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House | June 16, 2015 | Committee Room | Education, Universities

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To call the House and the University meetings to order. Sergeant at Arms close the doors back there for us Thank you everybody, for being here, we've got one bill today, but very quickly we'll introduce. Do we have any pages with us here? They went the wrong [xx] Okay we'll introduce, if you'll just tell me when they get here, remind me and I'll introduce them to Sergeant of Arms [xx] Jim Moran and Will Crocker thank you for being here with us. We've got one bill Senate bill 478 in state tuition for certain vets and federal program and I think Representative we need to adopt a PCS, and first thing available makes a motion to adopt a PCS, all in favor signify by saying aye, all opposed no. The ayes have it yes is adopted and Representative Bill you're open to present. Thank you for being with us. Yes Sir. Thank you members of the committee, that was the most enthusiastic year I thank I've had all sessions so I'm glad to be appointed to this Bill, for sample bill and you had a levy bill and this according to what we did in situations for our veterans and this portion would do, will put us in federal guidelines where we actually wave the 12 month requirement for our hard working veterans to receive that in any situation. Representative [xx] Representative [xx] Thank you Mr. Chairman [xx] Representative Davies Great minds think alike, she asked the two questions I was going to ask Any other questions for discussion? [xx] you're recognized to make a motion. Thank you Mr. Chair [xx] and all those in favor [xx] say aye, oppose no, the aye's have it and [xx] another time but this meeting is adjourned.