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Joint | June 30, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Sen. Tarte

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Well thank you all for coming. What I have is a few prepared statements that I'd like to read then I'll be introducing Max Mcalpine of Michael water braising whose from Cornelius, after Max speaks if you would please direct your questions to Mark or any other members of the group, I would like for them to be able to discuss their concerns with you all. I will be happy to stay afterwards and share any additional information that I can this is a group of business leaders and concerned citizens from the lake Norman area, and they have traveled to Riley today to ask legislative members to insist my effort to cancel the contract between I 77 mobility partners and NCBOT. This contract allow as the partners of the mobility partners to widen I 77 from Moxil down through Sholet using torelanes we believe this project is not in the best interest of the business or communities of the lake Norman region or our state 2014 I've had concerns and reservations about the details of this project. In June of 2014, I called for an audit of the proposed contract to allow the legislative immunisable input into the contract drafting, that request was denied, my concerns were not heard, and fully stand today. These business leaders have come here because their state government is listening but does not hear them. Earlier this year, I mean this board elected officials and their staff discovered items that have been changed in the contract that significantly concern them. The inability to add new general purpose lanes for 50 year link of the contract as well as the lack of certainty on details of this project generated further concerns. Recently the towns around Lake Norman formally requested a delay of 90 days on the financial close to perform one last thorough review of the contract, instead the state accelerated the close of the contract. The businesses are now come together to ask for a cancellation of the I 77 managing contract. Our collective concerns without finding an acceptable solution to the severe congestion on our inter State Road Network is not being heard and CDOT is listening but they're not hearing the corrective concerns of our communities or the business leaders that these folks all represent. The Lake Noman region has become accustomed to not being heard, we were not not heard when we had serious water billing problems with persistence the Shirley Mecklenburg utilities district discovered we were right and fixed the problem. We were not heard when we challenged the fraud 2011 Mecklenburg property tax revaluation yet with persistence we fixed that problem. We are not being heard now together and with the persistence will fix this congestion problem on our interstate highway for all our citizens and we are not going away. Let me affirm that this is not an attack on any elected official or officials or any department or agency. I don't believe there's corruption has taken place in this knows anyone acting out of malphemism. This is simply a difference of opinion of how to best solve a problem that serves the interest of the constituents of the Lake Norman area. Over time and this different facts or new facts even, have been presented by myself have changed my views on this project after so many concerns that not being satisfied and receiving formal resolutions for most of the areas towns, Mecklenburg county and the Lake norman chamber of commerce asking that the I77 management contract be cancelled. It is my belief that the constituents Lake Norman area would be better off he actually did cancel the contract and find a way to widen I77 with general purpose lungs with that I plan to propose a bill that does extra that. now I want you to hear from Mark McAlpine, Mark the floor is yours. First of all I would like to thank the businesses that have joined with me today on my birthday, I do appreciate everybody for celebrating that anyway today the League One Business Community we've taken our voice to rally. We're here on a mission, a mission to save our local economy as well as to save the state from making a multi billion dollar 50-year mistake. It is clear that the people and the local governments do not want this today we heard the voice of over 1000 businesses calling for the cancellation of the I-77 toll lanes. The I-77 toll lanes ensure congestion on the interstate and in our neighborhoods, and in our town areas. They do not get people or product to where they need to go. They will forever reduce the capacity for truck transport and they're bad for the environment and a monumental waste of taxpayer money.

