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Senate | June 18, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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So how come the order. sergeant at arms close the door and members go to their seats, members and guest in the gallery please silence all your electronic devices, reading the senate in prayers Reverend Peter Milner, the Senate Chaplain, all members and guests in gallery will please stand. Let's pray, I will thank you for gathering us here together Mr. Buddy this week, we are less without one another and we are less without you. Cover this state with your shalom, as well as this nation Lord, cover every multitude of sin especially the those in Charleston, South Carolina that are grieving, the pain right now over the horrific act of violence in the church, Lord have mercy on us, and help us in this deliberations today. It's in Jesus name we pray, Amen. Senator Berger is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President, the journal of Wednesday June 17 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct. I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. [xx] objection the journal for June 17th stands approved as written, soon as we have leaves of absence is granted today for Senators Barefoot, Foushee and Blue. We also have a doctor today with us today, Dr. Camila Blatt from Aidenworth[sp] Carolina is with us, Dr. Blatt please stand to be recognized, thanks for joining us in this Senate today. Soon as we write into public bills, third reading roll call. House Bill 97 the clerk will read. House Bill 97, 2015 Appropriations Act do we have any further discussion or debate? Senator Brown what purpose do you rise? To speak briefly. Senator Brown you have the floor. I appreciate all the good debate yesterday I think we went at it for about six hours or so, a lot of good conversation, I think this budget is not different from every budget we deal with, there's for all of us, I think there's a lot of things that we all love and can't support, there's always some things you can pick out, I guess you don't like, but overall, I think this is a good budget. It accomplishes a lot of things I think will move the state forward, a lot of key pieces that address different parts of our state, different pieces of state government that have they reformed for a long time. So I'm going to ask for your support, again, I know there's a lot of work in this budget I think it takes a big step for this state to moving forward. Senator Stan, for what purpose your rise? To see if the response for a question. I will. This is a technical and small question, since senator Meredith isn't here I don't know whether ask you about the question about the transportation budget for senator Raven. Go ahead and ask it mostly. Thank you as part of the consequence of ending the transfer from the highway transfund, we have ceased, essentially it will eliminate funding for donor trans-plant system that we have in North Carolina, the non-profit that's responsible for managing the database that insures that if someone is a giver, that at a hospital we can have an urgent match made to someone who needs it and I think senator Tilmon may have raised this question in committee, and I just wanted to make sure, since there wasn't an amendment, I was hoping we were going to have an amendment yesterday going to be addressed. It will there has been discussion on that, I think everybody in senate understands that will take. Thank you any further discussion or debate? Senator Anderson purpose for rise? Send forth amendment. You can send forth amendment senator prepare for read Senator Anderson, move on the Bill, Senator Anderson is recognize to explain the amendment. Thank you Mr President, fellow members, this is an amendment that was request by the department of state treasure and would allow them to use $559000 of an existing population to fund a project to improve the accuracy of the data on members of the fire fighters and rescue squad workers pension fund it does not increase the population is non recurring, this memo was recommended by the program of evaluation in the region, this project will save money in later when some members retire by making it easier to process there application it will also improve customer service

to fire departments and rescue squad workers, house version of this project in there budget but their provision has some technical error it needs to be fixed by the wording in this amendment and I appreciate your support. If you have any discussion debate on the amendment, hearing none, pass report to the senate is the adaption of amendment 27 all in favor vote aye, oppose vote no five seconds we allow voting and clock will record the votes 44 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative amendment 27 is adopted sorry senator Bryan, Bryan I  Ravan I, Bryan I,   Burger 46 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative amendment 27 is adopted, the bill as amendment back before the body, Senator Tucker for what purpose do you rise? Send forth an amendment. You can send forth your amendment. It's on the dashboard Mr. President. Clerk will read Sen. Tucker moves to amend the bill, Sen Tucker is recognized to explain the amendment very well Sir thank you members of the senate I bring before you the sit synchronization of prescription refills this is for convince only for people with chronic illness every help plan that provides coverage for drugs shell provide for synchronization of medication when it is agreed upon by the patient, the provider and the pharmacists. What's happening is that we have a lot of folks who have a lot of chronic illness that their prescriptions are due to be refilled at different inter-poles during the course of the month and so what this simply does if the insuranced will agree then they will take all the they are prescriptions and dispense them at one time per month so that multiple trips don't have to be made back to the pharmacy so that people don't just simply go back and not get their prescriptions. They can all be synchronized by the doc, by the insured and by the pharmacist so that people can get all the medication for the month at one time. This is for health benefit plan it does not