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Joint | June 30, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Sen. Stein

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Good morning. My name is Loranger Chain Scott and I'm the state Executive Director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving North Carolina. It's truly an honor to stand here today with our leaders in the fight to eliminate drunk driving and amongst a host of difference makers. Together we're working to create a day of no more victims. This morning we're at the course of taking a bold step in North Carolina, a step that is proven to save lives. Without further ado I would like to turn this over to our bill sponsors, our leadership Senator Sean and representatives Vereclof[sp?], Jackson and Jordan. On behalf of North Carolina, I cannot thank them enough for their support and for leading the fight here in North Carolina to eliminate this 100% preventable crime. Thank you Sean Thank you Loranger. Good morning everybody. Too many North Carolinians are dying on our roads as a result of drunk drivers Craig Bailing was 35-year-old DOT employee married, two little twin daughters, he was killed on the job in March by an impaired driver. He is one of hundreds here in North Carolina. Last year 349 North Carolinians were killed as a result of drunk drivers, that's one out of every four traffic fatalities technology exists in the form of ignition in airlocks, that can save lives. Our goal should be to get the number of drunk driving deaths as close to zero as we reasonably can. Ignition airlocks reduce drunk driving. Studies demonstrated reduction and recidivism of between 50 and 90% when those devices are required. That's why North Carolina requires ignition airlocks in such instances today. The importance of Grey's Law is that, it will mandate ignition in their airlock after every drunk driving conviction. Ignition airlocks reduce recidivism by 50% or more among first time offenders mandatory interlocks after a first conviction is a growing movement across this country, today 25 states have such a requirement. The primary value of reducing drunk driving is that it saves lives. In North Carolina and across the country there is a 45% reduction in drunk driving fatalities in the states where there have been a mandatory ignition interlocks. In North Carolina that would translate to hundreds of saved lives. Ignition interlocks is a technology that reduces drunk driving and reducing drunk driving fatalities, our goal should be to get the number of drunk driving deaths as close to zero as we reasonably can. It's time for North Carolina to join the growing trend of requiring ignition interlocks that exist in our nation and protect our people. It's time for legislature to pass Gray's law. Thank you all for being here today. Representative Jordan. Good morning my name is Jonathan Jordan, I'm the representative from Ashe and Manitoba counties just 93, one of the primary house sponsors on the addition interlock bills. This session is wells as last session. Drunk driving is a horrendous emotional and economic problem in our state, across the nation as well. Ignition interlocks to me and we're in a situation, they're going to physically prevent a convicted drunk driver from endangering the road driving in public. Our families there out there on the road every day, we'll physically prevent that, a driver licence ratification does nothing someone can still drive whether they have a licence or not, we see that every day, but this will prevent it. The other thing they will do is to allow those convicted, the drunk drivers to continue working and helping their families meet their needs, that's why it's a win win situation and I can't understand understand whether there'll be opposition to something like this because we need it on the very first conviction, and that is why you hear the first time drunk driver it's really between the 80th and 88th time that they've actually been drunk driving, so it's not a first time when their captured for the first time. I'm going to do everything I can to get this passed this session. Like I said it's a win a win and it will help us actually help us stop drunk driving, we'll prevent, drunk driving physically out on the road protecting our families. I actually brought my son this week, his summer camp is out and he's one of the main reasons that I'm supporting bills like this to help prevent deaths and injuries out on our roads driving, driving public's and families. Well, I have Representative Jackson Faircloth here, please if you would like to step up please, step up please representative Faircloth. Good morning. Thank you so much, I'm also a primary sponsor on the bill and I