The trucking bottleneck has an economic implications that go well beyond North Carolina, and artificially limit a critical commercial quarter for 50 years. There's no good alternatives to I-77, and if we move forward this could be a multi billion dollar mistake with national implications. several years ago elected leaders approved the project build as a transportation solution. However as details have emerged and the contractors abort. We are faced with a project that does not solve our transportation issues, and it creates a much bigger economic  problem the businesses recognize this economic problem and they realize the sooner we can stop the I 77 tall lanes that the better of that North Carolina would be unfortunately the contract on page 159 states that the NCDOT can cancel this contract at any time and for any reason. The COTPO also has the ability to cancel the contract the project and they also have the ability to introduce general purpose lanes as the solution this has just have to be done by October and the efforts implemented by October we can actually build general purpose rails without delay, we asked that they consider that the negative economic impact for the local economy and the state and we look forward the DOT and COTPO cancelling the contract expeditiousl. Wasting more time will further waste more tax payer money and will cast a shadow over the entire state economy so I like to pass forward to Greg Wallace, now he's got a few things he'd like to say about some more influence specifically from the motor sports industry in our area Thanks Mark, my name's Greg Wallace, I oversee marketing and PR for my family's business, Rusty Wallace Incorporated, in Rusty Wallace Racing LLC which are based in Lake Norman region. I've been a resident in the area on and off for nearly twenty years. I really appreciate your taking time to talk to us today I wont take too long just want to touch on this forward that we receive in motor sport community. As you may know the North shore and Lake Norman region is a center of our state motor sports economy who's according to the governor's own website contributes nearly $6 billion annually to the state fortunately 25 000 jobs statewide and speaking of Liaison and our industry we've had a lot of support for position against the I77 toll roads, many business ideas have come out support by the complete termination or view of the Tore's project a few examples of this there is a seer leader that rise teams so there is oppose for Hendrick motorsport Michael Walter Blessing, Joe Gibbs Raising the general manager of Fratrum Motor sport and horse racing and even junior mother sport who runs team with her brother  Gail Junior, clearly signed a petition which was in deep concern about the I 77 touring. The cup management is like soothing groups, so the hump you wear is a legendary form motor shore modesty line you are all in and he thrust you also complain lest you're most racing raising regional reevernail even now with this [xx] Americana TV franchise. We had management groups that aspires sports and entertainment even Suntrust bank, there's sports entertainment banking division And finally suppliers. Suppliers are really a life over our industry. Ructury Engines is a huge enterprise that builds all age from in us per teams, it's speculation across very seen in ratio payin motorsports, those Ceo. Aids along with half of his employees really have this confident signed a petition for the state to completely terminate I77 [xx] franchise. Our champion [xx] there General Manager [xx] is in [xx] today. And there are great [xx] overcome you may not have heard of but your services are vast and vital to the racing industry. All of these companies I've come out against the tollings and really think there's better options. There is just a few others firms that had expressed concern. Overall the tolling projects simply doesn't provide an adequate long-term solution for our transportation problems in our minds, we know that there's a better solution. So that said, we SenTarte would like to call on governor Cory and the legislature to work with us, listen to our concerns, help our region and our industry continuing to Thank you. My name is John Parker, I'm a member of county commission I have been fighting for this project along with my good friend commissioner [xx] over 2 years, when this first started the vast majority of people thought the opposition was merely the fact that there was a toll and that has never been the problem with this project.

It's not that some people would pay a toll. The tolls can be astronomical they can be as much as 20 divers both ways. Clearly a problem for those who can't afford it. That's the Lexus lying label that you get. But my concern and the people behind me is concerned is they come to look further into this is not the notion of toss it's the design of this specific whole project. It ignores 30 years of land use, it ignores the upcoming 30 years of land use, and as much as this whole land will not serve the exists currently serving honorable Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville. The tolling does not get you half of this whole lane, and into downtown Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson or into Mooresville. It completely redirects Land use planning for manufacturing going forward, it constricts transportation as we are hearing from the tracking industry. As we sort to look at the design, we understand that the cost of the toe is insignificant. The estimated negative impact of the next 30-50 years is between 10 and 20 billion dollars and loss of economic development because of what will happen