include medicaid and has no additional experience to the state, I know of know opposition to this. Thank you Mr. President. Is their any discussion or debate? Hearing none question before the senate, is the adoption of amendment 28 all in favor vote aye, oppose vote no, five seconds to be allowed for voting, clerk to record the vote. Smith I. Forty seven having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative amendment 28 is adopted. The bill as amended is back before the body. Senator Daniel for what purposed do you rise? Send forth an amendment [xx]. You can send forth the amendment, Senator. The clerk will read. Senator Daniels moves to amend the bill. Senator Daniels is recognized to explain the amendment. Thank you, Mr. President. Members of the Senate, this is an amendment that probably we should have done for now but it simply prevents the lottery commission from prohibiting any form of public assistance funds for the purchase of lottery tickets or participating on any lottery game and it directs lottery commission to adapt rules necessary to implement this ask for your support. Any discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the Senate is the adaption of amendment 29 all in favor will vote aye, oppose will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote Briant, Hi. 47 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative amendment 29 is adapted the bill as amended is back for the body. Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, question for the, Senator Ben Dine purpose your rise. To speak to the bill. Senator Ben Dine you have the floor to speak to the bill. I would like to thank my colleagues for the discussion yesterday, I think we had a lot of very meaningful debate, and it is sums up, I will again agree with Senator Brown what this budget reflects is our priorities, and we talked a lot about education. And the fact to the matter is, is what this budget does is, it takes 600 million dollars over the biennium, and instead of putting it into education we give it away to other state corporation things and their shareholders in tax cuts and there is money that we could use to provide multi turtor assistance not few teachers assistance more tax broke and working with teachers and education priority is that will move this state

forward, priorities that we hear from our business readers they are important to them as well. So just to sum it up we are making a decision here that we don't have to make, we do not have to take that money away from our students, we could keep it in our schools but we're making the decision, to give it away, to corperations, that was the point of our debate yesterday and that's why I cannot support this budget, thank you. Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none question for the senator is the passage of the senate committee substitute the house bill 97 as amended, all in favour vote aye I oppose the vote no five seconds bill out for the voting clerk to count the vote. 32 having voted the affirmative, 15 in the negative [xx] substitute house bill 97 as amended passes its 3rd reading the amendment would be engrossed, will be sent to the house for concurrence in this senate committee substitute and that's it for our calendar for the day, and this time we would like to say, thank you to our pagers who have endured this week with us, thank you pagers for your service to the senate we appreciate you being here with us. But Mr Mr President, Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise?. Mr President we don't need to go home yet we need to take about a 30 minute recess, please. Senate will stand in recess senator Barringer for what purpose do you rise? I'm not sure my vote was recorded. You voted aye. Make sure Senate Barringer [xx] yes you showed up Senator, it was hard. Yes it was, thank you senate will stand in recess until 5 - 11, senate will come to order, Sergent at Arms close the doors,  members get their seats, clarification of the bill Glogo[sp] read, in all bills enroll [xx] report the following bill [xx] we write a five of the presentation to the governor, and bill 43 enacted stand a period immediately proceeding the date of application from 90 days to one year herein with the military xx and a waiver of the commercial skills test, must have been regularly employed and to provide a clear veteran an additional method for satisfying the certification requirements in DS20-37.13. Senate Bill 621, an act to authorize the division of motor vehicle, to send motor vehicle registration renewal notification by electronic means upon receiving written consent from the owner of the motor vehicle. The following bill duly ratified property and road to prepare for presentation to office of the Secretary of State. Senate bill 256, an act to amend and charge the city of Durham, to allow the city to annex to adjacent streets, to speak to right of way and volunteer annexation to prevent confusion on the part of emergency workers, when they are tempting to provide emergency services within a sitting limits. House bill 217 in an act to [**] describe from the town of Clayton and to [**] this drive partial through the town of Clayton. House bill 337, an Act To Amend the [**] Town of Carrie, to authorise the town council to delegate to the city manager authority to dispose of these misses, no longer needed by the town and to authorise the Raleigh City Council to delegate to the city manager authority to dispose of easements that are no longer needed by the city. House Bill 415, An Act To Amend The Charter Town of Fontana Dam to authorize the town council to establish an electric power board to manage and control the town's electric public and private service. Senators lets just stand at least for a few minutes while we get things in order up here and we'll get back together in a few minutes. Senators lets come to order, Sergeant-at-Arms to close the doors, Senator Apodaca you're going to make a motion. Thank you Mr. President, yes we have received the conference report for House Bill 836 move that be forth for immediate consideration.  Objection so order, Mr. President, excuse me one second Senator. Senator Apodaca could you send the conference report forward please. Mr. President, I sent forward to conference report.

