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Joint | July 1, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Hall

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Well, thank you for coming this morning. This is the opportunity for us to talk about the affordable care act the expansion to the Medicare of North Carolina and also for us to make sure we understand interest of North Carolina and it's citizens in this critical time, you know we're going on a summer vacation for all intense and purposes and we have a major issue that has not been resolved and folks have continually said we're waiting on the courts, we're waiting for something to happen, we're waiting for the budget to be in better shape, all this things have coming on and we still have not taken the action necessary to help over 300, 000 North Carolina who doesn't have any other choice and to take the advantages of the opportunities we have for so many folks in North Carolina who could be employed in this effort and to take advantage of it for the citizens of North Carolina who are sending billions of dollars to DC every year to go to other states and we continue to all behind, so I'm democratically [xx] and the house of representative from Dam county and I have with me this morning the president of the North Carolina conference of branches of the NAACP, Rev. William Barber as well as Adam Lincorn and they'll both be talking about this travesty. We have here in North Carolina of not taking advantage of what is rightfully the citizen's it it the North Carolina's right to healthcare, and this employment and economic benefit, Gentleman let me thank you so much leader, all for having us here today, and I'm joined again by Adam Lincor with the justice [xx] hold on a few would come up, there is also with the justice in it, and other so attorney Jimmy Philips who is our policy person with the North Carolina NWACP, and the forward together movement, as you know this afternoon, we would be having a moral Monday on Wednesday, and the focus would be equal protection under the law, and part of that, what we believe equals justice is being denied is as it relates to the expansion of medicaid. Whenever we come to the legislature building, leader hall, we do not come merely in terms of, we never come in terms of policy and politics. We come in terms in terms of our deepest constitutional and our deepest moral values. So let me just start with the language and the rules that're supposed to guide, what goes on in these halls and what our one I swore to uphold. Article one of our constitution says that all political power is vested in and derived from the people, and it should be instituted solely for the of the all. Section five of article one says, every citizen of this state owes paramount allegiance to the constitution and the government of the United States. And no law or ordinates of the states in contravention or subversion thereof can have any biding force. We're not supposed to pass laws in this place that are contrary to contradictory to federal law. Article 11, section four says this very clearly in this bill and constitution 147 years. Benificent provision for the poor and the unfortunate and the orphan is the first duty of a civilized and christian state. These are not the words of the WNE ASAP of the MOB movement. These are the moral words and the constitutional words that every legislature regardless of party and every governor swears to uphold. each one of them puts their hands on a bible and they make a big deal about it and Isiah 10 says woo unto those who make unjust laws, those who issue oppressive degrees that deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people Matthew 25 says I was sick and you did not visit me for two years this governor Governor Mcchoris and these legislature first under the leadership of Tom Tills and Thio Berger and now Till Moore have engaged in modern day into position and nullification and that word was used on by

Dr. King in his speech of 1963 when he talked about how southern governors particularly governor Wallace at that time were literary blocking black people particularly on the south at that time from their rights under the constitution and from the protection of federal law. We believe we are seeing being a form of modern day into position and nullification because this governor has signed in this legislature has passed laws and they are withholding benefits provided by the federal government, paid for by the people of this State That have been proven to be constitution. This administration has gone along way in trying to uphold this into position in all of vacation. They have trumped up the failure of Medicaid while on the same day in 2013, the Governor was talking about the failures, US Senotar Richard Burr was at an event touting the system and even attending an event where he gave an award, and here's a quote to recognize the public/private partnership the quality and efficiently of serving the state's Medicaid population and particularly the high quality of care from our Medicaid system. It delivers to patients in rural areas. In fact, one researcher from our major universities who, who by the way were not allowed to testify before the legislature. Remember this, people were not even allowed when they denied medicaid. It happened so fast in committee, it was at warp speed. But one researcher said that the national data from the Kaiser Family Foundation had have shown that North Carolina's Medicaid program costs have increased at the slowest rate in the nation and per capita costs are the lowest in