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House | June 29, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house to come to order, members will take their sits visitors will retire from the chamber, the sergeant in arms to close the doors. Members and all visitors are asked to please silence all electronic devices, this evening's prayer will be offered by Representative Steinberg we ask all members, and all guests in the gallery to please stand for the prayer and to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. Representative steinberg. Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen, members of the house as we pray let us first thank God for the power of his love, which continually surrounds us wherever we are. God our father, Lord of heaven and earth, who made the world and everything in it, we give you thanks for the wonderful gift of life and all the pleasures that it brings us. we praise you for the joys of creation so evident in our summer days, we acknowledge that we're the children of your family and so we offer our grateful thanks for all the love which you bestow upon us for good health and daily food for the shelter and the care of our homes for the love of family and friends which surround us. We rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus is alive and  lives in each one of us. May we show our allegiance and commitment and our love to him and in doing so receive his spirit in our lives. We pray that spirit will work through us helping us all to know you, to love you and to do your will. We thank you for the power of your love which manifests itself in so many ways and I ask this prayer in the name of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ Amen. Through the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Harnett Representative Louis is recognized for a motion.  Mr. Speaker the journal for June the 25th has been examined and it's found to be correct, I move that it stand approved as written. Representative Louis moves that the journal for June 25th be approved as written. Those in favor will say aye? Aye  Those opposed no, the ayes have it. The journal is approved as written. Gratification of the bills and resolution, the clerk will read. We [xx] the following bill dully gratified question for the governor. Senate bill 286, an act of prohibiting the sale of e-liquid containers without child-resistant packet without label on e-liquid containers that contain nicotine. House bill 640, an active result North Carolina's outdoor for future generations and amend those wildlife resources commission laws. And the following to [xx] five properly enroll in the fifth presentation to the officer secretary of State. House bill 307 enact, amend the charter of the town of Zelber[sp?] to remove restrictions on the use of certain fees collected by the town. House bill 347, the act of modify the authorization of Ram[sp?] county to a level and [xx] tax, to authorise [xx] county to increase it's rule in tourism and development tax 6% and to make other administrator changes. And to authorise the Gilfred county commissioners and [xx] commissioners to call a special election in the stock fire protection district for the purpose of submitting to the qualified [xx] the question of increasing their liable special tax for fire protection within that district access on the $100 valuation to 15 cents on the $100 valuation on all taxable property within such [xx] Charter bills will be noted. Messages from the senate, the clerk will read House Bill 288, it shows technical changes AB. Counter present the rule 36B [xx] The house come to order, members Senate

bill 534 the short title of that bill is study   [xx] online data, privacy, the chair removes that bill from the rules committee and refers that bill to the committee on appropriations. And members in case, members are curious why  that will be the vehicle that is used for the continuing resolution that will be taken up this evening and the preparations. Couple of special recognitions if the body will endorse the chair. First time our motion of representatives Clinton of Wade county, the chair's happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Gary [xx] who recognizes appointment today into the order of a [x] by governor Pat Mccrory he is also joined by his wife and his other family members, Mr, [xx] can you please stand along with your family members so that we can congratulate you welcome me into the house thank you. We are also honoured to have with us Rebecca Corne who is the wife of assistance Sargent at arms [xx] and also the mother of this evening's honorary page. Sarah [xx] we would ask if you would please stand so that with us today, thank you for being here. members the appropriations chairman will be announcing a formally a meeting in just a few moments but the chair does believe there may be two bills that appear to be none controversial on the calendar this evening that we may be dispose prior to the appropriations committee hearing. We'll try to dispose of those very quickly and then do appropriations process, Senate Bill 299 the clerk will read. Senators Lee and Sanderson, Senate Bill 299 a bill to be entitled an act to provide the use of contract in it between the state, ports authority and carrier is not a public record the General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from New Hanover Representative Catlin rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. This bill comes from the Senate. It's for our North Carolina ports, which are extreme important to the economy of North Carolina and right now this bill allows the state port's authority to deal with waterside liner customers or services in the same confidential manner as other competing state ports. Right now competing ports in other states can presently see our negotiations with the shipping companies. North Carolina ports operates on revenues it generates, not state tax dollars. They are almost a private business. This bill will not cover any contracts dealing with tax money. I urge your support of this please. For what purpose does the gentleman from Northampton, Representative Wray rise? Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question before the house is the passage of Senate Bill 299 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. do the following member wish to record the chair is unsure if they're here, but they're not showing their excuse. Representative Robbins[sp?], Representative Robinson, Baskerville, Gill, Shepard and McGrady. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 115 having voted in the affirmative and negative. Senate Bill 299 passes a second reading and will without objection be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina Annex. Further discussion, further debate. If not, the question before the house is Senate Bill 299 on it's third reading. Those in favor will say aye. Aye! Those opposed, no. The aye's have it. Senate Bill 299 passes its third reading bills will get enrolled and sent to the governor. Senate bill 545 the Clerk will read. Senators [xx] Jackson senate bill 545 appeals to the entire that leads to state [xx] occupational license to license military train for everyone who passed the proficiency examination offered by the Ecitation License Board of Veterinaries, General Assembly of North Carolina Enact. For what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow Representative Cleveland arise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate on the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentleman in 2012 we passed legislation to get

