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House | March 31, 2015 | Committee Room | Rules, Calendar and Operations

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And Jared Thomas sponsored by representative Szoka, I think they're at the back thank you for being with us today. Members our first Bill today will be House Bill 140 and we have a treat as you know, many of us represent counties that have more than one member and when the member offered a Bill can't present it the member sharing the county often steps up and does the work instead so with that the hair, House Bill 140 is before us and, for what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston? For a motion Mr. Speaker. The gentleman wishes to offer an amendment. For a motion. We're going to hold that. The hair is going to recognized the gentleman from Cleveland to explain the bill. Johnny dragged me out of a meeting to come down here I think he least want me to talk so it's good to be back in the rules committee. This bill is and I guess this is the seminal piece of legislation for the legislative session this year which is why I'm here, right. This is actually an important bill, where is it. Thank you, this is their and I mean appreciation day in North Carolina, the bill is very straight forward what it does it create today to recognize and honor work line on April, I was trying to find the date because April 18th this year there's a, several states have done this before it's devolved I believe their is a federal one and this was requested by some constituent of mine and Representative Hastings that they have a racing team and one of the things they do is to provide wiring. I believe the co-arps, the power companies I think they are all fine with it in terms of it maybe Okay, good this is the bill that I think you are buying the vote for and you won't get any flank like any way you want so ever, so it doesn't cross the airport it doesn't do anything like that, it just creates alarm[sp?] and appreciation and I'd appreciate your support. For what purpose does the lady from Mecklenburg seek recognition? A comment. I think you've already got a motion, but a motion. Representative Carney, we're going to take your comment. If we could, the Chair would like to recognize Representative Torbett to send forward an amendment to House Bill 140. Thank you, Mr. Chairman and didn't mean to step on the Speaker especially in there, but I think the amendment pretty much defines that Second Monday of the [xx]? Yes, the second Monday of April each year. As opposed to April 18th, it's the second Monday? Yea, that's correct.   April 18th this year, and then on the second Monday every year [xx]. I don't care, is there a reason we did it [xx] there's a reason that's going on. Mr Speaker, it was handed to be so I'm guessing it coincides with the language somewhere else, but I'd refer to staff because they have the. So mainly I Mr. Louse you wish to address that if so would you state your name for the record My name is Tein Louse the new kind of associates for [xx]. Problem is for Mark Beaver who is the originator of this idea. In this first year they had already cancelled the VX Plan April 18th in [xx] I had to work on a single project to [xx] and I told Mr. [xx] about making each [xx] follow that [xx] so these [xx] can appreciated further at work this first year, [xx] will be April 18th and the [xx] review will be the second Monday of April members we have a motion to amend the bill from gentleman from [xx] no objection from bill sponsors or further discussion debate on the amendment seeing none those who favor the amendment will signify by saying aye Aye Those oppose will signify by saying no in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it the motion is adapted will back on the bill Representative Cony for a comment on the bill. Yes [xx] I was on make [xx] that [xx] was right henceforth, I think it should be done in the armour of [xx] [xx] does the gentleman from Guston.   What I was going to say is that neither representative Tine. I knew what song you were talking about I'm sorry and clearly representative Bowl does just saying Do we all still have favourable report

