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House | June 15, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The house will come to order. Members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from the chamber. The Sergeant at Arms will close doors. Members and visitors are asked to please silence all electronic devices. This evening's prayer will be offered by representative Adcock, we'd ask all members and all guests in the gallery to please stand and remain standing for the prayer as well as the pledge of allegiance. Representative Adcock. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Let us pray. O God, you made us in your own image. Look with compassion on the whole human family. Take away the arrogance and hatred which infects our hearts. Break down the walls that separate us. Unite us in bonds of love and work through our struggle and confusion ] to accomplish your purposes on earth. That in your good time, all nations and all people may serve you harmony around your heavenly throne in your name we pray amen. I pledge allegiance to the of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Okay, gentleman from Harnett, Representative Louis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the Journal for June 11 has been examined and found correct. I move that the stand approved is written. Representatives Louis moves that the Journal for June 11 being approved is written, those in favour will say, aye. Aye. Those oppose no, the ayes have it. The gentleman's approval is written. Ratification of bill or resolutions, the Clerk will read. [xx] proposed the following bills, [xx] for presentation to the governor. Senate bill 7, an act to allow [xx] tables and chairs who use while consuming drinks, or food [xx], it's authorised [xx] for noble food [xx] to prepare food on the premises provide they are based from a [xx] arrest located on the premises or facility contains 3, 000 permanent seats. Senate bill 488, an act to amend uniform in state farmers support act and to make changes to the administration of child support services not resulting to more effective in decision of collection of payments and child support [xx]. Senate bill 716, an act to a number one director of North Carolina and counties commission to render and expedite decisions, under certain conditions on an application for a certificate of public convenience and this is the state where the applicant to construct to generate facilities that uses natural gas as a primary fuel, and number two, to modify certain requirements under the Coalition Management Act of 2014 for coalition services empowerment located on sites at which all current power generating units present in both sites or permanent receives operation by January 3rd of 2020. House Bill 86, an act to require the Department of Transportation to pay the non-betterment cost cost of relocating water and sewer lines owned by the local boards of education. House Bill 339, an act to authorize the addition of floor a new toll on a park counter to state park system. House Bill 812 an act to ensure that the information on grant funds awarded by the state agency are readily available on state agency websites, and the following bills duly ratified properly law, and prepare for presentation in the Office of The Secretary of State. House Bill 73 an act to add certain described properties to the corporate limits of the town of Cary. House Bill 99, an act to remove certain described properties from the corporate limits of the town of Pompton. House Bill 218, an act to annex described properties of the town of Craven. House Bill 353 an act to remove certain restrictions on satellite annexations stations for the town of Wilson Smith. Chapter bills will be known at, will be noted. Messages from the Senate, the clerk will read. House Bill 347 the town of Cary, the list need of easements  Calendar. House Bill 415 Fontana Dam/Establish Electric Power Board. Calendar. Senate Bill 448 equalized tax on propane use as a motor fuel. Transportation if favorable Finance, members [xx] is suspended. Representative Dollar, Johnson, Raddit and McGrady are recognized to send forth a committee report, the clerk will read. Representative Dollar, Johnson, Raddit and McGrady appropriation committee report

House bill 19, retaliation following officers guardian, favorable. Calendar, committee substitute is calendar house bill  287 have made assurance laws all this favorable of the judiciary two.committee substitute number one is re-referred the committee on judiciary number 2. House bill 250, [xx] retailer corner store act for agro-committee substitute all in favor of the original bill original bill unfavorable calender committee substitute calender. House will come to order, members all motion of Representative [xx] of Johnson County, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Representatives of Greater Smithfield's summer area and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. Would you all please stand so that we can welcome you thank you for being with us today members of the house will please come to order, I would ask members to take away the bill in the second reading [xx] call up, I have a request that 247 which is the first one that be done and separate but the other four bills be done as I group is there objection to those other four bills being grouped together those bills would be House Bill 386, that's Representative Szoka's bill, Hot Mills bring Wake satellite annexation House Bill 411 Representative Loise and Salmon, counter [xx] annexation. House Bill 412 city of Dune annexation and ans Senate Bill 218 senator Davis, Franklin, are still satellite annexation is there any members who object to those four bills being grouped together, not those four will be grouped together the first bill will take up is House Bill 247 the clerk will read Representative Pius, Goodman house bill 247 a bill to be entitled on Act of the last hope calendar to levy on additional one and a half six sale and new tax general Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Scotland, Representative Pierce rise?  