the South East. Multiple states have asked North Carolina for help building that look like community care of North Carolina. Then this researcher John Overland has said there there's no crisis in North Carolina Medicaid, and there is no national crisis in Medicaid. The idea that Medicaid spending per person is spiraling out of control is not true. And yet this legislature, under the current Republican leadership and the Governor continue to trump up these figures as a way to further this into position and nullification. They don't do this anywhere else, when Duke Energy, for instance has serious problems and call us, they don't say lets stop funding Duke and just stop giving them their tax cut, they fix the problem and they still continue to support. We know that fracking has a lot of problem, but you did not see them say because of the problems of fracking, we're not going to pass the fracking bill. Only when it comes to the poorest and the vulnerable. Now, here is what has happened, this modern day interposition and nullification has kept thousand North Carolinians, and it is important we're talking about working poor people, another Miss Norman, another way they've tried to turn public opinion against us is say what, these are just poor people who are just not doing anything, but working poor people and the disabled, 500, 000 from getting health insurance through Medicaid expansion. According to research, this modern day into position and nullification by this governor legislator has resulted in probably thousands of North Carolinian's, thousands of North Carolinian's dying who did not have to die, who did not have to die. All because, all because of some racialise an extreme in Paterson politics against the President and Federal Positions. 45% of those those in the coverage gap are white, 45%. 37% are black. 18% are Hispanic, which means 55% of th people in the coverage gap are black and brown. Black and brown according to 1 analysis. The flag maybe waving in South Carolina for him to position a nullification, and the history of politics of

denial, are alive and well in North Carolina. And and while we are traumatized by a plot that causes sudden deaths we must also be terribly the concerned about policies that cause slow death. Thousands have died, all because of racialiazing extreme partisan politics against the in federal positions, now finally we've seen this pattern in the way this legislature and government has passed law, not just have with medicaid but the way have attempted to nullify the rights of LGBT community despite the fact that and now the court has been very clear, the way they were tempted to nullify the rights of the immigrant community women and the way that they attempt to nullify the right our voting rights. All of them represent a pattern along with denial of Medicaid expansion of modern day into position of nullification and here is the final piece all those state governments even some lead by Republicans have accepted Medicaid expansion, but here in the south the native ground of poverty and mean North Carolina governor's McCory and Burger McCogy Burger and Moore formerly tell us have chosen to follow the pattern and practice of Southern State government of the past and present by being on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of justice, the wrong side of mercy, the wrong side of grace they have chosen to be for nullification rather than doing what is best for the sate and her citizens today, we say to the government and to the leadership of this house this chamber is time to pull up your socks. It's time to put up your stall tactics, it's time to put up your heart as on skins, and save the lives of North Carolinian's from maniota mafia and pass medicated expansion. You don't have to wait another day, you don't have to allow another death, you don't have to allow another hospital to close, or go be in trouble. The Governor said on yesterday he doesn't have an appetite for inaction well, act government, act members of this legislature. He wants support to pass a tax bond to build infrastructure that is needed but his logic is low because he would not accept, already provided federal subsidies, that will not cost the state one dime for three years, and then only 10% afterwards. This administration and legislature wasted time and money with this interposition and nullification. They wasted time passing unnecessary tax that's for the wealthiest and raising taxes on the working poor, by increasing fees and taking benefit. This is what they have done instead of performing their first duty, and that is, to make provisions. The [xx] provision, not just provision, [xx] provision, for the poor and the unfortunate and the orphan, the first duty of a civilized and christian[sp?] state. It took them less than 30 minutes in committee, in 2013 to deny medicated [xx] in the first vote. They could fix this today, they should fix this today, and just as the mile starts and then Adam you can come. Speaker Moore, is representing Cleveland County there are 4856 persons inludement[sp?] that would be covered, and the increase in business activity would be 188 million dollars. Berger represents Guilford County. 26, 539 residents will be covered by 217 and the increase in business activity will be $1, 994, 900, 000. He also represents Rockingham County and in that county 4, 408 people would be covered, and it would bring 126 million million dollars of increased business activity. [xx] in terms of Mecklenburg 48, 474 citizens would be covered by 2017 and it would bring $2, 916, 900, 000 in business activity.

