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Senate | June 22, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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The senate will come to order the sergeant on arm will close the door members will get their sits members and guest in gallery my please silence all electronic make devices reading the senate to prayers is Reverend Peter Millnah senate chapline all members and guest in may please stand Turn up us again Oh Lord cause to face the shine and we shall be saved turn us again oh God of faith and cause that face to shine and we shall be saved and in Jesus name we pray amen Alexadrah is recognized for a motion Mr President the journal of Thursday June 18th 2015 has been examined and found to be collect I move to the senate despite to the reading of the journal and I stand to prove is read. Without objection the journal for June 18th stands approved as written. Ratification of bills. The clerk will read.  Enrolled bills of those duly gratified for presentation  to the governor, Senate bill 212 enact to allow successful completion by retired sworn law enforcement officer and the handgun qualifications for address one  law enforcement officers, to be sufficient for purposes of a concealed handgun permit. Officer 154 in an unauthorized units of local government to enroll their employees independent in this State House Plan for teachers to stay employed, and authorize priced primary springs community school would like to participate in this State House Plan for teachers to stay employed. Chapter 836 an Act which will provide [xx] relief for local governments for authorizing cities to reserve certain easements from permanently closing streets and alleys [xx] of going out of business sales by local government authorize the electronic tax submission that is to keep out this I can need for collection authorize this and the need technology for paper ballots fixing campaign the incremental requirement for paper ballot from January 2018 to September 2019 for county that use direct record [xx] 30 machines for crime [xx], authorize certain municipality took that [xx] elections to require county boards of elections to notify registered voters of the option to complete a written request for an absentee ballot at a one-stop voting location when the voter present without ineligible form of identification, it authorize the voters to separate from a reasonable [xx] preventing the better from [xx] identification to complete reasonable impediment operations when voting, to remove time count for service on board of election of Alexander County in to electronic power to be satisfied that [xx] to the secretary of state senator 140 and like authorize the town of Lake to levy and [xx] tax senate bill 140.  Notices and announcements is there any business to come to the senate? If not the chair recognize the senator Alexander for a motion Mr. President, point of personal privilege, I would like to recognize Page  and Louisa Barefoot and I hope they are doing well and congratulations to senator [xx] for his new daughter and we're happy to have you back senator Thank you senator Alexander. I may look at the senate is now adjourned subject to standard stipulation set forth in senate rule 24.1 the verification of bills and receive of house messages to reconvene on Tuesday June 23rd 2015 at 2 PM.  The motion is that the senate do now adjourns subject to the stipulation stated by Senator Alexander to reconvene Tuesday June 23rd at 2 PM, seconded by senator Barefoot, all in favor say aye? Oppose no the ayes have it and the senate stands adjourned.