Thank you Mr. Speaker, just to And just a moment, we are on our calendar, I would ask folks to take conversations outside the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you speaker gentleman come forward the peer was heard in a funniest[sp?] on Thursday early of the past and not as the reading clerk waited just to befor that purpose to purchase the land and to build a new school high school was above things for the school therein for counting things that are suppose to be able to have in front of you that what we will do we really appreciate you support hope and hope term excuse me is a growing county it is in need of another school and other means to head on to their character technically many of you will remember that the all county [xx] we are the fastest growing counties of the united states when I read so I just asked for your support on there they must have speak of you recognized what is so good to form limits for this field. Thank you for what purpose does the gentleman from Michigan Representative Gordon Ras[sp?] I withdraw out from amendment the gentleman recognizes its effort for amendment the [xx] important motion in the [xx] on page one lines 11 through 15 by re-writing those lines to read The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I offer this amendment suggestion representative stem of Kenny(sp? ) have the right to add the policies self tags just to name just to eliminate [xx] one house [xx] if it passes in the referendum, so I ask your support. Further discussion further debate on amendment, if not, now the question for the house is the passage of amendment one offered by Representative [xx] Those in favor will vote aye, those who oppose will vote no, the clerk will open the vote clerk will. Is Representative Cunningham on the floor? I can't see. Okay, the clerk will [xx] the machine to record the vote 105 having voted in the affirmative and 3 in the negative, the amendment is adopted, we are now back in the bill. Further discussion, further debate if

not on its second reading, those in favour will vote aye, those oppose will vote no, the Clerk will open the vote. representative Valandro, does the and I wish to record on this vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 91 having voted in the affirmative and 17 in the negative, house bill 247 passes its second reading and we'll without objection be read a third time.  I will strike that will remain in the calendar. Members the next grouping will be House Bill 3864, 11, 412 and SB 218, the Clerk will read those four bills. Representative Zooka, Bill 386 a bill to be entitled on act to remove certain restrictions that sounds like [xx] for the towns of hope mills and spring lake. Representative Luis and Solomon, House Bill 411 the bill to be entitled on act to remove state described property from the corporate members of the town of [xx] at the request of the town. Representative Louis and Solomon, House Bill 412 a bill to be entitled on act to enact certain [xx] property for the town of Durham. Senator Jake Davis, Senator Jay Davis, Senate bill [xx] remove certain restrictions on [xx] annexation from the towns of Franklin and the city of Asheville remove certain described properties from the corporate levies of the town on Murphy General Assembly of North Carolina Enacts. Further discussion, further debate if not the question before the house is the passage of House Bills 386, 411, 412 and Senate Bill 218 on its second reading those in favor will vote Aye those opposed will vote No the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 107 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative. House Bills 386, 411 and 412 and Senate Bill 218 passes the second reading and will remain on the calendar. Senate Bill 596 the clerk will read. Senators Hall, read and wait Senate Bill 596 a bill to an act clarifying exiting law regarding the enforcement of foreign county judgement General Assembly of North Carolina Enacts. This is a bill we had. T He gentleman from Johnston Representative Dolph[sp?] if recognized to read the Bill excuse me Mr. Speaker. This is the same bill we had last week I think it got 100 votes more or less and I would appreciate if we vote tonight thank you. further discussion further debate if not, the question before the house is the passage of Senate Bill 596 on its third reading those in favor will vote Aye the opposed will vote No. The clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote, 107 having voted in the affirmative and and two in the negative Senate Bill 596 passes its third reading it is ordered enrolled and sent to the Governor. Senate bill 462 the clerk will read. Senator Hartsell, Senate Bill 462, a bill to be entitled an Act to clarify that a public authority may establish, control and operate a nonprofit corporation with tax exempts tariffs. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts. For what purpose does the gentleman from Burke, Representative Blackwell rise? Speak on the Bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. This bill is from Senator Hartsell.  I was before J4 this past week, the committee adopted an amendment that added a provision to limit the opportunity for political involvement on the part of these nonprofits, and I think otherwise it was unanimously approved. I don't know of any opposition to it, and I would ask the House's approval. For what purpose does the lady from Wake, Representative Avila rise? To ask a question of the gentleman carrying the bill. Does the gentleman from Burke yield to the lady from Wake? I do. He yields.   Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Representative Blackwell, could you tell me what authority would need to have a non profit and why they would be using it? Because I'm thinking of public authorities like our airports Authority and the Transit Authorities, and, I'm I on the wrong track here? Because I'm not on the J committee, I need a little bit more explanation.  I think one of