Wake County where Stam is, is 33, 867 and over $3 billion in increased business activity. So we call on today families who's loved ones get sicker or die because of this denial because of this modern day interposition and nullification to consider legal action. If your family member dies or gets sicker because you're been denied. We believe its unconstitution, and to make your voices heard. We're calling on counties where hospitals are closing or hospitals in trouble to join hands black and whites, male and female, LGBT, Republicans and Democrats and say it's time time to put away this foolishness and expand Medicaid, and we call on the governor and legislature in two full love, and in the spirit of decency, morality, and concern for all citizens of the state, put down your swords of nullification. Let's join hands and pick up the spirit of common humanity, stand together and swiftly, swiftly bring Medicaid expansion to North Carolina, for the good of all the people. Adam. I'll be brief this morning we wanted to say this morning that governor McCory has said in numerous interviews as you know that he was waiting for the decision and King versus Burwell at the supreme court to make a decision about medicaid expansion well that decision has come and gone now and so we're here today and we're here tomorrow Monday and we're going to be here in future rallies and press conferences to call the question. It's time for Governor McCory to say whether he supports covering the 500 thousand working poor who need affordable coverage or does he not? That's the first question, does he support that or does he not. Then if he say he doesn't well, we want to know that now if he says he does support covering those folks then he has two options, the least expensive, the easiest, the most effective one way to cover those folks is by expanding our medicaid program which is [xx] said was a working system with three community care Carolina. This other option is to come out with his own specific state plan, if he wants to do that there is no reason he needs to wait, you don't need to wait for reform to come out with a plan we need to see the plan if you want us to passes on plan. If he the problem is he keeps talking about work requirements and other things that are false augments federal health and human services has said that they'll be flexible in a lot of ways. The six states that propose state's specific Medicaid plans, all got approved. These are Republican governors who have proposed them and they've all been approved, sticking on work requirement is a political excuse, it has nothing to do with policy Federal HHS has said they don't have the authority to approve work requirements, because the medicaid waver statue says that point of medicare waivers is to improve healthcare delivery, improve access, and expand coverage, work requirements do none of those things. Instead the Federal government has no authority to grant work requirement in a medicare program. so if the Governor is going to stick to that, it's just an excuse to kill the program and blame the Federal government. It means he does not support covering those 1, 200.000 working people. Now who are these people? We've met them all over the state, we travel the state and double ACP travels the State and meets these folks all the time, we brought many of them to Rally, it's people like Danny Wilson who you've heard from here, it's people like Joe Underwear in Greensboro, who we can give you contact information for any of these folks, it's like most recently a woman we met in, from Snowhill Linda Dunn, she is actually of medicare age but she had to back to work because her daughter is in the Medicaid coverage gap and she has mental health issues that she needs addressed, but she can't get them addressed because she does not have health care coverage, she has mental and physical needs that need to be addressed. So, her mum has come back to work, her dad has

gone back to work in the years when they planned to be retired to provide for their daughter and try to get her the help she needs which is very expensive, there is no reason that Linda Dunn should have to go back to work to take care of their daughter, we know that there's an easy way to provide coverage to people substance use these orders mental health needs and that is to extend medicaid, so the simple question is Governor McCoy for or against it? That is the first question this is very squelchy on that we need to know these for covering each folk or is against it, and then we can have the discussion of, why doesn't he expand medicaid? or why doesn't he do a state specific plan, but the first question is, does he support it or does he not? Thank you. One more piece to work that question. it should be noted and I want to be very specific in mentioning this in terms of who actually is being denied because that's something that's not being talked about. Veterans according to the Robert Johnson Foundation are being denied, 59, 000 of the people being denied are already employed in construction jobs. in food services, 43, 000 are in cleaning ad maintenance job, 34, 000 in transportation jobs such as buses taxi drivers, 18, 000 in personal care such as barbers and child care workers and 16, 000 in health support such as home health aids in other words people who are taking care of people who may have medicaid who can't get it themselves. The question governor support this people I am does he care about veterans does this