Thank you Senator Richard I can  further conference report. Or deliver it yourself. House Bill 836 clerk will read. Conference report. House Bill 836, President of the senate, speaker and house representative. Conferee is appointed to resolve the difference between the senate house representative House Bill 836, the bill have been file enact to authorize electronic submission autocracy by County Board of Education to elections to authorize the use of new technology for paper ballot to extend the time frame to implement the requirement for paper ballots from 2018  to September 1st, 2019. The counties that used direct record are like electronic voting machines for current voting requirement to authorize certain municipalities to conduct, beverages and unfortified wine elections and to require county boards of election to notify a registered voter of the absentee a complete or written request for an absentee ballot and ones that are voting location when the voter represent without eligible form or photo identification Mr. President. Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? I'll restate my motion and in a timely fashion. The clerk just read in-house bill 836, conference boarding. I'm Either we have ranked it before as for immediate consideration. Thank you senator, the objections are ordered. House bill 836. Clerk will read. House bill 836, election modifications. Senator Richard is recognized. Thank you Mr. President. Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, this is conference report on house bill 836. We did pass this out and I believe it was anonymous, but I want to go over a couple of the provisions that were put together in the conference, and I think it will be with your approval. One of the new provisions that was in the original house bill that the senate took out, is section one that gives the minutes priority flexibility in reserving ease in some closing roads the provision did pass the house 120-0 and we included in the original in the A36 contracts, section two makes it is again a new provision not in our bill but was in the original house bill and makes it easier to hold the going out of business sale impress the house 122-0. Section three is in our original bill in his provision it deals with county reporting of election reporting of elections result. So that was something we had already included. Section four dealing with new ballot technology was included in our previous bill. Section five also deals with new technology and was voted 47-0 in the bill that we passed, section six extends the deadline which counties need to transition away from touchscreen to and the tax screen voting machines and if you remember it was in our original bill. We passed it 47 to zero. Section seven modifies the multi bill election provision and again we had that in our original bill of 836. Section eight contains the part that Senator Brian's amendment provision about noticing and regarding absentee ballots, which is one that we amended at 836 and passed it unanimously. In addition to that we have added a third option during the conference report and some of that third option came about as a continuation of Senator Brian's provision on absentees, but it also came about as a result of some of the hearing by the state board of elections dealing with voting and trying to find a little bit of flexibility on the issue of a voter ID and it contains one or more tools for voters who don't have an ID. This section 10, voters who don't have an ID in

time of the election any voter can complete a [xx] of reasonable impediment which is something similar to what they use in South Carolina and voter provisional ballot that will ultimately be counted so long as the voter had a voter registration card or have a document and swears to the identity section nine came in to request the house to remove term limits for Alexander County board of elections that was not in our original bill, that is a new provision along with section 10, and then section 10, a later request section 12 is a request that the state board of election make technical changes to certification process of a voter equipment if there are any question I'll do my best to answer them. It's very fine What are the comments for? Senator Stam and you are recognized to debate the report this is the jock of the process this provision on voter id, it wasn't in the house bill, it wasn't in the senate bill. This has not gotten a single moment of deliberation by this legislative body I just read about it. You know this that this provision was going to be voted on the we were handed 30 minutes ago, paper have this perversion to explain the abbreff bottom we've told them great minutes ago. we have and even what we're voting on, this is an earlier version, so the first time any of us had an opportunity to look at the [xx] provision is on this screen right now, while we the middle of the debate having a vote on it. What is the urgency? We ask Sir [xx] and I ask, lets put this off until Monday the conference report, last time near the election not for 2016, we're in 2015, what is the urgency about this weekend? And then I remember, it's a law suit, a trial on this law, next month went to sail your lawyers had clearly told you that the voter ID provision that we voted on 2013 is unconstitutional, guess what? That's what a number of us said at the time