spend a long time in criminal justice and police work on the street and then running an apartment, I've seen a lot of misery, I've seen a lot of peoples' lives changed because of drunk driving, this is a strange phenomenal in our society. We can have a person who is loved one of ours who does everything for their family, who takes care of life the way they should, and then they go out for a party or a social drink taken, take a little bit too much to drink and sadly their personnel it changes, event changes and will the car that wonderful family person when you can sadly be become a criminal in the eyes of the public, that's the other side of this if you never victims involved who are the victims of the accident caused by drunk driver that's a very very sensitive situation as well but there two sides to the issue and this particular technology can address both is for the benefits of those those who had made the mistake of driving so they will not make that mistake again and it's certainly for the benefits of those victims of a drive who has been hit other of the citizens who have been here hit by drawing drivers, so I commend with this rather legislator to do everything as possible as they can on this bill, it's time technology catches up with the form. Thank you very much. Thank you once again for being with trusting for your voice of wisdom as you heard licence verification is no longer the most effective way to eliminate drunk driving. Expanding North Carolina [xx] law is the bold step that I was speaking of earlier this isn't just a state priority, this is a national priority. and I'm honored to have with us, MAz National president, Collins Shehe Churge joining us today, Collin You look shorter than everybody else I guess. OK Ronder thank you so much, and thank you Senator Stein and Representatives Bereclof Jackson and Jordan for being with us today, you are really truly working to save lives in North Carolina road base and I couldn't be more grateful. It's time that we take the interest out of groups, and really start talking about the feelings of what happened, the feelings of the victims, the feelings of the people that are impacted by this. I want thank all the men volunteers who traveled from all the four corners of north Carolina to be here today. It is an honor to serve as national president and represent the voices of the victims and survivors who can't be here today. We are here with an absolute unified purpose, to make sure that no family has to suffer the unimaginable pain and loss we have all endured at one point or another, we abandon it? By a stead fast commitment to stop the violent crime of drunk driving, like many of you and some of those behind me, I do not come to mend by choice my senstein and I take this wherever I go, was 18 years old when he was killed on July 10th 2004 by a drunk driver, absolutely having his whole life ahead of him but the series of decision changed all that. As a passenger on the back seat of a two door car, Tyson was riding with a teenage drunk and drugged driver that driver lost control of that car that night literally rickshaw  back and forth on the two lane highway was going 70 miles an hour and a 35 miles an hour zone, that car plainly lost control the driver I actually say lost control of that car and it crashed to the Connecticut river and the only way to be there was going airborne 35 feet in the air over a cliff and it sank, and it sank my son Dawson[sp?]  drowned that night, the other two did get out, but they were too impaired to go down and help him get out. I want to tell you he was seat belted and sober. Let me tell you that nothing and I mean absolutely nothing, and your life can prepare you for that knock on the front door.

You absolutely never get over it. You move forward but you never get over it. The only thing that helps ease the pain is knowing that there will be a day when no one else, no other family will have to endure the agony of the preventable violent crime. of drunk driving, that day is getting close and closer and closer thanks to the events and the MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, we are here today to talk about a component of MADD's Campaign is the ignition in the lock for all drunk driving offenders this is what we are speaking of the small device, no bigger than a cell phone that's installed in the vehicle that will help an individual learn to drive sober. We are asking that its for all offenders in the two bills that we are discussing. This campaign that I've just referred to begun in 2006 when only one state, New Mexico had passed that law since then 24 other states have recognized the desperate need to keep drunk driving offenders from repeating their dangerous decision to drink and drive. I'm proud to say that Texas, home to Mass national Office is the most recent state to take this life saving action, now it's North Carolina turn. The progress that we've seen over the country is proof that the campaign is working and and one day drunk driving would be delegated, relegated, excuse me to the history books, but we need to do more, we need to do it now and that's why I'm urging the North Carolina general assembly to pass an all offender ignition in a lock this year. People's lives are at stake, we can't wait another year to stop the carnage that on average claims one life everyday in North Carolina. Thank you to Senator Stine, representatives [xx], Jackson, Jordan for working to end this completely preventable crime, thank you for inviting me here today am looking forward to working with you, and to make sure that North Carolina's residents and visitors receive the protection from drunk driving that they so deserve, thank you so much. Hello, my name is Nicole Hachinson nineth sister of dawsey hutchinson, I want you Roda and Collins and thank you to senator and representatives [xx] Jackson and Jordan other families in North Carolina appreciates your supports and a passion towards making