more tally individuals and their spouses get an expedited way to get licensed in the state and this bill and that it only pertains the military member and this will allow him to get license share by taking a test and in licensing agency that doesn't of course yes have the military background for this before it takes its test but into the licensing board doesn't have a test will be required to establish fair a lot of test and the individual desire to get license and will just take the test and if they pass to get license if it don't pass will fall back to the other procedures where they went to some school and make up if they needed appreciate [xx]. Further discussion further debate? If not the question for the house is the passage of senate bill 545 on its second reading, those in favor will vote I, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will record the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, 107 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, senate bill 545 passes it's second reading and will without objection read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina act. Further discussion, further debate? If not the question for the house is the passage of senate bill 545 on its third reading. Those in favor will say I, I! Those opposed no. The I's have it, senate bill 545 passes its third reading, the bill is ordered enrolled and sent to the governor. house will be in just a moment. Members, we are about to go into recess until 8.30. The purpose of that recess is so that the appropriations committee will take up the continuing resolution, there were some release notice earlier today and for what purpose does the gentleman from Lake Representative Dollar is recognized for an announcement. And members before the gentleman is recognized and I confirm with the rules chairman we can we try to reconvene a day O'clock, we don't know how long the appropriations committee begins this is just a CR so the chair is going to revise the earlier say that we are going to after this process we are going to recess until 8 P. M if the committee isn't done they will stand at this and tell committee reports in. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Rep. Dollar is recognized for his announcement. For announcement that is to full appropriations the full appropriations committee will meet six seven minutes at 7:30 be over there in 643 at 7:30 and we will tart promptly and take up just the one bill the continue in resolution. For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Rep. Collins rise? For brief point of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a point of personal privilege. [xx] here five years now, I think it's first time I ever done this because my seat mates and I have birthdays in November and December, but Hager is out today and he's going to be out again tomorrow. His father is having surgery to remove a tumour tomorrow so in light of that I would like to as you to do two things. Number one, first of all if you would add his father to your prayer list, he'll be having surgery early in the morning. And second of all, in keeping with the tradition, Representative Hager started one week when I was on vacation. Any paper that you have, that you really don't want to keep today and tomorrow if you would please make sure it winds up on Representative Hagers desk. The more that's there, the more he knows, the more people have thought about him while he's gone. So please if you like me and have a big stack and need to go through it, get rid of some of it, please give it right here. He really will appreciate this believe it or not when he comes back when he's easy. He'll know we were thinking about him, thank you. Members, subject to ratification of the bill, receipt of messages from the senate, receipt of committee reports and rereferral of bills and resolutions, the house stands in recess until 8 PM. Attention please. Visitors will please retire from the chambers as the house prepares to resume it's session following a recess.

The house will come back to order. Member, given our hour the chair is going to go there and introduce our pages. We ask the pages to come forward please. We will be releasing the pages at nine, I feel confident that we'll be here. We'd ask the rules chair and the minority leader of the gentlemen that was going to believe you two gentleman are pages. Pages we're glad to have you here this week in just a moment the clerk is going to call your name, and your county and who your sponsor is, when you hear your name called please step forward so that I and my colleagues will be able to recognize you this week. The clerk will introduce the pages. Finny Allen Wake County, sponsor Representative Carney. George Alan New Hanover County sponsor Representative Davis, Dahavian Biggs Nash county sponsored by Representative Baskerville, Elisa Britlove Allamens county sponsor by Representative Rose Guston County, sponsor Representative Hastings, Rachel [xx] Mecklenburg County, sponsor speaker Moore attorney generals, the third, Columbus county, sponsor representative Bolls Jack [xx] Randolph county special Representative Harley, [xx] Gaston County special Representative Bumgardner Edna, Roy Luka Pasquotank county sponsored by Representative Steinburg Jackson, Johnston county sponsored Daughtry, Emily Pay Peskotine county sponsored by Representative Steinburg Hannah Philip, Orange county sponsored by Representative Insko, Carol Paul Lockingham County sponsor Representative Brown. Kate Russell, Wake County sponsor Representative Pendleton Andrew weatherman, Cabarrus County, sponsor Representative Pittman, Hannah Witt, Wake County, Sponsor Representative Malone. Morgan Pittwit Wake County, Sponsor Representative Malone, Lily Wolf Alamance County, Sponsor Representative Ross, Sarah Willard, Beaufort County Sponsor Representative Tine, I'll repeat Sarah Decketara, Surprise, Arizona. Pages, again I want to thank you for being with us here this evening, and for this week we hope you have a great week. We're working on a number of things and so we'll be here a little later than [xx] you guys but I think you should have a great time making new friends and learning a lot, I ask my colleagues to join me in welcoming you with us this week. You may return to your posts Clarification of Bills and Resolutions, the Clerk will read. The Enrolling Clerk reports the following bill duly ratified for presentation to the Governor: HB 356, AN ACT TO CLARIFY THE CAP ON THE UTILITIES REGULATORY FEE RESERVE, TO SET THE REGULATORY FEE IN STATUTE, AND TO ALLOW THE COMMISSION TO RAISE [xx] the seas. Noted. HB 263, the Clerk will read. Representative Hurley, HB 263 A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO MODIFY THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT IN THE CITY OF TRINITY AND TO CLARIFY THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT, METHOD OF ELECTION, AND DETERMINATION OF ELECTION RESULTS IN THE CITY OF GREENSBORO. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the lady from Randolph, Representative Hurley rise? for a motion, the lady is recognized for a motion. I move that we do confirm on house bill 263. The lady is recognized for a motion [xx] it is now recognized to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen I know you have anticipated very highly the opportunity to speak on this bill and Now you're going to be giving your chance, to let your voices be heard but, first I'm going to speak on it and I do hope you too will listen  closely to what I have discovered and found out. In researching this bill and talking to the people in Greensberg because I think you always need to do that, you should not media tell you what to believe. So I'm going to talk about trinity bill just a little bit because the trinity bill is my trivial and it is changed from, we'd do it changes from eight