we debated this legislation at that time, if he just listened to was there we wouldn't be having to this now, and meanwhile you've wasted millions of dollars of tax- payer money on pay- outs to private law firms to give you the advice which we had told you the first time in 2013. This bill does nothing about adding pissing voting there' s nothing about same day registration, the larger election law issue is still unconstitutional, that will be proved later this Month. The body needs to better, we don't need to be voting on this today, how is the challenge to [xx] no to one of these provisional balance made? I don't know, I don't know, this is terrible Any further discussion debate? Senator Robinson, for what purpose do you rise? To ask the bill sponsor some questions Senator Rucho how do you yield? Yes Thank you Senator Rucho, you just asked us was it good and I told you I don't know whether it's good, we just got it, but several things I'm concerned about as a former Chief Judge at a pressing looking for a  provisional ballot tell me even though a person with an impediment can complete one tell me how that provisional vote ballot is going to be counted, what is going to be required and within what time limits? how will the provisional balance be counted? Is that your question? Yes. Okay let's just say that when someone comes to vote on election day and or early voting and they don't have a Valid ID, and this claimed that it was one of the impediments and they were about six or seven different categories that where listed there, lack of transportation, disability or illness, lack of birth certificate

or documents to obtain a photo id, their work schedules, family responsibilities, their IDs were stolen and then the other reasonable impediments. If you have any those and you say in the declaration that you had a problem in getting a photo ID for that election then you either come with your voter ID card and or have a document and then you would be issued a provisional ballot to be able to vote for that election, and this provides some additional flexibility so that that individual that may have been unable to get a photo ID as was in the original requirements that this gets a little bit flexibility to allow them to have that opportunity to vote and that's exactly what it's designed to do. Follow up, Mr. Chair? Senator, do you yield? Yes I'm asking about at the Board of Elections we know that provisional ballots are not counted when the regular ballots are counted. What's the process to make sure that provisional ballot is counted? Does the voter have to take, assuming that I came to the polls, I voted a provisional ballot I had nothing with me. What do I have to present or do I have to present it anything to the Board of Elections for them to count my ballot. Mr. President, the original bill today says your provisional ballot is counted as any normal ballot. The only requirement that is in this provision here is saying that have to come either with your voter card or a hollow document, and I'm sure you know what those are, that will give you the opportunity to get the provisional ballot that will be counted with that election. Okay, I'm not sure that's what I heard. Let me follow with another question. Sen. Richard, do you yield? Yes. Okay. In the section and my numbers don't match up to your numbers obviously because we don't have the final document. Maybe it's on the dash board but I'm looking at the paper documents or the old paper documents section 8E. 8D you said? E. E as in Edward counting the provisional ballots, and  I don't  know what the new number is That section says. AE is the part that I have dealing with the had been a declaration. Okay, the old one is on counting a provisional official ballots, so since you didn't give us the final one is 8E on the dashboard. The question senator Rachel says the  county board of election shall find a vote that voter provisional ballots casts following completion of the declaration of reasonable impediment is valid and direct that provisional ballot to be opened and counted in accordance with this chapter. Unless any other following apply, and if you read those sections there it says if the voter fail to present identification in form of one of the following, and B says the voters last four digits of social security number and data birth, are you saying that that's not necessary? No ma'am what it's and if I'm not mistaken, what it's in that provision and I see what it's now it's under it's under 80. It's part of 163-182.1V, the county provisional official ballot cast Mr. President [xx] could we have Miss Churchill over here just a moment to get a clarification on that. Mr. President [xx] rules please staff may join senator [xx] the floor My understading on this now is