our roads safe from this preventable crime. I want to thank the MAD Organisation in [xx] for they were there when we needed help. The support that this organisation provides knows no bound. When it comes to caring compassionate understanding, my family and I will forever be grateful. My sister [xx] was killed on September 13th 1996 in [xx] Desley was 21 years, she was engaged to be married, she was looking forward towards her future with hope, all of her hopes and dreams were taking away from her when a man made a choice to get behind the wheel of his vehicle and drive while intoxicated. The driver was a three time repeat offender, he was getting ready to leave the bar around 7 O'Clock on a Friday evening, not arriving but leaving at 7 O'Clock on the evening, he was offered a ride home and he refused. He so to yield to oncoming traffic when making a turn, he pin down his car up against telephone pole crashing the the driver's side of the car car, he was twice over the legal limit, a repeat offender, cared no regard for his life or any elses I agree with Colleen, you never forget the phone call. The night when someone made you a victim and you had no choice in the matter, although could decisions made by the individual have impacted me and my family forever, this choice don't get defined our own me, I choose not to be a victim, I chose to be at voice for change, the next change that we need to make in North Carolina is to maths campaign, ignition in our lots for ll drunk driving offenders, I want to help making impact on our future, a future where we in North Carolina have the opportunity to break and end to this preventable crime where too many lives have already be taken, you never seen something like this will happen to you it's always someone else always in another state you to hear the stories but if you knew a repeat offender as on your roads would you do something about it. by the way the man who is

responsible for killing my sister received five years in jail, and afterwards he moved to North Carolina so he leaves here. I stand with Collin And Madinah of Carolina in urging the North Carolina general assembly to pass an all offender ignition into law this year. It is proven to make a difference, lets be part of that difference. Thank you. Collin, Nicole, thank you so much for sharing your stories and you using your voice and save lives. I'm truly in awe of your strength and the strength of the victim survivors that are standing behind me that unfortunately share in those same tragedies we can't erase those tragedies but we can prevent future tragedies and that's what today is about. This is a 100% preventable crime and we stand together to today to show that the end of drunk driving is within our grasp. Once again I would like to thank Senator Stan and Representatives Faircloth, Jack Senator Jordan for your leadership and your commitment. I want to also thank our national president collin for joining us today and all will be available following today's press conference to speak with the media and to our victims and volunteers, I want to thank you for travelling near and far because together we are working to create a state, a nation free of drunk driving. Thank you. Any questions? Do you have any questions? I also want to know if the legislators can give us status report on the bills in question and what if there's a hold up and what might be [xx]?  877 the on primary, first name is and judiciary too which I share, and we will move that as soon as we get rid of some other small things the budget for example Have you seen this year any roadblocks or anything the corker supports I think the corker supports it I think that there will be some work to do to get some minor roadblocks dealt with. I think we can do that and I am committed to doing that Does anyone have any other questions for our sponsors for Colin? for anyone with mad at this time, happy to answer any of the questions that we might have or why we are here any questions at all your North Carolina has not done much changing in their laws regarding this since 2007 so we are here to kind of update the records we are close we are very very close we totally understand that an may not be a silver bullet that is the best technology that we have today and it is something that can help teach someone how to drive sober and the idea around is to allow them to continue living their daily lives, going to school, taking their children to the games or activities that they have and be able to learn and turn their lives around. We absolutely know that they drive under suspended license so we are looking to do this with all offenders first time out of the [xx] so that we can help reduce the amount of people that are dying here. Drunk driving doesn't discriminate. It will kill, it will hurt, it will maim anything in its path. So the idea that I'm just going to kind of circumvent the system and just going to continue with no license to go out there and drive is really a false, false statement that's being made so we're here to really answer any of the questions that you have, MADD is absolutely committed to this in a very strong way. We really want North Carolina be the 26 th state, my family lives here. Not that that makes a difference but if we can make it here in North Carolina and pass it here. We will be truly thankful for everyone [xx].