because of designing this programme. Just yesterday central, the company that is we are contract where pulled out the billion dollar program in Chicago. They took the property  and left the forums in Chicago, there are numerous examples of these projects that help not made it past the 10 year mark and have to be purchase about the state and much higher price than  to simply get out this today. It's June 30th 2015 time is  telling  me at 8 PM tonight we get to add one extra second. I'm asking the governor to take a second, take a second look at this program. four municipalities have voted numerous times against it, Mecklenburg County commissioners have twice said delay and lastly to come to cancel this contract the late moment business community the late moment chamber has passed resolution saying that this is a bad arrive here, it's a bad idea, gentleman McCoy can you raise that hand describe the idea of the oath had a new deal don't bill the governor it's a bad deal, we want to get out of this and we know that you and the legislator can find a workable solution, and we are here to help you do that and that is what we can, at first to help us get out of this disaster and sort us on new roads thank you  we are going to do this really quickly I am going to have the start to come across and people should quickly introduce themselves and let the folks know what business represent then we will let Mark and Jim kind of coordinate any questions you might have.  I'm Bruse River I own a company called Tar River Bell LC, and I'm also a town commissioner for free areas. My name is John Struitch[sp?] and my wife Sue. We're business owners in Mooresville and we employ almost 300 people [xx] Anyway we are here because [xx] Mooresville in a strategic kind of business. This toll way reverses the whole thing and actually it's pushing us through a very rare occasion. Hi, John Monroe, I'm a candidate for mayor of Quantico and also a small business owner at the time. I'm Todd Carpenter, the General Manager at Champion Tire and Wheel. Louis Skinyard, California Logistics Trucking Company. I'm Dan  Senior Vice President bank in the result recreates, S1LOC Healthcare where I'm the founding President Federal Plus and employ 25 employees in Cornelius Bill Russell, you have also President Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, we have 1000 Chamber members losing Cornelius states and reign grain Region. I'm John Bradford, North Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 98 which is Davidson, Cornelius Huntersville in northeast Charlotte. I'm Mike Russell, I'm the Chief Operating Officer of Madvapes. We employ over a 150 people in Mecklenburg and Ideal country and I serve as the late Norman[sp? Chamber congress chair for 2015 Betty Philips owner of help palms and harbor farms and on-shore drown and also account missioners only, thank you I'm not a member of the lare normad community Senator Joyce Krawiec I'm just here

to support these guests Thank you, Denis Bilodeau President of Aquesta Insurance Services in Cornelius, I'm also a board member of Lake Norman Chamber Senator David Curby[sp?] District 44 [xx] Lincoln County and I'm Amy Pear, I'm here on behalf of business staying, Cornelius stay I'n Joe [xx] executive. I'm going to introduce, I'm Greg [xx] programmer. I'm [xx] my name is Sen Tarte I'm an interactive interior and I represent small business [xx] Hi everybody, my name is Tom Mcmann I'm the owner and CEO of the [xx] Commercial Real Estate and we employ 20 people in the local market and I'm John Dongly I came on [xx] essentially retired when I worked in local government and I'm not retired, here I am. I can do the job mostly we see them as [xx] I wanted to come down here because I'm just told Ready? Next one I'm here in absence of former mayor of Cornelius assistant of the MTC and Mambo[sp?] and I learn more everyday on this subject and I'm a little bit concerned to say the least but I applied the leadership just to have inner legislature. Thank you Mr. Bradford, Mr. Shash[sp?] and everyone else in the room, thank you very much for being here Alright, I guess we'll open it up and mark and if you guys would like to fill whatever questions you may or may not have What kind of reception did you all get? I saw you going door to door and going in to try to find legislators from counties all over the state. What was the reception that you got? I personally formed a network with eight senators and representatives this morning, left material would probably be another four or five. It has been overwhelmingly supportive and wanting to learn that's not to say they completely read although I have been surprised with how many people were completely supportive became more so when we started to talk about the details of the programe I went with two members headed for transport committee meeting Tyson Committee maybe that else we talk they clearly understood that they did not fully understand the entire process so I have been fully ovewhelmingy happy with the reception we have got and we still have a long way to go, we might have that to ourselves absolutely it is the education and really is enlightening our representatives today a month ago this pretty much was a done deal and I was a concerned citizen and business owner going to the local town meetings and to the local town meetings and also to the CO TPO I could tell that there was absolutely no consideration of the economic impact and I put together a summit invited the local businesses I heard a bine of about 150 key businesses that showed up in a four days notice and I wanted to get the business community together and talk about the economic impact