city council members, two for each ward and the mayor to force city council man, one for each ward plus at large person, as well as the mayor and also elections every two years. So that's what that will do and the only thing that changed on that was the date for registration filing, for filing because we have does this so late, we needed a new date and that it would be August, July. to the 17 I think I may have that wrong but that's the only thing that did change. On the part that the other part which is for the bill, I did not know my trivial Greensbergs governing body until now, I'd say many of you didn't either. I feel it is important that I share with you some of the history so that you will be able to understand why citizens ask Senator [xx] to wait to help the people have fair representation, and she did file her bill. I thought and this is in the [xx] when I am going to share with you now. Since 1968 and probably before, they had done four referendums trying to get a district system and none had passed. The only referendum that passed was in 1972 that made all six members of the Green City Council and the mayor at large, at large members and it was put into law. In 1982, the City Council wanted to annex property but because of the Voting Rights Act the Justice Department told the council that they would have to come up with a redistrict in plan. A voting member [xx] task force was formed. The came up with a plan for six district members plus three at large, and the mayor at large, and they had a referendum  and of course it failed. A compromise of five district members plus three at large, and the mayor at large was negotiated and the City Council body did this as an ordinance in the council meeting. In the past 33 years only one African American has someone in that large seat. This is Yvon Johnson, she has become mayor, she has been our council woman and she's still on the council This is form of government is exactly what they having, our five district members and the mayor at large after 33 years, this is the same thing. The [xx] City Council has four members plus the mayor who live within a two-mile geographic radius  and [xx] area with four at-large members including the mayor. in the past in the same area, council member have lived across the street from each, and even in one instance in the same house and that could still happen today because that hasn't changed. This bill will rectify this inequality  of representation with seven districts and one though pleach council member the voters will have the same voice as a citizens in the house [xx] district [xx] districts, in recent sessions the Guildford county board of commissioners and the Guildford county school board had been [xx] without a referendum where there is question referendum's in where was the city council, then do you really think also this is [xx] equal representation? Do you want this form of government for the next 33 years, I have this information showing the  unfairness of the former government. With the passing of this bill the former government it can be changed after 2020 if it doesn't work for the people. House bill 263 needs to pass without a referendum and you have also distanced that the city of Greensboro fair and equal representation. I respectively [x], this bill does not affect the present city council except with the following date thank you For what purpose does the lady from Guilford Representative Harrison rise? To debate the motion The lady has the floor to debate the motion Thank you Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen in the house I want to argue against this motion both on procedural and substitute grounds, it's no surprise that this proposal to redistrict the city of Greenboro it has been added about senate two of [xx] and [xx] bill on redistricting trinity  is highly controversial to saw that come, and not all proper popular, there's a separate vehicle, senate bill 36 it currently results in the house elections committee and that's where this issue ought to be debated. This house does not have the opportunity to debate or deliberate this very controversial proposal. This is Representative Hali is written in the senate additions have proposed some nature

changes by the way this Greensboro city council is districts are drawn, it eliminates out large members, it can bounce four members into one district, it removes the mayor's vote when [xx] rise to self determine the way its hands set in the city council, the [xx] witness will constitutionalize because there's deviation 10% deviation between the districts and population. The hospital is sending 99.9% of the greatest pair of voters are united and not position to this proposal, we all believe that there ought to be a referendum by this citizen's [xx] to decide how their city council ought to be constituted, this is something that [xx] city of hotpoint. A couple of years ago, this was just a fundamental importance to the citizens of Greenstay that they have the right to have a referendum on how the city government is constituted. I don't want to respond to Representative Hally's comment about the county commissioner redistricting and the board of education redistricting. That was something that we had fought for to have a referendum requirement, it was not approved by the senate conferee so we weren't able to push that but there was something that says since it wanted back. So I urge you to vote to not concur that [xx] For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford, Representative Johnson rise? I'd like to ask the bill sponsor a question. Does the lady from Randolf yield to the gentleman from Guilford? I do. She yields. What is the population of Trinity? Trinity, is 6, 000 about 6, 800 people. OK. I want to speak to the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. And this is no disrespect to Representative Hailey[sp?] but adding this bill is like trying to fit a size 10 shoe foot in a size 5 shoe, it doesn't fit. The population of Greensboro is 285, 000. The population of Trinity is just a little over 6, 000. The city of Greensboro does not have issue with trinity, I want to make that really clear, we have no issue with Trinity. Trinity is our neighbor. The citizens of Greenfield just want an opportunity issue with trinity, I want to make that really clear, we have no issue with Trinity. Trinity is our neighbor. The citizens of Greenfield just want an opportunity to vote on their own bill. This gives them a chance, that's all. This is not something that we want to happen and the citizens don't want just to happen. The city of Trinity has planned to reduce their council for 75, that's their right. Senator, Representative Riley is representing her constituency, we are two, that's what we're doing, even though we're 40 times the size of Trinity, some folks will say they didn't want to reduce the council but I haven't heard a whole lot outcry for this to happen. county  measure. How would you feel about that?  