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Senate | June 25, 2015 | Committee Room | Finance

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Senator Blue is my favorite senator. I didn't say democrat I said my favorite senator. Freddie you are too but I didn't want to let everyone know that. I want to recognize our pages and you got a them and I know you had a good wake of the top of them. Mathew Mates form Ash, North Carolina, Madison Tyler from Riley and I'm sponsoring this young lady out here and she's one of the brightest stars out there. Hannah Philips from Hilsberg, senator [xx] Walter my lady from [xx] good to train up down there be folks, senator Brown we rogues in Western Sairum, Senator Senator Turker Senator Smith, and Haley Corner, Prober Bill, Senator Smith, Greg Goodson from Jackson Mill and senator Brown, thank you very much. Our sergeant at arms today who always do a good job for us and we appreciate them Steve Macage, Marcus Kits, Steve Wilson and Larry Hanger thank you gentleman and we will go through, we've got several bills, we want to get them all on up today, they are the Annexation-Deannexation prior to June, 30th clean-up that we try to do, and we will begin with the first one on the list, that's house bill 266, city rental, city annexation, Representative Robinson, oh he's here go on a new tie, go a head sir floor is yours.  Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman members of the committee house bill 2066 was requested by the city of Lenore basically what it does it annexes an area that is not particulars but it has been noticed as the old city dam this property has been used by the city for firing range and for some experiment and training the representative you have probably said more than you need to switch check did I see your hand or question or you did local delegation complitely if supported there isn't appropriate time to move on a favorable report, the time is appropriate you have made it, all in favor aye, any oppose? It passes Thank you very much representative.  You let him in and if you want it to pass you might better take it. Yes I'll handle him senate floor. Alright we got house bill 400 down in Mount Hill annexations. switch check on how to handle on the floor and now I will ask this is for Representative Browly, seeing representative Browley not seeing him nor any other representative for this bill Hagar you want to run this bill? come on you run bills you didn't read before, come on senator Hagar no sir we don't give copies representative representative Hagar now to make bill thank you sir I appreciate this annexation simple and voluntary annexation of Main Hill area, that's about all I know but I stand for any question I can answer, all right I see Senator Alexander. Yes Mr. Chair, this is a voluntary annexation of just a small plat the stand alone and the title requires and has of the town manager and board and has no opposition to my knowledge Alright we have a motion and discussion, all in favor aye, any opposed? Alright senator Top will you handle that one? I will Alright let's move move to house bill 411 down of answered De annexation. Representative Louis certainly don't see, Senator Rabin come on Rabin. Yes sir.  You are analyst?.  No I am not. Why not? I know you stand back we may need you, we know you were ready, he is a designated hater we got calm [xx] he will be here thank you Mr. Chairman folks what we have here is a By-Partisan Bill all stakeholders are in accord it's a local bill and I as if you pass today's reading, thank you [xx] you have just said enough I have a motion from Senator Cook I don't see any other hands all in favor of the motion aye any oppose the aye's have it, it passes we may handle that bill later