on the bill the Chair is going soon the gentleman from Guston would yield to the Lady from Merenberg who would move that house committee 140 as amended the road into a new proposed committee substitute and under that proposed those committee substitute be given a favorable report is that correct? Is there further discussion or debate in the amendment from Representative Connie that House Bill 140 as amended the road into a new proposed committee substitute and that proposed committee substitute be given favorable report. Seeing none those who favor the motion will signify by saying aye, those opposed will signify by saying no, in the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it, the motion carries congratulations Mr speaker. Thanks. Members at this time as we transition the Chair failed to recognize our house sergeant at arms staff Young Bay, Bill Morris and Jim Ron thank you for being with us today. Members were going to move now to [xx] Members we are going to move now to House Bill 185, the Chair is going to first of all before recognizing the sponsor to present it the Chair believes Representative Burr has an amendment a largely technical amendments the Chair will recognize the gentleman to send forward that amendment. Thank you Mr. Chair. I'd like to send forward the amendment and I think it's fairly technical, I think it's fairly technical, I think [xx] And the Bill sponsor, we have an amendment from the gentleman from Stanley the bill sponsor has indicated no opposition is there further discussion or debate? Seeing noe those in favor of the adoption of the amendment will signify by saying aye? Those opposed no? In the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it, the amendment passes and the lady is recognized to explain the bill as amended. Thank you so much. This bill was requested by Cultural Resources and in the first part of the bill you'll see the section about alkaline paper. Well, we used to, what we want to do is remove the language mending that kind of paper because now that's all that is used to duplicate any paper of significance of value. In the end this simply repeals, we're cleaning up, we are cleaning up language and statutes that refer to commissions that have kind of defunct they're no longer operating, so we just appreciate your favorable, Mr. Chair. I'm sorry. I heard him. At the appropriate time, I think the lady she [xx] to [xx]   OK that's where he is, she is cleaning up the language get whether commissions are no longer functioning, that's a complex offer and you should have said that in the for personal results, sure, because you know that's. Thank you Ms. Chair. I just want to make sure because some of this centennial groups that I forget which ones because there's about 40 different names but they all sound the same to me first plate this and first plate that, some of them continued on but were started during the centennial I just want to make sure this is not one of the groups that's continue and operate, as far as I know it's not, it's not. No. Is there further come in requiring the bill? If not representative Ford did you waste all for a motion? Representatives the floor has moved that house bill 185 has amended the rolled into a new proposed Committee Substitute and that that proposed Committee Substitute be given a favorable report. Is there further discussion or debate on the motion Representative Floyd. Seeing none, the question before the Committee is the motion from Representative Floyd to give HB 185 as amended a favorable report with the amended bill rolled into a new proposed Committee Substitute and that proposed Committee Substitute be given a favorable report. Those who favor the motion will signify by saying Aye. Aye. Those opposed will signify by saying No. In the opinion of the Chair the Ayes have it and the motion carries Thank you very much Committee and I'm going to now do HB 364.364? Yes.  Members, we're about to take up HB 364 Short Title Clarify Laws on Executive

Orders and Appointments, Representative Lewis is recognized. Explain to bill. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Members, HB 364 is in direct response to A recent court ruling that instructed the General Assembly to clarify its role in appointing members to certain executive boards. The bill is not very broad but it does address the concerns. I will not belabor the point, I'll be glad to go as in depth as you want to, but essentially this bill would bring us into compliance with court orders many of them dating back to 1973. I'd be glad to hear Mr. Chairman any questions. Are the questions of the bill sponsor. I have one, when you say bringing, this bill brings us into compliance with court orders, the last hearing how does it do that exactly? The this bill representative makes clear that members of the court dating back to a decision and I may have to yield to staff just to remind me the name of the decision I apologize. Specified that members of, that elected members of the legislative body could not actually serve as voting members on executive branch boards this would remove this would change appointments to say members of the General Public not members of the General Assembly, that's all that this does. Any other questions? Yes Sir, Representative Times. Representative Burler. I think I understand what you're saying and reading through it want to make sure in I guess in no way, Chairman Luis is a way taken a step back in terms of the general assembly being able to appoint members in committee or commission this time is to clarifying that they are public not members of the General Assembly, is that right? That's correct, yes Sir. Thank you Any further questions? Representative Tanya recognized. Motion to give House Bill 364 a favour report. All those who favour the motion let it be known by saying I. I. Opposing no. the Aye's have it. Bills given a favorable report. Thank you. Members of the chair, we appreciate your time today. There being no further business to come forth to the committee, the committee rules stands adjourned.