Many conservatives, they reside in Green Guilford county including, the current sheriff [xx] Borres, former US house representative [xx] Cobb, The governor McCRory who is from Guilford County all indicated that the original bill Senate Bill 36 which is now 263 shouldn't happen. This pass of Senate Bill 36 has done one thing, she's united Greensboro both Democrats and Republicans. She's done it and we thank  her for that. I had not heard of an outcry from all the talk about re-districting our re-configuring our city council. The statement that we made that business leaders were afraid to say anything is not true I know of two business leaders that are in Greensboro that are totally against this bill one of those individuals I just laid on your desk. Mr. Roy Kellow[sp?] who is a developer in Greensboro, who is accompanied under Carroll Companies contribute millions of dollars to our economy in Greensboro, millions. His copy also, or he also owns like a sort

of newspaper called the Financial Times, and I don't think that Mr. Kerrow[sp?] is sharp by giving his feelings. I'm 100% sure of that. He'll tell you how he feels. Another one is Martin Coda[sp?] who is another developer who also contributes millions of dollars to our economy these individuals are very opinionated, and they have no reason to say that they're not for this bill, if it's such a good bill they have no reason. With as indicated one thing that she's done and I'm speaking about senator Wade has united Greensboro. And I really hope that you would decide to not concur on this bill thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gilfered Representative Hardister arise? To debate the motion. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker, members on living Greensboro I think I have a pretty frame of reference on how people feel about this I can tell you that there has been a lot of negative push back I have talked to a lot of people I the community who do not support this both republican and democrat personally I'm not convinced that this is a good plan I think there maybe some virtual to changing structure of the city council but I have studied it, I have thought about it I'm not really convinced that this is the right way to go, I have seen the feedback that I have got and I'm not exaggerating I'd say been over 40 to one negative, 40 to one negative I would like to think that I am fairly active in my community I go to supermarket to the grocery store, to the gas station people, stop me both republic and democrat they don't feel good about this bill and I remind you that out of the six members in this chamber if you are from Guilford County, 5 out of 6 do not support this bill. I think the right thing to do is to vote this motion down send it to conference and then we can work it out, and either we can put a referendum on the changes to the Greensboro state council, or else we can amend it and come up with the compromise but at this point of time I cannot support this, I think its wrong and I do nothing but ask you to vote your conscious, but I do hope that you vote No on the motion to conquer. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford Representative Brockman rise? To ask the bill sponsor a question. Does the lady from Randolph yield to the gentleman from Guildford? I do. She yields. Representative Hurley have, or do have ever represented Greensboro? No I have never lived in Greensboro. Have you ever been to a town hall? Does the gentleman wish to ask an additional question? Yes sir. And does the lady yield to an additional question? Yes I do. She yields. Have you ever been to a Town Hall in Greensboro about this issue in Senate Bill 36? I have been to several Town Hall meetings. On the Senate Bill in Greensboro about [xx]. Does the gentleman wish to ask an additional question? Yes. And does the lady yield to an additional question? I do. She yields. Have you ever been to a town hall about in Greensboro on Senate Bill 36? Yes sir. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from. Can I ask John Blust a question? Does Representative Blust the gentleman form Guildford yield to Representative [xx]? I yield. He yields. Representative Blust, do you represent Greensboro? I represent the North West portion for the city of Greensberg, yes. And have you been through any town halls about, actually will ask John Blast another question Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? Yes he yields. Have you been to any town halls about senate bill 36 in Greensberg? I've been to Town Hall that's correct and are you... Does the gentleman wish to ask an additional question? Are you supporting the bill? Representative Robb the gentleman will suspend when the gentleman wishes to propose the question the chair will recognize, and then the protocol is the other gentleman to heed the question directly is given a chance just the way that he does or does not yield. My apologies Mr. President. Does the gentleman wish to ask an additional question. Yes. And does the gentleman from Guildford yield? Yes. He yields. And are you supporting this bill representative Blast? I don't support this motion to concur on house bill 263 no. Thank you. Can I speak on the bill? The gentleman from Guilford has the floor to debate the bill. This to leave these per  whole process seems to be eroded for one to me, I thought when we did local bills we actually listened to the local fox in the bills where the fox to Representative actually Represented, Representative Haustings has explained to these body that five out of the six fox will actually represent Greenboro are against this bill, and yet still