of these because clearly if you understand the situation you can realize that this is not something you need to let move forward and that is what we are seeing today. One point thing is try later if you want to walk, Challie Jitter representative obvious they have been working with us, tell Jam way way to address this issues, so Challie glad that you can join with us further questions? The DOT had told me just today but that they just delivering all the MPOs as we do and NPO said against the contract they would so why aren't you lobbying the the NPO rather than the legislature? Well, I won't get into why the NPO structure is wrong, I served on NPO when I was on prime commissioner last time, I believe the entire structure of that and the voting waited works against us. The NPO also doesn't understand we have to admitted and have fully admitted that when this first started in 2008 the charge was widen the road we have no money. This was the best transportation solution they could come up with, NPO like all bodies particularly when they're acting as bureaucratic some elected officials they check it off their list and they put it behind when they're going on to the next thing. They have dealt with what with NCDOT provided them as two options. The day it is a completely different game. There's clearly bonding capacity, we have found around the states economy, there is an opportunity if we if we limit the scope of work, part of the problem with NPO was the only project that they were given, was a 26 mile project. They were never so this will work a 16 microfossils which is

simply winding, support the needs we've widened a mind you life, so it was whole lot fire. So to walk through MPO's which are then dealing with about 11 different elected bodies most of them not in North Mecklenburg we will continue to work their but the fact is they don't understand they don't quit get the economic development piece of this they listen ntdiot[sp?] as there advisers, I listen to business communities as my advisers others again more bodies are not looking at the economic development they look at the transportation. This is and economic development problem in addition to an economic. Into a transportation problem so city entrers controls most of the TPO in the vote they don't see the problem because this doesn't impact them so we will have to deal with sentarte this is a really a regional problem more than just that the deal is with huge economic development and in areas unlike Charlotte which are basically now looking at how improved in manufacturing [xx]. I'd like to answer that there is a bit of shortsighted view with CR GPO where there is a financial and signing for them to move over this tragic impacted areas Mid hill, [xx] they've the ability to vote for this project and get money for project growing in there area. I add our expense, and rely we were unable to defend ourselves we the vote we've seen here at TPO this is rely the tragic part of this is that we're not able to defend our self properly, and there is a financial incentive to put this on this, and due to the nature the project and where the is up in North Mcclberg by Cornellius David and Anderson Mosbill. It is those areas that are going to carry 90% of the burden  for this entire project which is another reason Charlots is getting lots of infrastructure. But it's not costing them any and we are the one's who have to pay for it, and we have no control over that this might be centered but the contract is already signed and legislator is winding down the sessions which doesn't seem to be a lot of support in the general assembly for this purpose even among the delegation like number of delegation, so how realistic is this all thing at this point well we are going to find out shortly when we file the bill and that way it will call attention to this matter at least within the NCGA. What's your Senator [xx] just start what exactly and what your bill is going to describe as [xx] Well the bill primary we're [xx] pending the proposed committee substitute to the transportation funding bill that actually Representative Jeter and I have crafted. So one of the provisions will be that defund or don't allow tolling in certain segment from exit 23 to exit 36, and then it will outline a solution to how to fund our transportation and infrastructure as well. So if we're going to create a problem, we're going to try present a solution to solve it as well. What kind of funding would that be if this is canceled? Would this just not happen, how would it  or we're ready go back in the next? The specifics let's talk about after because it's a very long and complicated and I know Representative Jeters is sending on to transportation committee has more details about that process. I can. Yes please, you said something about an October deadline? Yes, actually the Davidson Town Commission meeting Tennyson talked about an October deadline, and if we do say we cancel the project today THE CRTPO has the ability to put forth a general Coppers lane project if that's done by October, that is the transportation equipment plan 3.0, that's the plan that also has the high 77 express lanes in it. So you can take that plan that's not implemented yet, as long as you pull out the tollings, you can put up engine on purpose lanes. That gets funded by October realistically, grand scheme of things at that same meeting we were also told that the final design and engineering work was not done on the tollings and will be done until the end of this year. So we're not really delaying things that much, and then also the environmental impact is the tolling project is not going to be finished until the end of this year and that Louis Mitchell, the project engineer for division 10, he said that they wouldn't break ground until next spring. Which is contrary to all the information that we've heard from the D. O. T this far. But that was straight from the division engineer and straight from [xx] and Davidson. Does that money already exist? It's already. Well, there is a formula and that formula deals with congestion and economic impact. Basically if you're the division engineer, it is your job to be able to craft projects that fit that formula, and it's