legislate care bout veterans and construction stop this false notion that entitlement and you know that becomes a negative word after the southern strategy started in the 60's that some how this is a bunch of people getting free loading or that is just minorities the fact to the matter is medicaid expansion helps working poor people in otherwise disable and let us not continue to be on this list of none Indiana expanded [xx] Iowa, Kentucky Michigan, New Jersey, I just left New Mexico, Ohio, Arizona, Ocensalt, West Virginia have all expanded. In fact that govern Kasich at Ohio literally said it that anybody whowould not expand medicaid is engaging in modern day war on the poor. That's the republican goal, this time. Adam would you stand up naked and represent questions? Representative Holland, definitely the media has a request things. It will take them down. Well, Media Holland, many of your fellow democrats ordered for a plan in the House to restructure the way that Medicaid is run in the State. What do you say to the argument that some of you have planned this out in the last few minutes, the argument that some people who say that, some Republicans that they might support the expansion? they said that they cant even take up expansion, until the reform, or they restructure the way that Medicaid is administered right now. Well, there probably was already addressed, that we don't outlaw everything that we don't 100% regulate without error or without need of improvement. So, again why suggest in this sense as we do that. We're talking about expansion. We got one of the best systems that starts already show it. This has been a moving goal line as we talked about, so even when Speaker Tillis is here and he was with the governor, they said this needed to be revisited. Representative Tillis is now a US Senator, he's gone. And we're still finding reasons to not do this. Then we said it was going to be a court decision, we're waiting on that. We re already doing it better than virtually any other state in America, administering the program. So, these excuses you may call them, at some point you have to stand up and tell the people of North Carolina, why do we not allow you to get the benefit of the tax Dollars you are sending to Washington and let everyone else that we claim we're going to compete against with incentives, get those benefits so they can beat us in the effort to create jobs. Why are we not going to let citizens have access to health care so they won't end up in the emergency room and

burden the rest of the population with the most expensive care even possible. Non of this makes financial sense, business sense and people just are not being truthful to their words. So, you can't keep running and hiding from the truth. The truth has been laid time after time, it's time for people to take leadership and say I'm opposed to it and I have a plan which they don't have a plan for expansion if they do is the best kept secret in Roley[sp?] for sure, okay. So, they don't have a plan and they making up different excuses one is not down one after another as to why they are not acting on plans available is an questionable we talked about going on vacation we are going on vacation while people die think about it and we have the power at no reason expense to us to resolve that problem, but we are going on vacation we plan to go on vacation we didn't plan to get these result we got to continue in resolution to continue the budget because we decided it was important all we've done is made excuses and made up new excuses when old ones were eliminated so I don't think there's any excuse for us not getting expansion done as well as any reworking of the system. Any other question? [xx] What I want to make sure to me I'm glad you raised that question again, that's why we said this is a pattern the extreme leadership of the governor and the current leadership of the houses and I don't call them republicans because he was a Republican who first called for Healthcare for all Americans, Teddy Roosevelt and other Republican governors have done this and their state they had more problems, literal problems because they were asking us, that's the point we want to drive home. Are you a senate on one hand lifting our program up? while in the media [xx] but it's a pattern. They put out and said that voter fraud is a problem, they know it's not a problem, that's just a propaganda too, to get the media and others to talk about there's this problem when there is no problem they said that about teachers, they said that about the LGB community that somehow the whole world is going to fall up apart if people's equal protection under the law is protected is all smoke screen, that's why when come with the constitution constitution set as the duty, in fact before they fix all these other things according to the constitution, the first thing they should deal with is magnificent provision for the poor and unfortunate, so the Constitution say it. Secondly we decide, you all know it, it lays out then if anywhere else there program that was going to increase business activity by $2 billion in Charlotte, if it wasn't medicaid expansion and if it hadn't been done by a president that they don't like that would be taunted, we are going to pass this program and we are going to create in just Mecklenburg and Wake county alone $6 billion of the increase business activity. What happened when suggest that's where Adam's question [xx] do you really want to help