we are really fighting for the senate has agreed for us to has a voice, and that we mean sense very long and it should make everybody in this body feel wrong that we have a local bill that five out of the  six member here in these body from Greenboro  for whom actually represent Greenboro who visited to the town halls are against, and yet we sit here and debate this bill and that to me is wrong, we all made an oath to the citizens of North Carolina we didn't make abstraction Representative Harry here is a very honorable Representative and somebody who we all respect,  but we didn't make an offer to Representative Harry made an oath to the citizens of Greenboro's bill and I accept all the members of this body stick to that oath then, ask for the citizens of Greensboro to have a voice. Representative Howard Coble, Sheriff BJ Barnes of Greensboro would like a voice. Thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Carteret, Representative McElraft rise? To speak on the motion.   The lady has the floor to debate the motion.   Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Members. I wasn't going to say anything, but we started talking about who represents whom, and if you understand Senate Bill 36, it was done by the senator from that area not by Representative Hurley, but by the senator from that area. So I do believe she's been to a few town board meetings, she understands the issue. When I talked to her about this she said, I'm trying to help a group of people who have been begging, begging for representation. When it goes to referendum and you have the whole, then you're not going to have one group of people have the representation, I heard that argument over here many times about the marriage amendment, that you're not getting representation for the minority because you've got the majority voting. When you have a town council that's not in districts, it is a very unfair town council or county council. These people need representation in each of these areas even if they're in the minority. I beg you to consider that this is a signature from Greensboro that Representative Hurley hasn't attend consider that she represents that group of people that are begging, and have begged for years to have representation. Also I find it very interesting that we did pass some other Greensboro bills without a referendum because referendums in Greensboro are not working because the majority continues to rule, and the minority has no voice. Please, concur with this motion.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Guilford Representative Faircloth rise? To debate the bill Gentleman has the floor to debate the motion Thank you Mr. Speaker, [xx] the motion. This is a not an easy peace of legislation to work with you all know that, we've heard a lot about it the last few weeks stand it's been called every kind of name in the world, particularly by the local newspaper in Greensboro which has done about 125 articles on this. The newspaper even sold t-shirts against this bill very powerful group lobbying against this bill at home, that's fine that's what people have a right to do, and there're people in Greensboro certainly against this bill, but there are people in Greensboro who are in favor of it, particularly two that I know quite well two of the former Republican mayors in Greensboro they're both very much in favor of it. It was said that the sheriff for candidate Begay  was against the bill. As I recall hearing what the sheriff said he said that he wasn't necessarily against the bill, he would just rather have a referendum, and that question has come up several times, and some of their representatives is in this room have taken that position, they didn't say they wouldn't sit against the bill but they would rather have a referendum. everyone has a choice to make in this if you choose to vote and I hope you will. it does not first of all only represent a small part of Greensberg, I've got about 200 or so voters there represent there. I'm the in the great minority as far as representing Greensboro, but I

grew up in Greensboro, spent most of life there. it's a wonderful city and it deserves the very best representation it can have for its people and what it has now is a group of five, five out of nine who live in a circle with about a two mile diameter. in a city of 285, 000 people. Geographically my small grand daughter could look at that and see that it's not really fair, it's a picture. If you look at the map it's a picture with a little circle where five of the holders leave, those five can make all the decisions for Greensboro, they don't need the other four, what the senate has proposed with this particular bill is to change Greensboro's geographic pattern so that each part of the city has a representative. and those seven representatives will make up the voting block for the city, one from each parts of the city and the mayor would in fact be the policy manager for the city. The mayor would not be one of just the voters, the mayor will be the policy major, the one that guides the thinking. Sort of like our speaker does here in the house. [xx] if it sadly influences what we do, that would be the job, the mayor under this particular situation. I don't think anybody, should find forward with senator Wade for bringing this bill forward because she had the same right that you have in serving the people that you serve to varying for legislation, doesn't mean you agree with it, doesn't mean there are some sense and is agree with it, also doesn't mean there are some citizens that do agree with it. So it's a tough decision that we have to make here, the motion is to concur with this, if you concur, we move forward. Greece will get a new council, a year map with representations across the city and for years, about 5 years to decide whether not that worked. If it didn't work, the city council will then have the power to change. Great will have the change and that since 1982 and primes is a bit council, and the folks that are asking for this in Greensboro just want a chance to be represented appropriately I know you all thought long and hard about this and now you've been love at heart, I think every person in here, when we talk about voting our conscience that this one fits there very well/ Please give credit where credit is due, please find fault where fault should be found both you conscience but let's get this over and move on. For what purpose does the gentleman from Guildford Representative Blast rise? speak on the motion. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker and members of the house. I'm dissapointed in this motion I've been led to understand that the motion would be to not concur and would have a quick vote and get out and be done with it, go to conference and so I don't' understand why this was the motion made but I would ask you to vote no to the motion for several reasons primarily for this. All five members of this house, or four members of this house who live in Greensboro are asking you not to to concur. The people who live there, work there, drive around, know the community the best are asking you not to concur and this unfortunately is far more of a Greensboro bill than a Trinity bill. You've got a bill that was town's bill that went over to the Senate, and they put this bill for Greensboro a big city into that bill and on tempting to run it through for the sole purpose of denying those of us who represent that city the city of Greensboro in this chamber and are responsible to those voters, they're trying to deny us a vote and any detail on this bill. And I don't begrudge anyone filing a bill whose in the Senate who represents that area, they can file it but constitutional system is for two houses and if you vote to concur, if

