitation by requiring the building code council to study the alternate medical approval process by definition of official misconduct for code officials by rising the threshold of requirement of a building permit by creating a building called council resident code committee, and the building code committee by requiring internet posting of certain council decisions and interpretation by clarifying inspection fees collected by cities and county's may only be used to support the inspection department by requiring that the inspections be performed in full and in timely manner by inspecting reports include all items fail to met code requirements by authorizing especially in components for elements and buildings certified with licence architect and license engineers and by exempting certain commercial building projects from requiring an professional seal. General assembly of North Carolina enacts Representative Brody is recognized to make a motion and to debate the motion Thank you Mr. Speaker. I move for concurrence and to speak on the motion You're recognized to do so Thank you members, we sent this to the Senate and as usual they did some changes however a couple of minor changes to the text and two amendments which we really didn't much objection to and I hope you don't have either they were, one of my lease[sp?] was part of a bill that we already passed through this house. The first change that they made in the text that if you remember correctly we had added a fire person to the small residential sub committee that the senate added a court official which I think really balances out that committee. The second one was clarification when we actually got a good language from a legal municipality and we put that in there clarifying what was officially called the complete inspection it was good clarifying language. As far as the new items we did take a portion of the house bill 760 which we passed which identified that an engineer or architect can licence I mean inspect a opponent of building project and actually satisfy that that has been done according to code they have to do side inspection and they are relieves the county or city for many liability that they come from that particular inspection. And the last one was added an exception to the commercial code that dealt with projects that are under 2, 500 square feet 90 and the $90, 000 in value that exception is currently allowed when architect doesn't have to seal plans as currently allowed in law, but what we do is the extended to, these were free standing commercial projects maybe a date is extend to projects within for example [xx] and the impetus was this, was the ice cream [xx] wanted to remodel an individual unit within a mall and they would had again another is add a few other thousand dollars to the cost and we put that exemption in. Other than that was it, if there's care to any questions and I ask for your support. Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the adoption of the motion to conquer and House Bill 255 the city committee substitute those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no the clerk will open the vote. We have a few people the clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes are 106 and the no's are 3, the motion has passed the bill will be enrolled and sent to the governor.

For what purpose does Representative Blast rise? May I be report as voting aye please? You may, Representative Warren. I would like to be recorded 39.  You will be so recorded.  Thank you. house bill 288 the clerk will read.   Representative Setzer, Bob Gardner House Bill 288 a bill to be entitled an act to maintain an AIC accreditation of the department of insurance by making revisions to the laws governing against insurance company holding systems, risk by capital requirements for life insurers, incorporate government's requirements for risky retention groups that make conforming and clarify change to the laws governing motor vehicle financial responsibility in auto and home owners insurance optional program enhancements and recommended by the department of insurance during [xx]. Representative Bob Gardner is recognized to make a motion and to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker I move that we conquer on this bill. You're recognized to debate the motion. Thank you, I'll be glad to read any of you all that want to hear it, the whole bill let's, I think let's see 23 pages if you need to take a nap I'll read it to you.  Its technical changes it pass The house some 1 by 110 to 0 vote, the Senate made a couple of minor adjustments, and we would appreciate a green vote this is a bill that the department has requested. Further discussion or debate? Representative Paul is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker, question for Representative Bob Steinburg. Does he yields? I don't yield. Thank you Mr. Speaker Representative Bob Steinburg you say there were couple of changes they were made, could you tell us those substances that was changed? All the effect, perhaps I can but I will have to find them I left my hard copy in my office where I had highlighted but, representative Setzer may be able to answer that. Do you want to direct the question representative Setzer? He yields, representative Setzer? Thank you. One of the changes that involves electronics means of proof of your insurance when if you're in an accident you can use your smartphone and produce the certificate of insurance the second change they made in the Senate involved the enhancements that the interest companies can offer, I know of no opposition and I appreciate your support. Further discussion of the debate, if not the question before the house is the adoption of the motion of concur and help the senate [xx] Housebill 288 those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote That's everybody. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, the ayes are 110, the nos are one. The motion is adopted and the bill will be enrolled and sent to the governor. The chair is happy to extend the courtesies to the gallery upon motions of Representatives Simon and Luis of Hornet county, two, Hornet county commissioner Barbara Macoy, is she's here, would she please stand? Upon motion of representative Allen Pierce and representative Ken Goodman the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery into the hand Richardson and Keisha Campbell for 28 the happy years of teaching. If they're here could we recognize you? Representative Mire, for what purpose do you rise? For a point of personal privilege Mr. Speaker, we usually say that till the end of the calendar but is it something that should interrupt us, there is a group here. You're recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker. We just being joining the gallery by the 2014 world ultimate club champions this is an ultimate Freeze B team from North Carolina, the team name is Boneyard Boneyard beat a Canadian team 17 to eight to win the national, the world championship this year, they have been in the championship many times before but this their first championship, there were 160 teams around the world and 4000 athletes competing and this team from North Carolina come out on top. I have Representative statement to submit

to the clerk and just to ask that we recognize the world champions. If all would stand we like to recognize you. And thank you Representative Meyer for bringing that to our attention, House Bill 389 the clerk will read.  Representative Stein house bill 389 bill to be entitled an act clarify the authority of the Lincoln county volunteer fire department General Assembly of North Carolina act. Representative Tine is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker this bill deals with the tax collection or remittance for Reno, Collin fire department. Currently Della county collects it, are required by law to send it to Manteo, the town Manteo who then sends it to Reno, Collin fire department that simply removes Manteo the process. There're no objections that Manteo and Reno Collin fire department ask for, I ask for your support. Further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the passage on it's second reading of house bill 389 those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no the Clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes are 108 the nos were 2, the Bill has passed it's second reading and will remain on the calendar. We now have the nurse of the day Sharon Pettiford of CottageVille, thank you for being here with us And I think we have in the gallery former Representative Carolyn Justice is, Representative Justice here? Or somebody will let me know when she comes back in, we'll say hello to her. Mr. Speaker Representative Iscal I would like to be recorded as now on 255 you will be so recorded senate bill 654 the Clerk will read. Senator Lee, senate bills 654 a bill to entitled an act to from act to revive a department of transportation said the  fan, indemnify and hold homeless the remote and havard area is much prominent planning organization proclaims are rising action taken by the organization pursue the transportation act and to clarify certain provisions transportation corridor official map. General Assembly of North North Carolina enacts. Representative Millis is recognized to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen I do not be fooled by the shortened titled. I could not think of a worse shortened titled to put on a bill rolling through the house here than map Act clarification but just please understand what this bill has to do with is defense in regard to the map Act. Sometime ago, the Wilmington NPO was granted the authority by the legislature which I believe in 2006 to file two corridor maps. They got the authority before the time I was here, and because of what's kind of followed out, because of the actual Cabby case, there's a little bit of misunderstanding between the AG's office and things that nature of the defense of these two maps, which these two maps represent a single project that covers over two different counties. All of this bill does is to clarify what the courts have already said that it is DOT that is ultimately responsible and therefore this map will be treated like all other maps in this state when it comes to the map Act. I'm happy to answer any question that you all may have, I tried to explain the complicated situation as simply and as briefly as possible but I ask for your support on this. It just clarifies what is already been actually articulated by the courts and I look forward to your support. Is there further discussion or debate, if not, the question before the house is the passage of senate bill 654 on it's second reading. Those in favor will vote aye those oppose will vote no, the Clerk will open the vote Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. The ayes are 110, the no's are one, the bill has passed it's second reading and willwithout objection be read