the fact that if the person doesn't have have the voter ID and they request, they make the declaration that they could have given the registration card Or their social security number, but if that person doesn't have either of those they can still vote a provisional ballot and then be able to return to the board of elections to validate the fact that indeed that is the person that recently who voted provisionally. Which is very similar to the law as it is today when you do vote for Provisional ballot and you come back to the board of elections that's under existing law, am I not correct? Is very similar, yes. One other, one last follow-up. Senator Rucho do you yield for a follow-up?  Yes.  What is that timetable that the voter has to return to the vote for the elections. Pages, the day before. The answer to that is that the day before the canvas.  Thank you, speak on the bill Mr. President.  Senator Robinson  the floor to speak to the motion. Ladies and gentlemen my question to Senator Rucho and the fact that he could not answer them meaning that the bill has not been given enough time for us to read it or for him even to read it and understand what's in it and answer our questions appropriately, now while he says that the bill has some good stuff and maybe it does, I don't know but I think not having sufficient time to reveal this document which affects the rights of voters in this state, especially a lot of the folk that I'm concerned about who have been disenfranchised with the previous legislation, means that we are not doing our job. Senator Van Dan and I did ask her. Did you ask him to give him to Monday night so that we could read it do it? A little bit more time senator Berger, with all we asking for, so that we could digest this legislation if it's good for the people of this state. And so I'm concerned about what's hidden in the bill, or what's evident in the bill. that would be good or bad for the people of North Carolina. Any further discussion or debate, Senator Van Duyn for what purpose do you rise? I'm chasing Apodaca questions? Senator Apodaca do you yield? I do. Senator Apodaca obviously there is still a fair amount of confusion around this bill. And I would just like to request one more time that we put off The vote on this bill until Tuesday? This bill has been explained we are going to continue forward with it. Thank You. Maybe further discussion or debate. Mr President Senator Clark for what purpose do you rise? Ask the bill sponsor question. Ask Senator Rucho. Senator Rucho do you yield Yes sir? Senator Rucho asked a very succinct question in our caucus meeting of staff and I'm going to ask it in here, because I want to see whether or not the answer is going to change. If an individual shows up to vote and they have nothing, and they signed a declaration, and they present the last four numbers of their social security number, whether vote count and without them having to do anything else. If they've given the four of their social security and the date of birth and the provisional ballot person matches to the board of elections list, then that will ballot count. Senator Brian for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the conference report. You have the floor or speak to the motion Senator I just wanted for the record to raise several concerns, in addition to the time frame to review this which is troublesome by giving that. It appears from section AD that if reason the last four digits of the social and the birth date don't match the voter registration database then there is no other recourse It just automatically is not counted. There could be all kind of reasons including clerical error, user error, voter error, like an older person comes in and gets one of the numbers wrong or something while it doesn't a match. That concerns me when we have all of this provisions in AE where a persons declaration can be challenged elaborate provisions

for that to happen, but no provision for the voter to come in and say there was a clerical error if simply my date of birth and social don't match, and I think that needs to be looked at, and what I don't know because of the time frame is whether that's the same situation that would exist if my Id, and my date of birth didn't match for example on my absentee ballot application. Will that be not recourse there and how this Challenges and this provisional ballot provision matches up with the normal provisional ballot provisions and procedures again on time to ductile those two provisions to see what level of synchrony or consistency there might be there that would relate with fairness in the process and then finally I'm concerned about this impediment challenge number seven under E8 in section 8E under the statute of B7 where the bill may fill the challenge of my impenitent decoration, valid if the evidence demonstrate the decoration we integrated hotel identification requirement so I don't cry to know what that means made up Obviously none sense statement that makes more sense so that language concerns me as well I am just want you for the record to make those express concern and the fourth concern is the procedure you are one in the absentee ballot provision is am hoping going forward in other pieces of legislation on technical correction or something. We can make it clear that the absentee thorough applications do need to be available onsite on early voting location during those days where absentee borrow applications can be made and that would be my fifth design, thank you. Further discussion senator Richard what purpose your rise. Mr. President this bill is designed to offer the flexibility that has been dug out during one of the public hearing it offers the a fare opportunity for someone that had a problem or some form of departments that prevented them from been able to secure an ID and the adjust continues to broaden the opportunity for all people to be have a chance I urge that we support the conference