you hit that green button on this motion, you're saying folks in Granville, your house members do not get to say in this we're not going to let them have any effect on the details to this bill and you all know it is wrong for a city of 285, 000 to have a form of government put in place by one person, one person did the design, one person insist that every detail of that one person's design be preserved by cutting out the house members that is not doing your job to protect your chamber so I'm very disappointed that this method was chosen when we have heard senate bill 36 over here that is the Greensboro bill we can still move it forward. Now and I'm sorry to have to be speaking I want going to speak on a motion to not concur but those several things that needs to be addressed here. One is the merits of the bill. Now I was not consulted, now was I don't think any house member when the bill was filed, but it became very controversial in Greenboro now if the support there for it as some suggests what better way to find out if as supporters as majority support than a secrete ballot, that shouldn't be revolutionary. So I think it's a little bit of a contradiction for people to argue their support that a referendum would never pass, now that self contradictory I think you can see from your face, but once I did start looking at the details and I did go to several forms, I've gotten thousands of contacts on these, I've asked several people privately from different persuasions, privately and in confidence that you supported, I have not found that much support, there is some but not that much, so I feel like I'm being generous in supporting it all with a referendum and we had counted votes, senate bill 46 had enough votes that it was going to be put to a referendum, so this whole idea of putting it on Representative Hurley's bill, was concocted to cut us out from being able to run that very important amendment to Senate Bill 36. Now, one way when I looked at the merits of the bill when it finally came to the house and after listening to people, I think I can sum up in a short passage from the bible, I notice many people when he'll make reference to it in debate and Representative Peters just on Thursday and I want to read a short passage that I think says it better than I can say. This comes from Luke 14 starting with verse 28, for each of you intending to building a tower, siteth not down fasting, counter the cost whether he has sufficient to finish it, rest happily after he has laid the foundation and is not able to finish it all the behold it begin to mark him saying this man began to build and was not able to finish. What king go on to make war against another king instead of knock down first consulted whether he'd be able with 10, 000 to meet him and come out against him with 20, 000. So when I look at this whole situation, looked at the bill and counted the cost, the benefits of this bill purportedly in the form of better government don't come anywhere near the cost of the bill. Now the better government you get you would be reposing the system that I found no big outcry to fix has been in place for several years where several people in a common thread that I've had from said look each one of us in Greensboro  gets to vote on election day for a majority of our council will get three out large and a mayor and district vote, so every citizen has more in voting power now whether that's correct or not I think at least if that's going to be changed the people should have a say in that that's why I support a referendum, but the cost of this thing if you hit that green button and this becomes the law and this government this set

up, whether good or bad, with this set up is imposed on the city of grange bar, the cost of this, is going to be a lot of out range in the community, this is going to last for a long time, it's going to subject us to the charge, that here you are this legislature, meddling in the local affairs once again, forcing things locally, I thought you were for local government and self control and the cause to ask in a political here, this is going to be true this time, because we get accused of a lot of things falsely. Those of us in the majority you know that, this time it's going to be true. And you will have forced the certain structure, that every judge and every title will deserve by one person on 285, 000 people and I'm asking you, is that right? Is it right to, allow this kind of tactic to be used by the other chamber. And if you keep doing it now, they are going to keep doing it and I'm a little bit disappointed point, there is not more, well I'm disappointed that the other chamber would do something like this. One but, I'd be more disappointed if we just allow him, and I wander sometimes why we aren't more circumspect with how we do the public's business, and I'll recalled a story by Dr. Vans Havana one time, he went with some people to a restaurant that was very dark, and he was telling the story relating how they were almost tumbling over tables to get to their tables, and they sat down and the host handed then menus, and they were thinking how in the world are we ever going to be able to see the menu and able to order and the host said your waiter will be with in a minute, and sure enough by the time the waiter came a short time later, the eyes had adjusted a little bit and they could see be the menu even in the dimness. And Dr. Havana said he plotted this ou, and then realizing til just he said it, until exactly how profound the statement was, but he said, isn't amazing how quick you can get used to the dark, and we come down here and we see the way things are done, people come with the greatest of intentions, and they think, well, they've done this on this bill and that bill, and the other bill, and you become, I think over time desensitize to how wrong something is, and it would be wrong for you to concur and keep a lot citizens of Greensboro from having effective representation in this house, and that's what you'll be doing If you hit that green button, and for those reasons, for the reasons that won, I don't necessarily a good plan, but if the votes won on it all this arguments in favour of the great provision of this proposal can be made in a campaign and the people can vote to chose the form of  government that they want. I have looked up to the statute of every other city, sure there is the power of this chamber to do it. But this legislature has given the municipalities a broad map within which constricts they can choose their form of block of government. We haven't interfered I don't think in many other, we shouldn't do it now. This should be up to the people of Greensboll whether I like their choices or not because from me the reason there is no we made the improvement I think you going to be just without them, I hope with the endogence of the other side to me. see this is gong to be replacing one group of rebells running Greensburg with another group of rebels with no game Representative [xx] the gentleman time has expired with no game so put your votes no Further discussion further debate is now the question for the house is the passage of the motion I concur to House Bill 263 those in favour will vote aye those who oppose will vote no the clerk will open the vote The clerk will open the machine and record the votes. 35 having voted in the affirmative and 73 in the negative, the motion concur fails, the lady from Randolph Representative Hurley is