a third time North Carolina enact. Is there any further debate or discussion if not the question for the house is the passage of senate bill 64 54 on its third reading those in favour will say aye "aye" those oppose will say no the ayes have it the bill has passed its third reading and will be returned to the senate house bill 669 the Clerk will read. Rep. Stevens house bill 669 a bill to be entitled an act to make various changes to the juvenile law pertain to abuse neglect and dependency General Assembly North Carolina enact. Rep. Stevens is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker I would move that we do concur with house bill 669 and I'd like to speak on the motion. You are recognized to speak on the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker and this bill did leave us this is another one of those important legislation that I think we can all be proud of. We talk about foster care but this is about the children before they ever get to foster care all the children who were still involved in the court system representative Haul I ask what was the major changes there were a lot of technical regarding rewarding that the biggest change that came in policy os in page seven land 8 through 18 it says the goal of the court is the still reunification of the family if possible, but we think there are some certain circumstance that if the court finds this specific facts then they may want to work on CC reunification airports even earlier. Those specific circumstances we set out were sexual abuse, chronic physical or emotional abuse, tocher abandonment chronic or toxic exposure to alcohol control substance that causes an inparement or addiction to the juvenile and other practice or conduct that increases the anonymity of or added to the injurious consequences of the abuse neglect, that maybe a child who comes in and clearly has a medical record that includes substantial broken bones and fractures that have occurred over the period of a year or so, but this maybe their first involvement the court so we wanted the court to be able to look at some serious circumstances and try to get stability for these children as quickly as possible so I would again as for your concurrence on this. Is there further discussion or debate? If not the question before the house is the adoption of motion to concur in the senate committee substitute, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote Clerk will lock the machines and record the vote, the ayes are 112 and nos are zero the motion is passed the bill be enrolled and sent to the governor. Mr. Speaker, Representative, Steven Could we do that by special messenger because I think there will be a bill signing tomorrow Has to be ratified first, but we'll get there as fast as we can. Representative Holloway is recognized to send forth a conference report, clerk will read. For the of president of the senate, the speaker of the house representatives, confidently to resolve the difference between the senate in the house of representatives on house bill 263. A bill to be entitled and to modify the government in the city of Trinity and to clarify a form of government, method of elections and determination of elections result in the city of Greensburg. Re-distributing committee substitute to adopt 1615 to submit the following report, the house and the senate agree to following amendment to the senate registering committee substitute adopt 61015 and the house concurs in the senate committee substitute as amended. To lead the entire senate registering committee substitute act 61015 and to substitute tax proposal conference committee substitute H26-PCCS10401-9. ST-5 the conferees recommend, the senate in the house Rep. Doctres date conferees approve report July 1st 2015, Conferees for the senate,  Senators Wade, Chair, Senator Rachael, Broke. Conferees for the House of Representatives, Representative Holley, Chair, Representatives Faircloth, McElraft and Hurger. Calendar for tomorrow July the 2nd, Representative Speciale for what purpose do you rise? To change my vote on H389 to yes. That will be so noted and changed.

Notices and announcements? Representative Hager is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I want to call, have all the Republicans meet in 1228 immediately after session for caucus. Representative Dollar is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I just wanted to make a note that one of our Members, Representative Susan Martin has been honored as with the Legislature of the Year Award from the North Carolina Council of Community programs and as most of you know or many of you know, the North Carolina Council of Community programs deals state wide with a full range of mental health and behavioral health and developmental disability issues and they have honored Representative Martin with their 2015 Legislature of the Year Award. Representative Bradford is recognized. Mr. Speaker, a moment of personal privilege? You're recognized. I would just like to tell everyone that I've had to refrain from wishing someone. We have a order for point of personal privilege. Thank you. I've had to refrain from wishing someone a happy birthday because I wanted to do this publicly my good friend, my seatmate, my first man colleague, it's his 51st birth today, and so I have waited to tell you happy happy birthday my friend me wishing Dan [xx] a happy birthday. Representative Louise are you ready to be recognized for motion? You're recognized. Mr. Speaker, subject to ratification of bills, receipt of messages from the senate, receipt of conference reports, re-referrals of bills and resolutions, and reading a representative's statements I move that the house adjourn to reconvene Thursday July 2nd at 11 o'clock AM. Representative Louise moves seconded by representative that the house adjourn, subject to application bills messages from the senate, conference reports, re-referral bills and resolutions reading the representatives statements to reconvene Thursday July 2 at 11 o'clock AM, those in favour will say aye, Aye. Oppose say no, the ayes have it, the motion carries, we're adjourned.