report. Any further discussion or debate hearing none the question before the Senate is the motion to adopt the conference support for [xx] has a leave of absence before we start here question for the senate as the motions adapt the conference support for house bill 836 all in favor vote say hi, oppose will vote no, five seconds to be allowed voting for the vote 44 having voted in the affirmative and two in the negative, the Senate adopts the conference report and the house will be notified. Senators upon the motion of Senator Randleman of Wilkes county the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Ebenezer Christian Children's Home, staff, children and guests so if you're here with us please stand to be recognized today. Do we have any notices or announcements? Mr. President. senator Burker.    If its an appropriate time, I'd like to have a moment of special purpose.  You can have a a moment of personal prayer with senator. Thank you sir, Mr. President, members of the senate I rise to with some sadness and regret to share what transpired here since last Thursday, one of the things that take away from politics is the people I know and meet and have the opportunity to associate with. We all hear about how wonderful our staff is and they are, how professional they are, and they are. We also share many different experiences with those individuals that work with us, that help us do our job, and one of those individuals Senator Morgan Jacobs, recently on Thursday lost her 21 year old son the Dakota Kane Morgan and Dakota

a young man of 21 years of age. They are from a native American family, a very close knit family, the services were held on Sunday and while I truly as a human being cannot identify with that pain with a loss of a child and I don't think anyone can unless they've been through that experience. I wanted to take a moment of time here in the senate to have a moment of silence for Susan and her family. So those who will if you would just pause for a moment and bow your head, thank you. Thank you for that. Thank you, Senator. So to Yacapaca, Nikasaur, Walking bear, thank you for that to the counter Ken Morgan we give you function for your life and being friend to others, to be a generous young man and always kind as I've heard and we offer support Susan and her family, through the senate scholarship and through her friends and peers on this staff for he for her intellect and for her loyalty to this body and her commitment to our process to make North Carolina a better state. Thank you. Senator Lowe for what purpose do you rise? To make a statement? Senator Lowe you have the floor for a moment for personal privilege? Point of personal privilege, I'm sorry. I think that all of us are heart broken by what we heard in South Carolina, and I have been getting a lot of phone calls from colleagues, and church members, and family, and friends, because I serve in an African-American church, an African-American community and I hear a lot of talk about guns and what all we ought to do and serving our community, and serving North Carolina, and serving as a citizen is dangerous business. And certainly our hearts go out to the families that have served in various different capacities, and suffered tragedy behind guns, and behind deranged minds in all kinds of, other kinds of things. So I certainly hope and ask that we can once again Thank you, Senator Tucker, having moment of silence for those families who have suffered tragedy. Thank you. Mr. President, Senator Floyd you have the floor. Thank you Mr. President. More than a personal privilege. You have the floor senator. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the Senate. I regrettably stand before you to confirm by new sources that former state Senator Malcom Gram sister Was one of the nine victims that was shot last night in the southern church at a prayer meeting, and so I just ask those of you who believe in the word of prayer that you send a prayer out for him and his family, and as we continue to deliberate public policy let's keep in mind the Practical applications of that policy. Thank you. Senator Pete, for what purpose d you rise? to move Mr. President that the words of senator Tucker, senator Lord, and senator Ford be spread across xxx. Thank you senator Pete. Anything other than notices for your announcements. Senator Alexander for what purpose do you rise? personal privilege please Mr. President. Senator Alexander you have the floor for more and personal privilege. Thank you very much. Fellow senators I thought I would let you know put something on your desk there concerning our capital building that's now celebtaring its 175th anniversary, of Saturday June 13th the capital building in xx celebrated its the 175th anniversary. Capital building 1830 and 1840 that's capital building that cost $ 550, 000 will