recognized for a motion I move that we not concur. The lady from [xx] house bill do not concur to House Bill 263. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of the motion not to concur. Those in favor will vote aye aye those oppose will vote the Clerk will open the vote. The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 108 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative the motion not to conquer is adopted the senate will be so notified. The Chair will point Conferees perhaps this evening perhaps later Rep. Dollar, Johnson, Raperth, McGredy are recognized to send fourth the committee report. clerk will read Representative Dollar, Johnson, Lambert, McGrady appropriation committee report senate bill 534 online data privacy favorable house committee substitute on favorable senate committee senate substitute. The senate committee substitute is placed on the unfavorable calendar the house committee calendar and without objection this evening none. Hearing none, so ordered. Senate Bill 544 the clerk will read Senator Barefoot Senate Bill 534 appear to be entitled on that the budget to continue expenditure list for the operation of government at the level of effect in June 30th 2015 members of the chair would ask leave of house to get past 10 P. M. As their objection. Hearing none so ordered. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Dollar rise? To debate the the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. This is our continuing resolution, this resolution is designed to run to midnight of Friday August the 14th, it would be in effect for those that six week period in which time we hope to conclude or certainly make great progress or resolving the differences in the state's biannual project this run through the sections most of you since most of you in the appropriations committee you're heard this and are proud to be that also fear to those who are on finance and may not have been over and heard the bill. In their first section most of these is [xx] except that this does [xx] recurring and none recurring money differently so that may be a little something different from what you've seen in the past. However, the difference is really or in sections 1A there are particular provisions there to ensure that those items are actually continuing to be funded but are being refunded on a nonrecurring basis both the same in the senate's version of this budget and the house's version of this budget will continue to be funded then we specifically found a tax and tag program where there are 44 time limit positions that need to be included in this bill to ensure that those individuals would continue their work until the overall budget is resolved flipping over to page two section two is mostly bill applied except one-D involves fulfilling the commitment that we've made to raising starting teacher pay in the state of North Carolina to a minimum of $35, 000 that is the minimum level of state support and this bill provides funds for that, we also added sort of at the end of negotiations today was to determine that to ensure that some of the other teachers probably particularly those with longer tenure did not, were not otherwise disadvantaged but we ensure that they have, they will receive the same pay next month as this month, ast the current month language was added to address those issues where by this is actually affect base salary section 3 is forward play, section 4 is forward play, 5 is forward play, 6 and section 7, section 7A provides full funding for enrollment growth for all schools we felt its important as we are approaching the opening

of schools and fall in August that we address that issue so that should not be concern for LEAs there is also difference as many of you know between how the senate addresses driver education and their version about [xx] how the house addresses that this provision allows for driver education courses to continue using those funds that may be available from a variety of different sources including state funds that may be available to the local boards of education in section 7B there's a particular provision there addressing innovative high schools. This program that was cooperative and innovative high schools was a it was noted that although the two budgets sort of address this issue versions of the verge addresses issue differently, it was the intent both chambers to move forward with the authorization even though the money is not there that these schools needed to be able to move forward with authorization to continue their activities moving towards the and there is a medic aid provision there on those items that were in the both in the house and the senate budget and then as I mentioned the effective date. We believe this is a clean continuing resolution that neither advantages nor disadvantages either chamber in their various positions, and of course keeps our government running, and moving forward. It is at 100%, I mentioned this in the appropriations committee. Most of you over the last several years that have seen the continuum resolutions will note, that they were funded at a 95% level, this is funded at 100% level, and again it does provide for enrollment growth for school's alias, be happy to answer any questions, we appreciate your support. For what purpose does the lady from Buncombe representative Fisher rise? To send forth an amendment Mr. Speaker. The chair is in possession of the lady's amendment, and the same is out of order, Rule 43C. Further discussion, further debate. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the lady from Buncombe representative Fisher rise? To speak on the continuing resolution please?   The lady has the floor to debate the resolution. Thank you Mr. speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the house, I feel like it's only fair since many of us on the floor probably received emails from our community college directors over the weekend that some mention be made of the one sort of a mission in the CR. That omission being some decision about whether or not to raise or keep at the current level the tuition rate for community colleges. What this will do, just so you know is cause an extra expenditure of money if this tuition rate increases or decreases. Mr. Speaker? For what purpose does the lady from Sally Representative Steven rise? Point of order. The lady is recognized to send the point of order. Did the speaker not just to clear the amendment was out of order but we're going to still argue it? The lady's point is taken. The amendment was out of order, but I believe the lady is appropriate to argue the Resolution, although I do not believe the Continuing[sp?] Resolution has anything about the tuition increase. The lady is permitted to continue debating. Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, and that is my point, are the things that are included in the Continuing[sp?] Resolution and then those things that are not included. I think that what we need to be sure that we realize is that we are getting ready to cause some expenditure on the part of community colleges because they will be billing students for tuition for this year very shortly not really knowing what that final amount will turn out to be and then they will have to expend money to either refund what they have charged or to rebill to charge more. So my main point in speaking to you on the Continuing resolution is to please consider those things that have been omitted. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and thank you ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Speaker? For what purpose does the Gentleman from Wake Representative Stam rise.   Would Representative Facial yield for question? Does the lady from Macon yield to the gentleman from Wake? Certainly.   She yields.  Representative Facial would you prefer that we vote no, so that the community colleges would