construction workers? and food service worker? Workers and veterans and transportation workers and personal care and health care? Do you really want to save that? Are you or do you want to be in the same line, does North Carolina want to line up politically with South Carolina? We know what that legislature under the flag, the denied medicaid too. Do you want to line up with Alabama? Do you want to line up with Mississippi? Do you want to line up most almost all the southern state or do you want to on this issue if other republican [xx] States can step out of this and say, "Listen we don't agree, but on this issue is right, I don't anybody insulted the president more that the governor of Arizona, I think she want to put the finger in and say the medicaid expansion and she looked at the lines, she looked at who would impact, she looked at the hospital, she looked at the coming in the state, she looked at the revenue she took that finger right now and extended a handshake at least on this issues. Why can't we at least do that in North Carolina? Yes Sir Representative Robert you can respond. And barely I'm bringing of all news here but last session I can't remember which chamber to originate from the senate, they said that they crunched the numbers on the more  Monday and gender. They talked about posting billions, and I remember at a time that those figures were disputed medicare expansion go hand in hand with that, anyone who

is opposed, maybe feels along the lines of that is not cost-effective, how do you respond to that first of all they told [xx] and I don't say [xx] oftenly but that's where we had attacks on policy Senator examined, the moment he adjourned and when it was done by a non-partisan group it was proven that it was, that in fact it was revenue neutral and they've done right [xx] equal, of fairness across the board on task we've actually produced on surplus, number two, we're clear that trickle down economics is never work where you claim you cut tax for welfare and some are it has been proven that even people who wants to part with it, say it's bully brutal economics, that's what they've been engaging here, we believe in in economics, you invest in education, you invest in healthcare, you invest in infrastructure, and when you make those investments, you not only benefit a human capital, but you benefit the state itself and that's why we bring this study. Every time we talk about medicare because we knew that some people claimed that if you talk about it from a personal individual where are all this entirely, leave the poor people, they are lazy, they are not doing anything, we're just giving money away, well first of all we did we destroyed that argument, [xx] I know you are talking about, dections[sp?], construction worker and full service worker, and healthcare worker. But more important, it has been proven that Medicaid will increase business activity, will increase tax revenue, will increase health care and people while healthier they can work better they can be at work longer, will increase jobs and every state that's used it I think there was recent study at Kentucky that says those who actually received Medicaid the system is flourishing the if you are saying that the money the system are actually flourishing and getting better Adam can speak to that as well I just say that simply Ken Turkey had their Medicaid expansion and the governor there contacted whether private company to examine what it did there and then the press conference said every economic argument against Medicaid expansion has now been burried under an avalanche of facts. and so we said it's not debatable anymore. The economics impacts are there, and we've seen that all those predictions came to we may make one of the [xx] even especially rural areas [xx] schools and hospitals are critical to job recruitment . Schools and hospital and critical to job recruitment, industry recruitment Hospitals, particularly rural hospitals are being hit hard by the denial of medicate expansion. We've already had one to close and I'm understanding that maybe a day  become there's a possibility of another, a hospitals that are suffering and closing. How are you going to recruit jobs and businesses in those areas, if you're denying resources, denying the kind ofexpansion that's going to help those hospitals in those areas to sustain. I asked the Republican Mayor of Belle Haven. What happens when you don't expand Medicare? I asked him why he walked for 283 miles to Washington DC, I asked him how he felt when he had to walk to Virginia to meet with the governor because the governor here wouldn't meet with him. Go to Belle Haven and talk to the man or the woman who died in a high school parking lot 10 minutes from a hospital that once was opened that closed because of denial of medicare Porsha[sp?] Gibbs, go ask her husband, she died in the hospital parking lot and she's white ask the minister in that community who is a methodist pastor father of five who immediately says, I'm not a Democrat, I'm not a liberal but who if that hospital hadn't been there, he would have died because he had a heart attack and they were able to revive him at that hospital and it's gone and when Vita first closed the hospital, they said they tried to take it back, but they told the truth first they said budget have undercut our bottom line to the point that we cannot sustain the hospital, that's how I want to answer Any others? Thank you so much, God bless, take care.