not go to allow you to continue to read it because I have lost the altimator and I would like forth to stay wherever it is, and I thought I let you know that this morning I have been wearing this sunglasses same I had to go to a medical profession for they, so as I left the medical profession I decided to put these on because I've kind of more to incaniddle, and also as part of what I did today. I kind of had a bit of religious situation where I had to deny three times, I had to deny three times that I knew Louise Pait, Tommy Turker are alfies. Do you have any other notices or announcements, Senator Mckissick for what purpose do you rise? Point of personal privilege. Senator Mckissck has the floor for personal privilege. This morning when I spoke to Senator Graham about the lose of his sister. I think Senator Brooke and I spoke thereafter. I hope that we will think about all these senseless random marks of violence, that it becomes so common place in our society, week after week, month after month is another tragedy. Another tragedy that sometimes it holds the people we know, and that we're close to but most importantly think about our role as legislators, and what we can do individually and collectively to address on this issues when they come before us. So that we don't enact policies or create conditions that increase access to this weapons, that inevitably frequently get used in acts of violence and outrage and murder. I frequently look back my Sunday paper, and I'll find [**], it will be a [**] for a gun, or some weapon that one can go out and buy at walmark. And I think sometimes about the fact when you're 21 years old, you can't go out there and buy beer and you can't buy wine. But you can go out there and buy a weapon and use it in the most destructive way as possible. And when this deaths occurs people that are close us with those that are close to our friends, I hoper it will perhaps so is an opportunity for us to think and reflect about what changes we can make, because I have been a victim of one of those sexist actions in my past which profoundly changed my life, profoundly changed my views and I hope that each of us won't have to be touched in away that we are personally impacted before we make some positive constructive changes. Thank you. Do you have any further notices or announcements? Senator Raven for what purpose do you rise? Any personal privilege  Is it senator Gabriel forth amendment for personal privacy. I think part of solving problems is looking at them square in the eye and solving them. To sit here and listen, I have listened to all that's going on, we will reflect on what happened in South Carolina today. It's one thing to say that the things are the problem, so let me think to recognize that several decades are progressive divisiveness in this country is driven us apart and caused hatred and caused things to go away. There is a big part of the problem that indeed [xx] in this chamber but why do we keep hiding our head on the sand, that's part of our problem we've to monitor to get along better and stop just talking about stuff, because it's a politically correct thing or politically incorrect thing, or worst of all because special interests are behind all the remarks that go on. We listen to that all the time, we here in these chairs understand what's going on. It's the picture that we present to the folks in the gallery, and the young folks from around here that matters priority problem is? A gun. But the gun didn't do anything, it was a deranged person who walked in because of the divisiveness that he hears almost every day. It comes from a lot of different sources, I will leave there I just had to say it any further business come forth the Senate. If not the Chair will recognize Senator Berger for a motion. Thank you Mr. President before I go with the motion, I would ask, and this is a little different and departure from what we would normally do, I'm going to make the motion, we'll have a vote on the motion, and if we could adopt the

senator low the with the business will prayer and I think that will be a good thanks for us to do that. Miss [xx] I'm the security now. I'm join in memory of decoder Ken Morgan substitute standard stipulation support and central 4.1 the appointment of conferrers   reputation of Bills receive the company reports and house messages to we can thin on Monday, June 22nd. 2015 at 1:30 P. M. And Mr. President that 1:30 P. M. will be a startle session we will have many boats until Tuesday Thank you Sandra, the massive now join subdue the stipulation stated by Stanley Barger and the memory of Dakota Kane Morgan[sp?] to reconvene Monday, June 22nd at one thirty, seconded by Senator Tucker. Senator Lowe if you will please rise and close us in prayer and upon that prayer we will be adjourned. Let us pray. Thou who art eternal, gracious, kind, we thank thee for these tender moments. We thank thee for the opportunity not only to know that you hold us in the palm of your hand, but we thank you because you are a God that we can go to during the time of trouble, you are a God that we can go to when we are perplexed. You are God that we can go to when we are confused and without direction and just don't know where to go. Now we ask that you'd continue to wrap your arms of protection section around each and everyone of us. Continue to be with us probing us up every leaning side giving us courage and strength as we continue to try and do thy will. We ask that you would bring peace in the middle storm and then we ask that you will comfort those that are hurting even right now all over the world and then we ask as lawmakers that you would be with us as we do the best that we can to look out for all of the people of these great North state. These things we pray in the name of he that orders our steps and meets us with mercy and all of the people said. Senate stands adjourned.