not be funded at all beginning Wednesday? Thank you for that question, Representative Stam. I think that that is kind of a mute point at this point because, the amendment has been ruled out order. Thank you.  For what purpose does the does the gentleman from Wake Representative Jackson rise?  To speak on resolution. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker couple of things I just wanted to point out to members of the body is specially the majority party, as you enter into this six  week negotiation. People with deadline oriented are negotiate and is all the time without a court date, or mediation date, nothing gets settled. And so by pushing this out six weeks, all we are doing, as in assuring that our local boards of education are worried about this 11 days before school starts. Second point I want to make to you is that. I represent white county, Postulate county. I counted it up the day, there was 53 schools in White county 40, 000 students, to start school, this month of July. Most of them go back July 7th what are going to do if we give in on the TA's issue or if we change our class our student teacher ratio, we are going to take kids out of the class. the school year. I just want to ask that you think about that, I know the natural tendency would be that we would be voting on this on August 14th, but for a lot of people sake I hope we will move expeditiously and try to get a rapid a lot sooner on that. Thank you Mr. Speaker further discussion, further debate. If not, the question for the house, is the passage of the senate bill 534 on it's second reading. Those in favor will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 107 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative senate bill 534 passes it's second reading and will without objection. Objection. Members it is the intention of the chair and and I will acknowledge the minority leader was to advice the chair that he was going to object the third, but it is the intention of the chair to give them the very much very sensitive time nature of this bill. It is [xx] that if third reading has to occur, tomorrow's legislative day, it would be in about less than three hours from now. Does the gentleman wish to withdraw his objection? To be heard on the objection Mr. Speaker than to withdraw the objection. I suppose it would be to a the point of personal privilege concerned with the operations of the house that will be about the only thing that the gentlemen could speak. The chair will give some morality to it. Thank you Mr. Speaker. We'll take whatever we can get at this point and it's pretty clear that a lot of us haven't had the time we would have wanted. Obviously the circumstances are what they are and we certainly hope going forward we can always think of not being on the deadline at the last minute to have to do things his way and certainly are because this was as well as our members want to do the right thing but we also want to know that we are doing the right thing. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I withdraw the objection. Thank you. Further objection, the bill will be read the third time, the clerk will read. General assembly of North Carolina enact  Further discussion further debate? If not the question for the house is the passage of senate bill 544 on it's third reading. Those in favor will say, aye. Aye! Those who oppose, no. The ayes have it senate bill 534 passes its third reading and it'll be sent to the senate by a special messenger. [xx] Notices  and announcement. For what purpose does the gentleman from New Hanover representative Davis rise? To make an announcement. Just a moment. the house should come to order we're still in session. The gentleman is recognized for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker. The final arts detect was scheduled for eight o'clock  A. M tomorrow morning has been cancelled and will reschedule it for a later day. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mackelburg representative Browline rise? rise? For an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. House committee on finance will meet in 643 at 8:30 in the morning. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union Rep. Horn rise? For an announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen house education appropriations will meet tomorrow morning at 8:40 in our usual room 423 where we will review the budget and differences between the house and senate

budget, you are certainly all invited to come and listen. For what purpose does the lady from [xx] representative Michael have to rise? For an announcement. The lady has the floor for an announcement. House HEG in the yard with will meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 the Chair is going to meet tomorrow to look at the differences so will have those already solved by the time we meet on Wednesday 8:30. Maybe I did, For what purpose does the lady from Randolph representative Harry rise? For an announcement please. The lady has the floor for an announcement Safety appropriations would meet in the meeting and all 15 at 9:00 AM at the request of representative Bowes, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gason representative Torbett rise? It feels representative Shepherd's turn to make an announcement Mr. Chairman. The gentleman is recognized for an announcement. Appropriations will meet tomorrow morning at 8:30 and inquiry of the chair if may Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor. We have scheduled one for tomorrow we're going to skip Wednesday and possibly schedule one for Thursday morning if we thought that looks like it was going to be probable Does the gentleman wish to rise for another purpose? To my first statement was a request sir, was do you think it will be [xx] to go ahead and schedule a meeting for Thursday, was hearing some things at 8:30 in the morning I believe it will be here Thursday at this point but one can always be hopeful. And then we can always cancel an appointment, thank you Mr. Speaker further notices and announcements, if not the gentleman from [xx] representative Luis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker subject to re-referrals of bills and resolutions, the appointment of concur [xx] I move that the house adjourn to reconvene Tuesday, June 30 if at 10 O'clock A. M. [xx] of us moves, second of our Representative Hurley that 72 [xx] bills and resolutions and [xx] of the house we can meet on Tuesday June 30th at 10 AM. Those in favor will say aye, those oppose no, the ayes have it. We stand adjourned.