the examples that Senator Hartsell gave in the committee related to the hospital authority there in Cabarrus County, and that they had apparently had a relationship with a non profit group, but they have some concern that the relationship could [xx] if you will and it's been a very beneficial arrangement in my own understanding that this will simply clarify that authority such as that could establish a non profit that would assist them in some respect with carrying out what is otherwise the mission of the authority. Follow up Does the gentleman yield to an additional question? I do   He yields to been written fairly broadly, it's not specifying that it's a public interest type organization like a hospital and I'm thinking of other opportunities where this could be we opening up an opportunity for anybody that is in authority to setup a non-profit Representative [xx] I have a disadvantage, I can't get my laptop to connect to the dashboard to actually look at the language but my understanding is that this is to only for public authorities, it would not extend to other non-profit who are not public authorities and there being able to in turn set up non-profits, if that is responsive to your question but it would apply to public authorities that are identified in the section. Thank you For what purpose does the gentleman from Cravin[sp?] Representative Specially rise? To speak on the bill. Gentleman has the forward to debate the bill. I'm still trying to understand what this purpose of this bill is, but it makes me nervous,  something that we haven't needed to do for 300 years that now we are going to give government the opportunity to set up non-profits. I could think of a million ways where this could be a really bad idea where things can be hidden, activities can be hidden and I'm going to vote against it and I'm going to ask you to vote against it until if and when we get a much clearer picture of what it is, and what the limitations are on this. For what purpose does the lady from Orange representative Insco[sp?] rise? To ask the Bill's sponsor a question on the Bill.  Does the gentleman from Burke yields to the lady from Orange. I do. He yields. Representative Blackwell I have had some of the same question, I notice I read this Bill a little bit closer and it says a public authority may establish control and operate its Non Profit Corporation. Does that word control have a special meaning? Let me explain why I'm asking. I think, I think I can say yes and the idea is that the public authority establishing the non profit, would have effective control of the organization, so that it could not go off on its own over the objection of what you might consider to be the parent.  Thank you.  And if I might add Mr. Speaker, I think that was Senator Hartsell's purpose in introducing it. For what purpose does the the gentleman from [xx] Representative Pitman rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the forward to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker I'm kind of nervous about this idea, I'm not sure that it's real kosher for public authority to be establishing and controlling, operating a nonprofit in the first place. And I wonder it may not like the fact that it says that non-profit shall not engage in personal, and political activity. That's the only good part I see in this. Very wary of what kind of ulterior motives might be behind such a move if someone ordered to do this, it just makes me a little nervous, and I just don't believe I can support this, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Stam rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. I'd like to remove a little mystery from the bill for, it was several hundred years ago that the General Assembly gave up the idea of directly chartering every corporation that used to be that every single corporation came here for a local or a private bill. And that was also the time where you had to get

a private bill to the divorce, my name changed, and we had thousands and thousands of bills every year. So instead they had a process where the Secretary of State issues charters for corporations. This is not really much different from that. There's all sorts of reasons why you might want to have a wholly control subsidiary that you control, liability purposes for one reason. I mean there're people who have 10 corporations under them just for controlling liability. So, I don't know that this is a great bill, but this is certainly nothing nefarious or sneaky, or weird at all. Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Ashe Representative George rise? Inquire Representative Stam. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman from Ashe? I do. He yields. Representative I appreciate your comments, but your example of liability we're talking public authorities they're going to have protection upto the amount of any insurance they have, being governmental authority, aren't they? Well, if they purchase insurance, you have governmental immunity, you have sovereign immunity, but governmental immunity not same as sovereign immunity and it may be that they want to buy a contaminated 10 acres that has some potential contamination and just restricted liability I don't know why they want to do it, because a million of reasons why businesses establish other controlled routes. This is nothing strange. Does the gentleman from [xx] have an additional question? I do. I understand your argument, but then is again is public authority we are talking about businesses and businesses reason for doing this can you think of an example you said you could think of an example that worries me that you couldn't think of example why public authority will want a separate none profit corporation probably the most likely reason is for purchase or of otherwise contaminated property. For what purpose does the gentleman [xx] Representative rise? To debate the bill Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and I'm going to try and recap what we did in the committee because these same questions came up a lot and we had to go staff several times in order to get a good understanding in this bill and back and forth to Senator Hartsell. If you look on the related documents inside of your dashboard, it gives you the summary and it gives you the type of authorities that we're talking about. Housing authorities, water and sewerage authorities, parking authorities, public transportation, public health, hospital authorities. The main purpose as Senator Hartsell related to us was for fund raising for grant writing purpose because sometimes the grants have to go to non-profits as opposed to government entities and so that was the main reason that he sided in the discussion at the committee, he stated that what they have found is already happening currently there are already several authorities that have set up non-profits to do this type of grant writing, and but they were concerned that there wasn't actually the authorities expressly permitted in law, and so that's why they were bringing this bill forth. So, hopefully, that clears up some of the discussion that we had in committee. For what purpose does the gentleman from [xxx] Representative Brian rise? To speak briefly to the bill The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Representative [xx] a nice job of summarizing what I plan to do so I won't say much except to reiterate that grant writing to Representative Jordan's question seem to be the main purpose that was important because certain grants are only given to non-profits. Authority does not fall under that category, and so they eligible for those grants. I actually talked to some of the CMC folks afterwards because I shared some of the other questions I've been asked what exactly is the purpose of this, and I know a number of the organisations have already taken the position that they can do this, it's a question of whether you are allowed to do something without express authority or whether you need to express authority, and I think Senator Hartsell felt like providing the express authority was the best way to go at least for the folks he was working with. I did think it's relatively harmless. For What purpose does the lady from Wake, Representative Avila rise? To ask a question of Representative Tine. Lady has the floor to, does the the gentleman from

Dare actually yield to the lady from Wake? I do. Yields. Thank you Mr. Speaker. The summary that you're recording from states that the non profit purposes would be limited to those that further the authorized purposes of the public authority, are those authorized purposes fairly and clearly enumerated in the creation of that so that there's some type of a control in areas where they can kind of call outside the lands and create things that we may not intend I would give a qualified answer in that I tried to summarize our committee discussion, and I don't believe that came up as expressly and not being a lawyer, I don't want to go too far out of the box, but I believe that was one of the reasons that an amendment was put forth that dealt with the political lobbying was to make sure that the box was tied up. One piece that we did talk about was the organisational structure of a non-profit so whether it's a 501c3 or which ever type, those do have structures laid out by law that say what you can and cannot do so that would apply some of the structure in what I think you're looking for. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Cleveland representative Speciali[sp?] rise? To speak on the bill a second time? Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. I'm even more concerned now that our greatest legal mind here in the House cannot come up with the reason. Sir why this bill is a good bill, the fact that they're talking about grants and fund raising makes it even more nerve racking to think about supporting something like this. So I hope that you put it all together and say unless we get more specificity and good reasons why we should, that we turn this one down. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg representative Bishop rise? To speak on the bill? Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill? I thought that I might just offer one example of why and authority might do this. If a public hospital authority which operates a short term Acute Care Hospital, once they're organized or established in the the foot print that they operate in, a long term Acute Care Hospital, medicare regulations require that being a separate entity, and not controlled by the public authority, or by the operator of an Acute Care Hospital, so in order to be able to do that they might well, in fact this has occurred, establish a separate non profit corporation, and set up an independent board to govern that long term Acute Care Hospital, so there is one I can think of, there are numerable other possibilities but it's one that's an example, that is where regulation under which if public authorities operate/ federal regulations are required to be attended to in order to carry on some on a legitimate function that they're engaged in, and they need a separate corporate structure to do it, I think it's harmless For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative Peddleton rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. This bill is just to clarify that this non-profits can do it. About 15 years ago when I was on Wake meds board, we did it we went in with the Rex hospital and [xx] and we build and organize run a wonderly for the benefit of both non-profit hospital. We [xx] do it this is just clarifying. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question for the house is passage senate bill 62 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 87 having voted in the affirmative and 22 in the negative. house bill 462 passes its second reading and will without objection be read. Objection haven't been stated, the bill remains on the calendar. Members on behalf  of the gentleman of Wake, Representative Stam, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to his favourite cousin I believe, Sherry [xx] to North Carolina if you would please stand so that we could welcome you. She still here? Oh yes. Special messages from the senate, the clerk will read. House Bill 386, Senate Committee

substitute, house Bill 836, senate committee substitute,  a bill to be entitled and act to authorize electronic submission of absentee ballot list accounted for in these elections, to authorize the use of new technology for paper ballots, to extend the time frame to implement the requirement for paper ballots from 2018 to September 1st 2019, for counties that used to record electronic voting machines for current voting requirements to authorize certain municipalities to conduct more beverage and [xx] unfortified wide elections and to require counter [xx] of elections to notify the registered voter of the option to complete a written request for an absentee ballot one stop voting location when the voting [xx] without eligible from the photo identification [xx]   Okay, calendar and without objection in this evening calendar, is there objection? Hearing none, so ordered. For what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis rise? I observe House bill 836, clerk will read. House bill 836 an act to authorise the electronic submission to absence [xx] for county boys rule elections to authorise the use of new electronic paper ballots, to extend the time frame requirements for xx 2018 September one, 2019. For what purpose does the gentleman from xx Representative Louis Rise? For a motion. The gentleman is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker I move that the house do no concur in the senate committee substitute house bill 836, and the xx be appointed. Further discussion, further debate. If not the question for the house is the motion not to concur with the senate committee substitute house bill 836. Those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. Representative Brolly, does the gentleman wish to record on this vote? The clerk will work the machine and record the vote. 109 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, the motion not to concur is adopted and the senate will be so notified, and members we'll adjourn the appointment of conferees. Referrals to get your attention do house bill 562 which has remained firmed horse, Chair moves the bill from the committee of rules calendar operators, we calendar for the [xx]. Senate bill 141 which is reported favorably for the finance committee chair refers that bill to the committee on rules and counter in operations of the house. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rockingham Representative Jones rise? For point of personal privilege. Gentleman is recognized to speak to the point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. Speaker I want to make a couple of brief comments and a little bit in honor of our friend from Wake, I didn't I was going to do this but Representative Stam that today is the 800th anniversary of the Magnecada[sp?] and I though that should be said on the floor of the house tonight. we laugh about that a lot and Representative Stam [xx] Magnecado[sp?] along. The truth of the matter is that Magnecado[sp?] was extremely document, significant in world history. And it really was a precursor for our Declaration of Independence, our constitution and really set forth the fact that whites come from God and not from the government. And was certainly a great document individual liberty. So in honor of Representative Stam, I just felt like we don't get to honor too many 800 anniversaries, but 800 years ago today the Magna Carta was signed. Representative Stan would you like to comment about the festivities of that day, and your recollection of what occured I wasnt there. The gentleman for Wake, Representative Stam has the floor to speak to a point of personal privilege. I wasn't there, I didn't write it, I sleep at Holiday Inn Express last night, I slept my own bed. But Mr. Speaker last night I did read, reread it. And it has been dragged into the use of every political faction in the last 800 year. So I'll just mention section 12. this relates to fees by local governments that are done without the consent of the House or Senate. No aid may be levied at our without it's general consent that is parliament. Unless it is for three

