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House | June 16, 2015 | Committee Room | Transportation

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I have called this meeting of transportation to order and we have been away for a while we are back hope you are keeping track of everything going on we have few bills we will be hearing this morning let me get start of by first thanking our Pages that are here today and pages as I call your name would you kind of make a movement or a wave or something to tell where you are we have Will Miller from Wake hi Will sponsored by [xx] Robina Shonni did I do that OK? OK thank you and she is from Orange or Orange as they say uphere Sponsor Paul Stam, Merndy Shomb[sp?], hi Mandy thank you for being here as well from Brunswick sponsored by the infamous Frank Iler have you met Frank yet I'm sorry we had he is like a lot of piers Logan pronounce your last name for me Schydle[sp?] Logan Shiloh from Wake sponsored by Brig General Retired Gary Pendleton. Matt Streets. Matt you got to know it's just kind of odd that you're in Transportation Committee with your last name being street I just thought their is little humor in their somewhere very little obviously. From Chatham County sponsored by Robert T. Reives, Junior. Landen Whitley, Hi Landen? From Anson sponsored by Mark Brody. Thank you all for being here and hopefully you're learning something while you're here, and when you have it all figured out would you please come back and explain it to us. Let's see, we also have our Sergeant-at-Arms of which if they were here we could not do what we do. House Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Austin, Joe Crook, Warren Hawkins, and your friend and mine Martha Gadison. Hi Martha? Thank you all for being here today. OK, first bill in [xx] today Senate Bill 43, CDLs for Veterans Revisions, sponsor is Senator Brown, Senator Meredith, and although I see Senator Meredith here understand that Representative Cook is going to do the bill here today. Senator Meredith. You're welcome to join me if you so choose. I came right home [xx] Before we get started gentlemen we need a motion for a favorable report, well actually we will wait until we hear of the report first but other than that, you move that long Representative Shepherd, Senator Meredith you have the podium, thank you. Basically ladies and gentlemen committee I think senate bill 43, amends the skills test waver for CDL applicants with military experience, if you can read the bill summer here expanding the up here and allow between the retired or discharged applicant being regularly employed in a qualified position and the date of application for the CDO from 90 days, to one year It provides an additional method of certification of eligibility for the waver besides certification by the commanding officer, by allowing the applicant to provide a form DD214 and a military based, drivers liscence. And that is essentially what it does, and would like to ask you for a favorable report Senator Meredith, Senator Brown, if you have any questions, Senator Meredith will be glad to answer Say one question, and I'll go to Rep. Moore move closer at a proper time. Representative I believe it's a proper time. Move to a favorable report for senate bill 43 do I have a second? Thank you all in favor say I I And opposed, I's have it, and senate bill 284 gets favor report with a serial report to house finance, thank you Senator for being here, thank you [xx] excuse me I'm sorry all in favor say aah all oppose say no the aye's have it and there is no [xx] has received a favorable report, thank you senator, I'm trying to run [xx] you have another one as well And I would to thank my colleagues for helping support a senate bill Amen, yes thank you Senator I'm going to jump a little bit the morning have three I think we can keep up we are going to skip a second come back to this senator Mith is right hear on the front anyway we go to senate bill 62 one registration renewal notice email Senator [xx] you have the podium. Thank you Mr. Chairman members of the committee, this a bill it would allow the DMV to notify individuals currently a property tax in vehicle tax are together this is a bill that will allow them to notify them by email under with written consent from the owners we would appreciate your support this just helps streamline the DMV and make things move more smoothly. Any questions? where you pass, I'm sorry Representative Brawley.   [xx] but I was going to move for a favorable report to senate bill 621.

