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Senate | June 15, 2015 | Committee Room | Finance, Subcommittee on Occupancy Tax

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Call those meeting at the finance so committee on the aqui texts order, I want to thank everyone for being here today. I would like to recognize the surgent at arm, Leg Seal. is Molven Lee, I time of call we appreciate you being here today, and appreciate all you do for the legislature. We do not have any pages with us today so restore well that force tied on the agenda which is house bill 490, senate ford occupancy tax authorisation on sponsored by Representative Selmen. This is a PCS or hearing no objection the PSC is properly reforce, representative to surmon the floor is your to present your bill sir. I thank you Mr. Chair, members of committee I have been agreeing to the previous that but I have to amore early I beg to allow senate from deriving acts of thee tax about the 3% on hotel rooms money . Oh no, I was. Think I will be now. Yes so representative Regroran. For a motion till proper time. Thank you sir. Hold that ball please. Yes sir, Representative Selmen. The man is there amended to the tours and development authority that's to be established under bill 100 percent of the money will go to tours and promotion as opposed to the usual 2/3, 1/3 and this was by agreement with the tourism and hospitality industry what we have is we have a legacy occupancy tax from the 80s in which 3% goes to the county, then to that local community college to find the civic center, so the compromise we came up with instead the 2/3 going to promotion all 100% will go to promotion, so everybody is on board and I thank you and appreciate your sport, do you have any question? Thank you, before you do that I would like to ask for the kindly question from staff[sp] is this proposed bill, in compliance with has guidelines for us? It is, it has compliance the guidelines. Thank you so much. let me ask if any question or calmness by any member of the committee, if none of any question or calmness by anybody from the public, you might are there any questions or comments by any member of the committee? Hearing none. Any question or comments from any member of the public speak for against the bill? Hearing none Representative [xx] announce your expropriate time Thank you Mr. Chair I move for a favorable report for the PCS for house bill point nine in favor to the original there is a motion before us in discussion by the committee before we vote, if none you say aye, if you oppose say nay, the best [xx] obviously we will give a favorable recommendation to the finance committee tomorrow Thank. Mr. Chair, Thank you members. Thank you Rep. Salon The next item on the gender senate bill 140 Lexion Tea Flow, I can see tax on opposition, senator John Davis will be responsible proceeding the bill so [xx] the floor is yours sir, Thank Representative Davis and committee members as the Correl[isp] Sn Tiller now sn teach Jack[isp] in name basically this is essentially the bill that identical bill that far end that represented the west Sanjaul is busy on the budget we will get this through the senate just to authorizes them to set up a TDA and spend the money that they after raised through the 3% occupancy tax, and the like Sanjauls in Koni County there was some various state and there is nobody opposed that I know of Grame county is good with it and I'll be glad to answer any questions that you might have. Thank you Senator. For a record I would ask staff [xx] is this proposed bill in compliance with the house rules, as for house tax? Yes it is. Yes Sir it is. Okay thank you very much. Are there any questions or comments by any member of the committee? You're on a row Representative Warren, would you like to be recognized? Just for a motion Sir. Thank you very much, hold that thought, any other questions or comments by a member of the committee? Hearing none. Anybody from the audience would like to speak either pro or cons towards bill, hearing none, Representative Warren, now is the appropriate time. Thank you Mr. Chair, I move for a favorable report for House Bill 140. There's a motion before us, any discussion before we vote, hearing none, all in favor say aye, all opposed say, nay. As we announce favorable report will be given, Senator Blazer is what you will do tomorrow, and finance his own they'll ask for recommendation will recommend that it will be a favorable report. Thank you sir, should I be there then? Maybe just in case but I don't foresee any problem. Okay. But thank you Sir. Thank you all for coming, no further business to come forth the committee, we're adjourned