senator if you want to, I wish you would alright we got the medal and I believe you may know about this when the city of Dawn. Yes, thank you again same remarks, same request. Alright and now let's see if we have. Senator [xx] I believe you were the first one to get your hand up there on that one and have a motion in discussion of favor as we are, all in favor say I, I any oppose alright so Sir arrive and you want to handle that one, do you? Yes sir, thank you Mr. Chair and thank you fellow senators. Alright we have now a House Bill 426 a turn of [xx] the [x] Representative, here we go, yes sir. Representative Wray is here. Are you here too Representative Brian? Thank you Mr. Chairman and Senate committee. This is deannexation with five [xx] shores were annexed and we have a resolution from the town of Wilton to be deannexed and also the property owners want to be deannexed, and appreciate your support. Senator Bryant are you OK with that? Alright, his allegation seems to be solid and I have a motion from Senator Cook, any discussion, all in favor aye? Any opposed? It passes, and Senator I believe you might want to handle this bill, Senator Bryant. And then we've got the Lake Lure, now Representative Hager if you would come forward on House Bill 493, and this is yours. Thank you Mr. Chairman, this is a bill that will deannex hundred some acre tract in Lake Lure to be able to use for more farming type, green type activities that is not able to be used for a while in [xx] city ordinances. I think there's amendment Mr. Chairman. Yes sir, Representative Hager if you'll hold for just a moment, Senator Hise I believe you have an amendment. Send forth an amendment. alright, we have it? I think everyone has copies. That's OK, Alright? Senator Hise. What this amendment does, we couldn't get the PCS out but this removes predominantly the referendum on it this was a former girls scout camp, the city is in full agreement, probably owes full agreement on this end, I think to hold a referendum that's going forward and puts the effective date at June 30th, that's why it's moving quickly because hopefully that's a good day for tax purposes to align with the fiscal year. so don't have to pre-rate them. Thank you Senator Hise, are you OK with that Representative Hager? He's OK with it. We do have a motion from Senator Cook discussion, all in favor aye? Any opposed? Passes and Senator Hise, you want to handle that bill? And we passed the the amendment now we are back to the bill as amended   [xx] yes sir I have amended sir move the next motion that we approved the bill as amended and rolled into a PCS. This is probably what we will have now, your motion in the discussion, hearing none all approve "aye" Any oppose? Alright okay [xx], and the last one on the docket is house bill 526, the town of Norwood deannexation, and representative Bolan [xx], the floor is yours. Thank you Mr chairman, house bill 526 is a deannexation bill for most residents who live on Lake Tilllery in the town of Norwood, the city limits ends at high water mark, but there was a false annexation bill that was passed back in 2004, for this new group of folks and extend part of the lake in an effort to tax their piers and  property that they lease from Duke Energy, so this is just bringing the city boarder in line with where the rest of the boarder is for the town and make sure that all the residents are treated equally and that there is no issue in terms of public safety as the who is going to go out and handle issues on the like to be able to be an emergency out there would certain ask you to support also let you know apart that the town this past resolution opposing this DNX session, but it was not a unanimous resolution so are there some disagreements on it? But this is an effort to make sure we are treating everybody fairly in the town. Senator McInnis.  Thank sir and I at least say I represent on the Senate side at that village there, we all want to make sure we've got a business that runs there, Representative Brad's put in the tax Id number on it, we believe

there might be a second little small sliver on the tax side that have been able, we are going to work together and if we do need to add some more on the floor, we will fix that on the floor so we're okay okay. Any other discussion on this bill? Okay, I do have a motion just a minute. Anyone in the audience to speak on this bill since there was some of the city folks that didn't particularly want it, but want the unanimous resolution I they did have one opposing it. Question Senator Tom Mr. Chair. My only comment is this seems to be very reasonable and it would be nice to bring this in conformity so we start we start developing a standard round the state. This is exactly how property lines are on like Norman so I absolutely support this. Okay seeing no other hands I have a from [xx], Senator Wade. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Rep Burr, are you telling me the city is not for this but we're doing it That'd be correct Okay, thank you I just wanted to be sure Well, thank you Senator Wade. I think that was brought out and no one came to oppose it so I've got a feeling their heartburn is not bad and maybe the antacid is already started to work. I do have a motion from on senator Raddell, my question senator Blue you look. Yeah I am just trying to make sure that you said you de-annexing the just several peers primarily Back 200 peers cause I saw it's over 1, 000 acres. How big is the town? The town there's 2500 -3, 000 residents there but a lot of it are like homes, second homes for individuals. Okay. Alright, seeing no other hand we have a motion. All in a discussion hearing none all in favor Aye, Aye! Any opposed how you want to handle this one? Senator Magnus Senator Magnus, that's the orders. Alright, seeing no other items on the agenda the meeting is over. Thank you.