Can we hold on that Representative [xx] go here go up from Representative Partister. No Mr. Chair I will deffer to Representative Brawley I just going to do the same.  Okay, then also see a hand going up by Representative [xx] you want do the same or you actually have a question? I actually have a question.  I actually have a question, it talks in here about the fee equal to the cost to preparing and sending the notice so we get a fee on the present male [xx[ which would seem to be more expensive than email how is the going to work senator. Thank you Mr chairman, thank you for the question the secretary is here but I think in response to that and if I'm incorrect I'll have him correct me, but I think that we have a fee built in now based on what we're currently charging because of staff time and I think that the fee would be no more than what's currently being charged and put into the overhead number that we're currently charging for registrations and vehicle tax Follow up, representative Yarbrough[sp?] so you have anticipate that registration will actually go down in cost? Senator I'm sorry. No you're fine, Secretary is here do you want to recognize him? That would be up to you sir, do you wish to? Please. Thank you.commissioner commissioner Thomas would you please add a few words to this concern? Thank you Kelly Thomas, commission of motor vehicle equals the fee that's in this current bill is a fee that DOR charges for processing personal property tax it's not a DMV fee so by doing electronically it's really not going to change anything it's the same fee that the processing services will deal would still collect I apologize if that doesn't answer your question but that's all I can answer about right now. Thank you Mitchell for that clarification, representative yarbrough[sp?] you satisfied? Senator do I have any more questions, seeing none. Representative Bowers. Thank you. Presently you have to have a written notice is this in lieu of the written notice or email or is this they'll get both? By all means they would get both. They would get one by email and one by writing. The email just streamlines it. Is that correct Kelly. Major, Thomas, please tell us who you are and thank you very much. We'd like to get electronic notification only, if the customer elects to that. So currently today if you renew your registration for your vehicle online today, we have your email address. We also have your mailing address, and when your mailing address notification gets kicked back to us we have no other way to correspond with you, so we're hoping that the electronic notification, it won't get kicked back, but if it does we've got to have another work around to keep up with you Follow up Representative [xx] I guess my concern is that put into junk mail or what happens if a person says that they did not get a notice. What is their recourse? Commissioner Tomas  Kelly Thomas division of motor vehicle because people do say that they were not given a written notice for the renewal. It's still a requirement to renew on time Sir. Whether is electronic notified or certified mail notified, it's still the responsibility by law to renew. Any further questions? Seeing none Representative [xx] Thank you Mr. Chair move a favorable report to senate bill 621 Yes Second, zero for all that No there is no referral Do I hear a second? All in favor say aye, Aye! All oppose [xx] the ayes have it senate bill 621 gets a favorable report thank you senator for being here fellow members the next bill in front of us the senate bill 284 infrastructure assessments extend sunset it is pace center thank

you for being here senator [xx] you had a podium sir Thank you Mr. Chair and members of the committee what the chairman just identified is exactly what the bill does it extends the sunset on project development financing for a period of five years. I believe you have a bill explanation that that explains in detail what project development are what these special assessment bonds are, they and I'll be glad to go through some of details have that setup. One of the reasons for the extension is when this authority was originally granted in 2008 they kind of deducted a whole lot of folks to do anything and so, they didn't now they have and it took a while for LGC to come up with rules and standards and that sort of thing or how they assess these applications and I think there was probably a change in the law and the rum to address some specifics about the methodology, there have been a couple of these assessments entered into already there's one completed in Moresville[sp?] there's one in process I believe in Apex, there is I think there's something in [xx] maybe some others and what we trying to do is to extend the sunset to take a look at how this works in a more significant way to see if it does or doesn't. There is no liability on the part of the City or County who issues and all they do is to have essentially is a trustee to impose assessment and collect. You may recall some of you might be around you may remember that some years ago I think even still now there a lot of cities and towns or mainly towns who pave streets using a methodology similar to this where they were the [xx] property owners. On a certain assessment row, you have the same kind of process here, it's just an extend is longer for calls of critical infrastructure could be more expensive. It actually calls for what's in effect of two-thirds vote of the folks who are impacted anyway, so it's like having a bond with a 2/3 requirement, so I would just and I'd be glad to try to answer any questions. Thank you Senator. [xx] I'm going to ask would you mind sharing earlier in your comment you mentioned LGC which is an acriment, would you mind sharing with us the audience and the listening audience for that might satnd for? The local government commission will look at this consequences. I read this thing about acro names, that's alright. Spares me the [xx], I'm working on it any questions? Am sorry, Representative Shift[sp?] Mr. Chair I have a question for Representative Cleveland. I cant see him but I know he's over there. Representative Cleveland is this one of those situtaions that we come through that local government comittee and off session and all the forde[sp?] is voted on or for commission? I don't think it was using this financing this method of financing, like you something similar to get the roads paved in the county to get them into the state road system. No follow-up? Any other questions? I'll need a motion for a favor or report? Representative Carney. I am, I know this bill in comment I'm a, save my discretion. Representative Carney. Thank you, I move that we give Senate Bill 280 for a favorable report. [xx] to House Finance. So ordered so it was said, so it was done. Senator thank you for being here, we have a favorable report for the bill second. Everyone said yes, no except for [xx] all in favor say aye, aye. All opposed no, the ayes obviously have it. Senate Bill 284 gets a favorable report to House Finance, ladies and gentlemen love seeing each and everyone of you all there is, Ice cream across the way this meeting stands adjourned.