purposes and three purposes only. And I want the finance committee occupancy tech Committee to be aware of this, 1. The ransom of our person. If I'm kidnapped I want you all to take a collection and me back. To make our Elvis son a knight, I would like a contribution to his education and once to marry our eldest daughter. She better not ever divorce my favorite son-in-law. So thank you. You can read it yourself. For purpose does the gentleman from Wake  Representative Martin rise? For a point of personal privilege for an even more important anniversary. Gentleman to a point of Personal privilege. Thank you very much Mr Speaker, 240 years and one day ago, our Nation Senior armed Service was this was founded when congress voted the former mighty fighting force to defend our nation, over one year before we even got around to declaring our independence. This was 4 months before the United States Navy of Rodger West issued it's first ration of grog. This was 5 months before George Cleavan stumbled out of [xx], declaring that the nation needed an amphibious force in fancy uniforms, to fight the lola monsters that threatened our nation's freedom. This was 172 years before Chris Whitmire's, United States Air force was formed, in order to build golf courses throughout the world. 240 years and 1 day ago, this mighty fighting force was born. A force that 240 years ago today, came under the command of General George Washington. A force that  counts amongst  its veterans Presidents Herry Truman and Dwight [xx] Power. A force that trained Micky Mitchell and Bill Brolly to be Even meaner than they were when they joined. A force that made John Blast well, whatever it is that John Blast is the army is responsible for it.  A foster gay, gay pendled on the star and push Gallon Peers out the door of a perfectly good airplane, wait a second, the air force doesn't have any perfectly good airplanes. On June 14th, 1775 was unleashed into the world a force there was the victed your town, the conqueror of Nomindee and first in the Afghanistan. A force that even today has troops in 150 countries worldwide serving to defend our nation, please take time today to honor the 240th anniversary of the mightiest fighting force the world has ever seen, Americas oldest arm service, Americas greatest armed service, the United States Army. Whoa! Members please join me in welcoming our doctor of the day who is actually with us right now, Doctor Richard Alderman, from right here in Raleigh Dr. Alderman, thank you for being with us Sir. Pagers, if you would please come forward. While the Pagers are coming forward, do we have any notices or announcements? For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Heisting arise? For an announcement Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. The House finance committee will meet in the morning at 8:30 in room 544. Pagers if you would, I see if you are still making your way up here, we want to welcome you here this evening, and in just a moment the Clerk is going call your name and your county and your sponsor. When he does, if you would please step forward so that the members of the House will recognise you. I think members in [xx] school is that once they are ranked as they have gotten a lot more thick with Pages this week. The Clerk will introduce the Pages Fred Kennedy, Halabanks county, sponsor Representative Ray. Taylor [xx], Lake county sponsor Represesntative Avilan, jacob Cleavan, Cambilin county, sponsor Represesntative Floyd, Jordan Cox, Pitt County sponsor Speaker Moore. Megan Dyer, Johnston County sponsor Speaker Moore Malitter[sp?] Herverquist[sp?] Gaston County sponsor Speaker Moore. Jaylen Holman Wake County sponsor Representative Hamilton. RJ [xx] Wake County, sponsor Representative Adcock Matthew Liner, Mecklenburg sponsor Representative Arp. Lisa McGee, Union County, sponsor Representative Arp Will Miller Wake county sponsor Representative Avila.

Niley[sp?] Manson Orange County sponsor Representative Maya, John Perry Durham County, Sponsor Representative Hall, Lee Rodeo, Durham County, sponsor Representative Maya, Rakin[sp?] Wilbert Orange County, sponsor Representative Insko. Robina[sp?] Sonny Orange County sponsor Representative Stern, [xx] Rob, Brunswick County sponsor Representative Iler Logan Chidle Wake county sponsor Rep. Pendleton, Andrew Smith Wake county sponsor Rep. Martin Mel streets, Sheldon County, across representative Reeds, Melton Whitney, and some counties sponsor representative building, we are glad to have you here with us this week. I would ask my colleagues to join me in welcoming our pagers with us this week. Thank you all. Actually you are all is what we are about to adjourn, so you're free to go. Any further notices and announcements? The Chair is going to appoint the following [xx] for house bill 836, representative Louis Chair members representatives Robinson, Freiley, charles Graham and Torbett. Senate will be sending notified, seeing no further notices and announcements, the gentlemen from Hardley representative Louis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, a move that subject to reside of committee reports, reside of message from the senate, re-enforce the bills and resolutions that the House adjourned to reconvene Tuesday June 16 at 2 o'clock PM. Representative Louis Moonst, seconded by representative Stam as the house adjourns subject to the receive messages from the Senate. Senate committee reports, re-referral of bills and resolutions that the House do now adjourn to reconvene Tuesday, June 16th at 2 P. M. Those in favor say aye? Aye. Those opposed no? The ayes have it, we stand adjourned.