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House | March 31, 2015 | Committee Room | Education, K12

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Good morning, it is 10:05, we're late. Being on house education K-12 is underway, first and foremost check your cell phones please make sure that turned off within a non noisy position. Okay now that everyone has done that I want to welcome pages for today, Gabriela Scholar from Guilford county, compliments of John Fairclough. Gabriela Good morning and Gerick Thomas from Cumberland complements of John Szoka Representative of Cumberland Good morning Chair, Our sergeant at arms today Young Bay to my right Bill Mass, behind me and Jim Moran also to my right. For those of you that get out of, that get disorderly this Gentleman will be happy to escort you to another round. We have only one bill that will be heard today. House Bill 358, School Performance Grades and I believe that's going to presented by Representative Elmore. You're recognized, Representative Elmore. Thank you Chairman. The bill that you have in front of you deals with the school performance grade scale. What this bill will do, currently with the great scale that we're using it is set to change from using a 15 point scale to a 10 point scale next year. And what myself and the other sponsors feel like, is for us to get consistent data in this time period where you're preparing apples to apple that a switch in the actual scale itself will not give us the numbers that we need to compare the performance of our schools it's kind of common sense I did a lot of woodworking and I was always told measure twice and then cut and measure with the same tape also I brought my little tape to you that you can get variation if you change your tape and plus too if you don't need multiple measurements, so I think this bill is a simple way to be able to get consistency over the three year period. Representative Danson anything you would like to add to that? Yes I would like to say that if you are noticing your this constitution can't allow and the change that we made and the senate has senate bill 450 being here and understand what that mean so we do know this will get over and get be and we would like to get it out this week so it can be finished at being for a break if you can explode it thank you Representative Glazier. Thank you I agree completely with the bill and I appreciate the sponsor who bring it I just want to make sure I understand there is likely to be another route as well but percentage are being different bill and just want to make sure this isn't an exclusion of data I guess you are still trying to get a little closer to the 50 50 mark that other state are using being accurate.   Representative Robson. There has been a discussion between understand that the very year that we established from beginning for these process of evaluation that there would be a review at the end of that period and it may be totally subject to enable change depending on the day that it's strong and that's 1 answer that if you hear it 1 way and if you hear it the other, I'm sure they'll be identical has inter one also your, talking about the AF part. Representative Stan Thanks. As I vote for this deal I would just put in my two cents. I like mashed potatoes and gravy,

and I also like jello, but I don't like my jello mixed with my mashed potatoes and gravy It's good. So, to me this idea of combining the school performance score and the raw score whatever the mix is, 20%, 50%, 80%, is like mashed potatoes and jello. There ought to be 2 scores Representative Cleveland, wait a minute, representative Johnson, respond. I do believe that that was the intent of the original bill several years ago and it seems we could not at that time get the agreement between the House and the Senate, your point is well taken. Representative Cleveland, for a motion. Anyone, any other comments, questions from the members of the committee? Seeing none. Representative Stam can I? Yes Sir. You and Senator Tillman, do you share an office or I just found your analogy of mashed potatoes and jellos somewhat similar to some analogies I've heard from other members, and another member in another House never mind. Representative Cleveland, you're recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Favorable report on House Bill 358. Thank you. it, Representative Iller. For the discussion seeing none all those in favor signify by saying aye, Aye! Those opposed no the ayes have it, and this meeting is adjourned. Thank you committee.