clearly within the scope of the DOT of having the division engineer be ordered to design a project that fits the formula that gets it funded by October. That is completely a doable situation and that's laid out in DOT information that's on the website and then also was given to us in Davidson by Tennyson and also by Loius Michaux. Are there other projects in line for that money or would it kind of [xx] It's the large fund that funds all different roads projects and the trick is the job just has to be submitted. So.   A couple of pieces of this, the first peace is critical for us is to end what is without any debate and I reminds and a growing group of people. Every single room I go into, every single person I talk to I leave with them saying didn't understand that I think you're right at some point we will to talk to everybody. You have to end this project project while its the cheapest to end it and then we will work on multiple ways to find it. The Governors are talking of a bond package that has very little attraction, this group is willing to say if a bond package is what it takes we're willing to help with that bond package. If we have to build roads in rural areas to help build roads urban areas we will do that the real problem we have here is this project is the largest problem that got [xx] between the old system and the new system. The old funding sytems that scored how road funds were allocated did not work, it worked on this is why if you go east probably there's lots of roads. Because we spread it out across the geographic area not based on where the need was in the economy the impact was. When Governor [xx] and legislature came and changed when the leadership changed they recognized that problem and they change the process to one now that recognizes economic development, recognizes congestion, recognizes things other than just spreading it out across the state whether they need roads or not. This project got caught between the two. It was designed into the old one and so it did not score well, it's never had an opportunity other than the new one so, we're saying council, lethal limits, of the last bad plan, we were to be the beginning of the next good plan so, step one is get out of this disaster right now while it's the cheapest to do it and then we will deal with how we find the going forward but there is not denying that fixing transportation may have 77 quarter between out 40 and South Carolina is critical to the success of all of North Californians.  you said a couple that he cheapest end price now, how do you persuade latest payers that paying $100 million on claim on the other thing is a good to do, it is going to council with us and then will be back, and I will tell you a couple of things one at, I sat at the board of education in 1998 when they for first they went $1 billuion buying package, that was fortunate the head that defeated by the time it got the board account commission because it could have been a disaster or so, it came at a price, we defeated Van Package which is in the price because the would have wasted me, the bottom line about this is fi we ended today or above of 50 million, or topping over 100 million, that's far less than what will happen in a decade, I would include you to look in the state road 90 to in Orange county California, we can give you a copy of an article written by the US Department of Transportation, not Jim Puckett, not [xx], not Danny phillips. The Us Department of transportation, who said the P3 and Orange county, state road 92 was a brilliant idea but 10 years into it, juds like this one, because you could not expand general purpose lanes without compensating the company who own the right to the building, the state of California had to buy themselves out of the contract to deal with the congestion that the plan had, we have the same problem, it's the same plan, so, not today but 10 years, or 15 years down the road, we as a state will have to purchase this contract from central to be what expands the roads to deal with capacity in economic impact with these at that point Centra says they will be generating about $34 million a year in profit. I'm going to guess that if

you come to me and say I need out of a contract that's 40 years left and you're making $34 million a year, we're going to start at 34 x 40 and that's going to be where you start. That is going to be significantly more once they have a revenue stream, once they have profits that they are having to give up, we will be paying their profits for four decades down the road. Today is the cheapest you can get out. Sometimes the best money spent is the money that can get you out of spending a whole lot more money down the road. I'm going to do this, if we could take one or two more questions because we're going to need to give up the room, some of the members need to run to committee meetings. Any other? Jim? Jim? Alright, we thank you all for being here and then we'll be outside if anybody needs to grab anybody else and then we're going to be here for a little bit this afternoon. Thank you. Talking of transportation, Article 18.